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GE JES2051DNBB 2.0 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE-JES2051DNBB Cooking

Appliances GE-JES2051DNBB CookingAppliances GE-JES2051DNBB CookingAppliances GE-JES2051DNBB CookingAppliances GE-JES2051DNBB Cooking
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  • Appliances GE-JES2051DNBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-JES2051DNBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-JES2051DNBB Cooking
  • Appliances GE-JES2051DNBB Cooking

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GE 2.0 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave
Regular Price: $269.37
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  • 2.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • 1200 Watts (IEC-705 test procedure)
  • Sensor cooking controls
  • Automatically adjusts time and power for delicious cooking results
  • Auto and time defrost
  • Simply enter the weight of the food, and the oven automatically sets the optimal defrosting time and power level or set your desired time for defrosting
  • Turntable
  • Rotates food throughout the cooking cycle for even cooking results
  • Instant On controls
  • Cooking and reheating happens instantly at the touch of a button
  • Control lockout
  • Provides peace of mind by locking the oven and preventing accidental activation
  • Electronic touch controls
  • Electronic pads on the control panel are easy to operate with just a touch


Unit Capacity: Jumbo-Size
Control Type: Electronic
Touch Pad: Yes
Cooking Modes: Microwave
Cooking System: Turntable
Cooking Technology: Microwave
Defrost Type: Auto and Time
Demo Mode: Yes
Electronic Digital Display with Clock: Yes
Electronic Scrolling Digital Display: VFD Scrolling
Express Cook: Instant-On; 1-6 minutes
Microwave Watts (IEC-705): 1200 W
Power Levels: 10
Reminder (24 hr): Yes
Sound Volume Control: 4 levels
Time Preference: Control Enhancement (1/9)
Timer (On/Off): Yes
Turntable: Glass
Turntable Size: 16"
Time Cook: I and II
Microwave Sensor Cooking Controls: Popcorn (Instant-On)
Reheat (Instant-On): Yes
Vegetables (Instant-On): Yes
Beverage (Instant-On): Yes
Potatoes (Instant-On): Yes
Chicken/Fish (Instant-On): Yes
Microwave Oven Control Features: Child Lock
Cooking Complete Reminder: Yes
Demo Mode: Yes
Help Pad: Yes
Display On/Off; Sub-Pad with Zero: Yes
Start/Pause: Yes
Clear/Off: Yes
Delay Start: Yes
Clock with AM/PM Pad: Yes
Reminder (24 Hr.): Yes
Add 30 Seconds (Instant-On): Yes
Case Color: Black
Color Appearance: Black
Door Color: Black
Weights and Dimensions
Overall Width: 24 1/8"
Overall Depth: 19 1/2"
Overall Height: 13 3/4"
Interior Width: 11 1/4"
Interior Depth: 18 1/6"
Interior Height: 16 11/16"
Net Weight: 48 lb
Approximate Shipping Weight: 53 lb
Cookbook: Cooking Guide Label

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Review Title: Much better than another model | Review by

Purchased this model about 6 months ago with a refund certificate tendered by GE customer service. Have been more than happy with all aspects of this microwave. To yak on makes absolutely no sense. THIS PRODUCT IS GOOD--WAS REASONABLE IN PRICE-GETS ALL JOBS DONE WELL THAT AREA ADVERTISED.

Review Title: GO MICROWAVE | Review by

I actually won this microwave oven from a local television station. But I will say we LOVE IT! The inner cooking space, its overall outer appearance and the power it provides is more than awesome!

Review Title: Awesome Microwave | Review by

It's a great microwave and very roomy for big plates!

Review Title: Quiet. Control panel easy to see and read. | Review by

Purchased this 2.0 cu ft microwave about 2 months ago. Very happy with purchase. Large enough for lasagna pan to rotate on turntable. User friendly. Like the look of the black color.

Review Title: Super efficient! | Review by

Love all the easy buttons and the quick set buttons! Although I think the time cook button should be in a different spot! Works fantastic!

Review Title: First G.E. | Review by

This is our first GE product and we are very pleased. Quiet operation and great features.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Has a lot of buttons. Had to read and learn a lot! But it is worth it to cook more conveniently.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I bought this product about 3 months ago and I love it

Review Title: Great appliance! | Review by

This is my second GE microwave and they perform and last exceptionally well.

Review Title: A Great Appliance | Review by

I bought this a few months ago & it is far above the microwave I had. I love it's features & performance.

Review Title: lots of features. | Review by

I haven't had a new microwave in a long time. Love all the new features and the power.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I brought my microwave over two months ago and I love it. It's so spacious.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

We bought this microwave recently to replace older unit that had similar features, size and cooking capacity. It is very quiet and matches the decor of our other kitchen appliances.

Review Title: perfect size for large platters | Review by

So happy I own it. Brought my big Corning wear square pan into store and an oblong platter I use to reheat wings and both rotated on turntable no it

Review Title: GREAT PRODUCT! | Review by


Review Title: Microwave Overall product | Review by

I have been very pleased with the features of this product.

Review Title: Love this microwave! | Review by

I absolutely love this microwave. It tells you step by step how to set the clock & timer. The quick set buttons are great. I highly recommend this microwave to my friends.

Review Title: dreamboat | Review by

Size and power plus color(?), black, was what we needed.

Review Title: woot | Review by

i bought this microwave as a replacement for my last ge that lasted 8 hard years... i am loving the size and the features. works great

Review Title: Great value for the price | Review by

Bought about 3 months ago. So far we like it as well as the microwave we were replacing that was almost 20 years old. All the same features and more. 1200 watts compared to 1000 watts does make a difference.

Review Title: cooks fast | Review by

Our old microwave was 36 years old and we never realized how poorly it functioned. With our new GE, I can follow the directions on a meal and it it ready. I never have to check it and put it back in for another minute. The only complaint I have is that it sounds 'tinny' when you close the door.

Review Title: Big and roomy for the bigger dishes | Review by

I bought this microwave because I needed more room for my bigger dishes. It has been great.

Review Title: New microwave | Review by

It is so much of an improvement over our own old one. We recomend it.

Review Title: Not perfect! | Review by

It looks good, it woks good, but I m having problems with the door, sometimes it closes, sometimes it don't.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

This model has plenty of room. I love all the features especially the reheat setting. I got this model to replace the exact same model that quit on me. Plus it fits into the built in tray and face-plate that my last one did. The only reason I didn't give it a better rating is because the last one (same model as this one) lasted less than 5 years and I expected it to last a little longer.

Review Title: Inside domain | Review by

We love the rounded corners inside, making t much easier to clean!

Review Title: great features | Review by

I bought this product several months ago and am very saisfied .

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

As I am a senior some of these new electronic appliances are difficult to understand and operate. The instruction booklet is clear and concise. The microwave is a good addition to my kitchen.

Review Title: Like the style and features. | Review by

Bought several months ago and it works just fine. Would recommend.

Review Title: Replaced similar model | Review by

I replaced a microwave of similar model and design and it fit my cabinet without modification

Review Title: Very simple to use | Review by

I have had it for a few months now and am very pleased with it. It has so many extra features that are helpful when defrosting or cooking.

Review Title: Great features and reasonably priced | Review by

Touch pad buttons make it easy to use, radiused corners make it easy to keep clean, appealing countertop look, cooks and defrosts evenly

Review Title: NEEDS HELP | Review by


Review Title: Good features | Review by

We bought this for our office and have been pleased with it.

Review Title: Good value | Review by

We use it on our hotel for our breakfast room in the mornings and it has perform fairly well. We only had one issue with it and the GE warranty cover the labor and part to get it fixed.

Review Title: Good Overall | Review by

I like this oven. It does a good job, and I like the express cook that pressing 1 immediately gets you one minute, once I got used to it. I'm not crazy about the control panel layout. Some of the buttons, like the start button, are not easy to find. Overall, though, a good purchase.

Review Title: Great and easy to use. | Review by

Got this last summer and works great. It is so easy to use even for the kids.

Review Title: perfect | Review by

easy to install and very nice features. love the reheat button

Review Title: Easy to use heats well | Review by

So far very happy with the microwave, a little noisy.

Review Title: Micro-Wave | Review by

I brought this microwave last June 2013, Had so many problems, but GE came to fix it. It's been a couple of months that it was fixed with a replaced door, so far its good. This is a pretty good microwave so far.

Review Title: More powerful microwave! | Review by

I have had this microwave now for 2 - 3 months, and so far it has surpassed my expectations. It has so much more power than my previous one, which was 20 plus years old and also a GE. It heats food much faster and the sensor mode works well. If this one lasts anywhere near as long as the last one, then I will be totally satisfied.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

The best quality and best name brand By GE I am proud

Review Title: It is fast | Review by

I had the same microwave prior to moving. I was happy with it so purchased the same for this home.

Review Title: Microwave thoughts | Review by

heats great and express feature is nice. wish it had a didicated rice cook and butter softening funtions

Review Title: Very good quality for the price! | Review by

Really easy to use, great features, larger capacity for big dishes.

Review Title: Great Design | Review by

Enjoy the features, performance, and design of the unit.

Review Title: good microwave | Review by

Had it about 6 months. Does what we need which is usually just re-heating.

Review Title: Pile of junk | Review by

I bought this microwave several months ago and it stinks!!!

Review Title: works good as expected | Review by

owned for a few months now no problems xxxxxxxxxxxx

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

I've only owned this a short time, so not sure about the durability, but so far I like the features and the large capacity.

Review Title: does the job well | Review by

This microwave is easy to use, with a lot of handy features

Review Title: Almost Perfect! | Review by

I finally found one with all the features on my list. Took a long time because of all the microwaves with really bad reviews. Plus hard to find the 30 second button feature. Too many have the 1 minute. I use the 30 second quick button all the time. (it is a press pad not a button as I say here.) Nice & responsive too.

Review Title: Replacement | Review by

This product is a very fine looking appliance and fits in nicely with other appliances. It is easy to operate and especially easy to keep clean. Love it!

Review Title: Nice appliance | Review by

I purchased my microwave not long ago and I absolutely love it

Review Title: GREAT SIZE, VERY EASY TO USE!!!! | Review by

I bought this to go with our new kitchen, very good microwave, I love GE!!!

Review Title: fantastic microwave!!!!!! | Review by

This has been one of the best microwaves that I have used. The size of it is more than adequate, I also am just realizing just how many features it has each one I learn about makes it that much easier and better than before. Thank you so much for making a difference.

Review Title: Love this Microwave! | Review by

We all love the features on this microwave. We use the potato button and the popcorn buttons A convenient and the potatoes and popcorn always come out perfect....the size of the interior is wonderful...seems a lot of microwaves are made much smaller anymore but this one is roomy and the turn plate is huge. Again we love it and use it everyday, several times a day.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

since we bought this micro-wave a month ago it hasn't had a moments rest. our family is constantly on the goand sometimes a quick snack would do the trick and this unit does an excellent job.

Review Title: microwave | Review by

I bought my mictowsve a couple months ago - its awesome

Review Title: Great features, Accurate cooking, Worth the price, | Review by

I bought this unit to replace my other GE Microwave. It is excellent and it fit into the cabinet with the old GE frame. Perfect product.

Review Title: Gets the Job Done | Review by

Functions well Reason for only 4 stars is that it is a little noisy.

Review Title: microwave oven | Review by

works as advertised. So far, we are happy with this product.

Review Title: Perfect fit!! | Review by

I bought this appliance for my man cave and it fits and works well for what I needed.

Review Title: I love black. Great features. | Review by

My Uncle purchased one last year. While visiting him, I saw it and loved it so much I went and purchased one. It is very big (inside).

Review Title: My Favorite Brand | Review by

GE products always rock!!! I could not wait to get my hands on my new microwave. Great product.

Review Title: good product | Review by

I bought this microwave because of its size. I wanted a microwave that would accommodate large platters as I host several parties a year. My only disappointment is when I discovered it does not have a 'melt' feature. My attempts at melting were trial and error.

Review Title: Better cooking | Review by

I really like the microwave better ,stronger ,faster. Better features cooking more evenly.

Review Title: Perfect replacememt | Review by

Replaced a GE microwave. This unit has all the features we come to enjoy with our old unit. The only negative is the 'door open' button is flimsy. It is not as solid nor does it have the quality feel that the old unit had when pushing the open button.

Review Title: It is a great replacement !! | Review by

This microwave is a replacement for my old one. I have been in my home for 14 years.

Review Title: microwave | Review by

The microwave makes a lot of noise & rattles when running. It is difficult to seat the glass turntable correctly on the rotating ring. Almost like the ring is missing a piece. I like the size of the interior. Most of my dishes fit the interior

Review Title: Great overall quality and features. | Review by

When I was looking for a replacement for my old one, this one fit the bill.

Review Title: Good Value | Review by

We are using this in our break room for our employees. They have been very pleased with this.

Review Title: Fast cooking time and large capacity. | Review by

I bought this microwave oven 3 weeks ago, so I can't give an honest review yet. However, the turn-table does not turn sometimes.

Review Title: Really nice microwave | Review by

Lots of features, large interior and stylish design.

Review Title: User-friendly but maybe not so robust | Review by

We have owned two of these. We like the express cooking and Add-30-second buttons, to the point where we rarely use the old timer modes. But the first one lasted only 3 years before the magnetron gave up. Hoping that this was a one-of-a-kind failure, we bought another. It has only been a year, but so far the second is still going strong.

Review Title: Mcrowave Oven | Review by

I searched other models and makes before buying the GE microwave and am very pleased with my decision to get the GE microwave. It has the features I wanted and is easy to use.

Review Title: Solid, easy to operate | Review by

Great product.!! Easy to operate and looks great also

Review Title: Lots of features | Review by

I love my new microwave. The feature that I like the best so far is the baked potato feature. You can cook more than one and you don't even have to set the time on it. It just figures it out itself.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

Lots of great features , fairly easy to use. Reading owners manual is good idea to understand how all features work to there max.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

We bought the microwave when we moved an love it..

Review Title: Nice design | Review by

This product was bought approx. two months ago and has been used almost daily. It is easy to operate, quick cooking and easy to clean.

Review Title: Superb | Review by

This microwave is appropriate for any type of cooking--from popping corn to cooking a full meal. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Review Title: Style I needed to replace my old one. | Review by

This oven has all of the features I needed plus some.

Review Title: Good microwave | Review by

This model has everything I want in a microwave. It easy to operate, has plenty of capacity and is easy to clean.

Review Title: PERFECT MICROWAVE | Review by

This was the perfect size, perfect function, most powerful, microwave on the shelf but with an absolute low price.

Review Title: Love this microwave!!! | Review by

I bought this as a replacement for a GE microwave that stopped working... So far so good. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and heats food really fast. I love all the options.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I love the microwave itself, I would've rated a 5 star but not even having it 2 months, there is a keypad malfunction, a repairman is suppose to be here tomorrow.

Review Title: Great Microwave for a reasonable price | Review by

I have had several GE Microwaves and they have lasted years with no service. This reasonably priced microwave accommodates large items that need to be microwaved. Controls are easy to understand and use. I would recommend this product for anybody that would like a microwave that is middle range of pricing.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I bought this product several months ago and am very saisfied .

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Cooks even and does not burn food. Cooks popcorn perfect every time.

Review Title: Great machine | Review by

Good performance and easy to use. Would prefer slightly smaller size.

Review Title: great product | Review by

i am very happy with this product I use it two to three times each day

Review Title: Used frequently | Review by

I have purchased quite a few of these microwaves to use in the office I work for. Two of these microwaves are used frequently by 150 staff members weekly. They are so durable and dependable that I have stopped buying other makes/models.

Review Title: great price..great features | Review by

This is a replacement for our old, dead microwave. We chose it because it came in the size and color that fits our d�cor. So far it has been an improvement and it has been easy to learn the new features/controls.

Review Title: Did the trick! | Review by

Bought this about 2 months ago. So far so good. Definitely more power than my other microwave. We have it built in under our the flat front design. Quiet and easy to use. Only problem I've been having is the potato button...doesn't seem to cook the potatoes as well as my older one.

Review Title: Easy to use! | Review by

I bought this a few months ago and love it! Best feature compared to old microwave is that is has a solid interior. Other microwave had a removable top (for easy cleaning) but it stained and cracked easy. Was not easy to clean. The new microwave is much easier to clean, if and when it needs it.

Review Title: Large capacity! | Review by

We had our old microwave a long time so it is taking some time getting used to it but we love it!

Review Title: I am very Pleased | Review by

I am very pleased with the Quality & Performance of this Microwave

Review Title: Good microwave, control buttons are poorly located | Review by

Replaced a 12 year old microwave - much stronger and more accurate when heating with pre-programmed buttons. But the control buttons seem to be randomly placed. The Start/Pause and Clear/Off buttons should be on the bottom, and the Time Cook, Defrost and Timer buttons have no business being two levels above the numeral pad - they should be lower, above the Power Level, Add 30 Sec. and Delay buttons. In other words, the most used buttons should be placed together near the bottom of the panel, for ease of use.

Review Title: Great all the way around | Review by

I like the added features on this model, as I can Pause and then start again.

Review Title: Fast and Furious!!! | Review by

This uses less time and heat to get the food cooked. And quiet at that!!

Review Title: Really convenient appliance! | Review by

We bought this microwave to replace our old one that suddenly gave up the ghost. I think the only negative thing I have to say is that it's a bit larger than we really need, but that hasn't been a real detriment. Otherwise: I have been so pleased with features it offers--some of which I didn't know were available when I bought it: the one-button time select (e.g. press 1 for one minute, 2 for two minutes, etc.--and the microwave just starts. A nice shortcut! I also love the "Add 30 seconds" button. My third favorite thing is the fact that you can use the timer AND microwave something at the same time--that's really helpful in our household!

Review Title: works well | Review by

Only problem is: when you close the door, it doesn't always latch on to turn off inner light. I need to push the door near the middle in order for it to latch on and turn off inner light,

Review Title: Good size GE free-standing microwave oven | Review by

Bought this when we moved into our house we just bought. We had an earlier model at the other house so we thought it would be fine to get another GE as there are other ovens to choose from; always have been dependable.

Review Title: great timer feature & size | Review by

I bought the microwave a little over a month ago. I love the timer feature where you can still microwave and not loose the cooking time that is preset.The size is great I can fit even frozen meats in to defrost without the packages taking up too much space.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Looking for one similar to what we had previously. This one worked.had all features we wanted

Review Title: Everything I wanted and more! | Review by

We bought this microwave to replace and old one about a month ago. Since then it has been used in various ways. It has performed superbly and even better than expected. We love it!

Review Title: great features | Review by

I love my GE microwave. It has great features and easy to operate.

Review Title: Happy with Purchase | Review by

This microwave is quiet and has the capacity to cook a whole meal for the family. The function buttons, timer, and power level buttons are easy to use and understand. Defrosting is great. I use this microwave for warm beverages, frozen packages, meals, defrosting meat and frozen meals. The food comes out perfect.

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

We needed a new microwave because our old one took too much time to heat.

Review Title: Easy to operate and use | Review by

It was a ideal fit for our new kitchen and our needs

Review Title: Replace older model GE microwave with new one | Review by

My last GE microwave lasted 10 years and I am replacing it with this updated GE model.

Review Title: Second one bought | Review by

We owned one of these for seven years and were thrilled you still made the same one when the last one stopped working.

Review Title: great features | Review by

Happy I picked this microwave. So easy to use and keep clean.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

Bought this Microwave to replace old one that was at least 10 years old and stopped working. Love the auto cook mode and popcorn feature. Easy to keep clean and energy efficient.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I was given this microwave for Mother's Day by my son and his wife and their little boy. My old one had quit working and I was so happy to get it.

Review Title: Features my old one didn't have | Review by

Bought it a couple of months ago and still learning. Faster than my old one so I have had to adjust my cook times.

Review Title: Great! | Review by

It's taken awhile to get used to the operation of this microwave, but now that we have, we love it!

Review Title: Large capacity cooking | Review by

I bought this microwave a few weeks ago. It has great features however the glass table turns sporadically. The glass turntable does not fit the properly on the turntable support. I now use an old glass turntable from a previous GE microwave that fits perfectly.

Review Title: great features | Review by

We bought this and very happy we did. we use it every day

Review Title: Just what we needed. | Review by

Our other microwave that we had for less than 4 years, just decidewd to quit working. I went online to see what was available and when I ckecked Lowes, I found the one we wanted.However, that one was out of stock and we found this one. I am very glad that the other one was out of stock. My wife and I are extremely happy with this microwave.

Review Title: This microwave is awesome. | Review by

It is so nice to be able to operate this microwave without all the complications.

Review Title: Great Microwave! | Review by

I love the easy of using this microwave and enjoyall of it's features..

Review Title: extra large capacity | Review by

This is my second GE microwave. It has many features that are wonderful, but it hums when it is running for more that 5minutes.

Review Title: great product | Review by

Item works wonderfully. I love my new microwave oven.

Review Title: Super buy! | Review by

Great price, excellent features and sleek looking....this microwave is a great choice and highly recommended. I have had it for several months now and am completely satisfied with this purchase.

Review Title: love the color and the way it looks | Review by

I could not find an all "black" microwave. Can't stand chrome on refrigerators or anything. Finally found my microwave I really wanted.

Review Title: Basic Review | Review by

I replace and similar unit that wore out after 10 years

Review Title: great overall workability | Review by

bought several months ago and features are great and price was reasonable

Review Title: Nice features and color. | Review by

I love the turntable when I warm up my food and its cooked evenly. Very easy to clean.

Review Title: A solid microwave | Review by

I bought this last month. It is a large microwave. You can fit a turkey in it, but it takes up a lot of counter space. It is bigger than I need, but this gives me flexibility. The reheat /defrost functions gets the most use from me and they work well.

Review Title: GE microwave | Review by

GE microwave was price just right and is easy to use.

Review Title: Flimsy | Review by

This is the second GE microwave I have had to purchase in 4 years. I hope this one lasts longer than the first one. The door seams flimsy when opening and closing it. Sometimes door does not close all the way. If it wasn't for the specific size I need, I would not buy another GE.

Review Title: Excellence in Home Appliances | Review by

This microwave is the gold standard, worth every penny. We hope it lasts as long as all our other GE products have!

Review Title: Easy to Use | Review by

Easy to use and clean because of the round walls instead of a corner.

Review Title: lots of options for cooking | Review by

had it for approx 6 months now and couldn't be more pleased

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I have had this product for 5 months and I am very satisfied with its performance

Review Title: PERFECT MICROWAVE | Review by

This was the perfect size, perfect function, most powerful, microwave on the shelf but with an absolute low price.

Review Title: More features than we'll probably use... | Review by

So far, we love it... Needed a cut-out or Trim Kit for it and a cook book would have been nice...

Review Title: This is my second GE microwave. Loved the first. | Review by

My first GE microwave, same model, gave great service for 14 years of everyday, every meal use. When it finally gave out, I replaced it with another. Why mess with success?

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I got this about 2 or 3 months back. Fits perfectly on my cabinet that I have!

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

We have had it a few months, but works great. A lot to learn still.

Review Title: Good value for the money. | Review by

Needed a replaement built-in microwave. Previously GE lasted 17 years! So wanted to get another one.

Review Title: Large capacity for the Money | Review by

The features are easy to use, nice look, and can warm a large capacity in a short time. You will need counter space for this micro, it is large, but great for the price. Nice even cooking and can place a whole chicken in it comfortably.

Review Title: perfect | Review by

easy to install and very nice features. love the reheat button

Review Title: Feature Rich | Review by

We are pleased. Worked out of the box. Tested heating bowl of water. Heated water to hot in a minute using the Reheat feature. Easy to understand controls. Spacious.

Review Title: Great | Review by

Very Happy with the puchase and all of the features and the price, works super!

Review Title: good value for size and power | Review by

This oven has performed great, heats and cooks fast. good value for the size and power. Would be better if it had a Illuminated display.

Review Title: Happy with my GE microwave oven | Review by

Excellent oven. I especially like the mutable/adjustable beeper volume, the main reason for purchasing.

Review Title: EASY TO USE | Review by

Replace my 2007 GE profiler which gave me no problem .

Review Title: Has the Features I Need | Review by

This is a more powerful unit that has the features that I need. I is easy to select the function you want. The price was reasonable too.

Review Title: Does the job | Review by

No issues with the microwave. Performs as advertised. Good size, decent look. I like the "reminder" bell that will go off if you don't open the door after something is done; good for not leaving vegetables in the microwave all thru dinner!

Review Title: Good | Review by

We purchased this microwave for our company kitchen.

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES | Review by

Example: I bought this a month ago and am so happy that I did...THIS IS OUR 2ND GE MICROWAVE---SAME EXACT ONE! ONLY WISH IT HAD A "HOLD WARM "FEATURE

Review Title: Enjoying my microwave. | Review by

I really like the size of this microwave. It's large enough to accommodate my families needs but small enough to fit under my cabinets. And it's easy to clean. I'm very pleased with it.

Review Title: Happy with purchase. | Review by

I bought this to replace a more expensive one that broke. Works just great. Only issue was a small piece of rough plastic on the inside of the door--I had to file it off. Not sure why it wasn't noticed before the product was boxed.

Review Title: Fast and easy | Review by

Powerful quick heating. Useful controls. Easy to read LED. Large turntable.

Review Title: Just Right! | Review by

Right size, right color and good quality! Would buy again!

Review Title: great product | Review by

i am very happy with this product I use it two to three times each day

Review Title: Awesome Reheat Feature | Review by

This product has great design with curved interior. Reheat feature is awesome. Large enough to cook whatever. This is definitely way superior to my old glorified popcorn popper.

Review Title: It could have been able to use all of the 1-0 #'s. | Review by

It would have been better ,to be able to use all of the key pad numbers,(1-0) to set the minutes for time of cooking!

Review Title: GE Microwave | Review by

The quick timer is fantastic. Great for quick reheats. Easy to clean; Just swipe the exterior black finish with a mild cleaner and wipe to a like new shine.

Review Title: Nice and big! Just what I wanted. | Review by

Great microwave with lots of great features. My previous GE microwave lasted 31 years, yes 31 years. Why would I buy something else?

Review Title: Awesome Oven | Review by

Purchased this at Lowes and it works Fabulous. Has more features than I will ever use, but just in case I need them...They are there

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

Very nice product, I would recommend it to anyone.

Review Title: Excellent Product at a Great Price | Review by

I purchased this item to replace a similar Microwave I had that gave up the ghost after eighteen years service. This item has all of the features of the one replaced and -works without requiring any re-training to accomplish the same tasks - something many items cannot offer nowadays. My old Microwave cost over 5 times as much when I bought it and the new one has the same features that it had, no more and no less.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

I am very pleased so far and hope it lasts a long time!

Review Title: Extra capacity is wonderful | Review by

I've had this dryer for about a month and am extremely satisfied so far. It is clean quiet and efficient.

Review Title: Performs as expected | Review by

This new GE microwave replaced a 35 YO Litton unit that was shot. The new unit so far operates flawlessly and is easy to use.

Review Title: Excellent Unit | Review by

I bought this microwave 2 months ago. It cooks much faster than my old, smaller 1100 watt.

Review Title: great overall workability | Review by

bought several months ago and features are great and price was reasonable

Review Title: GE MICROWAVE | Review by

I received this microwave as a gift for Christmas...I love it!! Fast, powerful, looks great and as all GE products, I am sure it will be dependable and work for a long long time!!

Review Title: great price | Review by

I needed a new microwave, i knowed ge was a good product. I have bought ge products before

Review Title: Big with lots of buttons to make it easy for whate | Review by

Easy to use and big inside so you can cook about anything

Review Title: NEW NUKE MACHINE | Review by

Just purchased this microwave two days ago and already am thrilled with how it functions. It has great features, is quiet, fast, and covers lots of types of foods. Its size is perfect and does not interfere with other appliances or furniture in the kitchen area.

Review Title: Great features. No operational problems. | Review by

I have had no problems with my microwave oven. It is easy to use and performs very well.

Review Title: My second one | Review by

My GE microwave broke down after a wonderful 8 years of heavy service. It may have been my fault as I did some excessive boiling to sterilize my sponges and to help remove an oily film from some plastic storage containers that was not removed by Dawn.

Review Title: Very Powerful. Love Express buttons | Review by

Looked at 15 microwaves before choosing. This one had all the features, right price and fit in the area I had. Works great and would buy again

Review Title: Great microwave!! | Review by

Totally enjoying this microwave. Great features. Particularly like the timer feature and "add 30 seconds".

Review Title: Big not brash!! Quiet and powerful!! | Review by

Our 1989 GE microwave just warmed its' last cup of joe!! So my wife and I went out 'wave hunting. To fit the size requirements, counter and cooking, the JES2051DN2BB fit the bill. And the price made the decision even easier. The 2.0 cu feet is huge, but it really didn't take up any more counter space then the old one. And quiet!! Our cat snores louder then it runs!! Hot coffee in 20 seconds; a reheated dinner in under 2 minutes, yes I would say it is powerful. The only question we have is, will this one last 25 years of hard labor?!

Review Title: Love the size and all the special features | Review by

I had this about 2 weeks love all the extra features from defrost to reheating

Review Title: Excellent all around | Review by

Good upgrade from my old 1.2 cu ft. Cooks faster, has good feature options.

Review Title: Great fixtures | Review by

Works good. Like the special features on unit. Better unit than old one.

Review Title: Short life span | Review by

Bought this unit in July 2012. It was Mfg in Apr 2012. It failed in Nov 2013. Only 2 of us in the house so its not like we abused it. Just stopped heating this morning. Know its lower end but it is a GE product. A brand I trust. RJ

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I love this, easy to use and good choices of how to use different cooking options

Review Title: Wonderful Microwave | Review by

We just purchased this for our office use. It heats/cooks quickly and is easy to use. We purchased this at Lowes and it was at a good value. I would recommend this microwave to anyone looking for a larger oven and wants food heated and cooked quickly.

Review Title: Does the job. | Review by

Works great. Simple functions, quieter than my last microwave and easy to clean.

Review Title: Everything we needed | Review by

This microwave fit every requirement we had. It was the right size, right power, and has all the right buttons in an easy-to-follow arrangement. We recommend it highly.

Review Title: Best Ever | Review by

I can't imagine a microwave doing a better job than this. It is everything I could want and more. I appreciate the extra capacity as well.

Review Title: We're happy | Review by

We've been using this for about 6 months, since our prior large GE microwave died. After about 5 years, that one suffered corrosion where the turntable meets the interior surface. It was not fixable. The new one is not yet that old, so we can;t tell if the problem will recur. In the meantime, it works well. The automatic cooking buttons time well, the exception being that the "potato" stops about a minute too soon. The cavity is very large, which is why we bought this model. Despite this, even large items cook evenly. Our one minor gripe is that the 30 s button only adds 30 s once; with our prior GE unit, we could push it, e.g., four times and add 2 min to the cooking time. All-in-all, we're happy with this.

Review Title: JUNK!!! DO NOT BUY!!! | Review by

Had great features and loads of space, but QUIT WORKING after only 2 years! WILL NOT HEAT!!!! Ge let me down!!!

Review Title: Works perfect | Review by

Cooks fast and has all the functions I was looking for

Review Title: Great value and features for the price. | Review by

This microwave has all the features, cooks about 20% faster and was 20% less expensive than the 2006 GE microwave that we replaced. It's just a shame that the first one burned out after only 6 years.

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

I like everything about this new microwave. I am replacing a 15-year-old microwave, and I could not have picked a better replacement. I had been looking for several months for exactly what I wanted, and I finally found this microwave. Success!

Review Title: Great Features and decent price | Review by

I 'm replacing a previous GE Microwave which after 6 years of moderate use decided to go into retirement. This new one is very similar to the one I had and I hope will last as long.

Review Title: Product works excellent | Review by

I am very impressed with the ease of operation and how fast and evenly throughout the foods cook without "cold spots." The product is highly efficient when cooking various food types.

Review Title: loud | Review by

it runs loud and the "done" beeps are so loud and repetivtively annoying!

Review Title: Excellent Microwave | Review by

I am replacing an old (8) year old that decided to leave us in a loud POP. This old microwave was a great one.

Review Title: Cool Microwave | Review by

This microwave is really nice. What I like best is how quite and smart the microwave is. Very happy so far with this product.

Review Title: this microwave is great | Review by

i love it!!!!!!!!it is a very good one today.

Review Title: Overall a great purchase | Review by

Pros: 1. The area inside the oven is fantastic! I can defrost and cook large sized casseroles. 2. One touch "start" for 1-5 minute cook times is very convenient. 3. Love the reheat feature. It's spot on!

Review Title: Outstanding Product, Appearance complements the Kitchen | Review by

All of kitchen appliances are GE Profile,(stove, refrigerator, trash compactor, dishwasher). We had a no name brand that stopped working. Decided to go back to having an all GE kitchen. It has made a more complete, and functional kitchen. The microwave it's self is simple but handles all of our microwave needs. It is much more superior to the off brand that we had.

Review Title: Best Microwave | Review by

I lovehow big this is and can fit dinner plates or pounds of meat. The defront feature is excellent as well as the specific features to it as all cook the food perfect.

Review Title: GE Microwave | Review by

This microwave has more features than I will ever know how to use. I am learning new things every day. I would highly recomend this product to all my friends. You have out done yourself GE. You have a great product.

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