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GE PHP900SMSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Induction Cooktop (View all from GE)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

Appliances GE-PHP900SMSS Cooking

Appliances GE-PHP900SMSS CookingAppliances GE-PHP900SMSS CookingAppliances GE-PHP900SMSS CookingAppliances GE-PHP900SMSS CookingAppliances GE-PHP900SMSS CookingAppliances GE-PHP900SMSS Cooking
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  • Appliances GE-PHP900SMSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PHP900SMSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PHP900SMSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PHP900SMSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PHP900SMSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PHP900SMSS Cooking

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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Induction Cooktop
Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

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You don't have a lot of time to waste slaving over a stove day and night, but you still want to get hot meals on the table. What if I told you that you could cut cook times in half? The

GE Profile PHP900SMSS stainless steel induction cooktop

makes it possible. You won't lose precious minutes cooking or cleaning with this responsive and efficient cooktop. Read on to see why it’s received high reviews across the board!

Benefits of Induction

  • If you're accustomed to cooking with gas, you'll feel right at home with induction heating. The cooking surface transfers heat to your cookware quickly like gas, but then it cools down almost immediately after the pot or pan is removed. If natural gas isn't available in your home, induction is a suitable substitute.
  • Induction heating is simple to control, from a slow simmer all the way up to a roaring boil. It also maintains a constant level of heat, reducing the chance of surprise boil-overs.
  • Because of localized heating, your kitchen won't get hot, spills won't bake onto the surface, and you'll be saving energy!
  • The smooth cooktop is easier to clean than a gas stove with grates – and you can even clean while you're cooking, so you won't be greeted by a mess later!
  • Induction cooktops give you a safe alternative to cooking with gas. Only the surface in contact with a pan gets hot, so children and adults alike won't get burned, and there's no risk of gas leaks.

Cooktop Features

  • This cooktop has
    four induction elements
    that dip to lows of less than 100 degrees for tasks like melting chocolate, and hit highs around 500 degrees, perfect for searing steaks. All four burners are able to boil water in a matter of minutes.
  • It features an
    11" element
    , which operates at 3,700 watts on high and will accommodate the largest skillet you own.
  • The
    electronic touch controls offer 19 temperature settings
    . Each control is clearly labeled and easy to read, making use of this cooktop straightforward.
  • Safety features like a
    hot surface indicator and a child lock
    will put your mind at ease.
  • With a ceramic glass surface and a lack of physical buttons, it can be wiped clean in a snap! Just make sure to avoid any abrasive cleaners.
  • Don't be fooled – this induction cooktop is very durable and will withstand scratching, even with daily use.
  • It has an eye-catching transitional appearance and can be installed above a matching GE Profile wall oven.

Because induction cooktops use magnetic energy to transfer heat, you may have to buy a few new cookware pieces to use instead of your conventional pots and pans. But don't let this discourage you – it's a worthwhile investment for the amount of cooking power and precision you get. This upscale cooktop not only looks sharp, but it performs flawlessly and can make cooking fun again. See how much the GE PHP900SMSS induction cooktop could enhance your kitchen and improve your life – shop Goedeker's today!


Overall Width: 29 7/8"
Overall Depth: 21 1/2"
Overall Height: 3 1/4"
Minimum Front Counter Clearance: 2 1/2"
Cutout Width: 28 1/2"
Cutout Depth: 19 5/8"
ADA Compliant: No
Ceramic Glass Surface: Pattern Black
Number of Elements: 4 Induction
Induction Elements: Yes
11" Heating Elements: 1 @ 3700W
8" Heating Element: No
7" Heating Elements: 2 @ 2500W
6" Heating Elements: 1 @ 1800W
Hot Surface Indicator Lights: 4
Precise Digital Control System: Yes
Pan Presence Sensor: Yes
Pan Size Sensor: Yes
Kitchen Timer: Yes
Control Lock Capability: Yes
Available Colors: Black (BB), Stainless Steel (SS)
Frameless: Black Model
Stainless Steel Frame: Stainless Model
KW Rating @ 240V: 7.4KW
KW Rating @ 208V: 5.6KW
Amps: 40Amps

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Review Title: Works great, Look great, - a little noisy at High | Review by

We bought this induction stove top to replace our old electric. My wife and I our very happy. This induction stove top is beautiful, easy to install and works great. You cannot believe how fast it can boil water or heat the pans. We love it. The only thing we can mildly critique is the sound on the top 3 levels. It is an electric buzz which increases with power. We don't know if its the stove top in general or possible our pans. Our pans do state induction suitable, but it seems that maybe a heavier gauge and super flat pot and pans might make it a quieter stove top per literature. We are going to test it soon. Thnaks

Review Title: My dream cook top | Review by

I love my induction cook top. It is easy to keep clean. Fast cooking. Instant response to settings. It is well worth the extra cost over gas.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I love my new induction stove top. I have been researching the induction technology for several years. In my opinion induction is superior, both in its simplicity and in its energy efficiency, to any other heating method.

Review Title: Innovation in Home Cooking | Review by

I have cooked on gas and conventional electric, and this is definitely a new experience. The old saying of "slaving over a hot stove" no longer exists with this unit. It is amazing how little heat is given off during cooking. The unit is easy to clean up after spills because the spills do not burn or stick to the cooktop unless it is under the pan, just wipe it off and you are done. The unit is very attractive, and I would recommend you buy this stainless steel trim model expecially if you have granite countertops.

Review Title: GE Induction Stove Top makes me a hit with my wife | Review by

I researched stove tops online and visited several stores to visually see products. We especially appreciate the immediate response and safety of induction heat. We have 3 months experience with the stove top and are very pleased.

Review Title: Great temperature control | Review by

This is our first induction cooktop. Love the temperature control that is available. Boils a full pot of water in no time!

Review Title: GE Induction Cooktop | Review by

Bought this almost a year ago. This electric unit is a great substitute for a gas cooktop. It is so fast that I can boil water in 30 - 45 seconds, the top is not hot to touch and so easy to clean.

Review Title: Heats like gas! | Review by

I have been using since October 2013 and love it. Cooks as well as a gas cooktop!

Review Title: Excellent control | Review by

We replaced our 1979 Jenn aire with this cooktop. I sincerely hope it gives us as many years, but here's what I'm loving two months in. So much easier to clean than the coils we had, things don't bake on because it's only hot at the metal surface. Our old stove, everything cooked on high, new stove, initially burned a few things. Don't need high for scrambled eggs! Speaking of high, water boils in less than a minute. We did have to hire an electrician to redo some wiring, but the manual will tell you if you're already there. My husband and I have repeatedly said, we had no clue how bad our old cooktop was until we were forced to upgrade. We have really enjoyed it. Simply test your current pans with a magnet, and you'll be good to go! Also, the safety features of an induction stove put my mind a hair more at ease with a toddler in the house.

Review Title: After 3 months - no issues | Review by

I bought this about 3 months ago and works great. Very speedy cooking. excellent control of temperature.

Review Title: FAST, FAST, FAST | Review by

If you are looking for a cook top the is aesthetically pleasing and give you even better control than gas and equally as fast or faster look too this induction cook top.

Review Title: Performs better than all others | Review by

Happy with it when it works. The manual indicated that it locks out when the large burner and small are both on high boost. Did not lock. Large burner burned out. Took two trips by service to fix by parts swapping.

Review Title: Love the look | Review by

I'm a little disappointed of the noise it makes when on its scary. I would love to switch to one of your gas cook tops I also don't like you can't use all burner at the same time

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We've had this oven for almos 1 year and I love every aspect of it. I use all functions regularly with no flaws. ZHowever, know that there is a learning curve when using the speed cook and convection functions.


I did a great deal of research before purchasing an induction cooktop and am so glad I chose the GE! It fit PERFECTLY into our granite counter cut-out where our 20+year old GE electric smooth-top had been. Our old cooktop was working fine, but I had heard so many raves that I just knew I wanted induction and figured, at my age, why wait? It makes cooking so much fun - so fast and responsive - and gave me the opportunity to get all new cookware. From frying an egg to boiling a big pot of water for pasta to sauteing veal marsala, I am so happy with my choice.

Review Title: Induction Cooktop | Review by

I really like the responsiveness of the cooktop in terms of level of heat as well as the quick element cool down. The energy efficiency is also a plus.

Review Title: Awesome Cooktop! | Review by

It was quite scarey going from a gas cooktop to induction--we knew no one who had induction, but really liked what we had read about induction cooking so decided to go with it! Really, really happy that we did! There was no transition or learning period. It felt natural to start cooking on this. I love the way the cooktop brings items to a boil quickly. And like gas, when you turn the burner off, the food stops cooking immediately. It is very easy to clean and looks really sharp. I would definitely buy again and would highly recommend induction cooking. Luckily we were able to use most of our pots/pans so using this cooktop did not require that we purchase new cookware. I never thought I could/would like cooking on anything but gas, however, this cooktop provided me wrong on that point!

Review Title: Love this cooktop!! | Review by

I deliberated for several weeks and researched whether to purchase gas or induction. A salesperson finally convinced me that gas created a lot of heat in smaller kitchens, so I decided on induction. I researched consumer reports and they suggested this cook top. I could not be more pleased. Having not cooked with induction before the response time is unbelievable. Water boils in just a minute. The burners do not get hot only the cookware. It maintains constant heat so items do not boil over. The last and most important thing is it is a breeze to clean. Just wipes off. Can even wipe off while cooking because burner is not hot. I have not had any spills that I have had to scrape since purchasing this product.

Review Title: Love cooktop but dislike the stainless steel trim | Review by

Stainless steel trim does not sit flush on counter making the corners sharp and allowing crumbs to get underneath and they are very hard to clean out

Review Title: Fast | Review by

This cooktop is so fast compared to my old infrared cooktop. I did a test with 2 qt. of water to a boil and the old cooktop took 14 1/2 minutes and the new GE induction cooktop took just 5 3/4 minutes. WOW!!

Review Title: So excited to cook again! | Review by

My husband and I were set on purchasing a gas cooktop for our newly remodeled kitchen. Once we were shown how this cooktop performs we were sold! How quickly it heats up is amazing. If you purchase an induction stove you will need appropriate cook ware, as not will work. Love it!

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Gas is not available in my area so after doing some research I decided on an induction cooktop. I do a lot of cooking and entertaining and I am extremely pleased with induction. Just like gas, when you turn the temp down it is immediate. Reductions, such as a glac� , work beautifully on a high setting. I would not hesitate to recommend this cooktop.

Review Title: Look and Works Great | Review by

It does everything I expected it to do. I love the way it looks in my kitchen.

Review Title: Great looking and great performance | Review by

The cooktop was installed a month ago, and I absolutely love it. I have had a smooth electric cooktop for many years, which I liked, but am so glad we chose to go with the induction model. It cooks so quickly, and the controls are easy to use. It looks sleek and is easy to clean.

Review Title: Everything I wanted!! | Review by

Made the purchase a few months ago and I'm so glad we chose this cooktop--love it!!

Review Title: Finally to bring to boil quickly! | Review by

Had purchased a single induction to use as our prior cooktop was terrible at boiling. Able now to make reduction sauces, quickly blanch vegetables for freezing, create candy.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

Bought 1 month ago with several other GE products. The products shipped to my home together in less than two weeks. Together with GE downdraft, it looks really cool on my granite island. It is much faster to cook a meal, at least cut 60% of the time compared to my previous regular cooktop.

Review Title: Cooks faster than anything on the planet | Review by

I replaced my 20 year old electric cooktop with this high tech one. I have only had it for a couple of months, but I highly recommend it. I already had the stainless cookware for it. This Induction cooking is amazing ! I turned a pot of water on the "Boost" mode and left the room for only a few minutes. When I returned it was boiling like mad. I have discovered cooking again. And when you turn it's off right now! Love this cooktop. A little pricey, but it is amazing. But now, this is my side of the kitchen, so I have to clean it too. My wife is now off the hook!

Review Title: All around awesome | Review by

This has to be the best and easiest stove top all around. I would never buy another brand.

Review Title: Induction is superior | Review by

I have had this cooktop for about a year now, and I am very satisfied with its performance. I did have to change out a few pots and pans, but I was aware that would be the case when I bought the cooktop. This particular model is well thought out. The 11" element heats my largest skillet and stockpot with ease, and while the other elements appear small in comparison, they are actually sized very well for the rest of my pots and pans. Cleanup is a snap with the completely flat surface. The touch controls take a little getting used to, but they work fine once you understand them.

Review Title: Performs as promised. Cool and quiet | Review by

Induction pots and pans now very affordable and available. Costco brand set equivalent of very costly brands and work well. Highly recommend induction cooktop. No heat; no danger. Suggest that a demo will sell you immediately.

Review Title: Love this new way of cooking | Review by

I had seen a demonstration of induction cooking at an appliance store and decided I wanted an induction cooktop for our new home. The GE model had received good reviews on all the websites I saw, plus it was a better value than some of the other brands, so that was what made me decide on this unit. I absolutely love it! It took a little while to get used to the speed of the cooking and which level to use, but now both my DH and I are hooked. I love the fact that the kitchen doesn't get as hot cooking this way and it is the easiest cooktop to clean I've ever had. Plus it looks beautiful!

Review Title: Awesome Cooktop | Review by

We were looking for a reliable and stylish induction cooktop for our home and this beat our expectations. It was easy to install and the finishing is fantastic. Very easy to use and easy to maintain (clean).

Review Title: Sleek and Speedy | Review by

This cooktop actually looks better than in the photo - it doesn't have the metal trim around it anymore. It looks very sleek on my countertop and the induction feature heats everything so quickly that I can't believe it.

Review Title: This cooktop is very responsive and easy to use. | Review by

This is my first experience with induction heating. It is fast and responds quickly when adjusting the burner temperature. It looks very sleek and is easy to care for. My only suggestion would be to make the burner markings more visible.

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