GE JB640DRWW 30" White Electric Smoothtop Range (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE GE-JB640DRWW Ranges

Appliances GE GE-JB640DRWW RangesAppliances GE GE-JB640DRWW RangesAppliances GE GE-JB640DRWW Ranges
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  • Appliances GE GE-JB640DRWW Ranges
  • Appliances GE GE-JB640DRWW Ranges
  • Appliances GE GE-JB640DRWW Ranges

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Customer reviews for Goedeker's excellent service

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  • Self-clean Oven
  • Conveniently cleans the oven cavity without the need for scrubbing.
  • Super-large 5.3 cu. ft. Oven Capacity
  • Provides a large 5.3 cu. ft. oven interior to cook more dishes and larger meals.
  • 9"/12" Dual Element
  • Two heating elements in one allows you to choose either a 9" or 12" element for your cookware.
  • TrueTemp Oven System
  • Ensures the temperature you set is the temperature you get, with less variance, to give you the baking and broiling performance you need.
  • QuickSet IV Oven Controls
  • Easy to use design allows you to set precise cooking temperatures.
  • Ceramic-glass Cooktop
  • A smooth cooktop surface makes cleaning quick and easy
  • Hidden Bake Element
  • A hidden bake element makes it easier to clean the interior of the oven.
  • Big Hearth Window
  • Elegantly shaped window makes it easy to monitor the progress of food.


Overall Height: 46 7/8"
Overall Width: 29 7/8"
Overall Depth: 27 3/4"
Interior Height: 19 1/4"
Interior Width: 24 1/8"
Interior Depth: 19 1/2"
Depth with Door Open: 47 5/8"
Depth Without Handle: 25 3/8"
Weight: 166 lbs.
Fuel Type: Electric
Cooktop Features
Melt/Simmer Setting: Yes
Heating Element "ON" Indicator Light:
Left Front Element Size: 8"
Left Front Element Wattage: 2000
Right Front Element Size: 9"/12"
Right Front Element Wattage: 3000
Left Rear Element Size: 6
Left Rear Element Wattage: 1500
Right Rear Element Size: 6
Right Rear Element Wattage: 1500
Oven Features
Cooking System: Basic
Total Capacity: 5.3 cu. ft.
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Cleaning System: Self-clean
Interior Oven Light: Yes
Oven Racks: 2
Rack Positions: 6
Drawer Type: Storage Drawer
Broiler Element Wattage @240v: 3410
Bake Element Wattage: 2585
Parts Warranty: Limited 1-year entire appliance
Labor Warranty: Limited 1-year entire appliance
Warranty Notes: See written warranty for full details.

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Review Title: I love this stove! | Review by

Overall Rating
I chose GE because Consumer Reports gives it a high rating. It has performed up to expectations. The burners warm up quickly. The broiler has two settings: LO or HI. The bottom of the oven is smooth, so it is easy to wipe up. I like the sizes of the burners on this model. Two are 6", one is 8" and the dual one is 9"/10". This makes it easy to fit all my pans properly.

Review Title: Beautiful range and everything I was looking for. | Review by

Overall Rating
Walked into Lowe's and went straight to this range, did not need to look any further, was what I was looking for and everything I needed plus. Great stove and would recommend this range to anyone.

Review Title: Great Stove/Oven | Review by

Overall Rating
I had bought one close to this style for my last home and had to have one for my new home. This time, the coil in the oven is covered and the oven is large with a bigger window. The reason I didn't give it the highest rating is that I thought that with the hidden coil, it would have the steam clean feature, but it doesn't seem to have.

Review Title: Not what i would expect | Review by

Overall Rating
The glass on the inside of the oven door is covered with baked on grease or something from use the self clean cycle. you can not clean it with soapy water and a scrub pad. So now you can't see in the oven through the glass on the door.

Review Title: Love the hidden element, and expandable burner. | Review by

Overall Rating
This particular range is the perfect mid-range, glass Top range. Just the right amount of extras.

Review Title: Basic Unit that does everything that I need it to do | Review by

Overall Rating
Good unit for the money. delivery was prompt, appearance good, good value for the money

Review Title: Worst stove I ever had. | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this last December and had trouble with it from the beginning. A repairman has been here three to four times.

Review Title: Oven control panel broke 2 times | Review by

Overall Rating
Bought this model stove little over a year ago. Biggest piece of junk I ever saw. Stove control panel broke twice. Junk Junk Junk.

Review Title: This is an excellent product. Takes getting used to using it. | Review by

Overall Rating
Takes about 10 minutes or more for oven to heat up. Slower than my old electric but cooks nice. Like the smooth cook-top. Easy to keep clean.

Review Title: Mostly good... | Review by

Overall Rating
The cook top & oven work really well. The problems we found were there wasn't an automatic oven light when you open the oven have to press a button on the control panel...and be sure to turn it off when you close the oven door. Also, the preheat signal 'beep' and timer 'beeps' are VERY quiet. Our house isn't huge, but it's hard to hear both of those signals from another room. It would also be helpful when the oven is preheating if it would tell you what temperature the oven is at...instead it just says "Pre"

Review Title: I really love this! | Review by

Overall Rating
I've always had gas stoves so it took a bit of time to get used to this, but I love it! The preheating feature is a great tool in making sure your food isn't under or over cooked. It lets you know when the oven has heated to your set temperature and takes the guess work out of it. I also like the varied burner sizes; there is one that will fit an enormous pot, but you can set it for a smaller pot as well.

Review Title: Stove | Review by

Overall Rating
Love it, my first smooth top. It cooked really fast and evenly! Would recommend

Review Title: Nice product! | Review by

Overall Rating
Purchased this product a couple weeks ago and am very happy with my choice. Love the dual element that is the same size as my large pot. The ovens temperature systems seems to be right on. I will purchase another GE product when I need my next appliance.

Review Title: Good product for the price | Review by

Overall Rating
This product was delivered yesterday. Since I have had GE ranges before I don't expect to have any problems with this one. The only compalint I have is that the white finish around the top of the cooktop could have been finished off better. There's a small bit of black showing. I would touch it up with porcelain paint but I'm afraid I might make a mess of it.

Review Title: Cheaply made and frustrating to use | Review by

Overall Rating
I "LOVED" my 18 yr old GE coil electric stove. Oven wall was separating - only reason I replaced it. This oven takes 10+ minutes to heat to 350. Cooking surface takes awhile to heat & when set to med. turns off & on to maintain med preset temp. Takes a long time to boil water unlesss turned on high. No light when oven door is opened - has to be turned on manually. If using the extra lg. burner, can't use burner behind it unless using very small pan. Red light on stove backsplash indicates a burner is on but not which burner, same for burner cool down. Used the self clean once for 3 hrs. stove did not need deep cleaning, but 3 hrs wasn't enough. I had this stove for 3 months and returned it for another mfgr.

Review Title: excellent product | Review by

Overall Rating
I like using this range. I like the smooth top. It is easy to keep clean. I really enjoy the large oven. I replaced a 24 inch with a 30 inch.

Review Title: Like the smooth top; very unhappy with oven | Review by

Overall Rating
On the positive side: I really like the smooth top on this oven. I have had other smooth tops that were very difficult to keep looking new. I am impressed with how easy this model is to keep clean. On the negative side, I am extremely disappointed with the oven. I baked cookies for the first time and on the same cookie sheet, some were almost burnt and others were still raw. I staggered 2 sheets as recommended but this did not help. Those cookies at the outer edges of the oven burned before the center ones were done. I have to use a small cookie sheet and only bake one sheet using the middle rack making sure it is in the middle of the oven so they cook uniformly. Takes me twice as long to make cookies as my previous ovens where I could use two cookie sheets on two racks with good results. Very disappointing. I am sorry I purchased this range. I would not recommend this model to those who like to bake.

Review Title: FANTASTIC QUALITY | Review by

Overall Rating

Review Title: Why has oven design gotten worse in the past fifteen years? | Review by

Overall Rating
We bought a JB640DRWW to replace our 15-year-old GE JBP75, a very similar model which we were very happy with. Based on online reviews, we opted for this model, but now that it's here, we've come across some design flaws that weren't evident online.

Review Title: quick to temperature and very accurate | Review by

Overall Rating
I can't believe how quickly this cooks for me. I like the many settings for the control of temperature. Easy to clean.

Review Title: This product is a great value | Review by

Overall Rating
I have enjoyed using this range. It has variable size burners with melt feature on each burner. It has two different timers, a cook timer and a kitchen timer. It has an enclosed burner in the oven which is also self cleaning, The smooth cook top is not solid black but speckled which is more attractive.

Review Title: This stove has wonderful features | Review by

Overall Rating
I have had many stoves over the years as well as quite a number of GE appliances and I had actually made the statement that I'd never get another GE appliance. But this range came so highly recommended by family and friends so I purchased it. I can truthfully say this stove has so many great features that help with the care as well as savings on my electric bill. I love the ease of cleaning the smoothtop and the oven you just slide the lock and it takes over. Another nice feature is that you can set the timer to bake while you are gone and when you get back it is done. I just can't express how happy I am that I purchased this stove and would gladly recommend it to others. One other plus is that it is made in the U.S..

Review Title: Great buy for the money | Review by

Overall Rating
Like the hidden bottom coil and the adjustable size large burner.

Review Title: Good affordable range | Review by

Overall Rating
Working great so far. Easy installation. Easy controls and features. Excellant price.

Review Title: Love It | Review by

Overall Rating
I just bought this and I love it so far. Is a very nice unit for the price which is very reasonable.

Review Title: good basic range | Review by

Overall Rating
This is a good quality range without any bells and whistles. That is exactly what we were looking for and so are very pleased. Timer end signal is not very loud, that is the only negative. Heats quickly, temperature is very accurate.

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