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GE PP945BMBB Profile 30" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop (View all from GE)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

Appliances GE-PP945BMBB Cooking

Appliances GE-PP945BMBB CookingAppliances GE-PP945BMBB CookingAppliances GE-PP945BMBB CookingAppliances GE-PP945BMBB Cooking
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  • Appliances GE-PP945BMBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PP945BMBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PP945BMBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PP945BMBB Cooking

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GE Profile 30" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

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No Sales Tax. Outside Missouri


  • Key Features
  • Electronic Touch Controls
  • Replace traditional knob controls with digital buttons that are precise and easy to use and clean.
  • Control Lock Capability
  • Provides the ability to lock the cooktop's controls, helping protect from unintended activation.
  • Ribbon Heating Elements
  • Provide powerful heat beneath a smooth glass surface to ensure even heat and fast warm-up times.
  • 12"/9"/6" Tri-Ring Element
  • Offers a convenient choice depending on the size of the pan.
  • 5"/8" PowerBoil Element
  • Provides higher wattage to speed boiling process.
  • Hot Surface Indicator Lights
  • Illuminate when the cooking surface is active and hot, adding convenience and safe caution.
  • Heating Element "On" Light
  • Illuminates when the cooking surface is activated.
  • Installation Notes
  • Requires a 5" free area between the bottom of the cooktop to any combustible material.
  • Free area not required when installing over a wall oven.
  • Refer to installation instructions.
  • Approved for use over GE 30" and 27" single wall ovens and warming drawers.
  • Refer to wall oven and cooktop installation instructions packed with product for current dimensional data.
  • When replacing an old GE 30" cooktop (with larger opening), use the one piece trim kit (JXTR32 - available at an additional cost) to fill in the over-size hole.


Overall Width: 29 3/4"
Overall Depth: 21 3/8"
Overall Height: 3 1/4"
Cutout Width: 28 1/2"
Cutout Depth: 19 5/8"
Minimum Front Counter Clearance: 2 1/2"
ADA Compliant: No
Ceramic Glass Surface: Pattern Black
Number of Elements: 4 Ribbon
12"/9"/6" Tri-Ring Element: 1 @ 3000W
9"/12" Dual Heating Element: No
6"/9" Dual Heating Element: No
5"/8" Dual Heating Element: 1 PowerBoil @ 2400W
8" Heating Elements: No
7" Heating Elements: No
Bridge Element: No
6" Heating Elements: 2 @ 1200W
6" Warming Zone: No
Melt Setting: No
Simmer Setting: No
Hot Surface Indicator Lights: 4
Precise Digital Control System: No
Pan Presence Sensor: No
Pan Size Sensor: No
Kitchen Timer: No
Control Lock Capability: Yes
Available Colors: Stainless Steel (SS), Black (BB), White (WW)
Frameless: White and Black Models
Stainless Steel Frame: Stainless Model
KW Rating @ 240V: 7.8KW
KW Rating @ 208V: 5.9KW
Amps @ 240V: 40Amps
Amps @ 208V: 30Amps

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Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I bought it last November but it was not installed in new home until April.

Review Title: Cooktop = Perfect Upgrade | Review by

We had to replace a glass top built-in cooktop, and chose this model for the electronic controls and flat surface for the easy cleaning convenience. Love it! Easy to read and set controls, clean up is a dream! And the multi-diameter elements makes finding the right sized element for any pot size just so easy.

Review Title: Our Stove Top Is Great | Review by

We love how quickly our new stove top boils water and how evenly it cooks! The locking control is also wonderful! Wish we would have replaced the old stove top earlier!

Review Title: WOrks well but I don't like it | Review by

WOrks well. Very hot and fast compared to my old electric. Black top is time consuming to keep clean and you have to wait till it is cool before you can clean it. Never do that again. Very glad I got the model without knobs. Would hate to clean around those

Review Title: Easy to use and a beautiful addition to my kitchen | Review by

I originally had a GE glass stove top and loved it. We just had new cabinets and lighting put in our kitchen, so we decided to add a new stove top, over the counter microwave, and a new wall convection oven. All our new products are GE PROFILE. So far, everything is just wonderful. Would definitely recommend all these products.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I added this flat surface cooktop to my new kitchen. I love not having any knobs to clean around and the seamless look.

Review Title: Great cooktop. | Review by

The cooktop heats up quickly and works well. The only drawback of this version over my previous one is that the old one shut off automatically if it did not sense a pan on the burner. This one does not.

Review Title: Great cooktop | Review by

I purchased this cook top in August and have been extremely happy with it ever since. It is easy to keep clean. The provided ceramic top cleaner works really well to keep it looking brand new. The controls are simple and are easy to master.

Review Title: Great stove top! | Review by

We have had this top for almost a year! It is lovely! Really like the quick boil burner to get pasta water started in a jiffy! Love the three ring main burner!

Review Title: Uncluttered surface | Review by

Have used for approximately 7 months. Second smooth top. Like the concept, and touch controls make it even better. Works well. Bought it for ease of cleaning. Not so easy, takes lots of effort and the black surface highlights .marks.. I jokingly say it can pick up finger prints from 40 feet away.

Review Title: Great cooktop! | Review by

Cooktop heats quickly, but the very best feature is ease of cleaning. Smooth service, no knobs to get in the way. Sleek and blends in well with counter top.

Review Title: Loving it | Review by

We bought this when we did our remodel and glad we did. It has worked flawlessly for the last 5 months. Heats up much faster than our old Jenn-Air and is much easier to clean, however you do have keep on top of the cleaning.

Review Title: Finally no knobs!!! | Review by

Purchased this after our builders grade model broke. Cooks much better, boils so much quicker. Yes it's twice the price of the standard model, but I'm glad we spent the extra money.

Review Title: Make Some Changes | Review by

Bought this cooktop a couple of months ago as part of a kitchen upgrade. Cooking functions/electronics are fine. But, the shiny, black glass surface shows every little drip, blemish, and mark, and I'm constantly having to clean it with the GE recommended product just to keep it looking decent. Redesign the surface material and you'll have a winner.

Review Title: Like the flat top | Review by

The knob less feature is why I purchased this item. Love the smooth top and easy cleaning.

Review Title: The way a smooth top stove should be! | Review by

Bought this model 2 weeks ago. The wife loves the rapid boil feature. Heats the water to a boil in under 2 minutes. Cleaning the unit is a breeze with no knobs in the way. The lock out feature of the controls while you clean is a brilliant idea.

Review Title: Easy to Use and Clean | Review by

Installed in April and we are very happy with its appearance and features

Review Title: Love how fast it heats | Review by

Love how fast it heats the foods without burning . The top is difficult to keep clean, marks hard to remove if you even can, and marks easily even though I've checked all pans for sharp edges and make sure they sit on the stove tip appropriately.

Review Title: Love the smooth cook top! | Review by

Easy to cook with and regulate the temperature. I am kind of a messy cook and this cook top is so easy to clean. I use the cleaner after our dinner meal and it just takes a minute or two and the cook top is nice and clean and shining again. I had a cooktop like this in my previous home and loved it so that is why I wanted the same one in my new hom.

Review Title: Less features than the previous model | Review by

I purchased this last week for a replacement. My GE Profile cooktop touchpad stopped working. The new 30" does NOT have a timer, does NOT have a warming area and does NOT have the automatic turn off feature. I am so disappointed. Also, no one at customer service can give me an adequate answer. GE Profile is the high end product....don't know why they took away features. The automatic turn off was a safety feature.

Review Title: Hard to keep clean | Review by

We bought this because a hard object fell on our old one and cracked the glass. Our previous unit had knobs vs being digitized and the surface was of the salt and pepper variety, but it was easy to keep clean. Our current unit is much fussier and we must rely on the cleaning cream much more often. It seems that the surface is not as hard as the old one. On the plus side, the digital controls are great and it seems to heat up faster than the old one.

Review Title: Replaced gas counter top | Review by

We are more comfortable with electricity than gas. This was the perfect replacement.

Review Title: Fantastic Flexibility | Review by

Having multiple options for the same burner is great. The touch controls are easy to keep clean--my plan when I made this choice.

Review Title: Great cooktop | Review by

Replaced an older white cooktop because it was beginning to stain. This cooktop cooks faster and the burners are well arranged to allow multiple pans to be used at once if size and placement are thoughtout.

Review Title: Excellent cooktop, love the feature on it | Review by

Love my new GE cooktop, space savor, excellent feature, save time , even cooking

Review Title: Disappointing lifespan | Review by

We purchased the GE profile cooktop 5 1/2 years ago and were always happy with its versatile burner sizes and ease of cleaning. We gave it moderate use. Unfortunately, it burned out a couple of weeks ago. We ended up purchasing the same model since we were limited in choices due to the size of required cutout in the counter. We will keep our fingers crossed that this one lasts longer because it is an expensive purchase.

Review Title: 30" Profile Cooktop | Review by

Just installed the cook-top and haven't used it a tremendous amount yet but the few times we have...AWESOME! Touch controls and Power Boil are really nice features. Child lock function comes in handy.

Review Title: Cooktop Black - electronic | Review by

So far I am extremely happy with this cooktop. Just like all ceramic cooktops, you have to stay on top of cleaning and ensuring you don't bake items onto the ceramic.

Review Title: Excellent stovetop, but glass scratches! | Review by

The performance of this GE Profile PP945BM stovetop is excellent. It replaced a GE stovetop which had failed after 13 years (and two owners). The PT945BM heats quickly. The controls are self-evident (except the "hot" indicators - see below), and disabling the controls for cleaning is easy to accomplish.

Review Title: Overall great performance | Review by

Couldn't be happier with this cooktop. Love the speed boil element and the dual and tri-ring elements that sensibly allow for different pots and pans.

Review Title: Easy to Clean | Review by

I really like the locking feature so the stove doesn't get turned on accidentally.

Review Title: The oven top seems to stain easier than the white | Review by

Very big negative that the installer refused to grout the edges of the top to our tile counter top. Now spilt liquids run under the top

Review Title: Best Decision | Review by

We moved into a home in the country and are updating the fixtures and appliances and so on, and we just installed our new cook top. Just wanted to tell you that I used to think that sliced bread was the neatest thing ever now I have to let you and anyone else know that this cook top is even better than THAT!!! It was the best decision we made so far in our DIY remodel.

Review Title: I have used this for two months and LOVE it | Review by

I bought this stove top because it has not knobs on it - the whole thing is flat. I is fun too cook on and not to hard to keep clean. The 3 size ring makes cooking with difference size pans a breeze. The quick boil element is very handy. It is important to clean after every use or it is more work. I use the scrubber and cleaning cream that came with the stove top. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Review Title: This cook top is outstanding | Review by

We bought this cook op to replace our old GE cook top which worked without a hiccup for over 10 years. The decision to go with the touch control was made because it seemed to be much simpler to clean up spills.

Review Title: Touch pad too touchy | Review by

The touch pad is very touchy. All you need to do is brush the top of the pad and it turns on. Thank goodness for the lock feature.

Review Title: I love it | Review by

We've only had this for a few weeks but I absolutely love how it looks and how it works. It heats up much quicker then I expected and is easier to clean then I expected.

Review Title: Sleek Design and easy to use | Review by

We just bought this GE stove counter top. The look is super sleek in design and goes perfectly with my black/brown new granite. I have 2 girlfriends who have this cook top and they recommended it to me!!! Super excited to start using it!

Review Title: Attractive and efficient. | Review by

Very pleased with the appearance. The warm selection on the heating element is a great feature.

Review Title: This product is terrible to clean!! | Review by

This is my third GE Profile cook top. The cooking quality is good but the product is horrible to clean. My cook top was purchased November 2012 and now looks like it is 10 year old. We have had service come to look at the cook top and we are using the correct cleaners and cleaning in the proper manner. The staining on the cook top has it looking horrible. I would never purchase another GE product again. The service is terrible and this cook top looks like I have had it for years and not taken care of it . I have to spend at least 30 mins. cleaning the cook top every night. ( I am a neat cooker too not that I am making a mess on the top.) Very dissatisfied customer.

Review Title: Replacement unit | Review by

Our first counter top range would no longer operate and the repair was not possible since the top was 12 years old. Fortunately the replacement fit exactly the existing cut-out and installation was simple.

Review Title: Sealed top is great | Review by

Replaced old GE top with sealed top, really like it

Review Title: Great Cooktop | Review by

Bought two weeks ago. Cooks great. Cleans up easy. Looks great.



Review Title: WHAT A COOKTOP! | Review by


Review Title: love the look | Review by

As part of my kitchen remodel I bought the 30" profile cooktop to replace my very old cooktop. I absolutely love it. The control lockout feature is great for cleaning and the power boil feature makes the mundane easy. Being able to select the size of the pot used is a more efficient use of resourses.

Review Title: Cooktop with no knobs | Review by

I needed a replacement for a 27 year old cooktop and wanted one with no knobs. this one fit the bill.

Review Title: Clean, sleek look | Review by

This cooktop replaced our previous GE downdraft cooktop. With no knobs and no vent, this cooktop has a beautiful sleek look, and is extremely easy to clean. Food heats evenly and quickly, and the same number settings produce the same heat every time! This cooktop is a dream to own and use.

Review Title: Clean, Sleek & Easy to Use | Review by

We were looking for a simple easy to use cook-top that didn't get cluttered with buttons and was easy to clean.

Review Title: Beautiful Cooktop | Review by

We bought this cooktop for our new construction and it is a beautiful cooktop. We love that everything is smooth with no knobs and the lock feature works perfectly. Things burn easily on it, but if you keep up on cleaning it, it always looks new. Very happy.

Review Title: super sleek | Review by

I bought this about a month ago and love it. There are no knobs to get dirty not grooves to clean very clean and sleek. I have many choices as to what burner size and plenty of cook top room. The Power boil is a plus! Thanks GE

Review Title: Features no longer available | Review by

Purchased the cook top on Wednesday to replace my old GE Profile cook top of nine years. When I installed the new one I noticed that the new one did not have a timer like my old one. I understand it is no longer avaiable. Same old story more money less features. I used this feature all the time when cooking. It will be missed!

Review Title: Too difficult to clean | Review by

I purchased this cook top about 4 months ago. From day one I noticed a very heavy film that I could not get off. I used every recommended type of cleaner to no avail. When I finally took a chance and turned it on, the film 'burned on' and totally discolored my cooktop. I called GE and they sent someone who brought a new one but made it clear that this was not a real reason for them to change the top. Well, considering what I paid for it and also that this would not be my first glass cooktop and I know what it acceptable when using one, you can imagine that I was very disappointed. Guess what, the second cooktop had the same problem. My cooktop looks like I have had it for over 10 years. My last one lasted that long and was a breeze to clean. I had to change it because I broke it when I um.....dropped a pot on it. I do not want to purchase another GE profile for fear that the quality of material used is not conducive to 'normal, daily home use'. I also want to mention that I have an excellent set of professional cookware that I was told was not the right type for this cook top. Tell me who is going to change their pots every time you change your cooktop. Seems to me the cook top should be more user- friendly. I did not purchase an induction top so I shouldn't have to be concerned about my pots. And the buttons are too sensitive, they will turn on/off if lightly touched so definitely always use the lock. Bottom line, I usually do well with GE products but this was a total disappointment. I might try their other products but not their cook tops and definitely not this one. GE please go back to using better quality material or I am moving on.

Review Title: excellent product | Review by

Easy to use and clean. Very nice look and especially like the quick boil feature

Review Title: has great features | Review by

This item looks great and I love the tripple and double size eyes on two of them. I also love that you can lock and unlock a very safe feature.

Review Title: only comparison was to my old 49 year old coil GE cooktop | Review by

I needed a new stove fan ASAP due to critter falling thru roof vent, (but it had gotten out on its own). The old cooktop controls were on the stove fan control board. Anyway, the new cooktop looks good, BUT you do have to wipe it up often and use ceramic cooktop cleaner to keep it shining. The hardware store clerk swears it will not harm you to have that residue on any food that drops on the cooktop or on your cooking tools. I would try the white on white (which really is black with specks) if I had to do it over. It takes longer to heat than my old coil cooktop and not all my pans were that flat or the right size. It takes getting used to cooking on the residual heat. I do wish it were faster to heat up.

Review Title: Cooking and cleaning | Review by

This is my second cook top from GE. I do not think that this one has as many features, but I think that the burner sizes are better layout in this cook top. Many features in my previous cook top that I never used. Cleaning is really easy because there are not knobs in the way and I found it to be better to clean. I own multiple apartment and always purchase ranges with cook top by experience I can say that GE is the best to clean and the best for cooking. One advice when cleaning the cook top let the ceramabrite dry before wiping it. Just be careful when making caramel not to damage your cook top.

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