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LG WM8000HWA TurboWash 5.2 Cu. Ft. White Stackable With Steam Cycle Front Load Washer - Energy Star (View all from LG)

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Appliances LG-WM8000HWA Laundry

Appliances LG-WM8000HWA LaundryAppliances LG-WM8000HWA LaundryAppliances LG-WM8000HWA LaundryAppliances LG-WM8000HWA LaundryAppliances LG-WM8000HWA Laundry
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  • Appliances LG-WM8000HWA Laundry
  • Appliances LG-WM8000HWA Laundry
  • Appliances LG-WM8000HWA Laundry
  • Appliances LG-WM8000HWA Laundry
  • Appliances LG-WM8000HWA Laundry

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Why LG Front Load Laundry is Right for You

Save Time with LG TurboWash

It's Saturday morning. The kids are watching cartoons and making messes in the kitchen trying to create their own breakfasts. Down the hall sits more loads of dirty laundry than you'd like to admit. Life is hectic. We get it. LG gets it too. That's why they designed the mega-capacity


. This monster-sized washing machine was built to do more work faster. It's a front-load washer with 5.2 cu. ft. capacity, so you can fit your king sized comforter and sheets. LG uses the
NeveRust stainless steel drum
inside the washer so you will never have to worry about it rusting out and affecting your clothes.


LG WM8000HWA TurboWash Front Load Washer

is ENERGY STAR certified, so despite its massive size, it won't cost hundreds of dollars to run every year. It was actually voted "Most Efficient" in 2014! It was designed to make your life better and more convenient. No one has time to complete a million loads of laundry. With the


, you can do those time-sucking chores faster. Just remember if you love this washer, you'll want to purchase its partner-in-crime, the electric
OR gas
. You don't want to have to do 2-3 dryer loads for every one wash cycle!

14 different wash cycles
cover you in every circumstance involving your laundry. You have Bulky, Permanant Press, Delicates, Cotton/Normal, Hand Wash/Wool, Speed Wash, Heavy Duty, Bright Whites, Towels, Small Load, Tub Clean, Jumbo Wash, Sanitary, and Allergiene! If those won't suit your needs, read the next bullet! In addition to the 14 wash cycles, you can add 12 different options to assist the cycle! Pick from
Smart Grid Ready, Drum Light, Steam, FreshCare, TurboWash, ColdWash, Child Lock, Water Plus, Extra Rinse, Delay Wash, Rinse & Spin, and Pre-wash
! The
Allergiene Cycle
is really nice because it removes tons of allergens from your laundry - up to 95%! That means no more pet dander, dust mites, etc. Yuck.

SpeedWash cycle
will clean your clothes in 15 minutes! If you're in a rush, this will change everything! If you don't need something quite as speedy as SpeedWash, try
. It speeds up the wash cycle, but it isn't quite so fast as 15 minutes.

Direct Drive motor
is hardy and reliable, with the power to push spin speeds from low to extra-high. The
electronic control panel is upfront with a dual LED display and "Dial-a-Cycle."
It is awesome! Rather than having to press a bunch of buttons to reach the wash settings you need, they're all listed around the dial! Just twist and start! The
four-tray dispenser
lets you add pre-wash detergent, main wash detergent, bleach, and softener! If you're concerned about what a washer this size sounds like, rest assured! It's very quiet.
LoDecibel quiet operation and the TrueBalance anti-vibration system
were designed to keep the washer transitioning smoothly and operating quietly.

As you can see, the LG WM8000HWA is a solid household machine dedicated to you and your family. Why not bring it into your home to see how it can change your family's dynamic for the better? At Goedeker's, we're all about focusing on the family, so give it a shot! You won't be disappointed.


Dimensions & Weights
Product Width: 29"
Product Depth: 32 3/10"
Product Height: 40 4/5"
Product Depth with Door Open: 57"
Carton Width: 31 3/10"
Carton Depth: 33 3/4"
Carton Height: 44 2/3"
Product Weight: 227.1 lbs.
Carton Weight: 233.7 lbs.
Capacity: 5.1 cu. ft.
Design Look: Front Control
Intelligent Electronic Controls with Dual LED Display: Yes
Touch Buttons: Yes
Dial-A-Cycle: Yes
Energy Star: Yes
Wash Programs
No. of Programs: 14
Wash Programs: Cotton/Normal, Bulky/Large, Perm. Press, Delicates, Hand Wash/Wool,Speed Wash, Sanitary, Heavy Duty, BrightWhites, Towels, Allergiene, Tub Clean, Small Load, Jumbo Wash
No. of Options: 12
Options: Prewash, Rinse+Spin, Delay Wash, Custom Program, Extra Rinse, Child Lock, ColdWash, Signal On/Off, Steam, FreshCare, TurboWash, Drum Light
No. of Wash/Rinse Temps: Extra Hot, Hot, Warm, Cold, Tap Cold (All Cold Rinses)
Spin Speeds: Extra High (1,300 max.), High, Medium, Low, No Spin
No. of Water Levels: Automatically Adjusts To The Size Of Load
No. of Soil Levels: 5
Fabric CAre Features
TurboWash: Yes
Steam: Yes
ColdWash Option: Yes
Allergiene Cycle: Yes
SenseClean System: Yes
Convenience Features
4 Tray Dispenser: Prewash, Main Wash (with Liquid Detergent Cup), Bleach, Fabric Softener
TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System: Yes
SmartDiagnosis: Yes
LoadSense: Yes
Status Indicator(s): Yes
End of Cycle Signal: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Auto Suds Removal: Yes
Forced Drain System: Yes
Internal Water Heater: Yes
LoDecibel Quiet Operation: Yes
Leveling Legs: 4 Adjustable Legs
Easy Loading TilTub: Yes
Motor and Agitator
Motor Type: Direct Drive Motor
Motor Speed: Variable
Max RPM: 1,300
Axis: Horizontal
Materials and Finishes
NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum: Yes
Cabinet: PCM
Control Panel: Plastic
Top Plate: Painted
Transparent Glass Door: Yes
Door Rim: Large Square Chrome Rimmed Glass Door with Dark Blue Tinted Cover
Available Colors: White (W), Graphite Steel (V)
Power Source
Ratings: UL Listed
Electrical Requirements: 120V, 10 Amps
Type: Electric
Pedestal: WDP5W, WDP5V
Pedestal Width: 29"
Pedestal Depth: 29 2/5"
Pedestal Height: 13 9/10"
Stacking Kit: KSTK2
Limited Warranty
1 Year: Parts and Labor
10 Years: Motor
Lifetime: Drum

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Energy Information

This clothes washer uses 135 kWh/yr. and has an estimated yearly operating cost of $14.97.

Your operating costs will depend on your utility rates and use. The estimated operating cost is based on 8 wash loads a week and a 2011 national average electricity cost of $0.1109 cents per kWh.

For more information, visit


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