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LG WM8000HVA TurboWash 5.2 Cu. Ft. Graphite Steel Stackable With Steam Cycle Front Load Washer - Energy Star (View all from LG)

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Appliances LG-WM8000HVA Laundry

Appliances LG-WM8000HVA LaundryAppliances LG-WM8000HVA LaundryAppliances LG-WM8000HVA LaundryAppliances LG-WM8000HVA Laundry
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  • Appliances LG-WM8000HVA Laundry
  • Appliances LG-WM8000HVA Laundry
  • Appliances LG-WM8000HVA Laundry
  • Appliances LG-WM8000HVA Laundry

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Dirty laundry, beware! You've met your match in the

LG WM8000HVA front load washer with TurboWash technology

. With plenty of space and top notch performance on cycles all across the board, it could be the washing machine of your dreams. But don't just believe us – was so impressed, they gave it an Editor's Choice award! See just what had them hooked when you read up on the key features.

With a
massive capacity of 5.2 cu. ft.
, this LG washer is truly the largest non-commercial washing machine on the market. Because it decreases the number of loads you have to do, it is a life-saver for everyone, from good-sized families with a wide variety of clothes to wash, to hotel staff with an endless amount of towels and linens to get clean. You'll fit king size bedding inside without a problem – that's how big it is!

There are 14 different wash programs and 5 temperature settings, along with several options for spin speeds and soil levels, so you get a tailored washing experience every time. Wash cycles include
Cotton/Normal, Heavy Duty, Bulky/Large, Bright Whites, Sanitary, Allergiene, Tub Clean, Jumbo Wash, Towels, Perm Press, Hand Wash/Wool, Delicates, Speed Wash, and Small Load

steam cleaning technology
skillfully eliminates dirt, odors, and wrinkles while still being gentle on your clothes. A definite highlight is the
Allergiene cycle
, which has been certified as allergy-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It's proven to remove over 95% of common household allergens such as pet dander.

For enhanced efficiency, you can customize cycles even further with TurboWash or ColdWash settings.
speeds up most standard cycles with powerful sprays, high-pressure rinses, and rapid drum movement so you can wash larger loads faster.
ColdWash technology
gives you the same performance you'd expect from warm water while using 60 to 91% less energy; the secret is heightened motion in the drum that penetrates fabrics. This setting is also compatible with most fabric types and wash cycles. These options are both made possible by the Direct Drive Motor; with fewer moving parts, it still gets the job done better than the other guys out there.

You might think that a washer this big and powerful would use water and electricity like none other, but in fact nearly the opposite is true. This LG washing machine has actually been called
one of the most efficient appliances of 2014 by ENERGY STAR

On top of everything else, this washer runs quietly and smoothly. You'll have no problems with unbalanced loads – even the spin cycle doesn't have vibration issues – and the audible alerts are pleasing to the ears. Then the graphite steel finish wraps it all up in one attractive package. A washing machine like the LG WM8000HVA front loader is sure to have a hefty price tag attached, but with discounts from Goedeker's the cost won't be such a burden. If you're outfitting your laundry room, be sure to browse our online appliance store so you can save big on your big purchase.


Dimensions & Weights
Product Width: 29"
Product Depth: 32 3/10"
Product Height: 40 4/5"
Product Depth with Door Open: 57"
Carton Width: 31 3/10"
Carton Depth: 33 3/4"
Carton Height: 44 2/3"
Product Weight: 227.1 lbs.
Carton Weight: 233.7 lbs.
Capacity: 5.1 cu. ft.
Design Look: Front Control
Intelligent Electronic Controls with Dual LED Display: Yes
Touch Buttons: Yes
Dial-A-Cycle: Yes
Energy Star: Yes
Wash Programs
No. of Programs: 14
Wash Programs: Cotton/Normal, Bulky/Large, Perm. Press, Delicates, Hand Wash/Wool,Speed Wash, Sanitary, Heavy Duty, BrightWhites, Towels, Allergiene, Tub Clean, Small Load, Jumbo Wash
No. of Options: 12
Options: Prewash, Rinse+Spin, Delay Wash, Custom Program, Extra Rinse, Child Lock, ColdWash, Signal On/Off, Steam, FreshCare, TurboWash, Drum Light
No. of Wash/Rinse Temps: Extra Hot, Hot, Warm, Cold, Tap Cold (All Cold Rinses)
Spin Speeds: Extra High (1,300 max.), High, Medium, Low, No Spin
No. of Water Levels: Automatically Adjusts To The Size Of Load
No. of Soil Levels: 5
Fabric CAre Features
TurboWash: Yes
Steam: Yes
ColdWash Option: Yes
Allergiene Cycle: Yes
SenseClean System: Yes
Convenience Features
4 Tray Dispenser: Prewash, Main Wash (with Liquid Detergent Cup), Bleach, Fabric Softener
TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System: Yes
SmartDiagnosis: Yes
LoadSense: Yes
Status Indicator(s): Yes
End of Cycle Signal: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Auto Suds Removal: Yes
Forced Drain System: Yes
Internal Water Heater: Yes
LoDecibel Quiet Operation: Yes
Leveling Legs: 4 Adjustable Legs
Easy Loading TilTub: Yes
Motor and Agitator
Motor Type: Direct Drive Motor
Motor Speed: Variable
Max RPM: 1,300
Axis: Horizontal
Materials and Finishes
NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum: Yes
Cabinet: PCM
Control Panel: Plastic
Top Plate: Painted
Transparent Glass Door: Yes
Door Rim: Large Square Chrome Rimmed Glass Door with Dark Blue Tinted Cover
Available Colors: White (W), Graphite Steel (V)
Power Source
Ratings: UL Listed
Electrical Requirements: 120V, 10 Amps
Type: Electric
Pedestal: WDP5W, WDP5V
Pedestal Width: 29"
Pedestal Depth: 29 2/5"
Pedestal Height: 13 9/10"
Stacking Kit: KSTK2
Limited Warranty
1 Year: Parts and Labor
10 Years: Motor
Lifetime: Drum

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Review Title: CUT DOWN WASH TIME | Review by

It's amazing how much faster and quieter it is compared to my old washer. It gets the clothes clean and it tells you when they are done. Even my children enjoy washing there clothes. The end cycle signal is great.

Review Title: TERRIFIC MACHINE | Review by

Our second front loader after a Sears Elite washer we had for 10 years. This LG is faster, quieter and has many more features. A really terrific machine.


We do a lot of laundry, and lots of bulky or large items. This washer does a great job. A bit of a learning curve, but easy once you get the hang of it.

Review Title: GOOD PRODUCT | Review by

This is our first front load washer. The machine does everything we could hope for. Uses less water and does a great job. The only complaint I have it, its noisy. When its filling it sounds like some one is pounding on the walls. I called and asked about this, and they said turn the water over half off???? I tried this, and it cut down on the noise, but took a lot longer to fill. I guess we are going to live with the noise because it does a nice job.


I have only had this machine for a couple of months, but as a mom of three toddlers it has been a life saver. I used to do laundry everyday, usually multiple loads. Now I can go a few days without doing laundry and in just a few loads be completely done.
The loads do take longer than my old machine, but considering the amount of laundry is three times as much it isn't a huge trade off to me.
I did talk to customer service and now only use two tablespoons of detergent instead of the detergent companies recommendation (note: Detergents I use are ALL or Tide).

Review Title: BEST WASHER I'VE OWNED | Review by

My husband and I are big people and this washer handles huge loads, especially heavy-duty jeans. Clothes come out clean, even removing stains left by my previous washer. Great choices of settings. We have a dog who likes to burrow under our heavy comforters on our bed. Comforters come out clean and feel almost squeeze-dried, but not wrinkled or balled up. Love our washer. Timer and digital signals are appreciated. Noisy in some settings as it begins washing, but I'm used to it and it's worth ignoring for the job it does from delicates to work clothes. Reason I chose it was the size and it really cleans huge, heavy loads to small loads of delicates.

Review Title: 5.2 LOVE THE SIZE | Review by

My husband works on small farm and in construction and gets very dirty, I wash his clothes in my new LG 5.2 washer and they come out clean. And can wash all my bedding. People told not to get a front loader. I am glad I didn't listen. I love my LG waher and dryer. We purchased the matching dryer also. I looked online at a lot of reviews and that had a lot to do with choosing the LG products. And the features are a big big plus in getting the washer and dryer.

Review Title: BEST BANG FOR THE DOLLAR! | Review by

It is seriously quiet. Recommend getting the base, otherwise it's difficult to see and reach in. It's easy on the fabrics. The EXL capacity is wonderful- never too much - the larger the space the cleaner the clothes with less wear & tear.
I wish there were more options with regard to soaking and pre-washing - some things just need more time. Also, I wish the light would stay on during the cycle and when the washer is open. I've had a top loader for 50 years - this is an adaptive learning experience.


Love the features on the machines. Easy to use and understand.


This machine has everything we needed and wanted in a washer ... I have not been disappointed one time in anything I have put through it ... and we dairy farm so we have really dirty stinky laundry and it has never failed us one time!


This washer is extremely quite for a front loader. I have enjoyed having the sanitary feature which is great since we are the caregiver for my mom. It has done an amazing job. It does make a thumping noise when it is sizing the load and at the beginning of the rinse cycle. Lasts only a minute or so. Other than that I have enjoyed its performance and length of wash cycles.

Review Title: EVERYTHING I HAD HOPED FOR AND MORE!!!! | Review by

I enjoy doing laundry with this machine. I can fit a full size comforter and sheets in this massive machine. It is quite and leaves clothes incredibly clean. Tough stains are no problem with this machine.

Review Title: EASY TO USE AND UNDERSTAND | Review by

I just traded another higher end washer and dryer on this new LG pair. The washer capacity is excellent. Wash times in the steam mode are about 45 minutes longer than the ones I traded in. My old washer would wash in the HD cycle and steam mode in about one hour and fifteen minutes. The LG is a little over two hours. Everything washed in my old washer came out extremely clean. My verdict is still out on the LG. Is seems to do a good job but I have a little concern on the whites but as I said I will monitor it for a while yet. I have no concerns on the dryer. It is excellent. I trade about every two years. We have the 8000 model which is top of the line for LG. Overall it depends on how few problems I have over the two to three years I will keep it. So far it works well.

Review Title: DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL DO! | Review by

I own a vacation rental that I run myself (i.e...I wash all the linens 3 bathrooms (14 towels), 4 bedrooms with 7 beds (7 sheets SETS). This means that I have more than twice as much laundry to to do as a "normal" person/family. During the summer it is not unusual for me to do at least 6 ginormous loads of laundry per week. This machine has cut down my laundry time by at least half. What use to take me an entire day just washing the clothes (not even drying the clothes)...I'm now down to 3 large loads (washed and dried before noon). This machine IS the tool of my trade and is worth every expensive penny!! The little song at the end of the load is cute too...makes you look forward to the cycle ending. I cannot say one thing bad about this machine. Well done LG...well done.

Review Title: BIG MOMMA | Review by

Love this BIG MOMMA washer & matching dryer!!! I work shift work so our laundry piles up for 3 days (2 adults, 1 teenager, 1 grade school) at a time and I can load this BIG MOMMA washer and dryer and have our laundry done in 2 to 3 loads tops. I wanted the biggest and the best that was available and I got it. So far so good. It is a little expensive but well worth it as I am not spending my first day off work doing laundry for 12 hours straight. I just got this set in April 2014 so we haven't had it very long but my favorite feature is the set it and forget it; I can set a load to wash 5 or 6 hours after I go to sleep and when I wake up pop them in the dryer and the clothes don't spend all day in the wash just sitting there getting stinky, absolutely love it!!


This is a great product with n number of features, specially the Turbo wash, Stream technology, load balancer, front water sprinkler and so on ..
The rinse cycle is absolutely clean and dry, the cloths are almost dry once wash is done.
Energy efficient, with capacity to handle bulk loads in one go, I don't see a energy bills going up.
I am very happy with my Washer. Thanks to LG for making such innovations.

Review Title: SO FAR SO GOOD | Review by

Purchased this washer about 6 months ago. We have a large family and so far it is working great. Owned several top loading washers in the passed and they haven't lasted more than a few years. This washer does clean the clothes better and it has great energy and water saving features.

Review Title: POORLY MADE | Review by

Started having issues as soon as the warranty ended. This is too expensive of a product to have issues after a year and a half. The button to turn it on is off center, and will not push in easily. It takes about 5 minutes to push a button now, and support did not have a fix for this. I can still get it to work, by pushing it around for a while on the side that isn't fitting in easily. It is frustrating to put a bunch of clothes in the laundry, and not know whether I can get it to start or not.


Our washing machine died and left us with a trip either to a Laundromat, or to replace the machine. We choose the latter. Our size requirement and the need to replace the machine immediately narrowed the field greatly. We decided on the LGWM8000HVA 5.2 cu. ft. partly because we had purchased LG appliances before, but mostly because it met all our requirements and then some. We are very happy with all our LG appliances and would recommend them to anyone in need of new appliances.

Review Title: WHAT A GREAT PAIR OF MACHINES !!! | Review by

Bought the big capacity washer and matching dryer. Couldn't wait to try them out. What an amazing pair. It's just a thrill to watch the washer weigh the clothes, then decide how much water to use, which is really a small amount... The dryer is also amazing. Best washer and dryer we ever had. Got the matching bases for each also. Nice looking, heavy duty machines. Not only saving on water but also on the laundry detergent. Also don't have to do laundry as much due to the big drums. I would suggest these to anyone.


Quiet and does an impeccable job cleaning and then fast drying. The combo is unbelievably quiet. Options must be used to see difference. The size of the tub is worth it by saving time with one load instead of doing two loads. Just convinced neighbor to buy and he loves it. I never bought LG but I will from now on. Currently buying the dishwasher from LG. Very reliable!

Review Title: THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME!!! | Review by

GREAT Washer! Uses less water and less energy. I can wash my King Size comforter with no problems. No more tips to the laundrymat - Yay!!! LOTS of option/cyces to choose from, even steam cycles. My two-year old and I enjoy watchng the tub go round-and-round. Definitely worth the money!

Review Title: GREAT PRODUCT! | Review by

LOVE the capacity and cycle choices!!! Very well made too!

Review Title: I'M IN LOVE WITH MY LAUNDRY!!! | Review by

I had to wait about 4 weeks to get my new washer and dryer. My old dryer died and my washer helped me get by while I waited. I am so in love with this washer I can not tell you how much better it is than the ones I had. (And I had top of the line before)
Thank you for making such a wonderful machine. It's cleaning is undeniable better, lots of choices on the clean cycle. I have mega capacity and it cleans all my king size bedding great. I can't believe it is not such a chore any more to do the laundry!!

Review Title: VERY QUIET AND ROOM TO SPARE | Review by

Very easy to use and with a new born the sanitary feature is very handy

Review Title: A GREAT WASHER | Review by

We purchased this washer as a replacement for an existing HE washer we had. I was surprised by how well it washes in about the same or even less time then our old HE washer. I love the large capacity drum and how I can wash both of my pillows with out them bunching up or getting too water logged. I also thing the drum light is great because that way I can check to see if I have missed anything after each load. As opposed I find that I need to use less laundry detergent. I also find that the clothes don't come out of the washer soaking wet either. This is great because it cuts down on drying time. I also love the ability to customize your wash settings. I have only had the washer for a little over a month so I haven't used the steam function yet. I also like how the lighted buttons help you set your settings. I find it to be much quieter then our old HE washer and it seems to use much less water too. So if you are in the market for a new washer I suggest you give this one a try.

Review Title: VERY HAPPY | Review by

Great machine. Cleans really well with little detergent. Great features and cycles.


I have 2 large crazy dogs, so all my beds and sofas are covered with king size quilts and beach towels. I do at least 2 loads of these filthy "tarps" every day, often using the "sanitary" setting. This washer cleans them beautifully , with no bunching or areas left uncleaned. I will do a follow up review later, rating the washer's long term endurance. I also find myself using all the specialized settings for other laundry, so far with great results.

Review Title: EXCELLANT LOAD CAPACITY | Review by

I've had this washer for a little more than month and it's handled my loads very well. Sometimes my loads are small but then the bedding loads and blanket loads come. All items come out clean and the load time is quite short.

Review Title: LOVE DOING THE WASH NOW | Review by

I love this washer, large loads CLEAN laundry, happy happy happy.
The one issue I seem to have is the ability to see the dial settings if they were back lit or lit it would be easier to see I have to use a flashlight to see them even with the washer sitting next to the window with the lights on.
I love the drum light too.

Review Title: GREAT OPERATING FEATURES | Review by

We were not going to buy an LG but after reading reviews we decided to purchase. Could not be happier. The washer works great and we use for large loads all the time. Quiet and fast. Love it.

Review Title: BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS! | Review by

I longed for an LG washer & dryer after using them at our son's. Finally, just before my old ones bit the dust, I talked my husband into these outstanding machines. What a pleasure to customize loads, unparalleled cleaning and drying and the beauty of their presence. I actually LIKE doing laundry....correction...LOVE.

Review Title: EASY TO USE | Review by

This washer is great. Only complaint and it is minor is the initial fill cycle and beginning of rinse cycle is noisy. The spray of water into the drum is louder than I expected, but minor as machine does great job washing clothes and really impressed with capacity. Can wash all towels for family of 4 in one load.

Review Title: AMAZING WASHER! | Review by

This washer is the bomb! This is my first front loader and I couldn't be more pleased. My laundry room is on the second floor of my home, and the most amazing thing to me is how QUIET this machine is! If I am downstairs and it is running I can't even hear it! It does an amazing job washing, has great features and easy to use controls, and it looks great. The longer cycle time took a bit of getting used to (compared to a top loader) but seeing as how it's way more efficient than my previous machine I don't mind at all. It has an enormous drum that can handle king size bedding with ease. I can wash much larger loads than I used to with this machine. I absolutely love it and recommend it highly!


I love this washer. I have three adults who use it on nearly a daily basis. One of them (who only uses it once a week because he hates to have to do his wash more often than that) loads up what "killed" my previous washer which was a good one. He was the main reason I bought it. I can't change him, but I could change washing machines. I also love the fact that I can wash my "delicates" without ruining them. And....I live in California. We are in the middle of a horrible drought. This machine really saves on water!! I hit a home run when I bought this one. Nancy

Review Title: WASH YOUR CARES AWAY! | Review by

The time had come. We needed to throw our hands in the air and our dirty laundry in a new washer. We searched around for a discount <or two> and for a product that would live up to its claims. We purchased the LG based solely on ratings and claims made by others. The price was not cheap... in fact, my wife called it the Cadillac of washers. We saw a commercial on TV where a woman was using her LG and the world was good. Absolutely the way it has turned out. Laundry is no longer a "major" chore but is very manageable and, the end result, very clean and fresh. What more can one say. It is an electronic piece of equipment BUT it has sure lived up to its stars and its claims. Definitely would recommend it to others <and have> and would look closely at LG in the future for other purchases.

Review Title: THIS PRODUCT HAS EVERYTHING. | Review by

This washer is absolutely amazing and I do not know how I have lived without it. I have had it for two months now and it has cut my laundry time in half. My white clothes are as white as they were when they were new, my towels look amazing and my dark clothes look amazing as well. I will never have anything but LG Products.

Review Title: AMAZING! | Review by

I bought this washing machine 2 months ago, and i absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone! It is very quiet, my clothes come out fresh every time. I love the steam option. and i love the cold wash and turbo option. large loads are pretty fast!


The washer has so many nice features and operates easily. Very pleased with how well it cleans my clothes.


I've been using this washer for about a month and it has done an excellent job of cleaning all clothes. You can wash large items such as comforters or quilts and it handles it beautifully. The only problem we had is that the machine is so big that we could not use the laundry pedestal underneath it as we had cupboards above that limited the space. The steam feature works well and the clothes have never felt so clean....we have a little more trouble with wrinkles in the clothes.

Review Title: GREAT PRODUCT | Review by

I bought this washing machine a few months ago, and I absolutely love it. I brag about it to all of my friends. The machine is quiet. My clothes seem cleaner and softer. It can handle to laundry of a family of 7 easily and quickly. It has cut down my laundry time considerably. It is easy to use and even my kids want to help do laundry now.

Review Title: GREAT WASHER | Review by

At first we thought the washer was going to be too big and that we did not need the extra tub size but in fact what we found was that the extra size was a small inconvenience considering the substantial time savings that we experienced. We use to have piles of cloths in the laundry room and frequently did 2-3 loads a day but now seem to go days between loads. The cloths come out remarkably cleaner than with our 10 year old front loader. The ability to access the drain to clean it out is a great feature, my old machine had to be taken apart to access the drain and a plugged drain was the ultimate cause of it failing.
The only minor cons that I have personally with this machine is that even though the music and lights on the settings are pretty, I would prefer to turn it on and push a button for my setting instead of having to turn a dial (sometimes a couple or three turns) to my desired setting and that the setting titles for the spin speed, water temp, etc are not lit up and are hard to see in low light - will probably memorize the locations of these settings soon, however.

Review Title: GREAT FAMILY WASHER | Review by

This washer was for a family of 5 including a baby and two nurses so we needed a great washer. I spent days reading reviews from major consumer magazines, online reviews at stores and finally decided this was the one for us. We have had it for 3 months now and it is clearly a great investment for our family. I didn't necessarily think it was wise to spend over $1000 on a washer at first but we shopped around got a good price and have since realized it is worth every penny. Love the large capacity and sterilize settings for scrubs and baby accidents. Would reccomend to any family!

Review Title: LARGE AND QUIET | Review by

Cons: a plastic shroud came off was found in driveway after the delivery boys left, and they used the standard delivery tools, the 2-man lift strap thingy. Tub springs can be heard bouncing during spin cycle which worries me about its quality. My old one sounded like a jackhammer during spin cycles and not once was i worried that it was gonna break. The tub bounces a lot more than my old one also, could be weaker springs probably. seems to have harder time finding center balance.
Pros: no water hammering as others have reviewed could just be my personal setup but my old one had major water hammering so i expected it but it didn't have an issue. Clothes come out nice and clean with no residue. Almost super quiet, my old one sounded like a jackhammer in the basement, this one was soo quiet you hardly notice it. I had to use the flashlight to verify that it was using water after the initial water filling cycle because after that u don't hear a thing and i was sitting 5 inches from the washer when i tested it for the first time. The direct drive does make a whirling sound but you don't notice it unless you are listening for it, like i said i was next to this washer and didn't notice it until every thing else was quiet, and even then you only hear it if you are next to it. My old washer lasted 15 years and was still working but needed parts for worn out ones which ended costing in total more than what i paid for when i bought it, so i decided not to repair and just bought this new lg model. I use to do 2 wash loads and i don't have a lot of clothing with my new lg i only do one load now perfect size for my needs saved me an hour of time. NOTE, the hoses and leveling tool for is included in the tub so look for it. The delivery guys was a third party so they knew zero about my washer and told me my washer didn't come with new hoses. Also make sure your washer is perfectly stable as it will not start the spin cycle if the washer wobbles even at the slightest shaking. My washer sits at a slant in the floor so it was hard to level, but with the included tool it was soo easy i did it in seconds. Did i mention this thing is super quiet? Lastly the washer lets you know its done with not a buzzer but an awesome little tune, the was the icing on the cake for me, lol. so far i had no problems with it and loving it, I hope it lasts as long as my old washer that thing had 15 more years in it but it just wasn't cost worthy to keep it that way anymore.


A month ago I purchased the Graphite Steel top-of-line washer. It's a front loader and I love it. My sister and also my son and his family had told me they love, love, love their LG machines. I am waiting for the delivery of the pedestals and the dryer which should be here in a few days. Then the laundry room should be complete. The LG machine really cleans the clothes, yet is gentle on the fabrics. The tones are delightful. I am very happy with my investment.

Review Title: SLEEK, MODERN AND EFFICIENT | Review by

Purchased this because of it's high reviews and how it was awarded an Energy Star Most Efficient for 2014. I've only owned it less than 3 months but in this short time I am extremely happy with my purchase.
My clothes have come out reliably clean. I mainly use the Sensor setting to determine water and how long the wash should run and that's a great feature to have.
Overall, amazing craftsmanship! Highly recommended


Love the look and extra capacity of this machine. Have only had it for a couple months so far, but so far so good. Love the delay wash; looking forward to checking out the steam feature.


We decided to purchase a new washer and dryer set after our 14-year-old set finally started to break down. After copious research and reading up on all the consumer-review sites, we decided to go with the mega-capacity of the WM8000HVA washer and its companion dryer, the DLEX8000V. We've had them for over a month now and they have performed flawlessly. The mega capacity is great because it allows us to wash an entire king-sized set of bedding at once, which was essential - no going to the laundromat in order to wash a king-sized comforter! In addition to simply being able to wash more clothes with less water, you also get a bevy of modern features, such as Steam Clean, which is nice for animal bedding. Yes, wash times take longer, but so what? These things are so efficient, and so much easier on your garments, that its well worth a little extra wait. No problems with musty odors, since they have a little magnet built into the door that allows it to stay ajar without swinging open. And anyway, just following the directions by wiping down the door and seals after each wash and a monthly clean with a bleach solution and nothing in the washer keeps everything tip-top.
Highly recommended!

Review Title: LOVE THE QUIET | Review by

One of the first things that I noticed was how quiet it ran. The size of the tub allows me to wash my comforter so that I don't have to carry it to have it wash somewhere else. The only thing I can say that is a little bothersome is that it tends to tap during the spin cycle due to unbalancing in the tub. It seems to happen more than I thought it would.

Review Title: GREAT WASHER | Review by

We gave our daughter our old washer/dryer so we researched purchasing new for ourselves. This was the best rated machine we found. We really like the size, the look, the way it cleans the clothes.
The only concern we have is how loud the machine is. In reading all the reviews here, everyone remarks how quiet the machine is, but that is not our experience. We called the service technician to come look at the machine after having it about one month. Apparently LG has something which shuts the water off abruptly causing the pipes to shake a little and making quite a racket. LG also has some unique feature which rocks the drum back and forth and then throws the clothes (particularly when on delay). This also makes quite a loud noise. It is not really a problem unless you want to do laundry at a quiet time of day.

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