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Smeg A3XU6 Opera 48" Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Sealed Burner Double Oven Range - Convection (View all from Smeg)

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Appliances Smeg-A3XU6 Cooking

Appliances Smeg-A3XU6 CookingAppliances Smeg-A3XU6 CookingAppliances Smeg-A3XU6 CookingAppliances Smeg-A3XU6 Cooking
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  • Appliances Smeg-A3XU6 Cooking
  • Appliances Smeg-A3XU6 Cooking
  • Appliances Smeg-A3XU6 Cooking
  • Appliances Smeg-A3XU6 Cooking

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Smeg Opera 48" Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Sealed Burner Double Oven Range - Convection
Regular Price: $5,598.67
25% Off - Today Only!
No Sales Tax. Outside Missouri
Smeg Opera 48" Stainless Steel Chimney Style Wall Mount Range Hood
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Smeg Appliances - Style in your Home

If you've done any research on Smeg appliances, you know they are in a world all their own. Their creations are unique, high-quality, and made for the bold. The Smeg
is one such creation that is not for the faint of heart. It was designed in Italy, so you won't find much symmetry with American-made ranges. The A3XU6 is a behemoth in the kitchen at 48", and the options are not for cooking newbies. It is a
dual-fuel range
, so you have the benefits of a gas cooktop with electric cooking in the ovens.

If you have never owned a Smeg before, you will have to take some time to learn what the controls mean and how they work. They are not labeled like traditional American models. That being said, the knobs are lovely. Unlike traditional range knobs where you must use two fingers to turn them, with the Smeg, all you need is one finger to twirl the knobs around. Intrigued? Dig a little deeper to see if this one-of-a-kind range is right for you and your family.

On the Stovetop

  • There are
    five sealed gas burners on the cooktop
    and they were built to please! The right front burns at 3,500 BTU. The right rear, labeled the
    fish burner
    , so you can prepare the perfect cod, burns at 6,650 BTU. The front center burns at 6,500 BTU, while the rear center burns hot at 13,650 BTU. The left
    double inset super burner
    burns at an inner low 3,000 BTU with an outer high of 12,000 BTU. There's something for every possible pot.
  • The
    non-stick Teflon electric grill
    burns at 5,500 BTU, which is perfect for searing steaks and making eggs for breakfast.
  • The
    heavy duty cast iron grates
    fit together like a puzzle and can be removed for cleaning of the cooktop. You'll want to be careful when removing them, as they are weighty.
  • A neat extra is the ability to
    cook with a wok ring
    so you can create all your Asian favorites!

Inside the Ovens

  • The main oven on the left features 8 cooking modes! The cooking modes vary from
    conventional to European convection to Broil and Defrost
  • The right oven is smaller, but still features
    4 cooking modes such as conventional bake and rotisserie
  • Both ovens feature
    Ever-Clean enamelled interiors
    , meaning the oven absorbs grease and keeps itself clean! You can't get much better than that!

Other Features

  • A range this advanced does not come without its safety features. If for any reason a flame goes out, the safety valves will stop the flow of gas. Take comfort knowing your house will not fill with the toxic substance.
  • An interesting tidbit is the oven lights stay on while the food cooks. You cannot turn them off, but it's a useful feature when you want to do a quick check on your food status.
  • Just like in the old days, a
    storage compartment
    is available below the ovens for spare baking sheets.

If this range seems like the appliance of your dreams, let Goedeker's help you make it a reality today. With its 4" stainless steel backsplash and double ovens, this Smeg Opera is a master in the kitchen!


Overall Width: 47 5/8"
Overall Depth: 23 5/8"
Height to Cooktop Surface: 35 15/64"
Backguard Height: 4"
Electrical Requirements
Voltage Rating: 240/208 - 60 Hz
Connected Load (Nominal Power): 240V/208V - 6.5kW/5kW
Amps @ 240V/208V: 27A/24A
Optional Extras
Splashback: KIT1A3-6
Kickplate: KIT2A3-2
Height Extension: KIT3A6
Kickplate: KIT4A3-2
3 Level Telescopic Shelves: GTA-6

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Review Title: excellent oven | Review by

Overall Rating
Great Stove and great value. Love it, waited 6 months to review to make sure and I still love it. You need an oven thermometer but it's easy to use. Love the design, and modern smaller profile.
Great customer service. I will recommend this stove to anyone!

Review Title: Fantastic Range | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this range, Smeg 48" Duel Fuel, sight unseen after much research on line and took a chance that it was as wonderful as I had read. The price was absolutely right. I bought through Goedeker's, primarily because I like their website and philosophy. I am a Christian, and their mission statement, means the world to me. It took awhile as the stove had to be retrieved in NYC, then shipped across the nation to So. Cal where I live... The entire process was wonderful. It arrived on time and well packed and fully protected, along with a large Frig and drawer microwave. I am so impressed with the service and prices I paid through Goedeker's, and THE SMEG Rocks!!! It is fabulous, with features not offered in much more expensive ranges. My friend has a Wolf Range; more that twice the cost, and does not have the rotisserie included. It is beautiful and functions well. Some complained about the height, it is not a big deal... just right.
I love my SMEG!

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