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GE WSLS1500JWW 2.7 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer (View all from GE)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued. Please call us at 888-768-1710 for suggestions on a replacement model for this product.

9:30am-5:30pm CST

Appliances GE-WSLS1500JWW Laundry

Appliances GE-WSLS1500JWW LaundryAppliances GE-WSLS1500JWW LaundryAppliances GE-WSLS1500JWW LaundryAppliances GE-WSLS1500JWW LaundryAppliances GE-WSLS1500JWW Laundry
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  • Appliances GE-WSLS1500JWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-WSLS1500JWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-WSLS1500JWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-WSLS1500JWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-WSLS1500JWW Laundry

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  • *** NOTE: Hoses not included. Purchased Separately. ***
  • Electronic One-Touch Controls with LED read-out
  • Simplify cycle selection and provide accurate cycle times
  • One-Touch Loading Sensing
  • Eliminates guesswork and helps reduce water waste
  • 14 wash cycles
  • A variety of fabric-specific settings, from Extra-Heavy Cottons to Easy-Care Colors
  • Three wash/rinse temperatures
  • Offer better wash results and longer fabric life
  • One Wash/Spin Speed
  • Provides reliable cleaning performance for regular clothes
  • Five Water Levels
  • Offer water and energy savings
  • Stainless Steel Basket
  • It resists rust and won't chip, peel or snag clothes


Capacity: 2.7 Cu. Ft.
Wash/spin speed combinations: 1
Wash/rinse temperatures: 3
Water levels: 5
Wash cycles: 14
Cycle countdown: Digital
Regular: Yes
Colors: Yes
Whites: Yes
Delicates: Yes
Speed Wash: Yes
Custom cycle: Yes
Load sensing: Yes
Automatic cool down: Yes
Bleach dispenser: Yes
Fabric softener dispenser:
Automatic detergent dispenser: Yes
Lint Filter: 1 Removable
Washer lid type: Clear
Quiet pump: Yes
Basket material: Stainless steel
Color: White on white
Circuit requirements: 120V, 60 Hertz or 20 Amps
Height: 37 1/2"
Width: 23 5/8"
Depth: 26"
Approx. shipping weight: 114 lbs.

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Review Title: Lovin it! | Review by

I bought this product a year ago. I can just say that I love it. It saved me! It works better than all my previous washing machines. I have never lived in USA before and back in my previous homes owning a washing machine was a MUST MUST MUST! It felt terrible in the beginning going to laundromat! Thanks dear GE!

Review Title: This product is an exceptional portable washer | Review by

I bought my washer (model WSLS1500J0WW) several months ago and I absolutely love it! It gets my clothes clean, has a folding lid that fits comfortably under my wall dryer, has a basket that is very large for a compact washer, uses regular detergent and plays a tune when the cycle is completed. I am very glad I made this purchase and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a portable washer.

Review Title: This product does a great job | Review by

This washer is used in a park model home. It has a larger capacity than motorhome had. So far, it does a great job.

Review Title: one of the best for its value | Review by

we have try different brand and found out that this one it the most user friendly one iiut their.

Review Title: Nice machine for tight spaces | Review by

I have a serious space constraint that limits me to a compact top-load washer which doesn't leave a lot of options in today's market, but this machine was perfect for me. It's not cheap, but the alternatives ended up being more expensive for me, or unacceptable for quality reasons. This machine is very quiet, uses less power and water than my old machine, and the more effective spin cycle has cut my drying time by 25%. My only complaint is that the automatic leveling feature doesn't work properly.

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