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GE PHP900DMBB Profile 30" Black Electric Induction Cooktop (View all from GE)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

Appliances GE-PHP900DMBB Cooking

Appliances GE-PHP900DMBB CookingAppliances GE-PHP900DMBB CookingAppliances GE-PHP900DMBB CookingAppliances GE-PHP900DMBB Cooking
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  • Appliances GE-PHP900DMBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PHP900DMBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PHP900DMBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-PHP900DMBB Cooking

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GE Profile 30" Black Electric Induction Cooktop
Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

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There's been a lot of talk about induction over the last couple of years. You might call it the "iPhone" of appliances. Through its advanced technology, induction uses the power of magnetism to give you the hottest heat and precision cooking of a gas stovetop, combined with the sleek beauty and modernity of a smooth cooktop. As you can see from our reviewers, induction heats fast and hot. In just a few minutes, you'll have a boiling pot of liquid! It's also very easy to clean because when food spills, it doesn't simmer and burn on. The induction elements only heat the cookware - nothing else. Because of this unique feature, induction is a prime choice for families, as there's less chance of a child accidentally burning themselves on a flame or hot element.



is a customer favorite. It is a solid, 30 inch electric cooktop with excellent features that will serve an average sized household. It has four burners, and keep in mind that you may have to purchase new cookware. Induction will only work with magnetic cookware. A good way to test if your current pots and pans will work is to take a magnet from your refrigerator and see if it will stick to the bottom of your pan. Go ahead and read the in-depth specifications to see if induction will work for you.

On the Cooktop

  • Four elements are available, each delivering their own unique set of power. There is an
    11" burner for large pans, 8" burner, 7" burner, and 6" burner
    so all sizes are covered.
  • A
    boost option
    is available for every element. It provides peak performance at the highest temperatures available.

Other Features

  • For the extra cautious, you can turn on the
    control lock
    to block unintended use. Also, a detector can sense when a pan has been removed and will automatically shut off the element, so you'll never have to worry about forgetting.
  • The controls are placed right in the front and are simple to navigate. The buttons are on a touch-screen and each burner has its own dedicated key. You can change settings with plus and minus buttons. There is also a
    surface indicator light
    that notifies you when the oven is on.
  • The cooktop will fit beautifully in your countertop, making it look as if it were built right in. It makes clean-up seamless as you can wipe the smoothtop right onto the counters.
  • Of course, this unit also comes with an
    electronic timer
    to help you know exactly how long you need to boil or saute something.

There are many pros and cons to induction cooktops, and only you can decide if it's the right method for you. Of course, at Goedeker's, you can browse our huge selection of cooktops in our online appliance store. If you have questions, you can always consult one of our very knowledgeable sales reps. They aren't pushy. They just like to help.


Overall Width: 29 3/4"
Overall Depth: 21 3/8"
Overall Height: 3 1/4"
Minimum Front Counter Clearance: 2 1/2"
Cutout Width: 28 1/2"
Cutout Depth: 19 5/8"
ADA Compliant: No
Ceramic Glass Surface: Pattern Black
Number of Elements: 4 Induction
Induction Elements: Yes
11" Heating Elements: 1 @ 3700W
8" Heating Element: No
7" Heating Elements: 2 @ 2500W
6" Heating Elements: 1 @ 1800W
Hot Surface Indicator Lights: 4
Precise Digital Control System: Yes
Pan Presence Sensor: Yes
Pan Size Sensor: Yes
Kitchen Timer: Yes
Control Lock Capability: Yes
Available Colors: Black (BB), Stainless Steel (SS)
Frameless: Black Model
Stainless Steel Frame: Stainless Model
KW Rating @ 240V: 7.4KW
KW Rating @ 208V: 5.6KW
Amps: 40Amps

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We've all been there. One of your major appliances just chose the worst possible time to die. Now, you're faced with the question: Do you buy a new one or get the old one repaired?

But, this doesn't have to be a dilemma. An extended warranty can pay for itself with one service call.

Enjoy the many helpful benefits of extended warranties like:

  • ALL part costs paid
  • ALL labor costs paid
  • UNLIMITED service calls free
  • REPLACEMENT of appliance after 4th repair in any 12 months

Extended warranties and protection plans give you value, convenience and peace of mind.

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Review Title: Fast, excellant control of temperature, safety | Review by

Purchased 5 months ago, fast, safe, excellant control of temperature, spills do not get baked on.

Review Title: Absolutely love this! | Review by

I remodeled my entire kitchen and added this oven. I love it!I

Review Title: Great ccoktop | Review by

This is the second one I have bought for my second kitchen remodel. Easy to install, always looks clean and performs almost to excatness of gas. Overall a superb unit!

Review Title: Out standing appliance | Review by

Temperature control is fantastic. And very easy to clean. Just have to be careful not to slide pans across surface.

Review Title: Sorry I bought this. | Review by

The fact that it will heat water to boil really fast is great but everything else is not. The eyes are close to gather and pans sometimes touch. This will send an error and all press pads say E. Something new but I would rather have the regular stove top. Love GE though.

Review Title: Cooktop | Review by

Just started using this appliance and need to refer to the manual. Is it me or the cooktop??? Time will tell.

Review Title: Piece of JUNK!!! | Review by

I bought this four years ago, and it worked fine. Until now. The large burner just stopped working reliably and now shuts itself off once the pan gets hot. I had a repairman come out, and he said that the control board needed to be replaced. To the tune of almost $1000. This cooktop was okay, but clearly not worth it. Really regret buying it now. Avoid at all costs!

Review Title: Very efficient | Review by

The cooktop seems very efficient, I love that it only heats up under the pan and is super fast. I really like that the buttons are embedded in the top...they are a little have to be sure not to set anything on them. The only complaint is that it is already cracked on the I would recommend that you get the edging strip. GE is fixing it so should be OK.

Review Title: Efficient cooktop | Review by

We have not been disappointed by this induction cooktop. Food cooks quickly and it is very easy to control the heat when frying or sauteing. Clean up is quick with a simple wipe with a damp paper towel. Boiling a pot of water to cook pasta now takes under 10 minutes.

Review Title: Great consistent cooking. 'Love using the cooktop | Review by

My only criticism is that I wish the burners had clearly visible white circles surrounding the burners to make it easier to view the perimeter of each burner. In my view that would raise this product from 95% perfect to absolute perfection.

Review Title: Easy Use and cleanup | Review by

First days of better product available.

Review Title: Easy to cook with and clean up and attractive too. | Review by

My husband let me pick the applianced for our kitchen remodel and knew nothing about induction cooking. Now he brings all of our guests to demonstrate how fast it boils water. Now I just need an induction ready tea kettle.

Review Title: Fast Boil | Review by

We love this cooktop. We always had gas stoves/ovens. We are sold completely on this induction cooktop inspite of having to buy new pots & pans. It boils water quicker than gas. Keeps even temps and cools to touch within 5 or so minutes.

Review Title: You can NEVER go back! | Review by

We saw an induction demonstration that turned us on to the wonders of induction. Let me tell you, now after having this cooktop i can never, ever use a normal cooktop (gas or electric) again. The precision is amazing! It speeds up your prep time, cooking time, and the time before you get to eat your delicious food!

Review Title: Looks great, but already had to have service | Review by

We bought this when we completely remodeled our kitchen and while it is sleek and modern and cook really fast and efficiently, we had to have GE service come out 3 different times to fix a problem with a burner. I would recommend, but with caveats.

Review Title: Super fast | Review by

We bought the induction cooktop to replace an older resistance cooking electric cooktop. The speed and control of the induction top is unbelievable

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

Love this cooktop. It's a bit picky with some "induction ready" cookware so spend the $$ for quality pots and pans

Review Title: I love my induction cooktop | Review by

I just love this cooktop. It is even better than cooking with gas.

Review Title: Induction cooking is supurb | Review by

Until recently, I had cooked on a gas stove top for 45 years. The switch to induction came after much research and good reviews from former gas cooking folks who loved it. I'm hooked. Such good control over the heat, and I can boil a pot of water in a couple minutes. Love the way this GE product works. Highly recommend and one of the favorite items in my new kitchen. Buy the extended warranty as repair parts are expensive.

Review Title: Looks Beautiful, Operates Perfect | Review by

Has better control over heat than a gas range.. I love that it doesn't put a lot of heat into the kitchen - only into the cookware...

Review Title: Great Upgrade | Review by

I got the induction stovetop about 2 months ago. Old cooktop was 20 years old & tired. This induction stove is terrific. Fast and easy cleanup. The only negative is you have to keep any drips-water or spill from food-wiped up. It will flash a message error if you have a drip. Also, it doesn't like you to lift the pan from the burner. Another error flashs at you. I would recommend this to anyone replacing an old cooktop. I love it!

Review Title: Fantastic! | Review by

I've ad this for about one year now; no regrets!!!

Review Title: Cook top review | Review by

The performance of the cook top is good. The black color is looks very nice, but is hard to keep clean. When I clean it there are smears that are hard to get off. I think we already have some scratches and don't know how they got there. The scratch are near a burner that we haven't used yet.

Review Title: Induction Cooktop | Review by

I recently remodeled my kitchen and choose this cooktop and I could not be happier. Simple to use, easy digital readings and temperatures are easilly controlled. Induction is the way to go and this GE product has been great! Includes a timer which I use often. Also includes a lock system which is very helpful when cleaning cooktop and also if you have kitties that jump up on your counter.

Review Title: Just What I Needed | Review by

I bought this range top because I liked the quick heating and quick cool down similar to gas (which is not available in my area).

Review Title: Very responsive. Heats and cools fast. | Review by

I bought this in July and I have enjoyed cooking on for the last few months. I can't wait for the holidays and having family over.

Review Title: Sleek appearance | Review by

I had this installed a few weeks ago. Induction is new to me. With new pans I'm cooking like a pro. Love it. Appearance is sweet and sleek! It's a little difficult to see the element areas - so I turn my microwave light on above. I would have preferred a beveled edge meeting the counter top for ease of cleaning. All in all I love this product.

Review Title: FRUSTRATED | Review by


Review Title: Cooktop is Superb! | Review by

I've been wanting an induction cooktop for quite awhile but the cost kept holding me back. I finally went for this one and I'm sure glad I did. I've been using it for about 6 months now and you cannot beat the features this baby has. Water boils so quick you can actually watch it start to boil--three cups of water to rolling boil in 2 minutes! Fantastic! It did take me a day or two to get used to the swiftness of heat-ups but now I ama happy cooker!

Review Title: Really disappointed | Review by

Bought this two years ago. Looks great but designed badly. Your pan has to be almost the size of the element that's it's on for it to work. As you can see, the one on the right covers the most real estate. I rarely cook in a pan that big so it never gets used. But I do use the two medium and small. So when I need a third medium, I'm out of luck. It would be great if there was a switch that would reduce the element size. Also, if you have two mediums on at the same time, they can't both be on high. One automatically reduces to level 9. And whoever said this is as good as gas? Nowhere near gas! I would love to have gas but n/a in my area. This has been an expensive, frustrating waste of money and I am completely disappointed in the performance of this cooktop.

Review Title: Beautiful cooktop | Review by

Purchased for a house remodel. I wanted completely flat face. I love the auto shut off feature. You do need to have cookware specific for induction. Heats and cools so fast. Love it.

Review Title: Great cooktop | Review by

This is a fast, elegant, and efficient way to cook. I installed this myself, and that was demanding, but very worthwhile once it was hooked up and working. It is such a great improvement over the previous electric stove and is taking some adjustment to learn how to use it well. It rocks!!

Review Title: Loving Induction! | Review by

We recently finished out kitchen renovation and decided to go with an induction cooktop. The reason we chose this model was because the customer reviews were favorable and I now see why they were so high.

Review Title: so far so good | Review by

this is not gas. I knew that coming in. once you get the hang of it, it does get the job done. starting at #5 on the grills takes forever. start at #7

Review Title: State of the Art | Review by

Since we replaced the 25 year old GE Profile cooktop with the new GE Induction Cooktop we have enjoyed its features. The range of settings works great to hold a sauce or bring water to a boil in a fraction of the time required by other types of cooktops. The safety of only the area under the pot or skillet getting hot is great and it makes clean up so much easier. Would definitely recommend this unit.

Review Title: Cooking is fun again | Review by

This has been the best purchase I've made in quite a while. The control of temperature is outstanding. I had wanted gas but my husband kept saying it would be too much trouble to run a gas line. Admittedly there were some costs in running the required electrical line and the purchase of new pans (but my pans were a wedding gift over 40 years ago). I have been having fun cooking again.

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

I bought this a month ago and it works great. We like it.

Review Title: Pots heat up quickly! | Review by

I bought this just over a month ago and have fallen in love with it. Performs better than I had expected. The only downside was I had to part with my glass and aluminum cookware.

Review Title: Great cooktop so far | Review by

Bought this because of the high ratings on Consumer Reports, great customer reviews, and GE's solid reputation. I have to agree with them. Obviously I can't review 20 models and do a comparison, but I can say I'm happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Great induction cooktop! | Review by

I love to cook with induction heat - the response time is immediate!

Review Title: Sleek & Easy to clean | Review by

love the sleek look and the ease of cleaning! Makes cooking for family of 6 more enjoyable.

Review Title: Wonderful | Review by

Love love love my cook top. I hate to cook and with this cook top have to spend less then half the time doing it. Just amazing how quick water boils. My only regret is that I didn't by induction a long time ago.

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

So far, we really like our induction cook top. I loved the excuse of being able to buy all new pots and pans. The cook-top is so easy to clean, which is huge! My hubby is the cook in the family and he was so against this thing at first. Now he says it's better than gas. The pan heats up evenly through and through. Cooking is actually a pleasure even for me now because when I follow the directions (simmer for 10 minutes), everything does what it's supposed to (if that makes sense.) Before with our electric cook-top, it was a guessing game as to how long and how high/low. Making pasta or rice isn't a chore anymore, water boils within seconds. When things spill, I simply clean it up while the pot is in place knowing nothing but the pot is hot. Nice for my son too who is just about tall enough to reach the top of the counter. If you accidentally turn on one of the burners, I love that it turns off when it doesn't detect a pan there. I have one beef and it's the touch "dials." They are sensitive but not when you need them to be. It's not as easy as turning a dial to High. You have to push and push until you get to High and I either push too lightly or too hard. Something to just get used to. And you cannot lay anything on the touch pads or the thing beeps at you. So A- for the non-cook and clean-freak in the family and an A- for the cook in the family. We have only had the appliance for about 3 months. I hope we do not experience any problems moving forward.

Review Title: Heats fast,easy to clean | Review by

We have only had it for a few months, but so far I love it. The appliance salesman tried to talk me out of it, because he said they always fail. But we are very careful to lock it every night and we got a whole house surge protector. I got it to replace an electric Glass top that had the burner break three times and I got tired of fixing it. The stove is so easy to clean and heats up very quickly, and temperature control is instantaneous

Review Title: Expecting great things | Review by

Installed my cooktop 10 days ago and love it! Easy to clean, and giving myself a few more days to learn how to use all the great features. New and Green cooking methods require a bit more education, but the energy savings will certainly mount up and justify the original investment.

Review Title: easy to operate | Review by

induction heating is the way to go. heats up quick and once done it cools quickly

Review Title: Much Better Than the Old Cooktop | Review by

Our old cooktop was pretty good, but this one is very much better! The only drawback was that we had to get new cookware; but it was well worth it.

Review Title: Awesome! | Review by

I purchased the cooktop sight unseen and WOW!!! It looks absolutely awesome in my new kitchen. I love how fast I can get boiling water. I have never used an induction cooktop and am very happy with how evenly everything cooks. GREAT PRODUCT.

Review Title: Outstanding Cooking Device! | Review by

I have used the induction cooktop for 10 months and it is terrific. It heats water very quickly and once liquid comes to a boil, it simmers on very low heat and conserves energy. It cooks delicate sauces on low heat to boiling water for tea in less than a minute. Cleanup is a snap with a moist cloth as spills do not stick. It looks sharp and I have had no problems whatsoever. My wife initially hated the idea of an induction cooktop, but she now loves it! Best appliance investment I have made. Get you one!

Review Title: LOVE my new induction cook top! | Review by

Just moved into new home and we have the Induction cook top and love it. It is easy to use and fast! So far, it has been easy clean up too. Looks great on our granite counter top. Love G. E. whole Kitchen is G. E. Profile in stainless and it makes our kitchen look awesome!

Review Title: Wonderful, easy upgrade. Don't think twice | Review by

We have always been saddled with old-ish electric cooktop/stoves. Their inefficiency and sluggishness made me long for the nimbleness of gas. Alas, our new house, again, did not have gas run to the kitchen. After some internet research, I saw induction technology billed as 'responsive as gas and more energy efficient'. I took the leap. It took me about 30 minutes to remove the old cooktop and drop in the new one with no special tools or cutting. By the nature of the technology the cooktop is amazingly responsive, as advertised. The 'burners' put out a ton of energy and you can boil water in no time and cut out the heat just as fast. The digital input takes some getting used to, but aids in reproducing where to set the cooktop for various cooking each time. I find I do need to use the Control Lock function a lot as the cat likes to sit on the stove when not in use. He is not magnetic and cannot turn it on, but it will beep a lot. Also, getting my finger on the buttons just right can take a try or two, especially when wet or dirty.

Review Title: Induction is like cooking with gas | Review by

I bought an LG cook top nothing but trouble!!!!! Home Depot swapped me out to this G E Induction cook top! Thank You Home Depot!!! This G E cook Top is GRRRRREEEEEAT!!

Review Title: Just Amazing! | Review by

Cooked my first dinner on my new GE Induction Cooktop - can't say enough about what a great appliance this is! So fast, so responsive - like nothing I have used in a very long time. We replaced our GE Profile smoothtop electric cooktop with this - no comparison. So glad we did!

Review Title: good, but could be better | Review by

not too easy to clean specially since there is no "disarm" feature while you swipe over the keypads...which go crazy when you do that. also a slide feature would have helped when setting the warming of each set.

Review Title: Love this cooktop! | Review by

I'm new to induction cooking and this cooktop has made the transition painless.

Review Title: Great cook top | Review by

We renovated our kitchen and I love this cooktop once I got good quality pots and pans

Review Title: Awesome! | Review by

I have been using the cook top now for 2 months. Honestly the best investment I have made on my recent kitchen remodel project!

Review Title: PHP900 model | Review by

Nice cooktop! good looking very clean, no damaged when doing deep clean.

Review Title: so far, so good | Review by

just installed and used twice. Works just like I hoped it would. Like the LOCK and Timer.

Review Title: Looks beautiful | Review by

Can't wait to learn how to use it - but so far it boils water beautifully!

Review Title: Wonderful cooktop | Review by

After cooking on a 60 year old coppertone color elec cooktop, this is a dream come true. Boils water faster than I have ever seen, and temperature control is pleasantly surprising. I wanted to go to a gas cooktop due to the ease of controlling the temperature, but this cooktop can't be beat. I am so glad I decided to take a chance and try something different. I am a little nervous yet making sure I do not scratch the ceramic top since I used cast iron cook wear.Which to my surprise was an acceptable line of cook wear to use. I have to make sure I lift the pots and not drag them across the top. But that would be with any cook wear. The coolness of the cook top after use is amazing. I was always afraid my cat would stride across the top and get burned, but not with this. Highly recommend. A dream to cook with.

Review Title: Induction Cooktop Review | Review by

So far pretty happy with this cooktop. Large burner size is a little too big but otherwise everything good.

Review Title: Wonderful features | Review by

It is so easy to use - and to control - cuts down on cook time too.

Review Title: When done the top coals off imediatly | Review by

It takes longer to heat up than we expected, water does not boil in 90 seconds

Review Title: When It Works It Is Great One Burner Failure | Review by

When it works it is quite magnificent. One burner stopped working in the first six weeks, remains to be seen how well it gets repaired by GE Authorized repair facility. We are currently awaiting the service technician.

Review Title: fun to use! | Review by

This time my choice of "best available" worked out very well. Am very pleased with both cook top and microwave.

Review Title: Wonderful! | Review by

I love this cooktop. Always wanted gas to cook on, but after seeing Mr. Brown use it on the GE site I had to try it. Glad I did. You will not believe how easy it is to clean. Love it!

Review Title: A Kitchen Jewel | Review by

This cooktop is a joy to cook, to clean and just to gaze at. In addition to its elegance and efficiency, it's both easy and safe to use.

Review Title: I LOVE my new stove! | Review by

I wanted the precision and speed of a gas stove but did not want to run gas to the house so I decided to try induction. I will never go back to plain electric again! Simple, clean, fast, precise.... all the things it said it would be, even better! It does make a bit of noise (humming sound) when turned on, but not loud and not a bother. I can boil water amazingly fast and when you turn it off, it is OFF... instantly! Wow!!!!

Review Title: Cool cooktop | Review by

I am very happy with this cooktop. Looks fantastic on a white countertop.

Review Title: Awesome cooktop | Review by

This was installed in September and I absolutely love it. This is replacing a 30 year old electric coil cooktop and it did take a little adjusting. I also bought new cookware, so figuring out temperatures and the speed that things heat up gave me a couple of surprises (all good!). It's easy to clean and just looks so nice in my updated kitchen. So far, it's all great!!!

Review Title: My Love At 1st Sight - GE Induction Cooktop | Review by

Since the day we started cooking with the GE Profile PHP900DM2BB induction cook-top, we are so glad of the choice we made. Stylish, Fast Cooking, Clean and the best of all Energy Efficient!!! We are looking forward to the many years of cooking experience we will be having with the GE Profile PHP900DM2BB induction cook-top.

Review Title: Induction cooktop review | Review by

Love it. The product looks great, is easy to clean. Heats my pots and pans quickly. Makes a bit of a clicking soud at time but that was explained in manual.

Review Title: Cooking in the Future | Review by

We love our new induction cooktop. It is so much easier to control the heating than with our previous non-induction cooktop. Its almost as controllable as gas. Cookware heats evenly across their diameters and you can boil water in almost no time due to the efficient heat transfer. Only downside is that all cookware needs to be induction capable, so we had to buy a few new pieces. You also have to be care to clean up any spills or spatters before using the cooktop again to avoid "baking on".

Review Title: easiest to clean | Review by

I have had this product for 1 year now and it works excellent. It is the easiest cooktop to clean.

Review Title: As fast as gas | Review by

Always liked solid surface cooktops, except for the speed of the conventional tops. Too Slow. Not so with this induction model. It heats quickly, boils water almost instantly, and is easy to clean. We love it. The only electric cooktop we would have!!

Review Title: I love how fast this cooktop will boil water | Review by

I was a little skeptical about induction vs. gas, however I'm very pleased with this cooktop. It is very nice looking in the kitchen.

Review Title: good but noise | Review by

2 month old you can boil water before you know it in high temp, very fast.

Review Title: Fast cooking | Review by

After the control panel was replace the unit works perfect. Bot many pots or pans will work with this stove top. Only the expensive ones. But it's worth the results.

Review Title: Quick Safe Cooktop | Review by

Bought and installed 4/2014. Very easy/responsive/clean. Did purchase new dedicated induction cookware. Love it so far!

Review Title: LOVE THIS COOKTOP | Review by

I'm a guy, engineer, age 66, and I researched the induction tops for a year. I talked about it so much that my wife agreed. We had an electric cast-iron burner range before. We did an 80% kitchen remodel with granite tops. My wife wanted all SS and looked at all of the models and picked the GE Profile series. I was won over by the totally knob less, button less GE design. This top is really fantastic to cook on. If a pot starts to boil-over, no need to move it just touch the ON/OFF area on the glass surface and it quits boiling faster than you could move it. Then touch ON/OFF and set it at 2 or 3 and walk away. My wife thinks it is maybe the "second" best decision I ever made. We put a built-in Wall oven under the cooktop to replace the slide in range we had before. All this was in a center island over a concrete slab. I installed a two breaker power panel in the Island to provide separate circuits (20A & 40A) for the oven and cooktop. The feed to the panel is still the 40 amp circuit I had and figure I won't have any tripping problems as the equivalent GE range only needs a 40 amp supply.

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

It was installed only yesterday, but I'm already seeing the benefits. it heats water much, much faster than my previous gas range. I'v cooked a steak, a burger, and oatmeal with it, and all came out perfectly. My only complaints are that the timer's finished signal isn't loud enough; not all of us are in our 20s with perfect hearing´┐Żand that there aren't timers to control each hob.

Review Title: Instant heat, easy to clean | Review by

Love the induction cooking - works much like gas without the hassle of clean up. Wipes clean so easily with completely flat surface. Only thing I would change after having it for 3 months - would prefer a more gray than black top as dust shows so quickly on the black surface and needs to be wiped down daily regardless of use. Rapid water boil saves time frequently - we love it!

Review Title: Nice cooktop; design could be better | Review by

I've been using this for about 3 months now. It looks nice, works great, and I love the induction cooking, even though I needed to buy new cookware to use it. It's easy to clean because the controls are touch-controls and they don't stick up. I have two minor complaints. One is with the location of one of the controls. The controls are in the center of the cooktop and each corresponds to the location of the burners, except for ONE. (For example, the front left burner is controlled by the front-leftmost control, the rear left burner is controlled by the rear-leftmost control.) The irritating one is the REAR center burner which is controlled by the FRONT center control, with the rear-centermost control being a timer. Why couldn't these be flipped so the location of the control corresponds with the location of the burner? Even after 3 months I still mix them up. The other minor issue is the burners are very hard to see so it's hard to tell where to place the pots/pans. They blend in with the rest of the cooktop.

Review Title: Cool and Quick | Review by

We have been using our new cooktop for the past month and have been very pleased. It heats up fast and the surrounding area is cool to the touch so it doesn't heat up the kitchen. It cleans beautifully with the cleaner that came with it and we love it.

Review Title: I'm in love | Review by

I bought this induction cooktop to replace a 40 (probably) year old Jenn-Air cooktop, about two weeks ago. Wow, this cooktop looks good and is so sensitive by comparison. I can boil water faster than in the microwave, but also can get the perfect simmer temperature. Unlike radiant cooktops, when you turn this burner down, the temperature reduces immediately. So far it is a snap to clean, and I especially like the lock feature to avoid the burners being turned on unintentionally.

Review Title: I searched and searched.... | Review by

I searched in stores and on-line for the perfect cooktop for our kitchen/dinning remodel. I decided on induction cooking after extensive reading. Even though some suggest a ventilation system might not be needed, I did not want to take a chance. This cooktop is not only perfect in every sense, it has a downdraft that can be installed with it. We also purchased the downdraft exhaust and could not be happier with the result. New cooktop, new downdraft, and new pots and pans all add up to a new way of cooking and one very satisfied customer. Thanks, GE!

Review Title: GE Profile Series 30 " induction cooktop | Review by

Bought this as a kitchen remodel. First time with a glass cooktop and first time with induction. Absolutely LOVE this cooktop. The size is perfect for my cooking habits. I did have to buy a new set of cookware for the induction, but that was OK as my cookware was old and in need of replacement. It is easy to clean and to keep clean. I love the smooth surface. I also love induction! Did not take me long to learn how to cook. Can't say anything negative. First time user and believer!

Review Title: Love Induction cooking | Review by

I've been using my new cooktop over a month now. It is as good if not better than cooking with gas. Heats up really fast, cools down really fast. Clean up is a breeze too.

Review Title: Fastest heating of any cooktop I've ever used! | Review by

I have had this cooktop for about a month. I really like it - a pot of water boils in just a few minutes! The only things that I don't like: it sometimes make a whistling sound when turned up to the highest heat and the burner edges are hard to see. The performance has been great, though.

Review Title: Love My Cooktop | Review by

Looks great. Immediate heat reduction. Boils really quickly. Two complaints 1] you cannot see the areas to place your pot and keep it centered once the pot is on the circle. 2] touch pads to set heat level are sometimes slow to respond

Review Title: terrific replacement stovetop | Review by

We replaced a 20 year old electric cooktop stove. We have friends that got an induction cooktop & did some research on it. Read all the reviews & settled on this GE model. It only took about 2 hours for handy husband to install. Some of the reviews mentioned that burner may hum on high. Mine does but not a big deal when you know it may happen. It was also great to replace old, beatup pots & pans. You do need to have steel bottom pans. (a magnet must stick to the bottom) So, it was fun replacing them too. All in all, a great replacement!!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Heats up fast, easy to clean, and easy to install.

Review Title: cooking my way into the 21st century | Review by

my newly remodeled kitchen includes a convection oven and this induction cooktop. looking forward to trying old and new recipes using this modern technology. love the feeling of control with the many temperature settings, appreciate the many safety features, such as auto shut-off and the ability to lock the cooktop when not in use. and i'm especially happy to have a good excuse to get some new and better cookware. movin' on up!

Review Title: Boils water in a snap | Review by

We replaced a 10 1/2 yr old GE smooth top traditional cooktop during a remodel. This induction cooktop boils water unbelievably fast. Sleek look. Wish they would have made the outlines for the burners a little more pronounced - hard to see exactly where to place the pans in dimmer lighting. We have not noticed the humming - can hear it sometimes, but it is a minor background noise. Overall cooking everything is faster than before. Very happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Beautiful | Review by

I bought this a month ago, after reading reviews of induction cooktops for over a year. We finally took the plunge. The cooktop is very new, so I can't make a statement about how well it will hold up, but I do love this cooktop more than an electric stove and more than gas. One piece of advice: check your stainless cookware. My beloved set of stainless did not work on this cooktop. I didn't realize that my stainless has a fine coating of aluminum on the bottom. It just was not able to magnetize enough to be recognized by the induction element. The sides of the pans were fine, the bottom was a no-go. Purchased an inexpensive set from "Cooks" and I think I am going to love it just as much as my old set. Have fun with your new induction cooktop!

Review Title: Induction Believer! | Review by

I love everything about this cooktop. It is very easy to clean and stays looking nice, it is FAST to make heat adjustments, and it looks. We had a hard time finding a non stick "chicken fryer" type of pan that would work with induction. We had no problem finding regular cookware that would work well, though. I love using this cooktop.

Review Title: Great for the control freak in me..... | Review by

I love being able to control the exact temperature, not having hot burners and getting a pan of boiling water faster than I can peel the potato going in it. I give it very high marks but want to point out one possible area of improvement. It is very difficult to see the "burner" if the pan casts a shadow. Maybe a little more contrast or a perimeter circle. Doesn't really matter though because the pan heats up wherever it is in the circle. Tough to break old habits....

Review Title: Induction is the best! | Review by

We replaced an old electric cooktop with this model and couldn't be happier. Just make sure you use cast iron or stainless steel cookware and you'll be set! Best cooktop I have ever used, hands down!

Review Title: GE Profile 30" Induction Cooktop Rocks!! | Review by

I was exposed to induction cooktops in Europe, and had not seen many in the USA, but decided to see what was available. We found several makes, but because of the design and features, we chose the GE Profile, and we are very glad we did. It was easy to install, it works great, and it has really made our kitchen look much more attractive.

Review Title: fast cooking, excellent heat control, perfect size | Review by

I bought this cooktop to replace a GE radiant-heat cooktop that was about 15 years old. It fit perfectly in the cutout in the countertop, unlike other brands, which were either too big or too small. I greatly enjoy cooking with it: the heat comes up right away and adjusts quite accurately with the touch controls. And since the surface doesn't get hot, spills don't burn onto it like on the radiant-heat one I had before. The price was appreciably higher than that of a radiant-heat unit, but so far it seems worth the difference.

Review Title: Quick Burner Response | Review by

fast as gas... qick, easy, don't care for the hummm... Great, easy to claen features, no more knobs to deal with. clean lines, easy to clean surface.

Review Title: FAST COOKING TIME / EASY CLEAN-UP | Review by


Review Title: Fantastic Appliance | Review by

This induction cooktop has revolutionized my cooking! It saves me many hours while performing routine cooking tasks such as in sauce making, hard cooking eggs, caramelizing onions; anything one could think of. It's quick, foods do not burn, and it cleans beautifully. My electric cooktop had to be cleaned with Cerama Brite after each use requiring elbow greece much of the time. With my new induction, IF it needs cleaning (when spatters occur), all I do is clean with soapy water, wipe down with a sponge, and dry with a paper towel. Foods do not burn when there's a spillover since the element is not hot! Plus all of the pans I previously had work very well, even when I have to use a smaller pan on a larger unit, something that concerned me prior to my purchase.

Review Title: Wanted gas-Sold on induction! | Review by

I swapped out a GE Profile smooth electric cooktop for this one. I absolutely hated the pulsing method of heat control. Every burner alternated between high and off in a range of timed pulses to "maintain" temperature. Totally non-functional to cook anything. No ability to simmer or cook at a steady high temperature as when making candy. Dumbest design ever. I wanted gas since the line runs outside the house behind the stove but the cost to install and convert was more than double this option. I watched a demo at the store and agreed to try it. I love induction. I had to buy all new cookware but the cleanup is great the the control is unbelievable. I am sold on induction!

Review Title: This products is great! | Review by

I love this cooktop is beautiful and save alot of time cooking.

Review Title: worth your money | Review by

Very simple and intuitive to use. Heat up fast and easy to clean. Quiet and good for a small family. Highly recommend it.

Review Title: Induction Cooktop | Review by

This turned out even better than we expected; quick heating, cool cooktop after cooking, and easy to keep clean!

Review Title: Fabulous cooktop. | Review by

Using induction takes much less time to cook and less electricity. So much safer than a traditional electric cooktop. Finding pots mad pans was easy and not expensive. This is the way to go for any cooktop you might consider buying. Outweighs any savings you might have with traditional electric cooktop. Very easy to clean also.

Review Title: Makes cooking fun again | Review by

I've been dreaming about my new induction cooktop throughout my whole remodel and I'm not disappointed. In fact I badgered my contractor so much he hooked it up earlier than expected. The first time I made a pot of pasta I started laughing at how quickly the water came to a boil and how closely I could control the heat. Clean up is a snap, and the cooktop looks fabulous. I love the idea of its energy efficiency in addition to its features and quality. So much more enjoyable than gas. Since I installed it in the summer, I'm also enjoying how it doesn't create a lot of heat in the kitchen. Leave old school gas cooktops behind -- induction is the way to go.

Review Title: cooks well, looks nice | Review by

I really like the cooktop. The directions on cleaning could be better, but it works really well. When you turn off a unit, it turns off very quickly, more like a gas stove than my old electric.

Review Title: Heats dishes fast | Review by

Great replacement for the old GE Profile that gave up the ghost.

Review Title: LOVE induction cooking | Review by

Love the cooking performance of this cooktop. The H setting boils water super fast, the low setting is great warming and love the instant change from high to low and the 16 heat settings. And no hotspots (I use Chantal and All-Clad) and get beautiful browning that I have not been able to achieve since my last gas stove. A surprise is that you cannot use a pan a lot smaller than the cooking element, so we are tryiing to figure out how to use our small sauce pans and how to use the large element for more than on large pan. Only complaint is that the settings buttons are easily turned on or off, so it is easy to accidentally turn off cooking and it is annoying when you accidentally turn on an element and it beeps a warning. There is a control setting, but it is not helpful while you are cooking. Miight e better if controls were on the side. Other compaint with this unit is that the back two burners are very close together. I chose this for the large front burner, but was surpised at how I have to play around with fit if I need to use both back burners. It would also be helpful if there were silicone accessories for covering burners during cooking so that pans do not scratch the surface or slip off center. We are using newspaper, but that can cover some of the controls.

Review Title: I love it! | Review by

I always wanted a gas range but couldn't have one because we live in an all-electric home. I was so happy to find out about induction cooking and to get this cooktop. I love being able to simmer something all day and it is really simmering, not cooking at a full rolling boil. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to use my aluminum pressure canner. All-in-all, though, I recommend this appliance highly.

Review Title: Recommended with reservations | Review by

The cooktop heats up FAST and has a wide range of heat settings allowing for exacting heat control. That's all very nice. However, the "touch" for making the settings is flakey. Sometimes (and not others) it takes a bit of fussing to get it to recognize that I want to make a change to the heat setting. I always get there eventually. Secondly, the outline of the "burners" is very dim in the glass top, so figuring out where to place the pan can, in lesser lighting, be a problem -- bending my neck one way then another to see where the pan should be set down. A brighter outline to define the placement would have been helpful. Lastly, the control for the upper center burner should have been swapped for the timer control. It doesn't make intuitive sense not to the have the control as near to the burner it represents as possible. It matters much less where the timer control is. Strange that they got this backwards. My complaints are generally minor in content and we'll keep and use this cooktop for a long time, I'm sure.

Review Title: Awesome! | Review by

We remodeled our kitchen 9 months ago and after much reserch decided to go with an induction cook top. We love it! I have so much more control than with a gas or regular electric. It heats the pan RIGHT NOW! Makes cooking pasta a dream. It doesn't heat up my kitchen like a regular stove(huge considering we live in Phoenix AZ) It looks beautiful on top of my granit counter top as well. I just can't say enough good about it. I will never go with a gas or electric stove again!!!! Nice job GE!

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