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Whirlpool G9CE3065XS Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-G9CE3065XS Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-G9CE3065XS CookingAppliances Whirlpool-G9CE3065XS CookingAppliances Whirlpool-G9CE3065XS Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-G9CE3065XS Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-G9CE3065XS Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-G9CE3065XS Cooking

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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Regular Price: $1,199.00
24% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $1,029.60
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  • 30" 5 Element Cooktop
  • Don't be held back by your cooking appliances!
  • Their first ever 30" 5 element cooktop gives you more cooking flexibility and options, so you can make multiple dishes at once.
  • Eco Friendly Schott Ceran Glass Surface
  • This durable eco-friendly Schott Ceran cooktop is manufactured without the release of hazardous metals into the Earth.
  • It withstands intense heat without cracking or chipping, preserving the sleek look of your cooktop for years to come.
  • Tap Touch Controls
  • Easy-to-use Tap Touch controls feature an intuitive design that makes precisely controlling both high and low temperatures easy.
  • They also create a smooth, sleek surface that is easy to clean.
  • AccuSimmer Plus
  • Master your meals with the AccuSimmer Plus' low temperatures.
  • It has all the great benefits of AccuSimmer, plus a little extra for your most delicate dishes.
  • Available on every element, this feature gives you even more control, reaches temperatures lower than the AccuSimmer element and makes melting butter and cooking custardseasy.
  • Right Front: 10"/6" Dual (2,500/1,200W)
  • Their 10"/6" dual element provides the space-saving advantage of having two elements in one to handle various sizes of cookware.
  • The inner ring is perfect for simmering or quickly boiling water in small pans.
  • The larger outer ring evenly distributes heat to larger pots and pans for better results.
  • Left Rear: 9" (2,200W)
  • Left Front: 6" (1,200W)
  • Right Rear: 6" (1,200W)
  • 6" Warm Zone Element
  • Use this low-powered (20-100 watt) element to prevent food from cooling while the rest of the meal is being prepared.
  • Control Lock
  • A control lock disables the control panel to avoid unintended use or other changes to your cooking settings.
  • Hot Surface Indicator Light
  • A hot surface indicator light illuminates when the cooktop surface is still hot to the touch even after the heating element has been turned off.
  • Built-In Oven Compatible
  • This cooktop is built-in oven compatible and can be installed over a single built-in oven for added installation flexibility.


Fuel Type: Elecric
Cooktop Design: Ceramic Glass
Cooktop Controls: Tap Touch Controls
Hot Surface Indicator: Yes
Cooktop Features
Left Front Element Type: Radiant Single
Left Front Element Size: 6"
Left Rear Element Type: Radiant Single
Left Rear Element Size: 9"
Center Rear Element Type: Radiant Warming
Center Rear Element Size: 6"
Right Front Element Type: Radiant Single
Right Front Element Size: 6"
Simmer: Yes
Left Front Element Wattage (@240V): 1,200 Watts
Left Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 2,200 Watts
Center Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 100 Watts
Right Front Element Wattage (@240V): 1,200 Watts
Right Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 2,500/1,200 Watts
Overall Width: 30 13/16"
Overall Depth: 21 3/4"
Overall Height: 3 3/4"
Cutout Width: 29 1/2"
Cutout Depth: 20 1/2"

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Review Title: Like the look and touch controls. | Review by

I have enjoyed this cooktop. I especially like the touch controls and the warming burner. Going from a 32 year old stovetop to this took a little time to learn the heat levels, but as I get used to it, I love it more and more. I especially like the flat surface for cleaning. The only problems I have encountered are cleaning off "cooked on" spills and trying to avoid scratching.

Review Title: Wonderful | Review by

This is a beautiful product and works well! I love my new cook top!

Review Title: My Whirlpool Cooktop | Review by

I love this cooktop. No knobs. We have Persian cats and they love to sit on the cooktop. When it is off of course and one can lock this one off. It is so easy to clean because of the no knobs. It cooks evenly and it is easy to control the temperature. Miss the timer but use the one on the microwave instead.

Review Title: Modern, convenient to use. | Review by

It is sleek, compact and beautiful. Easy to use and easy to clean up by using the appropriate products for a glass top. I would recommend to anyone who would like to see a beautiful 21st century, classic class top cooker.

Review Title: This product is easy to use and is user friendly. | Review by

The product is well designed, and learning to use it took only a couple of minutes.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

I love this cooktop and enjoy cooking on it. The top looks beautiful in my kitchen and between this and my other high end whirlpool appliances our guest are blown away when they see our kitchen. I love the touch controls because it allows for a completely flat cooktop which is very convenient in my kitchen because it lacks a lot of counter space. I love cooking and have not been disappointed by this cooktop at all. It does take a little while to boil large pots of water (and by large I mean huge) so if you are looking for something to boil water rapidly I would probably suggest going with induction or maybe even gas? Cleaning is pretty easy and comparable to other ceramic cooktops - we do have to use a razor occasionally but I personally prefer the easy wipe down of the top versus having to move heavy grates on a gas cooktop. The only compliant I have is that occasionally the buttons will get touched on accident and turn on/off the cooktop and they obviously don't function as well when covered with water.

Review Title: I absolutely love my cooktop | Review by

I love my cooktop. The features and performance are outstanding. It is also very easy to use. It has safety features that help prevent someone or something from getting burned.

Review Title: This product works great, | Review by

Like the touch features and is easy to use. Ease in control of burners. Easy to clean.

Review Title: Gold is not just a word! | Review by

This rangetop was chosen for its many features, most notably the touch controls with no knobs showing. It was not difficult to learn at all. Installation was a breeze. My wife is tickled so i am also. I would definitely recommend this product.

Review Title: This product is beautiful & well designed | Review by

Beautiful design. Looks sleek and close to countertop. Easy to use.

Review Title: simplistic | Review by

i could've really gotten this exact same features with a less expensive models...

Review Title: Good Value | Review by

We love our new cooktop. No knobs, can lock it so children can not turn it on. Heats up fast and is easy to clean. Very easy to use , saves energy and the style is very nice.

Review Title: Good got a lot better | Review by

We had an older Whirlpool cooktop with rotary knobs before purchasing our new cooktop. This one heats so much faster, the controls are easy to use and it makes the total design look very modern compared to conventional controls. We are very happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Love It | Review by

We've only been using it for about two weeks but love it so far. Heats up quickly and has been easy to clean up after hubby.

Review Title: Clean sleek and easy to use! | Review by

The Whirlpool Gold cooktop is an excellent product. It has all the features of our previous cooktop with a few new bonus features. We really like that we can lock the settings on the cooktop so that our small children cannot turn the cooktop on. The extra warming burner is a must. It is great for keeping soup or veggies warm while you cook the rest of your meal. We also enjoy the flat surface it is easy to clean without having knobs to clean around or under. We would highly recommend this product. All of our appliances are the Whirlpool brand a brand that is made to last.

Review Title: Best ever! | Review by

This appliance is easy on the eyes. so functional and yet so visually appealing. Easy install!!

Review Title: Exactly what I was looking for | Review by

I absolutely love my new cook top. It blends right in with my countertop. It is easy to keep clean unlike my previous cooktop. My favorite feature is the tap touch controls. No buttons or knobs to get in the way of cooking utinsels. I also like the lock feature that prevents accidently turning on a burner when not cooking.

Review Title: Lots of great features | Review by

Cooktop looks great and has many features that we like. The heat is instantaneous and the cleaning of the cooktop is not a big deal. Had the unit for a month and feel that it was a good purchase. Have not had any problems with the unit.

Review Title: Too Easy ! | Review by

My cooktop is easy to use and easy to clean . These are the top priorities for most of us . I am very pleased with my purchase . Whirlpool is an excellent brand .

Review Title: Great Cooktop ! | Review by

I replaced an old cooktop with knobs with this one, and I am very satisfied! It has more room for cookware and extra warming ring. I like that the large rings are further away and one of them has 2 rings. The touch controls are very easy to use. The most important thing for me is how easy it is to clean it ! I lock the touch controls and then clean the whole cooktop fast, no messing around the knobs anymore. I recommend this cooktop to anyone !!!

Review Title: super | Review by

.. this is my 2nd glass cooktop and it's a beauty .. the controls are so simple to operate and the top is really easy to clean after use and so easy to keep clean .. buy it, you won't be disappointed ...

Review Title: Sleek | Review by

Purchased in April, this model cooks evenly and performs as described. The warmer burner is a great feature and the touch pad gives it a very sleek look and is easy to keep clean. Two areas to note; burners go "redhot" periodically regardless of the temperature setting; both large burners are in the rear - it would be nice to have one of each in front and back.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

We bought this to replace an older model flat top range. I love this so much better with no knobs to clean. It has five burners making it great preparing large dinners and has two bridging burners for griddle type pans. Nothing negative to say about this cooktop.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

the cooktop is easy to use, easy to clean, keeps the temperature constant. For me as nice as a gas cooktop with the convenience of electricity.

Review Title: Great choice! | Review by

Purchased this cooktop by viewing on-line. The fifth element was a nice feature and it's beyond easy to clean. It looks beautiful in our new updated kitchen. We have stainless steel appliances so I opted for the model with the s/s trim. Had I seen it in person, I would likely have gotten the model without trim. The over all look in my kitchen would have been the same, but I have found that the edges of the s/s are somewhat sharp. But I'm very happy with it and look forward to many years of use.

Review Title: Whirlpool stove top is amazing!!! | Review by

We bought our whirlpool stove top to go into our renovated kitchen. We put in on our island and it is just the most amazing appliance ever. Heats up so incredibly fast and is so easy to clean. When we have guests over, they all sit around the island and watch me cook. It's a great conversation piece and a real joy to work with...

Review Title: Love Our New Cooktop! | Review by

This a great cooktop, easy to use and easy to clean. Looks great also in our newly renovated kitchen.

Review Title: Sleek, Easy & Great Performance! | Review by

The controls are very easy to use and look great. The surface cleans up easier than any other flat top we've owned. It heats up very quickly and cools quickly as well. Definitely the best cooktop we have used! The only dislike is that the large burners are in the back, but it's not a big deal at all.

Review Title: This product has good design and ease of use | Review by

This cooktop is very nice, easy to use, and a nice safety feature. I like the design of the cooktop, not hard at all to keep clean as long as you use the right type of cleaner. The tap-touch buttons are very nice and makes controlling easy. The lock feature is very nice and useful if you have pets (Mostly Cats) that keeps them from accidently turning on the cooktop.

Review Title: Product has great features | Review by

I've had this cook-top for appx. nine months and love it! It has great features, cooks great, and clean-up is a breeze compared to the one original type we had before.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Easy to clean, beautiful style, works great, love this product!

Review Title: cook top with sleek look | Review by

Came on time,looks great,works as advertised.If you like smooth cook tops you will like this one.

Review Title: n/a | Review by

cook top is very good looking matching the counter top for our kitchen and floors and cabinet.

Review Title: Great features and easy clean up too! | Review by

This cook top earned me lots of brownie points with my wife.She had wanted one for years,and I love how easy it is to clean up!

Review Title: Ideal cooktop from every point of view | Review by

I could not be more pleased with my Whirlpool cooktop. I wanted it primarily for the totally smooth surface for ease of cleaning, but got much more. The cook units heat fast and maintain a constant temperature. It will accurately maintain a low simmer, the first in my experience. The lock down feature allows using it for a work surface without danger of mistakenly turning on a unit. I love the warming unit. Congratulations Whirlpool on a no frills design, efficient cooktop for experienced cooks.

Review Title: SUPERB PRODUCT | Review by

Chose this cooktop for its sleek design...easy to clean. Always looks good! Efficient cooking...heats up quickly. The "lock" feature allows the surface to be used without fear of accidentally turning on elements. Installed this item in a summer home...seriously considering a conversion from a gas cooktop to this same item in our permanent home!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We love our stovetop. It is beautiful and blends flawlessly with our black granite. It cooks very well, too!

Review Title: Love the sleek design | Review by

Love he fact that there are no knobs and very easy to clean up

Review Title: No knobs makes for easy cleaning | Review by

Design, with no surface knobs makes for cleaning fantanstic. Electric cooking is the cleanest way to go. This cooktop is a lot faster than our old Ammana cooktop.

Review Title: Excellent product and converrient to use. | Review by

It took a little while to learn how to use it, but it is wonderful.

Review Title: Great cooktop! | Review by

I recently purchased both a Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator and Dishwasher so when I needed a cooktop, I went right back to Whirlpool. I love the sleek, no knob design, the stainless steel rims and the five burners, including the warmer burner. I have found all three Whirlpool items both reliable and great looking. They have all truly enhanced my kitchen cooking and contemporary look.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Enjoying my new cooktop - purchased 2 months ago. Not having to clean around knobs is the bomb. Looks sleek and modern.

Review Title: Very easy to us | Review by

It works great and is easy to operate. It's response is great (time to heat up). controls are simple and self explanatory and it's a dream to clean up I love Whirlpool appliances. I'm sure this thing will last forever! I once had a whirlpool window A/C unit which lasted 40 years. when I left it with a house that I sold, it was still working!

Review Title: Gold cooktop | Review by

My wife and I purchased this about 5 months ago. We really love the product for its cooking features and easy cleanup.

Review Title: So easy to clean | Review by

We bought this cooktop even though we had a fairly new gas cooktop, also Whilpool. It is so much easier to clean, simply wiping up any spills or splashes, then using a glass top cleaner has it looking like it did when we got it. The gas cooktop was not easy to keep looking good and we found it hard to adjust the flame for simmering foods. This new cooktop is so easy to set at low or high temps. We are happy that we made the switch because it also blends in beautifully with our black granite counter top.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

We are enjoying the features our new refrigerator--the ample space inside, the freezer drawer at the bottom that has plenty of room; the extra-deep shelves in the door that holds so many bottles, and the great use of space inside the french door section of the refrigerator.

Review Title: Nice cook top | Review by

We bought this several months ago to replace one the took a lightning surge. My wife likes the fact that is has 5 elements instead of the usual four, plus she likes the touch controls. This is one we'd buy again.

Review Title: Knobless Joy | Review by

Having replaced my old cook top with the Whirlpool Gold 30" I could not be happier! It heats quickly and it is easy to control. Clean up is a snap and looks great!

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

Very pleased with surface. So happy to not have chrome sides...just a sleek look. No where for spills to get trapped. No knobs, love the flat surface.

Review Title: Love this cook top! | Review by

Installed the G9CE3065XS in Jan. 2013 -- very happy with it. So easy to keep clean since there are no knobs. Touch controls simple to use. Warms and cools quickly, and cooks evenly. Lock feature is great to prevent you from accidentally turning on a burner. Would definitely recommend this product. Oh - and it looks great too!

Review Title: This product is so classy! | Review by

This cooktop is not only beautiful, but it is so easy to use and keep clean. Our kitchen looks fabulous with this cooktop! It's delivers the perfect temperature for preparing our foods. We love it!

Review Title: working well so far | Review by

The cooktop works well, actually the heating elements got hot far more quickly than our old one with solid heat elements. It takes some work to keep the top clean, using the supplied cleaner, but it isn't a big problem. I like the hot surface warning after the unit is turned off.

Review Title: Love this! | Review by

So easy to clean as it has no knobs, works great! I have absolutely no complaints! Recommend to anyone!

Review Title: Excellent cooktop | Review by

This is actually a WP product that I actually like. My new home had all WP appliances, most of which I'm disappointed in, but this one actually meets my expectations. I really like the touch controls, they are responsive, and easy to use. Cooks great, easy to clean, adds nice look to the countertop.

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

We have been extremely happy with this purchase and would recommend it to others.

Review Title: This product is very simple to work with. Leaves no guessing. | Review by

I have really been enjoying my Whirlpool stove top. It is easy to mange. Did not take long to start using it. It cooks much faster than my previous stove top and cools quickly. Clean up is fantastic. It also matches my Whirlpool Microwave/Oven combination which is also easily usable. No complaints here.

Review Title: Heats up reallly fast. | Review by

I love the way it looks, and it cooks really fast.

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

Purchased a couple of months ago while remodeling my kitchen to replace my 30 year old Whirlpool cooktop. Since my old cooktop lasted so long and serviced me so well, I decided to go with this brand again.

Review Title: Great looking cooktop | Review by

I bought my cooktop 2 months ago and love it. This is my 3rd Whirlpool cooktop and I wanted a top of the line for my last one. This cooktop has no knobs and looks amazing. Very easy to use and clean.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Purchased the cook top when remodeling the kitchen. Love the cook top. Easy to use and clean.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I bought a Whirlpool Gold 30 inch Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop with Tap Touch Control a couple of months ago. It looks so sleek on my countertop, and it cooks so well. It is fun to use, and I am enjoying cooking immensely!

Review Title: NO KNOBS | Review by


Review Title: Awesome Cooktop!!!!! | Review by

This is my first cooktop and I absolutely love it. Things cook evenly and faster than my old electric stove. Clean up is a breeze.

Review Title: A great cooktop | Review by

I had a Whirlpool Gold cooktop for a couple of years. I dropped a heavy bottle and broke the glass top. I liked the cooktop so much that I had to get an exact duplicate. Thank you for a fine product.

Review Title: great cooking elements | Review by

I like it alot . It is great . I like everything about it

Review Title: My wife's praise | Review by

The feature we like best is the no-knob easy,streak-free cleaning.The lock is a great safety item.We find the temperature graduation very convenient to cook with.My wife and I both love the warming area. Yous truly,Hans Stuehrk

Review Title: I would change one thing. Everything else I like. | Review by

The cooktop overall is very nice. Heats up quickly, easy to use and clean. Only one change I would make........both large size burners are in the back. You should have one in front since most pans used are large and you then have to reach over the front pot/hot burner to mix the back pan! In that aspect it's not a good design,. It is expensive also.

Review Title: Loving my Cooktop | Review by

We previously owned a Whirlpool cooktop and when we remolded Whirlpool was our choice again due to the service we received from the previous cooktop.

Review Title: Works great, installed fine | Review by

The cooktop installed easily, I did it myself. I really like the completely smooth surface for cleaning, and my young twins can't reach up and turn it on as they did with the last cooktop we owned. The button lock is good for that. The only drawback thus far is that the large burners are in the back. Since we have a microwave above this cooktop, there is less room to manage, less accessibility for the big saucepans or pasta pots. But generally all good so far, about two months into it.

Review Title: Looks good, easy to clean. | Review by

Happy with the cooktop, it heats up quickly, has good control for electric. Only downside, need to clean after almost every use and do worry about how it will handle any spills. There is a "mains hum" from the unit, annoying but you do only notice it when the house is silent.

Review Title: Great cooktop | Review by

We purchased this cooktop to replace our existing cooktop. It is easy to clean and was easy to learn to use. Would rate a 5 star if it had numbers to indicate power level instead of small dots.

Review Title: Sleek!! | Review by

I bought this in November. My current cooktop was smooth but i was in the middle of a remodel and wanted to replace with not only smooth but NO KNOBS! I love the no knobs. it's a breeze to clean up. i always lock it after i'm done using it (have cats-afraid they might turn on although, they would have to turn a burner on AND adjust the cook level-chances of both happening slim to none). I had read reviews where people talked about a slight humming. haven't noticed. Everyone loves this when they come. sometimes all the lights flash but that happens rarely.

Review Title: It is more then I expected re:looks and fuctionality | Review by

Would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. It's beautiful, easy to clean and keep clean, and the heating elements seem to be accurate.

Review Title: The Whirlpool Gold cooktop is sleek in design | Review by

The cooktop is very nice with the touch controls. Clean-up is easy because there are no knobs to remove. The warmer is definitely a handy feature when preparing large meals and needing to keep a dish warm.

Review Title: Great appliance everything it was described to be! | Review by

Have been using new cooktop for eight weeks. It is fantastic. Cleans up beautifully and with ease.

Review Title: Good look | Review by

Love the look and the quick heating times. Still learning the correct settings compared to my old one. Like the lock setting but I'll be darned if the cat still didn't manage to turn it on.

Review Title: Helpful hints in installation, care, and operation. | Review by

Wehn choosing, pay attention to, not only the surface size, but the opening dimensions the unit fits. If your opening is correct, it drops in like a breeze. I love the fact that the surface is flat with no knobs. It's much easier to keep clean. However, make sure you lock the controls before cleaning and try not to spill anything over the control surface, as it may confuse the pressure switch controls. If you run into this, simply turn off the electrical breaker, clean and dry the surface properly, and turn the breaker back on. It will reset without any problem. Overall, teh unit is very functional and easy to maintain.

Review Title: Elegant cooktop | Review by

We bought the top because we were looking for something elegant but easy to clean, no knobs or trim edges for food to get stuck on... Heats quickly, Easy to clean But must use special cooktop cleaner for absolutely clean surfsce. Only negative we have is the low level 60 cycle hum as the unit sits idle.... We're happy !

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

We purchased this cooktop about a month ago & it was truly a good decision, heats up quickly & easy to clean!!

Review Title: More than expected In a cooktop | Review by

Great cooktop. I love the no-knob feature and design.

Review Title: Love this smooth top | Review by

Works great. No knobs! Easy to keep clean. Great design and use of space for a 30" cooktop.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

Overall, we're really pleased with this cooktop. It looks great. It's easy to clean, and it's accurate and fun to use. If I could add one feature, it would be a timer on each burner.

Review Title: Placement of burners isn't ideal for me | Review by

I have had my cooktop for just over a month. I wish I would have paid a bit more attention to the placement of the burners before I purchased. I use the large burner most often and both large burners are at the back of cooktop. I find that especially when frying I am always reaching and now often have to check the backsplash for splatters, etc.

Review Title: Very good stovetop | Review by

It took a while to learn how the controls work, because it's a multi-step process to select a unit and then the temperature. It's easy to keep clean, but we do lock the units off before cleaning, because even gently gliding a cloth over the controls can turn on the units.

Review Title: Overall a good basic unit however one of the elements is a bit sluggest. | Review by

I like having the flat surface unit and especially like the lock unit as I have grand children. One of the elements doesn't seem to work as it should but all else appears fine. No problem keeping it clean so far but does require you clean it daily in order to not mar the finish.

Review Title: This product has a noisy transformer. | Review by

Product is easy to use and performs well. Transformer has an annoying humming sound. We're on second replacement of the transformer and problem still exists so must be inherent in this part. I can't recommend this product until this issue can be corrected.

Review Title: Sophisticated | Review by

This cooktop is easy to keep clean and not barbaric like gas stoves.

Review Title: Product has a streamline look, like the noninvasive look. | Review by

Enjoying my new cooktop, it gives my kitchen a simple, clean, unclutter look that doesn't detract from the cabinetry. I love that it is not a focal point, but instead a component.

Review Title: This product has a nice style | Review by

The cooktop is attractive and easy to use. However the cooktop is very hard to clean. Even special cooktop cleaners leave stripes and a film.

Review Title: Mixed Feelings | Review by

I purchased this model because I was looking for a stovetop that was really easy to clean; I thought a completely smooth surface would be easier than a design that used knobs or dials. The problem is that the touch surface is too sensitive; often when I run a sponge over it, all the burner lights will start flashing on and off. I have frequently resorted to turning the circuit breaker off to stop the flashing. Also the small warmer burner is pretty useless. You can't keep anything on it for very long before it stops working.

Review Title: generally good | Review by

it looks good, but there is no speed burner. it takes long to boil water for a cup of coffee. it always looks messy with the spots and needs constant cleaning. It looks good in general.

Review Title: Problems | Review by

We had problems with this item brand new out of the box. Four repair calls later it seems to be functioning okay

Review Title: Didn't install right | Review by

The cooktop sits about 3/16" to 1/4" above my granite counter top due to the metal/rubber strip right underneath the lip. Not sure if I'd need to cut a notch in the granite to have it more flush, but I think it's a bad design. Looking at other electric cooktops, they sit flush on top of the coutertop.

Review Title: All the Large Burners are in the Back...Makes for TERRIBLE cooking Experience! | Review by

So pretty and no knobs...but I prefer to cook on a hotplate on my island than use this stove. Since most of my cooking is done using the large burners, I have to lean/hunch to stir, whisk. etc. I felt like the Hunchback of Notre Dame using this. Very poor ergonomics!! I now don't even use it and bought a single induction burner that I use for all my cooking. I HATE this design.

Review Title: great features poor reliability | Review by

I bought this a year ago and have had it replaced 3 times

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

I've ceramic cook tops for 40 years. This one hums continuously. I had it checked out and was told that this is due to the touch panel that has to be able to turn on immediately. My old one turned on immediately as I turned the knobs. This one is beautiful but very hard to keep looking good. My last one, a whirlpool also, only had to be wiped with a soapy rag to make it look brand new. This one has to be cleaned and dried just right or it leaves smudges. Seems to cook great but for what is costs, it's certainly not worth it.

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