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We're sorry, but this product is discontinued. Please call us at 888-768-1710 for suggestions on a replacement model for this product.

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Appliances GE-GTWN5250DWW Laundry

Appliances GE-GTWN5250DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5250DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5250DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5250DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5250DWW LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN5250DWW Laundry
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  • Appliances GE-GTWN5250DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5250DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5250DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5250DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5250DWW Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN5250DWW Laundry

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Customer reviews for Goedeker's excellent service

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  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Meets or exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency for year-round energy and money savings.
  • HydroWave Quiet Agitator Wash System
  • Longer, slower travel provides gentle, thorough cleaning.
  • Rotary Electronic Controls with Cycle Status Lights
  • Provides accurate cycle times.
  • 10 Wash Cycles
  • Handles various fabrics and soils.
  • PreciseFill
  • With the option of 4 water level selections will automatically measure the load size and add just the right amount of water.
  • Bleach and Fabric Softener Dispensers
  • Automatically operate with wash cycle.
  • 700-RPM Spin Speed
  • Fast spin speeds remove water efficiently and minimize dry times.


Total Capacity: 3.9 Cu. Ft.
Style: Top-Loading
Control Type: Electronic; LED
Dispenser: Bleach; Fabric Softener
Wash Mechanism: Agitator
Agitator Type: Dual-Action Agitator
Wash System: HydroWave; Quiet Agitator
Water Temp System: PerfecTemp
Energy Saving Option: Cold Care
Number Of Cycles: 10
Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 6
Wash/Spin Speed Combinations: Variable
Water Levels: 4; PreciseFill
Optional Soil Levels: Extra Heavy; Heavy; Light; Normal; Extra Light
Adaptive Capabilities: PreciseFill Auto-Load Sensing
LED Cycle Status Lights: Yes
Delay Start: 8 Hour
End-of-Cycle Signal: Yes
Wash Basket Type: Stainless Steel
AutoBalance Suspension System: Yes
Color Lid Instructions: Yes
Front Serviceable: Yes
Galvanized Steel Cabinet: Yes
Leveling Legs: Yes
Lid Instructions: Yes
RainShower System: Yes
Rinse System: RainShower System
Maximum Spin Speed: 700 RPM
Quiet Package: Quiet-By-Design; Deluxe Quiet Plus
Washer Cycles
Fabric Softener: Yes
Power Rinse: Yes
Extra Rinse: Yes
Quick Rinse: Yes
Drain and Spin: Yes
Delicates Cycle: Yes
Permanent Press Cycle: Yes
Specialty Cycles: Speed Wash; Towels and Sheets; Jeans; Heavy Duty
Whites Cycle: Yes
Colors Cycle: Yes
Handwash Cycle: Yes
Washer Options/Settings
Fabric Softener: Yes
ExtraRinse: Yes
Auto Soak: Yes
Power / Ratings
Motor Speeds: Variable
Volts/Hertz: 120V; 60Hz
Claims and Certifications
ENERGY STAR Qualified: Yes
America At Work: Product Assembled In The U.S.: Yes
Labor Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Parts Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty For Full Details
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 27"
Overall Depth: 25 1/2"
Overall Height: 42"
Overall Height with Lid Open: 51"
Net Weight: 145 Lbs.
Approx. Shipping Weight: 160 Lbs.

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Review Title: Disappointed in performance | Review by

Overall Rating
We bought this about a year and a half ago. Have been very disappointed in the performance. It will not fill up to full capacity. I realize that it is an efficiency performer but if a large load of clothing or a blanket is placed in washer water does not cover the load. I have followed instructions but to no avail. If it is a large capacity washer why will it only fill to 3/4 or less. As a result more water is used by washing more loads of clothing at small or medium capacity loads. And can not wash blankets (one blanket at a time) because they don't get clean.

Review Title: This product is better than what I expected! | Review by

Overall Rating
Even my Handwashables! I may never have to touch the water with my hands again! Unbelieveably marvelous! I just hope the touch features last awhile!:)

Review Title: Very happy with this product | Review by

Overall Rating
This is a very deep washer and handles loads well. and its really quiet!

Review Title: Overall,,,this is a very good machine. | Review by

Overall Rating
This model was picked from the product catalog in April 2012. I had to wait 5 weeks because GE does a late model change over. Definitely some new features from the 20 yr old Amana that it replaced. 6 wks into ownership the agitator flew off its mount, banging around, and cracked the top portion of the agitator. (that section is easily replaced) Called GE repair and gave a good description of the problem. The Tech arrived and said the motors on the new models were over-torqued and would need a new motor. I was disappointed that he didn't have a motor with him since I'd given a good description to Customer Service. This of course delayed the repairs. Motor was direct shipped to my house. Since the repairs everything is good. ~ Can't get used to the auto-fill feature so I don't use it.... I agree with some of the other reviews regarding not being able to get enough water for really big loads such as comforters, and no way to override they system. ~ Overall this is a very good machine for today's cost of Washers and I wasn't going to pay the ridiculous price of a front loader. One last thing. I am VERY GLAD that this machine is made in the revitalized plant in KY.

Review Title: Good machine | Review by

Overall Rating
Only complaint, at this moment, is that the supplied drain hose is too short. Since the hose has a special connection it is not one you can pick up at a local Home Depot or Lowes. I needed to change the hose length by adding on a piece in order to reach my drain. My suggestion to GE would be to manufacture a hose with a minimum length of 72 to 84" not 57" as supplied.

Review Title: WATER | Review by

Overall Rating
Performance is poor do to the water level! It would be a excellent washer if it used more water. Do not buy this if you have a lot of Laundry to do.You can thank our government with it's stupid mandates on our USA companies.

Review Title: This is a great washer! | Review by

Overall Rating
I have had my new washer since June and am very pleased with it's performance. It has a lot of nice feature such as the auto fill. Love it!

Review Title: Very satisfied! | Review by

Overall Rating
The washer has met my expectations! I chose this brand because my Mom is a GE fan and I have not been disappointed. The washer has a plethora of features for any fabric. The quietness is also a plus. Great model GE!

Review Title: Junk | Review by

Overall Rating
It's no wonder this model was discontinued. What a piece of junk. Within a month of purchase the spin cycle stopped working. Even after three service calls and a new motor it stopped spinning again. Local dealer was great to work with and took it back. Will never buy another GE product again.

Review Title: Huge tub! | Review by

Overall Rating
We bought this washer 6 months ago. Still surprised how many clothes can be washed in one load. Also like the precise fill feature. We used to own a Maytag front loader and our clothes get much cleaner now.

Review Title: Will never buy another GE appliance | Review by

Overall Rating
After only 2 yrs. (maybe less) my washer is unusable and needs over $700 in repairs. The tub came loose from the washer!

Review Title: Very Quiet | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this in September and love it its very quiet and hold my extra large bed spreads and I can set the timer and it will be done when I get home.

Review Title: Unbalanced load problem. | Review by

Overall Rating
I have had the washer less than 6 months and am having a problem with every load being unbalanced and have to redistribute the loads by hand. I am awaiting a new agitator which is suppossed to fix the problem.


Overall Rating

Review Title: awesome washer | Review by

Overall Rating
I purchased this washer a week ago and Im im love it washes up to 20lbs of clothes and it washes good so far the only thing it has so many features that I dont know what some of them are for the man that sold me the washer didnt know his own product that hee was selling and couldnt tell me what the features on there were but for the price I paid it was worth the washer...

Review Title: Does it all well! | Review by

Overall Rating
Bought this for the top loader-agitator washing quality. This washer really gets the clothes clean.

Review Title: WORST washer ever! but customer care was great. | Review by

Overall Rating
We bought this washer in Aug.'12; it never spun out all the water (sometimes soap; I use HE) and I'd have to run extra rinse & spin cycles. One day, it decided to chew up a queen-size mattress cover and sheets got really tangled up & stuck underneath the agitator. A tech had to come out (prayed) & one came that very day! He said the problem was common & the motor had to be replaced. They did in a week's time. However, the machine never spun out even w/an extended spin cycle & sometimes there was soap left in the clothes. Our W/D are in the basement & our drain is at the ceiling level which had been adjusted for. Another tech came out who said he's had other customers w/this problem & to set the machine on fab. softener (which I never use) but this gave it add'l. water to help w/rinsing & spinning. So I'm using MORE elec. & MORE water. However, the past 3 out of 4 loads did NOT rinse out all the water. Called GE, whose reps are courteous, patient & helpful as are their techs, they're great! But the product is inefficient & they have offered to replace & even upgrade. Thankful for that. Will let you know.

Review Title: Great Machine | Review by

Overall Rating
This was a replacement washing machine since the one I got 3 months ago broke down. This machine is easy to use, great functions resulting in clean good smelling clothes. Con: I am petite so I have to tippy toe to get the clothes at the bottom of the basin.

Review Title: Good solid washer for the price. | Review by

Overall Rating
This washer has all of the functions a normal family of three needs in a washer. The Precise Load water feature will save us money on our water bill. We expect many years of service from this machine.

Review Title: Hate this washer, going to send it back! | Review by

Overall Rating
First downfall, do not change any settings once you set them or the washer completely dumps out all water and refills. Not load size or clothing setting! Then do not expect the 3.9 capacity to actually hold a super load, water only fills half way up the barrel and won't go higher. Called GE, couldn't talk to an actual person with either line, so had them send a repairman. He actually told me people are frustrated with the "Energy Efficiency" forced on them by these machines. So forget washing your comforter at home anymore, he says he takes his to the Laundry Matt. Are you kidding me. It's got Super Capacity, but not even set on the actual EE setting it still measures the load and barely covers. Okay so I set it at Super without clothes and it only fills half way up. Absolutely no way to override this feature. So I don't see it saving water, I have to do two loads to wash my king size bed linens and mattress cover. Never have had to in my previous 3 machine in 40 years. Then add the fact that the shortest washing load-Jeans takes an hour to wash. The "just rinse" cycle is 45 minutes long. OMG, who are you kidding GE?? I have a well, give me my super size load!!

Review Title: Quiet, Efficient and Cleans Clothes Well! | Review by

Overall Rating
We were skeptical about getting a GE High Efficiency washer, but we are quite pleased and satisfied with the results. Clothes clean well and even though it doesn't seem to have enough water in the tub, it really works well.

Review Title: Great quality at a reasonable | Review by

Overall Rating
I did 8 loads of wash as soon as my washer was hooked up. It was very quiet and the clothes came out very clean. I like the choices given for washing, and especially the automatic fill option. definitely recommend this washer.

Review Title: Love my GE Adora | Review by

Overall Rating
Great washer. Love the large capacity. Happy to have top load as I've heard front loaders get stinky and can have leaking issues. Control options (size of load, water temps, etc.) are plenty - not too many, not too few. I think you will like this washing machine!

Review Title: Spin Cycle Problem, Hard on Clothes | Review by

Overall Rating
1.The tub shakes and bangs violently during every spin cycle no matter what type of load whether large, small, heavy or light. 2. The water level doesn't cover clothes even on super water level and every piece of clothing comes out twisted tightly and wrinkled. 3. Very long wash cycles averaging 50 min's. 4. No "My Settings" feature like on matching dryer so you have to override the per-programmed cycles for ever wash without being able to save them.

Review Title: Truely regret this purchase | Review by

Overall Rating
In order to get my clothes CLEAN I need to stay thru the whole wash cycle in order to add at least 20 gallons of water to the tub in order to get the water to even begin to cover the clothes adequately to get them clean. Same goes for the rinse cycle. No matter what setting small medium or large load the washer barely puts enough water in to even get the clothes wet. Not a time or energy saver, saved for two years to buy a new washer and now it will take me another two years to save enough to get rid of this nightmare.

Review Title: Terrible washer | Review by

Overall Rating
Washed basket is 17". On any setting washer will not fill more than 7". Water never covers any load. To cover with water I would need to cut the load size by half that of my previous washer doing twice as many loads.

Review Title: I am very pleased with this washer! | Review by

Overall Rating
This is a very modern washer with all kinds of interesting, new choices I was unfamiliar with. Usually that means it takes me a while to figure them out or I never do (my age: 63)! But this is so simple and straight forward that I am very comfortable and pleased with the options. It saves water, electrical power, and is so quiet you cannot tell it is on. I am very happy with this washer and glad to have trusted a GE product.

Review Title: Good basic+ washer, quiet, washes and drys well | Review by

Overall Rating
A very quiet washer, washes well, especially using liquid detergent. Rinses well, uses almost too little water, however. 3.9 cu ft tub is underused, water never goes past half way up tub. VERY fast spin speeds could cause some wrinkles, but clothes take a lot less dryer or clothes line dry time. Strongly suggest to NOT use dry detergent in this model, use liquid instead. Still suggest to get 2 year Extended Warranty, as sadly to say, like most all appliance makers, GE only warranties these models for one year.

Review Title: easy to use controls | Review by

Overall Rating
Quick and eassy to start a wash with the digital control features. The spin feature is an added bonus so the drying time is shorter.The siginal could be a lot louder so it could be heard one floor above.All in all it seems to be a reliable washer .

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Overall Rating
Best washer for all of my needs that I have ever had.

Review Title: A SUPERB PRODUCT | Review by

Overall Rating
I recently purchased a washer as mine was too costly to fix and I have to say that the new GE washer I purchased does my laundry quicker and makes a beautiful wash every time. I am so happy that I made the decision to buy my GE washer and I tell everybody that I speak to , that if they are in the need of a washer to go buy GE

Review Title: Great upgrade | Review by

Overall Rating
When our washer died after seven years, I dreaded forking out a ton of money for a new machine. We found this one on a great sale and even scored free delivery and haul away. I was pleased with the price and features, but I was even more pleased with how well this machine works. Our clothes are cleaner, and our water consumption is much lower than with our previous washer. Overall, I would definitely make this purchase again.

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