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GE GTWN7450DWW 4.6 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer - Energy Star (View all from GE)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

Appliances GE-GTWN7450DWW Laundry

Appliances GE-GTWN7450DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN7450DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN7450DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN7450DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN7450DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN7450DWW Laundry
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  • Appliances GE-GTWN7450DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN7450DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN7450DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN7450DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN7450DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN7450DWW Laundry

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  • ENERGY STAR qualified and CEE Tier III Rated
  • Meets or exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency for year-round energy and money savings.
  • Vibration Control
  • Quietly washes any-size load without vibration thanks to technology that optimizes spin pattern
  • eWash
  • Energy saving option uses a cold-water wash on select cycles without sacrificing performance.
  • eMonitor
  • Get the energy-saving insight you need to reduce your utility bills with an electronic readout that shows the efficiency level of each load.
  • Speed Wash
  • Provides a quick wash for lightly soiled items that are needed in a hurry.
  • Bulky Items
  • Convenient cycle for comforters and pillows.


Total Capacity: 4.6 Cu. Ft.
Color Appearance: White
Recirculation Pump: Yes
Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 6
Style: Top-Loading
Number of Cycles: 13
Control Type: Electronic
Maximum Spin Speed: 900 RPM
Washer Settings: Fabric Softener; Soak; ExtraRinse
Water Temp System: PerfecTemp
Wash Basket Type: Stainless Steel
Adaptive Capabilities: PreciseFill Auto-Load Sensing
Vibration Control: Yes
Leveling Legs: Yes
Dispenser: Bleach Timed Flow-Thru; Fabric Softener Timed Flow-Thru
Energy Saving Option: Yes; eWash and eMonitor
Wash/Spin Speed Combinations: Variable
Wash Mechanism: Infusor
Connected Home Ready: Yes
Claims and Certifications
ENERGY STAR Qualified: Yes
CEE Tier III: Yes
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 28"
Overall Depth: 29"
Overall Height: 44 1/2"
Overall Height with Lid Open: 60"
Net Weight: 155 Lbs.
Approx. Shipping Weight: 163 Lbs.

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Review Title: Washing Machine | Review by

I love how big the drum is & how much clothes I can fit into it.

Review Title: This product has great features. | Review by

Love it and you will also. Good size good quality and energy star appliances.

Review Title: This machine has a clean look and thoroughly cleans clothes. | Review by

My old GE washer lasted all 15 years of my daughter's life. Let's see what I get from this one. Initial outlook is all good.

Review Title: GE-GTDP740EDWW | Review by

This washer is horrible !!! never has enough water, even if you only put a few things in, if I could return it I would !! I tell all my friends not to get it !!! I hate this machine do not buy it !!!!!!! the serviceman also told me that most people have this problem and there is nothing you cann o .

Review Title: horrible water level | Review by

no wonder this washer is not being manufactured is absolutely horrible!!! Clothes NEVER come out clean...they come out with the same stains still on them and worse, they are smeared all over everywhere...i have thrown soooo many articles of clothing out and had to purchase new ones...I couldn't more dissatisfied with this product. It NEVER fills up with husband thought I was crazy, but one day I actually stayed next to the washer to see how much water filled up. When the wash cycle finally started, I hit pause, opened the lid and wow, I was right!!! He couldn't believe it either...hardly ANY water...and there were only about 5 outfits in there and I had to put it on Heavy soil just to get the water to fill up half way!!! I am sooo angry at this situation and wish GE could give me my $648.00 back...we can not afford to just go out and buy a new one...utterly upset.

Review Title: works great, better than the maytag i got rid of | Review by

I bought this to replace a maytag front loader that was a complete nightmare. It performs better then I expected from a top load washer especially with the spin cycle, with a spin rpm lower then my last washer I expected wetter clothes but was surprised to see they were actually drier at the end of the spin cycle.

Review Title: Best washer | Review by

When my 6-yr old "budget" washer broke, I did not want to spend money for another service call. After comparing several washers online, I bought this model in June 2013 and am glad I did. I love the features and selection options, how well it cleans laundry, and it is so quiet. The super-efficient spin cycle is fabulous for towels but does leave other items twisted. However, as long as I remove them promptly and shake items to unravel and decrease them, they will dry relatively wrinkle-free.

Review Title: next appliance to buy! | Review by

My 15 yo GE washer is about to go - will be replacing it with this model........ Can't wait - plus a steam dryer...... Only wish it came in a "fashion" color

Review Title: Quiet, Functional, and Efficient | Review by

Bought the Washer a week ago and am loving it. After washing several loads of clothes, I am amazed at how quiet the machine is and how clean it gets my clothes using the programed settings. I think I made a wise decision buying this machine, which was rated by Consumer Reports as a "Best Buy".

Review Title: NOT A WASHER!!!! | Review by


Review Title: Great machine! | Review by

Very impressed with its capability and its capacity! Was without a washer for 3 weeks and it caught up my laundry in one day!

Review Title: LOVE!!! | Review by

Always DISLIKE having to purchase a new washer, but AM LOVING this one!!! It is user friendly and "SINGS" as you program it and the cycle ends. Having this washer makes LAUNDRY so much easier to think about!!!

Review Title: fabric softener dispenser | Review by

There are pros and cons to the dispenser compared to the old agitator. The softener colectes in layers with use. It's easy to wipe off but irritating. The old agitator could be removed where the softener goes in to wash from time to time. I also used to wipe the washer top while it filled. We have no water available where the washer is except for the washer which we can't leave open. Nothing too bad to be concerned about.

Review Title: great machine | Review by

Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Great machine

Review Title: just my size | Review by

This washer has helped me alot with my laundry. I can wash my king size comforters at home now.

Review Title: Love the music | Review by

So far I have no complaints with this washer. It looks great and does a wonderful job of washing clothes (including dirty jeans), sheets and towels. I like that it doesn't have an agitator. Clothes are clean and the spin out leaves them so close to dry they hardly spend time in the dryer at all.

Review Title: Advanced Features | Review by

I bought this GE washer few weeks ago and I am very happy it works well with my family.

Review Title: GE 7450 Washer | Review by

Washer practically dries clothes itself! Super quiet wash cycle. Easy controls. Love this washer

Review Title: First time with a GE product | Review by

Just purchased this washer. Hate I could not pick up the date of purchase. The reviews show to be a good one.

Review Title: best i have ever had. | Review by

Washer and dryer work better than other units I have had.

Review Title: big capacity & Quiet | Review by

I've only had the machine for a week, but I love how quiet it is and the large capacity keeps me from having to spend $25 paying the cleaners for my quilts and big bed spreads.

Review Title: Awesome Washing Machine!! | Review by

I got this washing machine a month ago and love it!! All the room and letting me know when its done!

Review Title: Get out the iron! | Review by

I cannot tell you how much we loved this machine when we got it. It's huge! It looks nice! It plays a song! We gave it a name (Lucia) and we trusted it with our clothes. Well, Lucia was nice at first but then she became a little...passive aggressive. Some times, I'm not sure why, she spins and thumps REALLY loudly. The clothes come out so hopelessly wrinkled that unless they can go in the dryer (we hang a lot of stuff) they HAVE TO be ironed. They are a wreck. One pair of basketball shorts was ruined with all the threads torn (they survived my last machine fine). I think it spins so forcefully (even on the slowest speed which I always use now) that it heats up and sort of cooks the wrinkles in, even if I get the clothes out right away. It was a very expensive machine and it is creating more work and the noise is a little scary.

Review Title: Best washer ever! | Review by

We use this washer at our beach house and the extra large capacity allows us to wash the comforter and quilts. I love that it is both energy and water efficient, though you can't tell because everything comes out clean! I highly recommend this washer!

Review Title: This waher is great | Review by

So far this washer has been excellent.The clothes come out clean.

Review Title: Buy American Made | Review by

I have only had this machine a shot time, but so far everything works great. I don't know how it works, but it works. Everything comes really clean and the whites are awesome. When I was shopping, I was skeptical at first. I heard a lot of conflicting reports on the new front loaders. My old washer was a front loader an it lasted 14 years, but I needed a washer so what do you do? Again I am glad I bought this machine.

Review Title: Very Satisfied with the Performance of This Washer | Review by

I've had this washer for 3 weeks and am very happy with the features, performance and ease of use for this appliance. I've learned to do a better job of sorting my laundry as suggested in the instruction book. My clothes come out cleaner and with less winkles. The washer does a good of rebalancing itself and clothes don't "migrate" across the infusor. The spin cycle leaves them virtually dry. I wish I had a glass window in the lid so I could see what is happening during the wash cycle. The sounds are intriguing.

Review Title: Solid washer | Review by

Easy to use. Excellent use of water. Does solid job.

Review Title: Efficient and large capacity | Review by

This washer works great for my family. It's got a large capacity, which is perfect for us. It also gets a majority of the excess water out of the clothes, which minimizes the drying time. Very pleased with this product!

Review Title: Beyond my expectations | Review by

I am amazed with everything on this washer. From the customization of each load to the look of the appliance. I've never had a washer spin nearly all of the water out of the clothes in my life! The fact that it uses less water shows just by the smell of the clothes. They are very fragrance when removed and smell wonderful all day. I am in love!

Review Title: bad | Review by

This washer is noisy,doesn't balance it's self,WRINKLES CLOTHES TERRIBLY,does not put in enough water at times to wet clothes,and is too expensive.... enough said..

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

Washer is very quiet, lots of cycles, great spin cycle which is reducing drying time.

Review Title: Tons of options + huge capacity | Review by

This dryer has many options to suit any need, and the capacity is huge. This is our 1st HE washer, and the clothes smell fresher, and come out of the washer very dry after the spin cycle. It is amazingly quiet, to the point that we don't even hear it running until the spin cycle. I'm still getting used to the electronic beeps at the beginning and end of the cycle.

Review Title: GE appliances dependable and sturdy | Review by

I have always had the best luck with GE appliances, and I am sure this washer will be no exception. Got rid of a washer from another competing brand that lasted only 7 years and was a real low quality product. Learned my lesson about not sticking to a product I know will last. This washer has every cycle you need, and then some, and is so quiet, you hardly hear it running. It handles all my clothes from delicate clothes to work clothes for my husband, and is extremely easy to use. Love it!

Review Title: Reliability | Review by

Broke down after 1 wash. Bought a different brand.

Review Title: excellent machine | Review by

This does everything it says it will do. Easy to use, washes great. High capacity.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We've only had the washer for 3 weeks so I haven't used all the features yet but I am amazed at how much it will wash and how quiet it is. My laundry loads have gone from daily to once a week for each type (whites, colors, darks, towels, etc.) I washed our queen size comforter with no problem and then another load with two king size pillows. All came out clean and fresh and they didn't take forever to dry either.

Review Title: washer and dryer | Review by

bought the upgrade pair, larger load and less water

Review Title: love the size but leaves soap residue | Review by

I do like the size and options however I have noticed residue on the clothes and sometimes they are not even completely wet. It does not have a sanitize option. The spin cycle is excellent as the clothes are almost dry but extremely wrinkled. Overall it is good... I am adding water with the detergent/ crystal fabric softener and it seems to help.

Review Title: v-e-r-y QUIET | Review by

I can finally leave the door to the laundry room open and watch TV! This machine really gets clothes squeaky clean and spun well. And the tub is huge. I pat myself on the back this time!



Review Title: Cleans Nicely | Review by

Bought this 2 months ago, quiet, cleans everything really well, has a large capacity. Occasionally when a large load spins out it makes a little noise but quickly stops. Great product!

Review Title: Takes a long time | Review by

So far, so good. Runs quietly and cleans efficiently. Only problem is the length of time it takes for a cycle. Much longer than old machine (Maytag).

Review Title: Very nice! | Review by

After a few attempts and reading the owner manual I really like this washer. My only complaint is that it takes longer than an average washer to do a load. A normal load takes about an hour.

Review Title: This Washer is Huge | Review by

I love this washer, I just bought it 2 days ago The wash basket is huge. So far the clothes wash great. The spin cycle is crazy good the clothes come out practically dry. My old dryer wash still good so I didn't need to buy a new dryer .

Review Title: Worst washer ever! | Review by

Washer does not put enough water in machine, clothes come out with detergent spots, even when using HE detergent, switched to liquid, clothes come out not smelling clean, dirty socks still smelling like dirty feet, etc. have tried several settings to get increased water levels, no luck. Clothes come out dry in spots.

Review Title: Great Machine | Review by

Love this washer the only thing that is hard to get used to is the loud noise it makes when balancing its self makes my dogs think someone is at the door other than that its great and would highly recommend this washer

Review Title: The Joy of Christ | Review by

Prior to buying this product I read the reviews which was quite helpful with my decision process. I bought this GE Washer 10/2013, I am impressed with all the features and washing time. My clothes come out clean and it handles my king & queen size comforters with no problem. In all honesty, It is not as quiet as my sisters Whirlpool Cabrio though, otherwise I would have given it a perfect 5. However, with the delayed start I can set it to where it starts up at night while I am sleeping and I do not have to worry about it waking me up if I need something washed for the next morning. I love that it is eco friendly. I would purchase this item all over again because I have other GE products and I am quite pleased with them as well as the customer service team. I had another GE Washer & Dryer (base model) that was two years old and I wanted to save money and a trip to the laundry mat by having the convenience and ability to wash & dry my big comforters at home. I gave my other GE Washer & Dryer to my sister. Having this large capacity washer is a true beauty and a luxury and most of all a blessing.

Review Title: As advertised | Review by

We bought this a couple weeks ago with it's dryer alongside. The biggest selling points were the water usage and quietness since the room is near our bedroom. After doing a half dozen loads, we've been very happy with the quietness. We cannot speak for the water usage yet, but i'm sure it'll be spot on.

Review Title: It's falling apart at less than a month old | Review by

We bought this Washer less than a month ago and pieces of the plastic within the inside of the machine are coming off in splinters and the hose is already showing ample wear and will need to be replaced soon if I don't want to have a leak.

Review Title: SUPER SIZED | Review by


Review Title: I like my new Washer | Review by

Its been about a month i'm using my new washer. It is great and i really like it. It has every think that i need.

Review Title: Ge washing machine | Review by

Every time I wash dark colors, there are stains from the fabric softener and I have to rewash the load. Very disappointed in this washing machine .

Review Title: Nice Washer | Review by

Product works great! Tons on room on the interior! Nice timer that lets the customer know how long the cycle times are.

Review Title: Wonderful Washer | Review by

I am so excited with my new washer (and dryer)! I haven't had a new one in quite some time and didn't realize all the features that were available. It is so quiet you can hardly tell it's on. My clothes are really clean and the high spin cycle gets them half way dry it seems. The tub is huge and perfect for washing those king size blankets and comforters. Great machine!

Review Title: Huge mistake | Review by

A washing machine was badly needed, and this was the only thing in stock, so I took it sight unseen. At home and installed, the controls were unacceptably confusing and annoying, i.e. user hostile. The instruction book was useless. (I never did find the difference between cold and tap cold.) It took 25 to 40 keystrokes to start a load, which sometimes still didn't start, requiring all the keystrokes to be repeated. The machine was returned within the week.

Review Title: Wish I had not bought it! | Review by

I have to add extra water so it will mix detergent to wash load and then takes extra rinse cycle to get it out.

Review Title: Lemon | Review by

I bought this machine on Feb 24 2013. It was delivered on March 4 & the washer quit on Feb 22. Huge disappointment!!! It needed a whole new mother board and took a week and a half to get the parts. What the heck GE!!! Nothing like spending a bunch of money on a new set to go and sit in a laundry mat.

Review Title: GREAT WASHER | Review by


Review Title: WOW! So much laundry can fit, cuts laundry time | Review by

I bought this along with the matching dryer and love it! I haven't had it for long but my mother has the same one and she loves it, so I bought it.

Review Title: Smart washer | Review by

This product is a very smart appilance and very eaasy to understand.

Review Title: 3rd time is a charm? | Review by

I would have rated this washer a 5 star, except for the fact that we just had our 3rd one delivered today. Well it does work great, our clothes are pretty clean and sure does save a lot of water and has a huge drum can definitely fit a queen size comforter. Which was one of the reasons why I chose this washer and it's on our price range too. I am just disappointed that the first one did clean our clothes well but every time it is on wash cycle it had this really loud sound like their is a card underneath the drum,similar to a sound of a card on a bicycle spoke. So we called Home Depot and told them about the problem then they delivered us the 2nd washer a week after, we did the test run through the wash cycle just to make sure that it won't be making those sound like the other one did. It ran wonderful then my husband notices that their was water leaking on the floor from the washer, so they had to take it away and ordered us a new one. Now five days later we receive our 3rd washer, this one is working so far..We'll see here in a few days,hopefully we wouldn't have to call them for another problem.

Review Title: I am overall, very happy. | Review by

I have had the machine for about a month. Works well, clothes are clean. Functions well and does what I need it to do. I like it's intuitiveness, set and go. I do miss having a detergent fill option...but adding it to the basket is OK.

Review Title: Great Features, Easy to Use | Review by

I just had this washer and it's matching dryer installed yesterday and I LOVE it I was able to was twice as many clothes in half the time. The many settings were great and easy to understand. The timer is also a plus. And they came out almost dry after the rinse cycle.

Review Title: The Worst | Review by

This washing machine is horrible. Jeans come out with dry spots and eventually started to smell because they weren't getting clean. Wash cloths still have soap on them from showering. Loads are constantly imbalanced and you don't want to open the lid because it assumes you've added a garment and wants to start phase all over again which is way too long to begin with. Spin cycle runs like a freight train I'm sure due to balancing issue. Six monthes later, money out the window. Friends have HE washers that clean their clothes well so I have to assume it's this brand/model.

Review Title: Great features for the price | Review by

I recently bought this, its featuers worth for the money.

Review Title: Love this machine | Review by

We just moved into a new house and bought new Washer & Dryer. I was planning to purchase a front loader but the salesman explained the new features with the Top Loaders and WOW could not be happier. This machine is awesome - it has a large load capacitiy and is so user friendly. Quiet and efficient. This makes doing laundry a piece of cake.

Review Title: Great Product! | Review by

This product has been excellent. Delivery right on time and installation well done. Like the many features.

Review Title: Good ! | Review by

I really like the washer--clothes get very clean. Not sure if I really wanted a computer model, also, the noise while washing is very strange, but the book states that is makes a "metallic sound" when engaging and disengaging, so I guess it must be OK.

Review Title: Great Washer! | Review by

I bought this for my new apartment and am so loving it! Our apartment is small, but I can run the washer at any time and it is so quiet it does not disrupt any activities. I love the size and efficiency of the washer.

Review Title: easy to operate | Review by

Bought a month ago and love washing vlothes again.

Review Title: Fabulous Product | Review by

I bought this washer 2 months ago and it has been fabulous. It saves me time, I can combine 2 loads into 1 load because of its extra large load capacity. Its energy efficient and its smart technology is terrific. Easy to use and understand.

Review Title: Love king size bedding capacity | Review by

Have been wanting one for years & am thrilled to finally hav one!

Review Title: lots of choices for different types of loads | Review by

I am happy with it I am still adjusting to not having a center agitator I do find slacks, jeans twisted up a lot it works out in the dryer, but I will like it if they came out smoother from the washer Size is perfect Haven't washed any comforters or pillows as of yet

Review Title: Awful experience!! | Review by

I bought this washer 10 months ago, I don't even want it even if it was free. It was the biggest nightmare and the worst investment that I done. Several times they have repaired it and we have not yet had a regular cycle without pushing the play/pausing button. PLEASE DONT GET THIS MODEL. GE is a great company and they are reliable most of he time. but this model is no good.

Review Title: ok | Review by

For size of washer you have to be careful of how big a load to wash. Towels keep getting off balance. Sheets get over the center even if properly loaded.

Review Title: excellent value | Review by

extremely quiet and spins cloths well thus requiring less drying time

Review Title: Great Washer! | Review by

After much searching we decided on this washer, and it has been fantastic! The installers were great and I would highly recommend this product.

Review Title: I love this washer! | Review by

It does a great job cleaning small or very large loads. I'm so glad we bought it!

Review Title: Great features! Easy to use. Works great! | Review by

I am glad to have this washer. Works great! No problems. Quiet. User friendly.

Review Title: Has great features and does the job well. | Review by

The washer has great features and performs the way it is suppose to.

Review Title: Issue with temperature settings | Review by

I like the washer generally but the temperature settings are not as described and the spin settings are not as in the instructions.

Review Title: Not so great | Review by

Ive had this washer a couple months and I'm not happy with it. It does a poor job cleaning and rinsing. Clothes come out still dirty and often with detergent on them. Now, I have to wash things in very small loads and rinse twice. So much for improved efficiency. :/

Review Title: Losing trust and confidence | Review by

We bought the washing machine about three months ago and have had the repair man out twice, replaced struts, and it still bounces like an earthquake simulator, and sounds like it will explode. We are very unhappy, although the clothes are coming out clean. The tube is large capacity which is one reason why we purchased it, plus we believed in the brand. After the two repair appointments, to be on the safe side we purchased extended warranted. Where are the reliable large capacity washing machines manufactured 15 years ago? Now I see they are no longer manufacturing the thing. I'd really like to get our money back!

Review Title: Easy to use. | Review by

I love the features on this washer and it not having an agitator. Didn't think I would but feel my clothes seem cleaner. Another plus is that it's made in the USA!

Review Title: We were skeptical, but so far so good... | Review by

Two weeks in, and with all sorts of loads tested, we're generally pleased. There's a bit of a learning curve coming from an agitator machine, and we had to donate two new bottles of non-HE detergent and buy some HE, but the loads have all come out nicely - in fact, our whites have improved. The machine is very quiet on all cycles and there's no vibration on the spin cycle. Two minor considerations: If you're a pet owner you may notice more hair remaining on pet beds/blankets that will have to come out in the dryer - there may just not be enough water in the wash & rinse cycles to float the hair into suspension and out the drain. And I do wish this model had an opening for adding detergent instead of having to distribute it at the bottom of the tub pre-load. (The GE Adora version of this machine has that, but it wasn't worth the $100+ premium.)

Review Title: Works Good | Review by

My mother needed a new washer and this works really well. I love how you can just put the detergent in the washer and not in a little slot marked detergent. I love how much more quiet it is compared to the old one.

Review Title: new washer | Review by

we have only had it for a few days now it runs quietly and cleans efficiently. so far we are happy with our purchase. Only problem is the length of time it takes for a cycle and our clothes comes out real wrinkled.

Review Title: NICE & QUIET! Great features, too! | Review by

I really love this product and feel I made a great choice. The washer and dryer is so quiet and it is easy to operate. The features and product are very true to its claim and my laundry actually is cleaner than with my former washer & dryer while using less detergent. It's a saver all around.

Review Title: Liked Features | Review by

I purchased in January 2014; however, my old washer/dryer was also GE which I purchased in 1997

Review Title: I LOVE this Washer! Great features! IT IS AMAZING | Review by

This washer works amazing! The GE GTWN Washer is SO quiet! Washes & Rinses - Has multiple features and I use All of them! Laundry is never easy - but I do not have three loads of dirty clothes sitting around anymore! Clean clothes are easy and simple to do! I LOVE this Washer .... AND THE DRYER!

Review Title: Poor machines | Review by

Poor machines I purchased your GE washing machine and it was delivered. When I put the first load in the machine it ran for about 5 minutes and stopped. The repairman came looked at it and said it needed a new part. I wanted it replaced as it was new and never used. It ended taking 3 weeks to get a new one of which I was without a machine during that time. When they finally brought the second one it ran, but when it went to the spin cycle it started making a banging noise. Called repair again and he said the bearing was out of round and had to order a new one. Another two weeks went by and I had to hear the banging in the spin cycle for that time. Finally fixed after two months but am very disappointed in the GE Washer and service. It doesn't even clean as good as my prior Whirlpool Duets which I had to leave in my other home I sold. It also doesn't clear out all of the Softner out of the receptacle and yes the softner light is on when running. Very disappointed in this appliance and wish I had never bought it.

Review Title: Exceeds our expectations! | Review by

We purchased our washer out of need, not luxury. But now we feel it was more out of luxury because of all the special features that far exceed our old washer!

Review Title: Great spin-dry | Review by

After suffering for 5 years with a washer that did not satisfactorily spin dry towels, even with the extra spin, it is great to have a washer that doesn't waste energy by requiring a third spin for towels and blankets. It also takes the guess-work out of appropriate water level. Love the automatic features especially the timer.

Review Title: Huge and easy to use! | Review by

First of all, this washer is huge! It was no nice to get a large washer that can handle just about anything. Finally got to that pile of sleeping bags and comforters that my other washer could not handle. Washer is also very easy to use, turn the dial, pick the size, voila. Also very quiet.

Review Title: great washer | Review by

I bought this washer a couple weeks ago. Like the features .It is quiet and uses much less water than my old one.

Review Title: Great control panel | Review by

We are very pleased with this washer. It is so quiet and easy to use! It holds large loads and runs smoothly.

Review Title: Don't know of any good features | Review by

The design of this washer is very poor unless all you do is a gentle or hand wash cycle. It does not get your clothes clean unless you keep resetting it, and then maybe could get them clean. Really disappointing washer!

Review Title: It's good to rejoin civilzation | Review by

We've been waiting for our builder to hook us up with the new washer and dryer. It has been months. Enthusiasm abounds!

Review Title: A bit disappointed | Review by

Pros:Very low water use and easy to use control panel. I love the end of cycle music. Con: It sometimes leaves a collection of lint on the wash that the matching dryer doesn't remove

Review Title: Easy to use-large capacity | Review by

This machine has a huge capacity and is easy to use. It washes quickly and effciently. It is also pretty quiet. There are lots of different features. I love to use the timer feature. My only complaint is there is no light to remind me that there is clean laundry waiting for me to put in the dryer. Overall I am very happy with this machine.

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

I have to admit my husband and I were skeptical at first and tried overloading this machine. No matter how much laundry we put in, it would not overload. It is also so quiet, it can not be heard anywhere in the house, The clothes also seem to be much cleaner and the dry time is virtually cut in half. I have to admit, after using this machine for almost 3 weeks, we are quite impressed and can't wait to add the dryer.

Review Title: RE: Narratives God's Word | Review by

We love our washier so far .The clothes feel great after wash.

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES | Review by


Review Title: Huge and quiet | Review by

I love how large this machine is and it's so very quiet as well. My only complaint is that is does take a long time to do a load of laundry and my fabric softner dispenser stopped working less than 3 months after I bought it.

Review Title: Very Disappointing | Review by

Within a month, I needed a new tub installed due to manufacturing defect. Once that was done (service rep was excellent), I continue to be disappointed in the performance. Takes extra detergent and a second rinse cycle to get clothes clean thus negating any energy savings since additional water and longer use of electricity is required. Clothes are so wrinkled when removed from washer that ironing is needed - again using additional electricity.

Review Title: Very quiet and great size | Review by

I purchased this washer after having 2 sets of front load washers and dryers in 7 years. I have owned this washer for exactly 3 days and have washed several loads of laundry and I'm extremely happy with the size of the laundry drum, how quiet the washer is and fast. I also like not having to always bend over to put the laundry in the front of my washer. It's American made and that makes me happy as well!

Review Title: so far so good | Review by

after reading scores of terrible reviews on any type of washer, we chose this one based on a friends recommendation and this model didn't have quite as many bad reviews. We've had the machine a month and are happy so far. Its very quite, can handle a massive load while not using as much water as our old machine, and cleans at least as good as our old machine. Hopefully it will continue to work well.

Review Title: large capacity | Review by

I have a king size bed and the bedding fits in nicely.

Review Title: I love it! | Review by

I bought the set and they are amazing. I love all the feature on them.

Review Title: Great product, unbelievable price | Review by

Just moved and had no room to take our old stackable washer and dryer. We are a 4 person house and needed to upgrade to something bigger and more efficient. Did alot of shopping around and comparing size, features and price and found that for the price and the size this was the best deal. We have had it for 5 days now and am amazed at how big the washer is and has cut down the number of loads that we have to do. Great product!!!!

Review Title: LOVE THIS WASHER | Review by

This washer had made my life much easier! I am doing my laundry in 1/2 the time!! Its fairly quiet as well as energy efficient. My only complaint is that it does not have a detergent dispenser.

Review Title: Good washer and great price. | Review by

Really good machine, like it a lot and have no issue with washer.

Review Title: works well. Makes noise on spin cycle | Review by

works well. Very noisy on spin cycle, drum had a slight crack leaked water into my basement

Review Title: Good washer | Review by

The only reason I am putting good instead of excellent is because the store that I purchased the set from got the next model up that I really wanted a couple of days after I bought this one...I want the glass lid/soft close feature and the glass door dryer to match...this is a good purchase but I like to get what I really want...I would recommend this to anyone though...good purchase very the light in the dryer drum...happy with equipment

Review Title: Is quiet but dances | Review by

I believe this is a good quality machine, but in order to keep it from dancing when I wash jeans when spinning we had to buy special feet for it.

Review Title: this washer is huge with great features | Review by

I love the stainless steel tub, the choices for laundry, and the efficiency

Review Title: Great washer with large tub! | Review by

This GE washer is far and away better than my Maytag. The washing tub is huge and it doesn't have the tall middle agitator, so I can just dump in the dirty close, put in the detergent and go. So happy with my purchase!

Review Title: Like machine | Review by

Thought Loading and dial information was a little short on detail.

Review Title: Not a flawless start, but warranty was honored | Review by

I purchased this model of washer in early March 2014. In less than a week, the lid locking switch failed. An in-warranty repair service over an hour away was contacted, the problem was identified, and they returned to complete the repair once the ordered part had arrived--at no charge to me. There have been no other problems so far. The washer itself is fairly quiet, and has done a good job on cleaning a variety of clothing and household linens up to this point. My only other comment would be that a conservative amount of HE washing machine detergent needs to be used, or the HE washer odor will occur more frequently.

Review Title: needs higher water level for larger loads. | Review by

other than that it works good.gets cloths dryer for drying

Review Title: I love this washer | Review by

It is very quiet when washing it does an awsome job cleaning my husband dirty work clothes and our king size bed spread

Review Title: New Washer | Review by

Great product, love the features and quietness of the machine.

Review Title: Very nice | Review by

Bigger, quieter, more efficient. Love it. Capacity to wash sleeping bags, comforters, and lots of clothes.

Review Title: Do not like. | Review by

I have to rinse my clothes at least twice, sometimes three times.

Review Title: Good product. | Review by

Great washer and good value. Very quiet. I'm impressed........maybe because our old machine was so obsolete!

Review Title: This washer gets the giant loads super-clean. | Review by

It does a great job on even huge, bulky loads, so I can throw my comforter in right along with other items. I'm using less detergent, and my wash is still cleaner, no matter if I'm doing sheets, towels, underwear, and socks, or a tiny load of swim suits. I like not having to guess how much water I need - it senses the load and is always right. It spins out so well that my dryer time is reduced also. Saves a lot of $$$!

Review Title: Radiates significant radio frequency interference | Review by

Washes OK, but if you have ham radio operater in the house, note that it radiates a high level of broadband interference across all ham bands. I would not recommend to this washer to a ham friend.

Review Title: Great machine! | Review by

I bought this about a month ago when my old washer gave up the ghost. It's runs quiet and has lots of awesome features. It has such a huge capacity that I might have to upgrade my dryer :)

Review Title: Doesn't rinse drk colors - too water efficient?? | Review by

This seems to work well on light colors but my darks usually come out with white residue in all the little creases that formed as they spun out. I use high efficiency detergent (and have cut back to half the recommended amount), use warm water, and put vinegar in the softener dispenser for the final rinse. Unless I do a very small load, this remains a problem. I think it needs more water to rinse out; perhaps it's too water efficient. I wish you could manually change how much the tub fills.

Review Title: Don't like! | Review by

Machine is noisy. Doesn't get clothes wet!! Vibrates. Now will not wash. Error message H2O Supply. Will not cut off or change any thing when turn knob. Turned off by turning off power to machine. A month or so ago had it happen and could get it to work by turning knobs until it started working. This time nothing works!! Sister bought one when I did. She doesn't like hers either!

Review Title: second thoughts | Review by

does not use a lot of water as stated, but there always seems to be something that has residue on it at the end of the cycle. I am using Tide HE so I'm confused. Wouldn't choose this model a second time.

Review Title: Great capacity, Love how quiet it is. | Review by

I never thought I would be able to live without a front loader again, but I sure am glad we bought this washer. It is large and even fun to use. Easy to get your clothes out and always super clean! LOVE!!

Review Title: This thing is huge! | Review by

I love the huge capacity. I also like that it is top loading. I know teh frontloaders are more efficient but since I am so tall this is better. It has cut my laundry in half teh time cause you can fit so much. the one thing is that you have to make sure it is balance good when you do bulky things like towels but thats not a huge deal. It stops when it is off balance and lets you fix the problem

Review Title: Product has great features & very quiet. | Review by

I like the look of this model. It is quiet, love the push button controls & the way it allows me to choose from many wash levels that I never though existed. This product allows u to program it to a smart phone so that u can be alerted to what is going on during the wash cycle such as if fabric softener is needed if u decide not to use the auto fill softener compartment. Which this compartment doesn't work on mine & when the laundry is off balance in the tub the washing machine quickly balances it for me. I don't really like the H.E. styles as it doesn't cover your clothes with water, I prefer the old style that fills the tub with water because it rinsed clothes more effectively.

Review Title: Yeah! I can wash my comforters | Review by

Finally a washer that I can wash a king size comforter in! Love all the settings and being able to modify when needed. I all it the happy washer due to the jingle it plays when its done. I just love my GE Pair!

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I really like this product. For as new as this product is, the technology to use it is very simple. Easy enough to use that my 9 year old now helps out with laundry. Huge capacity to fit quilts/comforters easily inside. Really enjoy the ECO feature.

Review Title: Big Capacity, Big Performance | Review by

I've had the machine for a couple of months now and I am very pleased with its performance. My clothes come out clean and it can handle a lot in a load. The energy saver features are great, and the high speed spin cycle significantly reduces the work left for my dryer!

Review Title: Great Washer! | Review by

We purchased this a few months ago and we just love it! All the different cycles choices and of course the fact that it is energy efficient!

Review Title: I love the features on this machine | Review by

The capacity on this machine is larger than I had before, really like. The many different features are a plus also.

Review Title: AWESOME | Review by

This machine is simply great. Very quite and easy to use. Looks like it can handle anything U may throw in2 it.

Review Title: Satisfied With Purchase | Review by

I have enjoyed the larger capacity without the middle agitator getting in the way. Though it is quiet, for the most part, it can get loudly motivated when in the load balancing process. As with any washer, make sure you choose the correct cycle and load properly to get the maximum benefits.

Review Title: Lots of features. | Review by

I love how I can wash huge loads. I used to have to take my quilt out to the cleaners. Now I can wash it at home.

Review Title: Money Saver | Review by

I have only had this product for a day but I love it! I like the fact that we are not going to waste water or electricity by using the wrong setting. It is so quite that I was able to watch TV and then do 2 loads this morning while everyone else was still in bed, didn't wake anyone.

Review Title: Love this machine | Review by

I love all the settings. It's like they made it so that you can't do it wrong. With teenagers in the house doing their own laundry, they just look at the dial and it is easy. It's even easy for me and the husband too!! I love sound it makes it's like it's happy to do the laundry!! Oh and yes it fits my largest comforters and gets them clean. All the laundry is clean unlike my smaller other machine that died.

Review Title: perfect | Review by

i bought this machine a few months ago, and love it..... when my dryer goes i will be buying the dryer that matches this washer..... so happy with this product!!!! quiet, rinses well, and my clothes have never smelled better!!!

Review Title: You can keep your product | Review by

I bought this washer at Home Depot and the primary reason was because it was on sale. I liked the large tub with no agitator. I read the instructions thoroughly and started the first load. I was immediately disappointed as to the extremely small amount of water the washer used. I put in an average load of cloths and after the first load was completed I noticed some of the clothing items had dry spots on them indicating they never even got wet. It didn't clean the cloths very well. The washer is constantly "sensing" the load and it spends more time doing this than washing. The cloths have to be positioned in a certain manner prior to the wash cycle begins and its very annoying. I would not recommend this item to anyone. My wife won't let me get rid of the washer until it breaks down so I guess I have years of misery ahead of me.

Review Title: Love It | Review by

Just installed today and love all the features. Purchased from HHGREGG. So Quiet!

Review Title: Makes Wierd noises | Review by

It makes noises when washing clothes like something is loose. Also no matter what you are washing it is unbalanced and slams the basket around.

Review Title: Really good product | Review by

The wife really likes it. It really gets the job done

Review Title: needed fast | Review by

This product was delivered in 2 days and was on sale. It is super large capacity. It was easy to use. The delivery men were courteous and kind and did an excellent job hooking it up.

Review Title: Works great | Review by

Finally, the washer and dryer finish loads at the same time! This is a great bonus to all of the other wonderful features I knew about at the time of purchase. The digital screen gives an estimated time remaining so you know when to expect the load to be complete. Also, the appliance is very user friendly and sorts the loads by type of item and leaves the guess work out of hot, cold, etc. when using the presets. It does give you the option to alter the temperature, etc. when needed. Love the capacity and low noise as well. We are a growing family of 5 and it can keep up with our large laundry loads.

Review Title: Top Notch | Review by

Got a washer dryer pair and they are a real treat after having a GE pair for 20 years. Washer is extremely quiet and spins clothes to nearly dry. The self balancing anti-vibration feature is also way cool. Best part is the very large capacity tub so we use less water and electricity to get clothes clean.

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

We've had this new washing machine for only a week, but so far it has done an excellent job. I think my favorite thing about this particular model is the multiple cycles that it has.

Review Title: Great features, looks good, but kind of dissapointing | Review by

Looks good feels solid. The problem we are experiencing is the fill cycle and spin. I know that these washers use less water but it seems ours does not even come close to covering the clothes. Maybe its not weighing the load properly. Also, occasionally leaves water in the basket after spin cycle is done. We are going to call someone in to address the problems and hopefully they will be resolved and this washer will be excellent.

Review Title: does a great job cleaning, saves water and spin dry is awesome | Review by

We've had the washer for 6 months now and love i, we replaced a HE front load washer, from another manufacture with the GE top load HE machine. No comparison, the top load cleans better, runs quite and spins dry like you can't believe, which means less work for the clothes dryer.

Review Title: Product is a big disappointment. | Review by

Very disappointed in performance;vibration and it is out-of-balance with all size loads. I do like that the cycles arent as long as some others on the market.

Review Title: IT'S SO BIG | Review by


Review Title: Moves too much. Doesn't use softener well. | Review by

Even though the washer is level, it vibrates and moves around. The softener area is always full of old softener.

Review Title: Returned and exchanged for another brand | Review by

Washer "walks" across the floor during the spin cycle; cannot balance itself. Repair service volunteered to replace the drum hoping that might fix the problem.

Review Title: Runs good, needs more water | Review by

I feel that the features are very good and it is an efficient washer. I a just usd to being able to determine how much water I want to add. Whenever I open the lid, I feel that the water level should be higher.

Review Title: Perfect | Review by

So far so good. No issues. Quiet, efficient, and gets clothes clean. Very large active family, several loads daily. Last GE lasted 12 years. Hopefully this one will also.

Review Title: LOVE this washer | Review by

Got this washer and couldn't be happier. It gets my laundry done quickly, and washes better than any washer I've ever had. Wouldn't change it for the world!!

Review Title: advanced performance | Review by

I just replaced an old GE Harmony with this product. My clothes that were not coming out clean before are clean now. If you remember to follow the instructions on decreased use on the HE brand of detergent anad put that in before the load of clothes, you can avoid the soap residue that some say is left on the clothes. I have not experienced this myself. The clothes are also very soft after the wash, almost dry and smell very clean.

Review Title: Except for having no aggitator, this product is great | Review by

The washer is large capacity and provides excellent results, but not having an aggitator creates imballances at times, resulting in the washer "walking" away and sounding like it's trying to implode. I like everything about this product except for the lack of the aggitator - which would keep the clothes from migrating to one side. I thought it would be innovative, that's why I bought it, in addition to the quality of a GE product.

Review Title: Has good features but not completely sold on how well it cleans | Review by

Love the capacity. Also like that large bulky items don't make the washer walk or vibrate around much. Wash cycles seem a little long. I've noticed dark colors have residue on them even though I use liquid detergent. I often have to rinse again before drying. I think it needs to fill with a little bit more water than it is programmed for. I'm not sure I would buy again.

Review Title: LARGE | Review by


Review Title: best washer ive ever had | Review by

Its so quiet I dont even have to turn the tv up when im doing laundry. Clothes seem cleaner than when I washed them with my old washer. It washes fast I love the timer. It adjusted the time based on load size and type. It is super easy to use and figure out too.

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

We have experienced balance problems where we need to readjust the load.Otherwise, we love the cycle completion signal; it definitely does a great job with less waterl it is very quiet.

Review Title: GREAT | Review by

So far so good, I went from a top load conventional washer to a front load but with all the jumping around the front load did I went back to the top load just not the conventional style. No center agitator, but much larger cap. I really like all the wash cycle choises, plus how quite it runs..........

Review Title: saving on consumption of water | Review by

Like the water saving features on this washer and the big load feature so I can wash my queen size quilt's and blankets. I find that sometimes the washer jumps all around when it get in the spin cycle and on delicate items it doesn't always spin dry enough. Other than that it's a quality washer, now lets see how long it lasts without any repairs to it!



Review Title: LOVE it! | Review by

I'm so glad that the salesman showed us this one after I originally had my heart set on another...

Review Title: good washer with many settings, large capacity,efficient in cleaning clothes | Review by

We recently purchased both this washer paired with dryer . They are both excellent machines. Clothes are dried quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend these machines to others and wouldn't hesitate to buy them again! High quality mahcines for a great price

Review Title: GREAT !! GREAT !! GREAT !! | Review by

When I was looking and needing a new washer, I wanted the best I could get while on a budget. I also wanted the newest features such as water saving, agitator free washing, front loader or top loader, etc. When I found my washer I was looking for and having been using past 6 months, my electric bill is lower and water bill was lower, clothes can out as clean as ever! So, in conclusion, I am totally satisfied with this product, and highly recommend this washer to anybody needing a great product on a budget, and looking to save money too while using this washer. Hope this helps you ! GOOD LUCK !

Review Title: Cadillac of washing machines! | Review by

Nice and quiet, only wish you could choose a separate rinse temperature.

Review Title: Great washer! | Review by

I love this top load washer - it has plenty of features. The stainless steel, agitator-less tub is great for clothes. It washes and spins QUIETLY.

Review Title: Messed up spin cycle | Review by

We bought this washer from a reputable appliance store about two weeks ago based on good ratings from reliable sources. Unfortunately, the one we bought does not work properly. The clothes are cleaned, but come out soaked no matter what spin setting we put it on unless the washer is run a second time on quick rinse. The spin cycle will only work on the quick rinse setting. Before finding this out, clothes came out sopping wet. No one was able to find a fixable issue with it. This spin cycle issue wastes time, electricity, and water. We will be returning the washer and will most likely purchase a different brand.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I like this washer because I can wash two items or a bedspread. It works that good.

Review Title: Service stinks and product doesn't work right | Review by

Since we have had it we have had numerous problems. The fabric softener has clogged, the machine will turn itself on at random times, the water level is some times way too low, it gets way off balance constantly and does not correct itself (we have to stop it and redistribute the load) and other times it fills up all the way when there are only a few items. After numerous calls and several visits by the repair tech we were told it s our fault because our house is wired wrong. There is only one other item on that circuit - the sump pump. And it never ran for the first several months when we were trying to get things fixed. We have to unplug it when we are done using it and can't walk off during spin cycles. This is simply the worst appliance we have ever owned and no body will help us since it is "our fault". When my wife decides she can't stand it any longer we will probably just throw it away and get a different brand.

Review Title: LOVE IT! | Review by

I love the huge capacity. We bought this washer at Home Depot. the clothes are very clean, Love it! We also bought the dryer, and works perfect.

Review Title: Extremely disappointed | Review by

Bought this washer from a large, trusted furniture/appliance store in our area about two weeks ago based on good ratings from trusted online sources and good reviews on other websites. Unfortunately, the one that was delivered to us doesn't work properly and we don't want to chance another problem if we simply exchange it. We will be returning the washer in a few days after we have enough clean clothes to get us through until we can find a decent washer.

Review Title: Great product for price | Review by

I was a little intimated when I purchased this washer because of all the buttons, but once I did my first load it was a snap. It cleans my clothes very good & it's so quiet. So, for the price, this was a good investment.

Review Title: great features | Review by

its quiet and runs smooth.. i love the way it weighs the load to save water. looks great in the laundry room

Review Title: poor product | Review by

It unbalances after every couple washes. Sometimes all the clothes dont even get wet!

Review Title: I LOVE this washer! | Review by

I highly recommend this washer. It gets my clothes so clean and yet is very gentle on all fabrics...amazing since it doesn't use much water.

Review Title: I like doing laundry again! | Review by

I just recently purchased this to replace an older washer and have to say it was a great choice. When you have 5 people in your family you MUST have a dependable washer that cleans thoroughly and quickly. I haven't been disappointed!

Review Title: Excellent features | Review by

Washer is extremely quiet during wash/rinse cycle. Spin cycle is extremely efficient. Clothes are damp cutting down on drying time.

Review Title: AWESOME!!! | Review by

I have had a front load washer for the past 10 years. We are on well water and I wanted to conserve water. In the past 10 years that washer has had over $3000 of repairs done-with a maintenance agreement thankfully! You could not fill it completely or it would break. With this new washer, I have trouble finding enough stuff to wash! It is never full and I am using less water because it is so much more efficient! My clothes are cleaner and almost dry when they come out because of the high spin. I love how it knows how much water to use!

Review Title: This washer can handle whatever you put in it. | Review by

So far I am extremely pleased with my new washer. I have washed everything from delicates to large loads of towels, bed sheets and rugs. Everything has come out clean and the washer never once got out of balance. It is extremely quiet and has very little vibration even when spinning on high. I like the variety of cycles and the ability to customize them. And as an added perk there is no annoying buzzer to signal the end of the plays a lovely little tune!

Review Title: Very Impressed | Review by

We bought this washer at Home Depot on sale for $699 + free extended warranty (after Home Depot rebate). When they delivered the machine I was kind of intimidated. I have washed and played with the buttons and different settings. It is a great washer and the clothes are very clean. We did not get the dryer because our older one was still working. I love that the product is assembled in Kentucky. American Made!

Review Title: Good value for the money; the washer looks nice and performs well. | Review by

Many great features and cleans clothes, especially bulky items well. The only issues are that the lid tends to hold water and the excess will drip out when the lid is moved. Also, I'm not sure if it is the water here in Atlanta, but the clothes don't smell as good as they should.

Review Title: High spin here we come! | Review by

Just had this washer installed today, and already delighted. The dog we were babysitting chewed some of the kids stuffed animals and so a perfect test was salvaging the merely damp ones and tossing them in the washer with a few other odd "bulky"items. What fun. Everything came out great and the washer was so quiet. Mostly, what we were really hoping for with a new washer was a machine that could extract a lot of water so our dry times would be diminished. Everything came out great and very dry. We'd always rather hang things to dry, and this will make it much easier. I also won't feel too bad when we have to use the dryer as they are half-way there already. I am also happy to have a top-loader still. I prefer them, and since we make our own detergent I didn't want to worry about purchasing special detergent to protect the door-seal. All in all we are happy with this investment.

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