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GE GTWN5550DWW 4.0 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer - Energy Star (View all from GE)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued. Please call us at 888-768-1710 for suggestions on a replacement model for this product.

9:30am-5:30pm CST

Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry

Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5550DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5550DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5550DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5550DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5550DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5550DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5550DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5550DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry
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  • Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5550DWW Laundry

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  • ENERGY STAR Qualified/CEE Tier II
  • Meets or exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency for year-round energy and money savings.
  • Infusor Wash System
  • Uses HE detergent, requiring less water than a traditional top load washer.
  • LED Electronic Controls with Cycle Countdown Display
  • Shows exactly how much time is left for each cycle.
  • eWash Option
  • Energy saving option uses a cold-water wash on select cycles without sacrificing performance.
  • eMonitor
  • An electronic readout shows the exact efficiency of each cycle so the user can decide how they want to wash each load.
  • 20 Wash Cycles
  • Handles various fabrics and soils.
  • PreciseFill
  • Washer will automatically measure the load size and add just the right amount of water.
  • Bleach and Fabric Softener Dispensers
  • Automatically operates with wash cycle.
  • 700-RPM Spin Speed
  • Fast spin speeds remove water efficiently and minimize dry times.


Total Capacity: 4.0 Cu. Ft.
Style: Top-Loading
Control Type: Rotary-Electronic
Dispenser: Bleach; Fabric Softener
Wash Mechanism: Infusor
Number Of Cycles: 20
Washer Options/Settings: Fabric Softener
Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 6
Wash/Spin Speed Combinations: 5
Delay Start: Up To 12 Hours
Water Levels: Variable
Water Temp System: PerfecTemp
Energy Saving Option: Yes - eWash and eMonitor
Adaptive Capabilities: PreciseFill
Wash Basket Type: Stainless Steel
AutoBalance Suspension System: Yes
Color Lid Instructions: Yes
Front Serviceable: Yes
Galvanized Steel Cabinet: Yes
Maximum Spin Speed: 700 RPM
LED Cycle Status Lights: Yes
LED Cycle Countdown: Yes
Quiet Package: Quiet-By-Design
Washer Cycles
Heavy Duty Cycle: Yes
Speed Wash: Yes
Rinse and Spin: Yes
Drain and Spin: Yes
2nd Rinse: Yes
Auto Soak: Yes
Extended Spin: Yes
Whites Cycle: Yes
Colors Cycle: Yes
Handwash Cycle: Yes
Delicates Cycle: Yes
Permanent Press Cycle: Yes
Custom Cycles: Yes - My Cycle
Specialty Cycles
BasketClean: Yes
Towels and Sheets: Yes
Jeans: Yes
Optional Soil Levels
Extra Heavy: Yes
Heavy: Yes
Medium: Yes
Normal: Yes
Light: Yes
Extra Light: Yes
Claims and Certifications
ENERGY STAR Qualified: Yes
CEE Tier II: Yes
America At Work: Product Assembled In The U.S.: Yes
Power / Ratings
Motor Speeds: Variable
Volts/Hertz: 120V; 60Hz
Labor Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Parts Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty For Full Details
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 27"
Overall Depth: 25 1/2"
Overall Height: 42"
Overall Height with Lid Open: 51"
Net Weight: 145 Lbs.
Approx. Shipping Weight: 155 Lbs.

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Review Title: BALANCING ISSUES | Review by


Review Title: Worst washer ever! | Review by

We have had this washer for over a year and hate it. It has an impeller rather than an agitator. The impeller only succeeds in turning laundry into twisted ropes or a big ball which then knocks the machine off balance. We have to be very careful how we load items and it still goes out of balance and bounces across the laundry room. It also leaves soap on the clothing sometimes. We picked GE because we loved our old machine.

Review Title: washer | Review by

large enough for all our clothes and fits small clothes for easy washes too. programmable, economical

Review Title: Garbage | Review by

I put up with this washer for 18 months until it destructed for good. The "load balance" never worked and I spent more time opening the lid, shifting laundry around and restarting the wash just to get it to stop banging and jumping around. Was initially only an issue with large loads or a sheet that would bunch up in one spot, now I cannot even "hand wash" cycle 5 pieces of clothing. This washer is on my second floor and I fear it will jump downstairs - or thru the exterior wall as much as it moves and bangs during a wash. Replacing with a new brand today!

Review Title: Horrible | Review by

My machine is less than 3 months old and has already broken down. Out of the 4 NEW GE Appliances only 1 hasn't broken yet

Review Title: Look out for the brick | Review by

Less than 2 years old and the counter balance brick fell off essentially destroying this washer. Better buy the extended warranty. You will be fixing this thing often.

Review Title: DON'T Buy this washer! It damages clothes. | Review by

We have had this washer for probably about a year now. Starting out, we discovered that using anything but the gentlest settings meant disaster. This washer has ripped the strong, woven 3/4" wide drawstrings on pajamas right in half! Not at the point where it was sewn on. It ripped right through the drawstring itself. This has happened multiple times! It has tore apart a sweater and shirt in one load. There have been various other items destroyed. It doesn't make them come apart at the seams. It literally tears the fabric, leaving the garments in a condition that can not be repaired. This happens because it twists the clothes VERY tightly. I've never seen anything like it. they twist up so tight they tear. Also, you have to shake out our items WELL before placing in the dryer because they are twisted up so tight, and often twisted and tangled together. I'm apalled that GE would sell such a horrible product. They've lost this customers business. I'm in the process of replacing my dryer, and will be replacing this terrible washer as well. I won't be buying GE.


I always follow tags on clothes on how to wash, and i love that this washer has different features from Hand washing to Heavy or Towels...But everytime I wash clothes at least 1 of something tears in the washer or at the least there are about 5 - 8 items that has the softner still stuck on it. Which requires me to do a quick wash which most times the softner comes out and in other's it doesn't. I actually put less then what i should for the softner and it still does it and it frustrates me because my electric and water bill goes up. I've had 2 other GE washers and none ever did this. That's why I'm very disappointed when it comes to this washer.

Review Title: Pretty good washer | Review by

Only owned it for a week, but it has it's first day off today. With a broken washer for a week and two teenagers it has done about 20 loads already. It is excellent so far. It does have a strange whistling noise when running but that appears to be normal and it is actually much quieter than my old frontloader. I can't speak to durability yet but it seems to be very well made. My only complaint is that the instruction booklet is kind of skimpy, it took one wash run on our own to learn many of the features. I like it a lot so far.

Review Title: Disappointing machine | Review by

Less than average results! Way too complicated and not efficient enough to clean clothes thoroughly! Please do not buy it's a waste of time and money!

Review Title: Very Loud Wsher | Review by

Purchased this washing machie when building a new home. I cannot believe the noise that comes from this machine. I have had other GE Washers and none made the amount of noise.

Review Title: What a disappointment!! | Review by

We have had our washer for two years and have had service out twice with no satisfaction. It does NOT do a thorough job of cleaning. In fact, it has put stains ON clothes. And the lack of a functional agitator means that it is constantly getting off balance with clothes/sheets/blankets balling up on one side, and taking noisy "walks" as it bounces across the floor. Too bad none of the reviews I read back then mentioned this HUGE issue. A complete waste of our money!!! Don't repeat our mistake.

Review Title: Total JUNK!!!!! | Review by

We got this machine a few months ago and it is a piece of garbage! it does NOT fill up with water! How do you get clothes clean with not enough water ???!!! It only has a tiny agitator so it doesn't get the clothes clean! The clothes just sit in a little bit of water and barely move around.They come out all dirty with fuzz clumped all over them. I do NOT understand this for the life of me. Supposed to save on water and energy but it doesn't do what it was made to do!!!! We went out and got a used washer that works the way it is supposed to and used to do. Until we can actually find a new washer that actually works correct!

Review Title: Washes well, saves money, unbalanced tub | Review by

Washes surprisingly well. NOT as quiet as it could be, and G.E. would not have to spend much to make it quieter. Tub is naturally unbalanced, placing stress on bearings, etc.

Review Title: Very hard on all articles being washed | Review by

The sleeves on garments are twisted, can't control the amount of water, gavity and minimum amount of water can't possible clean and rinse the clothes properly the clothing properly, manuals are very vague.

Review Title: Great Performance | Review by

Coming from a front loader to a top loader I am very pleased with the performance of the machine and the various cycles available

Review Title: Needs wate | Review by

Washer is disappointing. Needs agitator and more water to wash clothes.

Review Title: Excellent Washer | Review by

My washer just died one day and I needed a washer to fit in a condo space. I walked I to store and gave my list of needs...price limit, energy efficient and hoped for he....he recommended this model. I live it. It is quiet, washes all items beautifully and saves money. I have many options which I use and my clothes are great! I love it!

Review Title: Goods and Bads | Review by

We bought the washer on June 30, Lets start with the good features I like the timer, it is a good feature and it is very easy to set up. Now the bad. This is a washer that does not wash your clothes, Do not buy it, you will regret it.!!!!!!! I have tried all the possible settings, and none has done and acceptable job, i tried light loads, medium loads, and big loads, with little, medium and the top level of he soap, yes i did buy the he type soap. My wife was the first to used it, she complain right a way, sadly we didn't wash the first load until a week and a half after we receive the washer, and honestly I though she have done something wrong, so my methodical engineering mind set to the task to prove that the machine was ok and she was just not following the right directions. Like any good husband will do when getting new appliances, or electronics. Now three months later here i'm, with apparently no recourse to get rid of this machine that the only thing that has done is bring problems to my home and dirty clothes.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

This was the standard product that was furnished with the purchase of our townhouse. I have only good things to say about the features of this product. It offers numerous settings and gives you the default temperatures, spin cycles, etc. but it also allows you to set your own for example towels: default hot water, your option warm, and then you can save this setting so that when you select the "towels setting" next time it remembers. It has cleaned everything well and spun it dry adequately.

Review Title: none | Review by

i bought this washer 10 months ago low water is noy good for cleanin clothes can only put a few things in and usually have to rewash clothes for what I had to pay for ir very dissatisfied

Review Title: Noisy & leaves fabric softener | Review by

I bought a new home and this is the washer the builder supplied. It's extremely noisy during the wash cycle (I've been told this is normal) then the machine won't let you choose any other setting for spin when using fabric softener, which is the highest setting, and there's still softener in the machine bottom and on clothes/sheets. I also don't recommend this machine for short people. I'm 5'2" and it's hard to reach the bottom.

Review Title: I have to add water for large loads. It shakes! | Review by

It was an option in the house we built. We could only buy GE appliances.

Review Title: Love the high efficiency feature | Review by

Didn't get to select the washer as it was a new condo and machine was already installed. Very happy with though.

Review Title: Poor Design | Review by

After 1 1/2 years the washer threw the concrete balance block out, the poor design used bolts without nuts to hold it down. This is an over $400.00 repair if done by a serviceman. It took $2.50 worth of nuts and lock nuts to replace the junk that was factory. No more GE Washers for me

Review Title: Nice Features | Review by

Brought it three months ago. Machine washes very quiet. It gets the clothes clean

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Love this product for it's relibility and it's features.

Review Title: Unhappy | Review by

Doesnot wash clothes clean. Can only do small loads to get clothes clean. Takes twice as long to do the wash.

Review Title: This product is great on water conservation! | Review by

Saves alot on water, especially when you live in a drought area, and water is low in supply.

Review Title: So far so good! | Review by

The week before Christmas, my 9 year old GE washer (that I absolutly LOVED!) finally bit the dust. The lady at our local store recommened this machine and one from another brand. I went with the GE because I loved our old one. I love the he, the 20 wash cycles are nice to have, and there is a ton of room for clothes. It is quiet-ish, but we keep it in the basement. So far I love it!

Review Title: Don't waste your money | Review by

This machine does NOT fill up and there fore does NOT clean the clothes.....All the new machines are designed for small loads NOT large ones they may have a large tub but it does not fill up with the water......something else the government got involved with designed to use less water want your clothes clean take them down to the river and beat them with a rock would be better off.....

Review Title: Great high efficiency washer | Review by

I LOVE this washer and I have the matching dryer. My clothes are even clearer now with a low water washer than with my old one. I also got a $500.00 rebate from my local water company. Everyone wins here. I use less water and my clothes are cleaner.

Review Title: This product has limited capacity | Review by

This is a beautiful appearing washer. It would be ideal as a tiny load machine. But trying to wash a few towels and a sheet is more than the washer can handle. The water line is so low that the towels lump together and for spinning purposes one must pull some of the laundry out and rearrange it, or have two separate batches for rinsing and spinning. I agree that clothing wraps around each other, and you have a tangle to deal with. The deal is to realize that you have to chose the settings to fool the washer into using the maximum amount of water. It was not a good choice and I feel sorry for someone who would try to wash a sleeping bag or quilt in this.

Review Title: Mediocre | Review by

This machine is very loud and I have not been pleased with the performance. I don't believe it does a good job getting my laundry clean. Some of the features are limited. For example, fabric softener can only be used with the extended spin. This negates some energy efficiency and clothing comes out overly wrinkled. There is no option to use a slightly higher water level for bulkier items, such as comforters. Overall, I would not purchase this item again

Review Title: very noisy | Review by

It washes and spin dries well, but it's a very noisy machine. we called the repair svc and were told that this is the new norm. You cannot sleep 30 ft away from this machine when it's washing.

Review Title: "Shake & Bake washer" | Review by

Purchased in December 2103 & was not advised of the noise when machine is working & would like it turned off (altho store says it cannot). Also much more unstable than my previous GE on spin cycle - AND machine moves

Review Title: Wonderful machine and so efficient! | Review by

This is a phenomenal washer! So efficient and gets the clothes so clean. The squeaky "hiccup" noises it makes are a bit annoying but after a bit you don't hear them anymore.

Review Title: works great | Review by

altho it's so different than my last washer, it took me awhile to learn the ''method'' ofall the settings. I like it very much, especially th deep bin that holds much more laundry.,

Review Title: Not a satisfactory washer | Review by

> Takes twice as long to wash a load as prior washer.....As retirees we only have light loads

Review Title: Really economical | Review by

Based on the settings you choose it tells you how savvy you're being. Unless you just hit the econ button and it'll do the best choices for you automatically.

Review Title: This is a great washer | Review by

This new style washer has what is called an infuser in the center of the tub. No more clothes getting twisted around the center post. Very quiet

Review Title: Noisy sounds | Review by

Little noises but cleans very well looks good. Works f

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

My old GE front loader died after 8 years and this washer was recommended as a better option than a new front loader. The features and appearance are nice, but that's it. I have owned it for five days and want to take it to the dump. My clothes still have dirt and dog hair on them after washing them. The washer became unbalanced while washing a blanket, would not correct itself and bounced itself into the corner and continued to beat itself against the wall until I stopped and rebalanced it. You can imagine the noise! It also knots my clothes in a tangled, balled up mess. I have to untangle them before I can put them in the dryer. I read the manual carefully so as to respect the load size I feel it is the machine. A GE rep is coming to look at it, thinking there might be something wrong with it. We shall see...

Review Title: Washer | Review by

I have had the washer for about 1 month. Only thing I miss is a finger faucet on it. Have enjoyed it very much

Review Title: Excellent Performing Washer | Review by

When we first purchased this washer we were a bit leery. The lack of what we normally would see for an agitator was not there and it made sounds that we had never heard in a washer before. However, once we started using the washer and saw the efficiency and quality our skepticism soon faded. It does an excellent job of cleaning and the spin cycle is awesome. It spins the clothes out so well that it has helped cut sown the amount of time the clothes need to be in the dryer giving a savings on our electric bill. We are very pleased that we decided to purchase this washer and would recommend it to any one.

Review Title: This is not you mother's washing machine | Review by

It is much better!! You will need to be open minded and expect it to perform and sound differently than the washer you have previously owned. Overall it is quiet as it performs its job in my laundry closet. As you use this washer you will gain a better understanding of how it functions and it will meet or exceed your expectations, it did mine. The one thing I found is that it does not do is wash fluffy comforters, if you need a washer that will do so, move up to the next model with the bulky item setting. The control panel is very easy to use and understand with plenty of cycles and options. I love the fact that it gently cleans my clothing, bedding, towels and small rugs. It spins the water out very well allowing your washed items to spend less time in the dryer. I have never enjoyed doing laundry however this washer has made it much less of a dreaded chore.

Review Title: Very disappointed | Review by

I've always had a GE washing machine, and have always really liked them. This one, however, needs alot of improvemnet. If you have dirty clothes from farm work, it does not clean them, even when there's not much clothes in the machine. Jeans are always unbalanced. I can't stay inside everytime I have jeans in the waher to stop it when it becomes unbalanced. I have this machine over 3 months now, and I've been very, very unhappy with it.

Review Title: Not great for dog owners | Review by

I bought this machine as part of a package of GE appliances in my new house. It is HE and uses less water which are the positives. The negatives are that it does not get really dirty things clean. I have four dogs and wash their beds regularly. I would have to wash them three and four times to get them somewhat clean. So much for energy and water savings. On delicate clothes it is great.

Review Title: Awesome Machine | Review by

This machine washes my comforters that I would have to take to the laundry mat before....I was very disappointed in GE before this machine and it has restored my faith!

Review Title: Lots to learn! | Review by

Glad to have new washer. Didn't expect it to be so involved and time consuming to learn how to use settings.

Review Title: $800 waste | Review by

This is a noisy machine...spin cycle has dinging sounds like something is loose inside. Service man said it's "normal", REALLY? Clothes get tangled and VERY wrinkled...DOES NOT SELF BALANCE as advertised as the machine will jump around on floor......The bleach dispenser has ruined several garments also.....

Review Title: Awful Washer | Review by

I've never posted a review before, but just could not let this go. I've had this washer for 7 months. At first, I thought I would get used to the "new style". The longer I have it the more frustrated I am with it. Clothes come out horribly wrinkled. Soiled clothes don't come out clean. Cycles take way too long - on average a minimum of 1 hour. Spin cycles can go 15-20 minutes. To try to mitigate wrinkles, I try to remember to stop the machine's spin cycle early. It seems to help. But, who has time to "babysit" their washer? You can't turn off the Extra Spin Cycle if you use fabric softener. I use twice as much fabric softener and still have tons of wrinkles. I find myself ironing my knit tops! They used to come out soft and ready to wear. I can only wash 1 king size sheet at a time if I want it clean. Washer has a huge tub, but can only put in a 4-5 t-shirts to keep them within water levels. GE says you can load more into the tub, but my experience is clothes don't get clean. Doing laundry for my husband and myself has turned into an all day job. Lots of small loads all taking each 1 hour. I bought the washer because it fit in my space requirements. I should have bought a traditional agitator machine or a front load washer. I am seriously thinking of selling it and getting something else. Worst money I've ever spent. Bottom line... I use twice as much fabric softener, take 2-3 times longer to do laundry and end up having to do ironing that I never did before! Not good.

Review Title: This product is awesome | Review by

I love all the features of this washer and my clothes are super clean, but the best thing is that this washer is so so quiet!!

Review Title: Some good, some bad | Review by

I purchased this last January (?) and chose it because I wanted a top opening and an agitator type. That part is good. The part I don't like is that there are noisy gear changes. Also when I set the water for large water level (for example), it will fill to that level for the wash, but only the low level for the rinse. I do not understand that, and I am not happy with it.

Review Title: Don't Buy | Review by

Bought this washer in January of 2012. Quit working almost exactly one year later and has done the same January or 2014. It does everything except run the spin cycle. I tis a giant h is too new to be doing this.

Review Title: Efficient | Review by

Efficient Washer. Uses only as much water as necessary to get the job done. I expect my water bill to go down. The controls are very easy to use and simple.

Review Title: Less water useage | Review by

This washer uses only the amount of water needed for a particular size load. My clothes come out clean. I use the extra rinse cycle on my towels and they come out so soft without even using fabric softener.

Review Title: wow | Review by

Super many features...does everything but conjugate a verb'

Review Title: Love everything about this washer!!! | Review by

I have been wanting to upgrade to a more energy efficient washer and because I am limited in space, I got this one. I love all the features and there are many, and it is so easy to use. It really does save on water and your electric bills. I have found no problems with my clothes getting clean, they all come out spotless and less wrinkled then they did in my old agitator type machine. Loading is easy and as long as you follow the directions in the right order and don't add clothes once the sensing begins, it works excellent! Because you can use an extended spin, my clothes are not as wet as they used to be in my old machine. This saves on my electric because they dry so much quicker in the new dryer. As a matter of fact I had a full load in the dryer on auto sensing and the clothes were dry completely even though it said it had 25 more minutes to go. I am one happy woman....loving my new washer & dryer!

Review Title: WORST WASHER EVER | Review by

I purchase this washer 1 month ago and I'm so disappointed. The clothes literally comes out dirtier than it goes in. Full of soap and linen. It's supposed to be energy-efficient but I waste more energy and time re-washing the clothes than with the old machines. I had a 6 years old Samsung and that's the washer I'm using right now.

Review Title: This isn't a bad washer | Review by

This washer is okay. the profile washers is better

Review Title: Why didn't I read these reviews first!! | Review by

Horrible machine, loud and scary noises, clothes all twisted and mangled, need to rinse every single load twice.. what a disaster. Don't buy this machine!

Review Title: Terrible Decision | Review by

I have had the machine for less than 24 hours and it is already shaking and making a ticking sound. I purchased from Home DePot and now I need to wait 4 hours for someone to call me back to help me with this machine. I am already regretting my decision. I hope I will be able to update this review.

Review Title: An Energy Saver/ But it has it quirks | Review by

Once you figure out the quirks of using the washer you"ll get good results. Always wash black colors inside out.. Always add detergent and fill with water before adding clothes. Use Tide laundry soap for best results.

Review Title: Pleased w/my new GE top load washer | Review by

It has performed as advertised and gets my clothes and dog beds clean. I would like to be able to adjust the water levels, since I don't feel like enough water is used w/the new energy efficient washers.

Review Title: I'm very disappointed in this washing machine. | Review by

I've had a GE washing machine of this type with the infused washing capability for over a year. It doesn't clean the clothes, becomes unbalanced, knots the clothes and is generally unsatisfactory. I wish that I had read some of the reviews before I made this purchase!

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

I wasn't sure about this new washer - weighing the clothes to fill - but no problem with the clothes being clean. So quiet the first time I used it I had to go in several times to make sure it was working. I have recommended the washer to my family.

Review Title: Stay away from this one | Review by

Clothes do not come out clean which defeats the purpose of the washing machine. Other than that many bells and whistles.

Review Title: Cleans but is extremely loud | Review by

This washer works well on the cleaning side but has this annoying wheezing sound like as if you were a chain smoker. I close the door to my laundry room and sometimes it will wake up our 13-month old son. The noise is something I would not want to get used to and will be contacting GE for a replacement since I've only used it for a week. I tried lowering the settings (gentler) and less clothes and that seems to not be the problem. Hopefully, it's just my defective unit and not a general problem everyone has.

Review Title: Hate my new machine! | Review by

This machine does not get my clothes clean! Lower agitator and water level does not allow clothes to properly circulate to clean! I have to wash smaller loads...that doesn't save time or water! Mad that I can't afford to chunk it and buy something else!

Review Title: CAN'T FILL WITH WATER !!!!!!!! | Review by

The water savers got to GE. The reason I bought this washer was for the nice SS inside. No matter what water level setting you set it at, it will not fill the drum. The water barely covers the clothes. I called GE and asked them how to fill it up. YOU CAN'T..I asked the if I could fill it with a hose from the sink. They said it would ruin the machine. The soap is still in the clothes after washing. Now I run an extra rinse, and use no soap. Half load of clothes. Heavy loads I wash then twice, at 55 min. each run. I asked the people at HD and they said all washers are the same. Next time I'll buy a commercial washer.

Review Title: Worst ever | Review by

Put dirty farm clothes in and take dirty farm clothes out! It's going back today. Agitator is the worst...I have some clothes come out that have never even been immersed in water....completely dry with mud clinging to the clothes!

Review Title: Wastes water, NOT energy efficient | Review by

This washer is AWFUL! I have used GE appliances for 20 years (oven, microwave, washer, dryer, fridge, dishwashers - all of them!), and this new washer is the pits. It claims to be energy efficient, but they programmed the computer to drain out all the water if the selector knob gets moved even a little bit during the cycle. Further, the wash cycle is at least 10 minutes longer than the "traditional" cycle, so it uses more electricity! GE product user-friendliness has declined tremendously in the past 5 yrs. Check out consumer reports and pick a different manufacturer.

Review Title: Old habits vs New Technology | Review by

I, too, was skeptical of the "no agitator" (infusor), but I have not had any issues with cleanliness or detergent residue in any of these loads. For load #3 below, the washer self balanced the load, and the quilt was as clean as with my old washer.

Review Title: Excellent replacement for older model GE Profile Washer | Review by

We had an older model GE Profile washer that we loved, but it needed a new electronic control panel. The GE service man told us the repairs would be high and we would have to wait over a month for the parts. Ugh!!! He also gave us a private number to call GE Customer Satisfaction to try to expedite the spare part. The part couldn't be expedited, but they could ship us a new GE washer at a deep cost, I think. It could also be delivered free immediately. WOW, the new washer, a GTWN5550DWW, cost about the same as the spare part on backorder. We ordered it and received it in a couple of days. The new washer is every bit as good as the previous GE Profile which they carried off. It has virtually every cycle for any clothes you wash, it's quieter than the GE Profile, it calculates the amount of water needed to wash the load you put in, the washing performance is excellent without adding any wear on the garments, it has an amazing way of balancing your load so you never have to stop the washer and re-position the garments. Some of the noises you hear are from the washer balancing the load when you start the load, however, they are no louder than the noise of the washer while it's filling. In short, we couldn't be more satisfied with this washer or GE's service.



Review Title: A great washer for the price | Review by

I love my new washer. The amazing amount of features are definitely a seller for me. I love how I can change the features to suit how I like my laundry done. For example, I wasn't as big of a fan of the "extended" spin cycle because, for me, it seemed to make my clothes more wrinkled. I love it that I can choose the "Color" setting and then change it from extended to the standard spin cycle for clothing I don't want wrinkled. The choices are definitely a big seller for me. My clothes come out clean and fresh-smelling, too! I would recommend this washer to friends and family and actually already have!

Review Title: Don't go there ... | Review by

I bought this washer to clean my clothes. It doesn't. What else can I say? Oh, yes ... Not only that but the energy efficiency sticker on the front of the machine came off leaving a sticky residue that will not come off. Nuff said ...

Review Title: Outstanding Washer | Review by

I"m not a big GE fan but I do admit I love this washer. Great Price, great features and clean clothes.

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