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LG DLEX3570V SteamDryer 7.4 Cu. Ft. Graphite Steel Stackable With Steam Cycle Electric Dryer (View all from LG)

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Appliances LG-DLEX3570V Laundry

Appliances LG-DLEX3570V Laundry
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  • Appliances LG-DLEX3570V Laundry

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LG Steam Washers & Dryers - Deep Clean with Steam

If you want to introduce a bit of luxury to your laundry room, select the

LG DLEX3570V electric dryer

. With its innovative steam technology and an abundance of options, it goes above and beyond the call of duty. All this is wrapped up in a stylish package, so you're sure to be smiling every time you use it.

One of the key features of this dryer is its
TrueSteam technology
. Thanks to an infusion of steam, these cycles and options have the power to smooth out wrinkles, eliminate odors, and greatly reduce the need for ironing. The
Steam Fresh cycle
will liven up your clothing right when you need it. When you use the
Steam Sanitary cycle
, it lets you sanitize odd items like pillows, comforters, or even stuffed animals. Whether you have a constantly bustling household or you just aren't a fan of ironing, you'll love the steam features!

Most of the programs available on the LG DLEX3570V utilize a
Sensor Dry system
. It will measure the moisture level in the drum and alter the dry time to match. This skillful automatic sensing helps dry garments without overdrying, and when they come out they will not be too hot to the touch. The
9 Sensor Dry cycles
are Cotton/Normal, Bulky/Large, Heavy Duty, Small Load, Steam Sanitary, Steam Fresh, Permanent Press, Delicates, and Towels.

In addition to these, there are
2 Manual Dry cycles
: Speed Dry and Air Dry. You'll have lots of cycles to choose from, and multiple dryness levels, temperature settings, and cycle lengths on the control panel mean ultimate customization for any load.

There are several options that you could take advantage of as well. These include Reduce Static, Easy Iron, Rack Dry, Wrinkle Care, Damp Dry Signal, Custom Program, Child Lock, and More Time/Less Time. It is easy to select dryer functions through the control panel or cycle dial without having to study the manual. When it comes to fabric care, the LG DLEX3570V has all the features you need!

Even with all the programs available to you, if you still feel like something is missing, turn to the
Tag On technology
. It is an app you can use through your smartphone to select new cycles and download them right to your dryer! You can also get suggestions for what settings to choose based on the load content, or it'll help you easily trouble any issues you may encounter.

This LG dryer has a spacious capacity of
7.4 cu. ft.
Your clothes will come out wonderfully fluffy, and nothing will be crowded or tangled. A handy drum light can be switched on to assist you in finding every piece of clothing inside. LoDecibel operation makes this machine very quiet, and the lint filter is simple to clean. It has all the practical aspects you'd want, but you'll also love the color and design!

The highly efficient LG DLEX3570V dryer looks great, has a plethora of bells and whistles, and will dry your laundry in less time. LG Appliances is all about fine craftsmanship, so you're sure to be impressed with this dryer's quality and performance. Get it at an awesome discount at Goedeker's today!


Capacity and Appearance
Capacity: 7.4 Cu. Ft.
Design Look: Front Control
Intelligent Electronic Controls: Yes
Dual LED Display: Yes
Dial-A-Cycle: Yes
Wash Programs
No. Of Programs: 12
Cotton/Normal (Sensor Dry): Yes
Permanent Press (Sensor Dry): Yes
Towels (Sensor Dry): Yes
Delicates (Sensor Dry): Yes
Small Load (Sensor Dry): Yes
Heavy Duty (Sensor Dry): Yes
Bulky/Large (Sensor Dry): Yes
SteamFresh (Sensor Dry): Yes
SteamSanitary (Sensor Dry): Yes
Download (Sensor Dry): Yes
Speed Dry (Manual Dry): Yes
Air Dry (Manual Dry): Yes
No. Of Options: 10
More Time: Yes
Less Time: Yes
Custom Program: Yes
Damp Dry Signal: Yes
Wrinkle Care: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
ReduceStatic: Yes
EasyIron: Yes
Rack Dry: Yes
End Of Cycle Signal: Yes
Temperature Settings: High, Medium High, Medium, Low, Ultra Low
Drying Levels: Very Dry, More Dry, Normal Dry, Less Dry, Damp Dry
Manual Dry Times: 60 Min., 50 Min., 40 Min., 30 Min., 20 Min., More Time/Less Time
Fabric Care Features
SteamFresh Cycle: Yes
SteamSanitary Cycle: Yes
ReduceStatic Option: Yes
EasyIron Option: Yes
Sensor Dry: Yes
Precise Temperature Control: Yes
Variable Heater: Yes
Convenience Features
NFC Tag On: Yes
LoDecibel Quiet Operation: Yes
SmartDiagnosis: Yes
FlowSense Duct Clogging Indicator: Yes
Wrinkle Care Option: Yes
Remaining Time Display/Status Indicator(s): Yes
End Of Cycle Signal: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Drying Rack: Yes
Drum Light: Yes
Reversible Door: Yes
Leveling Legs: 4 Adjustable Legs
Venting Option: 4 Way Venting
3 Minute Installation Check: Yes
Materials and Finishes
Alcosta Steel Drum: Yes
Cabinet: Painted Steel
Control Panel: Plastic
Top Plate: Painted Steel
Transparent Glass Door: Yes
Door Rim: Large Chrome-Rimmed Glass Door with Dark Blue Tinted Cover
Available Colors: White(W) Graphite(V)
Limited Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor
Power Source
Ratings: CSA Listed
Electrical Requirements: 240V, 30 Amps
Type: Electric
Pedestal: WDP4W/WDP4V
Pedestal Weight: 27"
Pedestal Depth: 28 2/5"
Pedestal Height: 13 3/5"
Stacking Kit: KSTK1
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 27"
Overall Depth: 29 3/4"
Overall Depth with Door Open: 51"
Overall Height: 38 11/16"
Product Weight: 136.0 lbs.
Carton Weight: 155.0 lbs.

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