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GE PP975BMBB Profile 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop (View all from GE)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

Appliances GE-PP975BMBB Cooking

Appliances GE-PP975BMBB CookingAppliances GE-PP975BMBB CookingAppliances GE-PP975BMBB CookingAppliances GE-PP975BMBB Cooking
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  • Appliances GE-PP975BMBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PP975BMBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PP975BMBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PP975BMBB Cooking

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GE Profile 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

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Check out the 36" GE PP975SMSS smoothtop electric cooktop with an eye-catching, black ceramic glass surface framed in stainless steel to enhance the beauty and culinary prestige.

This GE electric cooktop features five powerful heating elements, including a 12" or 9" or 6" Tri-Ring element and a 5" or 8" Dual Heating element for versatility and flexibility in pot and pan sizes. Situated front and center are the electronic touch controls. They sit flush on the surface so there are no knobs to mess with. The controls also have a safety Control Lock Capability to prevent unintentional heating. It's easy to clean the smooth, glass cooktop. This cooktop is a huge space saver too, as it fits right into the countertop. You barely notice it's there.

With over 60 years of trustworthy and reliable service, Goedeker's is one of the largest independent retailers of kitchen appliances in the nation. We work hard to keep our customers happy by providing the best quality and price. Buy the GE PP975SMSS cooktop today to add style to your kitchen for years to come.

  • Key Features
  • Electronic Touch controls
  • Offer easy, point-and-cook convenience.
  • Control Lock Capability
  • Provides the ability to lock the cooktop's controls, helping protect from accidental operation.
  • Ribbon Heating Elements
  • Provide powerful heat beneath a smooth glass surface to ensure even heat and fast warm-up times.
  • 12"/9"/6" Tri-Ring Element
  • Offer a convenient choice depending on the size of the pan.
  • 5"/8" PowerBoil Element
  • Provides up to 3000W of power to speed boiling process.
  • 5"/8" Dual Element
  • Offers a convenient choice of using a 5" or 8" heating element depending on the size of the pan.
  • Warming Zone
  • Upfront Controls
  • Controls are placed within easy reach at the front center of the cooktop.
  • Installation Notes
  • Requires a 5" free area between the bottom of the cooktop to any combustible material.
  • Free area not required when installing wall oven underneath cooktop.
  • Refer to installation instructions.
  • Approved for use over GE 30" single wall ovens and warning drawers.
  • Refer to cooktop and wall oven installation instructions packed with product for current dimensional data.


Overall Width: 36"
Overall Depth: 20 7/8"
Overall Height: 3 1/4"
Cutout Width: 33 7/8"
Cutout Depth: 19 1/8"
Minimum Front Counter Clearance: 2 1/2"
ADA Compliant: Yes
Ceramic Glass Surface: Pattern Black
Number of Elements: 5 Ribbon
12"/9"/6" Tri-Ring Element: 1 @ 3000W
9"/12" Dual Heating Element: No
6"/9" Dual Heating Element: No
5"/8" Dual Heating Element: 1 ribbon @ 2200W, 1 PowerBoil @ 2400W
8" Heating Elements: No
7" Heating Elements: No
Bridge Element: No
6" Heating Elements: 1 @ 1200W
6" Warming Zone: 1 @ 120W
Melt Setting: No
Simmer Setting: No
Hot Surface Indicator Lights: 5
Precise Digital Control System: No
Pan Presence Sensor: No
Pan Size Sensor: No
Kitchen Timer: No
Control Lock Capability: Yes
Available Colors: Stainless Steel (SS), Black (BB), White (WW)
Frameless: White and Black Models
Stainless Steel Frame: Stainless Model
KW Rating @ 240V: 8.9KW
KW Rating @ 208V: 6.7KW
Amps: 40Amps

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Review Title: Very pleased. | Review by

We are very pleased with this cook-top. Love the features; having the warming zone, power boil and 6-9-12 center element are all great improvements over our old 30" unit. No issues with surface scratches, treat it right and it will treat you right. Not having to deal with cleaning of, and around knobs is FANTASTIC!

Review Title: Great looking cooktop | Review by

To early to say anything but I'm trusting GE name.

Review Title: Impossible to clean! | Review by

The black glass will streak horribly unless you buy Cerama Bryte, that is recommended. The product is like a paste wax for your car. Once it dries. And you remove all the residue, the stovetop looks great. It takes so long to clean, I try not to use it. BUT, it does look incredible when it's clean. Do yourself a favor, trust me, find an easier stovetop to clean!

Review Title: smooth surface | Review by

Great buy. Best new technology. Easy to clean and keep clean.

Review Title: Stay away from this cooktop | Review by

We bought this cooktop as a replacement for an older GE cooktop. We have had nothing but trouble with this cooktop and after many service calls and replacement of the main board, we are still having issues with 30 minutes or so into cooking, the cooktop just shuts all of the burners off and the warm burner indicators are illuminated. Sometimes we have to reset the house breaker in order to turn it back on to continue cooking. We are so disappointed and are at our wits end with GE.

Review Title: Elegant, sleek & practical. | Review by

We remodeled our kitchen a month ago and love this stove top! It's perfect for multiple burners going on at once. Perfectly spaced for large pots and pans.

Review Title: Attractive and works well | Review by

I bought this to replace 38 year old free standing stove when I did kitchen remodel. It heats quickly and easy to clean up. I like the smooth surface for clean up vs, the messy drip pans under the burner coils.

Review Title: great cook top | Review by

I love love love my new cook top Easy to use and clean

Review Title: Great product. | Review by

We are extremely happy with our new cook top. It has done everything we need. It's nice to be able to cook and bake at the same time and not be in each others way.

Review Title: great cooktop | Review by

This is the best cooktop I have ever used. It heats fast and it cools fast.

Review Title: New size burners | Review by

I love my new GE cooktop. I had to replace an old one that I had. The only thing that I really miss from this new cooktop is a timer. My last one had a timer right on the cooktop and it came in very handy.

Review Title: Just what I need! | Review by

I love having the great choice of burner sizes. I replaced a perfectly functional unit that had only one large (9") burner and am extremely happy that I did. There is no gas in my neighborhood and this is so good that I am no longer whining about no gas!

Review Title: Good looking appliance | Review by

The cooktop is handsome, functional and easy to use.

Review Title: The Newer Electric Cool Tp[ | Review by

This electric cook top is very responsive, a faster reaction to increasing heat and decreasing heat. The five burner functions give you all you need to perform daily meals and larger social dinners.

Review Title: Fits in perfect, a replacement required no changes | Review by

Enjoy working with the unit. Very fast compared to the replaced unit.

Review Title: Where is the timer? | Review by

This looks good, but for heaven's sake, where is the timer? My old GE Profile is similar only smaller and it has a timer. Why would you take away this important feature?

Review Title: Once repaired--works great | Review by

GE makes great products, but this one happened to be a lemon. After 1 month's use, it broke so GE sent repair men to replace parts, and now it works just great . It took a month to be repaired, but am happy now with how it works.

Review Title: Perfect cook top | Review by

I've always cooked with gas and was quite hesitant when I moved and realized that gas was not offered in our area. But this cook top is a far cry from the old electric ranges. Heats up quickly and evenly and I love the look it gives my kitchen.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Easy installation. Works great, fast and even heating. Would buy again.

Review Title: Someone was thinking! | Review by

We put this cooktop in when we updated our kitchen recently. The 36" makes it feel roomy with plenty of workspace. Someone was thinking when they designed the layout. Because of the adjustable diameter heating elements, I can use cookware of any size on both front and back elements - so convenient! Heats up quickly, cools down quickly, brings food to a good rolling boil when needed. Of course the black glass is difficult to keep always shiny clean, but overall I love my new cooktop!

Review Title: Looks great | Review by

The look is great and the elements heat up quickly. The only negative is that the front is actually curved so the measurements given are for the deepest part of the curve. So when installed, it was actually half inch shorter than my old cooktop and I had to order an extra metal piece to cover the gap. So there was an added expense there.

Review Title: Sleek, elegant and easy to clean! | Review by

Love, love, love it! Yup and I've done some serious cooking on this baby and cleanup is a breeze. My husband says this is the easiest installation he's ever done!

Review Title: Looks great with our black granite | Review by

We have been very happy with the cooktop. It has worked well and looks great. It is very easy to clean.

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

I have only been using this products for about 3 months, but I already love it and would highly recommend it

Review Title: Great placement of heating units. | Review by

The placement of the heating elements is so much better than my previous stove top. The largest element is in the middle and slightly pushed back so that I do not have to cook over it when using the other elements. It is also an easy clean up.

Review Title: Very nice cooktop! | Review by

this is a nice unit and the price I paid was very reasonable. This cooktop looks great in our kitchen and has performed flawlessly to date. I'm glad I made this purchase

Review Title: This is the best stove top I have ever used | Review by

I have remodeled our kitchen and this is the best. I love the different features this has. When u are cooking and u are using a smaller pot u push the element control pad and it adjusts to the size of your pan Has a lock pad so when u clean the stove top will not go on. Has Hot surface indicator lights. So so Cool

Review Title: Excellent value and features | Review by

I needed to replace an existing cooktop and as the counters are granite it needed to be an exact fit. this model worked out perfectly and was a breeze to connect. It has great features, heats up fast and so far is easy to maintain. It also looks great in a black counter.

Review Title: sun city west | Review by

I just installed this today. Very nice looking and nice features. Everything worked.

Review Title: Attractive | Review by

Bought this one to replace a 12 year old cook top as it was obsolete and parts were not available? Works extremely well, but still waiting for my $100 rebate(60 days +) as this was one of the selling points. Good looking piece and fit in the original opening. Wife had no problem adapting to new controls.

Review Title: Easy to use, clean and it looks great!!! | Review by

I installed this a few days ago to replace an old electric coil cooktop. The installation was easy and the unit performs nicely. I love the fact there are no exposed dials which makes it easy to clean and it looks great!

Review Title: Love My New Cooktop | Review by

I just love my new GE cooktop! I waited way too long to upgrade and the difference is amazing. The controls are so easy to use and there is no mess around dials and knobs. it is very easy to clean and looks brand new every day. I have been using it for two months and haven't found anything I don't like about it yet. It was a little more money than I had planned to spend but so far it is totally worth it!

Review Title: Less than perfect | Review by

This appliance replaced a similar one. In comparison I am a little disappointed. But that is probably my fault. I miss the timer, the sensor that will turn it off if not in use. The surface scratches way to easily. It heats up very slowly.

Review Title: Very clean looking | Review by

Very clean look, no knobs to clean and highly accurate heat control on each burner, works better than any electric cooktop I've ever had. Only downside is to keep the glass top clean I clean it after each use. Also pots and pans should have a flat bottom for max efficiency. Do not let spills remain on cooktop and don't slide pots and pans on cooktop or it may get scratched.

Review Title: Look no further! This is Great! | Review by

First off let me just say that GE has always been our "go to" company for excellent products and service! This Cooktop is absolutely worth every penny! Makes cooking fun! We had several guests show up last weekend as a surprise and I must say I think they were more impressed with our GE cooktop than they were with anything else. Easy to clean up afterwards too! If you are in the "thinking about it" stage when it comes to purchasing this or not, think no it! You will not be disappointed!

Review Title: Sleek looking and a smart buy | Review by

Stove top heats very quickly. Heating is more efficient than a gas stove top. - Unit cleans so easily when cool. Love the locking feature and the warming burner. There is a burner for every size pan you have. Not having knobs and just touching to operate the unit is so nice. - Many great features on this unit. Best stove top I have ever owned - highly recommend!!

Review Title: Quality product | Review by

We are very happy with this cook top. It performs as well or better than expected. Quickly heats water to boiling, steady full width heating of pots and pans. Holds steady temperature.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by more playing musical chairs with pots and pans. Heats well, the touch controls give it an extra sleek look and with the control-lock feature, cleaning is a breeze, no knobs to keep clean.

Review Title: Very satisfied | Review by

Working with an existing granite cutout, this product, along with a trim kit, allowed us to achieve an exceptional appearance, superior performance and overall satisfaction. The unit is very sleek, performs well and meets our needs. I initally shopped for controls along the right edge. We could not find them along with the various other constraints we had. But I am very happy with the GE Profile cooktop we purchased.

Review Title: I love my new cooktop ! | Review by

I have dreamed of owning a glass cooktop ever since they came out years and years ago. It cooks well...just had to learn to not start everything on HIGH...most things cook very well on 3 and 4. Do make sure you keep it clean as any splattered grease or oil on a burner that is not cleaned up will become a tough job to clean up if it gets heated on a burner. My only draw-back is the warming burner. Personally, I don't think it gets warm enough...when it's at its hottest you can still put your bare hand on it. But even so, I absolutely love my new cooktop. Thanks GE.

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