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GE PT925SNSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven - Convection (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE-PT925SNSS Cooking

Appliances GE-PT925SNSS CookingAppliances GE-PT925SNSS CookingAppliances GE-PT925SNSS Cooking
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  • Appliances GE-PT925SNSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PT925SNSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PT925SNSS Cooking

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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven - Convection
Regular Price: $3,000.00
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GE Profile 27.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
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GE Profile Advantium 1.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave - Convection
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GE Profile 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Double Oven Range - Convection
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
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GE Profile 22.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $2,600.00
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GE Profile 1.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave
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GE Profile 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction Range - Convection
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
Regular Price: $1,200.00
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GE Wall Oven - European Convection



is probably one of the weirdest ovens you have ever seen. But weird does not equal bad, and upon second glance, you'll find that this single double wall oven is quite the gem. This tiny unit gives you the benefits of having two ovens in a single wall oven space! And if two ovens aren't enough, you could always add a third single wall oven! Seriously though, this oven gives you the ability to cook two dishes at the same time with different temperatures, and each oven has its own special features! Just see below for the full specs!

In the Ovens

  • First, both ovens feature their own
    self-clean cycles
    . When you run a cycle, the door is automatically locked for your safety until the cycle is complete. There is also a
    control lockout
    feature for when you're cleaning the exterior oven.
  • Both ovens also feature a
    warming mode
    , so after you've finished all of your baking, you can keep everything hot and ready until the guests arrive!
  • While both ovens cook remarkably well, the bottom oven is where the meat is (no pun intended). The lower oven features convection heat, so it's where you'll want to do most of your baking and roasting.
  • Also in the lower oven: an
    oven meat probe, auto recipe conversion for convection and proof and Sabbath modes
    . It also has a light self-clean, because GE knows you're going to be utilizing the bottom oven the most!
  • An
    audible preheat signal
    sounds to let you know the ovens are ready to cook!
  • If you have teenagers in the house, you're going to love the
    pizza mode
    . Just pop in the frozen pizza and press the button. Reviewers say it is spot on!
  • Slow Cook
    gives you the power of a crock pot inside an oven. Four options are available to cook the perfect pork, poultry, beef, and stew!
  • Five heavy duty racks
    to hold all the delicious food? Yes please!

Other Features

  • An interesting characteristic of this wall oven is the location of the control panel. You'll find it right in front on the top oven. The
    In-the-Door ShadowTouch controls
    are sitting below the glass. All you have to do is tap the glass! Everything is organized in a smart fashion and
    simple to navigate
  • You cannot forget about the exceptional lighting.
    Two halogen lights in each oven
    with large exterior windows make checking on the food just another task.
  • Delay bake
    was created with busy moms and dads in mind. If you know you're getting home at 4, just program the oven to start preheating at 3:45!

If you haven't noticed, this single wall oven isn't just handy; it's gorgeous. With its frameless door and glossy handles, it will be nothing short of exquisite in your kitchen. Not to mention, its quirky design and features will add to its talking points. If you've been searching for some way to maximize on minimal space in your kitchen, the search is over. The GE PT925SNSS will exceed your expectations.


ADA-Compliant: Yes
Oven Capacity: 5.0 Cu. Ft.
Oven: Convection/Self-Clean
Cleaning Time: Variable
Automatic Self-Clean Oven Door Lock: Yes
Self-Clean Oven with Delay Clean Option: Yes
Light Self-Clean Option: Yes
TrueTemp System: No
Hidden Bake Oven Interior: No
Variable Broil/Six-Pass Broil Element: Yes
Eight-Pass Bake Element: Yes
PreciseAir Convection System: Lower Oven
Convection Bake: Lower Oven
Convection Roast: Lower Oven
Auto Recipe Conversion: Yes
SmartSet Controls: Glass Touch
Proof Mode: Yes
Warm Mode: Yes
Oven Meat Probe: Lower Oven
Temperature Display: Yes
Delay Bake Option: Yes
C° and F° Programmable: Yes
Audible Preheat Signal: Yes
Auto Oven Shut-Off with Override: Yes
Electronic Clock: Yes
Kitchen Timer: Yes
Control Lock Capability: Yes
Oven Light: Yes
Certified Sabbath Mode: Lower Oven
Flat Convection Cover: Lower Oven
Fan System: QuietBake
Oven Racks: 3 Heavy-Duty, Self-Clean
Embossed Rack Positions: 2 Upper
Color Appearance: Stainless Steel
Frameless Oven Door: Stainless Steel
Big ClearView Window: Yes
Oven Door Handle: Sculptured Stainless Steel
Undercounter Installation: Yes
kW Rating @ 240V: 3.9
kW Rating @ 208V: 2.9
Amps @ 240V: 20A
Amps @ 208V: 20A
Convection Wattage: 1,300 Watts
Upper Broiler/Bake Wattage: 2,750/1,700 Watts
Lower Broiler/Bake Wattage: 2,950/2,200 Watts
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 29 3/4"
Overall Depth: 23 1/2"
Overall Height: 28 1/4"
Upper Interior Oven Width: 24"
Upper Interior Oven Depth: 17 7/8"
Upper Interior Oven Height: 8 3/4"
Lower Interior Oven Width: 24"
Lower Interior Oven Depth: 16"
Lower Interior Oven Height: 12 1/2"
Cutout Width: 28 1/2" Min. to 28 5/8" Max.
Cutout Depth: 23 1/2" Min.
Cutout Height: 27 1/5" Min. to 27 5/16" Max.
Oven Cabinet Width Required: 30"
Approx. Shipping Weight: 140 Lbs.

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Review Title: Great alternative to built in double | Review by

I am very happy with the the performance of this single double unit. The only feature missing is a lighted panel.

Review Title: The oven you did not know you really wanted | Review by

The oven I had bought to go into my new kitchen cabinets did not fit with the fire regulations. Because the cabinets and appliances had come from the same store and were purchased to fit together the store told me to pick out what I wanted that would fit. With the installer I went through every oven that would fit. I chose the GE because it had two oven yet fit in the same space. The ovens heat up faster because they are smaller yet you can roast a turkey in the bottom one. I had to take the display one because that was all they had , but I am so glad I did. It is a great oven. I use it more because the smaller top one is great for grilled cheese and I can bake bread and cook a casserole at the same time. Love it!

Review Title: Two for the Price Of One | Review by

Great Oven! Fit perfectly in the cabinet where my old single wall oven was. Didn't have to make any adjustments to the cabinet. Having 2 ovens now allows me to cook foods that need different temperatures at the same time.

Review Title: sleek and stylish and good functions | Review by

received as part of builder package on new home construction

Review Title: Great double oven in space of one oven | Review by

Nice to use just the smaller top part of oven to cook during summer heat!

Review Title: Great oven | Review by

Love the oven, but have one GRIPE!!!! I have to use a flashlight to see the settings for the oven!!!! Why didn't you make the settings so they would light up?? Also, why didn't you make both ovens convection (that's the best for everything)????

Review Title: Two for One | Review by

The convenience of selecting the oven size to the cooking job is great. This oven has all the bells and whistles, and being able to leave the racks in when self-cleaning is a real plus.

Review Title: JUST WHAT I NEEDED AND WANTED | Review by

I have had this oven for almost one year. I first ordered a single oven from another brand. It was big and cheaper but did not offer the versatility and convenience of the single double oven. I returned the other oven and purchased the SS single double oven. We installed it below the countertop. I am very happy with my decision. It has plenty of room, is quiet, has easy to open doors and I do not have to bend down to the floor every time I use the oven. I was thankful to have this double oven when we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

The dual ovens in same space as single oven works very well. Love, love the convection oven speed to cook things and how well it cooks the food! Convection oven browns food nicely. We use the top oven the most which is great to cook one thing and it doesn't take as long to heat up as the 2nd, larger oven. Drawbacks are you can only clean 1 oven at a time and the cleaning feature doesn't seem to clean the glass/oven door as well as the rest of the oven. I read in other reviews to be careful about spilling liquids on the top oven door as this is where all the computer components are located and can seep inside that area, ruining the controls.

Review Title: Does not cook | Review by

Baked potato in at 450 for 2 hours. Tried regular and convection. What gives????!!!'nn

Review Title: Control Panel Issues | Review by

Had this unit for about 1.5 yrs. After using the self cleaning function, we started to experience issues with the control panel. Under the upper door, you will see a black sleeve on the left that houses the wires to the control panel. In order to turn on the oven, we have to push on the sleeve, Open and shut the the lower door, the oven will some how turn on. If the upper door is open, the entire unit will shut off. Then we have to repeat the process again. Only the lower part can be used.

Review Title: Great Unit!! | Review by

This was purchased to replace a much more expensive unit from another manufacturer that lasted only two years. We have had the double stove for several months and love it. When we have a party, and that is often, having two stoves is such a plus. Many reviews have stated they had problems after using the self-cleaning mode. We have had none. A great unit, only wish we had found it earlier.

Review Title: Great oven! | Review by

Upgraded to this while we were building our house. Glad we did.

Review Title: 2 Ovens the Size of a Single Oven | Review by

Love the smaller over for normal daily use as we are a family of 2 and it heats up quickly and uses less energy. Also, great for cooking more than 1 item at a time with different temps because it is a double oven. Love it!

Review Title: Takes too long to reach temp & inconsistant | Review by

Bottom oven works great. Top oven (smaller, "energy efficient" one) takes 15 minutes to heat up (ready beep sounds) and actually takes another 20 minutes to reach near correct temp.

Review Title: Just what I wanted! | Review by

I just got ride of a 40 year old stove with a small oven on top and lower larger oven. I really wanted to keep with a small regular oven. This GE is just what I need and what I was looking for! Thanks GE!

Review Title: GE Profile double oven | Review by

I am very happy with this product. Two ovens are very handy, spacious, nice look!

Review Title: Small ovens | Review by

I've had this oven for almost a year and find the temp to be vert inconsistent. I had the tech out and he find not give definitive answers or solutions. One so also too small prefer larger oven vs two small. Biggest complaint is no backlight on panel and I have to use flashlight to see settings. Trr

Review Title: Happy wife, Happy life. | Review by

We decided to replace all of our kitchen appliances primarily to get newer, updated refrigerator with bottom freezer and also my wife wanted the new double oven to replace our single oven. All items fit into cabinets with no modifications and the double over is fantastic. She has been very happy with the unit.

Review Title: so convenient and large enough | Review by

We bought unit to have 2 ovens of course, we were nervouse that the larger oven would be to small. That is not the case plenty large. Heats up fast.

Review Title: Two ovens in one space - amazing! | Review by

Finally we have two ovens and all within one wall mounted 30 inch standard opening. We needed to upgrade our single wall oven and decided to go with this double-single space oven and we love it. Finally we can cook meals at different temperatures and have it all finished at the same time. When making something simple, we just heat up the small upper oven - I believe we save time and energy cost as well. Nice job GE.

Review Title: Perfect oven! | Review by

I've had this oven for 5 years and it's the best purchase we've ever made for our kitchen! The convenience of 2 ovens but only taking up the space of a single oven. The inventor was ingenious! Love, love my oven(s).

Review Title: Great overall product | Review by

Great product, heats quickly. Great space, love the 2 ovens

Review Title: Oven(s) that work well | Review by

The ovens work very well for nearly everything. We cook our turkeys in a free standing cooker, so do not need a really big oven cavity. It will handle a roast in the bottom oven and two casseroles in the top.

Review Title: Great Bang for the Buck! | Review by

We had one of the "upscale" brand ovens that catastrophically failed after about eight years, prompting us to look for a new oven. We decided to try the Profile series product because we use them in our rental properties. We really like the half-height upper oven; when there are only two of us here, it saves energy and money cooking in the smaller space. REALLY love the Pizza setting! We get pizzeria-quality pies from this oven!



Review Title: This Oven does so much and takes up so little space! | Review by

At first I was skeptical about this oven, but it has far proven me wrong. It cooks everything evenly and best of all it is 2 ovens in the space of one. It compliments ones kitchen as well. Easy to use controls. The outside of the oven never feels hot, not that I am saying someone should touch it but the heat stays in the oven rather than escaping from it. I would recommend this oven to anyone looking for an oven that does so much in a single oven space. Entertainment made a little easier.

Review Title: My favorite kitchen appliance! | Review by

I've had this oven for over 9 months now and I absolutely love it!! When we remodeled our kitchen I desperately wanted full size double ovens, but only had room for a single. I was nervous about the size of these ovens but took a risk and bought it anyway and haven't regretted my choice at all. I use the top oven the most because it preheats so quickly and is perfect for baking casseroles, pizzas, and anything on a cookie sheet. The bottom oven is plenty big for all my other baking needs, including perfectly cooking a 17 pound turkey at Thanksgiving. Love having the convenience of 2 ovens that only takes the space of a single. I have a ge microwave mounted above the ovens and the set up works great. I highly recommend this oven!

Review Title: absolutely beautiful | Review by

Can't wait to use it - but hate to get it dirty. I'm sure it will be wonderful as all the Monogram products I have just had installed.

Review Title: Looks fantastic | Review by

This made our kitchen stand out and shine. We love it. And my wife uses it all the time.

Review Title: Great use of space | Review by

Love the double oven in a single oven space. Very nice features and so far have been pleased. I use the top oven most of the time and it preheats very quickly.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

this has to be the simple most complicated over i ever used

Review Title: Excellent Single Double Oven | Review by

My wife and I decided to have our kitchen remodeled and one thing we wanted was double ovens. There was an existing single GE Profile 9 year old oven in the cabinet with a microwave oven above in the cabinet. We didn't want to have to remove the microwave and we found out that GE made a single double oven so we did our research and bought one. Fantastic! Nice to only heat up half a standard sized oven and both ovens heat up really quickly. Even better was the single double oven fit exactly into the existing cutout for the single oven. We couldn't be more pleased with this single double oven.

Review Title: great features! | Review by

The best double oven for the money and fit the specific opening.

Review Title: GE Profile Series - PT 925SNSS | Review by

The GE Profile Single Double Oven does exactly what I need, it offered two cooking options in the space of one. When the unit began to malfunction, we were very disappointed. Two boards later and the problem persisted. The appliance repairman contacted GE Technical Support and we were referred to GE Customer Support. Customer Support took care of our situation promptly and professionally. We have had no issues since the issue was resolved. While I am disappointed in the quality of the product due to the issues we experienced, GE makes the only Single Double style built in oven on the market. The functionality is exactly what my family needs. GE customer service was incredible!

Review Title: Like it so far | Review by

We have had this for 1 week. Had to replace an oven. Didn't want to go through extra cost of cabinet work and lose storage space in our kitchen due to a large double oven. It was a tight fit and had the electrician relocate the power above the oven in the cut out so the installers would not have issues. The fan does blow a strong stream of air from the bottom/waist high. I wish you could divert the air down. I hang a long kitchen towel on the handle and that diverts the air to the floor and dries The towel stays dry!

Review Title: Love, Love, LOVE!!! | Review by

The perfect solution to multiple cooking times and temperatures when the family expects a complete meal served at once!

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I installed this a couple of months and live how quickly it heats up

Review Title: Super space saver | Review by

I love this oven!!! I put one in our house a couple years ago. Perfect size. The upper oven heats up quickly. Just the right size for cookies, cakes, roasts. The lower oven is a little larger. Will hold a turkey. I matched it up with the matching microwave oven. When we sold our house, I knew I wanted this oven in my new house. In less than a year we were installing it. By mounting the oven a little lower I was able to install the microwave above it. Saves a lot of space that way. Love, love, love it!!!

Review Title: Nice Features, Too Small, Temperature inconsistent | Review by

We have only had the oven for about 2 months. The two ovens seem nice in the size of one oven, but they are small and the way that the racks are designed does not help the functionality of the oven. Also, the temperature and baking times are very inconsistent. We have burned several items in this oven in much less than the recommended baking times.

Review Title: Just Wonderful | Review by

I bought the oven just this month and just love it

Review Title: Incredible use of space | Review by

We bought this product 6 months and we are thrilled by the capacity and ease of use

Review Title: Awesome Oven! | Review by

This oven is FANTASTIC! Pre-heating takes about 5 minutes, whereas my previous oven took about 15 minutes minimum. It bakes foods perfectly. I especially love the convection oven. The appearance is sharp! Very gorgeous in my kitchen! My only complaint would be that the rack in the convection oven tends to get off kilter when you pull it out to take out the item in the oven. But, it's a minor annoyance. I would definitely recommend this product!

Review Title: Love This Oven! | Review by

I've had this oven for about 3-1/2 years. I love it! No problems at all. The top oven is so convenient and heats to selected temp very quickly. A turkey will definitely fit in the lower oven. This is a perfect oven for a couple or small family. The convenience of having two ovens is wonderful and I'm spoiled!

Review Title: Overall a good product with one negative | Review by

We really wanted two ovens, but we didn't want to lose the space that the standard two oven appliance needed, so this was a great idea for us. We use the smaller top oven 90% of the time. The one complaint is the oven display is not backlit. When we saw it in the store, the display was not powered of course and the display looked exactly like one you expect to be backlit, light gray letters on black plastic background. At the location we put it in our kitchen it gets light from recessed floods in the ceiling but there's no lights that can be adjusted directly towards the face of the oven to better light it. For us this really makes it unnecessarily difficult to use and really detracts from an overall good product.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

We were wanting another oven but didn't want to lose cabinet space. When we found the single double oven we were thrilled. Larger oven on bottom seems to have plenty of space for a medium turkey or large roast.

Review Title: Cooked a perfect turkey | Review by

I used the larger oven to cook my Thanksgiving 21 pound turkey and it cooked perfectly. I was very pleased with the results.

Review Title: Oven is < 2 years old - clock stopped working | Review by

Premium price paid for this product. Assumed (like an idiot) that the GE PROFILE line would stand up to it's price. Less than 2 years old and the clock stopped working - which means no timers and lord only knows what else won't work. GE Profile only offers a 1 year gaurantee - so I'm on my own for the "fix". For the price I paid, this simply should not be and for this reason - DON'T BUY GE PROFILE

Review Title: Great quality | Review by

I use it a lot on this over. Pre-heating is faster compared to another brand I used to have.

Review Title: LOVE this double oven | Review by

I had the room for a double oven but could not modify the cabinets without an extensive renovation. So I replaced my single oven with this double oven and am thrilled at the change. Finally I can bake different dishes at two different temps! Love the convection bake of the lower oven - makes outstanding pizzas, among other items. The only complaint I have is the lowest oven shelves slide out so close to the door that it's almost impossible to get a grip on pans when removing them, especially since you have to use thick pot holders to do so, because there's not enough room under the shelf to grab.

Review Title: Perfect for my small kitchen! | Review by

We were completely remodeling our kitchen and didn't have the room for two standard double ovens, but this was such a great alternative. The oven size keeps us from losing too much cabinet space and allows us to adjust the height. It works just as great as it looks. We are so pleased with it.

Review Title: Great look and awesome performance. | Review by

I really like the looks of this oven and the features are fantastic. I only wish the price was a little more reasonable. I think the built-in appliances are over priced.

Review Title: I love this product! Double ovens without the space | Review by

I love this product! It gave us double ovens in our kitchen while still allowing us to have a spot on the wall for our microwave. The capacity of the ovens works great and I love having the smaller size because they heat up faster than a standard single oven. Also they aren't too small - the bottom oven is big enough for the large items and, with the convection on the bottom overn, it works well to cook multiple things at the same time / temperature. The appearance is very nice. The installation was a little tricky. We thought we would be able to pop it right into our existing hole (which has a GE Profile single wall oven) but the size was just slightly different and the position of the electrical box made it harder for our install. I would recommend purchasing installation on this. However I would definitely recommend this product. We have had it installed for over 6 months and it works great!

Review Title: Serious Problem with Lower Oven | Review by

The lower oven is useless for cooking large (i.e. 18 lb) turkey. When you use the offset rack in the bottom position as you're required to do when cooking a large turkey, the rack hits the gasket on the oven door. You cannot simply slide the rack out and instead must lit the rack over the gasket. This causes the turkey to slide backwards in the oven and spill. Unacceptable. Also, the lower rack bows from the weight and gets caught on the heating element. There is no weight restriction listed anywhere for this rack. I cannot recommend this oven.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We love everything about this oven. I actually use it a lot more since it's quick and energy efficient to use the smaller oven most of the time. I also love being able to have two cooking or baking projects going on at the same time. The appearance is beautiful.

Review Title: Double Oven | Review by

Love this feature that you have a double oven in a single oven space. We're down to two people now and use the small top oven all the time and I don't feel guilty that I've waisted electric heating and cooling down a big oven. Yet I have the flixablity to use both at the same time. Awesome.

Review Title: Wanted a double oven | Review by

I wanted a double oven but wish I had paid the extra $500 and purchased the larger double oven. Otherwise - great product!!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Love it! I love to bake and multiple items at once. My kitchen came with a single wall oven. This appliance was the perfect fit. It has everything I wanted plus things that I didn't even know about. It is well lit on the interior, controls are easy to see and use. It has transformed my kitchen to a modern and fully efficient cooking paradise! Buy it you will be thrilled! Judy

Review Title: This is so easy to use. | Review by

Clear directions, easy to use, excellent overall, fits into smaller spaces.

Review Title: Love at first impression. | Review by

My first encounter with this beauty was thanks to a GE demonstration. The ability to make multiple dishes at the same time with the appropriate temperature makes me love it even more.

Review Title: A lot of oven in a little space | Review by

This is an awesome oven, lots of cooking space in both ovens with extra features like warm options, time cook and much more. you will not be disappointed

Review Title: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! | Review by

I previously had a single oven and was thrilled to find a double oven that could fit into my single oven�s spot without the inconvenience of remodeling. Once the oven was installed I checked to see if our Thanksgiving turkey pan would fit in the bottom oven. I was happy to see plenty of room in the bottom oven for not only my future turkeys but also room for more. (Not to mention more room in the upper oven!) I absolutely love, love, love this oven! It has a pizza feature and a warming feature that have been used quite a bit. When you switch to a double oven from a single oven you begin to wonder how you ever got along with only one oven for so many years.

Review Title: Great concept of 2 ovens in one size! | Review by

Absolutely love this oven! I have been searching for an oven to replace my single oven and no other brands seem to have this design. I always wanted a double but did not want two large ovens especially when I only need to reheat a few items. This uses less energy and I love that you can use the bottom as convection if you want. Have had it since Oct and it was great for Thanksgiving. Not sure how large of a Turkey would fit in it but we cook our Turkey outside in a Turkey fryer so that's not a problem for that once a year dinner!

Review Title: This oven has a nice apperance | Review by

Still getting used to a convection oven seems to bake okay but doesn't brown well, you can only bake with cookie sheets or very shallow baking pans because it is only 8 inches from the floor to the ceiling of the oven. Keep in mind the 8 inches is before the placement of the oven rack so it is probably more like 4-6 inches cooking space. The lower oven is larger it is 12 inches from floor to ceiling. I don't think I will be able to cook a Turkey in it. I usually cook a 20-22 lb turkey and use Reynold's backing bags so even if the turkey did fit the bag would expand and touch the upper heating element.

Review Title: I LOVE THIS OVEN | Review by

I have looked all over for a double oven that wasn't connected to the cooktop and was only finding Ranges. When I discovered this beauty I was very excited. The only problem we had was that we could not put it under our gas cooktop, but we took out some drawers and a cupboard and put it in that place, while getting new large drawers where the old oven was located. And, now I have a new kitchen featuring this fabulous oven. I love saving electricity by having a smaller oven to heat. It heats faster and cools down all the while being so quiet it does not interrupt conversation or TV. Thank you for creating my dream oven.

Review Title: Great for limited wall space | Review by

Love this oven! I wanted a double oven, but didn't have the space for two full sized wall ovens. This model provides the best of both worlds. Both top and bottom ovens have ample space for our needs. Controls are very intuitive, and because they are a 'touch' system, there are no protruding buttons to collect dust or grease, and thus easy to clean. The bottom convection oven has been great for my baking needs, and I can cook a pizza in the upper oven concurrently. I particularly like the internal lighting, which is nice and bright. I also appreciate the fact that since there are two smaller depth oven doors, it makes for a much easier reach for us 'vertically challenged' individuals.


while a little slow to heat up love these ovens. convection oven browns like no other!

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

I wanted an eye level oven, and this model gives me two versitile ovens in the space of one. The enamel racks make cleaning so much easier than conventional chrome. I love it.

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