GE JGB281DERWW 30" White Gas Sealed Burner Range (View all from GE)

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We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

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Appliances GE GE-JGB281DERWW Ranges

Appliances GE GE-JGB281DERWW RangesAppliances GE GE-JGB281DERWW RangesAppliances GE GE-JGB281DERWW Ranges
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  • Appliances GE GE-JGB281DERWW Ranges
  • Appliances GE GE-JGB281DERWW Ranges
  • Appliances GE GE-JGB281DERWW Ranges

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Customer reviews for Goedeker's excellent service

"I really liked my experience with your company. 1. Your price was very competitive with other companies locally and on line. 2. Free shipping to my front door. 3. Ability to track my order from the time I placed the order to delivery. 4. Excellent customer service even during the New Year holiday. Called back with updated delivery. 5. Excellent buying experience."


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  • Self-Clean Oven
  • Conveniently cleans the oven cavity without the need for scrubbing.
  • Super-large 5.0 Oven Capacity
  • The oven interior is remarkably large to provide extra space for cooking more dishes and larger meals at once.
  • Heavy-cast Continuous Grates
  • Matte-finish, connected cooktop grates provide a study, uninterrupted surface that allows you to move pots and pans easily.
  • Sealed Burners
  • Burners are sealed to the cooktop to keep foods and liquid contained on the cooktop, making cleaning painless.
  • Deep-recessed Cooktop
  • Deep recessed cooktop keeps spills contained in one area that's easy to wipe clean.
  • PowerBoil 15,000 BTU Burner
  • This powerful burner instantly supplies the intense heat need for boiling, sautéing and stir frying.
  • Precise Simmer Burner
  • The burner is rated at 5,000 BTUs for general cooking tasks using a small pan, and it turns down to a very low 140° for warming foods, melting butter or chocolate or making delicate sauces.
  • TrueTemp Oven System
  • This feature helps ensure the temperature you set is the temperature you get, with less variance, to give you the baking and broiling performance you need.
  • QuickSet IV Oven Controls
  • Easy to use design lets you set precise cooking temperatures.


Overall Width: 30"
Overall Height: 46 1/8"
Overall Depth: 26 1/4"
Interior Width: 24"
Interior Height: 18 1/2"
Interior Depth: 19"
Depth with Door Open 90 Degrees: 46 3/8"
Height to Top of Cooktop: 36 1/4" +- 1/4"
Fuel Type: Gas
Oven Capacity: 5.0 cu. ft.
Oven Cleaning: Self-Clean
Cooktop Burners: Sealed
PowerBoil Burner: Yes
High-Output Burner: (1) 15,000 BTU
Precise Simmer Burner: (1) 5,000 BTU/600 BTU
All-Purpose Burners: (1) 11,000 BTU
All-Purpose Burners: (1) 9,500 BTU
TrueTemp System: Yes
Electronic Controls: Yes
QuickSet Oven Controls: QuickSet IV
Electronic Clock and Timer: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Continuous Grates: Yes
Ignition System: Electronic
Oven Racks: 2
Interior Oven Light: Yes
Storage Drawer: Yes
In-Oven Broiling: Yes
Frameless Oven Door: Yes
Oven Door with Window: Big Hearth
Top Burners 000's BTU (Natural/LP): (1) 15.0/15.0, (1) 9.5/9.5, (1) 11.0/11.0, (1) 5.0/5.0
Gas Range Electrical Rating: 120V, 60Hz

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Review Title: This product is an awesome value. | Review by

Overall Rating
We are extremely happy with this product. Its function is excellent and we have been very happy with the overall performance. It's a great product for the price1

Review Title: Powerful range with reasonable price | Review by

Overall Rating
This range has high output power that we needed to do cooking fast.

Review Title: Great range | Review by

Overall Rating
I'm very pleased with the cooking results i receive from this range. The top is so nice, with the raised grill. It's very easy to use and so far has been true to temperature.

Review Title: EXCELLENT VALUE | Review by

Overall Rating

Review Title: Great product for price. | Review by

Overall Rating
We were desperate for a new stove. The old oven kept shutting off in the middle of baking. Wanted something simple; we hadn't used half the features on the old stove. Loved this, initially, for the simplicity, but after getting accustomed to the differences from the old one to this, I love it more. The stovetop is easy to keep clean; only the two large pieces to remove for clean-up. The oven light is NOT an automatic turn on with the opening of the oven door, and the door opens with a jerk but I'm okay with both issues. Burners have nice strong flames; oven heats evenly...and hasn't shut off yet. It took a little time to get used to the timer versus timed bake buttons atop the unit, but I've mastered it now. Just read that the product is no longer being manufactured...that's sad for some of us who just want to buy a product without all the "bells and whistles".

Review Title: Very nice stove | Review by

Overall Rating
I purchased about 6 months ago, love the full grate top, it cleans very easy and heats up quick.

Review Title: Cooks Great easy to clean | Review by

Overall Rating
This model came with the new house. The full width Grates makes moving pots very easy and removing them makes for a very easy cleaning. Need to be careful to keep the grates from chipping the porcelain top.

Review Title: Great Futurers | Review by

Overall Rating
I just purchased this model Ge gas stove and it works great and knowing that it is a GE sold me

Review Title: GE stove | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this stove for my mother for Christmas and she loves it.

Review Title: Love gas range | Review by

Overall Rating
I got this range/oven in my new home I just built. So far, it works great. I am so excited to have a gas range/oven again. It heats up so much more quickly than electric. It looks very nice and has good features, but the knobs are kind of chinsy.

Review Title: Love this Range | Review by

Overall Rating
I love everything about this Range. Looks good. Has a lot of features that I will really use and I love that it has an in the oven broiler and not a bottom drawer. The GE Range that was in my condo when I moved in had a bottom drawer and every time a little bit of fat splattered up I'd have black smoke coming out and up the front of the stove which meant I was always having to clean the black from the outside of the stove. Although I have not had this one long, I've used it every day and smile every time I do.

Review Title: Works great, looks great | Review by

Overall Rating
Easy to use. Love the full grated stove top, no more lifting pots, just slide them around.

Review Title: Great Features!! | Review by

Overall Rating
We just bought this 8/2013 so I can say it is a nice looking works good so far! I like the stove can put stuff you take from the oven on it and it is not tippy because the grates cover the whole top!

Review Title: Simple is all I need! | Review by

Overall Rating
I am an experienced cook and baker. I have had, and worked with many types of ranges, home and professional. This model has a great surface size, because of its continuous top grill, it's easy to clean and the stove controls are on the front- not the back panel. It's amazing to me how many ranges have the stovetop controls on the back- reaching over hot pans to adjust flame is dangerous! If you have mischievous small children, the knobs can just be popped off.

Review Title: Great range! | Review by

Overall Rating
Love my new range - has everything I need and looks great. Love the solid grate - love the fact I can put something in the oven and set the time and it will be done when I get home from work!!!!! Just a great range for the money -

Review Title: 2ND Stove in 3 days!!! | Review by

Overall Rating
I originally purchase another brand at Lowe's finally got it installed after a little confusion, guys left & I decided to try my new got sooo hot I could not touch it! Called my Lowe's and they immediately, with out hesitation, agreed to come pick up this unit and refund my $$. I searched on line and found this unit, my Lowe's had 1 in stock and sent it right over, I was a little hesitant from the last experience - - but I had them install it ...this time I asked them to stay while I tested it......LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Range. Should have gone with GE from the START LIKE EVERYONE TOLD ME! From now on GE all the way!

Review Title: I've had this a year and a half and have to replace parts. | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought a GE washing machine and stove, I will never buy GE again. This stove is a year and a half old and have to replace parts. Same with my washing machine, had to replace parts with in the first year. I recommend to my family and friends not to buy GE. What use to be the brand to trust has gotten lazy and makes poor quality products.

Review Title: This product has good heat control. | Review by

Overall Rating
I enjoy the instant heat and the consistent control of heat without the ever on and off of the heat element of the electric stove.

Review Title: This product is customer friendly | Review by

Overall Rating
I have owned this range for over a year. It works beautifully and holds the desired heat temperature excellently. I bake frequently, my cakes and bread are practically perfect every time.

Review Title: Very Happy with my new range | Review by

Overall Rating
So far I am happy with our new range. We haven't had a chance to use the oven yet and can't wait. Price was great and the reviews made my final decision.

Review Title: Easy to clean and simple to use | Review by

Overall Rating
We replaced an older model GE with a set of pilot lights and love the fact that we're not wasting propane keeping the pilot lights going any more.

Review Title: Easy to use. | Review by

Overall Rating
This stove cooks so evenly & quickly. It is a breeze to clean up after you have an oops, I look forward to many happy years of using this product.

Review Title: So far so good! | Review by

Overall Rating
I recently purchased this model to replace ours. It was locally suggested and installed in one day, yay. I have been very satisfied with it. i have had it for a few months now. It looks great, is easy to use, and functions properly and efficiently.

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