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LG WM3570HVA TurboWash 4.3 Cu. Ft. Graphite Steel With Steam Cycle Stackable Front Load Washer - Energy Star (View all from LG)

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Appliances LG-WM3570HVA Laundry

Appliances LG-WM3570HVA Laundry
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  • Appliances LG-WM3570HVA Laundry

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  • Specifications
  • 4.3 Cu. Ft. Ultra Capacity with NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum
  • Direct Drive Motor with 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • 1,300 RPM
  • 12 Washing Programs
  • 5 Temperature Settings (All Cold Rinses)
  • Innovations
  • TurboWash Technology
  • Steam Technology
  • AAFA Certified Allergiene Cycle
  • NSF Certified Sanitary Cycle
  • ColdWash Option
  • 6Motion Technology
  • NFC Tag On
  • SmartDiagnosis
  • TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System
  • Magnet Ventilation
  • Energy Star Most Efficient 2014
  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation
  • SenseClean
  • Delay Wash (Up To 19 Hours)
  • Easy Loading 10° TilTub
  • Stylish Design
  • Upfront Electronic Control Panel with Dual LED Display and Dial-A-Cycle
  • Chrome Rimmed Glass Door with Dark Blue Tinted Cover
  • Extra Wide Door Opening
  • Stackable with Matching Dryer (Stacking Kit Sold Separately)
  • Optional Matching Drawer Pedestal


Capacity: 4.3 Cu. Ft.
Energy Star: Yes
2014 Energy Star Most Efficient: Yes
No. Of Programs: 12
No. Of Options: 11
No. Of Wash/Rinse Temps: Extra Hot, Hot, Warm, Cold, Tap Cold (All Cold Rinses)
Spin Speeds: Extra High (1,200 Max.), High, Medium, Low, No Spin
No. Of Water Levels: Automatically Adjusts To The Size Of Load
No. Of Soil Levels: 5
Wash Programs
Cotton/Normal: Yes
Bulky/Large: Yes
Permanent Press: Yes
Delicates: Yes
Download: Yes
Speed Wash: Yes
Sanitary: Yes
Heavy Duty: Yes
BrightWhites: Yes
Towels: Yes
Allergiene: Yes
Tub Clean: Yes
Prewash: Yes
Rinse+Spin: Yes
Delay Wash: Yes
Custom Program: Yes
Extra Rinse: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
ColdWash: Yes
Signal On/Off: Yes
Steam: Yes
FreshCare: Yes
TurboWash: Yes
Fabric Care Features
TurboWash: Yes
Steam: Yes
ColdWash Option: Yes
Allergiene Cycle: Yes
SenseClean System: Yes
Convenience Features
4 Tray Dispenser: Prewash, Main Wash (with Liquid Detergent Cup), Bleach, Fabric Softener
Anti-Vibration System: TrueBalance
SmartDiagnosis: Yes
LoadSense: Yes
Status Indicator(s): Yes
End Of Cycle Signal: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Auto Suds Removal: Yes
Forced Drain System: Yes
Internal Water Heater: Yes
LoDecibel Quiet Operation: Yes
Leveling Legs: 4 Adjustable Legs
Easy Loading 10° TilTub: Yes
Motor and Agitator
Motor Type: Direct Drive Motor
Motor Speed: Variable
Max RPM: 1,300 RPM
Axis: Horizontal
Design Look: Front Control
Intelligent Electronic Controls: Yes with Dual LED Display
Dial-A-Cycle: Yes
Materials and Finishes
Drum: NeveRust Stainless Steel
Cabinet: PCM
Control Panel: Plastic
Top Plate: Painted
Glass Door: Transparent
Door Rim: Large Chrome Rimmed Glass Door with Dark Blue Tinted Cover
Power Source
Ratings: UL Listed
Electrical Requirements: 120V, 10 Amps
Type: Electric
Limited Warranty
Parts and Labor: 1 Year
Motor: 10 Years
Drum: Lifetime
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 27"
Overall Depth: 29 3/4"
Overall Depth with Door Open: 51"
Overall Height: 38 11/16"
Product Weight: 192.0 Lbs.
Carton Weight: 207.4 Lbs.

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At first I was a bit overwhelmed at the options and features. It didn't take long and now I have explored 90% of features with excellent results. Clothes seem to be cleaner. The machine is quiet! There are no improvements I can recommend.

Review Title: EASY TO USE! | Review by

I am so impressed with this washer. It has so many features that are incredibly easy to use. The manual is well written and easy to follow. It is so quiet too! Love so far.

Review Title: VERY GOOD CHOICE | Review by

The machine has delivered more than expected - great clean clothes, very quiet, lots of auto feature for different size loads and clothing types (whites vrs colors or towels vrs sheets), like the spin dryness of articles which appears to minimize wrinkles. One improvement they could think about is not having to take 2 steps to choose cycle - one to turn-on then one to turn dial to choice - might be better to just turn dial.

Review Title: BEST PRODUCT TO OWN | Review by

My wife has never been happier with this easy to use washer, It has made her life easy and mine as well, no more going down to the Laundromat and getting our clothes damaged by old unmaintained machines. This machine has taken a burden off my back literally.

Review Title: GREAT WASHER | Review by

This is one Great washer !!!!!! This is our first front loader...

Review Title: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! | Review by

Load capacity is huge and clothes finish washing extremely dry reducing the drying time, too.
Love the Turbo Wash which decreases the washing time.

Review Title: NICE WASHER AND DOES ITS JOB! | Review by

I've had the washer for almost 3 months and the washer is still running great. Washes clothes cleans and does its job. Only thing I don't think it has is an option of an extra spin cycle feature used for washing pillows. For the price I got it for, it was a great deal. Hope this lasts for a long time. Also the graphite color is a cool.

Review Title: EXCELLENT PRODUCT | Review by

Love the washer and dryer. They work fast, efficient and productively.

Review Title: NO-BRAINER BUY | Review by

Wonderful machine. Lots of flexibility. still not sure why there is water in the detergent bin when I go to fill it, and if I should empty it out or include it in the total detergent bolus.
Pretty quiet, though at a few stages it is louder enough to be heard two rooms away. If door was adjustable so that one could limit the amount of open travel, this machine would be perfect.

Review Title: GREAT WASHER | Review by

It cleans exceptionally well (so much better than my previous washer), it's large, and that TurboWash cycle is fantastic! Like one of the previous posters said, what's not to love?
I also had an initial issue with the water hammer, but followed the instruction manual and just turned down the supply lines, and problem solved. No special limiters required. Piece of cake.


LG washer has excellent cleaning all type of my family cloths LG has an internal heater to steam-clean and sanitize clothes. my LG washers have a steam generation capability, It is very effective in getting garments clean while being gentle on the fabrics.
I like the Number of cycles which provide me BEST program selection and flexibility
BEST energy efficiency BEST water efficiency and my LG machine uses less water
warranty 10 years for the parts and lifetime for the drum I highly recommend this machine

Review Title: MOST EXCELLENT | Review by

I never thought that I would care about the looks of a washer and dryer, but this particular unit by LG is not only amazing took look at, but does an incredible job thus far. Have only had this for a few weeks, so haven't had a chance to test out all of the bells and whistles, but so far so good. Our old washer was about 13 years old, so it is incredible to see how far washers have come. The front display buttons give an incredible amount of options for how to wash your clothes. I did not originally purchase the pedestals because I thought they were overpriced. Although I still feel this to be true, I did find the pedestals cheaper somewhere else. They truly are a game changer. It is only 14 or so inches, but it makes a world of difference when loading and unloading. Can't go wrong with this washer. Does the job and is incredibly quiet.

Review Title: GREAT WASHING MACHINE | Review by

This is the nicest washer my family has ever owned. The last front loading washer we had was not nearly as nice. I love the larger capacity and all the wash options. I'm definitely glad we chose this one.

Review Title: WE LOVE THE TURBO WASH! | Review by

Have had this washer for about a month, and have been completely satisfied with the overall performance of it. The tag on feature has been a plus because we can wash medium size loads in a shorter amount of time. Very pleased with this purchase. Would recommend this to anyone!

Review Title: GREAT WASHER | Review by

We've had it for a little over a month. What's not to like?

Review Title: QUALITY AND GREAT FEATURES | Review by

Large capacity, excellent features and options make this the best washer I've owned.


This washer exceeded all my expectations! It runs beautifully, the clothes look better than they have in a long time. I had a Neptune years ago and thought the front loaders were not cleaning as well as the top loaders so I switched back to a top loader. The whites still looked dingy. This machine gets the Whites bright white! The special towel feature is fantastic. love this machine!


This model replaced a Samsung front loader. The LG machine was terribly noisy whenever its water valve shut off -- severe "water hammer" effect. I had to install water hammer arrestors on both the hot and cold lines at considerable expense to address the problem. None of the other appliances in our home exhibit water hammer, nor did the old machine of similar design in the same location without external arrestors.


I have owned this machine (and matching dryer) for one month and am very satisfied with how quiet it is when it is in use. It has a special cycle for towels, which I like. This washer replaced a very noisy 3 yr. old product from another manufacturer, whose products I have used for years. I hope this machine will perform like it does now for many years!

Review Title: WASHER MAKES DRYER BETTER | Review by

This washer is replacing another front load washer which was not very old. The performance of this one far surpasses the previous washer amazingly. It runs faster loads and extracts more of the water so that the dry time is also reduced. Essentially, getting the new washer has cut my laundry day length dramatically. We are very pleased with all of the different cycle features but the most essential, that it does what it should, is the best. Thank you for continuing to improve home appliances.


Wife was very particular wanting washing machine was was large enough to wash large, & I mean large comforters. This one does, matter a fact, just washed another comforter, large, today!

Review Title: READ BEFORE BUYING THIS MODEL! | Review by

WM3570 Owner's Manual, Page 23 "Cycle Guide", under "Cycle"; "Cotton/Normal"; you will see the asterisks indicating the "Basic Option (*=DEFAULT)". To the right of this column you will see "Additional Options". This is incorrect BUYERS!!!! THE TRUTH: TURBO WASH is set on a permament default on "Cotton/Normal" cycle. You cannot change this even though the manual says it's an option. To me, I'd rather have the option (as advertised and as written in the Manual). This is misleading and false advertisement.

Review Title: THE CLOTHES COME OUT VERY CLEAN. | Review by

This washer so far has been a great purchase. The clothes come out very clean and the turbo wash cycle washes an average load in 39 minutes. The tub clean feature works well. The tag on feature gives you flexibility to download additional cycles that are not on the machine.


I ordered my product in granite steel and I love the look of the product. It has many great features and cycles that fit any need you have. It is gentle on your clothes yet cleans thoroughly. The steam feature is also handy if you want to make sure your linens are extra clean.

Review Title: VERY USER FRIENDLY | Review by

I have had the washer for almost 2 months and have been very happy with my purchase. The washer is extremely quiet, very efficient with water and easy to use. Our clothes are cleaned within an acceptable time frame. I would highly recommend this washer!

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES | Review by

Capacity is amazing and there is a variety of cycles for nearly any washload imaginable from delicates to bulky and bright whites. There is also a steam cycle which I will find handy during cold and flu season. Although it is not completely silent, the noise factor is low enough to be able to use in a "near the living area" laundry room, and the cycle finished notification is a pleasant chime. I have only had this washer about 4 weeks, and there are many features I have not used yet, but so far I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend it.

Review Title: WRINKLES WRINKLES | Review by

All cotton items come out heavily wrinkled and unwearable. Followed all support suggestions with no change in results.


We are pretty happy with our new washer, but it does have a few issues. We don't like the fact that water inlet at the top of the soap dispenser unit never dries out and drips water. We are afraid that this will be an invitation to mold. We also don't like having to empty the water out of the soap dispenser after each use. Other than that, it is a pretty slick machine.


We have had this washer for just over a month now. It is by far the quietest washer we have owned. It also extremely efficient in terms of detergent usage and wash cycle times. So far, no complaints at all.


I've been very happy with my new washer, works beautifully and very quiet.


I recently purchased this laundry set for our new home and they work Amazing. Clothes gets cleaned very well, the energy savings are great, much better than our old traditional washer pair. We may invest in the pedestals later on but for now it's ok.
I should of waited for the new model which has NFC tagging. Other than that we love our new laundry machines.

Review Title: GREAT WASHER | Review by

We have owned this washer for several months now. Absolutely love all the features. We have used all the settings and they all are great. The capacity is large enough for our comforter and sheets at the same time. Definitely would recommend purchasing.

Review Title: ECONOMICAL | Review by

Washer saves a lot of money on the water bill. Uses a lot less water.

Review Title: EXCELLENT | Review by

This washer replaces a previous Lg front loader and it is quieter, has more volume, and actually takes several minutes less for a load. The advertisement of a larger load and minutes less results in less electricity and water use over the year. The incredible drum speed also wrings out most of the water to lessen the Lg gas dryer time.


The steam feature is great Our clothes not only come out looking great but smelling great also. The large capacity allows us to wash our king size comforter and saves us a trip to the laundry mat like before. It is a very quiet running machine. And we love the little jingle at the end of cycles. And the sanitary and steam cycle is great for pillows.

Review Title: A NEW CLEAN | Review by

We purchased this washer and matching dryer 2 months ago and couldn't be more pleased. Admittedly they replaced a top load washer but the difference in cleaning ability is amazing, what used to be stains aren't anymore. The ease of use and ability to customize cycles is a great feature. The washer is quiet and energy and water efficient. This is a happy LG family!

Review Title: BEST WASHER | Review by

like the variety of cycles esp the allergy cycle. very quiet. must have turbo wash, cloths are cleaner and faster. cant wait to get the LG steam dryer.

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