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GE JES2051SNSS 2.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE-JES2051SNSS Cooking

Appliances GE-JES2051SNSS Cooking
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GE 2.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave
Regular Price: $369.32
38% Off - Today Only!
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The GE JES2051SNSS Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave is just waiting for a home and family to serve. With GE technology, it has a lot to offer.

In terms of power, this counter top microwave has 1200 watts of cooking power and two whole cubic feet of cooking capacity. With that much room, you can heat up dinner for the family in almost no time at all. From frozen meals to leftovers, you can fit just about anything you need to into the GE JES2051SNSS for a quick solution to the question, "What's for dinner?"

This GE counter top microwave offers several intelligent features to improve the quality of the food you and your family eat. For instance, the sensor cooking system allows the GE JES2051SNSS to monitor your food while it is cooking and automatically adjust the power level and time as necessary for the best possible results. The defrost option not only has a time-based setting but can also use a smart automatic setting to adjust the cooking settings for optimal performance. So there's no need to hover over your food as it cooks, the JES2051SNSS counter top microwave is smart enough to take care of your food while it is cooking.

Ease of use is another important feature of the GE JES2051SNSS. Instant On controls allow you to use preprogrammed settings to cook popcorn, vegetables, beverages and even chicken and fish at the touch of a button. But for families with small children, the child lock option keeps the microwave from being too easy for little ones to start.

  • 2.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • 1200 Watts (IEC-705 test procedure)
  • Sensor cooking controls
  • Automatically adjusts time and power for delicious cooking results
  • Auto and time defrost
  • Simply enter the weight of the food, and the oven automatically sets the optimal defrosting time and power level or set your desired time for defrosting
  • Turntable
  • Rotates food throughout the cooking cycle for even cooking results
  • Instant On controls
  • Cooking and reheating happens instantly at the touch of a button
  • Control lockout
  • Provides peace of mind by locking the oven and preventing accidental activation
  • Electronic touch controls
  • Electronic pads on the control panel are easy to operate with just a touch


Unit Capacity: Jumbo-Size
Control Type: Electronic
Touch Pad: Yes
Cooking Modes: Microwave
Cooking System: Turntable
Cooking Technology: Microwave
Defrost Type: Auto and Time
Demo Mode: Yes
Electronic Digital Display with Clock: Yes
Electronic Scrolling Digital Display: VFD Scrolling
Express Cook: Instant-On; 1-6 minutes
Microwave Watts (IEC-705): 1200 W
Power Levels: 10
Reminder (24 hr): Yes
Sound Volume Control: 4 levels
Time Preference: Control Enhancement (1/9)
Timer (On/Off): Yes
Turntable: Glass
Turntable Size: 16"
Time Cook: I and II
Microwave Sensor Cooking Controls: Popcorn (Instant-On)
Reheat (Instant-On): Yes
Vegetables (Instant-On): Yes
Beverage (Instant-On): Yes
Potatoes (Instant-On): Yes
Chicken/Fish (Instant-On): Yes
Microwave Oven Control Features: Child Lock
Cooking Complete Reminder: Yes
Demo Mode: Yes
Help Pad: Yes
Display On/Off; Sub-Pad with Zero: Yes
Start/Pause: Yes
Clear/Off: Yes
Delay Start: Yes
Clock with AM/PM Pad: Yes
Reminder (24 Hr.): Yes
Add 30 Seconds (Instant-On): Yes
Case Color: Black
Color Appearance: Black
Door Color: Black/Stainless Steel
Weights and Dimensions
Overall Width: 24 1/8"
Overall Depth: 19 1/2"
Overall Height: 13 3/4"
Interior Width: 11 1/4"
Interior Depth: 18 1/6"
Interior Height: 16 11/16"
Net Weight: 50 lb
Approximate Shipping Weight: 55 lb
Cookbook: Cooking Guide Label

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Review Title: Easy to use and reliable | Review by

We had the earlier model that we lost due to a power surge. The new model is more powerful and has more interior space. We love the fact that it operates the same as the old one.

Review Title: Powerful | Review by

It is powerful and heats very quickly. The settings are accurate.

Review Title: Review | Review by

Great product features and performs very well for the price.

Review Title: Right size for rectangular dishes | Review by

The interior is the right size for rectangular baking dishes. Turntable is removable so rectangular dishes can sit stationary.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

My daughter has the same model and I liked hers so I chose the same one to replace my old one.

Review Title: Mircowave from GE | Review by

like the interior volume it has.... works with whisper noise level and loud beep when done

Review Title: Works great. From popcorn to defrosting to cooking | Review by

It meets my expectatons. Styling is modern and appropriate.

Review Title: Easy to read and operate. Very efficient. | Review by

I would buy this model again. We have been very pleased with its performance. Love the stainless/ blk combo. Priced within reason as well.

Review Title: Microwave Oven | Review by

The microwave was similar in appearance as the one that we had to replace. The fittings did not line up with those of the original, but with a bit of inginuity, we managed to get it to sit the existing opening so we did not have to purchase new hardware. The microwave performs well! The only drawback is the moisture that forms on the window. It is difficult to clean it off as we can't figure out how to remove the grating/screening on the inside of the door.

Review Title: Nice, large, powerful microwave | Review by

I love the looks and features of this microwave minus one does not have an inner light! That is the one negative I have to leave for this microwave.

Review Title: Excellent Microwave! | Review by

I bought this when I remodeled my kitchen, and wanted a striking microwave to match my new cabinets. This was a very affordable microwave, yet it has great cubic footage, and it heats food evenly and quickly. The reheat button is really great, as you don't have to estimate how long it'll take to warm up leftovers. The unit senses the humidity in the air while heating and automatically adjusts cooking. It is wonderful!

Review Title: Enjoy the features | Review by

We purchased this micro after our ancient one finally gave up. It is a learning experience for us, however we haven't had any problems and it cooks, defrosts, reheats great! It is easy to clean, does leave some fingerprints on the stainless but nothing you can't take care of. We like the large inside, it accomedates most of our cookware. It does sound a little "tinnie" sounding when you close door which we are trying to get used to. Would recommend this to anyone.

Review Title: Has good features. | Review by

I have owned this microwave for about a year and so far it has performed well. The only issue I have is that it is rather noisy, as it makes a rattling sound when in use. Other than that it works well.

Review Title: Great investment | Review by

We bought this microwave 3 months ago and love it. It heats things up efficiently and accurately. Don't feel tempted to add time to this microwave as it is very powerful. Make sure you have the space for it as it will take up a good amount. A corner under the cabinets works well for us.

Review Title: Good Buy | Review by

One of the best GE products I've bought , No complaints

Review Title: reliable | Review by

this is my second ge microwave and it performs as reliably as the first. They are the only microwaves i've owned. This one cooks and heats more evenly, probably because it has a turntable.

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

Love this microwave. Replaced an older, smaller one with this model. Purchased almost two years ago and really like the reheat feature. Also bought it on line for a great price. Works great and looks great!

Review Title: Performance and looks are great | Review by

I love the fact the food is hot and it is easy to learn how to operate

Review Title: Much different from our old one!!! | Review by

Our older microwave finally quit, was not repairable (economically) so we bought the GE 1200 watt unit. It is easy and convenient to use. The hardest part for us is getting used to the 1200 watts, as compared to the older 700 watt unit we had. We would recommend this unit to all who need a new, easy to use, powerful unit.

Review Title: Features | Review by

Love the defrost options, love the express cook options. Easy for the whole family to use!

Review Title: Operates the way I am used to | Review by

Bought a couple of months ago and am very happy with it.

Review Title: good product. | Review by

I like this microwave. It really should have a handle on the door so it can be closed more quietly. The door is so light, it make a really loud noise when closing.

Review Title: Great warmer etc. | Review by

Really a great product. It is one of three microwaves we have, however it is the best and most used.

Review Title: fast and very easy to use | Review by

I am very satisfied with this unit it does all that

Review Title: Solid performer | Review by

I bought this for our small office and it performs great. Everyone enjoys its features/quality.

Review Title: Working great. | Review by

Happy with the purchase. Works great so far and am happy with my purchase. It fits in well with black and stainless decor. Hoping this one will last a lot longer than our previous ones.

Review Title: Looks nice, large capacity | Review by

We like how large the microwave is and has some nice features. I only gave it four stars because it was very unbalanced and we had to place cardboard under one side for it to stay level and work properly. I also wish it allowed you to choose what you were defrosting or reheating and adjust the settings.

Review Title: Excellent Microwave!! | Review by

We have thoroughly enjoyed our new microwave. Very easy to use and pleasing to the eye.

Review Title: Exact fit! | Review by

I bought this to replace a factory installed product. I can't tell any difference in a visual comparison.

Review Title: like size | Review by

Does what I need it for. Helps cook food faster and I don't have to stand a long time.

Review Title: So Far, So Good | Review by

Purchased this to replace an old microwave that died. So far, so good. I have nothing negative to say. It works and looks nice.

Review Title: Mrs | Review by

Got this for Christmas as a surprise - So happy with it!

Review Title: Powerful and easy to use. | Review by

I bought this microwave in May. It has been fantastic.

Review Title: Works great | Review by

I had an earlier GE microwave that lasted 9 years, when it needed replaced, I got a new one as close to my old model as I could.

Review Title: Smart Styling! | Review by

Looking for a style that fit into my new kitchen, this model fit the bill! Love the silver edge, black cabinet! The features were also impressive for the cost. Couldn't find a better product for the price . The brand GE was also top on my list of products to choose from as GE products have never let me down. Look forward to ownership for many years to come.

Review Title: Great capacity and features | Review by

I bought this microwave 6 months ago and I'm am enjoying it very much

Review Title: Good looking and works well | Review by

My husband and I bought this microwave to replace a GE Profile microwave, which cost much more and lasted about 6 years. We have a built-in shelf so we needed something that was 24 inches wide. This fits the bill, look very nice, fits well and has a much larger turntable than the Profile we replaced. It has all of the features for much less cost so we are happy with this purchase.

Review Title: Best Microwave Have Ever Owned! | Review by

My hat is off to whomever designed this microwave. I picked this microwave from the Web as was searching for a Microwave that I could turn the beep sound off. I was so very pleased to find out that it had round corners inside the oven making clean up a breeze and it cooked my potatoes to perfection automatically. Too many great features to list but a great big sloppy kiss to GE!

Review Title: like the express buttons | Review by

Love the reheat cycle. Most food comes out perfect. The defrost works very well and doesn't over cook while defrosting. Very easy to use.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

This is my second GE Microwave like this. We liked the first one so much that when it came time to replace it we wanted one just like it and this one was it. Easy controls with lots of preset buttons. Large turntable for larger containers

Review Title: Easy to use and Awesome Options! | Review by

Our old microwave (also a GE) finally died after 15 years of hard usage the Saturday before Christmas and the next day we bought this one. I LOVE it! The defrost feature is fantastic - not just the auto settings but especially that you can customize! And the cook features are so easy to use, even my 5 year old can use it without a problem!

Review Title: Great Microwave Oven | Review by

We replaced another GE microwave with this newer model, and it gives us excellent service and matches the other GE profile appliances in our kitchen very well.

Review Title: Great | Review by

No problems enjoy the quiet option on sound Cooks well fast

Review Title: micro | Review by

good product, works as expected, no issues, would reccomend

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

I bought this microwave as a replacement to the old one I have had for over 30 years! It does a great job Heating up food fast and efficient.

Review Title: Nice looking and works great! | Review by

Love this microwave. It has stainless steel all the way around the unit and the cooking features are great.

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES | Review by


Review Title: It's okay - quality seems lower than previous one | Review by

After having a GE microwave oven I loved that died I searched for one close to the looks, size, etc. The key pad has bee confusing to me (83 yr old) because it is so different. However I am doing okay with it now. But, when this one first starts it's like a "boom" that sounds like the metal is expanding. Metal seems to be lighter weight than old one.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

I purchased 2 weeks ago and great so far. This is my second GE

Review Title: l LIKE THE SENSOR FEATURE | Review by


Review Title: GE Microwave | Review by

I couldn't believe how large the inside is. I would recommend this model to anyone looking for a great microwave.

Review Title: Awesome Microwave | Review by

We got this 3 months ago, and it has been great! I have been very pleased with this and use the microwave several times a day. the defrost works very well without cooking the meat like my old microwave did. We also got a GE oven and we very happy with that too, its obvious that GE is making quality products.

Review Title: good job | Review by

I trust GE and believe in their products and I know if I need it fixed the will do so Love the way it works great

Review Title: Love this! | Review by

Just got this product for my birthday. I love the size of it. :) The design of it matches my fridge.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

We love the oven, but it is the third one in 6 years (it fits a built in cabinet specific to the oven. The heating mechanism goes ou nd he repair cost exceedthe value of oven

Review Title: My microwave is great. | Review by

We bought this microwave to replace our old one and its so much smarter than we are.

Review Title: Love This Microwave! | Review by

My wife and I bought this microwave about a month ago and we have fallen in love! It's easy to use and does and great job. No burnt food and no food over cooked. It also looks great in our kitchen!

Review Title: Excellent microwave | Review by

We really like the sensor cooking features especially the reheat, popcorn, and defrost by weight.

Review Title: Good Features | Review by

We bought this product about three months ago to replace another. I'm glad we spent the time to research different features. This product is a good buy for your money. I would prefer not to buy GE products but unfortunately this product fit our needs.

Review Title: Excellent | Review by

User friendly. Attractive. We are very pleased with our purchase.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We bought this for use in our office, really love it!

Review Title: Ease of use | Review by

We have had this for a couple of monyhs now and love it.

Review Title: Close Match | Review by

bought nearly a year ago to replace ours that died, took forever to find something that matched the design and look of our other appliances and this ended being the closest match. Works great.

Review Title: Familiar friend | Review by

When our kitchen was remodeled nine years ago, we had a GE profile microwave installed. It served us well for nine years until the tube failed. When we went looking for a new microwave, we settled on another GE because after nine years, the control panel was just about the same and very comfortable for us to use.

Review Title: Awesome Microwave | Review by

This an excellent microwave! It has so many great features! Great bang or the bucks!

Review Title: satisfied, functional | Review by

I bought this a month ago and have been fully satisfied. No complaints. Had a prior GE monogram and needed a similar size to fit the space�had a face/grill etc.

Review Title: very reliable and great options and features | Review by

This microwave is great so far! great features and ease of use. had just a little bit of a learning curve to adjust to operation. My only issue is that fingerprints show easily on the door and "door opening" button.

Review Title: Does what it's supposed to but longevity suspect | Review by

I bought this model because at least the stainless surround facing from my previous ones worked well enough I didn't have to buy the overpriced current one- although I did have to fabricate a base to secure it as a built-in as GE changed the bottom enough so the old bracket/support wouldn't work. After having this model's predecessors die after three or four years each I would not have otherwise gotten another one.

Review Title: Very pleased with this product. | Review by

Looks great and works great.........................

Review Title: GE Microwave - Model # JES2051SNSS | Review by

We have bee buying GE microwave now for over 3 years and we are very please with their performance, price and features.

Review Title: Great Funtions | Review by

I bought this microwave two weeks ago and its a really great product for signle house family.

Review Title: solid perfomance | Review by

consider this a excellent product and reasonably priced.

Review Title: easy to set time and power level. | Review by

Don't like shopping. Found what we liked first off. No time wasted going from store to store.

Review Title: Exellent features | Review by

I bough this oven about 4months ago and I'm very satisfy..!

Review Title: Very good value | Review by

We are enjoying the high quality and appearance of the microwave. Counting in years of dependability from this project.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

It's very easy to use and it looks great! Love it!

Review Title: Love my new microwave | Review by

It is more high powered than my older model and I'm enjoying using it.

Review Title: Super microwave | Review by

Bought this after my college microwave kicked the bucket. It cost more than I thought it should until I used it. Food gets very hot very quickly. It is user friendly and gives a courtesy reminder beep if you've forgotten where up put your coffee. Love it and highly recommend it.

Review Title: Love this Microwave | Review by

My parents bought this for us for my bridal shower and I absolutely love it!! Cooks things much faster than my old one and cooks all the way through.

Review Title: great automation | Review by

Very happy with features like the reheat and popcorn buttons.

Review Title: Great appliance to have for the price | Review by

I bought this over 3-4 months now. It works great, cooks fast and defrosts well. The door sticks sometimes. But that's a minor issue. I have not seen the sensor working as yet though. My bowl of oatmeal has boiled over many times.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We purchased this product a few months ago, fantastic unit really like size, capacity and features.

Review Title: Good quality and features | Review by

We bought this microwave the beginning of June and so far it works great and we like it. It took some getting use to as the button layout is different from our previous Sharp unit. I especially like the Express Cook as our old unit had "add minute" and this one has "add 30 seconds", so the Express Cook makes minute (or multiples) easy. It heats very well.

Review Title: better than expectations | Review by

i have owned several microwaves of other brands. this GE is great. it is simple to operate and does a great job. when you are a older male living alone you really appreciate the job it does.

Review Title: purchased because of size | Review by

I bought this to replace another GE Profile microwave purely because of its depth which is less than 13". Compared to my older one it is just ok. The wattage is less than my old one. The thing I dislike the most is that the buttons are not backlit making it difficult to see and they are laid out in a way that is not very logical it seems to be filling the bill so far, but it just isn't very user friendly. If you have to get a narrow unit, his is the only choice. I couldn't find another narrow unit from any manufacturer. Its more expensive than a standard counter size, but it takes up less room.

Review Title: Gets the job done! | Review by

I've been using this one since I replaced my old one. Really big inside. Liking the reheat function. There are buttons that I don't even know how to use yet.

Review Title: Just Broke. Going to return to Lowes Today! | Review by

We have only had this appliance 3 to 5 months and is already not working.

Review Title: New microwave | Review by

Was given to us as a house warming gift. Our first counter top unit. Controls are quite abit different from what I am used to but they do provide some useful features that were not on my wall mounted unit.

Review Title: awesome | Review by

love it!! best microwave ever and i've had 8 previous microwaves some even bigger than this one but this one is easy to work!

Review Title: Easy to clean; NO bowed out handle | Review by

Never again will I purchase "built-in" appliances that are much too costly to repair and/or replace. This microwave sits nicely on the shelf where a built-in once was.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

I bought this a month ago and works great. I would recommend it to anyone.

Review Title: Mr. Semonin | Review by

Great product. We've had several microwaves over the years and this is probably the best one we've had. It's powerful,quiet, and looks good.

Review Title: Very powerful! | Review by

Easy to use and very powerful. It is a large microwave and will accommodate anything you'd want to use it for.

Review Title: this is a straight up good microwave | Review by

General Electric has been a good appliance throughout my life thank you for the products you given us

Review Title: large capacity | Review by

I like the microwave but wish that I could make the choice of fewer than 60 seconds by just pressing the numbers without having to select button for that feature, then selecting seconds.

Review Title: It works. | Review by

We bought this a couple of months ago to replace a GE Profile which only lasted three years. We certainly hope this one does better. Time will tell.

Review Title: I really like this microwave! | Review by

My old microwave oven was 27 years old. Yes, I had had it for 27 years. I didn't know how weak the power was until I got this new one. Wish I had bought a new one years ago!!

Review Title: LOVE THE FEATURE | Review by


Review Title: So easy to use | Review by

We are very happy with this microwave. It is easy to use without reading the manual. We especially like the reheat button and the defrost button. The only thing I am not happy with is that it is difficult to get the turntable seated properly in the oven so that it does not make a lot of noise and jerky movements when revolving while in use.

Review Title: Great microwave for the price. | Review by

I bought this over a month ago to replace a GE microwave that was 10 years old and quit working. This microwave was replacing a microwave that was build into the cabinets. The only issue was the new microwaves do not work with the old installation kit so had to purchase a new installation kit. Other than that this is a great microware. We like it better than the original one we had.

Review Title: microwaveable | Review by

I bought one a little larger than I needed it take up a lot of counter space (my bad ) the appliance works fine

Review Title: my husband puchased this | Review by

We seem to be having good results with this so far - it seems a little sensitive sometime with the door having to be opened and closed to get to work ...and sometimes the 10 or 20 seconds doesn't work on the first try...I am hoping I am just not use to.......

Review Title: Great Microwave; Awesome Deal | Review by

This microwave is the BEST one I have ever owned! Purchased it in early June, and it does everything WELL!

Review Title: I love the features and the look of this huge microwave. | Review by

I replaced an old microwave that I have been using for over 10 years! It was tiny and the only feature it has was a turn dial for desired minutes. When I put the new microwave in, I thought it might be too big. after using it a few time, I realized I LOVE IT!! love the sensor for beverages it is awesome! express cook is.... awesome. heats your food evenly and Fast. defrost sensor works....awesome. I am happy with my purchase and the price made it even nicer!

Review Title: Just what we wanted. | Review by

Almost exactly like our old Sharp microwave, which we had for many years and loved, but with more features.

Review Title: Always a Great Model | Review by

I first used a similar model GE Microwave at least 15 years ago. When we moved out of state and had to buy a microwave, I made sure to get the same model. When we moved again, the house had another brand and I was happy when it broke. I got my favorite GE again. We recently bought a new house and the builder had installed GE appliances - how did they know I was coming!! They installed my favorite microwave!!

Review Title: good design | Review by

Best I've ever used and easy to clean. would love to have another

Review Title: Great funtionality | Review by

Easy to use and understand controls. Very quiet and efficient.

Review Title: Great Product!! | Review by

I just love this microwave. The features are fantastic and so convenient. It is very roomy and also very nice looking.

Review Title: wonderful product | Review by

works quite well heating and features are easy and pratical.

Review Title: sleek,energy efficient, has great featues | Review by

LOVE IT! has wonderful features and looks great and would recommend it to anyone looking for a microwave

Review Title: Works very well | Review by

Except for the strange odor that took too long to disappear, this microwave has every feature I ever could want. My only other concern is that the timer is not loud enough when signaling the end of the cooking time. I contacted GE ad--to my surprise--they are sending a serviceman to see if the "bell" can be made to ring louder. Just what I would expect from a GE appliance. I'm very satisfied.

Review Title: I always had GE Microwaves, But this is BEST!! | Review by


Review Title: i LIKE THE BIGER OVEN | Review by

I just have this microwave 2 days it is working fine and looks as GOOD

Review Title: It works... | Review by

Our new GE microwave works well and has many useful features.

Review Title: Great looking microwave | Review by

We purchased this microwave from Home depot. It looks great, works great and fits into our cabinet base. It has a very large interior which you can fit almost anything in.

Review Title: great features! | Review by

After being sorely disappointed with previous microwave purchase not long ago, I was anxious to find a microwave that would allow me to use the timer for one thing while cooking something else. And I wanted one that had enough room inside for me to check the temperature of liquid in a large 2-qt. pitcher without removing it. And I wanted one with a door that did not have to be slammed to close it! This microwave answered all those needs and many more. I am more than pleased with it and very happy to recommend it.

Review Title: High hopes | Review by

I bought this to replace the same model which only lasted a couple of years, hopefully this one will last longer. Good features and the performance is as good as expected.

Review Title: Works well | Review by

It's easy to use and I've had no problems. I like the features.

Review Title: One fantastic microwave! | Review by

Got this as a gift and it is great! Easy to use and everything comes out perfect!

Review Title: Disappointed in GE Product | Review by

Owned for three months. Steam leaks behind glass in door which cannot be wiped down so leaves water circles on inside of glass when water dries. Looks terrible, especially when you bought chrome microwave for its looks

Review Title: Perfect replacement for our GE Monogram model | Review by

We bought this less expensive GE model to replace our Monogram model which still worked, but the paint had worn away under the rotating plate. This microwave is a perfect fit, cooks quickly, has great features and was a very good buy!

Review Title: Quality product | Review by

I just purchased this product yesterday but so far so good. I have had other GE products before with great results.

Review Title: Quiet, fast and Hot some times too hot to handle. | Review by

We bought this about 3 months ago and have not had a day of trouble. The food is always done well.

Review Title: Very good product | Review by

We bought it 2 months ago and are very pleased. The cooking time is very consistent.

Review Title: Easy to clean | Review by

I like the rounded back. The whole thing seems to drag in the front.

Review Title: Love this Microwave | Review by

Purchased this microwave a few months ago and glad I did. It's big so make sure to measure for adequate counter space before buying or put it on a large microwave cart. Good quality and It runs quieter than I was expecting for a microwave this size. The defrost feature works 2 ways. You can choose to defrost using the microwave's pre-set timing or push the "defrost" button twice to choose your own time. This is a nice feature as some defrost timings in microwaves are too long and begin cooking the edges of a pack of meat before the meat is thoroughly defrosted. It also has "express" cooking when pushing any number 1 through 9. Push 1 and it cooks for 1 minute etc. If you want to choose your own cooking time, say 1.5 minutes, you would first push the button "Time Cook" and then push 1 and then 3 and then o then "start". The back wall on the inside is curved which makes it easier to clean rather than having to clean into corners and crevices. It also has a large, removable, rotating glass plate. Only thing I don't like is the stainless trim on the front. It looks nice but you have to wipe off prints often. All in all I would recommend.

Review Title: Broke after 3 months | Review by

Like the microwave and features, but after just three months the glass turntable broke in two pieces down the middle.

Review Title: Perfect! | Review by

We LOVE this microwave! With it's concave interior you can fit larger containers which is fantastic if cooking a large quantity. Best selection for a microwave. Would recommend this microwave to anyone needing to purchase one!!

Review Title: New microwave | Review by

We just bought this a couple of days ago and so far we love it. It works great and looks great on our counter in our new house. I've always liked GE products. I've had many of them and I've been very happy with them.

Review Title: Perfect Microwave | Review by

Has all the great features we wanted and then some

Review Title: Single button feature | Review by

We use this feature a lot as well as the timer. Great appliance

Review Title: From price to performance a great value. | Review by

Top to bottom of the list exceeds all expectations.

Review Title: Express cook is very handy | Review by

This is the same size as the one we burned out but a different brand. It has done all that it is supposed to and has some features that the one that was 10 + years old didn't have.

Review Title: Large capacity | Review by

I do not like this as well as my last GE microwave because it is not as user friendly

Review Title: Great size and ample features!! | Review by

The microwave has a lot of features on it, so it's good for everyone. And it cooks quicker than other brands. And I love the size. I can put a 13 x 9 casserole dish in it.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

We really only use a microwave for heating food and popcorn. This was recommended by our kitchen designer and it was a great choice.

Review Title: Powerful! | Review by

I bought this microwave about 2 months ago and am truly pleased. This unit is easy to use and microwaves food quickly compared to other models I've had. Popcorn pops completely and food reheats thoroughly! Best microwave I've ever owned. My mother even bought the exact one I have.

Review Title: Decent quality | Review by

Average product. I thought the GE product would be significantly better than the other brands. It has not proven to be.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

Happy to have bought this Microwave as a replacement for my old one.

Review Title: Very good microwave | Review by

We bought this oven to fit a built-in space after our last one was knocked out due to power problems. It was the closest one we could find. Was so glad that it is also a very good product.

Review Title: easy to work, like everything about it | Review by

good product, fits above the oven, looks like it has always been there!

Review Title: Nice microwave. | Review by

This microwave is much more powerful and advanced than the 18 year-old oven that it replaced. The only concern I have is that the controls are not as intuitive as they could be. Maybe I should read the book

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

We are very happy with all the features on this microwave and recommend it to our friends!

Review Title: Exactly as I hoped. | Review by

The microwave is an excellent product for the money.

Review Title: I love it | Review by

I've been wanting to have a GE products because it last and durable.

Review Title: Can't go wrong | Review by

Even temperature Quick warming Plenty of options Good meat thawing Tons of room

Review Title: Great size & power | Review by

Wasn't sure about getting a larger MW than our last one, but am very happy that we did. Thoroughly enjoying this GE MW.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We are happy with the product since we bought it a few months ago.

Review Title: Total Lifesaver! | Review by

I have enjoyed the quiet and efficient way this oven heats! It was a little larger than I needed but I am glad I didn't change my mind.

Review Title: Easy to use and works well in our environment. | Review by

Microwave performs better than any other brand we have tried in the past. Push a button and it times the heating process perfectly. Now we get perfectly cooked food every time.

Review Title: Great Features, Easy to use. | Review by

This was a wonderful investment for me. I had a small microwave that didn't fit well with the family. This was a great replacement!

Review Title: great features! | Review by

I bought this for myself for Christmas. I love the completely open bottom rack on my old one I couldn't fit my big pans!

Review Title: Wonderful and powerful microwave | Review by

Overall experience has been super. It does the work I need to do.

Review Title: Great looking with great features | Review by

Would never buy anything other then GE And would recommend to everyone and have done so

Review Title: Owned for 17 months and burned out | Review by

I placed a microwave safe dish in the oven with 2 Tblsp. of butter in it to melt. I touched add 30 seconds. The oven came on but then it made a loud grinding sound and a bright flash of light. I hit the door open button to stop it and saw a black streak coming up the side behind the light bulb above a control panel on the inside. Very disappointed in longevity of product.

Review Title: Great alternative for over the range microwave! | Review by

Nice and sophisticated design. Sturdy and easy to clean!

Review Title: Love the large capacity! | Review by

I wanted a large microwave which would fit under my cabinet. Plus, you can't go wrong with an GE appliance!

Review Title: best performance | Review by

This is the easiest most user friendly microwave. My microwave of choice forever

Review Title: Better than expected! | Review by

We have only used our microwave for one day, but I just had to write this review. It was so user friendly, My husband used it first and said it was perfect to reheat his food. I used it to defrost a meatloaf and thought it was the smartest thing ever, it did it to perfection. When I used it later, it did everything so much better than our old microwave, it is almost like a different device. I will use this for so much more than just reheat, I can't wait to try many things on my new smart microwave. Thanks for making such a wonderful microwave, I just may write another review after I have used it longer.

Review Title: Great Features and Good design | Review by

I just bought this. Looking forward to another great GE product

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

Both a 2nd one just today, 2/7/14. This particular microwave is very roomy inside, which I love.

Review Title: Time saver. easy to use, love it! | Review by

Large, everything fits, high heat, evenly cooking, every day usable options

Review Title: Awesome Power | Review by

I purchased a while back and I realy like the quick cooking and automatic cooking choices like - Perfect Popcorn! It was hard to get rid of my MWO I purchased back in 1976 but, Wow, I should have done that a long time ago! Marvelous! I am not sure I like the plastic windows though.

Review Title: Dependable | Review by

I bought this microwave over for a Resource Center at a University so it has been used quite a bit over the 10 months. Easy to understand how to use.

Review Title: Big | Review by

Quiet! Fits nicely in our new cabinet area. Easy controls.

Review Title: Fast | Review by

It works well, it is loud when running, looks good

Review Title: Great Performance | Review by

This product has great features, easy to clean and operate. Satisfactory performance.

Review Title: .Only issue was trying to take clear plastic covering from front of microwave. | Review by

A large microwave that is easy to use and a GREAT PRICE. Need I say anymore?

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Very well engineered product. We use for everything.

Review Title: great microwave | Review by

This is a fantastic product with all the features you will ever need to do anything from heating water to cooking a meal.

Review Title: Great look and features | Review by

Our microwave that we have had since 1985 stopped working today. This microwave has all the features I was looking for and works great.

Review Title: Just OK | Review by

Ordered 2 at the same time. One quit working altogether within the first month. The carousel on the second one stopped working a few months later. The replacement for the first microwave is working far.

Review Title: Capacity, power, features are excellent. | Review by

This microwave has a large capacity and is very powerful. I have learned to limit the time of warming or cooking, and appreciate the 30 second button when re-heating. It is easy to clean and looks good- good design. We have had it a year.

Review Title: Great features and plenty of power | Review by

Have not owned for long but am satisfied so far. Seems to heat very evenly and strongly.

Review Title: MULTIFUNTIONAL | Review by


Review Title: Works great! | Review by

Great performance, easy to use, and plenty of power for cooking or reheating.

Review Title: Like the sensor! | Review by

So far, so good! Our last GE microwave lasted 15 years; we expect the same here. We really like the sensor for taking the guesswork out of reheating food. My, its bigger then we thought!

Review Title: So far it works great | Review by

I like it so far but I just got it yesterday.It is the second one we've had of this brand.

Review Title: This microwave has some unique features. | Review by

We purchased this new GE microwave to replace our old GE model, which was displaying a "keypad short" error. Our new product matches the capabilities of the old one with so much more. We tested it right away. The food cooks and defrosts evenly. We hope it will last for years to come.

Review Title: Awesome features ! | Review by

Nice microwave for countertop or shelf . Has automatic cook features, delay start, express cooking. Roomy inside with 1200W - Love it !

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