GE PSE29KSESS Profile 29.09 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Side-By-Side Refrigerator - Energy Star (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS Refrigerators

Appliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS RefrigeratorsAppliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS RefrigeratorsAppliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS RefrigeratorsAppliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS RefrigeratorsAppliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS Refrigerators
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  • Appliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS Refrigerators
  • Appliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS Refrigerators
  • Appliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS Refrigerators
  • Appliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS Refrigerators
  • Appliances GE GE-PSE29KSESS Refrigerators

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"I never thought that I'd buy an appliance from a dealer 900 mikes away, but it looks like I am in good company! I first saw your store in person, since my son and his family live only two mikes away from your store. And then I found you online when I was trying to compare brands and features of a high-end under counter ice maker. We are thrilled. And your salesperson helped me compare various features to get just the right one. It arrived in perfect condition. We are delighted and will definitely be shopping for other appliances as needed, especially since we saved almost 20%!! Great concept and good people to do business with. Thanks!"


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Customer reviews for Goedeker's excellent service

"I really liked my experience with your company. 1. Your price was very competitive with other companies locally and on line. 2. Free shipping to my front door. 3. Ability to track my order from the time I placed the order to delivery. 4. Excellent customer service even during the New Year holiday. Called back with updated delivery. 5. Excellent buying experience."


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  • Stainless Steel with Contoured Doors
  • With its rich luster and polish, stainless steel offers a smooth appearance that will not stain, corrode or rust like ordinary steel. Plus, the exterior is slightly curved outward to add a designer's touch.
  • Temperature Management
  • Enjoy even cooling throughout the fresh food section.
  • Angled ALL LED Lighting in Fresh Food and Freezer
  • Illuminates every inch of the fresh food and freezer compartments.
  • Arctica Icemaker
  • Holds up to 10 lbs of ice, so there's enough for all occasions.
  • Multi-Level Freezer Baskets
  • Provide plenty of easy-access storage for frozen foods.
  • Turbo Cool Setting
  • Drops interior temperature to maintain freshness after frequent openings.
  • Quick Ice Setting
  • Create ice up to 50% faster than normal settings.


Total Capacity: 29.09 cu. ft.
Fresh Food Capacity: 17.97 cu. ft.
Freezer Capacity: 11.12 cu. ft.
Electrical Requirements: 120V; 60Hz; 15A
ADA Compliant: Yes
Energy Star Qualified: Yes
Fresh Food Cabinet Shelves: 4 Total; Glass; 3 Adjustable; 2 Slide-Out; 2 Spill Proof
Fresh Food Door Bins: 4 Total Clear Look; 3 Adjustable with Gallon Storage; 1 Fixed
Freezer Cabinet Shelves: 3 Total
Freezer Door Bins: 3 Total; 2 Adjustable; 1 Fixed
Control Type: Upfront Electronic Temperature Controls; Actual Temperature Display
Performance Features: Easily Removable Door Gaskets; Never Clean Condenser; Vacation Mode
Dispenser Features: Child Lock; LED Dispenser Light; Quick Ice; Door Alarm; Water Filter Indicator Light
Fresh Food Features: Integrated Shelf Support System; Interior Lighting - All LED
Fresh Food Door Features: Dairy Compartment
Freezer Features: Interior Lighting - LED; Ice Storage Bin
Door Liner: ABS
Dispenser: Cubes; Crushed Ice and Chilled Water
Icemaker: Factory-Installed
Defrost Type: Frost Guard
Water Filtration: GE Water Filtration 6 Month; MWF
Temperature Management Features: 4 Electronic Sensors; Turbo Cool Setting; Short Air Tower
Leveling System: 2 Point Front Adjustable
Fresh Food Cabinet Drawers: Multi-Level Drawers; 3 Stack Drawer System
Top Drawer: Snack Drawer
Middle Drawer: Adjustable Humidity
Bottom Drawer: Adjustable Humidity
Exterior Style: Freestanding
Handle: Stainless Steel Sculptured
Door Stops: Yes
Textured Steel Case: Gray
Dispenser Color: Stainless Appearance
Exterior Design: Contoured
Color Appearance: Stainless Steel
Parts Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Labor Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weights
Product Width: 35 3/4"
Product Depth: 36"
Product Height: 69 1/2"
Depth without Handle: 33 1/2"
Depth with Door Open 90°: 50"
Case Depth without Door: 28"
Height to Top of Case: 69"
Net Weight: 350 Lbs.
Approximate Shipping Weight: 370 Lbs.

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Review Title: large interior | Review by

Overall Rating
this is ok inside frig. I feel outside is a little cheaply made especially on top of frig. It is roomy.

Review Title: It's big! | Review by

Overall Rating
I like it a lot. Very roomy and laid out nicely. I bought a second one for my other home.

Review Title: Simplicity of Design | Review by

Overall Rating
Spacious - Quiet - Attractive - Functions Beautifully - Meets all needs

Review Title: great refridgerator | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this from Nebraska furniture Mart. Somebody had purchased it but returned it because the doors weren't perfectly lined up. A factory rep checked it out and gave it the ok. I got a new fridge for a great price

Review Title: Great space and functionality | Review by

Overall Rating
All I actually needed in a refrigerator I found it on this unit. The price was fantastic so I didn't pay for stuff that I don't need. Huge inside, very egonomic and awesome water/ice dispenser

Review Title: Ice | Review by

Overall Rating
Had this for two months. Love the ice maker and the extra space. Egg tray can hold 1 1/2 dozen container. Dislike the collapsible shelf -- keeps sliding in, cannot lock in extended position.

Review Title: CUBIC FEET AND ICE MAKER | Review by

Overall Rating
Love the space. I have GE service out to align the doors, but the refrigerator door keeps dropping and is not level with the freezer door I need a follow up service call. Please arrange.

Review Title: very nice | Review by

Overall Rating
Works well. fits a lot of stuff. Lots of drawer space.

Review Title: Features I like | Review by

Overall Rating
This refrigerator has been such a nice change d/t : 1. The lighting makes finding items much easier, 2. Larger space for freezer & food storage gives the chance to take advantage of sales, making going to the grocery less frequent, 3. The water dispenser is convenient & the water tastes great, 4. the storage bins & moveable shelves are improved in size & function, and 5. the motor runs quieter ! G.E. products have always been a part of our home !

Review Title: excellent lighting, lots of space | Review by

Overall Rating
Best refrigerator I ever had. Great look and design.

Review Title: Soooo Nice! | Review by

Overall Rating
This product is far more than I had anticipated. More room than I could have wished for. More ice than I can use. The lighting is brilliant and so easy to find anything in the fridge or freezer. And the stainless steel finish with black is gorgeous and the subtle curvature of the doors makes the unit look like one that would cost twice the price. With VERY quiet operation, this unit gets a triple A rating from me.

Review Title: Poorest excuse, sad to see how cheap it is. | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought it 3 month ago, and the shelves have fell out about 20 times in the doors. This is nothing short of junk, at a high price.

Review Title: Overall very good | Review by

Overall Rating
I have noticed that food does stay fresher longer with this new refrigerator as compared with my 13 year old one this replaced. I don't know if the seal is better or what but big difference. It looks nice but does get fingerprints easily. My main concern is the ice maker. We use it a lot and when it's set for cube it often comes out crushed which is very noisy and we want cubes. I have taken to reaching opening the freezer and getting the ice by hand which defeats the purpose of the outside dispenser. If we can get this worked out, I will be quite happy with the product. Lots of room and good lighting.

Review Title: Lot of Space! | Review by

Overall Rating
I first bought a LG french door refrigerator and disliked it so much that I took it back and bought this GE. Love the lights inside the frig. So much space in the frig. A full size ice maker which the french door did not have. Wish the freezer had solid shelves instead of wire shelves but.....most have wire. Love the temp settings on the front. Wide area to get ice......large enough to use an ice bucket. I also had to remove one shelf in the French door frig just to accommodate milk, tea, OJ........with this GE I can use all of my shelves and everything fits nicely.

Review Title: Lots of space | Review by

Overall Rating
I love being able to put the gallon of milk in the door instead of the shelf. Tons of space.

Review Title: beautiful refrigerator | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this refrigerator a few months ago what a nice peice of equipment it seems very well made holds a ton of food looks great works great as long as it gives me years of trouble free service I would highly recomend

Review Title: Freezer shelves too narrow and fall down | Review by

Overall Rating
I have purchased this refrigerator for 2 different houses and both times GE had to send out new shelves that were wider. I have a new house under construction and wanted to now if this issue has been addressed.

Review Title: I like it! | Review by

Overall Rating
It is probably too soon to know a lot about it, still in the first 24 hr of operation but it was making ice within 5 hours and the factory set temps were there this morning so working good looking good.

Review Title: Great space | Review by

Overall Rating
We bought the GE Profile Series 29.1 cubic feet refrigerator a couple months ago, we love it with the exception of the ice dispenser... the door that closes after each use of the ice dispenser is not closing properly and causes melting in the ice container which then freezes and clogs. Once fixed it is fabulous and we love the overall size.

Review Title: Superior options! | Review by

Overall Rating
Just bought this product and am very pleased thus far!

Review Title: great fridge | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this a month ago and only thing wiuld make it better would be for ice not to come out and go everywhere. If glass is up under it no problem but most folks hold it lower.

Review Title: Newly Purchased | Review by

Overall Rating
Bought this for our new home and really enjoy it! Works great, very cold and love the stainless steal look.

Review Title: Greta Customer Service from Lowes | Review by

Overall Rating
Replacing a Hunk of Junk Kitchen Aid, had another GE ...never had a problem with it.

Review Title: Fits everything! | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this 3 months ago and am very happy with it. The LED lighting is great and it is very large, fits everything. The temp controls are set to get to and filtered water is convenient.

Review Title: terrific features.... | Review by

Overall Rating
great buy...excellent a competitive price

Review Title: Loads of space | Review by

Overall Rating
Looks great and what an upgrade. We had a 25cf before and when we moved everything over what a difference, loads more empty space. Its quiet and only makes a loud humming when getting ice. The detents are kinda stiff and dont let the door close slowly on its own, so the beeper goes off and lets you know.

Review Title: Love the Looks of This One! | Review by

Overall Rating
I have been renovating my own kitchen. Everything else was finished except for new appliances. Once this GE Profile refrigerator was moved into place my new kitchen came alive! It's very attractive and the LED lights are a very nice touch.

Review Title: Beautiful | Review by

Overall Rating
Just received it yesterday. So far so good. It holds plenty of groceries. I love the lighting in the fridge.

Review Title: Seems Small for a Big Refrigerator | Review by

Overall Rating
My old refrigerator which was dimensionally the same size seemed to hold a lot more. Maybe it's because the door shelves are so wide, not as much room is left inside. The freezer seems fine. Best feature is the ice and water dispenser on the door - it's priceless.

Review Title: Love the Refrigerator | Review by

Overall Rating
Just bought this for my new home and my first purchase of refrigerator.

Review Title: Unbelievable Refrigerator/Freezer | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this 4 months ago and it is an incredible appliance. Much room for a side by side and the profile features are the state of the art design!

Review Title: Awesome features! | Review by

Overall Rating
I received this over four months ago and I love every aspect of it.

Review Title: Great Updates | Review by

Overall Rating
We had a GE Profile Refrigerator for many years. We decided it was time for a new one. When we saw this model we liked all the new features. What stood out at us was the new lighting. It is so much easier to see what you have when you open the doors. We also like having the water filter on the unit, because we like taking chilled water from the refrigerator. Our old one did not have a filter for the water.

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