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Whirlpool G9CE3675XB Gold 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-G9CE3675XB Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-G9CE3675XB Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-G9CE3675XB Cooking

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Whirlpool Gold 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Regular Price: $1,349.00
27% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $1,164.10
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Enjoy the benefits of a 36" smooth-top electric cooktop by Whirlpool G9CE3675XB with 5 radiant elements. Intelligently designed with Triple Burner and Dual burner heating elements to fit different pan sizes and heat each one accordingly. All burners feature the AccuSimmer Plus for precise temperature control. Use for melting, warming and simmering plus a little extra precision for delicacies.

Tap Touch controls make it easy to turn on and adjust settings. Tap the built in Control Lock to disable the control panel for a child safety feature. Sleek black ceramic-glass surface by Schott is beautiful, durable, long-lasting and the smooth flat surface is easy to clean.

After cooking on the Whirlpool G9CE3675XB you'll wonder how you ever cooked without it. Protect your investment by adding Goedeker's 2, 3 or 5 year extended warranties.

  • 36" 5 Element Electric Cooktop
  • Eco Friendly Schott Ceran Glass Surface
  • This durable eco-friendly Schott Ceran cooktop is manufactured without the release of hazardous metals into the Earth.
  • It withstands intense heat without cracking or chipping, preserving the sleek look of your cooktop for years to come.
  • Tap Touch Controls
  • Easy-to-use Tap Touch controls feature an intuitive design that makes precisely controlling both high and low temperatures easy.
  • They also create a smooth, sleek surface that is easy to clean.
  • AccuSimmer Plus
  • Master your meals with the AccuSimmer Plus' low temperatures.
  • It has all the great benefits of AccuSimmer, plus a little extra for your most delicate dishes.
  • Available on every element, this feature gives you even more control, reaches temperatures lower than the AccuSimmer element and makes melting butter and cooking custards easy.
  • Right Rear: 12"/9"/6" Triple (3,000/1,950/1,050W)
  • Whirlpool brand's efficient 12"/9"/6" triple radiant element provides the space-saving advantage of having three elements in one to handle various sizes of cookware and increase cooktop flexibility and power.
  • Left Rear: 10"/6" Dual (2,500/1,200W)
  • Their 10"/6" dual element provides the space-saving advantage of having two elements in one to handle various sizes of cookware.
  • The inner ring is perfect for simmering or quickly boiling water in small pans.
  • The larger outer ring evenly distributes heat to larger pots and pans for better results.
  • Left Front: 6" (1,200W)
  • Right Front: 6" (1,200W)
  • Middle Rear: 6" (1,200W)
  • Control Lock
  • A control lock disables the control panel to avoid unintended use or other changes to your cooking settings.
  • Hot Surface Indicator Light
  • A hot surface indicator light illuminates when the cooktop surface is still hot to the touch even after the heating element has been turned off.
  • Built-In Oven Compatible
  • This cooktop is built-in oven compatible and can be installed over a single built-in oven for added installation flexibility.


Fuel Type: Elecric
Cooktop Design: Ceramic Glass
Cooktop Controls: Tap Touch Controls
Hot Surface Indicator: Yes
Cooktop Features
Left Front Element Type: Radiant Single
Left Front Element Size: 6"
Left Rear Element Type: Radiant Dual
Left Rear Element Size: 10"/6"
Center Rear Element Type: Radiant Single
Center Rear Element Size: 6"
Right Front Element Type: Radiant Single
Right Front Element Size: 6"
Right Rear Element Type: Radiant Triple
Simmer: Yes
Left Front Element Wattage (@240V): 1,200 Watts
Left Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 2,500/1,200 Watts
Center Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 1,200 Watts
Right Front Element Wattage (@240V): 1,200 Watts
Right Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 3,000/1,950/1,050 Watts
Overall Width: 36 5/16"
Overall Depth: 21 3/4"
Overall Height: 3 3/4"
Cutout Width: 35 1/2"
Cutout Depth: 20 1/2"

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Review Title: Whirlpool Cooktop | Review by

I love my new cooktop. Its sleek design is so easy to use and to clean.

Review Title: great features | Review by

After getting used to the product, I really love the features and being able to use either the dual or triburner.

Review Title: The elements turning themselves higher and lower is disconcerting. | Review by

We enjoy our new cook top very much and yet, having the elements turning themselves down and up again makes it difficult to keep something heating to a boil. Any suggestions on that feature would be appreciated.

Review Title: great flat surface that gets hot when turned on | Review by

The cooktop replaced one from 20 yrs ago and is an improvement in many ways. Clean up is great. Heat comes on nearly instantly. Looks are great, Function is fine, geting the triple or double burners to heat as desired can be a lirrle tricky. the burners are hotter than my wife predicts so she has had to use the variable temp lower than she first anticipated, so the burners have ample heat.

Review Title: great product | Review by

Great Product. Easy To Use And To Clean. Design Is Good Except I Wish It Did Not Have Stainless Strip On Edges. I Think Yhis Takes Away From Sleek Look And Harder To Clean UndeR Strip. It Took A Little GettIng Use To But Works Great.

Review Title: Classic and sleek looking | Review by

This cooktop really delivers on features, and looks great. It's easy to clean, no knobs to clean around! The surface is very durable, still no scratches. My friends have been impressed by the look of it, as it sits on an island in the middle of my kitchen. I also added a very impressive Whirlpool pop-up down draft unit. I highly recommend anything Whirlpool.

Review Title: looks great | Review by

i have had this stove for about 6 weeks, and yes i do like it very much, first of all it fits the opening that i have. i went through 2 other stoves , different brands, but didn't fit, so very happy with this. cleaning it is hard, tho. even with cleaner that is included works a little. but the one burner has the white coloring already from cleaning it. hard to get cooked on materials off. but over all i haven't burnt anything yet, so i'm good with it. love the touch pad instead of ugly knobs!

Review Title: Up to date stove top | Review by

This stove top is a great addition to our kitchen, modern looks super we always get comments when we have company.

Review Title: love it! | Review by

This cooktop is wonderful. Since there are no knobs, I love how easy it is to clean. I really like that it has a lock feature to keep the burners from coming on if something is placed on the control panel. I like that it has five burners also.

Review Title: Like the flat surface with touch controls. | Review by

Easy to install. My husband did the installation with a little help from me. It has taken me a while to adjust to the controls. Each burner does not have its own temperature control. I have to turn the burner off and start over to adjust the temp. There might be a simpler way that I do not know about. Overall I am very satisfied with my new cook top.

Review Title: Love my cooktop!! | Review by

Easy to clean off after making a big mess! And love the ability to change the burner size!

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

Placed in new house- wife is very happy! She cooks great meals and it looks really nice

Review Title: Wonderful Unit | Review by

I bought this unit to replace a really old unit from the early 90s, this cooktop rocks, the ergonomic touch system is awesome, and the unit works like a champ. In addition, the unit looks amazing sunk into my Black Pearl Granite countertop, the stainless steel trimming really accentuates it well.

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

Just had this installed on 3/20/14 so I have not used it much yet. Just for warming food up so far. It replaced my 28 year old induction cook-top so I am having to get use to cooking a little bit different on this one. Love it so far though. Not use to having the larger burners to the back instead of the front.

Review Title: Excellent product! | Review by

This cook top exceeds our expectations. It's beautiful to look at and a joy to use. Get one if you can!

Review Title: This product has excellent features! | Review by

I hae had the range for only a year, I cook 3 meals a day; so it gets a workout!!! The easy clean up is my favorite feautre. The sound it makes to alert me the burner is on, is a great safety feautre. The temperature lock feature is fantastic!! Not to mention all the burner size options. I can't say enough good things about it!! Even has instructions for easy installation; my husband was able to install the range by himself.

Review Title: Very pleased | Review by

This was a mother.s day gift and she loves it.. would recommend to anyone. My only gripe was that it did not come with a seal to go between the cook top and the counter.

Review Title: Great performance, easy to install. | Review by

We are very satisfied with our cooktop. Performs better than expected. Excellent temperature range on all burners. Controls are simple to use and the cooktop is easy to keep clean. Installation was easy to do myself.

Review Title: I like the layout of the burners. | Review by

We love the large burners at the rear of the cooktop. It makes it easier to cook by allowing smaller pots in front. Other brands had the large burners in front which when cooking would hide the smaller pots. We only wish there was a hot light for each burner that was actually hot instead of the one for all burners. Also, there is a slight hum coming from the transformer inside the cooktop. I would still recommend this cooktop.

Review Title: Products have great features. | Review by

I've never had this style stove top so I was a little apprehensive. It cooks evenly and is easy to clean. I did have to learn how to adjust my cooking from a "low, medium, medium high, high" stove top to this model which has numbers but it was an easy adjustment. With small grandchildren I appreciate the lock system and the quick cool down.

Review Title: Love my new cooktop | Review by

Love all the features, easy to keep clean, even cooking. I just love it.

Review Title: Perfect buy | Review by

This cooktop is everything I wanted. No surround and no knobs to clean. It works perfectly. Couldn't ask for more.

Review Title: HUGE Disappointment | Review by

I bought this cook top for my newly remodeled kitchen. It is awful. First, of the the large 3 ring element does not work! Second, the regulating heat "safety" mechanism is awful! It takes me over 30 minutes to boil a pot of water. Then once pasta is added the lid must stay on the pot for the water to boil. The burners will not stay hot enough to cook pasta! I'm returning it and going back to gas. BTW, I've had glass cooktops in the past and loved them. This new "feature" where the devise regulates it's own heat is absolutely ridiculous!!!

Review Title: very sleek | Review by

great design and my wife loves it easy to clean and no knobs in the way

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