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Whirlpool G7CE3034XS Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-G7CE3034XS Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-G7CE3034XS Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-G7CE3034XS Cooking

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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Regular Price: $899.00
25% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $759.10
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Stylize your modern kitchen with this Whirlpool G7CE3034XS electric cooktop. Its polished stainless steel surface impresses without skimping on quality and performance.

Featuring four heating zones, this electric cooktop installed on your kitchen island countertop frees you up to spend time with your family or guests while you prepare a meal. Scramble some eggs and sizzle some bacon at the same time. It's okay if the bacon spits some grease out of the pan since the control knobs are dishwasher safe and the Schott Ceran glass surface cleans with one swipe of a rag. The heat indicator light will let you know when it's cool enough to touch, saving you and your children burnt fingertips.

Also installable over approved single wall ovens, this Whirlpool electric cooktop opens up your cooking possibilities. Goedeker's gets you started with available special financing. Stellar customer service is at your disposal, ensuring your satisfaction 100%.

  • Rated "Best Buy"
  • Rated a "Best Buy" by a leading consumer magazine.
  • Eco Friendly Schott Ceran Glass Surface
  • Eco-Friendly Schott Ceran Cooktop is easy to clean and won't crack or chip with intense heat.
  • AccuSimmer Element
  • The AccuSimmer element's advanced technology allows for precise temperature control that is perfect for melting chocolate or simmering sauces.
  • Right Front: 12"/9" Dual (3,000/1,950W) with AccuSimmer
  • 12"/9" Dual Radiant Element provides the space-saving advantage of having two elements in one to handle various sizes of cookware.
  • Left Rear: 10" (2,500W)
  • Left Front: 6" (1,200W)
  • Right Rear: 6" (1,200W)
  • Dishwasher-Safe Knobs
  • Keep your electric cooktop looking like new with easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe knobs.
  • Hot Surface Indicator Light
  • A hot surface indicator light illuminates when the cooktop surface is still hot to the touch - even after the heating element has been turned off.
  • Built-In Oven Compatible
  • Can be installed over a single built-in wall oven for added installation flexibility.


Fuel Type: Elecric
Cooktop Design: Ceramic Glass
Cooktop Controls: Infinite Switch
Hot Surface Indicator: Yes
Cooktop Features
Left Front Element Type: Radiant Single
Left Front Element Size: 6"
Left Rear Element Type: Radiant Single
Left Rear Element Size: 10"
Right Front Element Type: Radiant Dual
Right Front Element Size: 12"/9"
Right Rear Element Type: Radiant Single
Right Rear Element Size: 6"
Simmer: Yes
Left Front Element Wattage (@240V): 1,200 Watts
Left Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 2,500 Watts
Right Front Element Wattage (@240V): 3,000/1,900 Watts
Right Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 1,200 Watts
Overall Width: 30 13/16"
Overall Depth: 21 3/4"
Overall Height: 3 3/4"
Cutout Width: 29 1/2"
Cutout Depth: 20 1/2"

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Review Title: Excellent product. | Review by

This Whirlpool cooktop came supplied with our modular home. We have never owned a glass cooktop before. We love it! It is easy to keep clean and cooking crumbs don't fall into the sides like a stand-alone style.

Review Title: I would highly recommend this product. | Review by

I previously had an open burner electric cook top and switched to this flat top. The ease of cleaning it is wonderful. It was easy to install & has been a pleasure to use!

Review Title: Works well, but doesn't look good. | Review by

As an electric cooktop it works very well. The heat control is more even than previous models, and the simmer feature gives the cook more flexibility. No performance concerns.

Review Title: Great Appliance! | Review by

I actually replaced a Whirlpool Gold cook top with this new one because of a color change. We had granite installed and I wanted a white cooktop. Works perfect and I love the nice clean look. It comes with a great cleaner that just makes the food or cookware marks come right off. Very pleased!!!!

Review Title: Great Appliance! | Review by

We are extremely pleased with this cooktop unit and would highly recommend it to others in the market for a quality product. An especially nice-to-have feature is the double oversized burner, perfect for very large pots and for canning.

Review Title: Very reliable product | Review by

I was a bit skeptical about the cooktop at first due to not wanting to scratch or scuff it and also cleaning. But, my first use of the cooktop was for canning purposes with a large stock pot on the burner. The cooktop cleaned up real well and worked GREAT .. and has since!!

Review Title: Love the cook top. However cleaning is diffucult. | Review by

This cooktop is very striking to look at. However after the second use I have white cloudy films on my burrnners I have tried al the recommendedl methods of cleaning and still can not get them off. I love the controlls on the side and the warming opption is fabulas. Love the placement of the bunners.

Review Title: Looks striking | Review by

Like all the features and the ease with which it cleans up after cooking. It heats up very quickly and looks beautiful .The best of all worlds.

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

Love this cooktop. Heats up fast and works great. Only thing wish it would clean up easier.

Review Title: Modern and cool looking | Review by

The cooktop is very nice looking \. Without grates it is easier to clean. The only drawback is that it stains very easily. One has to be extremely diligent to wipe it down immediately and then clean it when it cools down otherwise the stains are hard to remove, and I haven't even cooked things yet that splatter.

Review Title: Excellent cooktop | Review by

This product is easy to use and looks great. The simmer and normal settings is quite unique and helpful

Review Title: Electric cooktop | Review by

Disappointed in cooktop. Perhaps I overlooked it, but this one does not have the halogen burner. BIG MISTAKE.

Review Title: HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! | Review by

Purchased this cooktop for two reasons: $200 cheaper than the comparable GE, and the larger dual burner in the right front. Now that I've had it for 3 months, I must say this Whirlpool is a huge disappointment. The 2 front burners take forever to heat, especially the large dual one using either the small or large ring. But once it does get to set temperature, after a few minutes on medium setting it gets too hot for my non-stick saute' pans, which start to smoke and need to be removed from the burner to cool down. I just don't trust this cooktop. That old adage "you get what you pay for" really is true. Sure wish I had spent the extra money on the comparable GE unit.

Review Title: Great surface unit | Review by

Cooks well, easy to clean, well thought out and easy to use, thanks for great product

Review Title: Great cooktop! | Review by

Absolutely love this cooktop! Would never go back to the coil type cooktop. Everyday cleaning is a breeze and occasional cleaning with Affresh Cooktop Cleaner and special razor blade is no problem. The AccuSimmer feature is quite useful.

Review Title: Very good value | Review by

We had an older model Whirlpool cooktop, but the glass surface had cracked and it wasn't very useful at the end. The new one is more versatile with the 9"-12" burner and the surface itself is sturdier, which means it should last longer and resist cracking, etc. And the price was right. It was also easy to install.

Review Title: Great product with great features | Review by

I am truly pleased with our resent Whirlpool purchase. The quality is exactly what I expected, perfect. My wife particularly likes the heat ranges and the simmer feature. We both would highl recommend this to friends.

Review Title: electric stove | Review by

stove looks great a works fast easy to install. easy to clean

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I like whirlpool appliances. Happy to have it has a choice for a new build.

Review Title: Easy installation and great quality | Review by

I installed this cooktop myself. Cut out the hole and installed the wiring...all necessary information was enclosed. My wife loves the style and simmer feature.

Review Title: This product is both beautiful and dependable | Review by

I truly enjoy using this product, it is very easy to operate and provides excellent heating. It is beautiful, easy to clean, and above all is not an "eyesore" in the kitchen.

Review Title: what a joy this cook top is | Review by

I purchased a home with a Jenn Aire stove top. Hated it. Purchased the Whirlpool Cook top and I am now a happy cook again

Review Title: Looks nice when I can get it clean. | Review by

Very hard to clean! Looks nice when you can get it clean.

Review Title: Great performance | Review by

this stove top was very reasonably priced, so was not expecting it to perform as well as it does. It heats up very quick with a lot of power. Even the single burners produce an extreme amount of heat.

Review Title: Fantastic temperature management; white is HARD to clean | Review by

Very happy with the way this cooktop does its job. Wish the white did not pick up every piece of junk from bottom of my pans. So, scrubbing every surface almost every day to keep it clean.

Review Title: Best Cooktop we have owned | Review by

This is are third cooktop and it by far the best one. It is easy to use, but more importantly it is easy to clean.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

It is a pleasure to have a cooktop that doesn't allow food into the burner areas. Smooth top is the ONLY way to go. It is easy to keep clean and heats up incredibly quickly.

Review Title: Love my new cooktop! | Review by

We bought this when we had new counter tops installed. I had my old whirlpool cooktop for 17 years and so obviously I got a new whirlpool one! Love it!

Review Title: Good cooktop for small spaces | Review by

I have had several glass cooktops. This one got scratched very early on...don't know if it was the fault of the product or ours. But the cooktop seems a little more fragile than others I have had. The burners are very close together, but that is probably a function of the size of the space provided by the builder.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

Works fantastic! I wouldn't choose any other type of cook top.

Review Title: nice look | Review by

easy to use and easy to clean up match with my kitchen

Review Title: Nice cooktop | Review by

We just completed a new kitchen in our home. We included the white cooktop. I love that it blends into our grey granite countertops(black would have been to harsh) Some elements seem to take longer to heat up, than others. It does need to be cleaned after every time you cook on it, even boiling a pot for tea. Overall very happy with this cooktop.

Review Title: My first cook top | Review by

I have always used stove/cook top combinations in my house.this is our first separate cook top and we love it. It was easy to install and it is easy to keep clean. We looked at many models, but the lay out of the burners as well as the number and size of burners on this unit made it our number one choice. We have not been disappointed

Review Title: looks aren't everything | Review by

Cooktop looks good and can be used as another flat surface when not being used for cooking BUT it takes over six minutes to boil water even with all clad copper pan; it has to be cleaned after EVERY use even with brand new pots and pans that had no spill over with special cleaner and heavy rubbing.. a quick wipe down is insuffient.

Review Title: Good versatility | Review by

You love out main simmer mode and out extra large cooking surface

Review Title: The product works great but is hard to keep clean. | Review by

This cooktop is very functional and heats right up to the proper temperature. There is plenty of room to use all burners if necessary. The only drawback is that it is very hard to keep clean and it got that "used" look quickly. But if cooking is more important than looks, its a fine choice.

Review Title: Miss middle size burner. | Review by

Our old 30" Whirlpool Gold ceran cooktop fractured while I was boiling a large pot of water. We had it for just about 14 years. I had to purchase the same size as the opening in our granite counter was already established.

Review Title: I love the ease of cooking with this product. | Review by

My only issue is keeping it clean. Sometimes it is hard to get stuff off.

Review Title: wonderful product | Review by

Easy to use many different cooking options wonderful product

Review Title: This product works as it should | Review by

I prefer gas but our new home came with electric. It's is hard to adjust the temperature.

Review Title: good performance and good value | Review by

Nice modern style and performance at a good price. Had to get use to the energy saving slow to boil but now that I know how it works its great. Only thing I would change is putting at least one large burner on the front row. Reaching to the back for the large burners is inconveinient at the least. But it looks good and works great. Like the burn lock off feature.

Review Title: Very nice surface and easy to clean. | Review by

Need to be caareful what pans you use as they can scratch the glass

Review Title: Maintains heat to make cooking a breeze. | Review by

Cooktop is easy to clean so that the kitchen always looks tidy and ready-to-use. Makes preparing Thanksgiving dinner a loving gift for family and guests.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

Love the precise temperature never worry about burning something

Review Title: Great product | Review by

This product looks nice, knobs on side so little hands can't reach, heats up and cools off quickly. I can even use my canning pot on largest element.

Review Title: Cook top | Review by

I like the look of the cooktop, however, I have not found a very effective way to clean it. I have tried several products, but none seem to work. This would be the biggest downside to a cooktop. Also, it takes a lot longer to heat up your pans.

Review Title: Simple and looks good | Review by

So far so good. The only issue I have is that the burner auto shut itself even if it is set to high. This seems to happen when the bottom area of the pots and pans are bigger than the size of the burner.

Review Title: Love this ceramic electric cooktop | Review by

This cooktop is easy to use and the knobs are on the right side which is great, they don't get in the way. I really like the dual heating element, it lends to small pot or large. Easy to clean and looks really good. I would recomend this to anyone.

Review Title: even cooking | Review by

I always wanted a cook top like this. I love it I would buy one like ithat again.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I bought the cooktop back in November. Best decision I've made. Heats food quickly.

Review Title: Love the Dual Radiant Element! | Review by

I moved into my new home a few months ago and it had a Ceramlc glass cooktop. I had never had an electric stove before and it took a little bit to get used to it. But I have it down pat now and enjoy using it.

Review Title: I should have done it sooner | Review by

I recently replaced an 18 year old whirlpool cooktop with this one. OMG its so great--I love the ability to use any heat setting rather than preset ones---the dual ring burner is so helpful with different tasks--I should have done it sooner!!!!

Review Title: nice looking and works great. | Review by

I purchased the new stove in August so I have had some cooking time and so far I love it. I does seem to get some spots on it and I have purchased the cooktop stove cleaner it works well but there is some scrubbing involved.

Review Title: Good thought put into design of this great stove top - wonderful cooking experience | Review by

Really like this new stove top. Mainly because it follows our American working order - just like reading order - top to bottom, left to right. On the other brands we saw, you never knew which button was for which burner. As I know from my old stove, that can result in lots of problems and errors, e.g., burned food.

Review Title: Whirlpool Gold 30 inch Electric -- Great overall value, some issues with design and appearance | Review by

We had the same model without the Stainless Steel (SS) trim which functioned flawlessly for nearly 4 years until one of the knobs electrically shorted-out. Due to our satisfaction with the previous model we bought another with SS trim. Now what would make the Whirlpool Gold 30 inch cooktop with SS even better: 1) the all black top on the Whirlpool Gold shows every smudge and water spot, therefore, it needs to have a mottled white and black glass top which would make smudges and water spots less obvious; 2) the SS trim scratches far too easily, for example we have had this model for less than a month and my wife slide a smooth stainless cookie sheet over the SS trim and it scratched it. If the two recommendations above were to be implemented in a redesign, we would recommend this product.

Review Title: Great Buy | Review by

My stove top, double oven and dishwasher are all Whirlpool products and am happy I went with them. Overall a fantastic product.



Review Title: Great cooktop! | Review by

I love this cooktop. It cleans easily and has everything we need. Love the fact that there are two large burners. An extra large burner too but I have yet to use that. It really does clean much easier than my old one. Very pleased!

Review Title: Not totally sold | Review by

Our builder gave us very few options in appliance picks. My stovetop was one of the better picks. I like that's it's glass but it's very hard to clean even with the special scrub and scrubber the top doesn't get very clean and the top has permanent spots from oil or food droppings.

Review Title: Love my cooktop! | Review by

I love this product! It is so easy to clean and to operate! We bought our cooktop 5 months ago and we haven't had any trouble with it at all! I recommend this product!

Review Title: Great look and works even better! | Review by

We had a much older cooktop and knew we wanted a replacement to compliment our unique kitchen. The knobs fit with our stainless countertop, and the glass is so sleek compared to the coils we previously had. Love the look and ease of using it!

Review Title: I like everything about my new cooktop. | Review by

I like how it heats up very quickly. The simmer feature helps to keep things from boiling over. This is my first cooktop without drip pans. It is wonderful.

Review Title: Very stylish and cleans marvelously! | Review by

After reviewing several types of cooktops, I chose this one as the best. I was looking for simple but elegant design as well as ease of use. My cooktop is the hit of my kitchen and, because it is in the island between the kitchen and dining room, it is the first thing seen and is the star of the show!

Review Title: This cooktop has great features. | Review by

The Whirlpool Gold cooktop was purchased for a kitchen remodel. It is a beautiful appliance and looks fabulous w/my countertop! The dual radiant element is a wonderful feature to accommodate a large Dutch oven or skillet. The simmer feature is awesome, and it is used in simmering beans and other casserole type meals when the oven isn't used. This cooktop is very easy to clean, and that is a definite plus! I am very pleased w/this cooktop and would recommend it to friends and family, or anyone who needs an excellent appliance.

Review Title: Whirlpool Cook Top Range | Review by

This unit has the element spaces put in the right areas. Not too close to one another. Cools down quickly. Easy installation.

Review Title: Product is easy to clean. | Review by

The cooktop is easy to clean. It gets use to waiting for the element to heat. Once it gets hot cooking is very fast.

Review Title: Looks good...until you use it | Review by

I bought this stovetop to replace an old electric coil stovetop. Although it looks great when it's clean, it's a real pain to keep it that way. Even worse, the finish is very easily damaged. I expected much more.

Review Title: Dissappointed in this product. | Review by

I had bought a house that came with this stove brand new. Starting off I was very pleased with the way it heated up quickly. Very easy to clean and looked very nice in my kitchen. After about four months the top had cracked while cooking. I like the design but when I replace it I will go for something more durable.

Review Title: The product is so easy to use. | Review by

I love the features on this cooktop, especially the low simmer.



Review Title: good cook top | Review by

I really enjoy cooking on this cook top. It heats fast, and the lights remain lit while it's hot. Good product.

Review Title: Great features and sleek look | Review by

Love love the dual element for 9" & 12" pans, the melt and simmer especially awesome. Have white appliances, needed a cooktop for a large island and the black looks great. I'd spillage is bad, takes a few minutes too clean but worth the time because it looks so good in the island.

Review Title: My wish finally came true | Review by

Have been wanting one for 10 yr since we built our house. We went to purchase a new dishwasher and left with it and my new cooktop which I love. I hated trying to keep pans clean on old top. Love how clean and easy this new one is.

Review Title: Great product for the price, I like the oversized burner. | Review by

I bought this a few months ago, I'm pretty happy with it. I love the front over sized burner, a lot of my pans are large, my previous cooktop only had 10" burners and some of my large pans took longer to heat up. The only thing I notice is some of the burners run hot, but now that I know that, I just adjust each one differently when cooking, no big deal.

Review Title: O.K., but hard to see which knob to turn for each burner. | Review by

This is an O.K. cooktop, but somewhat hard to see the control guide on the top. Instead of two small burners, I would prefer one of them was a little larger.

Review Title: This product is great | Review by

This one is the replacement of the one before that also was a WHIRLPOOL we had it since we bought our house. Very easy to install that i did it myself without my husband help

Review Title: Whirlpool Gold Elec Cooktop | Review by

Purchased about a month ago. Love it! East to clean. Heats up quickly.

Review Title: I just love it... | Review by

.I can use all the burners at once. I have never had such an even cooking unit

Review Title: Good features | Review by

Easy to use and clean. Good safety features to show that cooktop is still hot after using.

Review Title: Good product for the money. | Review by

I like this cooktop but don't like having to wait to clean up any spills if any . You must wait for the cool down light to go off before cleaning. Also, cleaning can be a little aggravating. You will need to buy everyday cleaning spray. Easily shows dust.

Review Title: we love our new stove especially the duo burner. | Review by

This stove is the best whirpool we have owned. Enjoy cooking on it, the different temperature settings are very helpful.

Review Title: Overall, I like it a lot. | Review by

The cooktop looks great, works well, and is easy to clean. However, some of my pots don't fit the element sizes very well--the 6" ones are too small and the larger ones are too big. A couple of 8" elements would work better.

Review Title: 30-inch ceramic cook top | Review by

Energy efficent, easy to use, temperature controls very accessible and acurate burner placement idea.

Review Title: This product has fantastic features | Review by

This cook top is wonderful, it is easy to use, it has great features on the settings for different sized pans, performance is great, very easy clean up, it is very energy efficient, very stylish.

Review Title: My first ceramic cooktop | Review by

I love the look and the speed of heating up.I am more aware of grease smears or water spots on the black top.

Review Title: Like the overall look | Review by

The cooktop was easy to install,I love the overall look and design,easy to clean,and use.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

Cleans much easier than our last cooktop. Looks great.

Review Title: Hard to clean | Review by

Like temperature control, very difficult to clean so it's streak free no matter what cleaning product we have tried. Previous version of glass stop stove was very easy to clean

Review Title: Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop | Review by

Replaced our 1988 electric cooktop with a new modern Whirlpool Gold 30" Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop with 12"/9" Dual Radiant Element and the 12" or 9" dual element is the greatest feature. Easier to clean. Fast heating of all the elements. Great looking cooktop.

Review Title: My Built In Cook Top | Review by

Ive had this cook top since July. I love the built in look. Cooks food fast & evenly. Cleaning the cook top can sometimes challenging. Many years ago I had a stove top just like this only a different brand & it had a disc included that cleaned the top like a breeze even cooked on food. This one comes with nothing but the instructions says to get a bottle of cleaning lotion,..I now have two bottles of it because the one bottle didnt do the trick. I also bough wipes made just for the glass cook tops. The first time I got cooked on food on the top I couldnt get anything to get it all off until I went to Lowes & the girl there told me to use a razor the kind you get paint off of glass with..I did,,it took some time so I wouldnt scratch it but in the end it worked..I now keep it as a staple in a kitchen drawer..Still wish they made the disc like they used to, it was much easier to clean. Overall Its very attractive & I get lots of compliments on my built in appliances.

Review Title: This product exceeded all requirements for which it was purchased for. | Review by

This cook top was purchased to replace an eighteen year old Amana that failed. The unit heats up immediately, has excellent temperature control across the entire heating range, and cleans up easily.

Review Title: Sleek and clean looking! | Review by

I love how the white cooktop looks in my white kitchen. It is easy to use and clean. Glad we purchased this cooktop!

Review Title: Glass cook top Black | Review by

We love it except it's hard to clean and get all the streaks out

Review Title: Beautiful design, quality product. | Review by

Love it. Has two burners that can be adjusted in size to fit your pan or skillet. With just a turn of a knob you can also adjust the heat for the size you have chosen. Easy to clean, looks beautiful in my new kitchen.

Review Title: wife loves it | Review by

Was a easy replacement had to cut the granite about 1/6 of a inch looks great !

Review Title: Coooktop - Ease of Install - good looks - works well | Review by

Doing a kitchen remodel, this cooktop was just what we needed to complete our kitchen. It was so easy to install and works quite well. Having granite installed for our countertops - this cooktop really helped to make the dark graining and accents of the granite to "pop".

Review Title: Love the dual size burner! | Review by

I bought this just over a month ago and LOVE the burner sizes. The only drawback is that the temp gauges do not have numbers on them so you have to kind of guess the temp and sometimes it heats up really quickly and sometimes it seems to take forever. Love that it is so easy to clean!

Review Title: Love this product | Review by

The most awesome cooktop I have been exposed to. So easy to clean, love the light that tells me when I can clean, I love the double burner I don't have to have the entire burner on when I have a smaller pot and can save electricity. I love the different sizes and i am happy with where they are placed. I recommend this cooktop to everyone that will listen.

Review Title: Now quit what we expected. | Review by

This cooktop seems to take forever to heat up. It is very difficult to clean and the burners are not in good spots. I would never buy this cooktop again.

Review Title: great features | Review by

we bought this for our new house and is working fine

Review Title: XT | Review by

Love the dual burn but the top gets really hot compared to my older one.

Review Title: easy to cook on and keep clean | Review by

I really like this cook top. My only complaint, and it is not really a detriment, is the last knob on the right hand side. The directions for it's use are a little difficult to understand If I lower the temperature to low why do I need the simmer feature? Perhaps I am not reading the instructions correctly.

Review Title: "Simmer" Feature A Real Plus | Review by

The cook top replaced a 20-year old solid coil cook top that wouldn't heat evenly. The new cook top heats evenly and faster and is easier to keep clean as well. The "simmer" feature for the one element is especially useful in fine tuning a low heat setting for effectively simmering. Without this feature, it's difficult to simmer with radiant heat, that modulates between "all-on full blast" and "all off".

Review Title: Really like this cooktop! | Review by

Once you learned how to use this would love it. Best feature of this G7CE3034 is the 12" & 9" dual Circuit element.

Review Title: home owner | Review by

Great stove, but metal front strip is glue on coming of in last then 6 months.

Review Title: Nice cooktop | Review by

I bought this cooktop a couple of months ago. It was an adjustment from using coil type cooktop but great improvement. This is easy to clean. Very simple to install. Very specific directions comes with it. Easy DIY.

Review Title: great features | Review by

Bought it a month ago and love it. I like the position of the burners and the differant settings for each burner. It's easy to clean and it always looks nice.

Review Title: Nice!!!! | Review by

Purchased this cooktop about 2 months ago to replace our previous Whirlpool cooktop which was installed in 1996 (still working). After reading some of the previous reviews regarding cleaning the glass top, etc. I was apprehensive about the new one. We have been completely satisfied with the new cooktop and would highly recommend it. Thanks.

Review Title: Whirlpool Gold 30-inch Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop | Review by

Purchased this product about 6 weeks ago. So far I like all the great features this product offers. Easy to clean. A great replacement for our old Cooktop.

Review Title: So far, so satisfied | Review by

Having used for 3 months. Meet expectation. Much easier to clean than the former one (whirlpool product also made in 2007)

Review Title: This is a great feature,clean and easy to use | Review by

The electric cook top fits good in my kitchen and us clean easy to use and a very good product

Review Title: Beware of the dot matrix design under the glass | Review by

I just finished my kitchen remodel and am extremely disappointed with the cooktop. The dots under the glass that I suspect were to minimize glare actually accentuate it. My hood/fan lights reflect back like a pair of car headlights. I'm replacing it and going back to my electric coil cooktop.

Review Title: Very powerful heating elements | Review by

This range heats up really fast and also has excellent low heat range.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Great product, love the color work great with my kitchen color and excellent price.

Review Title: Great product! Absolutely recommend! | Review by

If you do lots of cooking and have multiple burners going at the same time, this cooktop is for you. Easy to use, easy to clean. Super fast heat up and the safety features make this a no brainer. Its one of those rare appliances that work as good as they look!

Review Title: looks great with my other new stainless appliances | Review by

My wife loves the look and more importantly, the ease of using this cooktop. It heats up quickly and the temperature is always constant. We love it.

Review Title: Love the simmer feature and the oversized burners. | Review by

Cooktop looks great. Need to wipe with towel to remove streaking. I have been canning this summer and it has worked perfectly. I am worried about scratching so have checked the bottom of my pans for roughness. I discontinued using a fry pan that was painted as there was a rim where the paint met the metal that I thought scratched the top even though the pan said it could be used on glass top.

Review Title: Tremedous Upgrade | Review by

We had to do some replacement, while we were doing some electrical work. Long-time fan of Whirlpool and this cooktop has not disappointed. Easy install, easy directions and been easy to clean. Key: Follow the directions.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I bought this unit to replace a similar gray unit. I had difficulty installing because it didn't fit the hole in the granite countertop. It seems easier to keep clean, but cook top stays hot for extended period of time after use.

Review Title: My Cooktop | Review by

We just remodeled our kitchen. I knew for a long time that I wanted a cooktop. My other appliances are white, so I wanted a white cooktop. I love it. It heats up quick and cools down quick. It was made in America! It cleans up easily. It looks wonderful in my new kitchen!

Review Title: great features and ease of use | Review by

I love the simmer feature and dual size burners. It is also much easier to clean than my last cooktop.

Review Title: Excellent Temperature Control! | Review by

We've had this cooktop eight months now. It was a replacement for the previous Whirlpool glass cooktop we'd had for several years but cracked because a heavy can was dropped on it. Love the easy clean-up and the superb temperature control. Only wish the hot surface indicator light would show which surface was hot.

Review Title: This product performs flawlesly | Review by

The cooking area's are more than adequate for both large and small pans. Controls are easy to read and easy to clean

Review Title: Easy installation and great features. | Review by

I replaced a GE cooktop that was only four years old and this is by far a much better unit. The simmer setting on the Whirlpool out performed the GE and my wife loves it for slow cooking her sauces. The rapid boil is another great feature that was a surprise the first few times we used it. Great for when the wife is boiling up noodles for the grand kids. Easy to clean and looks amazing with the new marble countertops. We love it.

Review Title: Great features,a quality cook top. | Review by

Simmer control is very practical. Heating elements are fast and precise.Control knobs are easy to use for us seniors.

Review Title: This cooktop has the best.features | Review by

I was looking for a cooktop to accommodate my griddle, as well as my large soup pot. This one hit the mark. It is sleek and virtually disappears on my Silestone counter. Aside from being easy to clean and having the controls out of the way, it performs like no other cook top I've owned. I couldn't be happier. Their is only one drawback: black always shows the dust.

Review Title: good looking &great preformer | Review by

1 month in and impressed fits in great with the rest of our kitchen. very quick start , even heat simple controls absolutely no complaints

Review Title: I love the extremely quick response time. You turn it on and have instant heat that is easily controlled. | Review by

This is the best stove top I have ever used. Cooking was a chore before we got this unit, but now cooking is quick, easy and accurate. You can ajust the heat so closely that cooking an entire breakfast meal in one skillet is a snap, without burning anything. My eggs turn out perfect every time now. GREAT!!!

Review Title: Just Fair. Dual burner takes forever to heat. | Review by

My large back burner heats extremely quickly but sadly the large dual burner in front takes forever. Also it is hard to see what knob controls each burner as someone mentioned before. Wish there was another large burner insead of two small.

Review Title: This product works well and heats well. | Review by

This range top cooks well and looks great. My only complaint is that it is hard to keep it looking clean, it looks like it needs cleaning with about every use. My last one had little white dots on it and it didn't show finger prints, etc as this one does.

Review Title: Efficient and easy to clean! | Review by

This stove replaced an older style with the raised eyes. Heats to a boil quickly and I love the dual eye for large soup pots. The surface is easy to clean. I'm very happy with my purchase. So happy that it makes me want to cook again!

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