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LG LFC21776ST 20.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star (View all from LG)

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Appliances LG-LFC21776ST Refrigeration

Appliances LG-LFC21776ST RefrigerationAppliances LG-LFC21776ST RefrigerationAppliances LG-LFC21776ST RefrigerationAppliances LG-LFC21776ST RefrigerationAppliances LG-LFC21776ST RefrigerationAppliances LG-LFC21776ST RefrigerationAppliances LG-LFC21776ST Refrigeration
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  • Appliances LG-LFC21776ST Refrigeration
  • Appliances LG-LFC21776ST Refrigeration
  • Appliances LG-LFC21776ST Refrigeration
  • Appliances LG-LFC21776ST Refrigeration
  • Appliances LG-LFC21776ST Refrigeration
  • Appliances LG-LFC21776ST Refrigeration

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LG 20.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $2,639.00
On Sale Today Only!
Regular Price: $2,154.10
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LG 2.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave
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When searching for a new refrigerator, sometimes necessities for other people aren't necessities for you. For example, in today's world, very few people consider buying a refrigerator without a water and ice dispenser. Some buyers care highly about energy efficiency, so ENERGY STAR certification is a priority. Thankfully, in the world of appliances, you can find just about anything with everything you want. For example, the


is 20.7 cu. ft. refrigerator that fits the above criteria. It has no water/ice dispenser, but it does exceed the government's energy guidelines, making it

You know that LG has been building appliances for quite some time, but you may not know that they have awesome guarantees on their products. For instance, they Linear Compressor in this fridge had a 10 year limited warranty! That means that when something goes wrong, you're covered. You already know the


is ENERGY STAR rated, but did you know that part of the reason why is because of
LED lighting
. LED lights burn brighter, but use less energy and emit less heat. That helps keep energy use down and costs low.

The freezer is at the bottom and pulls out like a drawer. An ice maker exists and will dispense ice into a bin. A divider exists to help organize frozen goods, but the best feature is the
IcePlus System
. IcePlus accelerates ice production by 20%, so if you're throwing a party, just push the button and you'll have more ice than you can handle!

As far as the refrigerator compartment goes, this model is loaded with space! Four compartments are dedicated to
humidity controlled crispers, a Glide N' Serve drawer, and a utility bin
. The drawer is great for platter, the crispers are for your produce, and the utility bin is for whatever is left over. Most fridges don't even have a "utility bin!" In addition to those, you have
4 Spill-Protector tempered-glass shelves
that can be split to make organization easy. If something spills, it won't overflow the whole refrigerator compartment. With the split shelves, making room for that three-layered cake is a cinch!

Moving to the internal doors, you'll find
5 gallon-size bins
that are adjustable. Fill the refrigerator doors with milk, juice, condiments, or sticks of butter! Most of what you choose to store here will fit. You may be wondering how all these shelves affect the fridge's cooling ability. Good news there! They don't affect anything thanks to the
Multi-Air flow cooling technology
. This keeps cold air circulating throughout the entire cavity so all the food stays at the right temperature.



was designed as a built-in with nearly 21 cu. ft. of space. That means it fits right into the cabinetry to look seamless. The exterior is that sleek stainless steel we all know and love. Contoured doors and hidden hinges add flair to the finish, and thanks to
LoDecibel operation
, this model is nearly quiet as a mouse! Except when the
door alarm
goes off. That means you've had the doors open for too long and you're losing a lot of cold air.

So if you're interested in this french door refrigerator, take advantage of great rebates and low prices by shopping at Goedeker's. The


is a sound appliance that is sure to work for your home!


Refrigerator: 14.7 Cu. Ft.
Freezer: 6.0 Cu. Ft.
Total: 20.7 Cu. Ft.
Energy Rating: Energy Star
Freezer Door Type: Drawer
Multi-Air Flow Cooling: Yes
Digital Temperature Controls: Internal LED Touch Pad
Digital Temperature Sensors: 5
LoDecibel Operation: Yes
Door Alarm: Yes
No. of Shelves: 4 Split
Slide-Out Shelves: 4
Cantilevered Shelves: Yes
Shelf Construction: Spill Protector Tempered Glass
Crisper Bins: 2 Humidity Crispers / 1 Bonus Drawer
Glide N' Serve Drawer: Yes
Utility Bin: 2 Piece Bin (with Cover)
Refrigerator Light: Premium LED
No. of Shelves / Bin: 6 (5 Adjustable Gallon Size)
Dairy Corner: Yes
Drawer: 1 Full Width Wire Basket
DuraBase Solid Drawer Base: Yes
Divider: Yes
Freezer Door Bin: 1 Tilting
IcePlus: Yes
Ice Bin: Yes
Freezer Light: 60W
Materials and Finishes
Foam Door Insulation: Yes
Contour Doors: Yes
Hidden Hinges: Yes
Toe Grille: Yes
Back: Flush and Metal Cover Over Mechanical Parts
Handles: Matching Commercial Handles
1 Year Parts and Labor: Yes
7 Years On The Sealed System: Yes
10 Years On Linear Compressor: Yes
Dimensions and Weights
Width: 35 3/4"
Width (Door Open 90° with Handle): 44 1/4"
Width (Door Open 90° without Handle): 39 1/4"
Depth with Handles: 30"
Depth without Handles: 27 1/2"
Depth without Door: 23 5/8"
Depth (Total with Door Open): 42 1/4"
Height to Top of Case: 68 3/8"
Height to Top of Door Hinge: 69 3/4"
Door Edge Clearance with Handle: 4 1/2"
Door Edge Clearance without Handle: 1 3/4"
Installation Clearance: Sides 1/8", Top 1", Back 1"
Weight - Unit: 278 Lbs.
Weight - Carton: 333 Lbs.

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We've all been there. One of your major appliances just chose the worst possible time to die. Now, you're faced with the question: Do you buy a new one or get the old one repaired?

But, this doesn't have to be a dilemma. An extended warranty can pay for itself with one service call.

Enjoy the many helpful benefits of extended warranties like:

  • ALL part costs paid
  • ALL labor costs paid
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  • REPLACEMENT of appliance after 4th repair in any 12 months

Extended warranties and protection plans give you value, convenience and peace of mind.

How to Add an Extended Warranty to Your LG-LFC21776ST

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Review Title: ONLY THE BEST | Review by

I love my LG refrigerator , easy to use , and kid friendly , lets me know if the door is open . Lots of space for our food needs .


We finally upgraded our fridge to this LG compact fridge. Our old one stuck out very far from our cabinets and used up valuable kitchen space.
Our new LG model is amazing. I love the french door feature - to be able to open part of the fridge instead of the entire thing is fantastic, especially if there are lots of people in and out of the kitchen (more room to get by). AND to be able to stand up and see, at eye-level, the contents of the fridge is brilliant. Now maybe my husband will find things on his own!
Another feature we love is how QUIET it is! Yes, it's true.
My third favorite feature is the lower freezer with two trays.
Only thing I wish was different was that the door shelves were more adjustable. only the second one is. But it may not be an issue with the incredible amount of SPACE we have.
Love the door alarm (which you can turn off/on)
The doors DO need to be closed one after the other, otherwise they do not close all the way. Easy enough to get accustomed to. Just like closing the back of a truck with double doors.
OH - I also just discovered AFTER we ordered it that the shelves slide out! The shelves are VERY sturdy - our old fridge had weak shelves that cracked easily -- there is no way these are breaking, they are reinforced!
worth noting: if you plan to have a party and fill your fridge with bottles of beer - the interior shelves will hold them BUT you have dip the bottle under the reinforced bar to get them in...otherwise remove one of the shelves for the party and your set! You can fit beers/root beer bottles in the door but space is limited for that size.

Review Title: SIMPLY AWESOME | Review by

This is the best refrigerator I've ever had. Just the right size for us. We love the compartments and deli storage. The inside doors are awesome. Lots of room. We really love that the freezer is on the bottom, and the ice cubes are small squares, not the usual half-moon shaped ones that get stuck in your glass, and it seems ice-flow always gets you and your drink ends up on your shirt. Love everything about this refrigerator.

Review Title: ANONYMOUS | Review by

I love this refrigerator!! We have had it for a little over a year now and have no complaints. Perfect size, perfect sized compartments, and fabulous to look at. It is the perfect counter depth fridge without all the bells ans whistles. Exactly what we were looking for!!!!

Review Title: WOW | Review by

My wife is in love with this fridge. Best ever and counter depth is great. With shelves in both doors and no dispenser there seems to be more room than our huge fridge that we replaced.

Review Title: GREAT FRIDGE | Review by

Love the led lighting - very crisp and clean looking. Considered a fridge w/ water, but opted against it due to the complexity and the failure rate of those units. Dont miss the water dispenser a bit. This fridge looks GREAT in our kitchen and the counter depth is nice. Still has enough storage (family of 2 plus 1 on the way) who cook often. Well thought-out design and no complaints so far. Great fridge at a great price!

Review Title: MS | Review by

I love this refridgerator, love the design and performance.

Review Title: LFC21776ST - BEST BOX OUT THERE... | Review by

Love it... Bought this unit 3 - 4 yrs ago....used it about 2 yrs , then stored it for a yr....Using it again now in new house and it works like the day we bought it....Love this box...

Review Title: LOVE IT | Review by

Refrigerator far exceeded my expectations
Looks fabulous, Works great - all functions perform top notch; Plenty of room in fridge section. Bottom Freezer is a bit of an adjustment - but getting there! I totally recommend this refrigerator.

Review Title: REFRIGERATOR | Review by

It's a nice fridge, the only quip I have with it is that the ice maker is a little slow. (we are a family of 5 with lots of family and friends around though- so we go through tons of ice)

Review Title: LFC21776ST | Review by

Besides the great price I like the holding power and the way it's set up inside and there are a lot of "bells and whistles." I also love the freezer and it's holding power over the side door style refrigerators , which can't hold a whole frozen pizza, which is one of my favorites to have around!

Review Title: SUPERIOR | Review by

Purchased in April and have loved it since. It is a quality refrigerator. It's so quiet you wonder if it's running. It is so easy to access anything as it is a cabinet depth appliance. I can honestly say it's #1 of all the appliances we've ever purchased.

Review Title: BEST EVER | Review by

I love this refrig. Actually have sooo much space. It's nice not to have the beast of a refrig. anymore.

Review Title: FITS THE SPACE GREAT | Review by

We have owned this refrigerator for about 1 year and have been very pleased with it's performance. We purchased the counterdepth version to avoid the "hulk" in the kitchen and were concerned about capacity. However, the refrigerator has a surprising amount of space and storage arraingements. Love the little warning notes if you don't close the refrigerator or freezer doors completely.

Review Title: I LOVE IT! | Review by

When it was time to purchase a new fridge, I knew that I wanted a stainless, French door style, without an icemaker, and the latter is a feature that is not always possible to omit, in the size I need. So, as I was looking and the salesclerk pointed out this model, I was hooked. It fit right in the space of the previous fridge, (good measuring!). I love the curved handle, as it matches my oven perfectly. Retrieving the frozen items from the bottom is so much easier than a top freezer. It runs quietly and the food is cold! It is easy to change the settings, and the open door chime is perfect. I got just what I wanted and I love it. Couldn't be happier.

Review Title: BEST FRIDGE EVER!! | Review by

Love love love this fridge as well as anything LG! The kids can get to their ice cream easy without help. Configuration of shelves works really well easy to change clean and no spill shelving!

Review Title: EXCELLENT REFRIG | Review by

We bought two of these units and placed them side by side..they look great and updated our kitchen. they keep food much better than our previous units. the stainless is easy to clean. the ice maker makes plenty of ice and we love the cube shape. we have both ice makers hooked up but really only use one of them. plenty of storage and we got used to the bottom freezer quickly. actually I think it keeps the foods colder.

Review Title: BEAUTIFUL AND SPACIOUS | Review by

Very happy with the french doors and bottom freezer. There is plenty of room and it is very easy to see what is stored.


The space above is excellent. Able to fit everything needed on the shelves, and the drawers are used well. The freezer could be a little bigger but still very well spaced.
The only change I would make is a sensor for the ice maker. The ice maker will still dispense ice with the door open. I think this should stop when the drawer is out.


This is our first counter-depth fridge, and first french door style. We love the look, the quality, the efficiency, the silence. It keeps the food nice and evenly cold.
But the layout has been a real challenge to work with. The veggie drawers are too small (won't fit a bunch of chard) and you have to open both doors to use the middle one. I wish they'd left it as two drawers.
The freezer drawer is nice that it is so capacious, but we end up having to dig through it to find anything. We'd love to have at least a second vertical divider to help organize, or some way of putting another shelf so that things aren't so stacked. I don't have a real solution here, just identifying the problem...


Very nice product. Plenty of room. Like the lights inside. Also like the warning that goes off if the doors are left open. Just a pain to clean as the stainless get fingerprints really fast.


I love this frig, it is everthing I wanted and more,their would be only 1 suggestion, larger crispers for vegtables

Review Title: JUST RIGHT FOR THE SPACE | Review by

We did not want a door-through icemaker but we did want the most interior capacity for the small space available. So far I have been able to pack an amazing amount into this fridge, and I like the way it looks. I would not change a thing,


The look of the refrigerator is beautiful. Number and versatile arrangement of storage bins and shelves is well thought-out. Controls are easy to operate; although I'd prefer to enter a specific temperature rather than cycle through the entire range. I was pleasantly surprised by the alarm that alerts you when a door is ajar - very useful. I find the ice maker noisy, but that is probably because I never had one before. Because of its energy efficiency, my electric company sent me a $100 rebate! All in all, my first month with this refrigerator has been quite a positive one.


Even though limited because it is counter deep it has excellent use of space in the interior.


I researched six different brands before selecting LG. It was definitely the right choice for our home. Mostly we're impressed with the ice-maker,which produces cubes rather than the most common half-moon type. We are also impressed with its quietness and interior looks.

Review Title: SIMPLY FANTASTIC | Review by

We have had our new refrigerator for a few months now and couldn't be happier. It is so quiet, spacious and beautiful. We just love it.

Review Title: VERY NICE REFRIGERATOR | Review by

Love the cabinet-depth, lots of drawers, and the pull out freezer drawer rolls easy and smooth. The French door design is nice not having a large door swinging out into the kitchen. Setting up the shelves and door racks was easy. Thanks so much for the door alarm, since some family members have always had a problem closing frig doors. The overall look and design is great. This is my second cabinet-depth frig and I know they seem huge, but if you have the room they are so worth it.


I was pleased to learn that there are counter depth refrigerators. For the smaller kitchens, this size makes accessing the food so much easier and effortless. The french doors are perfect for the galley kitchens and smaller kitchens. The freezer on the bottom turned out to be a really good idea--no more dropping frozen foods. Overall, I would never buy a regular sized refrigerator, only counter depth. Food does not get buried into the back areas, everything is visible and and easy to access and well lighted. I do wish there was more space for a gallon container item or shelf for that. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how very quiet this refrigerator is. Overall, I like the interior lighting, the space saving counter depth size, its quietness, and easy access to food this refrigerator provides making it effortless to use. No more bending over to access the bottom shelf.

Review Title: 2 BIG PROBLEMS | Review by

There is no water filter on this refrigerator. The ice has a horrible, plastic/chemical taste. I had the LG serviceman out, and he said there was nothing to be done. He agreed the ice tasted awful. It picks up a strong plastic flavor and I'm afraid to ingest it because of concerns over BPAs and phthalates. Secondly, the door ajar alarm beeps too quickly and if you are taking more than a few moments to grab stuff out of the fridge, it beeps incessantly. However if the doors are slightly ajar which is easy to do and hard to notice, the alarm isn't triggered at all. You'll have to notice the cool air coming out as you pass by to realize the doors aren't closed completely.

Review Title: I LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. | Review by

We, my son and I, both love this refrigerator. At first I wasn't sure about the water dispenser but after using it I changed my mind. This refrigerator is every ones dream. Anyone who has been in my house and see it all say this is my next refrigerator.
I love the way it keeps produce so much longer than any I have ever owned bar none.
Thanks for making such a great product.

Review Title: HAS GOOD FEATURES,FOR MOST!!!!!! | Review by

owned this 4 door frig for over 2 years.Love the look and features,but the ice maker is so poorly designed,not enough ice making due to capacity bin and very hard to dispense ice out.But even bigger problem is the opening of doors,they stick together,most of time both doors opening at same time.Had repair tech here 2 times in past month (yesterday was the second time) and still having same problem.He said it is a poor design due to door gaskets rubbing together.He has tried numerous tries from aligning doors to installing fiber washers, remove and re-adjust the doors,still sticking.He suggested some spray silicone,or vaseline.VERY POOR design.We own other lg products and are happy with them.Any suggestion on a good fix????

Review Title: GREAT STORAGE! | Review by

At first I was concerned about not having enough flexibility on the door shelving, but once I got everything in, I found that it was all just fine. LOVE the counter depth. Nothing ever gets lost because you can see everything. And I am still surprised by how much I can get in that refrigerator.
Still not sure about the freezer. It is a big "drawer" and haven't figured out how to organize things there. This refrigerator has everything I wanted #counter depth, Energy Efficient, French door, stainless steel, Ice maker# without the things I didn't want #dispensers#

Review Title: COUNTER DEPTH FRENCH DOOR | Review by

Purchased this item for a new kitchen .I opted for ice maker which gives plenty of ice. It has space enough for our family of four. Looks great in small kitchen.

Review Title: OVERALL GREAT PRODUCT | Review by

I bought this refrigerator after researching online and although expensive, energy efficiency was one of my top priorities. I love the counter depth, 3 doors, lighting and easy accessibility. I so appreciate not having to bend over to retrieve items I use most often in the refrigerator. Features that need to be changed: more room in the vegetable bins, a divided cold tray so you do not have to open both doors to access, and another gallon side bin. Freezer is great with loads of room for a retiree and spouse. Thank you LG!

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES AND LOOK | Review by

Overall, I highly recommend this counter depth refrigerator. The only thing that I cannot correct is that the freezer door sometimes makes noise and I suspect that the handle or seal is not quite right.


Love everything about this refrigerator! Crispers keep veggies fresh forever! Really like the smaller-sized ice cubes. Sleek, minimal appearance is a plus for me. Helpful hints via email provide great information to get the most out of the appliance.

Review Title: CHEAP PLASTIC | Review by

the refrigerator might look nice, yet inside is cheap plastic and has broken more than once, the drawers just plain broke and we'll probably just pull them out. We have had a frigerator for over twenty years in the past and now to have paid so much for something cheap is outrageous!


This refrigerator is the quietest refrigerator I have ever owned. It is one of few refrigerators that would fit into the cabinet space I have and will come through the house with minor difficulty. It maintains a very steady temperature. The freezer has sufficient capacity but is more like a chest freezer than a shelf freezer when retrieving items. There is a slide out drawer in the freezer which is very convenient. There is ample space in the refrigerator section. However, the height of the shelves will not accomodate a liter bottle of soda unless it is stored in the door. The drawers in the refrigerator section are acceptable but the large refrigerator width bottom drawer is a bit inconvenient in that you have to open both doors to get at this drawer. I would have much preferred a vertical stack of drawers on the right side of the refrigerator. I would also have preferred at least one deeper drawer instead of the wide bottom drawer. But I have come to an accomodation with the features.

Review Title: NICE DESIGN | Review by

The bright lighting is very nice. Drawers are roomy and the slide out shelves are a nice feature. The only negative is that the doors don't always close completely. After two service calls, I'm told that nothing can be done about it. Just make sure you always have the door alarm on because it will go off a lot.


we needed a fridge that wouldn't stick out past our counters. this fridge did the trick and with the class of a high end appliance. after first day it was so quiet, we thought it stopped running. love the well lit inside, but the long draw could have been styled better, as you have to open both doors to open draw.also wish the doors closed like our cabinets(soft touch by themselves) thanks for the alarm as it does remind you to close if not completely shut.

Review Title: SO PLEASED! | Review by

We just remodeled our kitchen, and this refrigerator looks like a work of art. Absolutely, my favorite appliance! Would recommend to anyone. It has so much space, so it's very easy to find what you are looking for.


Owned this for a few months after remodeling our kitchen and discovered how much pricier counter depth fridges are. I finally pulled the trigger on this after a lot of research. We cook alot and it has alot of space for condiments, big milk gallons, leftovers storage containers, yogurts, drinks etc. Love the long skinny middle drawer. We eat alot of cheese so that's our cheese drawer. I personally dont like the alarm when door is open so have that turned off. Love that the ice cube shapes are small enough to fit in my daughters sippy cups. I wish it was a little less expensive but its worth it if it lasts a long time--time will tell! Overall, no regrets!


Only product on the market to fit my needs and a quality product!

Review Title: LOVE MY FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATOR ! ! ! | Review by

Both my husband and I are thrilled with our new LG french door refrigerator. So much room in the refrigerator section -- terrific ! And we've noticed how much colder our drinks are, too. Took a little time to get used to the freezer, but not am comfortable with it and extremely happy. Not to mention how classy this refrigerator looks !


Meets all expectations. Would purchase this product again.

Review Title: FITS LIKE A GLOVE | Review by

LOOKS GREAT, RUNS SO QUIET, WARNS ME WHEN KIDS LEAVE DOOR AJAR,FREEZER DRAWER MAKES REACHING & LOADING FOODS EASY, STAINLESS CLEANS UP EASILY, LOVE BOTTOM DRAWER KEEPS FOOD LONGER, LOTS OF ROOM FOR 21 CU FT. only change is i would like to arrange door shelves myself, heights are prefixed. also you have to remember & be careful to remember to close bottom drawer of top portion or french doors won't close. counter depth leaves lots of room to get around kitchen.

Review Title: LOOKS AND WORKS GREAT | Review by

However...Why have two doors if you have to open them both to get to the "Cheese/platter" drawer or to the middle veg. drawer? The door shelves are not adjustable which means if you want to put an opened wine bottle in the fridge, you have to make one shelf very low, taking up a lot of space. The light on the top is in the way. Why not make it flush? I still haven't figured out how to get the cheese drawer out for cleaning as the doors do not open to 90°. And last but not least if you are not in the kitchen the open door alarm is inaudible. Otherwise I love it. Oh. also. it is a shame that those of us replacing smaller units in homes with smaller doors have to pay more (twice the price for 25% less space) There is no competition for counter depth. Also, how about a wine rack for this unit?


After much researching, we decided on this refrigerator for our kitchen remodel. We have owned top freezer, bottom freezer and side by side. Have also owned ice maker and water in the door, but decided on this LG product because it was water/ice in the door; has bottom freezer and is cabinet depth. We are very pleased aesthetically and mechanically. Well done LG!

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

A 2 liter btl of soda will fit on the door along with two 1/2 gallon btls. ( Milk and half&half ) Shallow depth makes everything easy to get.

Review Title: Good product | Review by

This is a counter-depth refrigerator, so it is going to have less storage. That being said, the refrigerator part is spacious and well laid out. The freezer has a smaller, slide-out shelf that also houses the ice holder. The larger, bottom, pull-out section is an awkward space. It holds a good amount, but the depth is shorter and things don't lay as neatly inside.

Review Title: Refrigerator Art | Review by

No need to cover this work of art with photos, magnets of other so-called "art." The beautiful architectural lines of this appliance enhance any kitchen.

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