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GE JK3500SFSS 27" Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE-JK3500SFSS Cooking

Appliances GE-JK3500SFSS CookingAppliances GE-JK3500SFSS Cooking
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  • Appliances GE-JK3500SFSS Cooking
  • Appliances GE-JK3500SFSS Cooking

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GE 27" Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven
Regular Price: $2,100.00
24% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $1,883.70
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GE Profile 27.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
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GE Cafe 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Double Oven Range - Convection
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GE Profile 1.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave
Regular Price: $450.00
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Regular Price: $398.70
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GE 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
Regular Price: $800.00
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Regular Price: $623.70
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GE Cafe 36" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
Regular Price: $1,600.00
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Regular Price: $1,433.70
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GE Cafe 22.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $3,100.00
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Regular Price: $2,783.10
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Double Oven Range - Convection
Regular Price: $3,200.00
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Regular Price: $2,873.70
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GE 1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave
Regular Price: $250.00
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GE Profile 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
Regular Price: $1,200.00
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Regular Price: $893.70
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GE Profile 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
Regular Price: $1,400.00
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Regular Price: $1,253.70
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is a large, double wall oven with all kinds of perks for your inner chef. GE Appliances has put all the best features in this standard double wall oven, so this unit will bring joy to your heart and tummy. With two ovens, you can do twice the work, bake twice the cookies, and cook twice the feast for family and friends! Learn more right here about how this GE double wall oven could change your life forever.

First, just look at how beautiful this unit is! Wouldn't you love to have this smart-looking stainless steel unit installed in your cabinetry?
Thermal bake and thermal broil
are available for you to make whatever your heart desires. Crisp up the turkey; bake ten pies! You can do it with two ovens in the kitchen!

Both ovens feature a
10-pass baking element and 8-pass broil element
. The more passes an element has, the more cooking coverage your oven has. These are huge benefits when baking cakes or crisping up meats, as it helps keep even heat across the entire oven cavity. To have two ovens with this kind of coverage is a very big deal! Not only can you get twice the work done; you can feel assured that every item will come out perfectly every time! We should also mention that the
10-pass element is hidden
below the oven floor for easier clean-up!

Speaking of clean-up, the


self-clean modes with steam cleaning options
in both ovens. The self-clean mode can be set to clean your interior and the
heavy-duty racks
inside. The steam clean option is for the lighter spills in the ovens, so you can just throw some water on that
glossy black interior
and steam out the mess. The upper oven also includes a
delay-clean option
, so it can be set for after you go to bed or leave your home for the day.

As said above,
two self-clean, heavy-duty racks
are in each oven. There are several rack positions for you to adjust racks to work best for you. Each oven is
4.3 cu. ft.
, with a combined capacity of 8.6 cu. ft. That's loads of room to make every dish you can imagine! Each oven also has an interior light for easy viewing within while food cooks.

The exterior is beautiful, with electronic controls making operating the ovens simple. The controls are touch, so while sensitive, they are attentive to your finger taps. Of course, you can set a kitchen timer, cook timer, and use settings like proof and warm mode.
Proof mode
is for baking bread, while
warm mode
is fairly obvious. You use it to keep your food warm while the rest of it cooks or while you wait for the family to be ready to eat. It would also be perfect for warming up a cobbler to have with ice cream!

A double oven is a luxury for most because they cost more than single wall ovens and take up more cabinetry. If this is a luxury you're looking to add to your home, Goedeker's can help make it happen for less. The


can be yours today.


Oven Features
Total Capacity: 4.3 cu. ft. Upper/ 4.3 cu. ft. Lower
Broil Element: 8-Pass
Bake Element: 10-Pass
Closed Door Broiling: Yes
Self Clean Heavy Duty Oven Racks: 2 in Both Ovens
Rack Position: 6 (Both Ovens)
Oven Cleaning Type: Self Clean with Steam Clean Option
Self-Clean Oven Door Lock: Automatic
Control Type: Electronic Touch Controls; LED
Configuration: Double Oven
Cleaning Time: Variable with Delay Clean Option (Upper)
Thermal Bake: Both Ovens
Thermal Broil: Both Ovens
Oven Control Features
Audible Preheat Signal: Yes
Auto Recipe Conversion: Yes (Upper)
C° or F° Programmable: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Control Lock Capability: Yes
Delay Bake Option: Yes
Digipad Numeric Entry: Yes
Clock and Kitchen Timer: Electronic
Self Clean Mode: Yes
Mis-Wire Detection: Yes
Optional Clock Display: Yes
Proof Mode: Lower Oven
Warm Mode: Both Ovens
Oven Interior
Upper Interior Lighting: 2 Halogen Lights
Lower Interior Lighting: 1 Halogen Light
Finish: Black Gloss
Hidden Bake: Both Ovens
KW Rating at 240V: 7.2
KW Rating at 208V: 5.4
Amp Rating at 208V: 30
Bake Wattage: 2,600W
Broiler Wattage: 3,400W
Handle: Designer-Style; Color-Matched
Oven Door Features: Big View Oven Window
Installation: Above Warming Drawer
Labor Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Parts Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: 26 23/32"
Product Depth: 26 5/8"
Product Height: 52 1/8"
Oven Interior Width: 21 1/2"
Oven Interior Depth: 20"
Oven Interior Height: 17 1/4"
Net Weight: 208 Lbs.
Approximate Shipping Weight: 229 Lbs.

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Review Title: Very nice unit | Review by

We replaced a 30 old unit with our new GE and Love it. It cooks food evenly and in the recommended time. I would recomend this unit.

Review Title: Double ovens | Review by

We replaced an exact set of double oven we had for 21 years.

Review Title: great upgrade | Review by

Never used old oven more than once or twice a year. Use the new ovens once or twice a year.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

We bought this item six months ago and have been happy with it. The only draw backs are that it takes a while to preheat and the fan runs a long time after shutdown to cool down the oven. Other than those two things, we love it!

Review Title: New oven | Review by

I brought this new oven about a month ago. I was fearful of switching from gas to electric but am very happy that I did

Review Title: Looks and works great. | Review by

I love all the easy to use features and the fact that is has 6 adjustable shelves and a guide as to which shelf is best for what I want to cook.

Review Title: Fantastic Oven! | Review by

A joy to use. Heats faster than the Wolf oven I also have.

Review Title: 5 Star workmanship and performance | Review by

Excellent external design, superb workmanship overall, perfect performance, and easy to use. What could be better? I recommend these ovens without reservation!

Review Title: Great performer | Review by

This oven is superb. It is easy to use and cooks to perfection. It is also easy to clean.

Review Title: I Love this Oven | Review by

I purchased this oven a few weeks ago to replace my 18 years old 24inch GE oven/micro combo. I was amazed of the oven's capacity. It made cooking my holiday meal so much easier and faster. The oven preheats quickly and cooks evenly. The oven is beautiful in my kitchen.

Review Title: Very impressive | Review by

Haven't had these ovens long. I have only a minor complaint - it takes a very long time to pre heat which you have to plan for.

Review Title: ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT | Review by

Installed myself, all fine, except one hinge. In home service was great!

Review Title: Great looks and great features! | Review by

I have been very happy with the ovens. The clock could be easier to set. The smell that comes from the new ovens when hot really has taken a long time to go away.

Review Title: JK3500SFSS GE - JK3500SFSS | Review by

I've had my oven for a little less than a year. I am so happy with all of it, except the warm up time. It takes about 20 minutes for it to heat up. This is really irritating and inconvenient.

Review Title: Looks great- Services great | Review by

We purchased our double ovens a month or two ago. They look great in our kitchen and fit into our space perfectly. We have used the top and bottom ovens and everything comes out great. We are very pleased with our purchase.

Review Title: Smooth | Review by

Replaces an old GE Double oven from the middle ages - 1985

Review Title: cooks evenly and reliably at set temperature | Review by

I like the fact that you can pre-set temperature and cooking time. Food comes out as the recipe indicates it should.

Review Title: The best double oven ever | Review by

This is not the first GE double oven we have purchased. It exceeds every expectation and we will continue buying it as needed

Review Title: Good replacement | Review by

This replaced a 24 yr old GE oven set that actually worked very well, but it was time to refresh the kitchen, so all appliances were replaced. The only real negative I have about the new ovens is the length of time it takes to pre-heat - about 10min. I really have to plan ahead as that adds a fair amount of time to the whole process. They seem to bake a wee bit hot, too, but I can adjust for that. The fan that runs after turning off the ovens is pretty quiet, unlike others I had read about. So far so good.

Review Title: wonderful capacity | Review by

As a mom of five children who hosts a lot of family gatherings, I can't tell you how excited I was to upgrade from one teeny oven to this GE model. It hasn't disappointed!! Both ovens are excellent in terms of cooking & capacity. If you compare the interior dimensions of this oven to other 27" ovens, you'll see it's much bigger. Also, the top-rated 27" double ovens from Consumer Reports had fans that were obnoxiously loud (according to user reviews)--not this one! The fan is very quiet--not a bother at all. I am sooooo pleased with my purchase! It does run a teeny bit hot, but once you know to look out for that, it's not a problem.

Review Title: This was purchased 8 months ago. | Review by

I am very pleased with oven. It was somewhat difficult locating a 30 double oven but GE had on available.

Review Title: Does everything we expect and need in double oven! | Review by

We had a GE double oven that was more than 25 years old and it was time to upgrade, so we shopped around and decided another GE was the best way to go. We could not be happier with our selection, in terms of quality, ease of use and reliability.

Review Title: very good features | Review by

works very well but is slow to reach temperature. looks nice

Review Title: wonderful performance | Review by

I bought this double oven to replace an old unit. It is wonderful and roomy! It cooks evenly and cleans up easily. I have been using it for at least 4 months now. No problems.

Review Title: Excellent All Around with professional looks too! | Review by

We have been most pleased with this model to date. Trouble free use and easy to operate control panel. Just the right amount of features and cooks very even throughout. The light is very bright so no need to open the door and loose heat as checking food is easy when on. The look is clean and simple elegant in our kitchen. We considered going with an oven 3 times the price but why? This one does all it should and more. We really do not need convection features and this one does not have it so why spend more for something we just would not use. Our old oven went through a workout with 5 boys in the house but now they are out on their own so just us and company once and awhile to cook for. We love our new GE oven to date and will keep you posted.

Review Title: Great ovens! | Review by

We bought this oven in January to replace a 15 year old GE and this new one does a super job and is so quiet.

Review Title: Double Oven | Review by

We received our GE electric, built-in, double oven as part of a settlement with American Home Shield. It was a replacement for our 20+ year old, GE electric, built-in, double oven in the same dimensions. The new oven was slightly taller - miniscule sanding of cabinet required. This new oven is beautiful, works like a dream and is a great replacement. I highly recommend anyone looking for a similar appliance take a look at this model.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Love the one touch cooking feature. It's quiet. Has a programmable night light feature too. :)

Review Title: Everything is great! | Review by

This was installed in our vacation home this fall - it was easy to learn all the features, and is a great addition to our new kitchen!

Review Title: Absolutely Fabulous! | Review by

We were very limited as to which oven we could get - the space we had was small. These ovens have proven to be the perfect fit! We love them and they have worked beautifully.

Review Title: Beautiful Oven! | Review by

Just had this double wall oven installed as a replacement for a 28 year old GE that was still working fine! Beautiful oven. Easy to use and cooks so well! Love it.

Review Title: New wall ovens | Review by

Wanted to change white wall oves for stainless steel. These ovens are the sand with a few changes, no bottom oven coils are different and preheating takes a lo longer but overall a good purchase.

Review Title: LOOKS GREAT | Review by

Looks great. Don't like that the cooling fan can run for hours; that's a waste of energy. So far heats up quickly. On installation day when it was first heating up the fan motor made a terrible noise. That has since gone away. So far so good.

Review Title: Love my Double Oven! | Review by

I bought my Double oven a little over a month ago. It had all the features that I had been looking for. I had previously another brand, so I did my research looking for what others had to say.. good and bad. I found out in the last 12 years loots of improvement have been made. Mostly LOTS of complaints on the loud noise of the cooling fans in most brand .. all but GE. I bought GE. So pleased to say that NO loud noise from the cooling fan and love the all-around cooking. I tell others, when the chance .. that. I would highly recommend.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

The operating instructions were excellent for both cooking and cleaning

Review Title: Great Style, Great Features | Review by

I replaced my GE oven/microwave combo that was purchased for my home that was built 27 years ago. I chose to replace it with the double ovens and was glad that i did.

Review Title: Easy to use, clean lines & spacious! | Review by

There is nothing complicated about this oven. It is attractive, spacious and very easy to use. I especially like the light-weight doors compared to the old heavy doors. It is a great compliment to my kitchen!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I'm happy with this oven although it was 25 degrees off when I first got it. The instructions for adjusting the temp were incorrect. After going online and searching I found the correct instructions and set it. Works fine now.

Review Title: Beautiful! | Review by

Just bought this oven and cannot be happier. it is absolutely beautiful. The stainless steel appearance goes so well with my other GE appliances. Ran the self clean cycle before i used it and now my new oven is very clean. So far i've only made one meal but it works great. No complaints so far.

Review Title: Excellent ovens, heat quickly and looks amazing | Review by

we've had the ovens for a few months and are extremely pleased with them

Review Title: Very Good Value, features, and durable | Review by

We installed this double oven a month ago to replace our 29 year old GE which was showing its age. The digital features are a breeze once you master the button sequences. Baking preheat takes about 15 minutes which is longer than the oven with exposed elements. But you just allow for it---- and the oven stays cleaner. Only criticism I have to date is that I wish the racks had less 'play' in them when you pull them forward.

Review Title: GE Features | Review by

I had GE ovens for 26 years and replaced them with GE! Always loved their product!

Review Title: Very attractive looking appliance | Review by

Works excellent, food cooks great, just not easy to clean up after cooking something that spatters in it. You can't always use the self cleaning after each use!

Review Title: Perfect for a Family of Five! | Review by

We needed to replace our previous GE Double Oven (It had lasted over 17 years). We went back to GE for a similiar replacement. The oven works perfectly, it pre-heats quickly and does its job. There is a built-in fan that runs when the oven is turned off. We were not aware of this option. It can not be turned off. The sound of the fan is very low, but not loud enough to to cause a disturbance.

Review Title: 25 years later another GE Oven! | Review by

Well, we have a GE that is 25 years old! Nothing wrong, I was updating the kitchen, so I choose another GE and so far, I know I will get another 25 more years with the new oven... Thank you GE for all your hard work in America...

Review Title: Beautiful Look | Review by

My first stainless appliance. The stainless and black glass doors are very striking. Handles are bold and heavy. Cooks evenly.

Review Title: looks fabulous! | Review by

Love the oven so far. Very easy to use. Heats up quickly. Look great!

Review Title: Wall oven | Review by

I had this oven for two weeks now. I used it and liked it. The only thing I feel a little strange is It seems easier for left handed person to use. I am right handed.

Review Title: Replacement dual oven | Review by

We bought this before Thanksgiving last year to replace an aging appliance with erratic temperature control. One problem we had with door hinges was resolved under warranty in a timely and effective manner by GE.

Review Title: Nice appearance, | Review by

We replaced the white double oven supplied by the original home builder, with this stainless steel unit.Glad we did. It fit almost perfect into the existing space except for a minor alteration.The controls are easy to use and wWe like the steam clean feature.

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