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GE GTWP1800DWW 3.7 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer (View all from GE)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

Appliances GE-GTWP1800DWW Laundry

Appliances GE-GTWP1800DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWP1800DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWP1800DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWP1800DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWP1800DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWP1800DWW Laundry
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  • Appliances GE-GTWP1800DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWP1800DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWP1800DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWP1800DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWP1800DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWP1800DWW Laundry

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  • Dual-Action Agitator
  • Provides gentle, dual-wash action.
  • ExtrAction Ribbed Basket
  • Removes more moisture than smooth baskets.
  • Rotary Electromechanical Controls
  • Makes it simple to set cycles.
  • 12 Wash Cycles
  • Handles various fabrics and soils.
  • 4 Water Levels
  • Select water level based on load size.
  • Bleach and Fabric Softener Dispensers
  • Automatically operate with wash cycle.
  • 630-RPM Spin Speed
  • Fast spin speeds remove water efficiently and minimize dry times.


Total Capacity: 3.7 Cu. Ft.
Washer Cycles: Quick Wash
Washer Options/Settings: Fabric Softener/Clean Rinse
Dispenser: Bleach; Fabric Softener
Wash Mechanism: Agitator
Agitator Type: Dual-Action Agitator
Control Type: Rotary Electromechanical
Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 3
Wash/Spin Speed Combinations: 2-Pulsed
Water Levels: 4
Whites Cycle: Heavy/Medium/Light/Extra Light Soil; Rinse and Spin; Drain and Spin
Colors Cycle: Heavy, Medium and Light Soil; Rinse/Rinse and Spin; Drain and Spin
Number Of Cycles: 12
Permanent Press Cycle: Heavy/Medium/Light Soil; Rinse/Rinse and Spin; Drain and Spin
Style: Top-Loading
Wash Basket Type: ExtrAction Basket
Color Lid Instructions: Yes
Front Serviceable: Yes
Galvanized Steel Cabinet: Yes
Rinse System: WaterSaver Rinse
Maximum Spin Speed: 630 RPM
Quiet Package: Quiet-By-Design
Power / Ratings
Motor Speeds: 1 Speed
Volts/Hertz: 120V; 60Hz
Claims and Certifications
America At Work: Product Assembled In The U.S.: Yes
Labor Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Parts Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty For Full Details
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 27"
Overall Depth: 25 1/2"
Overall Height: 42"
Height Needed For Lid To Raise 90°: 51"
Net Weight: 145 Lbs.
Approx. Shipping Weight: 155 Lbs.

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Review Title: Started off Good... | Review by

Have now had this washer for 5 months and it started with a slight weird noise that just sounded like machine after it had a few loads. Then lately a sound thats unbearable during the final spin cycle. Took the front cover off cause it literally sounded like a piece of medal bouncing and I couldn't take the time off of work to be home for repair work.

Review Title: Easy to use! | Review by

Bought this last year and love fact that the lid doesn't lock. It is a much simpler and easier to use washer like I learned on but yet does a great job.

Review Title: I love the fact that is quiet compared to my old | Review by

I enjoy knowing my clothes are actually getting cleaned.

Review Title: good features | Review by

my old washer broke down was able to purchase this one a month ago at good price.

Review Title: Question on agitator | Review by

I purchased this product two days ago, noticing the agitation on all cycle options (colors, whites, and perma press) is very, very slow as compared to the machine it replaced and all others we have operated. Is this unusual?

Review Title: LOVE THIS WAHER | Review by


Review Title: Not happy | Review by

Bought to replace a GE model that worked great for many years, this model and maybe other GE washing machines is not nearly as good. Our laundry room is in the basement but the waste pipe is in the ceiling. The discharge pump on this model would not pump the water the seven feet to the sewer line. We had to hire a plumber to relocate the machine to where we had a slop-sink with a stronger pump. Also, there is no thermostat to regulate the water temp. The computer provides an alternating amount of hot water and cold water based on time. Warm water is not consistently the same temperature and often is nearly as cold as the cold setting. Plus because the input is based on time, the level is not consistently the same. Very poorly designed.

Review Title: This machine breaks a lot! | Review by

This washing machine is a piece of junk! I bought it new from my local Home Depot in June 2012 (2-1/2 years ago) for $499 plus sales tax = $528.94. In March 2014 (not quite 2 years old) I had to spend $371 to have the central axle assembly replaced because it was worn out! This is a major component, and I would hope that something like that would last longer than 2 years! Then this week (Jan. 2015) I had to spend another $219 to replace two of the dampers for the tub because the machine was shaking itself to death and creating a lot of noise, more than usual (It is a noisy machine). So overall, I have spent $590 in repairs for a $500 machine in 2-1/2 years. Don't buy one of these wahsers, seriously, you'll regret it.

Review Title: GE Products are still the best. | Review by

I just purchased my new GE Top Loading Washer, I love how quiet it is, compared to my older GE washer. It doesn't use as much water as the older one did and it seems to was better and faster. Thank you GE for continuing to improve on your products

Review Title: My Review | Review by

Never had a gas dryer, was not sure I wanted one. It was my husband's suggestion, as he pays the bills. Dryer works great, now waiting to for gas bill, will let you know later if it is worth it.

Review Title: Great features!! | Review by

I bought this about a month a go and we love this washer. Very quiet. Does a great job cleaning our clothes. Great price .. now I can go shopping for some new clothes with the money that I saved thanks to GE!

Review Title: good buy | Review by

I have had this washer for a year now still gets my items clean but it a little noisy at times but over all it's a good machine

Review Title: Love it!! | Review by

Really nice machine clean quiet and fast I'm change my amana machine for this one and is the best thing I never did Always trust GE appliances

Review Title: Love this washer | Review by

We just built a new house and I purchased this washer because I did not want a front loading washer. I am very pleased with how it cleans my clothes and it is very quiet.

Review Title: great washer | Review by

Have had for 6 weeks and love it.Very quiet.Large tub, I washed a large rug with no problems, my old washer would get off balance every time. No problems of any kind.

Review Title: Great basic Washer | Review by

This washer is the quietest machine I have ever owned, Does excellent job. Power rinse option gives best results. Exceeded my expectations. A true bargain.

Review Title: This product is the best. | Review by

This washer is very quiet, gets the clothes clean.

Review Title: The washer does not adequately rinse laundry | Review by

I purchased this machine because I thought it would be a traditional washer; one that filled rinse water to the same level as the wash water. It does not. To adequately rinse my clothing, I either try to "catch" the machine after the wash cycle, dial back to wash and fill with cold water to rinse, and then advance to rinse and spin. Otherwise, I just do a full wash cycle and then do another complete cycle using cold water to rinse my clothing. Very disappointing.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Bought this washer as a replacement. I love it . The washer is so quiet. It is also fast the loads are done before I know it.

Review Title: I HATE this washer | Review by

This seemed like a reasonable priced washer, and I really didn't have much feeling for whatever washer I ended up with. A washer is not an exciting appliance or one to bond with! It rips holes in sheets and tears up tge sides of towels. the clothes are all bunched up and deeply wrinkled after tge wash. The wrinkle do not cone out in the dryer, so even t shirts really need an iron touch up to make them look good. Thats not on MY agenda. I can't wait to get rid of it.

Review Title: whilst it worked it washed well | Review by

I had this machine 18 months and the centre agitator snapped. Machine completly useless as would not agitate so could not wash clothes. I had said in the 2 months before this happened that machine was tearing holes in sheets but no one was able to say why. Now this is broke right at the bottom can see its frayed this must of been what was causing the sheets to rip. The machine is the cheapest option but still think it should last more then 18 months. It was also in rental home so had a few weeks of no use. Hence my rating of 3 for the durability. When machine was working it did wash well but the amount of bedding lost due to tearing and then machine breaking down really outweighs the positives on this model.

Review Title: So Far, So Good | Review by

I have had this washer for only one week and have used it twice. It is quiet and the wash cycles are a reasonable length of time. I read many reviews when researching a new washer since my old one was 27 years old and still running, although not well. So I really didn't know what to expect in the new versions. I finally had to take a chance and the price was right so I now hope that, although I don't expect to get 27 years of service from this new one, I do hope to have several years of trouble-free washing. Time will tell.

Review Title: Great machine | Review by

machine works like a charm, not noisy and great job on clothes

Review Title: Pricewise, it was the best value plus easy to use. | Review by

It is very quiet and does a good job. It sure brightens up my washroom. Every day I learn something new about my wash machine . By being legally blind my husband has put tape on the dials, that way I know where to start it...The machine does the rest...

Review Title: Terrible! | Review by

This washer has been a problem from the start. We have had it serviced twice and done everything to keep it perfectly level, but nothing works. When it gets to the rinse and spin cycle it shakes everything around and sounds awful. I rebalance the clothing every time and it makes no difference. My advice is do not buy this washer!

Review Title: All the features I wanted. | Review by

This washer was exactly what I wanted, no electronics to wory about. Does an outstanding job of getting my clothes clean, and has all the options you could want.

Review Title: very disappointed | Review by

We bought this washer 2 yrs ago and it has never worked very well. Two weeks after we bought it we had to get a new pump because it was not draining or spinning out the clothes very good-they were too wet to put in drier. Then is was off balance all the time no matter how we tried to arrange clothes. Recently it started to malfunction and it did not agitate sometimes. It would work periodically. We have had repair people out 9-10 times. We have finally given up on it.

Review Title: Won't get out simple stains | Review by

We've had this washer about 6 months now and my whites are no longer white, white. I've also noticed that if I don't pretreat even the simplest stain, the wash alone will not take it out. Just not a good washer at all!

Review Title: Pleased | Review by

This is a very quiet running washer. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Review Title: well worth the money | Review by

It is a lot quiter then I though it woulb be. The clothes were very dry when they came out of the spin cycle, so spent less time in the dryer. the price was great got it at a scratch & dent sale for 360.

Review Title: G E Washer | Review by

I bought this a year ago 8/5/13. Warranty was for one year. 8/6/14 one day after warranty expired it has begun to knock and bang whenever it spins out. First year it wasn't bad not a lot of hope for this year.

Review Title: Awesome product | Review by

I bought both the washer and dryer. I love both of them and have had no problem with either.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I had this for a few months and love it. So happy with my new washer.

Review Title: Don't bother | Review by

This is the loudest washer ever! When it goes into it's spin cycle, it is like you are at the airport listening to the planes land. I have had this since October and have never washed a load of clothes where the spin cycle didn't sound like the washer was off balance.

Review Title: So simple, no hassle washer | Review by

I had another washer that had a locking mechanism to the lid. It broke after two years and would always stop for some load adjustment. It was so annoying. This washer is great. I can add a stray piece of clothing that missed the basket and didn't make it in the load or I can run water and then add my detergent so it mixes nicely. So far it has been a great machine and a real work horse on laundry day.

Review Title: Clean clothes | Review by

Works well and quietly. Clothes always come out clean, well cared for, spun fairly dry, and go right into the matching dryer. It's been a great bargain for me!

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

I work (and live) on a poultry farm. Needless to say, my clothes get really dirty every day. Our previous washer frequently required extra wash/rinse cycles to get my clothes clean.

Review Title: Good Deal | Review by

I bought this 2 months ago and I am loving the extra capacity. My only complaint is the noise. The spin cycle is a little loud. But I couldn't resist the price!

Review Title: does not aggiate strongly | Review by

overall has a big tub very quite good price value and name brand

Review Title: About Average | Review by

Very Noisy Machine. Seems to work ok but the noise is unbearable. Got to keep the laundry door closed at al times. Does seem to wash ok.

Review Title: Always Use the Power Rinse Cycle | Review by

Earlier this month I wrote a review of this machine with my complaint that it did not adequately rinse my laundry. Since then I have found the answer to this problem. Set the machine on "Power Rinse" regardless of whether or not you will be using fabric softener. In doing this, a spin is added after the wash cycle, and the tub fills with the same amount of water that was used for the wash cycle for the rinse and spin. I'm very relieved to have discovered this and only wish this information had been printed in the manual. Probably it was not because this cycle takes more water and energy, but at least my laundry is rinsed!

Review Title: Great Washer- Effecient | Review by

Ive only had my washer a few days but its so nice to have the water level fill up with the proper amount of water per cycle size on its own. If also has a nice size drum. Very simple and efficient machine.

Review Title: The smoothest and quietest clothes washer ever!!!! | Review by

I have owned this washer for about a year. It has been the best machine I have ever owned. Too bad I can only rate five stars, it deserves more.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

This washer works great washes clothes quickly and gets them clean and it's also quite.

Review Title: This product is very good | Review by

This product is quiet and washes well. It's very easy to use.

Review Title: Quality product | Review by

This machine has the quality I expect from GE products. Works great. Large capacity. Several washing options to choose from

Review Title: Must use Power Rinse option | Review by

Con: Must use the power rinse option which makes it work the way washers are supposed to work. If you fail to do this soap will remain in your clothes.

Review Title: Like the washer but not the cycle options | Review by

I ordered this washer online and was looking for something with good reviews at a decent price and with a fabric softener dispenser. I was shocked when i received it that the wash options were whites, colors and permanent press. Maybe I am crazy but those seems like very strange cycle choices. I would much rather have had a delicate option instead. Other than that I am happy with the washer. It is pretty quiet and my clothes are clean.

Review Title: Lousy equipment | Review by

I bought this washer at my local Home Depot for $499 on 9 June 2012, and it was delivered 3 days later. It was always a little noisy machine, but it worked well. Then in late February 2014, 8 months after the standard warranty ran out, the machine started getting really noisy on the spin cycle. I called a repairman who diagnosed the problem to a worn seal at the bottom of the tub on the main shaft, which allowed water to leak onto the lower bearing just beneath. I had to order a whole new shaft assembly with seal and bearing, which cost me $371 installed. That's a disaster--but cheaper than buying a whole new washer. I do not recommend this product. A seal and bearing should last much longer than what mine did.

Review Title: The thing that most impresses me is that it is so quiet | Review by

We are very satisfied with the washer, you can not actually hear it running. The overall appearence of the machine just setting there tells you something. Me being a machine builder for a livng am extremely impressed with the speed and quietness of the spin cycle. Whatever GE has done over the years with product engineering and quality sure does say something for the name GE.

Review Title: Good washer, use Power Rinse | Review by

Washer works okay, but if you don't use Power Rinse, the rinse cycle is starved for water. Consequently, the machine makes noise and jerks around. I expect better from GE.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

My family had a 17 year old washer, and it was time to get a new one. I'm glad we bought this washer. The only thing I don't like about it is that the spin cycle is REALLY loud.

Review Title: DEPENDABLE PAIR | Review by


Review Title: very quiet and efficient | Review by

My old washer stopped pumping out the water and after a month of doing laundry by hand I bought this washer. It was so quiet when it started that I did not think it was working.

Review Title: quiet, large capacity | Review by

For the money I think it was a good buy. It has large capacity and is very quiet.

Review Title: Just what we wanted. | Review by

We bought this washer to use in an upstairs laundry room. Our previous washer was noisy and vibrated a lot. The GE has been much quieter, and stays put, and it does not vibrate the house. You don't even know it is working most of the time. It does a good job of washing the clothes, and was an excellent value for the money.

Review Title: Worst washing machine I ever bought | Review by

Tis machine does not spin between wash and rinse, then it does not even fill to cover clothes with water when in rinse cycle. You have to stand over it to make sure clothes is balance when spinning or it sounds like a herd of elephants stampeding. It is not even 1 month old, I wish I could return it.

Review Title: The best | Review by

I am form sadia arbia and I trust on GE and I was looking for washing machine I used before many type until I breaches this product it's clean very will I really like this machine and I have also GE dryer it also great I am not American but I trust and like American product spicily GE products. Thank you GE

Review Title: You would think that a GE washer would run as good as their jet engins | Review by

Bought this because of the simple controls, but there must be a little computer inside that has a mind of its own. I like to soak clothes or wash them twice. If you stop the wash and start it again, the agitator can operate with little or no water. Next, apron strings, madri gras costumes get caught under the agitator. You can not get them loose without removing the agitator. No instructions on how to do that. I like the fact that it has simple controls, but would opt for more options for warm rinse, extra spin time.

Review Title: Pretty good washer | Review by

This washer is not your typical washer. It does not agiate like my previous washer, but clothes washed very clean. The water seems to go in slower, and its not my water pressure, so it seemed to take longer. I did a load of towels, it was a a big load too, and the washer did not move, towels are very clean. New age appliances.

Review Title: Glad we found it! | Review by

We wanted a basic washer that has a full agitator and is a top loader. This machine was recommended to us and has done just what we wanted-- cleaned the clothes! We are thrilled with the productt and price.

Review Title: DO NOT BUY THIS WASHER | Review by

Worst washer I have ever owned. The unit does not fill up during rinse cycle - then as it drains during the rinse cycle the agitator moves when the unit is almost empty of water - which causes the cloths (especially towels) to bunch up on one side of the tub. Then the unit spins when it is out of balance which causes it to literaly "jump" all over the floor. You the have to stop it manually - redistribute the load - and resume the spin. Because of this I cannot put in a load of wash and leave the house. I must stay in the house so when the load is out of balance I have to be there to stop the washer, redistribute, and restart. Will never buy a GE product again.

Review Title: Low tech - good quality | Review by

I did not want high tech washer/dryer, so this washer (and dryer) met my needs. Simple, efficient, works well and looks good. Good buying experience.

Review Title: Does the job. | Review by

We purchased the washer-dryer combo. Washer is very quiet. Not fancy, but they get the job done.

Review Title: Replacement needed...not even 2yrs old! | Review by

I purchased this washer spring/summer of 2011. About 1 yr and 3 months later (just after the warranty ran out) the 'flume' broke. We had to pay $100 for the repair.The repairman said the only GE washers have this problem. Basically, the washer would not stop filling, it flooded our garage several times. Now, about 6 months later, we are having the same problem. I call the repairman again only to be told it will be $350- 400 to repair bc it needs a new tub. RIDICULOUS!!!

Review Title: Not a manual control washer | Review by

I bought this washer because of manual controls, no electronics. Wrong! Sometimes work cloths are really dirty so after they rinse, I stop the machine, return the knob to start a new cycle. But when the knob is pulled to start filling the washer, the agitator begins running when there is no water in the tub yet. There must be some electronics that is telling it to do that. Apron strings get caught under the agitator and can wrap so thghtly that they dislodge the agitator. If the washer goes into spin, the agitator can rub the upper inside housing ot the washer



Review Title: awesome buy! love love love it! | Review by

Ive only had to buy a washer so far twice in my lifetime. I have 4 kids and wash at least 2 loads a day!. My washer is quiet,large capacity(which i adore). Clothes are clean the first time. Love the power rinse cycle. And the price was exceptional. I know it will bring me many years of simple joy.

Review Title: Unbelievably quiet and large capacity washer! | Review by

This washer was originally out of my price range so I did not consider it despite the reviews. When the other model I had in mind was not available, the store manager allowed me to negotiate the price on this model instead. I am amazed at how quiet it is during operation. I live in an apartment where the washer is in a central location, so usually the washer noise fills the apartment. With this one, I only occasionally hear the sounds as it changes from one cycle to another. Sometimes I question whether I pulled the knob to start the machine at all! I can watch a movie with the washer running and it does not interfere with our movie night. The drum holds lots of clothes and it did a thorough job on my oversized comforter.

Review Title: Great Washer / Great Value | Review by

It's Great! Washes clothes Great! first time to own a GE product excited to see how many years I can enjoy my new washer. I do wish it had an option to have my final rinse for hot water . (for my Whites)


We have washed a variety of materials (ie. delicates/ bedding/work clothes/etc.) and have been delighted every time. This machine is so quiet that you don't notice its operation in the very next room. it has never become unbalanced, leaked, or had an operational error. I most wholeheartedly recommend this GE appliance and would not hesitate to purchase from this manufacturer in the future.

Review Title: great product | Review by

love that they finally added the speed spin option was so tired of downy balls not opening

Review Title: A good product. | Review by

A little noisy but it cleans good. You might think it's broken the first few times the gears start shifting and grinding, which is why they explain the sounds on the book, probably saves them a million calls a year having to explain them. Other than the strange sounds it's been great so far.

Review Title: Good value for the money | Review by

This washer performs much better than the washer it replaced.Very quiet and was a good value for the price paid.

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

Pretty good washer for the money. I haven't had it very long, but so far it performs well. Love the large capacity! Easy to use, not all the digital nonsense that you don't need

Review Title: Not working | Review by

I just purchased this washer . I connected the hoses and the electricity , I tried to wash a load of clothes for the first time .It doesn't work . It will not agitate . Now , I have to take it back to the store , WOW !

Review Title: Great washer! | Review by

Great washer with lots of space. Handles a family of five no problem.

Review Title: Not for parents with kids in sports. | Review by

We are currently renting an apartment with the washer included. My prior washer was a front loader. This washer does not get the dirt out of clothes. Also noticed that make up is not coming out of towels. I have resorted to scrubbing in the sink to remove soil. Glad this is only a 3 month move for us. I will be returning to front loader and replacing towels.

Review Title: A Terrible Machine | Review by

This is a horrible machine. We bought one last February as a replacement for a Hotpoint unit that died after five years (not a good testimonial, I know), but it had similar features, kind of matched the dryer, and most importantly, it would fit down the basement stairs. It has had out of balance issues since Day 1. Sheets, towels, jeans, just about anything other than socks and underwear make the thing dance and jump all over the place. A service call three months later revealed "nothing wrong with the machine." We needed to be more careful balancing the load and washing similar items together. I've kept a log since then and the machine is out of balance 40% of the time regardless of how careful we are. In late June, it started making this grinding sound during the wash cycle. GE tried to tell me that it was out of warranty, but fortunately I had the receipt showing that it was less than five months old. Ten days later the GE service technician explained that the tub was rubbing against some bar at the bottom of the machine..."probably damaged during shipping or installation." Huh? Then how come it took five months for the problem to appear? Of course the part needs to be ordered and they'll be back to install it at the end of the week. I'm skeptical and extremely dissatisfied. There IS something wrong with this machine! It's poorly designed, cheaply made, and a total waste of money. If you aren't convinced, I have one I'll sell you for fifty bucks and you can find out for yourself!

Review Title: It really does work | Review by

We purchased this model washer with it's matching dryer in October, 2012 along with an additional 5 year extended warranty . Since it had been 41 years since we had purchased a brand new washer and dryer, and since technology and components have gone through many changes during the past several years, we thought it would be a good idea even though the extra warranty added considerably to our cost. During the first load I washed, I noticed a loud clanging and looked inside to see the washer tub was tilted. I called the company where I purchased the washer/dryer set and they sent out another washer right away. I I used the replacement washer daily but noticed the loads would get off center and the washer would shake, rattle, and roll during the spin cycles. I kept repositioning the clothes in the washer to no avail. When I made my payment on February 5th,I mentioned to the lady who sold me the appliances, that the washer didn't seem to be operating correctly. After a week or so, the store called and said the repairman would come to check it out. He showed up on February 18, 2013 and found that the cement balance block for the washer tub had cracked and the drip pan was full of water and cement dust.. I had noticed the cement dust on my hardwood floor around the bottom of the washer but thought it was just dust from where the washer was scooting around during the unbalanced spin cycles.The repairman spoke with GE on the phone and there was a question of whether the washer would be repaired at the cost of $700.00 or if it would be replaced. I finally received an email from my contact at GE who told me they would be sending me a new washer. In the mean time, they sent me a check for $40.00 to offset the cost of having to take our clothes to a laundromat.

Review Title: GE WASHER | Review by


Review Title: I love this washer | Review by

I rent, and the previous GE unit where I live finally broke down (it was quite old). I was really surprised at how much I love this washer, I wasn't expecting much after reading it's features after my landlord bought this model as a replacement (I'm sure this must have been the cheapest model in the store). My clothes come out much cleaner than with the old model and actually cleaner and better smelling than my sisters very expensive fancy front loading washer and wash is done in half the time. There is no gentle cycle but the permanent press light seems fine on everything I've put it in. Spin cycle really works well as everything seems to dry much faster now as well. I think this is pretty quiet, no problems like previous reviewer. Very happy with it overall, one pet peeve is the way water level is labeled, 'small, large, extra large, super' , like they forgot about 'medium'.

Review Title: Nice washer | Review by

Very quiet, almost can't tell it's washing. Seems to do a good job getting clothes clean. Spins really well which cuts down on drying time.

Review Title: This washer is a waste of money | Review by

This washer dances around the laundry room because it can't stay level. Within the first month the basket was broken at the top because of hooks on bibbed overalls. I would not recommend it.

Review Title: Great product but some problem with unbalanced loads | Review by

Found the washer does an excellent job of cleaning our clothes. We do have a problem with the last five minutes of the spin/dry cycle where the load becomes unbalanced and it sounds like a pair of gym shoes bouncing around and making a very loud tumbling sound. We have called the retailer, ABT and they are promptly sending us a technician in the next few days to troubleshoot the problem.

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2 GE GTWN5650FWS3.9 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer
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