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GE JT3000SFSS 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven (View all from GE)

Regular Price: $1,400.00
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Regular Price: $1,253.70
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Appliances GE-JT3000SFSS Cooking

Appliances GE-JT3000SFSS CookingAppliances GE-JT3000SFSS CookingAppliances GE-JT3000SFSS CookingAppliances GE-JT3000SFSS CookingAppliances GE-JT3000SFSS CookingAppliances GE-JT3000SFSS Cooking
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  • Appliances GE-JT3000SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-JT3000SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-JT3000SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-JT3000SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-JT3000SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-JT3000SFSS Cooking

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GE 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven
Regular Price: $1,400.00
19% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $1,253.70
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GE Cafe 28.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $3,100.00
26% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $2,783.70
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GE JT3000SFSS 30" built-in single wall oven

isn't here to overwhelm you with flashy or confusing features. It is a straightforward, reliable oven that's ready to partner with you on any cooking job and get it done to your satisfaction. After all, at the end of the day what matters most is that you are pleased with your oven's performance - and this model from GE will fit the bill.

Wall Oven Features

  • This oven is undoubtedly one of the largest in the industry at
    5 cu. ft. capacity
    , and its 2 heavy duty racks can be rearranged to your liking with 6 embossed rack positions. You'll rediscover the joy in baking when you pack this electric oven full of sweets and they come out looking and tasting marvelous.
  • An
    eight-pass broil element and ten-pass bake element
    ensure thorough heating coverage and enhanced baking results. Whether you're fixing tenderloin or turkey, chicken pieces or cupcakes, they'll be cooked to perfection.
  • Reviewers say this oven heats up quickly, and when it finishes preheating an
    audible signal
    will let you know your food can be loaded inside.
  • Proof mode and warm mode
    add some bonus functionality to your oven. Preparing homemade bread? Trying to keep a dish warm for the relative who's somehow always late? Not a problem!
  • The
    black gloss interior finish
    is gorgeous and classy, and you won't have to struggle to keep it clean with the bake element concealed neatly under the oven floor.
  • To save yourself time and energy, choose from
    self-clean and steam clean options in the oven
    . They can combat everything from ordinary spills to serious messes. What's even better is that you can leave the racks inside during the self-clean cycle so they'll be refreshed as well!
  • This basic wall oven has intuitive
    electronic touch controls
    that are simple to use. Getting the hang of them will be no task at all!
  • A light will come on automatically each time the oven door is opened, or you can toggle it manually with the button on the control panel. This and the extra wide glass window help you track how your food is progressing without letting any of that precious hot air out.
  • Thanks to the
    GE! Fits Guarantee
    , you can rest assured that your new 30" wall oven will fit into an existent compatible cutout space. If it doesn't, GE will reimburse part of the installation costs. Read up on all the details here.
  • You could pair it with a GE cooktop, or put a GE microwave above the unit and finish it off with a trim kit. Note: Microwaves should not be installed underneath the wall oven.
  • This oven was
    built with American pride
    . In a day where most things aren't made in the United States anymore, take heart that your appliances can be.

The GE JT3000SFSS wall oven from Goedeker's is attractive and well insulated, delivering consistent temperatures with each use. When you order from our online appliance store, you're sure to find the lowest prices out there and customer service beyond compare.


Total Capacity: 5.0 cu. ft.
ADA Compliant: Yes
Configuration: Single Oven
Star-K: Yes
Oven Features
8-Pass Broil Element: Yes
10-Pass Bake Element: Yes
Closed Door Broiling: Yes
Oven Racks: 2 Heavy Duty
Embossed Rack Position: 6
Cleaning Time: Variable with Delay Clean Option
Oven Cooking Modes: Thermal Bake and Broil
Self-Clean: Yes with Steam Clean Option
Self-Clean Oven Door Lock: Automatic
Interior Lights: 1 Halogen Light
Interior Finish: Black Gloss
Hidden Bake: Yes
Oven Control Features
Audible Preheat Signal: Yes
Auto Recipe Conversion: Yes
C° or F° Programmable: Yes
Control Type: Glass Touch; LED
Certified Sabbath Mode: Yes
Control Lock Capability: Yes
Delay Bake Option: Yes
Delay Start: Yes
Entry Mode: Digipad Numeric
Clock and Kitchen Timer: Electronic
Mis-Wire Detection: Yes
Proof Mode: Yes
Warm Mode: Yes
Handle: High-Gloss; Color-Matched; Designer Style
Oven Door Features: Big Hearth Oven Window
Installation: Undercounter; Under Cooktop; Side by Side; Above Warming Drawer
KW Rating at 240V: 4.2
KW Rating at 208V: 3.2
Amp Rating at 240V: 20
Amp Rating at 208V: 20
Bake Wattage: 2,850W
Broiler Wattage: 4,000W
Labor Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Parts Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: 29 3/4"
Product Depth: 27 3/16"
Product Height: 28 3/8"
Oven Interior Width: 25"
Oven Interior Depth: 20 1/4"
Oven Interior Height: 17 3/8"
Net Weight: 130 Lbs.
Approximate Shipping Weight: 136 Lbs.

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  • ALL labor costs paid
  • UNLIMITED service calls free
  • REPLACEMENT of appliance after 4th repair in any 12 months

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Review Title: Fair | Review by

Disappointed in the PLASTIC keyboard panel as it buckles. If I had known it was plastic, I would not have bought it as it cheapens the appliance. My last oven was a GE profile and had a glass keyboard panel. It does not say plastic anywhere in the description of the item.

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

Works great, a solid choice! Controls are very responsive and temperature is consistent.

Review Title: Beautiful to Look at | Review by

Great looking wall unit. Does everything that I ask. Easy to use

Review Title: Great value for the money | Review by

We had this when we moved into our home. It does its job well.

Review Title: Works great, easy to clean | Review by

Been using this oven for about 4 months and it has never failed. Even temperature has cooked food well, and its nonstick bottom is super easy to clean with little effort! Love it!

Review Title: I LOVE this oven! | Review by

It is even and bakes beautifully! The enclosed element in the bottom of the oven makes cleaning easy and makes for even baking! I bake a ton and have never had an oven i love so much!

Review Title: Love the features | Review by

The oven was part of our home building package. I'm very satisfied with the performance and option settings

Review Title: LOVE THIS OVEN | Review by

Beautiful wall oven, works very well so far, only had it for a little over a month and already love it. Easy to use.

Review Title: Nice oven | Review by

We just bought this oven. It is spacious, easy to operate and very quiet. Whenever we open the oven after baking, there will be lots of steam coming out. That implies a very good insulation of the oven. This is not the cheapest model but we are happy with the quality so far.

Review Title: Perfectly serviceable | Review by

I like the fact that it has a proof stage, although I haven't had a chance to use it yet! The timer/cook time/set time controls are not quite straightforward. Came with our new house.

Review Title: Good features | Review by

Came with new house............................................

Review Title: minimal features for a product of this price. | Review by

This oven came with a new home I purchased. I paid for an upgraded appliance package and am very disappointed with the features of this product.

Review Title: Great features!! | Review by

Bought this same time as that cooktop that I couldn't keep clean, but this oven is AWESOME. Love all of it's features!! Glad I purchased it.

Review Title: Great looking oven my wife's cooking still stinks | Review by

We bought this oven 3 months ago to replace a GE double oven wall unit. We combined it with a GE microwave and trim kit. Both appliances look & work great. The only problem is that the appliances didn't help my wife's cooking.

Review Title: Update - Upgrade | Review by

I wrote a review on this oven in April of 2014. At the time, I was bothered by scratches in the rack supports that were beginning to rust. Well, GE customer service CONTACTED ME to rectify the situation. They could not have been nicer or more accommodating. They offered to replace the oven or we had the option of upgrading to a "better" model. But since they assured us that this was an isolated incident, we chose to stay with the original model. Thanks GE for great customer service and a great product!

Review Title: Very pleased | Review by

Very pleased with the look and operation of our new oven. Heats quickly and cooks perfectly.

Review Title: Nice looking | Review by

received this oven as a replacement for an old GE model. This was the only one offeredto us from American Home Shield. It was comparable to our old model, as far as function, but the design is very modern, and loks great with the rest of our stainless appliances. There were 2 issues I had in the begining; 1. the new oven was a bit smaller, and we had to have some work done on our custom cabinents, and I am not fond of the minute timer, it took me a while to figure out how to indicate the cook time, I kept getting an error message. I also want to mention that the top trim on the oven has a slight curve to it and does not fit flush against the top of the cabinet trim. The gap maybe bothersome to some people.

Review Title: For new home | Review by

Love all my matching new appliances for my new home :0)

Review Title: Cook Top. easy to clean high temperature burners | Review by

We replaced our old cook top with a new GE cook top. Our old cook top had knob controls that were hard to clean around, also the temperature of the burners did not get hot enough. Our new GE cook top has no knobs and can be cleaned very easily. The temperature of the burners is much higher. I really like the feature that allows you to turn on & off different rings of heating elements on the same burner. This makes it easy to get the exact heat you want, form a simmer to a rolling boil.

Review Title: New GE Stove - Love It!!! | Review by

Starting using this in April 2014 and could not be happier. Oven cooks things right down to the minutes. Love love love this Stove.

Review Title: Great Oven - Looks and Works Beautifully!! | Review by

Bought this oven a month ago when we remodeled our kitchen and it has been terrific! Cooks food beautifully, very large interior and it looks really great in kitchen. Very pleased with my purchase!!

Review Title: Great Feature | Review by

I brought this oven a year ago when my other one went out. Oven work perfectly, only thing I notice when I got it is that it did not come with internal light, this is my fault since I did not read the spec carefully. I am building a new home and I do not like the one it came with the house. I been shopping around for new appliances for my new home and will be replacing the Stove with a GE Profile double oven, hooded vent, frig. Overall, I am happy with GE Product.

Review Title: Quality Product | Review by

This oven was selected by the builder of my new home. It has been reliable and easy to operate. I also like its sleek, stainless steel finish.

Review Title: Easy to use with fast results!!! | Review by

I just love my oven!! It is easy to use and works great!!!

Review Title: Oven | Review by

Very nice and good features. My food always cooks perfectly.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

This oven heats up fast and looks nice. I would definitely reccomend it to a friend or family member.

Review Title: Love it, cooks evenly | Review by

We're very happy with this new addition to our kitchen

Review Title: Solid product. | Review by

The oven performs better than we expected - not even one small complaint or concern.

Review Title: Works well but slow to preheat | Review by

The oven works well, but is a bit slow to heat. A good simple oven, easy to use.

Review Title: The Best | Review by

Just built home and placed all stainless steel GE appliances they are beautiful and the best

Review Title: Enjoying it | Review by

This appliance was installed by the builder of our new home. We are enjoying it very much; it cooks well.

Review Title: Oven | Review by

This oven is ok. It's easy to use and there is a lot you can do with it. But you can't really use a recipe from online or anything and use the same oven temperature. Almost always the outside of your dish will cook too fast while it's still frozen inside. Also when you set a cooking time and the time is done the oven turns off. That's lame

Review Title: LOVE MY GE APPLIANCES | Review by

I love our GE cook top and oven GREAT Quality, food is cooked in no time and user friendly.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Wall Oven works well. Likes the self cleaning feature, and also the self cooling feature

Review Title: GE oven | Review by

came with home - this product is great, no problems at all.

Review Title: Problems | Review by

We have one of them[bought two at same time] that keeps throwing the breaker and the self clean does not work at all on it. The other one that we use most of the time does not heat evenly

Review Title: Very easy to use | Review by

I love being able to dial in temperatures. It makes it very easy to use. Be careful of the cleaning features. I tried the steam cleaning with distilled water and it left white rings in the botttom and after I used the heavy duty cleaning the rack now are nearly impossible to move.

Review Title: Built in is twice the cost of slide in. | Review by

We remodeled our kitchen and wanted to keep it all GE appliances. We have a slide in range/oven but wanted a 2nd oven so we chose this model to complement our existing appliances. It was a tight fit into a 30" base cabinet but it did fit. I'm still amazed and bewildered that the cost of a built in oven is 2x the cost of a slide in oven/range combo with similar features. Why is that?

Review Title: GE Oven | Review by

Excellent performance to date, has performed as advertised

Review Title: I love my oven | Review by

Before having this oven, I had a very fancy and expensive Dacor oven. There was only one man on Long Island who was certified to fix it. They no longer had parts. I literally said a prayer that it would work before I used it, and put it on to make sure it was actually working before starting a cake. My new GE oven is so wonderful. It is reliable and a joy to use. Suddenly, I have started to bake and cook again and have put away the dinky little toaster oven that I sometimes had to use when the old oven just stopped. What is amazing is that there is no longer a visible heating coil on the floor of the oven. I like, too, when the energy conserving oven tells me to "shut the door". It makes me smile to know that the oven is smarter than I am!! I am happy every day that I have this oven ; it was all that I could wish for and more. I am 67 years old and have been cooking for at least 50 of those years. I have no regrets about getting this oven.

Review Title: It's the best oven ever!! | Review by

Just remodeled my kitchen and I just love this wall oven. Heats up perfectly, quickly, and is so easy to keep clean.

Review Title: Warms up quick | Review by

This was put in by our builder I love it! Pre heats so fast the buttons are so high tech looking

Review Title: Looks good | Review by

I use this for large quantities that need to baked at once. Cooks evenly

Review Title: Mrs | Review by

Happy with performance so far. I have not had any problems with product. Easy to use.

Review Title: Very Happy With My New Oven! | Review by

We bought this to replace a similar GE model bought 20 years ago that recently started having issues. Love the upgrades and sleek, clean appearance. Fit perfectly into the cabinet and the installation was easy. I am looking forward to using the steam clean feature and really like the hidden heating element and the way the shelves are designed. I was surprised that it didn't come with a broiler pan, but I still had one from the "old" oven so it wasn't a big deal. I hope I get as many years out of this one as I did my first!

Review Title: Great update for my 15 year old GE oven | Review by

I just wanted to update my 15 year old GE wall oven which was still in excellent condition. This model is the perfect replacement as it fit right into the cabinet cut-out and the electric supply was in the same location. I have only cooked with it once as it was just installed but it did perform a perfect job of cooking dinner. I had hoped the glass door offered the black trim as well as the grey since the new GE Microwave has the choice of black or grey trim. I hope it gives me the same service as my old one.

Review Title: Easy to operate | Review by

Great basic wall oven. Nice simple controls. Intuitive, easy

Review Title: Looks and works great! | Review by

Purchased to replace a new competitor's oven that failed miserably and was returned to the manufacturer. We have always had great success with GE Profile series and this oven is comparable in its quality. It looks sharp! Especially like the sound disabling feature since our dog Millie doesn't like the "beep" sound.

Review Title: Wall oven | Review by

We just updated to stainless GE. Had the same product before and always liked it, but the newer model is even better. Love the performance and looks, good choice

Review Title: Realy like that the heating eliments are hiden | Review by

The heat seams more even thru out the oven, and easier to spot clean with no elements in the way. Thanks GE for a simple to operate and a really great looking product.

Review Title: Enjoying the oven | Review by

The oven was part of the kitchen upgrade we performed. We have been pleased with its performance. I like the touch pad controls. It does well at maintaining an even temperature.

Review Title: Good Oven | Review by

This oven came with the house. It works well and no problems so far. It also looks very sharp.

Review Title: LOVE IT | Review by

I went from a 24" gas to a 30" electric. I absolutley love this oven. I have so much more space to bake in!!

Review Title: It is an oven. It works like it is supposed to. | Review by

We have had good luck so far with this product. It holds the temperature well, very important when baking especially. The controls are easy to work.

Review Title: Cooks Good | Review by

I am very Happy with this Product,Cleaning is very Easy.

Review Title: Great surprise | Review by

Really a great surprise with this oven. Works wonderful and looks awesome in my kitchen.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

It took me a couple of times to figure out the range which this heats which was a lot hotter than my previous oven but once I did it works perfectly

Review Title: Looks and works great... | Review by

Good functional controls, heating elements seam accurate.

Review Title: Cooks Perfectly | Review by

We recently updated our '70s kitchen and we are very pleased with the GE wall oven. Cooks very evenly, display is easy to use. The extra wide glass door makes checking food in over a dream Also, love that a light comes on automatically each time door is opened. Nice feature!

Review Title: Seems Cheaply Made | Review by

Oven seems to bake unevenly. It also seems to be made cheap. The door is very light and just doesn't seem like it is heavy enough for a good seal.

Review Title: good, solid | Review by

The oven is good. it is neat appearing and performs as expected.

Review Title: decent value | Review by

purchased oven to replace GE profile oven that went bad. would recommend .. but lacked some of the features other brands offer at a similiar price point

Review Title: Love, love, love | Review by

This product holds it's temperature and cooks very quickly. I am very happy with the quality of this product.

Review Title: GE oven/stove | Review by

I don't like the stove top grills that the pots sit on or the timer.

Review Title: Controls very easy to work. | Review by

Love the oven. So good that the bottom calrods are not visible, makes for easy spills & cleanup.

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