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GE GTWN5650FWS 3.9 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE-GTWN5650FWS Laundry

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  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Meets or exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency resulting in big savings for you.
  • HydroWave Quiet Agitator Wash System
  • The agitator is quiet and efficient.
  • LED Electronic Controls with Cycle Countdown Display
  • Beautiful display showing all the information.
  • eWash Option
  • Cold water saves energy without sacrificing cleanliness.
  • eMonitor
  • Learn how to save with the eMonitor showing you how efficiently you're washing your clothes.
  • 20 Wash Cycles
  • Handle the toughest laundry with preset cycles.
  • Precise Fill with the Option of 5 Water Level Selections
  • This option fills your washer with the perfect amount of water by sensing the size of the load.


Total Capacity: 3.9 cu. ft.
Motor Speeds: Variable
Electrical Requirements: 120V; 60Hz; 10A
America at Work: Product Assembled in the U.S
Energy Star Qualified: Yes
Style: Top-Loading
Number of Cycles: 20
Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 6
Maximum Speed: 700 RPM
Wash Basket Type: Stainless Steel
Adaptive Capabilities: Adaptive Fill
Agitator Type: Dual-Action Agitator
Dispenser: Blech; Fabric Softener
Wash Mechanism: Agitator
Speciality Cycles: Basket Clean; Towels and Sheets; Jeans
Control Type: Torary-Electronic
Washer Cycles: Heavy Duty; Speed Wash; Rinse and Spin; Drain and Spin
Water Temperature System: Perfect Temp
Optional Soils Level: Extra Heavy; Heavy; Normal; Medium; Light; Extra Light
Wash/Spin Speed Combinations: 5
Energy Saving Option: Yes; eWash and eMonitor
Wash System: HydroWave
Washer Options/Settings: Fabric Softener; 2nd Rinse; Auto Soak
Washer Control Features
LED Cycle Status Lights: Yes
LED Cycle Countdown: Yes
Delay Start: Up to 12 Hours
Labor Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Parts Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weights
Product Width: 27"
Product Depth: 25 1/2"
Product Height: 42"
Height Needed for Lid to Raise 90 Degrees: 51"
Net Weight: 150 Lbs.
Approximate Shipping Weight: 160 Lbs.

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Review Title: Love my new washer | Review by

We are so pleased with our purchase. This machine is super quiet and has great features. Love the automatic fabric softener dispenser, just set and go. Does a great job washing and spinning. My dad always swore by GE washers (he owned a laundromat for many years) and he was right. Best large appliance purchase we have made in a long time. Thank you.

Review Title: Love this washing machine! | Review by

I had always bought another brand washing machine, but now with this GE machine, I realize how superior it is!

Review Title: Clean Clothes!! | Review by

I love my new GE Washer! I had a front load from another company and I hated it. It would not clean my clothes. This washer not only cleans my clothes but took the ugly gray and yellow out of my other clothes. I love that you can adjust the water level to where you want it. That is the best feature of all!

Review Title: Wonderful features | Review by

I bought this washer about 3 weeks ago and I am very happy with my choice. This one has a hand wash setting that I love as well as being super quiet and efficient.

Review Title: Love it!!!! | Review by

My other washer and dryer was about 7 years old and although still working I was always frustrated with everything being off balance. We have limited room in our laundry room (depth) and this worked out perfect!! I actually don't mind doing laundry anymore.

Review Title: Pleased with performance | Review by

Very quiet, like ease of operation. Only negative is that if a full load of new towels is done, I sometimes need to run the spin over again because it does not get all of the water out of them.

Review Title: Washer review | Review by

Have had this washer 4 months, no issues at this point.

Review Title: I have always had GE washers. | Review by

I thought I would love this product, but it is very difficult---will walk across the room on spin cycle and becomes off balance at the slightest change. Need to be ever vigilant when washer is in use.

Review Title: Where's the water? | Review by

Even on the highest water setting, the tub only fills up maybe halfway. And then the agitator isn't strong enough to pull the clothes underwater. So any clothes that are sitting on top don't really get cleaned. I find myself having to do laundry twice as often as I used to (half loads), which ends up eliminating any energy savings. If you only fill the tub halfway, the washer works fine. But for a family of five, this means we're doing a load of laundry every day, which is extremely annoying.

Review Title: great features | Review by

bought this a while back, never wanted a water saver but i love this model, gets my cloths clean and my water bills have gone down. it great

Review Title: Much better than a front loader | Review by

This washer washes all loads well. It is easy to load and easy to empty - without having to lean over and stretch to get all the clothes.

Review Title: great results | Review by

We've used it for a few months and my wife loves it. Happy wife = Happy life


Seems to be washing the clothes, but I find even when a want a "high fill level, it doesn't seem very deep. Also, I don't like the fact that I have to add the clothes and soap first, because if the water is running, the led goes into pause. i.e., when I fill the softener in the cup, and it required another capful of water, I have to go in the other room to fill it because the water shuts off whenever I lift the lid.

Review Title: Quiet and Efficient | Review by

So far, I'm very pleased. The washer cleans my laundry well, which is the first priority. Beyond that it is quiet and efficient. Quiet is important because my washer is located in my kitchen which is adjacent to my breakfast room and family room, where the TV is, in an open floor plan. I really like that! It's efficiency is enhanced by its ability to sense the correct water level, important in an age that requires water conservation. I has plenty of settings to do everything a washer needs to do, and the drum is big enough to hold a comforter. I like top load, too. My one concern is the same concern I have for all digital input appliances. What happens if the key panel goes bad -- a choice goes "dead." That happened on my above stove microwave, and that was essentially the end of the microwave, which was by no means old, but was out of warranty. Guess we all just have to live with that risk at some point. Not sure extended warranty (as opposed to improved technology) is the answer. There was something to be said for knobs, mechanical parts.

Review Title: Worked great for first 3 months. | Review by

Was very happy with this washer until 3 months in when it stopped draining and spinning water out more and more often. It started by rarely happening. And then it became a more frequent problem. At this point, we have to run "Drain and Spin" over and over and over again on each load until it finally drains.

Review Title: Agitator is useless | Review by

This washer does not use any type of strong water pressure to help with the cleaning of our clothes. My husband often has stains on the front of his undershirts and we use bleach a lot to make sure they are clean and they always used to come clean before. We use the same soap and bleach as before, but this washer will not take the stains out. The agitator just lightly swished back and forth, it has no force to propel the clothes down to the bottom of washer and back up again. Its almost like trying to clean your clothes by filling the tub and dragging the clothes through the does NOT work. Very disappointed with our purchase, we will not be buying another GE.

Review Title: So easy to use | Review by

My 14 year old GE washer needed a new transmission so I decided it was time to buy a new one. I wanted something very simple to use and this machine is perfect. When you choose the type of wash you want, delicate, sheets & towels, darks, etc. the digital readout will tell you how long the cycle will last. In fact, you can track what's happening with your cycle as the readout will tell you where the load is in the cycle, filling, soaking, etc. And...the wash cycle is incredibly quiet. At one point, I didn't hear anything and had to go into the laundry room to make sure the wash hadn't stopped working. High Energy detergent is recommended but I don't think you must use it. However, I am and there's been no problem. The washer is the same height and width as my old one, but I seem to be able to put in a lot more clothes. And lastly, the it's a very attractive design. Overall, I am very pleased with this washer.

Review Title: all great | Review by

very happy we bought this washer. if this is a survey why do you have to tell me how many words i have to use ???

Review Title: Brand New | Review by

Just purchased this washer and trying to learn how it works. The installation dudes failed to give me a manual and just an installation guide, so I had to drive way out to the dealer to get a manual printed up. Stupid! So far, I have noticed, while doing a "speed wash", which was recommended before washing any laundry, that the washer makes some unusual noises so this will take a little getting used to. This machine is replacing a GE washer I purchased in 1989 which lasted 25 years, so it has a lot of "measuring up to do." Too bad no one seems to make washers and dryers in Almond anymore. Only white. I have always liked GE, though. Great company!

Review Title: Precise Fill is the best | Review by

Very happy that I bought this set. Geographically, my laundry room would not allow front loading machines, doors opening and water supply prohibitive. This set, with precise fill is great for small loads. Being able to chose higher water levels for white loads is a plus.

Review Title: love this washer | Review by

I love the auto fill and that I can use it as a normal washer when I need that extra water for my heavier clothes

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

Washers have changed a lot since I bought my last one 10 years ago, and I wasn't happy with most of the changes I saw. This washer, however, merges the changes with my desire to control temperatures, amount of water and other options I want to be able to choose. I'm very pleased with how well it works, with the extra features it has and how clean my clothes come out.

Review Title: Precise fill | Review by

I feel the precise fill doesn't give you enough water the water won't fill when the lid is open it doesn't spin all the water out

Review Title: Great Washing Machine | Review by

My previous HE front load washer did not get our clothes clean - towels smelled musty - sheets had a funny odor, etc. I love this new GE washer - I determine how much water is needed and the clothes come out smelling great! Lots of options for every load - big or small.

Review Title: Agitator is useless | Review by

This washer does not use any type of strong water pressure to help with the cleaning of our clothes. My husband often has stains on the front of his undershirts and we use bleach a lot to make sure they are clean and they always used to come clean before. We use the same soap and bleach as before, but this washer will not take the stains out. The agitator just lightly swished back and forth, it has no force to propel the clothes down to the bottom of washer and back up again. Its almost like trying to clean your clothes by filling the tub and dragging the clothes through the does NOT work. Very disappointed with our purchase, we will not be buying another GE.

Review Title: It cleans .... Yea! | Review by

Appears to do the job! I'd be careful about using the auto-fill setting ... manual fill settings are easy enough. I have softened water so I use much less detergent, still cleans fine.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

I've always owned ge appliances good product got a lot of years from their washers

Review Title: very good machine | Review by

I love this washer it's easy to use and the options are great.

Review Title: Vast Improvement | Review by

Just got this washer to replace a less-than-one-year-old GE GCWN4950 which was noisy and did a poor job of cleaning. THIS washer is GREAT. Had it only a couple of days and have already done a half dozen loads. VERY QUIET! Actually cleans clothes! I don't care for auto water level feature - but you can set it to what you want.

Review Title: Worked great for first 3 months. | Review by

Was very happy with this washer until 3 months in when it stopped draining and spinning water out more and more often. It started by rarely happening. And then it became a more frequent problem. At this point, we have to run "Drain and Spin" over and over and over again on each load until it finally drains.

Review Title: Nice washer! | Review by

I bought this washer to replace one that was about 10 years old that had a bad bearing in it. I can't believe how much I'm saving on my gas dryer because of the spin capacity of this washer. Clothes are practically dry when I take them out of the washer! Sounds like an airplane when spinning, but that's the way it's supposed to sound. High efficiency settings are great - automatically sets water temp and levels but you can tweak them if you want. Nice washer!

Review Title: GE- GTWN5650FWS | Review by

it has everything and more I have been looking for. Does a great job.

Review Title: Large bin | Review by

This washer has many features that fine-tune the process, though it's hard to say if there's enough difference in them to matter. Overall, however, so far, the machine runs smoothly and is quiet. It does a good job of wringing out the clothes so they take less time to dry (which is a good thing since the GE dryer I bought takes a long time).

Review Title: Great machine and features | Review by

Amazing features and great service. Would recommend to friends and family.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Bought this washer recently and it does a good job.

Review Title: So far so good (actually: way better than that!) | Review by

We've had this washer for less than 24hrs, but have done 5 loads of wash in that time (yes, laundry was piling up while we looked for a new machine).... and we're delighted with it!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I researched several different brands prior to purchasing and am so glad I did. I love everything about it and will recommend it to others.

Review Title: Good | Review by

Seems to clean very well and quiet. The lack of permanent press cycle is a definite downside for me. Manual is confusing since it addresses several models and is not particular to mine.

Review Title: Great washer! | Review by

I purchased my GE Washer in early September and I LOVE it! It uses gentle action to clean everything and my fabrics feel so nice after!

Review Title: Very efficient machine- | Review by

I like how quickly it washes a load- I would like it to stay on the cycle I left it on instead of having to set it each time I wash.

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

I've used this now for about 2 months and just love it! It has many different settings to choose from & I especially like how when it's filling up, the drum slowly spins around so that the whole load gets wet evenly. No more air-bubbled clothes sticking out of the top of the water, plus it's the quietest washer I've ever had!

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

Purchased this product a few months ago, I am very pleased with it.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

The best washer I have ever owned. So many great features!!!

Review Title: Overall Function | Review by

So far so good! This was a difficult purchase since I was a Maytag repairman from many years ago. We have had this washer for over 4 months and so far I like everything about it! It is very quiet and does a good job of washing everything. I like the fact that it does have an agitator but still handles very large loads. If it holds up long term I will continue to buy GE appliances.

Review Title: Features Don't Do Enough | Review by

This machine washes fine but for all it's features you can't customize the settings much. I bought it to be able to use it that way. For example the speed cycle only has normal/high speed agitation. That doesn't allow me to use it for stain treating a delicate item. Advertised as whisper quiet, the machine is loud and noisy. Most cycles take at least 43 minutes plus and can be much longer. An extra rinse can take an hour or more. Where is the energy efficiency in that?? The product directions are minimal; they need to be much more thorough. I'm disappointed with it.

Review Title: Efficient | Review by

Efficient Machine. Like different spin cycles and washing features.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I love all the cycle control options that this washer has. My favorite is towels/sheets. It runs just long enough saving energy and really gets the job done.

Review Title: Not the washer the wife would have purchased | Review by

The wife of the house was a little concerned that this washer was not exactly like the one that it replaced; it has "too many gee-gaws" to keep up with (her words, not mine). Other than that small caveat, the washer has performed really well.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

All is going well with my washing machine. It is quiet and cleans well.

Review Title: So far, so good! | Review by

I like that I can choose the settings for each cycle. Love the 'soak delay' feature, don't have to remember to go back and restart.

Review Title: Big capacity and very quiet. | Review by

We replaced a washer that was 10 years old and were pleasantly surprised with the capabilities of this GE product. It has a bigger capacity tub, many more settings and is quiet as can be. We really like it.

Review Title: Great Washing Machine! | Review by

I wanted a Washer that I could manually choose the water level setting. This one has it! I can choose the water level setting plus there are lots of different wash cycles to choose from that are customizable. A digital readout and the quiet HydroWash system with an agitator; what more could you ask for? Really gets my laundry clean. The only thing GE could add would be for it to iron and fold your clothes! Love this machine. And on top of this it is a beautiful machine!

Review Title: Great machine | Review by

I couldn't wait for my old machine to break so I could get a new front load washer. After reviewing the front load washers and top load models with no agitator I decided they weren't the best options. I love this washer. I haven't had any issues with straps/strings being caught under the agitator. I use precise fill on smaller loads and love the deep fill option for larger ones. My clothes are coming out clean and not twisted up/ wrinkled. The only problem that I have noticed is that my towels are getting beat up a little more with the towel/deep rinse setting (however, it is probably because they are so old and the other washer wasn't really cleaning them). I can actually say that I enjoy doing the wash with this new machine.

Review Title: Perfect Wash! | Review by

My 12 year old GE washer died suddenly. Called the store where I had purchased it and this new washer was delivered the same day. It is silent; takes big loads; washes to perfection.

Review Title: It's perfect! | Review by

This new washer has all the features I'll ever need, plus a larger capacity even though the footprint is the same. I love the new features -- auto fill, cycle minutes display and stainless steel tub, all at an affordable price.

Review Title: Lots of Options | Review by

I've had my new dryer and matching washer for 2 months now. They look great and work beautifully. I love how smart they are - lots of options and I have the ability to select any combination based on my needs. When I don't need anything special, I just select "Energy Saver" and these appliances decide what's best.

Review Title: Love this washer! | Review by

I love the features on this washer, especially the precision fill. I also use the speed wash cycle which comes in handy when I'm in a hurry to get the wash done fast!

Review Title: No real good features | Review by

Very cheaply made/ appears to be made of tin Very very thin

Review Title: Ease of different cycles, my choice of water level | Review by

A lot of choices on each cycle, but not complicated.

Review Title: Does a Good Job | Review by

I have had my washer for about 3 months after my 12 year old one finally gave out permanently. This machine is quieter and the tub is much deeper so I can wash alot more including bedspreads, saving money. It looks nice and I don't mess with the settings too much as my clothes seem to get clean enough using the presets and HE washing liquid. I like the pre fill setting, my clothes are generally totally immersed in water and get clean. I love the delay feature. In my home it gets used daily. It spins well and saves using the dryer as long. I am very happy.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

I bought this model almost 1 yr ago. It it the best washer I have ever owned

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Happy with my decision, stylish and very large tub

Review Title: Great machine. We had a GE Profile for 14 years an | Review by

Great washer with great features. We had a GE Profile for 14 years and I will always buy GE washers!!

Review Title: Not Happy | Review by

I bought this washer 4 months ago. I am very disappointed. It is very noisy when it is in the spin cycle.Even though I am using the same brands of detergent and fabric softener towels are not soft. It also takes a long time to wash and does not do as good a job as my old washer.

Review Title: Had The Features I was Looking For | Review by

Bought it approx. one month ago--so far it seems to be what I wanted. The only thing that I found is that its not as quiet as described--but it isn't noisy enough that I'd make a big deal about. Need to use it much longer to give a better review.

Review Title: Excellent. | Review by

I did not want to buy an HE washer because of all the bad things I've heard. I searched all over for a top-loading washer with an agitator that had all the features I wanted and the GE was the only one that met all my criteria. This is the best top-load washer with an agitator that I could find and I am very happy with my purchase after a month of use. It has more features than any other agitator style washer out there. It has exceeded my expectations. It always fills with enough water to wash the clothes (even on the auto-load size select), it is gentle on the clothes, and has numerous cycle options including a hand-washable cycle which is important for my good dress shirts. Also, it has a stainless steel drum, it is quite and does not vibrate at all. Very solidly built. I would definitely recommend this washer and would buy again. I plan to add a matching GE dryer when the time comes to get a new dryer as well.

Review Title: Nice conventional washer | Review by

We wanted a conventional washer. This was the best one out there.

Review Title: SPIN CYCLE IS CRAZY | Review by

First of all the agitator is so quiet that it barely moves so your clothes don't get washed very well. Then the SPIN cycle shakes your whole house like crazy. So I have to say I would not recommend this washer to any of my friends. Look for a different washing machine.

Review Title: Great appliance, agitator snags my clothes | Review by

Love the features and capacity, but I have one huge complaint. Drawstrings and straps on my clothes get caught under the agitator paddles and cause my clothes to twist, knot and pull out of shape.

Review Title: GE Washing Machine | Review by

spin cycle broke down after 3 months, great repairman replaced all parts

Review Title: It has a lot of nice cycles | Review by

I have had this washer a few months, so far I am very satisfied with it!!

Review Title: Wash It Baby | Review by

The pre-programmed settings work very well. I am very happy with load-select-and-go dial, I am not too interested in washing clothes.The load can be quite large and yet all the clothes seem to be equally clean. Relatively still new but I see/sense no potential problems.

Review Title: Really loud! | Review by

Wanted to purchase a washer made in the USA. Hoped I was purchasing a washer that wouldn't spin the clothes to the point of permanently wrinkling them. The reviews I read were misleading because this machine spins so hard (even on the gentlest settings) that the wrinkles don't even come out in the dryer and forget hanging clothes up to dry, even ironing doesn't get the wrinkles out. The shiny metal tub of the washer is already showing water/mineral spots and it's only a few months old. They should have painted it the traditional enameled coating that wouldn't attract those mineral deposits. For the longest time after a wash load was over and emptied there was a powdery white substance left on the bottom of the tub. This powder settled all over the bottom of the tub and had to be wiped out after every load. The changing gear noises as the washer moves through its cycles are really loud and sounds like it's about to take off from my laundry room floor. I have stored my 25 year old washer & dryer (still working fine) in the garage just in case I can't stand this new washer and it's "new and improved HE" properties. Can't wait until they go back to the old technology that allows for slower spinning and adjusting the water depth. These properties might not be as energy efficient but your clothes turn out so much better and will last a lot longer because this new HE washer is spinning the life out my clothes. Wish I had bought a new washer/dryer 10 years ago before the manufacturers went HE.

Review Title: Agitation too slow | Review by

Don't feel my clothes are getting as clean as my older GE. Seems like i have less suds and have to always fill my tub with extra water in order to get proper agitation. Am I doing something wron or am I using the wrong setting. I really would appreciate a call from your customer service.

Review Title: Various tub fill configurations | Review by

This washer has an HE feature but I choose to put more water on my clothes when I wash them as I feel they are cleaner when more water is allowed to agitate and help 'wash' away any grime.

Review Title: one downfall | Review by

I wish I could leave top open while water is going into washer.

Review Title: Great Features That Actually Function | Review by

I have used many products in the past whether my own or families, that "show features", but actually never function correctly. This is a great product!!! With other energy efficient models in the past they never got the clothes wet or clean where this one actually gets all the clothes wet and the agitator functions and the clothes come out clean!!! Worth every penny.

Review Title: Best washer ever!! | Review by

This washer is so easy to use and does an excellent job on keeping my clothes nice and clean. So happy I decided on this particular model.

Review Title: Awesome! | Review by

This makes such quick work of doing laundry! Has a great capacity and is easy to use

Review Title: great features | Review by

so far so good, works as well as previous brand that it replaced

Review Title: I love my GE washer! | Review by

I love my GE washer! The ability to change the settings for whatever type of clothing you are washing is an awesome feature!

Review Title: Wave washer | Review by

This washer has a agitator and the ability to add more water. I decided on this after much investigating love it

Review Title: User friendly | Review by

The thing I like most is being able to adjust the water level on this machine. It cleans well and has plenty of settings and features.

Review Title: hate it | Review by

just want a machine to wash, rinse and spin - don't soak in dirty water. also want a machine that agitates and cleans my clothes. not happy at all

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Bought this a month ago to replace 18 y.o. Maytag. I like the fact that I can control the water level even though it is an HE machine. You can choose to take the no brainer route and let the machine determine the water level if you want. Does have an agitator but the wash tub is very large and easily fits big loads. The spin cycle is louder than my old machine and I would not want it to be next to my bedrooms. In the basement it's no problem.

Review Title: Cleans GREAT with very little water | Review by

If you are looking for an HE washer that actually cleans your clothes, this is the washer you need. It is an HE washer with an agitator. My friends have another brand HE washer without the agitator and say it is noisy, does not use enough water and does not get all of the soap out of the clothes. Well, leave it to GE to build a washer that uses less water, because it has a setting that fills the tub with just the right amount of water without wasting a drop. This washer is so quiet, my wife fussed at me for not starting the wash when it was actually running! I also purchased the matching dryer and I love this set. Best washer & dryer I have ever owned. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

Review Title: So simple and energy efficient! | Review by

I bought this strictly sight unseen and off of the reviews. My old washer had lasted 15 years. I was looking to update with all the bells and whistles as I do at least 1 load a day, that being said... The fancier was not better. I wanted simple and efficient. This washer has an agitator, is quiet and cleans great! When I did the first couple of loads I didn't think there was enough water and kept adjusting the load size. You really don't need to do that, the only thing I find myself still adjusting is the spin, for more energy efficiency it will do an extra spin which wrinkles the clothes a little more than I care for. I am still out on the fence with the control panel being higher tech than the good old push and pull controls I' m used to!!!! I am so picky about my laundry and I am really happy with my choice. I really did buy this off the reviews so I hope my will help you!

Review Title: Worth it. | Review by

Completely satisfied. Would buy it again. Would recommend to a friend.

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

It does a great job on the laundry and it has a large load capacity

Review Title: Great Washer for the money! Excellent value! | Review by

Our old washer died and it was time to get a new machine. We recently purchased a new GE clothes dryer so we looked at GE washers first... we also checked with several different sales people at Lowes and Home Depot and the consensus was that GE products had the fewest issues. Anyway, this machine is SUPER quiet and has great features too. This is the first time purchasing an appliance with nearly all electronic controls and we are very pleased.

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