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GE PDT750SSFSS Profile 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE-PDT750SSFSS Clean Up

Appliances GE-PDT750SSFSS Clean UpAppliances GE-PDT750SSFSS Clean UpAppliances GE-PDT750SSFSS Clean UpAppliances GE-PDT750SSFSS Clean Up
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  • Appliances GE-PDT750SSFSS Clean Up
  • Appliances GE-PDT750SSFSS Clean Up
  • Appliances GE-PDT750SSFSS Clean Up
  • Appliances GE-PDT750SSFSS Clean Up

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GE Profile 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
Regular Price: $1,200.00
39% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $893.70
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GE Profile 27.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $3,100.00
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GE Profile 1.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave
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GE Profile Advantium 30" Stainless Steel Electric Combination Wall Oven - Convection
Regular Price: $4,000.00
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Regular Price: $3,593.70
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Double Oven Range - Convection
Regular Price: $3,200.00
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Regular Price: $2,873.70
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
Regular Price: $1,400.00
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Regular Price: $1,253.70
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GE Profile 22.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $2,600.00
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Regular Price: $2,333.70
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GE Profile 2.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave
Regular Price: $360.00
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven - Convection
Regular Price: $2,300.00
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Regular Price: $2,063.70
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction Range - Convection
Regular Price: $3,200.00
29% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $2,873.70
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
Regular Price: $1,200.00
20% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $1,073.70
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GE Appliance Features - Dishwasher Bottle Wash

GE Fully Integrated Dishwasher

GE Profile Series Appliances

  • Full Stainless Steel Interior
  • Enjoy an attractive appearance and long-lasting durability.
  • GE's Most Advanced Washing System with 102 Cleaning Jets
  • Achieve the ultimate clean from an industry-leading number of jets that deliver complete washing coverage to every corner of the dishwasher.
  • Reversing Quad Blade Wash Arm
  • Dishes come out impressively clean thanks to this revolutionary lower wash arm, with 25 spray jets reversing direction to hit items from every angle.
  • Bottle Wash Jets
  • Hard to reach areas inside tall items get completely clean with four dedicated jets integrated into the upper rack that shower water deep inside for the ultimate clean.
  • Side Jets
  • Cascading water fills the dishwasher while hydrating soils.
  • Easy Touch Adjustable Upper Rack with 2 Stem Safe Shelves
  • Quickly adjust the upper rack 2 inches up or down to accommodate tall glassware and 10 1/2" plates with plenty of room in the bottom rack for large platters and cookie sheets.
  • 42 dBA with LED Status Indicator on Door
  • A dishwasher this quiet has a status indicator to tell you if the dishwasher is Washing, Drying or Clean


Quiet Package: 42 dBA
Number of Cycles: 7
Number of Place Settings: Up to 16
Number of Options: 11
Energy Star Qualified: Yes
Wash System: 700 Series
Electrical Requirements: 120V; 9.9A; 60Hz
Motor: Variable Speed
Quiet Features: Quiet Water Valve; Sealed Toe Kick; Tub Collar Trim
Latch: Pull with Handle
Dispenser: Rinse Aid with Indicator and Adjustment Electronic Low Rinse Aid Sensor
Sensor: Clean Sensor
Control Type: Top Controls; Electronic Tactile Buttons
Dishwasher Drying Features: Power Dry; Fan Assist Dry; Digital Rinse Aid Indicator
Wash Arms: 3 Pressurized Wash Arms
Variable Pressure: Yes
Floor Protection: Floor Protect with Alert
Water Filtration System: 100% Filtration with Piranha Hard Food Disposer and Removable Filter
Leveling System: 4-Front Adjustable Leveling Legs with Wheels
Wash System Features
Dual Pumps and Motors: Yes
Automatic Temperature Control: Yes
Drain Pump: Yes
Piranha Hard Food Disposer: Yes with Removable Filter
Dedicated Silverware Jets: Yes
Reversing Quad Blade: Lower Wash Arm
Quad Blade Middle Wash Arm: Yes
Bottle Wash Jets: Yes
Side Jets: Yes
Spray Jet Wash System: 100+
Hidden Heater: Yes
Dishwasher Options
Delay Start: 1-12 Hours
Pre Soak: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Wash TempBoost: Yes
Sani: Yes (NSF Certified)
Heated Dry: Yes
Wash Zone Upper Only: Yes
Wash Zone Lower Only: Yes
Start/Reset: Yes
Energy Smart: Yes
Bottle Wash: Yes
Rack Features
Utility Shelves with Stem Safe: 2 (Upper)
Ball-Tipped Tines: Yes
Small Items Basket: Yes
Fold-Down Tines: 2 (Lower)
Rack Flex Baskets: Upper and Lower
Adjustable Upper Rack: Yes
Wash Your Way Customizable Rack: Yes
Silverware Basket: 3 Piece with Soft Touch Handle
Exterior Style: Traditional
Style: Built-In
Tub and Door Liner: Stainless Steel
Handle: Rounded Handle
Door Appearance: Full Length Door
Door Style: Long Door with Top Controls
Handle Design: Designer Style
Installation: Side Installation or Top Installation Included; Built-Up Floor Capable; Flush Cabinet Installation
Parts Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Labor Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weights
Product Width: 23 3/4"
Product Depth: 24"
Product Height: 34"
Height with Legs Extended: 34 5/8"
Net Weight: 108 Lbs.
Approximate Shipping Weight: 121 Lbs.

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Review Title: Great | Review by

Great product but smugs easy.

Review Title: Poor on drying | Review by

We got two months ago and not satisfied with drying, specially on plastic items. We tried all various rinsing agents and cycles but so far no noticeable results

Review Title: WORTH THE MONEY | Review by

Bought for Our new home, looked at decibel ratings as priority # 1. Was amazed how quite it is. Works wonderful. Only real noise is when it pumps out water. That may be due to how drain was connected. If you don't like it, call your Momma to wash your dishes!

Review Title: Simple to use; until door would not open fully. | Review by

Sound deadening material fill down into toe space at front. That prevented the door from fully opening. Called for warranty repairs. Repairman came in about a week and cut off the black rubber type material and ordered WD3020687 Insulation Tub Lip and returned in about a week to install part. Can not believe warranty work was required after having the dishwasher for only about two (2) months.

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

Best dishwasher we have ever had, and it is the quietest as well! You don't even know its running it is so quiet.

Review Title: Love this dishwasher | Review by

If you are looking for a great performer for a dishwasher and a layout that finally makes sense for your dishes, this is the one to get. The hidden controls are nice for the looks, but not having little one's running around not a necessity. I love the bottle cleaner as well. The first dishwasher that was also able to remove tea stains from my plastic pitcher! The layout allows you to customize a lot of space to meet your particular needs, which is a nice change from my previous one.

Review Title: Unreliable | Review by

Dishwasher didn't last more than a month before it started leaking and eventually broke own. Repair guy said the part they need I on national back order because so many people are having problems. Top controls fog up every time it runs. I won't buy a GE dishwasher again.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

This came along with a new home purchase and it has been a great dishwasher. It has a lot of features, many that I have not used. Excellent at washing dishes - what the primary goal is

Review Title: Love it, but still have a couple of questions... | Review by

I really love everything about this dishwasher! It has a sleek look inside and out, the front-facing indicators (Washing, Drying, Clean) are incredibly helpful, and everything comes out sparkling clean. I'm just not sure why the Low Rinse Aid message won't turn off, even when the dispenser is full. Also, how can I get the controls to turn completely off? They remain on for a very long time after I hold the Start button for 3 seconds and hear the chime. Highly recommended!

Review Title: Problems with GE | Review by

We were disappointed when after a couple of weeks the gasket on the door fell out. We were even more disappointed in the prior dishwasher. The prior one was a monogram and only after 7 years the control panel failed. We are also having difficulty with the double wall oven ( monogram). GE service will have been here three times to try and fix it. If it is not fixed after the next one we will replace it with a more reliable product which will not be GE.

Review Title: Drys good now that the wires were reinstalled. | Review by

Had it for a few months, alittle noisy and hard to shut the door and keep it shut.

Review Title: Excellent | Review by

I had a GE profile dishwasher that I previously owned last lasted over 10 years without any issues. It was a no brainer when choosing a new dishwasher. We obviously went with GE and are very happy with the new updated GE profile.

Review Title: extremely Quiet | Review by

Very, very quiet. Took a bit of time to understand controls. Very low to ground compared to old dishwasher. Cleans very well. Must clean front panal often due to water stains.

Review Title: Awesome features | Review by

My old dishwasher was not cleaning well anymore so we decided to replace it and I found this one. I absolutely love it. It cleans better than I ever expected and I don't have to wash the dishes before washing the dishes. I just rinse off the big stuff and the dishwasher removes the rest.

Review Title: quiet | Review by

It doesn't seem to clean all that well when I run it; even when it is just a light load

Review Title: Leaked before many parts replaced | Review by

At the end of every cycle, we had a leak that would puddle on the floor. Our technician had to replace nearly every piece in the door before it worked again. We also find the interior smells awful, even after we empty the filter and rinse all our dishes before loading it. We're not impressed.

Review Title: Poor Design | Review by

Dishwasher door is so temperamental to close it rarely lines up ( an we are extremely gentle with it ) , front stainless cover came unattached within 3 weeks and had to be repaired. Repairman fixed latch mechanism and within a week it will not close right. Seal leaks at bottom of door. The dishwasher is quiet, but model needs to be recalled and re-engineered. This door latching mechanism will never last.

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

Excellent quality and workmanship. Very economical to run and it does a better job at cleaning my dishes than any other dishwasher I ever owned before. I highly recommend it!

Review Title: Dishwasher | Review by

The rinse aid compartment is too small. The rinse aid indicator comes on after about 3 washes. The rinse aid compartment does not hold very much product and much of the product spills out during the filling process as the compartment is so small. I have owned 2 GE profile dishwashers in the past and this one is definitely is not the quality that I have owned in the past.

Review Title: GE Profile Series - PDT750SSFSS | Review by

We purchased this to replace a very cheap & basic model. We can't believe the difference. You can hardly hear this unit when it is washing and the dishes come out incredibly clean. Very happy so far with this product.

Review Title: I love the way it looks and the features. | Review by

Love it! It is very quiet and plays a nice little tune when it is opened and finished with its cycle.

Review Title: Great appearance | Review by

This dishwasher is so quiet that I forget that it is even on. And the bottled washers are amazing. I always find glasses with dried milk in the bottoms. No more soaking!!

Review Title: Quite | Review by

Quite, accommodating, and cleans everything exceptionally. Best dishwasher I have ever used.

Review Title: Looks Great! | Review by

So easy to use with the scroll through settings. Love the sleek look with all of the buttons on the inside of the door. Cleans and looks great.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

5 months of use and the dishwasher is so quiet and cleans dishes well. Only negative is It not dry as well as my previous dishwasher

Review Title: Nice and Quiet | Review by

I have been using this dishwasher for about 2 months and I like how clean my dishes get in the normal cycle. I am not too fond of the utensil caddy, but I am getting used to it. The machine is quiet with minor gurglings.

Review Title: Love the bottle washer:) | Review by

We like the features on this washer. Especially the bottle washer since we have little ones. That feature also does wonders on my coffee mugs. We get a good clean on all of our dishes and a great rinse.

Review Title: Profile Dishwasher | Review by

Purchased a week ago. Couldn't be happier with it.

Review Title: So quiet! | Review by

I never realized how loud my past dishwashers were until I got this one. The dishes come out amazingly clean and the only negative comment I have so far is that my wine glasses were too tall to put where they are supposed to go on the top level.

Review Title: very quiet | Review by

Installed in April and is great in cleaning our dishes

Review Title: Awesome Dishwasher | Review by

I've had this dishwasher for two months now. I absolutely love it .

Review Title: VERY QUIET MACHINE | Review by


Review Title: Quiet and efficient | Review by

My wife and I are very happy with this appliance as well as all GE appliances we own.

Review Title: Very Quiet! | Review by

Very quiet operation. Does a great job cleaning. Warranty support also great. Had to call for an installation issue.

Review Title: I love the quietness of this Dishwasher | Review by

I bought this Dishwasher about 2 months ago. I love the quietness and design is very sleek and really fits well with my other GE appliances

Review Title: Very Quiet | Review by

Very nice dishwasher. Very quiet and easy to clean. The bottle washers on the top rack are very handy for smoothie glasses. It has a number of settings for any type of wash you might need. Please, make sure to review your owner's manual to see how to arrange your dishes and flatware for the optimal wash. You can't just throw stuff in there (I told my husband).

Review Title: So Quiet, we didn't know it was running! | Review by

Sleek, well organized with lots of options to rearrange as needed. Very quiet. Dishes and glassware sparkled!!

Review Title: Average | Review by

I only bought this product because of a rebate. My wife is not thrilled with the dishwasher. The top rack does not hold glasses well nor as many as our last GE. Check Consumer Reports before buying this product.

Review Title: Brand New | Review by

Just received the dishwasher less than two weeks ago. Have used the dishwasher several times and seems to be that the top rack doesnt clean the dishes as well as expected. Our old ge profile worked nicely, only upgraded or at least we thought.

Review Title: Soooo Quiet | Review by

We had to go look at the controls to tell if it was running or not and it was running....

Review Title: GE quality, service, and warranty are horrible | Review by

The rinse aid warning would never go off. It has been replaced twice. The display had water inside it and it was replaced once and was damaged again during replacement. The bottle wash rack falls off; that has been replaced too. The dishwasher beach gasket is damaged and we are waiting for a backordered part. The dishwasher tripped a circuit breaker for 3 weeks and counting despite repair attempts.

Review Title: Good, but one problem! | Review by

We have had this for 6 months. It works well. But, several times we have had trouble opening the door. When this happens, something black and textured (sound insulation) falls out below the door. I have some small pieces and one very large one. Before this started happening, which was within a month of installation, the dishwasher was so quiet you could barely hear it with your ear by the door. Even now it is still pretty quiet. I have just found my paperwork so will have to call GE about repairing this. I hope ours is a rare case!

Review Title: Disappointed. | Review by

I had a Kitchenaide before and must have lost my mind to not have gotten another. This DW is quiet, but the dishes need to be cleaned before loading, soap residue is on glasses, silverware needs re-cleaning. Where is my Kitchenaide? :( This DW doesn't hold a candle to the Kitchenaide!

Review Title: Falling apart. Less than two month old. | Review by

We purchased this less than two months ago. Last week the door would not open fully because of a problem with a large chunk of black rubber material falling out of the door and interfering. We have pushed it up out of the way to get the door to open. Now pieces of this rubber like substance falling out when we open or close the door.

Review Title: Love this Dishwasher! | Review by

This is the best dishwasher! It has little 'stoppers' for wine glass stems, and plenty of room for pots and pans on the bottome shelf. It is really quiet! Sometimes I have to open it to make sure it is running. It has a nice appearance too.

Review Title: Outstanding product | Review by

This dishwasher is so quite I had to keep checking it to make sure it was on since my last dishwasher was much louder. It is simple to use and the unit overall is stylish. I was hesitant at first do to the price but now I am glad I purchased it. I love the bottle wash option since I have kids and I had to wash the bottles and small cups by hand since either there was stuff still on the bottom of the bottles/ cups or they would flip over during the wash but I don't have to worry about that anymore.

Review Title: What a Machine! | Review by

I have only had this machine for a few days but so far I‘m totally impressed. My nine year old Brand X was going into it's 4th repair this year so it was time to replace. Decided to go GE this time and so glad I did. Narrowed the search to a few models and went to the local appliance store (not a big box store) to see them all. Selected the PDT750 because of all it's features. It was installed the next day and so far, I couldn't be more satisfied. It is so quiet you need to look at the "Cleaning - Drying - Clean" display to see what it's doing. The cleaning it does on even the toughest of jobs (dried rice and cheese) is unbelievable. No more "does this need to go through again"! Very flexible loading too. All things considered, this machine is a jewel. GE really did bring good things to life!

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

Nice dishwasher. Very quiet.

Review Title: Awwsome Dishwasher | Review by

This dishwasher is so neat it has tines that have water jet to clean baby bottles and sports bottles. I have not seen this feature before. It also has 102 jets through out the dishwasher. It is also a quite unit as well. What a great price.

Review Title: quiet and clean | Review by

This dishwasher is so quiet! Also, I love how all of the buttons are hidden so it looks great with everything else in the kitchen. The racks glide out easily and the silverware baskets are super versatile. There are so many jets that I don't even worry about any food being left behind. All in all, this is a great dishwasher.

Review Title: Best Dishwasher! So Quiet! | Review by

I ordered a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, over the range microwave, washer and dryer. The experience could not have been any better! The staff was quick to respond, courteous and answered all my questions. All products were delivered on time and with no problems. All appliances are working perfectly and look great too! I will definitely use Goedeker's again and recommend them to my friends.

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