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LG LFX25974ST 24.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star (View all from LG)

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Appliances LG-LFX25974ST Refrigeration

Appliances LG-LFX25974ST RefrigerationAppliances LG-LFX25974ST RefrigerationAppliances LG-LFX25974ST RefrigerationAppliances LG-LFX25974ST RefrigerationAppliances LG-LFX25974ST Refrigeration
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  • Appliances LG-LFX25974ST Refrigeration
  • Appliances LG-LFX25974ST Refrigeration
  • Appliances LG-LFX25974ST Refrigeration
  • Appliances LG-LFX25974ST Refrigeration
  • Appliances LG-LFX25974ST Refrigeration

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LG 24.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $2,529.00
On Sale Today Only!
Regular Price: $1,695.10
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  • Maximum Shelf Space
  • Ice makers are great, but not if it means you can't fit all of your food in the fridge.
  • The Slim SpacePlus Ice System provides maximum shelf space and allows even more space for door bins.
  • Fresher Is Better
  • Smart Cooling technology maintains optimal humidity and temperature levels so your food stays fresher, longer.
  • Digital sensors constantly monitor conditions within the refrigerator, while the Linear Compressor reacts quickly to keep temperature at a level that's best to keep your food fresh.
  • Multi-Air Flow design means strategically-placed vents in every section surround your food with cool air no matter where you put it.
  • Refreshment On Hand
  • A convenient water and ice dispenser keeps ice and water close at hand, saving you from opening the door every time you want water or ice.
  • Keeping the door closed means the temperature inside stays more consistent, saving you money and keeping your food fresh.
  • More Organization, Easier Access
  • The 2 crisper drawers gives you easy access to your fruits, vegetables and beverages.
  • This refrigerator also features a full-width Glide-N-Serve pantry drawer, making the it easy to find some space for all that food you want to keep fresh.
  • Get Wise
  • Smart Diagnosis helps the service center diagnose problems over the phone, helping you troubleshoot quickly.
  • Sophisticated Style and Design
  • Contoured doors, hidden hinges, and a host of great interior features give your refrigerator a look that's as sophisticated as it is functional.
  • And it's beauty isn't just the outside.
  • Interior LED lighting provide added style.
  • Save Money, Save Energy
  • When your refrigerator uses at least 20% less energy than required by federal standards, you're going to make an impact-on your energy bill, your energy consumption, and most importantly, the environment.
  • Peace Of Mind
  • When you buy a refrigerator, you don't want to worry that it won't last.
  • Because the Linear Compressor motor uses fewer moving parts and operates more efficiently, LG confidently back the motor with a 10-year warranty.


Refrigerator: 17.6 Cu. Ft.
Freezer: 7.1 Cu. Ft.
Total: 24.7 Cu. Ft.
Energy Rating: Energy Star/CEE Tier 1
Freezer Door Type: Pull Drawer
External Ice and Water Dispenser: Yes
Water Filtration System: LT500P
Dispenser Light: Yes
Display Type: Green LED
Smart Cooling System: Yes
Temperature Controls: Electronic/Digital
Temperature Sensors: 5
Multi-Air Flow: Yes
Linear Compressor: Yes
LoDecibel Operation: Yes
SmartDiagnosis: Yes
Door Alarm: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
No. Of Shelves: 4 Split
Cantilevered Shelves: Yes
Shelf Construction: Spill Protector Tempered Glass
Crisper Bins: 2 Humidity Crispers
Glide N' Serve Drawer: Yes
Ice Maker: Slim SpacePlus
Refrigerator Light: Premium LED
No. Of Door Shelves/Bin: 6 (2 Adjustable Gallon Size)
Drawers: 2
DuraBase Solid Drawer Base: Yes
Divider: Yes
Ice Bin: Yes
Freezer Light: 60W
Materials and Finishes
Contour Door: Yes
Hidden Hinges: Yes
Toe Grille: Yes
Back: Flush and Metal Cover Over Mechanical Parts
Handles: Matching Commercial Handles
Parts and Labor: 1 Year
Sealed System: 7 Years
Linear Compressor: 10 Years
Dimensions and Weights
Width: 35 3/4"
Width (Door Open 90° with Handle): 44 1/4"
Width (Door Open 90° without Handle): 39 1/4"
Depth with Handles: 34 1/4"
Depth without Handles: 31 3/4"
Depth without Door: 27 7/8"
Depth (Total with Door Open): 46 1/2"
Height to Top of Case: 68 3/8"
Height to Top of Door Hinge: 69 3/4"
Door Edge Clearance with Handle: 4 1/2"
Door Edge Clearance without Handle: 1 3/4"
Installation Clearance: Sides 1/8", Top 1", Back 1"
Unit Weight: 324 Lbs.
Carton Weight: 377 Lbs.

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  • ALL labor costs paid
  • UNLIMITED service calls free
  • REPLACEMENT of appliance after 4th repair in any 12 months

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Review Title: WONDERFUL REFRIGERATOR | Review by

Our LG refrigerator has great features; everything from the adjustable shelves thru the great ice maker!

Review Title: LOVE MY LG FRIDGE!! | Review by


Review Title: SO FAR SO GREAT! | Review by

There are 50 things I really like about this fridge and 1 thing I do not. Like the size, the smoothness of the bottom drawer, the lighting, drawers for fresh fruit, and many others. 1 thing I do not like is the really narrow shelves on the left door. About all you can fit is an A-1Steak Sauce bottle or similar sized product. Otherwise, it's really quiet, ice and water work great, and we are very happy with the purchase.

Review Title: THIS PRODUCT IS A SUPER VALUE | Review by

I'm sixty years old and this is the best refrigerator we have ever owned. Spacious and we love the size of the cubes from the ice maker. Had a little discoloration from a warranty sticker but LG took care of that with no problems.


On the outside, this refrigerator looks very aesthetically pleasing with nice sleek shiny stainless steal and LED lights on the water dispenser. It's also very nice to be able to change both refrigerator and freezer temperatures from one location on LED control pad. Despite the features, the largest challenge is actually getting the finger prints off the stainless steel -- My wife and I have yet to find a solution.
On the inside, the refrigerator is very spacious and well organized. It is rather easy to see all of your food so nothing is hidden. I also like the dual humidity controls for the produce drawers and the meat/cheese drawer is a nice feature. However, it is rather annoying that you have to open both refrigerator doors to fully open the meat/cheese drawer. Also, it would be nice if the "jar compartments" on the left door were deeper -- very few things actually fit in those compartments.
The freezer is very large and bright. However, the top drawer cannot be fully extended so that there is always a certain portion of the drawer that is covered by the refrigerator. Therefore, it is possible for food to be hidden.
All in all, the downsides of this refrigerator are more seen as annoyances and should not be a deal breaker in my mind.

Review Title: LOVE THIS REFRIGERATOR | Review by

All of our other refrigerators before were side-by-side type. I was not expecting to have the room this one has in the bottom freezer. Love the pull out drawer too. Great storage in the refrigerator part too. The only problem I see is the size of the storage shelves on the doors. I understand it is narrow because of the ice maker, but the other side has only one wider shelf where I store my milk. In my previous refrigerator I had good size shelves to store many items on both doors. Overall, this is a great refrigerator. I look forward to organizing it more each day.

Review Title: THIS FRIDGE HAS MADE MY DAY | Review by

I recently returned another competitor's fridge and I couldn't be happier with my new LG fridge. Its super quiet, spacious and I love all the features of the fridge. The ice maker is great and everything fits nicely in the freezer. I love LG products. I've converted everything in my home to LG.


This refrigerator is set up so it is easy to find things on the shelves. The freezer is bright and I especially like the roll out top drawer.


I really like the ease of use with the french doors and the slim ice maker in the door gives you loads of shelf space. The drawers are easy to use, and have abundant space. Great value loaded with features and fantastic warranty.

Review Title: VERY SPACIOUS | Review by

Love quality of LG, but don't love that you have to open both doors to open the deli drawer.


We love the in the door ice maker. It is so compact and it makes real ice cubes. Not the slices that most others make. It seems to be much larger than the actual size. The freezer in the bottom is what we really like. It's easy to get at items. The slide out drawer is really nice.

Review Title: GOOD REFRIGERATOR | Review by

The only drawback of this refrigerator is the icemaker. The ice sticks together in the bin and one must remove the bin to break up the clump. To no avail, I use the icemaker every day to try and alleviate this problem. Also, it does not make a lot of ice. If you are going to have company, you will want to start storing some at least a day ahead of time. That being said, overall I love the refrigerator. Large capacity freezer, too. And, I think it was a good price.


After reading several reviews, I was convinced that this was the right refrigerator for me. Thankfully it has been great as expected.

Review Title: JUST WHAT I WANTED | Review by

The only things I wish it had was a foldable shelf in the frig area like some of the other models have, and the ability to open the crispers with one one door open, again, like some of the other models have. But for the price I paid, I'm more than satisfied.

Review Title: EXCELLENT | Review by

This fridge is great. You cannot hear it running. It is sleek and stylish. I am very pleased and would highly recommend it for anyone needing a new refrigerator.


We love our new LG Refrigerator. The only wish we have is that it had a larger ice maker. We have had such a great experience with any LG products we have purchased.


I have had this fridge for one month and it has been great. The design is great the ice maker in the door allows for more space inside. The lighting is great and the in door ice and water is great.


Bought this refrigerator 3 months ago. The overall quality of the refrigerator is very good and have no complaints with anything except the small ice maker in the door. It is horrible. We are a family of two and it often cannot keep up with our ice needs even in the iceplus mode. When we have company we actually have to go buy ice because the small ice maker cannot begin to keep up. I would be totally satisfied with this LG product if it wasn't for the inefficient ice maker.


had this refrigerator for several months and its a good investment,runs smooth,cools great,icemaker works fine but it shows finger prints and magnets will not stick.

Review Title: GREAT CAPACITY FOR THE MONEY | Review by

I went from 2 refrigerators down to 1 with this purchase. I love the space and the mostly easy access (even to items in the back). I purchased stainless steel and love the finish, although it is still not completely finger print proof. I love the extra drawer in the freezer portion. Would purchase another like it in the future.

Review Title: EXCELLENT CHOICE | Review by

I absolutely love this refrigerator especially the easy of finding frozen food. The water and ice has a great taste and love the convenience of getting them from the door. I like that it warns me when I have left the door open. I would definitely recommended this model.

Review Title: REALLY NICE FRIG! | Review by

We bought this refrigerator when we moved into our new home. We had a french door style in our old house and we moved into the new one, it was a side by side. Well, once you get used to the french door frig, you won't want anything else! I can fit a lot in this frig, the freezer stays nice and organized and its super quiet. I like that the ice and water have a lock and all the controls for temp and other things are very easy to use. My only complaint is the ice cubes are super small and the amount that the tray makes at one time is insanely small. Luckily we don't use a lot of ice, but when we have company, it tends to run out pretty quickly. I like that the ice maker doesn't take up a lot of room and its easy to access, though. Also, the location for the water spout is stupid, when we have guests who want water, they always put their cup under where the ice comes out and then they push the water button, which then makes the water shoot on the floor. All in all, we really like the refrigerator!

Review Title: WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL | Review by

Great refrigerator. Makes ice very fast. Lots of room.

Review Title: PRODUCT HAS FEATURES, BUT ......... | Review by

After being told how great the stainless steel exterior was for the last several years we are very disappointed in the reality. It shows marks, prints, splatters, etc. too easily, too much, and is very difficult to clean, and keep clean without a lot of constant wiping. The plastic trays are flimsy, and probably won't stand up to very much use.

Review Title: I WOULD BUY ANOTHER! | Review by

We've had our LG for about 6 weeks. We are enjoying it immensely. I wouldn't change anything about it. Highly recommend it.

Review Title: NICE ADDITION TO MY KITCHEN! | Review by

This is our first stainless steel french-door refridgerator. Sleek design fits perfectly in kitchen. Ice dispenser works only when both doors are closed. We set the alarm so that fridge "chirps" whenever door is not closed - great feature for us, as we always forget to close the fridge door all the way!

Review Title: THIS HAS EXCELLENT FEATURES. | Review by

Love this product. My husband laughs at me when i say "I LOVE MY FRIDGE". Just because i have a bad back, herniated disc L4 and L5. With this refrigerator, i do not have to bend to look for contents. They are at eye level, so i do not bend to pull fridge contents. It is easier to clean and it takes longer for it to get dirty or messy.
Overall, I love it because it is good for my back, i do not bend as much. Only when I get food from freezer which is not often. Love it. LG, thank you for making my LIFE GOOD.

Review Title: GREAT REFRIGERATOR! | Review by

This refrigerator keeps all your food at the right temperature so nothing goes to waste. It is easy to see inside and there is more than enough storage space. The water and ice maker has a filter so the water tastes very good.


The space in this refrigerator is fantastic. This is the quietest refrigerator I have owned. The LED light for the water is a great feature along with the separate ice and water dispensers. There are a few drawbacks. The ice dispenser is small. You also need to remove shelves inside the door to take the ice bucket out. Finally, to get to the left side of the refrigerator, you must open the right door first. Overall, this is a good refrigerator for the money.

Review Title: I LOVE MY NEW REFRIGERATOR. | Review by

My favorite feature is the humidity control on the crisper drawers. I have also been enjoying the crushed ice. The shelves are easily moved to customize the space.


This refrigerator is mostly user friendly and certainly an attractive appliance. The control panel is very easy to use to set temps and other functions. Two areas where it could be better are the water/ice dispenser and the fruit and vegetable drawers. It would be nice to have a drain in the dispenser that could empty into a removable cup or an area where the water would evaporate. It would also be nice to have the fruit/vegetable drawers the same width as each of the French doors. That way you could open each drawer without having to open both of the French doors.


We knew the day we bought our previous refrigerator we'd made a mistake. It was a side-by-side, so access to the freezer or refrigerator was a challenge. After only 6 years (still practically new!) we couldn't take it any longer and bought a bottom-freezer, french-door refrigerator. We waited for over a month to write a review to be sure we liked it. Bottom line: we would buy this model again. We trusted the LG line based on experience and Consumer Reports' recommendation. Access is wonderful - with both doors open, there's nothing you can't find! I no longer have to scream to my wife, "Where's the leftover pie?" The bottom freezer makes total sense as you will likely open the top (easy to see, reach) about ten times as often as the bottom. Oh, and when you open the bottom freezer, you can see everything there as well - you're standing over it, right? The back shelf of the freezer slides out automatically and closes automatically as well. This model has the water and ice access on the left door - we knew we had to have this as the old fridge had it and we were used to quick access to both. The LED lights are cool, literally cool (not a heat-creator inside your fridge) and they will likely last the life of the appliance - no more bulbs to change (or ignore) so no more dark refrigerator! I'm a freak about maintenance, so I was very happy at the easy-access to the water filter. Our only complaint, and it's minor enough that we would buy this particular model again, is that you have to be careful to hold your glass, coffee pot, or whatever, tightly when filling with water on the door or it could slip. A simple curvature on the water lever would make all the difference. We quickly got used to this minor quirk so it's not an issue. The appearance is very modern and sleek - we went for the stainless look in this kitchen. We don't normally buy refrigerators when they aren't old and broken, but we expect this one to last a long time. We also expect we'll still like it in six years.

Review Title: GREAT REFRIGERATOR | Review by

Wow, things have changed in the 27 years with our last unit. We were faced with a fairly tight existing space, so our decision had to emphasize the "fit factor". We visited our local appliance store, and a very helpful salesman showed us several models that would meet our need. After seeing the LG, we were ready to go. We really like the space save ice maker (on the door) creating a lot more room. The interior is plenty spacious. The bottom freezer works great, although if this is your only freezer, finding things can be a challenge. We love our new fridge!

Review Title: GREAT REFRIGERATOR | Review by

Wonderful refrig. My only dislike is that you have to open both refrigerator doors in order to get something from the left side.

Review Title: WE LOVE THIS NEW REFRIGERATOR. | Review by

We have only had this unit for 2 months but it is operating great. This is a replacement for one of a different make that was only 2 years old. This one also has french doors which we like but the ice maker is in the door which frees up more room in the rest of the fridge. This is great. Also the ice cubes are smaller instead of those pain in the neck half round ones like other ice makers produce. We have had a couple of parties and always had enough ice produced. Our unit runs super quite which is also a plus. The bright LED light in the main compartment is really a nice touch. The bottom freezer also works great. So far it is what we want of a fridge and hope it continues well into the future.


We have had this unit for 1 month. The only negatives (2) that we would comment about are: 1. the door shelves seem a bit smaller than our previous refrigerator; and,
2. the door ice seems to occasionally coagulate (freeze into a lump). I have the temps at refrig = 38 and freezer= +1.
I just now dropped both temps 1 degree. We are still trying to find a suitable stainless cleaner. Any ideas? So far we are happy w/ this refrigerator.

Review Title: JUST WHAT WE NEEDED | Review by

We got this one to replace a older working side by side and we could not have been happier with our choice. The size just fits into our alcove and being counter depth we find we have much more room in the kitchen and in the refrigeration section without items getting lost in the clutter. The water dispenser is much faster than the old one and the ice is cubed too. This is a nice basic refrigerator with just the right features we needed.


Just purchased our fridge yesterday, so these are just a few of the things I have noticed so far- first of all, I LOVE it! Second, it's huge! I'm 5'1" and the right hand door interior dairy bin is a few inches above my head, but who's complaining?! I love the french door/bottom slide-out freezer set up. The super bright interior LED lights are incredible, the ice maker began making ice within a couple of hours of install, and the crushed ice setting brought tears to my eyes... The water dispenser produces plenty of water, but it will take a few days to get used to the water dispenser feature being in such close proximity to the ice dispenser. I have pushed the water button when I meant to hit the ice button & ended up getting my socks wet. Drat... The motor is extremely quiet, the freezer has plenty of storage space, and the slide out drawer for small items is very handy! The only downside I have noticed so far is: the plastic drain cover beneath the ice/water dispenser seems .. "inexpensively" made, and with the stainless finish, there are the inevitable fingerprints to contend with. I purchased some Cerama Bryte stainless steel cleaning polish so hopefully that will help. If you are considering this model I say go for it, it's worth it!

Review Title: VERY HAPPY TO THIS POINT | Review by

Installed this 10-18-2012, so we have had it 2 months now.
We love the French doors.
Keeps everything really cold no matter where I put in the refrigerator. Takes forever to make ice though if you use a lot of it.
Seems like we have more room than we had before.
The freezer holds a lot food.
Gotta be careful with the water dispenser, you can splash it.


I waited a long time to purchase a new fridge. I specificallly wanted a French Door style and when I started looking, this LG was just exactly what I wanted. I love the fact that the ice maker doesn't cause me to lose shelf space in the door and that the water dispenser can accommodate a gallon size pitcher. Most of all, I love how easy it is to find what I am looking for inside. This was a wonderful purchase and one that I show off to everyone who come into my house.

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES AND SIZE | Review by

I bought this in September and absolutely love it! The French door style creates a larger space. I wasn't sure if I would like the bottom freezer, but it is working out great. I like the smaller slide drawer for meats that I freeze in baggies.


Love the layout of this refrigerator. Very spacious. The shorter swing space of the french door makes it much easier to open without my husband and I "dancing" around each other in our tight fit kitchen. Having the icemaker on the inside of the door rather than inside the fridge makes for much more space in the body of the refrigerator. We love the ice and water dispenser. On the whole, this refrigerator seems very well designed, plus it looks great.

Review Title: GREAT | Review by

This was a replacement for a larger side by side.I found that although it is several cubic feet smaller it has much more useable space. The unobstructed top shelf and the smartly designed ice maker increase the useable space.
I thought the ice maker might be too small, but even though it is used frequently it never has run out of ice.
The ability to fill tall pitchers is a real bonus.
There is nothing negative I can say about the appliance. It is just simply GREAT!


This particular French door model has more interior space than other manufacturer's French door models because the ice maker is in the door - not the actual refrigerator taking up space from a shelf. One more feature we like is the fact that the water dispenser is different from the ice dispenser, so we don't have to remember to switch the button to change one from to the other. Not all models in our price range offered this. We love this refrigerator!

Review Title: GREAT FRIG BUT . . . | Review by

This refrigerator is nice to look at and has some good features. I like the french doors. I like the adjustability of the shelves. I wish that the deli drawer was split into 2 so that you could open it without opening both doors though.
There appears to be a service bulletin out on the automatic ice maker/dispenser. The problem is so widespread that the parts to fix it are backordered. It jams up with ice, and can't be unjammed. I had to turn the icemaker off and it was 3 months before I had a useable icemaker in my brand new refrigerator. Don't buy one until the fix appears in new refrigerators.

Review Title: VERY GOOD APPLIANCE | Review by

Our fridge was installed by two men, which is recommended. The doors were removed making it easier to move into the house, which helps when you have tight spaces. Once the doors were attached and we plugged it in we were able to preset the temperatures for the fridge and freezer. The manual says it takes about 24 hours to fully reach the preset temperatures. Things we loved: the stainless model we got has a nice clean look, the wheels make it easy to push and pull into place especially having the water line attached for ice and water, the French door design really makes sense so everything is pretty much at eye level, the bottom freezer has plenty of space both in the top drawer and even little compartments for smaller items, the lighting inside makes everything visible with no shadows, the door compartments easily fit gallon sized items and all your condiments including cans, the slim ice maker giving you door storage without sacrificing space, the pullout crispers and deli drawer are super smooth and convenient with the glass above making the contents visible without having to pull them out to tell, adjustable shelves give you 3 levels of storage, the doors are light enough to open with one finger, the ice maker works frequently so you don’t run out, the water dispenser has a big button and gives you space to fill a big pitcher on the pull out shelf, the door alarm is nice if you forget to close the doors all the way, the filter for the water is tucked away in the top so no storage is compromised, and it runs quietly and infrequently. Some minor complaints: to allow the doors to open properly you should always open the right door before the left due to the middle attachment, when closing you should close the left door before the right, as anyone with stainless appliances knows it can be very hard to keep clean with fingerprints and smudges, the water dispenser has a pretty weak flow for filling even small cups, the ice can get jammed from time to time forcing you to break it up manually when it freezes up, the replacement water filters are $45, but can last up to year even if recommended for 6 months, and unless you can try different configurations with the shelves you have to lay 2 liters and wine bottles flat. Overall we are very satisfied with this appliance and would recommend to anyone looking for a French door style refrigerator. Everything is easy to get to, lighting is very bright, plenty of storage, great pull out drawers, the convenience of ice and water with separate buttons, and it runs very quiet.

Review Title: RUNS LOUD BUT WATER IS GOOD | Review by

fits alot..but runs loud, but filter is good

Review Title: LOVE MY FRIDGE! | Review by

This LG refridgerator is great. I love that I can fill a pitcher with water and ice easily. I love that it beeps if I have left it open. I love that the shelves are adjustable. I love that the freezer is very organized. The fridge is well light when you open it. It is easy to find things in this fridge.
I wish the side compartments on the door where a bit larger.
However, I do like that the ice bucket on the door isn't massive.

Review Title: GREAT APPLIANCE! | Review by

This refrigerator is a great addition to my kitchen and I think most people would agree!
I am constantly getting compliments about the size and look. Everyone that walks into my house and uses it loves it, including me! There is tons of space, the shelves adjust easily, you can adjust the humidity levels in the crispers with a simple dial. The freezer has tons of space, and a convenient pull out drawer for added storage and orginization.
The front pannel is simple to opperate to change settings such as ice type and temps. I also love the space saving ice maker and tray that fits right into the door of the refrigerator.
My only complaint would be that the ice maker doesnt make and store a ton of ice quickly.
Overall though, it is a great appliance! I love it!!

Review Title: LOVE MY NEW FRIDGE! | Review by

I have owned this refrigerator for several weeks now and don't have any complaints. I was told with French Doors that you always have to open both sides to get inside - this is not true! I can open either the left or right side, if I know where the item I am searching for is. Beside the beautiful exterior, I love the LED lights inside. And don't get me started on the room! There is so much room inside with the ice maker in the door. I have also found that the ice maker makes plenty of ice for our family and best of all, I can figure out how to change it from Cubed to Crushed without asking my husband to do it! Just walking into the kitchen brings a smile to my face when I see my new fridge sitting there!!!!


The refrigerator is indeed spacious. The shelves are adjustable, so you will be able to store tall jugs and other big items. The freezer is very big, and the drawer in the freezer really helps in organizing. Overall I amvbery happy.
My only peeve is the ice maker, which gets stuck all the time if you do not use it regularly. Then you have to empty the ice and restart.

Review Title: GREAT REFRIGERATOR! | Review by

Great Refrigerator, but icemaker is small for a family that uses a lot of ice. I read the reviews before purchasing this and they said the same thing. I thought "they probably use to much ice, or expect to much", but NO they were right! the ice maker is to small for family use. It is nice that it is in the door and it works just fine, just needs to be bigger!
Other than that this is the BEST refrigerator that I have ever owned. Great room and great for seeing what you have! No more lost stuff on the bottom, back shelf that you find with the nasty green surprise because it has been there forever.
I love this refrigerator and so do my wife and daughter.

Review Title: GOOD SO FAR | Review by

Had this fridge 1.5 months. can see everything in my shelves so easily and everything stays cool. love the door alarm so my boys will keep the door closed!

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