GE PK7500SFSS Profile 27" Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven - Convection (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE GE-PK7500SFSS Wall Ovens

Appliances GE GE-PK7500SFSS Wall OvensAppliances GE GE-PK7500SFSS Wall Ovens
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  • Appliances GE GE-PK7500SFSS Wall Ovens
  • Appliances GE GE-PK7500SFSS Wall Ovens

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Customer reviews for Goedeker's excellent service

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GE Profile PK7500SFSS double wall oven

from Goedeker's will turn casual cooks into chefs, and make experienced cooks jump for joy! See what features leave customers feeling spoiled silly when they use this double oven!

In the Ovens

  • The
    total capacity is 8.6 cu. ft.
    , with a 4.3 cu. ft. capacity in each oven. Tons of space means preparing multiple dishes and desserts at once!
  • The
    ten-pass bake element
    eight-pass broil element
    are sure to heat your food completely and uniformly. Cookies and cakes will come out perfectly baked, and meats like chicken, roast beef, and even fish will be tender and juicy.
  • A
    warming feature
    in both ovens will keep meals fresh until everyone is ready to be served.
  • True European Convection
    in the upper oven utilizes the combination of a third heating element and a fan for faster cooking that's still thorough.
  • Proofing
    in the lower oven is ideal for getting breads risen and baking in a timely manner.
  • This GE wall oven is known for its astonishing temperature accuracy that remains constant.
  • Use the cook time function to program start and end times beforehand, or stick with the traditional kitchen timer.
  • The
    digital keypad
    has a good control layout and is touch sensitive for easy operation. Then when you're cleaning and this responsiveness is a hindrance, turn on the
    control lock
    and wipe off fingerprints without any hassle.
  • There are two sturdy racks in each oven, with
    one roller rack in the upper oven
    that glides smoothly for loading and unloading heavier items. You can also reposition the racks in multiple ways to suit your needs!
  • Clean your ovens the way you want with
    self-clean and steam clean options
    in both ovens. And don't worry, you can leave the racks in during cleaning cycles.
  • The
    hidden bake interior
    means there are no open elements to catch food remnants or clean around.
  • Both the convection fan and cooling fans operate quietly.
  • Halogen interior lighting
    keeps your ovens well-illuminated.

Other Features

  • One unique feature of this oven is its
    connectivity to Brillion™
    , an app created by GE. It sends alerts right to your smart phone so you can check your oven's status and control it remotely. The instructions provided are easy to understand, so you'll be connected in no time!
  • You are required to press the “Remote Enable” button on your wall oven before you can manage it from the app. This safety feature prevents outsiders from hacking into your appliances.
  • Owners rave about how attractive this appliance is. Brighten up your kitchen with the beauty of stainless steel, with designer style handles that contribute to the overall elegance of the appearance.
  • The door windows are very large, providing a great view of your food cooking and cutting down on oven opening.

Without a doubt, the GE PK7500SFSS double oven is an incredible value. It has great features, performs well, and is easy to clean – you can't beat it! You're on your way to making cooking for a crowd less stressful when you order today!


Total Capacity: 8.6 cu. ft.
Upper Oven Capacity: 4.3 cu. ft.
Lower Oven Capacity: 4.3 cu. ft.
Oven Cleaning Type: Self-Clean with Steam Clean Option
Cooking Technology: Convection Upper; Traditional Lower
Control Type: Connected; Glass Touch; LED
Cleaning Time: Variable with Delay Clean Option
Oven Cooking Modes: Convection Bake (Upper); Convection Roast (Upper); Thermal Bake/Broil (Both Ovens)
Oven Interior: 2 Halogen Lights (Upper); 1 Halogen Light (Lower); Hidden Bake (Both Ovens)
8-Pass Broil Element: Yes
10-Pass Bake Element: Yes
Closed Door Broiling: Yes
Oven Rack Features
Self-Clean Heavy Duty Oven Racks: 2 (Upper)
Self-Clean Roller Rack: 1 (Upper)
Self-Clean Heavy Duty Oven Racks: 2 (Lower)
Ladder Rack Positions: 6 (Both Ovens)
Oven Control Features
Audible Preheat Signal: Yes
Auto Recipe Conversion: Yes (Upper)
C° or F° Programmable: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Certified
Control Lock Capability: Yes
Delay Bake Option: Yes
Delay Start: Yes
Digipad Numeric Entry: Yes
Electronic Clock and Kitchen Timer: Yes
Hi/Low Broil: Yes
Mis-Wire Detection: Yes
Optional Clock Display: Yes
Proof Mode: Yes
Warm Mode: Yes
Configuration: Double Oven
Handle: Designer-Style; High Gloss Color Matched
Oven Door Features: Big View Oven Window; Framless Glass Door
Installation: Above Warming Drawer
Power Rating
KW Rating at 240V: 7.2
KW Rating at 208V: 5.4
Amp Rating at 240V: 30
Amp Rating at 208V: 30
Bake Wattage: 2,600W
Broiler Wattage: 3,400W
Convection Wattage: 2,400W
Parts Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Labor Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weights
Product Width: 26 23/32"
Product Depth: 26 5/8"
Product Height: 52 1/8"
Upper Oven Interior Width: 21 1/2"
Upper Oven Interior Depth: 20"
Upper Oven Interior Height: 17 1/4"
Lower Oven Interior Width: 21 1/2"
Lower Oven Interior Depth: 20"
Lower Oven Interior Height: 17 1/4"
Net Weight: 215 Lbs.
Approximate Shipping Weight: 236 Lbs.

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Review Title: Looks great! | Review by

Overall Rating
We've had our GE appliances for a few months which includes the double oven. We are so happy with our purchase. We purchased the whole line of GE Profile appliances when we upgraded to stainless. The oven cooks so evenly even with food on both racks; I've found previously you have to rotate the food on racks but not the case with this oven. We haven't had to clean the oven yet so I can't rate on that. So glad we purchased this brand and this line.

Review Title: Wife loves it - but | Review by

Overall Rating
New 1 month ago - Wife just loves having a double oven again with convection and sturdy racks. GE is one of the few manufacturers that offers upscale features in a 27" unit. One downside - it preheats so S-L-O-W-L-Y. As long as you are not in a hurry - you'll be very pleased with it's performance.

Review Title: Double Oven makes cooking A Breeze | Review by

Overall Rating
Not having to worry about having enough space to cook more at the same time makes cooking for crowds a whole lot less stressful

Review Title: We love the look and quality! | Review by

Overall Rating
We purchased the profile series for the 2nd time the last one is in our old house and in 10 years we never had a problem with either oven. However, we were disappointed that our new model did not come with the option for the meat thermometer. We loved that feature in our old model.

Review Title: Beautiful. | Review by

Overall Rating
Waiting for Thanksgiving to really use this beautiful double oven

Review Title: Consistent cooking quality | Review by

Overall Rating
Looks great in our kitchen and works like a dream.

Review Title: Double oven | Review by

Overall Rating
Just starting to use and appreciate its many features. Looking forward to using both ovens for a large gathering.

Review Title: like it | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought it a month ago. It was the same as my old one. It takes longer to heat up

Review Title: great | Review by

Overall Rating
I am really happy with the appearance and functionality of my ovens.

Review Title: Well designed Accurate Thermometer | Review by

Overall Rating
Great ovens. I have been in food service since 1965 and these ovens are the nearest to commercial ovens that I have found for a reasonable price.

Review Title: Beautifully updates kitchen | Review by

Overall Rating
I recently updated my kitchen from white appliances to stainless steel. I love my double wall ovens with convection!

Review Title: Rock Solid Oven | Review by

Overall Rating
We've been very pleased with the GE Double Oven. Like that it has a wireless monitor feature. Can now know the oven's status via link to my cell phone.

Review Title: Thrilled with this appliance! | Review by

Overall Rating
We bought our double ovens about a month ago. After having GE double ovens in our previous home, I am too spoiled to have a new kitchen with only one oven!

Review Title: Great features and nice design. | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this product a few months ago and I am happy with it. It operates well --even baking and easy to use. It also looks good, and the stainless steel has been easy to keep clean. I would recommend it to others.

Review Title: plan ahead when ordering | Review by

Overall Rating
A warning about installation. The website is not totally clear that GE only DELIVERS this product but does not actually install. The delivery crew said "everybody" is surprised by this.

Review Title: I Was Hoping For More... | Review by

Overall Rating
I have had my GE built -in oven for almost a year. I have had three service calls on it which does not impress me. The doors on the ovens did not open and close properly and I needed bulbs for the lights within the first week of owning it! To be fair, I have adjusted to the ovens and they cook well. I am not a fan of digital--it makes everything harder than dials. I feel that the adjustment period for a new oven is a year, so I hope that after Thanksgiving I will feel more comfortable with it.

Review Title: Missing features | Review by

Overall Rating
I have needed a double oven for years and finally purchased the 27inch double wall oven. Over all it works well but wish GE had talked to cooks before designing it. Granted the problems are small but annoying. When turning on the lights, the lights in both ovens come on. This is also how the timer works...can only set the timer for one time even though you are using both ovens. This defeats the purpose of a double oven. Or this is how it appears to me. I have not found a way to use both ovens at the same time but with different cooking times. The manual that comes with it is very sparse on instructions. Also GE should get help writing their manuals.

Review Title: Ok but I miss many features of my old GE oven. | Review by

Overall Rating
Replaced our 20 yrs old GE double oven.

Review Title: Amazing Ovens! | Review by

Overall Rating
I love to bake and my old wall ovens were so loud. My New GE Profile double ovens are so quite and heat up super fast! I love the stylish design too!

Review Title: Hard to clean | Review by

Overall Rating
Very difficult to clean & one of the numbers by the dial has fadeD

Review Title: New Double convection oven | Review by

Overall Rating
like the way it cooks and looks do have some issues with the clock

Review Title: Works Well | Review by

Overall Rating
I was happy to easily install myself, but disppointed the wireless feature was only in the home; the software has since changed to allow outside connection. Now it works GREAT!

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

Overall Rating
Happy this far with my double oven. One minor door issue fixed under warranty but other than that it cooks well!

Review Title: love this oven | Review by

Overall Rating
We bought this in the 27" model and have been very pleased. Convection works well and the heating is even. The gliding rack is wonderful for heavy items. The remote features are nice though the safety feature of pushing the button to enable each time makes it a little difficult to use consistently. The only drawback so far is that the 27" does not have a temperature probe and we didn't discover that until it was delivered. Our salesman assured us it did according to the spec sheet.

Review Title: Pretty Nice | Review by

Overall Rating
The oven itself is great, no issues, nice size inside, beautiful looking, however, the first time I used the self-clean in the top oven I was NOT thrilled. I had to scrub black marks off the door. It didn't heat up as well as my 30 year old oven I had just replaced, also a GE! That's the only issue I have with it.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Overall Rating
I love the way it cooks. I need to study how to do certain things for example cook times. It looks beautiful and works so well.

Review Title: It's fun to bake again! | Review by

Overall Rating
We replaced our old double wall ovens that were no longer working. Decided to upgrade, and we are extremely pleased with our new ovens.

Review Title: Works Well, online still offline | Review by

Overall Rating
The oven works well; but having trouble using the online power up app from our iPhone

Review Title: Very Nice Oven | Review by

Overall Rating
I generally like the oven a lot. I would have given 4.5 stars if I could.

Review Title: Great double oven | Review by

Overall Rating
We bought this to replace a microwave/oven combination. We love the expanded flexibility we now have with a double oven. The features and performance on this particular product are terrific.

Review Title: Convection - what to do | Review by

Overall Rating
I am thrilled with my new oven. Learning how to use the confection has been a bit challenging, but that is user era, not the oven. The oven heats correctly and uniformly and looks terrific.

Review Title: Great features, easy to clean! | Review by

Overall Rating
Love it! I cook often, and consider this the best value!

Review Title: Convection oven didn't work | Review by

Overall Rating
I returned GE double. I tried every feature within the first week and had to have it serviced because the convection oven didn't work. Plus, it took 20 minutes to pre-heat. Also, the information booklet that comes with the oven didn't exactly coincide with how the oven operated.

Review Title: GE Excellence | Review by

Overall Rating
This is the quality we've come to expect from GE. The reason we keep buying

Review Title: To slow to preheat | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this 6 months ago and not very happy with it,,, it takes forever to preheat And it over bakes the top and under bakes the bottom of mmy food.

Review Title: Meets my Expectations, so far | Review by

Overall Rating
Recently Purchased this oven. So far it meets expectation. It looks good and simple to operate. Love the double convection. I've only been using it for a short time. I just wished they had provided the easy slide feature that I've seen in other GE models. Hopefully, I'll be able to purchase one in the future.

Review Title: I Love These Ovens! | Review by

Overall Rating
The unit is very attractive and modern. It works perfectly. The cooling fans (for the electronics and ovens) that I heard were so noisy are nothing more than a little, faint purr. Very easy to operate. The instructions for smartphone control are very easy to understand and operate. I highly recommend this oven unit. No regrets.

Review Title: Fantastic! | Review by

Overall Rating
These ovens are beautiful and wonderfully reliable. We are so happy!

Review Title: Love this oven! | Review by

Overall Rating
This oven was purchased to replace a 25 year old double oven that began to fade right before the holidays. We babied it for two more months before it became apparent that its demise was imminent. Well, I certainly had not realized how inefficient and spotty my previous oven had become until I started baking in this oven. It is a dream for baking yeast breads. I baked multiple loaves and rolls of several different recipes for a fundraiser and the results were fabulous. I am thrilled with the proofing feature in the lower oven. Our house is kept on the chilly side and the proofing feature was a lifesaver for getting these breads risen and baked in a timely fashion. I have baked dog biscuits, muffins, and cookies and roasted several pans of vegetables in the 3 weeks since it was installed - all with excellent, even results. The multiple rack positions allow for a variety of options for fitting multiple pans at the same time - or placing one just where it needs to be. The interior has much more space than my previous 27" wall oven and is very well lit. The windows are quite large and you can actually see what is baking in the oven! The exterior is nicely designed and easy to clean. Wiping up minor drips and crumbs inside is a snap with no exposed elements. I could go on and on about the features and how fantastic this oven is - I highly recommend it.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Overall Rating
This unit is really great. Quite even when convection is used. The Brillion function is neat and will be all the more useful when available on line. I recommend this oven for any kitchen upgrade or new installation. Great work GE.

Review Title: So pretty! | Review by

Overall Rating
Bought this oven sight unseen except for internet. Home Depot had a great deal and delivered as promised. This is a beautiful oven. I've only used the broiler, so far, but look forward to using its many features. The fan is so quiet compared to my previous wall oven.

Review Title: Nice Oven | Review by

Overall Rating
Just starting to use the oven. Overall we are very pleased. I miss the built in meat thermometer/probe GE has included in the past with its ovens. The only issue we are working out is the calibration of the oven cooking temperatures, which are adjustable + or � 35 degrees.

Review Title: Way more than I need, but wonderful. | Review by

Overall Rating
I'm not much of a cook, but might become one now - this oven is amazing!

Review Title: A serviceable double oven | Review by

Overall Rating
Pluses: The oven is attractive and the keypad set up is easy to use, the fan is very quiet, the broiler works very well, the convection oven roast browns nicely, and the oven temperature (while running a little hot) remains constant, and the racks can be left in in the oven for cleaning. Negatives: the door misaligns easily when hot so that it hits the rim above, the steam clean option doesn't clean, and the regular cleaning option doesn't work as well as my previous wall oven of another brand.

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