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GE PT7550SFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven - Convection (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE-PT7550SFSS Cooking

Appliances GE-PT7550SFSS CookingAppliances GE-PT7550SFSS CookingAppliances GE-PT7550SFSS CookingAppliances GE-PT7550SFSS CookingAppliances GE-PT7550SFSS CookingAppliances GE-PT7550SFSS CookingAppliances GE-PT7550SFSS CookingAppliances GE-PT7550SFSS Cooking
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  • Appliances GE-PT7550SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PT7550SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PT7550SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PT7550SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PT7550SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PT7550SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PT7550SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PT7550SFSS Cooking

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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven - Convection
Regular Price: $3,300.00
27% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $2,963.70
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GE Wall Oven - European Convection

GE Profile Series Appliances

If you are a people person, a frequent entertainer, or just have a big family, the

GE Profile PT7550SFSS double wall oven

could be a serious game-changer. With tons of room and cooking power that can handle any meal you throw at it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

In the Ovens

  • Let's get one thing straight: these ovens are massive. With a
    total capacity of 10 cu. ft.
    – that's 5 cu. ft. in each oven - they are incredibly spacious so you can pack in more dishes to cook at once.
  • The upper oven features
    True European Convection with Direct Air
    . A variable speed fan distributes hot air from the top for fast and thorough results. Use it to bake and multi-rack bake, broil and crisp, and roast to perfection. The
    auto recipe conversion
    guarantees that nothing will be overcooked.
  • Baking enthusiasts love this double oven for its consistent heating. The
    ten-pass bake element
    in the upper oven provides total coverage without uneven spots, so you'll never have to turn your cookies and your brownies won't burn on the sides. This element is concealed in the oven for easy cleaning.
  • Included with your wall oven is a
    meat probe
    that can be hooked into the upper oven. Convection roasting is a breeze when you can check temperatures so conveniently!
  • Both ovens have conventional baking and broiling, as well as
    proof mode and warm mode
    . Each one also has a
    ten-pass dual broil element
    . Enjoy intense heating from edge to edge, no matter which oven you use!
  • There are two standard racks in each oven, and the upper oven has one
    heavy-duty roller rack
    . You'll no longer have to struggle to heft bulky items inside with the accessibility this smoothly gliding rack provides. Also, you can safely leave these racks in during the self-clean cycle and they'll get cleaned too.
  • Get your ovens spotless the way you want with
    self-clean and steam clean options
    . Customers love the steam clean mode – all it takes is 30 minutes and one cup of water, and everyday spills are gone!

Other Features

  • Progressive halogen lighting
    in both ovens gradually lights up the oven cavity so you can get a glimpse of your food while it's cooking.
  • With better illumination and
    big view oven windows
    , you'll never have to open the door and release any heat.
  • Both ovens have an attractive
    black gloss interior
    for that extra hint of style.
  • The
    glass touch LED control panel
    is easy to use, and locking the controls makes it simple to wipe clean.
  • These ovens are well-insulated, so heat is retained more efficiently and you won't be miserable cooking in the summertime.
  • Both the convection and cooling fans run quietly, so there'll be no noise to bother you or your guests.
  • This GE double oven was
    made in America
    , with quality workmanship you can see.

Though GE models continue to change over the years, their appliances still offer performance you can depend on. The beautiful GE PT7550SFSS double oven is a functional and versatile cooking solution that's sure to delight. Shop Goedeker's today for the wall oven of your dreams!


Oven Features
Total Capacity: 5.0 Upper / 5.0 Lower
Self Clean: Yes with Steam Clean Option
Self Clean Oven Lock Door: Automatic
Oven Interior: 2 Halogen Lights; Hidden Bake
True European Convection: Yes with Direct Air (Upper)
10 Pass Bake Element: Yes
10 Pass Dual Broil Element: Yes
Closed Door Broiling: Yes
Oven Control Features
Audible Preheat Signal: Yes
Auto Recipe Conversion: Yes (Upper)
C° or F° Programmable: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Certified
Control Lock Capability: Yes
Delay Bake Option: Yes with Cook and Hold
Delay Start: Yes
Digipad Numeric Entry: Yes
Electronic Timer: Clock and Kitchen
Hi/Low/Crisp Broil: Yes (Upper)
Mis-Wire Detection: Yes
Optional Clock Display: Yes
Oven Meat Probe: Yes
Proof Mode: Yes (Both Ovens)
Warm Mode: Yes (Both Ovens)
Hi/Low Broil: Yes
Oven Cooking Modes
Convection Bake: Yes (Upper)
Convection Broil: Yes (Upper)
Convection Roast: Yes (Upper)
Crisp Broil: Yes (Upper)
Thermal Bake: Yes (Both Ovens)
Thermal Broil: Yes (Both Ovens)
KW Rating at 240V: 7.6
KW Rating at 208V: 5.7
Amp Rating at 240V: 40
Amp Rating at 208V: 40
Bake Wattage: 2,850
Broiler Wattage: 4,300W Upper / 4,000 Lower
Convection Wattage: 2,400W
Handle Designer-Style: Stainless Steel
Frameless Oven Door: Stainless Steel
Oven Door Features: Big View Oven Window
Color Appearance: Stainless Steel
Installation: Above Warming Drawer
Labor Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Parts Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weights
Product Width: 29 3/4"
Product Depth: 27 3/16"
Product Height: 52 5/8"
Cutout Width: 28 1/2"
Cutout Depth: 23 1/2"
Cutout Height: 51 13/16"
Interior Width (Upper): 25"
Interior Depth (Upper): 20 1/4"
Interior Height (Upper): 17 3/8"
Net Weight: 284 Lbs.
Approximate Shipping Weight: 308 Lbs.

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Review Title: Love , Love this oven | Review by

Going on three months and love this oven. This is the best oven I have ever had. My bake goods, dinner, and breads comes out excellent.

Review Title: satisfied with my purchase | Review by

We are enjoying our new 30" double oven upgrade from our 14" double oven. Our kitchen looks better and we are satisfied with the quiet and the cooking.

Review Title: Great appliances | Review by

I bought the ge profile french door refrig electric cooktop double convection oven and microwave. I am in love with all my appliances they have exceeded my expectation. I cook a lot and all of my recipes taste even better now. Great appliances great value well done !!!

Review Title: Great double ovens!! | Review by

We have the double ovens for over two month now and they are fabulous and easy to use.

Review Title: Double oven | Review by

Absolutely love this double oven! The oven racks glide so smoothly, better than any I have ever had! Plus, it looks great in my kitchen!

Review Title: great dual ovens | Review by

we purchased the new ovens in June to replace our oven units. We are very pleased with the performance and usability of the new unit.

Review Title: Love the look! | Review by

Still getting use to all that it is able to do but so far I am delighted

Review Title: Perfect! | Review by

We recently updated our appliances and I must say I am so delighted with this double oven. It looks amazing, it is easy to use, and cooks perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased with our decision to purchase this oven.

Review Title: My double oven | Review by

I did not have a choice in buying product it was in our new home from the builder.

Review Title: Difficult to operate | Review by

The ovens are a bit difficult to program and operate. The cook well but that is expected. This was installed by our home builder thus no choice other than the selection of model type.

Review Title: Great ovens! | Review by

Ease of use with electronic controls is wonderful. Best ovens I've ever owned.

Review Title: Great Look | Review by

My wife and I decided on this purchase early in the process of building a home. We are very pleased with the oven.

Review Title: Wonderful features and great looks!~ | Review by

Ovens just installed a couple of days ago. But, we are VERY pleased with the features and high quality!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Installed in April and we are happy with features and appearance

Review Title: NICE OVEN | Review by


Review Title: shelfs | Review by

Shelf in bottom oven tricky to pull out when cooking heavy items

Review Title: New home | Review by

Great Wall oven - looks great and cooks terrific - used both ovens at Thanksgiving and got all the table hot!

Review Title: Nicely done, feature packed ovens | Review by

This is a very versatile double oven that can handle the biggest meal you can throw at it. Easy to use and understand, and it looks really great in our kitchen. Very pleased with this addition to the GE family of cooking products.

Review Title: Best Double Oven | Review by

Largest double oven at this price level and with features.

Review Title: cook great | Review by

plenty of room and cooks great, love the combination of convection and conventional

Review Title: great oven | Review by

Works great have had no issues with the oven. Convection works great

Review Title: Great features and look | Review by

We have used this for 3 months and love it. It works great and looks better.

Review Title: BEAUTIFUL, QUIET DOUBLE OVEN | Review by

This is a beautiful double oven. It is quiet and so easy to use. This is my first convection oven and so far I love. it.

Review Title: Works great and quiet fan | Review by

We have been very pleased with this double oven. It appears to be made of very good quality and is easy to use. The cooling fan is very quiet compared to other models and it cooks very evenly. Easy to clean and self cleaning feature works great.

Review Title: Great Oven | Review by

Bought the oven about three months ago and have really enjoyed using it. Only complaint is length of time to reach set temperature.

Review Title: So far, so good | Review by

We have had this product about two months and it seem to be working good so far.

Review Title: Sleek and stylish | Review by

the option to use traditional and convection cooking is wonderful.

Review Title: Fantastic and Versatile Oven | Review by

We purchased our new GE oven a little more than a month ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the versatility of conduction and convection cooking. We are very pleased with its performance and appearance.

Review Title: Love My Double Oven | Review by

Double Oven is great! Love the convection cooking. Did not rate it 5 star because the removable baking racks do not slide in and out easily.

Review Title: love to bake! | Review by

This is a great product. I am totally loving baking in it.

Review Title: Great Oven - | Review by

I bought this oven about 3 weeks ago - its really great - easy to install, cooks really well - the wife loves it. We tend to be at soccer fields late into the evening, so having the capability to turn the oven oven remotely to preheat is a blessing - saves 20 mins - so far, so good -

Review Title: Great oven | Review by

I am very happy with this oven. I use both ovens all the time and with multiple racks. The cooking is very even and consistent. Still learning how to better utilize the convection since I've never cooked with that before.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

Love the oven size, and ease of setting time, temp. stylish.

Review Title: Very dissatisfied | Review by

I was happy to hear that our new home was going to come with a gourmet kitchen and would include a double wall oven with convection mode on at least one of the ovens. Then we moved in and I started to use the oven...there is no true convection mode on this unit. its convection mode cooks much slower that the conventional mode. And as for convection roast ( a setting I used often in my other ovens) it is a useless setting. Convection roast should sear the outside of a roast or at least brown well, this setting does neither in this oven. In order to cook well I use the conventional mode exclusively. Very disappointing!!!! I am used to a convection oven that really shortens the cooking time. This one takes longer than a conventional setting and the upper element is used in the conventional mode so I have to be very careful where I put the shelves. So strange...The temperature varies so much I am worried about trying to do my Christmas cookies in these ovens. I made biscotti in these ovens and they almost burned before getting to the right texture. Like I said am so disappointed. These are not ovens I can rely on for even heat or browning. Certainly not what any serious cook would want in their kitchen. If I had the money I would replace them in a heart beat.

Review Title: Beautiful appearance! | Review by

We remodeled our kitchen in July and installed all new appliances. The double oven we purchased had a defect in the main circuit board after 2-3 weeks of operation. It was totally powerless-even the clock. The technician came and installed a new board (under warranty) and the oven has worked flawlessly ever since. We really like it!

Review Title: Love the steam clean | Review by

I previously had a GE double oven which I was very happy with, and we renovated our kitchen and I wanted GE again. Glad this is what we chose.

Review Title: BEAUTIFUL LOOKING | Review by


Review Title: Double Oven | Review by

Works Great. Plenty of features and good quality and workmanship.

Review Title: awesome oven | Review by

this oven is beyond anything i have ever used, it is incredible, in every way

Review Title: Good Looking unit | Review by

Super unit only draw back is shelves are hard to adjust.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We bought this oven last month to replace a model by a different maker. I love how insulated it is and how it vents from the bottom of the oven.

Review Title: Two-Ovens are wonderful | Review by

Love having two ovens with convection option on each

Review Title: Good features. | Review by

Lots of room. Cooks evenly. Con: takes almost 20 minutes to preheat.

Review Title: The Best! | Review by

These ovens are the best! I don't believe you can't find ovens that bake at a more consistent, perfect temperature! This is the 3rd set we've purchased for homes we have had built. If they were not absolutely wonderful, we would not be repeat customers. But time and time again, they have proved to us that they are the best. Over the years GE has made a few changes (handles, basic look), the ovens continue to perform with perfection!

Review Title: Love my new double oven! | Review by

This is first time I've had a double oven! It's wonderful being able to bake more than one item at a time. The top oven is both convection and traditional which is nice if you need to cook something faster. Bottom oven is traditional baking only which I use most of the time.

Review Title: Outstanding Appliance! | Review by

This is the best example of an oven I have seen. Easy to use, efficient and functions perfectly.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I am very pleased with this product and how efficiently is cooks

Review Title: Great new design | Review by

We've always admired this item whenever we were in the store and finally decided to get it. We couldn't be happier with the performance or the look. We should have done it a long time ago.

Review Title: What a difference | Review by

What a difference the right oven can make. Totally love this oven unit. My southern recipes are finally turning out as they should even with the convection feature.

Review Title: My first oven in 40 years! | Review by

Purchased product from Lowe's. Arrived in good condition and once installed, I started cooking right away! I replaced my 40 year old oven with this GE profile product and I was amazed how easy the oven is to use. I particularly like the Cook Time feature which turns the oven off at the end of the timed cycle. Consumer must install the side rails for the racks and I appreciated GE providing extra nuts. I dropped one during installation. I do think the owner's manual is a little sparse on operating instructions and the copied addendum to the manual was useless as it was poor quality. I chose this GE Profile series appliance because I own a GE Profile ceramic electric cook-top which has been very reliable.

Review Title: Excellent even and accurate cooking! | Review by

We bought our ovens in a couple of months ago in the middle of summer. We found the baking to be perfect. Temps are spot on. Even baking. Big plus: the kitchen doesn't get hot when using the ovens. Lovely light venting. Ovens are very near the fridge and you wouldn't know you had them on 400 degrees. Love them!!

Review Title: Amazing! So Convenient! | Review by

We bought this just before Christmas as part of a complete remodel of our kitchen. I had always wanted double ovens and now I know why. Holiday dinners were so much easier and the appliance operates as promised. Simply love the quality and the convenience.

Review Title: Accurate and wonderful | Review by

Installed after Christmas and I love this oven. Both have been used separately as well as at the same time. I have cooked everything from roasts to multiple cookie sheets(never having to turn them during baking) as well as delicate merangues. Thrilled with purchase!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Wow this oven is a great appliance...just love the features and ease of use!!

Review Title: Undependable product | Review by

Don't waste your money on this one. I have had it a year and a half, and it has quit me three times! That's a lot of food to throw out because your oven stops working!

Review Title: The Old One Finally Broke!!! | Review by

When the micro went out in the old builder-grade Whirlpool combo oven right before Black Friday, I knew it was time to pounce. Got a great 'special order' deal @ Lowe's, and the installation went smoothly. It really is a handsome double and is packed with features. The probe worked great and the Christmas roast was perfect. No more shuffling pizzas...bazinga!!!

Review Title: Feature rich ovens with OPTIONS! | Review by

Convection on BOTH w/ option for traditional baking plus option for better circulation for multi-rack baking. Proof option for yeast rising. Probe for perfect meat doneness. Steam cleaning as well as self cleaning. 1 sliding rack and 3 racks per oven. Every feature you would want!

Review Title: Hope this one will last longer! | Review by

Bought ge profile double oven wall built-in when remodeling house in 1998. Didn't use it a lot for a few years, had a restaurant. But then began using it more--sold the restaurant. Had to have control panel and top door replaced. Not happy about that. Now 2013 and the control panel is out again. I am disappointed that there are not separate control panels for top and bottom ovens, so if one goes out you still have another oven. Maybe the engineers can figure that out for the consumer! Not happy again! Husband says he wants stainless steel appliances as the old ones die. So today--11/14/13--we have just had a new GE profile oven installed. I am hoping the technology has improved, and I will get more years and less maintenance on the new oven.

Review Title: WALL OVEN | Review by


Review Title: Cooks evenly, easy to use | Review by

So glad we went with convection. I noticed a difference in my baking. Cookies and brownies bake evenly without burning on the sides. We had some spillage from a ham and it cleaned up easily. The oven is easy to use and have two makes life easier when hosting holidays or parties. The front cleans easily with no streaks. Great buy!

Review Title: No Complaints! | Review by

These are the best double ovens I have owned. We have built many houses in our corporate years and these are by far the best. They also are very attractive and easy to clean. The convection feature is awesome and saves time when in a hurry. Also warm temperature is a great feature.

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