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Free 10 yr. Major Component Warranty With Purchase
Warranty WA1B060MC

5 Year Protection Plus Appliances Under $3000 (View all from Warranty)

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Appliances Warranty-WA1B060MC Warranties

Appliances Warranty-WA1B060MC Warranties
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  • Appliances Warranty-WA1B060MC Warranties

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Product Overview

Call (888)-446-8008 for service.

This Warranty covers all Parts and Labor.

Your coverage under this Service Agreement is effective beginning on the date You purchase Your Product OR on the date Your original Product was delivered to You and as stated on Your purchase receipt, whichever is later, and will expire either two (2), three (3), four (4) or five (5) years from this effective date depending on the length of the Service Agreement You purchases and as stated on Your purchase receipt.

This Service Agreement is inclusive of Your Product's manufacturer's warranty; it does not replace Your Product's manufacturer's warranty, but it does provide certain additional benefits as listed within this Service Agreement during the term of the manufacturer's warranty.

Product Eligibility:

This Service Agreement covers Products purchased as new or factory-refurbished and manufactured for use in the United States, which at the time of purchase included a manufacturer's original or factory-refurbished warranty valid in the United States and providing minimum coverage of ninety (90) days parts and labor. Coverage only applies to Products used non-commercially, unless a Commercial Service Agreement has also been purchased. Accessories and/or add-on options purchased separately and not essential to the basic function of the Product are not eligible for coverage.

The terms an conditions stated above are included in Your Service Agreement brochure. Click below to download a full copy of this Service Agreement.

Service Agreement Brochure