GE JGB600DETWW 30" White Gas Sealed Burner Range - Convection (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE GE-JGB600DETWW Ranges

Appliances GE GE-JGB600DETWW RangesAppliances GE GE-JGB600DETWW RangesAppliances GE GE-JGB600DETWW Ranges
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  • Appliances GE GE-JGB600DETWW Ranges
  • Appliances GE GE-JGB600DETWW Ranges
  • Appliances GE GE-JGB600DETWW Ranges

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Customer reviews for Goedeker's excellent service

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  • Self-Clean Oven
  • Conveniently cleans the oven cavity without the need for scrubbing.
  • 5.0 Cu. Ft. Oven Capacity
  • Enough room to cook an entire meal at once.
  • Gas Convection Oven
  • Circulates air throughout the oven cavity ensuring better baking and roasting results.
  • 17,000 BTU PowerBoil Burner
  • Delivers intense heat for rapid boiling.
  • Center Oval Burner
  • Oval fifth burner in the center of the cooktop is large to accommodate odd-sized cookware or griddles.
  • Available at Goedeker's.
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Looking For A New GE Range?
A new gas range or electric range should meet all your cooking needs for years to come: from warming a simple pan of soup for one person, to handling a large dinner party or holiday meal for the whole family. Plus, your stove should look great in your kitchen, and clean up with ease.



Total Capacity: 5.0 Cu. Ft.
Configuration: Range with Storage Drawer
Ignition System: Electronic
Oven Cleaning Type: Self-Clean
Temperature Management System: TrueTemp System
Cleaning Time: Variable
Cooktop Burner Type: Sealed
Cooktop Surface: Deep Recessed; One-Piece Upswept; Porcelain-Enamel
Continuous Grates: Yes
Cooktop Burner Grate Material: Heavy Cast
All-Purpose Burners: (1) 9,100 BTU
Center Oval Burner: (1) 6,000 BTU
High Output Burner: (1) 11,000 BTU
Power Boil Burner: (1) 17,000 BTU
Precise Simmer Burner: (1) 5,000 BTU / 140??F Simmer
Valves (Degree Of Turn): 270??
Control Type: Electronic Oven Controls; QuickSet IV
Digital Temperature Display: Yes
Cooking Technology: Convection
Fuel Type: Natural Gas (Factory Set)
Leveling System: 4 Leveling Legs
Convection Bake: Yes
Oven Racks: 2 Self-Clean
Embossed Rack Positions: 6
Scratch-Resistant Backguard: Porcelain-Enameled
Oven Interior Light: Yes

Oven Control Features

Audible Preheat Signal: Yes
Automatic Oven Timer (Time Bake): Yes
Auto Oven Shut-Off: Yes
Auto Self Clean: Yes
Certified Sabbath Mode: Yes
Delay Bake Option (Time Bake): Yes
Delay Clean Option: Yes
Electronic Clock and Timer: Yes
Hi / Low Broil: Yes
In-Oven Broiling: Yes
Oven Cycle Light: Yes
Oven "ON" Light: Yes
Self-Clean Cool Down Time Display: Yes


Control Knobs: Large Designer-Style
Frameless Oven Door(s): Yes
Big Hearth Oven Window: Yes

Power / Ratings

Oven BTU Rating - LP: 16,000 BTU's
Broiler BTU Rating - LP: 12,000 BTU's
Oven BTU Rating - Natural Gas: 16,000 BTU's
Broiler BTU Rating - Natural Gas: 13,500 BTU's
Top Burner BTU Rating - LP: (1) 11,000; (1) 10,000; (1) 9,100; (1) 6,000; (1) 5,000 BTU's
Top Burner BTU Rating - Natural Gas: (1) 17,000; (1) 11,000, (1) 9,100; (1) 6,000; (1) 5,000 BTU's
Volts/Hertz/Amps: 120V; 60Hz; 5A
LP Conversion Kit: Included


Parts Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Labor Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty For Full Details

Dimensions and Weights

Oven Interior Width: 24"
Oven Interior Depth: 19"
Oven Interior Height: 19"
Overall Width: 30"
Overall Depth: 26 5/8"
Overall Depth with Oven Door Open 90??: 46 3/8"
Overall Height: 47"
Overall Height To Cooking Surface: 36" 1/4 +/- 1/4"
Net Weight: 200 Lbs.
Approx. Shipping Weight: 220 Lbs.

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Review Title: This product makes cooking more efficient | Review by

Overall Rating
My time in the kitchen is more enjoyable and efficient with five burners sized for different tasks. I can easily multitask to get the job done.

Review Title: Works like a charm! | Review by

Overall Rating
My old oven died on me so my husband and I researched ranges for over a week and we found this to be a good deal for the money. I love the features that the stove has. The extra burner and the convection oven have been so nice. Haven't had the range long but like it so far.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

Overall Rating
Love the convection bake option. Very even baking and simple to use features.

Review Title: GE adora gas range | Review by

Overall Rating
This range has many great features for the price. The middle burner can be used with the stove grates aor the large griddle.

Review Title: Excellent Range, few minor issues | Review by

Overall Rating
We recently converted to natural gas and purchased this range. There are just a few minor things that I would like to see changed. The center burner should come with the griddle. The front turbo burner needs to be modified. When using turbo mode on a medium size pan, the flames go up the side of the pot rather than the bottom making the turbo useless. Other than those two items, I LOVE this range. I have used almost all the features and find all of them excellent!

Review Title: Love my new stove | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this several weeks ago. The oven is accurate and the power burner boils water quickly. I did extensive research before buying the stove and am very happy with my choice

Review Title: What's cookin', good lookin'? | Review by

Overall Rating
Simple but efficient and serviceable design and function. I bought the center grill to cover the center burner for a work space on the range. A knob often turns a bit when I lean against the oven (I am short) to reach pots in the back, which may release unwanted gas leakage. Maybe the knobs should have a bit of tension to turn them to various settings. They turn too easily.

Review Title: Very nice product | Review by

Overall Rating
really nice burners... cooks evenly.. setting baking time is great.. no more pushing the button multiple times to get the right temperture.. just put the time in and start... last, the convection is great.. the only complaint.. it did not come with a griddle or broiler pan for this model. Outstanding customer service. They should be a model for customer service.. thanks

Review Title: Effective and practical | Review by

Overall Rating
Bought this from BestBuy during their Memorial Day Sale for something like 30% off. I liked it, mom liked it. Effective in terms of power, versatility, build, and the oven can be manually set to convection mode or not. The power burner is great for stir-fry.

Review Title: Nice stove | Review by

Overall Rating
Clean cooking and easy to use. I like the convection, self-cleaning oven.

Review Title: Great range | Review by

Overall Rating
Replaced older GE range with this product. Accomodates large size fry pans and can use all foyr main burners at once. Oven heats uniformly with easy self clean

Review Title: Beautiful stove. | Review by

Overall Rating
We are enjoying our new stove. It looks great. It works very well.

Review Title: This product is poorly designed and not user friendly. | Review by

Overall Rating
This stove is the second worst range I have ever owned. The burners heat unevenly and can't seem to be adjusted properly, ie, one side burns hotter than the other on the four main burners creating random hot spots. If they were all on the same side it could be that the stove wasn't level but that isn't the case. The adjustment from low to high is basically either low or high not really anything in between. The cooking surface is small and cramped. There are five burners but when cooking a meal there is barely room for three cooking utensils on the cooking surface. When using any of the electronic controls I have to reach over the burners. Very poorly ergonomically designed. Unfortunately the designers of this range followed in the design parameters of every other poorly designed stove in that price range. The only good thing I have to say about this product is that it cooks the food and the oven seems to work alright. It is not an enjoyable product to use. I have had GE ranges in the past and was very satisfied with them but not this one.

Review Title: Great Value a range with these features | Review by

Overall Rating
We chose this range after researching dealers and ranges in our area. We like the convection feature of the oven. We especially wanted a center burner and the oval burner seemed to make more sense to us. Looking forward to many years of cooking on this range.

Review Title: Met high expectations | Review by

Overall Rating
Our new GE stove was a big purchase for us so there were correspondingly high expectations. After seven months of use, I can say that the stove has performed beautifully and we are very happy with it. The range of burners is great, so you can simmer or blast the heat as needed. The electronics have worked flawlessly and the oven temps are dependable and predictable. I have no complaints but it would be nice if the burner grates didn't take up the entire stove top. I miss having an area where I can put utensils. The back of the stove top above the electronics is several inches wide and is wasted space that could be used for this purpose if it wasn't slanted. It would also be great if the stove had a sensor that would beep if you took a pan off the burner but left the burner going. When I get busy cooking and serving, I sometimes to forget to turn off the burner. All in all a very nice product.

Review Title: great stove | Review by

Overall Rating
I really like this range. The convection is amazing! The only problem I had with it was that it came dented the first two times and needed to be replaced. Once that was straightened out and I started using it, I found it to be a great range. Also, all the features on this range are very easy to use (time bake, delay bake, Sabbath mode etc...) The directions are very clearly written.

Review Title: would recommend this product | Review by

Overall Rating
like the recessed top, like the power boil burner and the all over black grates, very impressed at how fast pressure cooker reached pressure, 6 minutes as oppossed to previous range that took 15 minutes.

Review Title: I love this stove and oven!!! | Review by

Overall Rating
This is Great Sove and Oven. I love the performance and the looks of this unit. I only wish the center oval burner was larger and had more BYU's I would highly recommend this unit.

Review Title: The product does the job | Review by

Overall Rating
The range's appearance has grown on me and I especially like the different-sized stove-top burners -- the small one is ideal for brewing a cup of coffee. The electronics on the rear of the stove helps keep our children's hands away -- they loved using the old range's timer and the electronics broke.

Review Title: solid product | Review by

Overall Rating
Good cooktop burner assortment, convection oven is the only way to go.

Review Title: Love the Convection Oven! | Review by

Overall Rating
This stove has both a regular oven and the convection oven and I enjoy both features. I have switched to gas this time and already enjoy cooking with it. I highly recommend the switch! I am retired now and needed to upgrade my kitchen and this is the first item I have purchased. I plan to buy all GE appliances for my kitchen makeover.

Review Title: Great burners and convection oven. | Review by

Overall Rating
I love my new stove! Wish the griddle came with it, was told it was easy to get one, and it wasn't. I can now boil water much quicker! Having the different powered burners is perfect. No more burnt cookies!

Review Title: Excellent product for the price | Review by

Overall Rating
Cooks and bakes evenly. Food never gets dried out and the convection feature makes cooking faster and easier.

Review Title: This product performs well. | Review by

Overall Rating
I am very pleased with the looks and durability of this stove. It is easy to surface clean and the time bake feature worked as expected.

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