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Sharp KB6524PS Insight 1.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer (View all from Sharp)

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Appliances Sharp-KB6524PS Cooking

Appliances Sharp-KB6524PS Cooking
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  • Appliances Sharp-KB6524PS Cooking

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Sharp Insight KB6524PS drawer microwave

is truly a beauty. If you're planning a kitchen remodel and you're searching for a space-saving microwave with a touch of class, this model fits the bill! You'll find yourself falling in love when you see what this microwave has to offer.

1.2 cu. ft. capacity
microwave can accommodate casserole dishes, mixing bowls, tall drinking cups, and any other large containers you may use when heating or reheating.
11 power levels, 6 automatic defrost functions, and tons of other cooking options
streamline heating so you're sure to find the best setting for the job.

Users love the
sensor cooking and sensor reheat
features for achieving optimal heating results. It will boil water quickly, keep meals warm, defrost items without cooking them, pop your popcorn without burning it, soften butter or ice cream without melting it, warm syrup, heat up beverages, and so much more!

There's no need to worry about the lack of a turntable - this microwave will still heat your food evenly and without leaving cold spots! The Sharp KB6524PS has sturdy construction, is not prone to staining, and operates quietly.

A drawer microwave would be an excellent alternative to over-the-range models. Use that space for a range hood to improve kitchen ventilation instead! If you want to conserve counter space, or you just prefer the built-in look to traditional countertop models, this microwave is also a good choice. It looks attractive in kitchen islands or open floor plans. It is simple to install and should fit seamlessly into your cutout space.

Ease of access is a big plus. It's no trouble at all to stir your food, check its cooking progress, and lift it up and out when it's finished. Many people prefer this over taking containers down and out of conventional microwaves. Because it isn't tough to reach, this microwave is also a breeze to keep clean. Two options make this microwave easy to open and close. It will glide open with a light tug on the handle, or you can press the “Open” and “Close” buttons and Sharp's exclusive
Easy Open system
will respond automatically. The drawer moves smoothly, and unless a container is filled to the brim, liquids will not slosh out.

control panel with digital LCD display
is angled slightly so you won't have to bend down to read it. Even though this microwave is at a height that's easier for children to access, the
control lock
feature will keep curious little hands from activating the microwave or fiddling with the settings. Other extras include a kitchen clock and timer and an add-a-minute function.

Sharp is an industry leader in drawer microwaves, and the KB6524PS microwave is an outstanding example of that. It's stylish, convenient, and can withstand heavy usage by the entire family for reheating, defrosting, warming, and other kitchen tasks. Let Goedeker's help you give your kitchen a serious upgrade today!


Built-In Ready Microwave Drawer Oven: Yes, 24" Wide
Installed Below Any Electric or Gas Wall Oven: Yes
Front-Mounted Touch Controls: Yes, Angled For Easy Viewing
Microwave Drawer Oven Opening System: Yes, Using Either The Easy Open Handle or The Auto-Touch Control Panel
Digital LCD Display: Yes
Wattage: 1,000 Watts
Microwave Keep Warm: Yes, Up to 30 Minutes
Kitchen Timer: Yes
Control Lock: Yes
Demonstration Mode: Yes
Capacity: 1.2 Cu. Ft. (Holds 9" x 13" Dish)
Sensor Cook, Reheat, Popcorn: 12 Settings
Preprogrammed Reheat: 2 Settings
Automatic Defrost: 6 Settings
Variable Power Levels: 11
Programmable Stages: 4
Clock: Yes
Minute Plus: Yes
Melt and Soften Buttons: Yes
Beverage Center: Yes
Power/Ratings: 120V, 60Hz/1.67kW, 14.5 Amps
Safety Compliance: FCC, DHHS, UL Listed
Limited Warranty: One-year parts and one-year labor with in-home service. The warranty continues for an additional four years, for a total of five years, on the magnetron tube for parts only.
Approx. Shipping Weight: 103 Lbs.
Overall Width: 23 7/8"
Overall Depth: 26 3/16"
Overall Height: 15 13/32"
Interior Oven Width: 17 5/16"
Interior Oven Depth: 16 3/16"
Interior Oven Height: 7 1/8"
Cutout Width: 22 1/8"
Cutout Depth: 23 1/2" Min.
Cutout Height: 14 13/16"

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