GE JNM1951DRWW Spacemaker 1.9 Cu. Ft. White Over-the-Range Microwave (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW Microwaves

Appliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW MicrowavesAppliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW MicrowavesAppliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW MicrowavesAppliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW MicrowavesAppliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW MicrowavesAppliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW MicrowavesAppliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW Microwaves
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  • Appliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW Microwaves
  • Appliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW Microwaves
  • Appliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW Microwaves
  • Appliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW Microwaves
  • Appliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW Microwaves
  • Appliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW Microwaves
  • Appliances GE GE-JNM1951DRWW Microwaves

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Expect More From a New GE Microwave
GE microwave ovens offer a multitude of installation and cooking options. Want your leftovers reheated fast, but also nicely browned and crisp? Try their microwave ovens with the browning option. Popcorn popped at the touch of a single button? A microwave with their popcorn convenience button will do the trick. For installation flexibility they offer countertop microwave ovens, over the range ovens, and built-in microwave ovens. You name it, they have a microwave to fit the bill.


1.9 Cu. Ft. Capacity
1,000 Watts (IEC-705 test procedure).
Circuwave 1000 Cooking System
Cooking system provides more power for fast, more even cooking results.
Sensor Cooking Controls
Built-in sensors monitor the moisture level in food and automatically adjust time and power to deliver perfect cooking results.
One touch is all it takes.
Easy Clean Interior
Porcelain enamel interior makes it easier to clean dried-on foods.
Non-porous surface also makes cleaning spills and splatters a snap.
USDA "MyPlate" Menu
5 food groups, 19 foods and 44 pre-programmed food combinations assist in healthy meal preparation.
Steam Cook Button
A variety of food selections and power levels help to perfectly prepare steamed favorites, like asparagus, broccoli and more, for maximum nutrition retention.
2 Piece Design with Hidden Vent
A streamlined look creates a smooth finish.
Available at Goedeker's.



Vent CFM: 400 CFM
Total Capacity: 1.9 Cu. Ft.


Venting Type: Recirculating
Non-Vented: Recirculating - Filter Included
Timer (On/Off): Yes
Power Levels: 10
Interior Oven Light: Halogen
Style: Over-The-Range
Cooking Modes: Microwave
Cooking System: Triple Distribution
Cooking Technology: Traditional
Microwave Convenience Cooking Controls: Melt/Soften
Control Type: Electronic Touch
Express Cook: Instant-On; 1-6 Minutes
Instant On Controls: Yes
Demo Mode: Yes
Turntable Size: 14 1/5"
Time Cook: Yes
Cooktop Lighting: Bright/Night/Off
Night Light: Yes
Microwave Watts (IEC-705): 1,100 Watts
Electronic Digital Display with Clock: Scrolling (2 Line)
Exhaust Fan: 4 Speed-High Capacity with Boost
Rack Type: 2 Removable Oven Racks
Turntable On / Off: Yes
Turntable: Glass Recessed
Variable Scroll Speed: 5 Speeds (Options Pad)

Control Features

Child Lock: Yes
Concurrent Programming: Yes
Add 30 Seconds (Instant-On): Yes
Cooking Guide: Yes
Auto: Yes
Time and Quick Defrost: Yes
Turntable On/Off: Yes
Help Pad: Yes
Clock Saver: Yes
Cooking Complete Reminder: Yes
Start/Pause: Yes
Clear/Off: Yes
Zero-Standby Switch: Yes

Microwave Sensor Cooking Controls

Popcorn (Instant-On): Yes
Reheat (Instant-On): Yes
Healthy Options: Yes
Family Snacks: Yes

Power / Ratings

Electrical Input - 120V Watts: 1,580 Watts
Electrical Input - 120V Amperage: 15 Amps
Input Volts/Hertz: 120V / 60Hz


Labor Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Parts Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance; Limited 1-Year Magnetron

Dimensions and Weights

Cavity Width: 21 29/32"
Cavity Depth: 14 19/32"
Cavity Height: 9 1/2"
Overall Width: 29 7/8"
Overall Depth: 15 1/4"
Overall Height: 16 13/32"
Net Weight: 57 Lbs.
Approx. Shipping Weight: 63 Lbs.


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Review Title: I love this microwave | Review by

Overall Rating
Let me start by saying that I love this microwave and I love GE appliances in general. The only thing I wish could be better is the ease of use of the buttons for cooking items. For bake a potato there is a list of buttons you need to hit just to get to the "potato" time. Of course, I could just hit 4 for 4 minutes and be done with it, but I have seen other microwaves that have a "potato" button and that's all you have to hit to start the potato cooking. Anyway, it's not a big deal for me, but I do with the cook time screen prompts were a little easier to use.

Review Title: This product is great | Review by

Overall Rating
I've had a GE spacemaker microwave for about 10 years and loved the simplicity of it, yet all of the features of it. We had to leave it with our house when we sold it, so will be buying another one just like it!

Review Title: Good Product, Great Price | Review by

Overall Rating
We had a GE Spacemaker in our old house. It worked well and lasted over 7 years (the house was just sold again with the same microwave in it). The microwave in our current house died the week before we closed on the mortgage so the previous owner replaced it with another brand. 4 years later it died so we went back to a GE.

Review Title: Product does everything you would want in a microwave | Review by

Overall Rating
Microwave is an excellent size and because of its many features allows you to do a lot of different things. It is a valuable tool in our kitchen.

Review Title: Quality Control.... | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this particular microwave to replace a 7 year old GE Profile that recently died on me. Compared to my old Profile model, this Spacemaker model does not do all the things the old one did. It is a bit more cumbersome to figure out what controls what -- in time I hope to understand it better. My biggest complaint is with quality control in this particular model. When you look at the microwave straight on, you will notice that the bottom & top of door does not line up on the side that has the control panel on it. The door seems to hang down ever so slightly on that side. Yet when you look at the picture of the microwave in this advertisement, everything looks perfect. I even went back to the store to look at their display models, and they all were the same way (with this door not lining up). Quality Control could definitely be better.

Review Title: Great microwave for the price. | Review by

Overall Rating
This microwave has plenty of options for any type of cook and it is spacious inside and easy to clean.

Review Title: This product performes great | Review by

Overall Rating
The sound on this microwave is more softer and smoother than older models. It also heat food much faster and the dark inside is a nice upgrade.

Review Title: finally have one of my own | Review by

Overall Rating
Had this model in an apartment I rented. Now I own a building and have installed one for myself and one in my tenant's unit. She's ecstatic and I am happy. Works like a charm. Great value.

Review Title: Always buy GE | Review by

Overall Rating
I have replaced the previous model of this Microwave that I had been using for over 12 years. GE manufactures appliances that look good, perform as advertised and out last their competitors and as long as they do GE will be my first choice. Quality is important. This unit as a new feature that softens butter without melting it so yes, it really does do what it says it will.

Review Title: Poor Recirculating Fan | Review by

Overall Rating
Microwave was in house when purchased. It is a Spacemaker XL1400. Fan not strong enough to pull steam up to recirc fan. Steam just drifts up front of microwave and towards ceiling. Never even goes close to filters. May as well not have exhaust feature. My microwave in my RV does a lot better job and it is also a recirc fan. Would not purchase another GE microwave again for over my stove.

Review Title: This is has great features | Review by

Overall Rating
Love this Microwave!! Has tons of room and works so well. I would say "Buy it!)

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