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Samsung WF42H5200AP 4.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Platinum Stackable With Steam Cycle Front Load Washer - Energy Star (View all from Samsung)

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Appliances Samsung-WF42H5200AP Laundry

Appliances Samsung-WF42H5200AP LaundryAppliances Samsung-WF42H5200AP LaundryAppliances Samsung-WF42H5200AP Laundry
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  • Appliances Samsung-WF42H5200AP Laundry
  • Appliances Samsung-WF42H5200AP Laundry
  • Appliances Samsung-WF42H5200AP Laundry

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Once again, it's laundry day. Talk about a bummer, right? While gathering up your family's clothes may still be a drag, getting them clean doesn't have to be! The

Samsung WF42H5200AP front load washer

streamlines that process, speeding up washing and using water sparingly. You don't have to worry about your items coming out clean, though. Efficiency is this model's middle name.

The wash tub in this front loader is
4.2 cu. ft.
Samsung says that is the equivalent of nearly 3 baskets of laundry! Such a capacity helps you reduce the amount of loads you do each week. Combine this with the machine's
, consuming very little energy and water as it runs, and your household utility bills will see some relief.

The Samsung WF42H5200AP has
9 wash cycles
on the center control dial: Normal, Heavy Duty, Permanent Press, Sanitize, Allergen, Bedding, Quick Wash, Rinse + Spin, and Delicates. The Sanitize cycle kills up to 99% of household bacteria, and the Allergen cycle wipes out up to 95% of common allergens. A panel on the right offers
4 spin speeds, 4 temperature settings, and 3 soil levels
. When it comes to wash options, you can pick from the basics or customize your cycles.

A selection of
10 options
complements the wash cycles: Add Steam, Extra Rinse, Extra Spin, Spin Only, Delay End, My Cycle, Child Lock, Self Clean+, Smart Care, and Sound On/Off. The
Steam Wash
releases steam from the bottom of the tub, which ensures that it saturates every item in the load. The power of steam is good for treating heavily soiled clothes, and it will even loosen set-in stains. If you choose the spin cycle, you won't open the door to sopping wet clothes. It'll get them remarkably dry, cutting down on time in the dryer later.

Some of the other options impact the operation of your Samsung washer. The
Self Clean+
freshens up the tub, removing dirt and bacteria so the interior will be odor-free. With
Smart Care
, your smart phone can interact with your washer through an app, so you'll be able to troubleshoot small issues yourself and find solutions instantly.

One typical problem among washing machines is that they are too loud. You can't place them anywhere but the basement, or they will shake the floor and disrupt the peace. This Samsung model, however, was built with
VRT Technology
which reduces noise and provides better balance for heavier loads. You'll love just how quiet it is.

The Samsung WF42H5200AP washer is not a one trick pony. It has everything you look for in a laundry appliance: the options, the space, the balancing, and above all, the cleaning power. This washer is packed with features that improve its functionality and cycle performance. If you choose it for your home, why not buy from Goedeker's? Shopping our online appliance store is simple, and you could discover savings that'll blow you away. Trust Samsung for their quality products, and trust us for customer care beyond compare.


Total Capacity: 4.2 Cu. Ft.
Energy Star Rated: Yes - Most Efficient 2014
MEF: 3.20
WF: 2.90
kWh/Yr: 95
Smart Care: Yes
Steam Washing: Yes
VRT: Yes
Self Clean+: Yes
Wash Cycles: 9
Options: 10
Temperature Settings: 4 (Hot, Warm, Eco Warm, Cold)
Spin Settings: 4 (High, Medium, Low, No Spin)
Soil Settings: 3 (Heavy, Normal, Light)
Signal Level Settings: 2 (On/Off)
Dispenser: Main Wash, Softener, Bleach
Motor: Direct Drive
Spin Speeds: 1,200 RPM
Internal Water Heater: Yes (900 Watts)
Drum Material: Diamond Drum
Wash Cycles
Normal: Yes
Heavy Duty: Yes
Permanent Press: Yes
Sanitize: Yes
Allergen: Yes
Bedding: Yes
Delicates: Yes
Quick Wash: Yes
Rinse and Spin: Yes
Steam: Yes
Self Clean+: Yes
Delay End: Yes
My Cycle: Yes
Extra Rinse: Yes
Extra Spin: Yes
Sound: Yes
Spin Only: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Smart Care: Yes
Parts and Labor: One (1) Year
Control Board: Two (2) Years
Stainless Steel Drum: Three (3) Years
Direct Drive Motor: Ten (10) Years
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 27"
Overall Depth: 33"
Overall Height: 38 11/16"
Weight: 194.0 Lbs.
Shipping Weight: 203.0 Lbs.

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Review Title: Awesome features | Review by

Pros: Realistic color

I have own this washer for over two month and I love it. It is definitely a great value for my money. Its stylish, comes with awesome features you can think of and it washes my clothes clean. It vibrates but i got it under control with the calibration mode since I use the extra spin feature to get my laundry to have minimal water. Its a good investment and I hope to enjoy it for long.

Review Title: A few concerns after a week of use | Review by

I bought this washer a week ago and have had mixed results so far. I have 2 main concerns:

1) After each load there is always some water left in the bleach tray - so much that it's filled to the "max" line. I am concerned that over time this water left sitting in the tray will cause issues with smell, mildew, etc. It's also annoying as it splashes out when I open the drawer the next time I go to use the machine. I have checked that the tray is not blocked and the washer is level. So I'm not sure if this water left in the tray is considered normal or if it is a defect with my machine.

2) I use cloth diapers on my 2 year old and have not been happy with the rinse cycle to thoroughly rinse out all soap from the microfiber inserts. I use HE soap (Nature Clean) and do a 2nd rinse and they still come out sudsy. I just don't think enough water is used in the rinse cycle to really rinse all of the soap out properly.

Review Title: Really Quiet | Review by

Pros: Bright display, fast

Cons: would like to turn up the end of cycle sound

It even takes the wrinkles out. A great machine and it even comes with steam!

Review Title: Best Washer I ever had | Review by

Pros: economical to use

This machine cleans clothes and even Cal. King bedding with little water and a very small amount of detergent. I am alergic to most detergents and this machine uses so little detergent I cannot even detect it by smell or touch. I do not break out in hives since I started using this machine. It is excellent in cleaning.

Review Title: this is a great washer | Review by

Pros: Built-in speakers, Bright display, Inexpensive, Durable, Realistic color, Lightweight, great washer

this is a great washer, I been a Samsung customer for years and I can and will say that each year Samsung gets better and better. Thanks Samsung.....

Review Title: reporting to you | Review by

Pros: Bright display, Durable, cleaner clothes

I have had my new washer for about 3 weeks and what a difference it is making on my clothes-there clean -cleaner -cleanest. I will never have to worry about using bleach again, I have never been a fan of using bleach on clothes because it weaken the fabric and cannot be good for my drain field, now my clothes are cleaner then they have ever been in years. Nothing is different except the new Samsung washer-same water -same laundry soap-same clothes--very different result--if having a good washing machine is important to you-get a Samsung--I'm very-very pleased with the results we getting-my husband has even noticed the difference in his clothes.

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