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Architect II 36" Black Electric Induction Cooktop



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KitchenAid KICU569XBL Architect II 36" Black Electric Induction Cooktop (View all from KitchenAid)

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  • Model: KICU569XBL
  • Height: 3.13"
  • Width: 36.31"
  • Depth: 21.31"
  • 5 Elements
  • 2 Bridge Elements
  • Performance Boosts
  • Simmer Functions
  • 12 Heat-Level Settings
  • Minute Timer

KitchenAid 36 inch Black Electric Cooktop - KICU569XBL

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  • KitchenAid 36 inch Black Electric Cooktop - KICU569XBL
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Review Title: Excellent | Review by

Overall Rating
This cooktop replaced a 25 year old GE Induction cooktop. I've always been one to embrace new technology and I've been cooking for over 40 years. I've used gas (yuk) electric and induction. Induction is the only way to go. Fast and much cooler for those of us living in the warmer parts of the U.S. where we thrive on A/C. This doesn't heat up the kitchen the way conventional cooktops do. I've read so many reviews, most of which aren't kind to induction. These people have not understood, you cannot take cookware you've used on gas or even other electrics and bring them onto an induction cooktop. Gas warps pans and so does coil electrics. If you're using a pan that uses an encapsulated bottom and hand wash these puppies, expect popping noises from them. Water gets in between those surfaces and when it expands, it has to go somewhere and steam will pop.
This new Kitchenaid is so much faster than even my old GE. The "slide" feature on the heat selector is one big factor that had me chose Kitchenaid. The Electrolux has this feature too. Let me explain. Some cooktops you select the burner then have to push a + or - to increase or reduce heat. With the "slide" on the Kitchenaid or the "wave" on the Electrolux, you are able to jump to where ever you need to go. My GE had 3 quick settings: L M H. With this slide, after choosing the burner, I can jump to Hi if I want to or touch it in the center to get a medium heat setting of 5. This top has about 19 or so heat settings including a simmer and melt feature. You're able to keep food warm without over cooking. Love this top. It can boil water in seconds not minutes with it's power boost feature. This top also has TWO sets of bridge elements. No other manufacturer has this. These tops are made by Whirlpool corporation and also market under the Jenn Air and Whirlpool nameplate. Try induction, you'll never go back.

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Review Title: When it's working, It works great | Review by

Overall Rating
Have had installed for over 1 month and after 4 repair attempts, and replacement of every replaceable part, is still not working correctly. The KitchenAid engineers couldn't even tell our repair guy what the error codes being displayed even meant! Now we're in the process of getting the unit replaced (big hassle...). BUT, when it does work, it's amazing. Heats water to boiling in no time. Look

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Review Title: Don't have cooktops shipped! | Review by

Overall Rating
Haven't had a chance to use the cooktop yet. It has been 4 months trying to get it.

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