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GE GTWN4250DWS 3.9 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer - Energy Star (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE-GTWN4250DWS Laundry

Appliances GE-GTWN4250DWS LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN4250DWS LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN4250DWS LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN4250DWS LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN4250DWS LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN4250DWS LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN4250DWS LaundryAppliances GE-GTWN4250DWS Laundry
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  • Appliances GE-GTWN4250DWS Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN4250DWS Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN4250DWS Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN4250DWS Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN4250DWS Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN4250DWS Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN4250DWS Laundry
  • Appliances GE-GTWN4250DWS Laundry

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  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Meets or exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency for year-round energy and money savings.
  • HydroWave Quiet Agitator Wash System
  • Longer, slower travel provides gentle, thorough cleaning.
  • Rotary Electronic Controls with Cycle Status Lights
  • Provides accurate cycle times.
  • 16 Wash Cycles
  • Handles various fabrics and soils.
  • PreciseFill
  • With the option of 5 water level selections will automatically measure the load size and add just the right amount of water.
  • Bleach and Fabric Softener Dispensers
  • Automatically operates with wash cycle.
  • 700-RPM Spin Speed
  • Fast spin speeds remove water efficiently and minimize dry times.


Total Capacity: 3.9 Cu. Ft.
Style: Top-Loading
Dispenser: Bleach; Fabric Softener
Agitator Type: Dual-Action Agitator
Control Type: Rotary-Electronic
Number Of Cycles: 16
Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 6
Wash/Spin Speed Combinations: 5
Water Levels: PreciseFill
Water Temp System: PerfecTemp
Adaptive Capabilities: PreciseFill
Wash Basket Type: Stainless Steel
LED Cycle Status Lights: Yes
LED Cycle Countdown: Yes
AutoBalance Suspension System: Yes
Color Lid Instructions: Yes
Front Serviceable: Yes
Galvanized Steel Cabinet: Yes
RainShower System: Yes
Maximum Spin Speed: 700 RPM
Quiet Package: Quiet-By-Design
Washer Cycles
PreWash: Yes
Quick Rinse: Yes
Drain and Spin: Yes
Specialty Cycles: Towels, Sheets and Jeans
Whites Cycle: Heavy, Medium and Light Soil
Colors Cycle: Heavy, Medium and Light Soil
Handwash Cycle: Yes
Delicates Cycle: Yes
Permanent Press Cycle: Medium/Light Soil
Washer Options/Settings
Fabric Softener: Yes
Fabric Softener / 2nd Rinse: Yes
Extended Spin: Yes
Power / Ratings
Motor Speeds: Variable
Volts/Hertz: 120V; 60Hz
Claims and Certifications
ENERGY STAR Qualified: Yes
CEE Tier I: Yes
America At Work: Product Assembled In The U.S.: Yes
Labor Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Parts Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty For Full Details
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 27"
Overall Depth: 25 1/2"
Overall Height: 42"
Overall Height with Lid Open: 51"
Net Weight: 150 Lbs.
Approx. Shipping Weight: 160 Lbs.

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Review Title: VERY HAPPY | Review by

Very Happy with this purchase. Its easy and it does the job. Had another washer, different brand and it only lasted 5 yrs. This one spins out wonderfully.

Review Title: Decent Machine | Review by

Bought this to place in a new house. It is a little bit on the louder side - we think it sounds like the printer as it is adding water and the washer beeps if you have the lid open while it is adding water. Our laundry room is upstairs right near the bedrooms but when we shut the door it isn't too loud. Wash cycle doesn't take too long and there are plenty of cycle options - only wish it had a detergent dispenser.

Review Title: Saves water and cleans clothes! | Review by

This washer still has an agitator, which, to me, gets clothes cleaner. Also, you can use its load-sensing feature to conserve water.

Review Title: Washes Clothes as Desired | Review by

Cyces easy to set for desired clothed. Has added feature to set water level based on cothinhg clothing load. Used once without issue.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this washer and it was amazing It works wonderful.

Review Title: Great Size and Features | Review by

Just purchased 2 months ago to replace Front Loader by Maytag. So far am very pleased with my choice and options washer has. I was worried about the size but have found I can a fit a pretty large load and it get's everything CLEAN! No more worries about mildew inside front loader and wasting rinse cycles. thanks GE!

Review Title: Just the Features I Wanted | Review by

I bought this to have new appliances in the laundry room to help in selling our house. Now I'm not sure I want to leave the washer with the house when we move. I like it so much.

Review Title: We really like all the settings that are offered. | Review by

We've had our washer about two months and we are really happy with the way it works. It rings out all the water so the dryer doesn't have to work hard at all!

Review Title: GREAT WASHER | Review by

I have had my washer for 2 months and it is doing great

Review Title: Big and quiet, but possibly too many features | Review by

We bought this machine a few days ago, and I've ran almost ten loads through it already (we cleaned out our camper and washed all of the bedding and clothes). I'm very happy with the fact that it is MUCH quieter than our old washer. I also like that it is big enough to wash our comforter in. I did NOT want a HE washer, because I like being able to fill up the machine and let my clothes soak. So far, it's working perfectly and is getting everything nice and clean. The only possible downside is that there are too many useless features (in my opinion). There are six different water temperature options. (Seriously? I think that's just to make it look fancier. A simple Cold, Hot, and Warm option would have been just fine with me.) I'm a simpler, the better kind of person, because it seems like the fancier something is, the more likely it is to break, but that's just my opinion.

Review Title: Easy to use, and uses less water. | Review by

We've had this washer for almost a year and we are very happy with every feature. The only suggestion would be to have a signal go off when the cycle is finished.

Review Title: quiet wash and spin | Review by

water saving feature is not good. Don't feel like clothes agitate enough. Good thing is it is quiet

Review Title: Runs very quiet and is very efficient. | Review by

I have been very happy with the purchase of this washer

Review Title: Features liked by my wife | Review by

Just installed today do not know how it will perform but feel it will be fine.

Review Title: Simple to operate, So quiet! | Review by

We've had this washer about a month. It's beautiful with its stainless steel tub and simple control setup. I was afraid it wouldn't match my 15 year old GE dryer of the same model but its close enough to still look good together. No electronic controls, all manual. That's what we wanted. Our last GE washer finally gave up the ghost after 15 years of solid performance. This machine is so quiet, on the delicates load, I had to put my ear to the cover to make sure it was running. It has a one-year warranty, was $539 after sale & rebate and Sears financing offered 18 months interest free so it's about $30/month. All in all, a solid deal.

Review Title: Easy to use and maintain | Review by

Easy to use and maintain and keep clean. The controls are use to read and understand.

Review Title: not good | Review by


Review Title: Energy efficient | Review by

I bought this washer 1 month ago. I was not looking to buy a new washer because mine worked fine but the electrical cord would get hot after each cycle. I was told that the motor was getting ready to burn out and I did not want to cause a fire so I reluctantly bought a new washer. After using my new washer several times I now realize that my old washer was not working properly. The new washer has a setting where it fills with just the right amount of water. So savings on my water bill. The first time after unloading the washer I realized how much dryer the clothes were subsequently it takes less time to dry. So savings on my electric bill. I am just totally amazed at how well the washer works. Now I am wishing I would of bought a new washer sooner.

Review Title: Great washing machine | Review by

I bought this washer about 2 weeks ago. it does more than I will ever need. what I like most is it uses less water than the older models yet still gets my clothes clean. would recommend to others runs quiet as well.

Review Title: GE-GTWN4250DWS | Review by

I am completely satisfied with this Appliance and all of my GE Appliances because GE produce Very good products

Review Title: quite satisfied | Review by

quite satisfied with this product to date would recommend it to others

Review Title: Adequate with both good and bad features | Review by

5 days after I bought it new and had it delivered, I came home after running errands for 3 hours to find it running on its own in the rinse cycle! (I live alone so absolutely no way someone else messed with it!) I had to get a GE tech service call made and a technician replaced the circuit board behind the controls after only 5 days after delivery!

Review Title: Love it | Review by

We bought this machine because our other one broke. Love how deep it is.

Review Title: Great features!! | Review by

I am very pleased with my new GE washer/dryer. Large drums quiet clothes etc are happy!!!

Review Title: don't makem like they use to. | Review by

This machine does not wash hard enough to clean my clothes.

Review Title: Exceeds my expectations | Review by

Salesman suggested this washer when I told him I wanted a reliable top loading washer. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Review Title: Gets clothes clean | Review by

We have had this washer 9 months now. It does a fine job of cleaning clothes. It's noisier that previous GE washer - sounds like a jet plane engine during spin. I like the fact you can pause the machine to add clothes. I've heard another brand locks shut. Used Towels/Sheets cycle only once and won't use again. The sheets were wound tight around the agitator so that I had to struggle to get them out. They weren't damaged, however. Overall it gets clothes clean once you decide what cycles work for you.

Review Title: Cleans clothes thoroughly. | Review by

Wanted an agitator. Gave up top of line new washer without agitator.

Review Title: g.e. washer | Review by

it's in our florida home, it worked well, when we were there. we are currently in maine.

Review Title: Nice washer and great for our needs. | Review by

Our old washer was practically the same only noisier (before it completely died) and had a bit less cu.ft. The advantage that the old one had: more "energetic" cycles, i.e. it would work the load harder, would actually "suck in" the load and move it around quite a bit, did not rely so much on the passive action of the detergent. I understand the evolution in washing technology, but sometimes some pieces of clothing are not moved and pulled under the water at all. If and when I see it, I would stir it by hand. It is possible that we wash more often because of that. Otherwise, the washer is great.

Review Title: Terrible!! | Review by

It I extremely noisy. It beats and knocks when rinsing, spinning. I can hear it all the way in the back of my house.

Review Title: Able to control water level- quiet- | Review by

I am very excited having a washer which gives option to control water level. I have had washers with automatic fill with water levels filling too much for loads especially with tiny/small loads. Nice and quiet>large capacity tub and washes very well.

Review Title: great machine | Review by

We bought this washer to replace our 14 year old model. We are very happy with how quiet this model is, the clothes are clean,and the spin cycle is very good at geting most of the water out.The tub size is a great plus also.

Review Title: Just fair | Review by

I bought the washer and it was defective upon receipt. Made a loud clicking noise. It was switched out with a new one that is working. It washes clothes and does a decent job. Too expensive in my opinion.

Review Title: Multiple choices | Review by

It does it good job cleaning. However, there are too many choices! It took a long time to figure out how much water level is correct because of how narrow the diameter is so that the water covers the load inside. It's also deeper than I realized, so I hope my back holds out--it's difficult to reach inside.

Review Title: Returned first one...hope the second is better | Review by

First machine ran like it was off balance even though no laundry was in it and the machine was completely level.

Review Title: Great Features and operaton | Review by

Love the many unique features price and ease of use!

Review Title: stinks stopped working no service returned | Review by

stopped spinning and draining water 30 days in company did not appear to service. dryer never hooked up by installer. retuetrned this and will never buy ge again.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

My new washer has been excellent. I love the large capacity, the selections of the dials, and the fact that the clothes come out clean. One selection I like is the automatic water fill - fills with the level of water that you actually need, thus savings on water bill.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought my machine after my old one had quit. I am well pleased with it.

Review Title: Doesn't use enough water | Review by

I am disappointed that the clothes don't smell clean. It uses so little water that I don't think it washes and rinses thoroughly.

Review Title: well made, nic features, but | Review by

like the machine overall; good features, quality build, seems to save water compared to previous machines; however, regardless of cycle or load size, it takes about 45 to 50 minutes to do a load, which is much longer than prior machines; its the spin cycle that takes so long.

Review Title: So quiet!!! | Review by

I purchased this washing machine because my old one malfunctioned. It was also a GE that I had for about 15 years, so I got plenty of use out of it and the poor thing was wore out. I wanted to stick with the same brand because of the quality of GE products. I have used this washer for about 5 days now and I love it! It is so much quieter than my old one and I love the stainless steel interior.

Review Title: Washer meats my needs. | Review by

I needed a large capacity washer that would clean many different types of clothing and fabrics and this one does.

Review Title: Easy to use, Very quiet. | Review by

Chose this model over many others and other brands. This one had all the features we needed without all the extra fluff !!!! Great value...

Review Title: Super quiet and efficient! | Review by

This washer does a great job of cleaning and can take large loads such as a queen comforter! It is so quiet. I love all the options for water temperature and fabric selections.


This is my third GE washer I purchased in my life time. My first washer and dryer was still running great after 18 years and I left in my townhouse when I sold it because we where buying a brand new home and wanted to go all new. My wife loved those machines. If anything ever broke or need to be replaced I could fix it easily. My second GE washer was great but didn't last as long as I would have liked. The washer did "beautiful wash" as my wife puts it and had some new features that she really liked . But the tub started to leak. All it needed was a new tub seal ($8.00). It's easy enough to fix if your handy, but the washer was 12 years old and the bolt the hold the tub down was rusted solid and I could nut get it off. I even called an appliance repair company and they couldn't get it off ether.BTW the dryer still works great and not a singe problem with it. I was sorry to see it go but we needed a new washer. Now we have new and improved GE washer model GHWN4250D1WW. This washer is awesome. It's simple but sophisticated. It's saving money by low water and energy use. I love the stainless steel tub and with a capacity of 3.9 cubic feet, you can get the wash done quicker and less loads. It pretty much matches our dryer too! My wife is super happy and is back doing "beautiful wash"!!!

Review Title: Great Value & Features | Review by

We bought the washer about five weeks ago and it has lived up to it's billing.

Review Title: Best Washer | Review by

We needed a new washer and this is what we got. It is quiet and does a great job keeping our clothes clean.

Review Title: Washer | Review by

good value, works excellently, and does a good job

Review Title: Great Buy at an excellent price!! | Review by

Easy to use & a cycle for any type clothes!! Runs quiet & is very energy efficient!!

Review Title: Clean clothes!! | Review by

Unlike the expensive tumbler washers this washer gets the clothes clean. Really like the capacity of the washer.

Review Title: Terrific Washer! | Review by

Terrific Washer! Great Quality as expected, and great price.

Review Title: washer | Review by

I have had my washer for less than a year and bearings went out of motor !

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Great Features, has lots of options for getting clothes clean, just a little noisy but nothing to worry about it is just the mechanical working of the machine. After a few cycles you don't even notice it anymore. The manual also states this also.

Review Title: So far is alright | Review by

This washer is a hybrid of HE and new hydro wave technology that gives you option of HE fill and was or standard fill with hydro wave wash which does not agitate like regular washer.its more like swishing gently back and forth with soaking in between cycles. Cycles seem longer also, All the cycles wash in this manner. The spin cycle is 700 rpms which is much faster than standard washers so cloths are more dryer at end of cycle than standard washers. Im still getting used to it having always had a standard washer. I've only had it for a week and will update if needed. So far its fine.

Review Title: Really love the selection choice for settings. | Review by

This washer is wonderful. Our clothes come out beautifully clean, and also love the huge capacity that it holds!

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

This washer was the only one with a agitator that would atleast fill the tub 75% with water I could find at Lowes or Home Depot. It is VERY quiet agitating and gets our clothes clean! It does its job. You have to be careful with your load size and experiment with the various "load" sizes. Even on "Super" will ONLY get you 75% of the tub filled with water. My only complaint is that this washer does NOT fill to cover my laundry all the way to the top. BUT NONE do anymore thanks to the GOV. So you have to be careful washing a large comforter etc. of that size. Otherwise we are very happy with our new washer AND matching dryer (GTDP490ED2WS) purchased the same day!

Review Title: Great Job Washing | Review by

We have been very pleased with the washing results and the options. The tub doesn't fill very high with water when doing large and extra large loads. Could be the way this machine operates that it doesn't need as much as our old old one did, Otherwise a great unit

Review Title: Love this washer! | Review by

I bought this washer about 3 months ago and I could not be happier. I had a very hard time finding a washer that allowed me to choose my own water level. After reading from others about unclean clothes with the water saver models, I finally found this model. Yes, it does spin the clothes to an incredibly dry state, which is wonderful for drying times. Some didn't like that, but I can't imagine why. Also, there were a couple of complaints of clothes being tangled. I have only experienced this twice when I was getting used to the new machine. I had overloaded it. With this machine, as with any washer, you should never overload it. That results in tangling during the spinning process. The Hand Wash cycle is incredible! I have washed items that I would never have washed in my old machine. They are gently agitated and spin slower and come out looking great. Most of my clothes are washed in the Permanent Press cycle and I have no problems. I do not use the machine's water sensor. I still prefer to choose my own water levels, and I do not use more water than I need, but I am not yet comfortable with 6-8 inches of water to wash a load of clothes, so I simply use one of the many water levels to achieve clean clothes. The Towels and Sheets cycle is great and I have used that many times.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I just bought this product on May 31, 2014. The product is excellent. I am so happy I have my new product.

Review Title: BROKEN IN ONE WEEK | Review by

Had this washer one week and maybe 10 loads of laundry before the part that holds the agitator broke letting the agitator loose in the washer. Now waiting for parts.

Review Title: Superb Performance | Review by

This machine has an agitator, which our previous machine did not. We had decided to try the new non-agitator machine; shortly after it's purchase and use, we decided it was not going to be replaced when it croaked, because the clothes were not getting as clean. As promised, we have now replaced it with this GE machine which has an agitator, and we do not regret our return. Our clothes are again clean and rinsed well. We will not return to buying non-agitator machines again. The performance of this GE agitator machine is superb.

Review Title: Happy with product | Review by

Thrilled with washer,,, its works just fine and we couldnt. be happier

Review Title: No lock! | Review by

Admittedly, my choices were extremely limited since I required a center agitator and NO lock. I know these requirements may seem a bit odd; but those features are essential fro anyone who wants to machine-felt knitted items. In talking with other friends who recently purchased washing machines, they too felt that having a lock was a nuisance since, more often than not, one finds at least one more item to throw in a load after it's started. I was glad that GE had a machine that met both those requirements; however, I do miss the lint filter basket that was on top of the agitator in my previous GE washer. By the way that old washer ran for 31 years without a single repaire.

Review Title: Great value for money | Review by

Does everything I need it to do; large capacity, has 'smart fill' option

Review Title: Solid operation | Review by

Has run beautifully for 2-months. Quiet operation, cleans well, Great machine. Partially made in USA.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Very satisfiied with this washer. Easy to use and very efficient.

Review Title: This product exceeds my expectations. | Review by

The features on this washer are outstanding and great value for the price. I love the ease of operation, and I am extremely pleased with how well it cleans all items. This washer runs so quietly that sometimes I forget it's operating. The high efficiency features (spin cycle especially) actually cuts down on drying-time in the dryer.

Review Title: Deceptive advertising, low water levels | Review by

The machine is suppose to save water. "Super Capacity" load fills to only 11 inches of water. You just end up doing more loads. No saving of water. Doesn't clean cloths, and hard on cloths if you fill machine with normal size load.

Review Title: love the new washer replacing the oldwashe rGE 24 | Review by

Love the new washer new features replacing my old washer GE 24 years old

Review Title: Love all the cycles. | Review by

The appliance is quiet and I love the extra spin cycle.

Review Title: washer | Review by

we bought a new home and GE products were included. At this time, the washer is very good.

Review Title: Quality washed | Review by

I bought this washer the week of Christmas from Sears and it has done everything as described. This was the only traditional model that still had a pre-soak mode on the washer. I love the deep wash tub and that the drum is stainless steel. It is quite during wash cycle but louder then my old washer in the spin cycles. I like that it has more clothes care options then my old washer. And I love the power rinse option. I also like the fact that this model has more water temperature settings then my previous model. Which was also a GE washer. My only complaint this washer seems to be a hybrid. Even though it has a traditional agitator drum the water filling is similar to an HE model. Have to set load size between load levels to ensure the washer is properly filled in the wash drum. Very good washer for the price hope to get 10 years or more out of this washer.

Review Title: Frustrated | Review by

I have no probem until I wash a load of towels.....not talking about huge thick oversized towels just plain old bath towels. Never anymore than 5-6 a load with a few smaller towels and facecloths thrown in . 9 out of 10 times they are not spun enough. I have to re-arrange them and do an additional spin to get them dry enough to go into the dryer. Even setting it on a 2nd spin alone usually doesn't do it. I have no qualms about conserving water but these machines cant hold a candle to the old. This whole idea of machines using less water is great but the idea is hardly perfected. Give me the older machine that wasted water anyday.

Review Title: Awesome washer | Review by

I bought this washer about 2 mths ago and love it. very easy to use and so much better than the old one i had.

Review Title: Love everything about it | Review by

Had almost a year love it! Awesome washer easy to use

Review Title: lovin this machine | Review by

love this machine just got it did 5 loads of laundry today including my queen size comforter could not believe how clean it came out i have taken to the laundry mat an it still looked dingie but not now , i would recommend this machine with 5 stars

Review Title: GHWN4250DWW | Review by

I received my washer on 3/2/2013 and tub won't agitate. I followed directions and completed 2 empty speed cycles. I tried a small load with only my fabric softener ball inside. It confirmed the tub was not agitating because I could not hear the fabric softener ball banging around. Now I have to wait to swap out for another new washer. Hoping the next one won't do the same thing! I had my last GE for 12 years. They don't make them like that anymore.

Review Title: love my new washer, large tub, easy to use | Review by

Kept putting this off, sorry I did not buy it sooner.

Review Title: works well | Review by

This is one of a few washers that still use an agitator

Review Title: great features and very quiet | Review by

Has so many wash cycles. Spin cycle removes so much water that the drying time in the dryer is much shorter.

Review Title: Quiet and reliable | Review by

After several months the machine works very well. No problems with the cleanliness of the clothes after the wash. Extremely quiet. Only con is that you cannot tell from the control panel how much time is left on a wash cycle.

Review Title: Freat Features | Review by

I bought this two months ago and I'm so happy I did.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

Quiet, no unbalanced issues great machine dealer purchased from is excellent both on sales and service

Review Title: GE Washer | Review by

This washer does not get my clothes clean. The spin cycle is the same speed on all settings and my clothes are very wrinkled when they are removed to be placed in dryer. My old washer did a much better job!

Review Title: Typical basic washer | Review by

This is a typical basic washer. It gets the job done and at the end of the day that's the most important thing. The gentle washing cycle does make it sound as if the washer is dying but it seems to be getting the job done well so far. The dryer also spins out the water well too. Got this at a good price while it was on sale during President's Day.

Review Title: Great features ld sizs! Quiet, too! | Review by

I bought these a few months ago,and I LOVE them. My brother-in-law works for G.E.(31 years) and recommended them to me.

Review Title: Decent machine | Review by

Replaced a 20 year old machine, so far, seems OK. Very quiet, and cleans well so far

Review Title: Energy efficient | Review by

It is very efficient and once you get use to the difference of not having an agitator it works remarkably well.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

This was my first washing machine purchase ever and I love it!


This model was purchased after trying and returning one of the more modern looking energy efficient models from a worthy competitor. My wife hated it and had similar reactions from other users she contacted.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Have had this washer for several months now. It does a great job of cleaning and the spin really works to get the clothes fairly dry before going to the dryer. I wish it was a little faster.

Review Title: Quiet and efficient | Review by

Very quiet except in spin cycle,it washes well. I was surprised at how deep it was, much larger capacity than my previous GE. When I began shopping for a new washer I didn't think I needed 16 cycles, but I can see that I will use many of them , operations are easy to understand, just read the manual over once. I also like the enery rating, very low power usage and when you use the 2 spin cycle the clothes need less dryer time, and you save electricity then too.

Review Title: Excellent range of features | Review by

We chose this model because of the full range of features it offered, especially a soak cycle and the ability to wash non porous materials such as shower curtains. Performance so far has been excellent. Only negative is a few extraneous noises as it goes through its cycles. Washing performance for a full variety of items has been excellent. We are very happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Quiet to a fault | Review by

I purchased this about two-three months ago, and it meets expectations. It is definitely quiet, but that is because the agitator doesn't rotate very fast on any setting. The clothes are still coming out "clean", but I would doubt heavily soiled clothes would be clean with just one washing. I guess they just don't make agitator machines the way they used to, but this machine does better than many other new agitator machines. Also, the lid doesn't lock once it starts which is great. I can add clothes in after it begins. I am overall as satisfied as I can be for having a new washer, hopefully it will last as long as the old ones.

Review Title: Spins clothes almost dry, good price | Review by

I wanted an energy saving washer and I found it. Uses very little water which takes time to get used to. Spins them so dry and was able to cut 20 minutes off my drying time for towels.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

My old washer was well....old! Years and years old. My new washer spins the clothes so well that I immediately noticed my drying time was shortened! Nothing takes more than 30 minutes to dry! I also believe the clothes are cleaner. I am so happy I chose my GE washer!

Review Title: This machine use enough water to do the job right. | Review by

Purchased from Sears in March 2013. It is load but you just close the laundry room door. Does a great job washing our clothes and best of all you can have enough water in the machine to get them washed and rinsed. Wish you could over ride the water level settings but so far it seems to be doing the job. You do not have to use the HE soaps which is why we bought this machine.

Review Title: GE-GTWN425ODWS | Review by

This washing machine is a great product. It has a large tub and lots of features. It does all it was advertised to do. (The dryer I purchased is another story altogether!!)

Review Title: GE Washing Machine | Review by

I brought this product 5 months ago, and glass that I did.

Review Title: great price great washer | Review by

well satisfied , glad I bought it.reasonably priced so quiet, with many features

Review Title: noisey | Review by

cleans fine but roars in the spin cycle, is the loudest washer I have ever owned

Review Title: Amazingly clean clothes | Review by

I find my clothes are very much cleaner with the new washer even in cold water and it is extremely quiet in operation.

Review Title: Great technology in an amazing washer! | Review by

I had not upgraded my washer in years so I did not know how advanced the technology was. It is so quiet, uses less water, cleans great, and is very intelligent. This is my first GE appliance purchase and I am so pleased. I stumbled across a last minute sale and just knew it was a good deal and bought it on-line. P.S. I was a long-time employee of GE and was laid off a few years took a lot for me to buy this appliance but I am so glad that I did. Eventually I would like to replace my dryer with a GE too.

Review Title: great washer and dryer | Review by

great water saver features and very quiet saved on laundry detergent also

Review Title: Better than expcted | Review by

I dreaded buying a new washer since I loved my old one so much. I was told that all washers needed to be closed or else the water would not fill......not true. If you select the manual fill on this machine, the water will fill with the lid OPEN. This is important to me because I like to hand wash my delicates in the machine while it is filling up....and then add the rest of my laundry afterwards. I prefer doing this instead of using the delicate cycle for just a few little pieces. Also, while shopping for a new washer, I heard different answers when asked if this machine would hold my king size comforters. Although some sales people told me I needed AT LEAST a 4.0 capacity, I bought this model and it accommodates my king size bedding. I have had this washer for less than a month, but so far so good!

Review Title: Features wanted and paid extra for do not work | Review by

I bought this washer less than a year ago and the old washer worked much better and it was about 20 years old.

Review Title: ENERGY SAVING | Review by

Since I've own this washer I've notice a decrease my electric and water bill. I have three sons, so I like the automatic setting. Its real quit compared to most.

Review Title: Excellent washer | Review by

We've had this washer for over 2 years and it does an excellent clothes washing function, just is noisier than expected, based on comments from appliance department.

Review Title: Not as good as I thought it would be | Review by

I bought this machine a couple of months ago, and I find it to be noisy and longer wash cycles.I thought that this would be a better machine than my old one but I was wrong.

Review Title: Practical operations and great service | Review by

I purchased this unit because of it's flexibility and practical applications.

Review Title: Superior Washer | Review by

This machine is awesome! I've done at least a couple hundred loads and it is still going strong. The features are great as well. I especially love the "precise fill" load sensing feature. I don't have to set a load size for every load. I just put in the laundry set it for colors, whites, jeans.... and let it do it's job.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

Took a while to read about all the features, but all of them are worth the price and provide a wide range washing options. Surprisingly, the big knob on the right is NOT the timer - it starts with the push of a button.... after you remove your finger. At first I thought it was broken because the cycle did not start as soon as I pressed the start button, but does start when you release the button - silly me. The machine has features I don't use just because of habit, such as selecting the water level which the washer can do on its own if set to do so. But, I do use the extended spin cycle to reduce dryer time.

Review Title: Lov my new washer! | Review by

So much better technology than the old one Quieter, uses less water, spins faster so clothes are drier, user friendly.

Review Title: Easy Operation | Review by

Like the capacity and many washing options it gives me.

Review Title: Excellent washer & quality | Review by

We bought this washer June 2012. Have been using it for 8 months and absolutely love it. It has great capacity, does the job well and in reasonable amount of time. My only recommendation is to set up the washer with the 2nd rinse and extended spin as default, because the clothes will be cleaner. Due to the hydrowave, it uses less water. I love the stainless steel tub, appearance and price. We had bougth another brand, tried it and returned 1 week later becuse the washing cycle took 1.5 hours, they said it was due to saving water but we are way too busy, we do a lot of laundry (we live on a farm in Iowa). I will be buying the matching drier, once my existing one quits.

Review Title: Good value | Review by

I have replaced 2 expensive machines in less than 10 years. This machine was recommended as a great basic machine that will be a good value. It works great, has all the features I need and eliminates some of the annoyances of my expensive new machines (no musty smelling clothes, no black slime on the door seal, you can open the lid after it starts) and it will hopefully last longer than 3 years!). Plus it was available at a reasonable price and is eligible for an energy star rebate.

Review Title: Good Features, and ease of use. | Review by

Bought this washer to replace a GE Profile we had for 13 years, love the features and the reliability of GE products. This washer has the agitator, that we wanted, and washes great, and easy to use.

Review Title: GE Washer | Review by

I bought this washer 5 months ago. It is a nice looking washer, with lots of options for washing. But I am not happy with the wash cycle. It is too slow and does not get the cloths clean like the good ole fashion washers.

Review Title: Poor features | Review by

I bought this washer about 7 months ago. I do not like it at all. If I could trade it for a different washer I would. I hate the water levels. It never fills up the same level that it should!!

Review Title: washer | Review by

I have never hated a washer before this. This washer is so noise My dogs bark at it because it makes weird noises. Right after I bought it I wished I could exchange it for a different one.

Review Title: Great top load machine | Review by

I purchased my machine in December, and I must say that I am very pleased with its performance. I was lucky to catch a sale so I got it at a good price. I had been looking for it almost a year and got it at the right price.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Quiet machine and gets clothes clean. Also really like the precise fill feature.

Review Title: Easy to use/great features | Review by

Wasn't sure about this brand when I bought it, but it's been a great washer and would buy this brand again.

Review Title: Good Traditional Washer | Review by

I bought this washer about a month ago. I gave it mostly 3 stars because my verdict is still out on it because it does not briskly agitate the clothes like my old one did. I'm not sure it that is good or bad. It sort of sloshes them around, but then, they seem to come out clean. I bought it mainly because I still like the center agitator better than the current bevy of washers that have no agitator, and you have to use the High Efficiency powder. I like my old detergent brand cause some powders cause me to have a rash. Just call me old fashioned, but I like the old style washers with agitator better.

Review Title: Impressed with Performance - Pleased with Purchase | Review by

I wanted to save on my water bill so I was determined to find a machine that had the option to set the water/load level. This model does and even has an 'auto load sensing' choice which I have yet to use. Sure,there are still stains to pretreat but I have been very impressed with the performance of this washing machine. No more rewashing dog blankets because they come out clean from the first wash. Oh, and no more wasting water! We live in an area that was included in the drought this year so water became very precious. The spin cycle works great. Less water weight means less time in the dryer = less electric bill. I win again! I like having options so my new machine had to have all the bells and whistles that the machine it was replacing had.This one does and at a fraction of the cost of the old one.(which incidentally came from a different manufacturer and wasn't that old -very disappointed.) The controls are easy to read and use and I've washed a variety of items using the different settings and not had any issues with having to re wash or re rinse. I also washed large items (blankets,quilts,pillows,etc,) and this machine handled them without any problems. I haven't had any incidents where it became off balance. The only hesitation I had was that this model comes with a stainless steel tub and I had heard that stainless steel tubs have issues with metal 'barbs' not being grounded off and delicates will catch on the barbs. I've washed many delicate items and none have done that. Kudos to the metal fabricators. This washing machine was easy to install and hook up to the water connectors. I was able to adjust the feet on the bottom so when it is running I barely hear it. In fact, it is in the same room as my computer desk and several times I've gotten up and leaned over to listen for the motor just to make sure it was still running. It does make the 'clicking' sound(as described in manual) and yes it does make mechanical noises in the spin cycle but I gather one would be hard pressed to find a machine that doesn't.

Review Title: love this machine | Review by

I am so pleased with my new GE washing machine, I simply get over how "quiet" it is. I live in an upstairs condo so my downstairs neighbor will be as pleased as I am. This machine is an upgrade from my last GE machine and already I know that with some of the new features and the fact that it is High Efficiency it will serve my needs very well. Thank you GE.

Review Title: Great value for the money! | Review by

I've had this for about two months. Replaced a front loader washer and it was a great choice. Large capacity. Water saver. Many options.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I have had several makes & models of washers & dryers (all used). This is my first brand new set. The washer will wash anything! And the dryer dries fast & I love the wrinkle cycle!

Review Title: Good Washer, Plenty of Cycle Choices. | Review by

I bought this about 10 Months ago. The sheet & towel cycle was new to me. Also, the Jeans cycle was new. The cycles seem to get the job of washing my clothes done.

Review Title: many settings | Review by

Its a pleasure to return to a top load washer. My garments get much cleaner with this than my old front load. Other are so many loss settings I can set it perfectly for the items I'm washing. Great machine!

Review Title: quiet | Review by

we needed a quiet washer in our attached condo. This has proven to be a winner for cleaning performance and it's quiet performance.

Review Title: Simple | Review by

Easy simple non complex Easy to use And quiet and sleek

Review Title: Nothing but trouble! | Review by

We purchased this machine in october 2013. since that time it has broken down 4 times to this date! Totally sick of it, now I am yet again without a washer for the week while I wait for parts. Not happy!

Review Title: A good choice! | Review by

My washing machine is amazingly quiet and gets my clothes very clean. I'm a big fan of top loaders and have been extremely pleased with this purchase.

Review Title: gets clothesclean | Review by

I have used produ t 2 months it is veryquiet Nd that is good

Review Title: Quiet and super efficient! | Review by

I recently bought this washer since it had wonderful reviews and matches my existing dryer I got from GE 4 years ago. I absolutely love it! It has so many great options available! I also love how quiet it is! Strongly recommend this washer.

Review Title: I love all the great features on this machine! | Review by

I had purchase the matching drying last year and when my old washer went up several months ago, I was very happy to find the matching washer.

Review Title: Really happy with my machine! | Review by

I was looking to replace a 29-year-old washer that finally was beyond economical repair, and wanted a machine that would be energy efficient. I didn't care for all of the high-efficiency washers because it looked like they didn't fill the tub with enough water to really clean the clothes. With this machine, I can set the water level manually at the level I'm comfortable with, but I also have the luxury of having the sensing feature when I want it. It seems like the best of both worlds. The machine also is very quiet when it is in the wash cycle - I sometimes have to go into the laundry room to see if it is working. The spin cycle, especially on the towel setting, is somewhat loud. However, the washed items come out of the machine clean and well-spun-out, so the drying time is reduced (a much better experience than my old washer!) All things considered, I really love this machine!

Review Title: excellent product | Review by

I bought this washer because of the quality and craftsmanship. I have purchased a similar washer with GE and was impressed with it as well

Review Title: Great Price, Lots of Features | Review by

We got this on super sale at Lowe's after my previous washer of nearly 15 years died (also a GE). An awesome machine for the price - lots of options/features, quiet and smooth running. Does it's job for this busy ranching family with 4 kids under 7!

Review Title: great washer with extra perks | Review by

great efficient washing machine that has a lot of extra settings that we are really enjoying.

Review Title: Tub | Review by

Nice tub, but overpriced. Cleans ok, nothing special about this basic washer

Review Title: Good features. | Review by

My wife loves it, that is all that matters. It helps that I can't touch it.

Review Title: Quietest one yet! | Review by

I am so glad that I chose this washer over the other name brands! As soon as I tried it for the first time, I knew I had made the right decision. I love the way it works and how quiet it is compared to other brands I have purchased!

Review Title: Great Washer! | Review by

After 11 yrs of last GE washer usage, bought another GE washer. I almost bought a newer, computer board featured model with more options washer but after reading several customer comments-it can be costly to replace the control board-decided to purchase this simple, basic control model. The washing capacity is 25~30% bigger than my previous one, it is very quite, clothes comes out very clean. It does all the jobs that I am looking for from a washer.... Great Value!, Great Washer!

Review Title: So far, so good | Review by

I bought this machine (and matching dryer) two weeks ago; the salesman said that he owned one & liked it. If I had read all the negative reviews first I probably would have bought something else (there are even reviews on youtube) but, so far, the machine has done just fine. Some people complain that the machine "walks" but mine hasn't. Some complain of excessive noise; I find that the sounds it makes are a little different but it seems to be a very quiet machine. Some complain that the clothes are tangled and not clean, but we haven't noticed any such problems. We did start using HE detergent, as recommended. The only complaint that I have is that it is slow to fill with water; water flowed much faster into my previous 15 year old differnent-make machine.

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

This is old school workmanship with modern technology. Well built, very quiet when running, and enough options to make it interesting, not overwhelming.

Review Title: fair | Review by

I just don't like the way it washes, all the options are not needed.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this washer because it had the features I wanted. I like that I can select my own water level or use the automatic feature. It has plenty of settings for different types of wash loads. The only complaint I would have is the noise when going through the spin cycle. The machine is in my basement so it's not a big concern but for someone with a laundry room on the main floor of their house it could be a problem.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Energy Star rated. Quiet. Various wash cycles. Great deal for the cost.

Review Title: Washer | Review by

Too complicated to use, does not get the clothes clean, leaves fabric softener spots on the clothes and white bleached spots on the clothes. It is a nice looking washer.

Review Title: Brainy! | Review by

It's great not having to guess the water level. All of the cycle choices---and we use them all---mean we're doing our wash right every time. Intense spin cycle means faster drying times.

Review Title: Washer | Review by

Does good job and super easy to use - size of drum takes lots of clothes and auto sensor measures for best water usage

Review Title: GE Washer Model GTWN4250D1WS (GTWN4250DWS) | Review by

Just purchased and hooked up the machine today. I have as of yet to wash clothes with the washer. When doing the initial set-up of the machine I highly recommend that the installer READ and FOLLOW the installation and owners manual. Be sure and remove the rod located on the bottom right side at the front of the machine prior to use and save it in the event of moving. Take the time to properly level the machine. And "To ensure proper installation, run TWO SMALL load size SPEED WASH cycles BEFORE washing the FIRST LOAD." per GE's directions. I like the stainless steel tub and non-locking lid. There is a way to by-pass the magnetic lid mechanism, but due to possible legal issues, I will leave this for the reader to discover on their own. Sorry :( I did notice in multiple reviews however complaints concerning poor agitation. From my own personal observations during the two Speed Wash cycles I performed during/after set-up, this to be inaccurate. My guess is they may have overloaded the washer which can inhibit agitation. The machine makes "clicks" and "humming" noises, but these are normal according to GE and the Spin phase of a washing cycle is not what I would deem to be loud, but it is definitely NOT quiet. But IMO what do people expect? It's a washing machine, not a playground merry-go-round. The Spin cycle should definitely remove a lot of if not virtually all of the water from clothes, as it spins very fast (700 RPMs). My over-all impression at this time is very good. This machine offers a lot of options and features for the user considering it can be obtained at a very competitive price in comparison to other machines. My only concerns are how well this machine will perform over-all in the areas of dependability, reliability, and performance life. As with anything that contains electronics, this is a big concern. Our last washer was purchased brand new and died after less than two years of service! Needless to say, we avoided that brand this time. Unfortunately this is something that only time will tell. Keeping my fingers crossed :) I plan on doing a future update review after the machine has some time and "miles" on it.

Review Title: So glad I listened to the sales person! | Review by

I love this washer. It uses very little water, is very quiet, and has none of the drawbacks of the typical HE washer. It has a central post, but is extremely gentle on my clothes. My clothes are much cleaner than my last washer, and they come out nearly dry, so it really cuts down on the amount of time the clothes spend in the dryer!

Review Title: GE-GTWM4250DWS | Review by

This really is a great washer. There was a little learning curve required to make full use of the machine. I found that selecting an extra spin made a huge difference. Also found that using the "white" selection on most washes was beneficial. A really great plus, is the machines large capacity size which allows so many items to be washed.

Review Title: Poor quality | Review by

Worst ever bought Does not operate as stated in manual GE service rep came. Said that that model is bad choice

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

We bought this washer because it was priced right and had all of the features we were looking for. We have had it for almost 5 months now and couldn't be happier with it. We have not had any issues with it and it gets the clothes clean.

Review Title: Great features, Great prices | Review by

I purchased two washers and one dryer several months ago and I simply love the great deal I received. My family and I have are completely satisfied. We will shop at your store in the future.

Review Title: This washer is quiet, simple controls, and huge. | Review by

I did lots of research based on features and then decided to purchase based on customer reviews. This washer is exactly what we needed, and at a great price. We bought ours at Sears under $500.

Review Title: Nice but low water level | Review by

I like it, it cleans good, didn't wash the softener out on regular wash cycle but I then realized there is a button to set when using softener. My only complaint is the low water level, my family gets dirty and I like to soak my loads in a full drum and I cant get the water level up high enough to soak even when it is set to "Super". In fact that could be a reason for returning but have not decided yet. Other than that it is a nice machine.

Review Title: A bit hard to get used to | Review by

It seems to do the wash okay. I feel I don't have any control as to how long a load can wash. I miss having no minutes to choose from. Can't say I'm very satisfied.

Review Title: strange sounds | Review by

It is suppose to be a quiet machine but it makes very strange sounds and is loud at times. A load takes a long time to finish.

Review Title: Love a top loading washer | Review by

this has a huge tub and i can stop and start at will

Review Title: So very happy we bought this washer. | Review by

Had front loading machine, clothes were not clean. This machine gets the clothes very very clean. I adjust water level and use quick wash cycle. Also use regulat soap, It spins clothes very well, takes less time in dryer.

Review Title: Very good machine,strong and does a great job. | Review by

Keep it up, making very GOOD machines.I would recomed to any one.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this washer a couple of months ago and I think it does a super job, with many different water temperatures and water levels! The price is fantastic!

Review Title: I Hate It | Review by

I have had it for several months. It has had a new motor put in already. You can't wash a small load because it never gets all the clothes wet. When you do sheets or large items you have to go back and manually move them around to even get them wet all over.

Review Title: Rinse cycle needs improvements!! | Review by

It's been a while since I bought this product. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't rinse well and takes too long to wash clothes. I see some fabric softner stains on my sheets. When on rinse cycle it doesn't fill the washer all the way again and then wash to rinse, this is why I see stains of softner on my clothes.

Review Title: Great Product with many features for a great price | Review by

Bought this because it still has an old fashion agitator.

Review Title: Great value! | Review by

Large capacity and multiple, easy to use settings.

Review Title: Ran 2 1/2 months before 1st service call | Review by

It wrapped a sheet under the agitator, have to call service no way to remove sheet. But other than that so far it has worked flawless and done an excellent job very quiet good value for the money.

Review Title: Features are good | Review by

Bought this after our old washer malfunctioned and flooded the house, it is a nice washer, easy to use. Love the water saving setting, two months in and we atre glad we made this purchase. Now looking at the matching deryer

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Easy to work and it is super quiet . When we first used it we had to keep checking to see if it was working because it was so quiet

Review Title: Miss my old machine | Review by

Hate this machine Everything wrinkled mess and not that clean.

Review Title: Excellent Machine! | Review by

We bought this washer 5 months ago and have been completely satisfied with the performance. It cleans much better than our old one and the clothes come out much drier. This takes less time in the dryer than previously. Very good washer for the money.

Review Title: Washer/dryer | Review by

I bought the washer and dryer earlier this month and we are very please with our purchase

Review Title: Great features; huge drum capacity for large items | Review by

My moms' 3-year-old washing machine broke. Great news that it did, because we we're then given the mandated opportunity to replace her old machine, which she NEVER liked. It was one of those eco-machines, with no agitator, didn't clean, and didn't get rid of all the soap. So, we went to hh greg and I bought this awesome machine for her birthday. It is the best washing machine she's ever owned; and it's quiet, huge drum, holds plenty of water, multiple cleaning and other options, etc. Can't say enough great things about it!

Review Title: Excellent washer | Review by

Had a top loader without agitator High Efficiency (He) washer that died after 3 years. This washer does a much better job because it has an agitator. I always use the manual mode and do not use the auto sense, because I can eyeball how high the clothes are in the washer to gauge the level of water that will be needed. I occasionally use a little more water. It is also fairly quiet. Since it has a stainless steel drum it can attain much higher speeds than the old non stainless drums. So the clothes come out nicely spun. The manual gives a good guide on the cycles. I use those recommendations and I have had great results. I use a little less soap to get the best results.

Review Title: It works like it should! | Review by

I'm happy with the product. It washes well and is easy to operate.

Review Title: Washer | Review by

I researched and found model on sale. I am delighted with purchase.

Review Title: Plenty of wahing opts. but hard to get spin opts. | Review by

very happy with performance, great job cleaning. Load size is not the best for proper selection of water. have soap left in wash after removal due to this.

Review Title: Nice quiet wash | Review by

I'm very pleased with the washer. I like the large capacity tub. Fewer loads to wash.

Review Title: It does what I want it to do | Review by

I contiplated with many washer varieties and mfgrs. I am very happy with this purchase. It does exactly what I want it to do. The price was reasonable. It's quiet, it automatically adjusts to load size, and has numerous selections to use to not over beat your garments. It takes a bit longer for a wash load then our other but worth the wait. All is good with this simple yet sophisticated model. Stay away from the front loaders.

Review Title: Good washing machine | Review by

Well please with the washing machine and really like the features. A good buy.

Review Title: Debbie | Review by

This washer has a huge tub, and is quiet.I like that it looks like the older models and yet has a stainless tub

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Wonderful washer with a great capacity and so easy to use. Settings are clear and does a good job.

Review Title: Great Featues | Review by

Bought this 2 days ago and already love it. Has everything I need plus all the extras. Very satisfied with my purchase. It is so much quieter than my old washer and cleans much better.

Review Title: So far very pleased | Review by

Very easy to install! Simple instructions! Have run 3 loads today.Tomorrow will be trying a queen comforter.

Review Title: Great Flexibility in Wash Settings | Review by

From the most fragile vintage linens to mud-stained jeans, I can choose the perfect wash/soak/rinse cycle that results in sparkly-clean clothes each time AND I notice there is zero wear no matter what I wash. Love this GE Washer!

Review Title: I love how it determines the water level | Review by

I feel like I am saving water and I like not having to worry about selecting what size the load will be.

Review Title: Very nice unit | Review by

This is a very quiet and nice unit loads very nice

Review Title: Higher energy efficiency | Review by

Needed top loader washer due to space in utility room, happy to find one that is more energy efficient. Gets clothes clean but is very noisy (although labelled quiet!) Has large capacity and have been happy with performance.

Review Title: I bought this washer over a month ago | Review by

Very loud but otherwise I like the washer. Does a super job of cleaning. I like being able to wash comforters.

Review Title: Lost some features I enjoyed | Review by

Bought this because it was most like my machine I had enjoyed before. This one does not allow you to stop the cycle, then resume it again - a feature I used to use to get a long soak on heavily soiled loads. It has a pre-wash, but that wants to move into a wash cycle and I don't get to select the water temp I want for that.

Review Title: the worst washing maching I have ever owned | Review by

The clothes (in particular shirts and pants) come out tangled and tied together from the washing process. The sleves are so twisted that everything requires ironing. The water level is so low it barely covers clothing. Doing wash has become a real chore.

Review Title: GE Washer -GTWN4250DWS | Review by

I bought this washer to replace my seven year old GE washer. I liked that it still had a center agitator.

Review Title: Great equipment easy to use | Review by

I'm very happy with the equipment used less water and is more fast than the other

Review Title: Washes very well | Review by

Compared to my old washer, it uses much less water. I am still getting use to this. However, the clothes are coming out real clean!

Review Title: Very good washer | Review by

I am very satisfied with this washer. Nothing else to say.

Review Title: Wonderful product | Review by

I am glad that I purchased this dryer and I wished I would have purchased it much sooner

Review Title: Quite, reliable | Review by

We had this unit for a year now, and my wife loves it.

Review Title: Ease and convenience | Review by

Very pleased we made this choice at the recommendation of our neighbor!!

Review Title: It works. | Review by

Glad to have purchased this washer and very happy that it is still working properly.

Review Title: Love the size | Review by

The automatic water level determination is wonderful.

Review Title: Features and price we wanted. | Review by

Easy to use. Useable features - easy to navigate. Washes good and quiet.

Review Title: energy efficent | Review by

My utility bills are lower.I didn't how bad my old washer was until i got our new one.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

We bought this washer about three months ago and we love it! The options on the washer are easy to use and it clean efficiently.

Review Title: Great unit! | Review by

I bought this machine about three months ago and I am extremely pleased with it.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

My husband picked out this machine without me. Told him what i was looking for and he got this one. I love all the options on wash it has. It wash my king size blanket with no issues. Something most machines can't do.



Review Title: Great Featues | Review by

We bought the GE washer a couple of months ago. It worked great for a few weeks and then started making very loud noises. A service call determined that the counter weight on the back of the lower unit had worked loose and after tightening the connection, the operation of the washer returned to normal.

Review Title: Exhausted all possible detergents and methods of u | Review by

We have not been able to get our whites clean. Have tried everything, and still...whites are not clean when wash load is finished.

Review Title: It's just ok. | Review by

Bought this on recommendation from salesman. He said a family member had this one and they just loved it. Well maybe they got the good one. Our old one made so much noise and walked all over the place. This new one does not walk, but it makes sooo much noise. Even the instruction book list it making a lot of sounds, so you really don't know if its working right or not. Cycle lights seem to have a mind of their own, always in different cycle than what the lights indicate Clothes come out very tangled together. Wish they made washer and dryers like they use too !!!!!

Review Title: Great washer! | Review by

This is a great value! Quiet, lots of load size/type options. So easy to use.

Review Title: Very good value. | Review by

Very happy with this washer. Uses less water than our old washer and the high speed spin reduces drying time.

Review Title: Almost Perfect | Review by

Only complaint we have about this machine is with the auto load sensing setting. A great idea for saving water - but it doesn't always work. On more than one occasion we had a tiny load and a super size of water.

Review Title: Review of GE Washer | Review by

I am pleased with this product!! I spent some time reviewing several washing machines and decided to purchase this machine.!

Review Title: Great overall washer But some Cons. | Review by

Overall a very good washer. Seems to clean well and certainly drains all the water from the clothes in the spin cycle which reduces drying time considerably. The two negatives I have is that the washer doesn't seem to add enough water to the clothes. And, the only way to "soak" clothes for longs period of times is to open the lid, there is not a stop cycle to do this . . when you try to use a stop cycle, it drains the tub.

Review Title: Clean clothes every time | Review by

I bought this machine about 3 months ago. Checked the reviews on it and for the most part, all of the reviews were positive so we purchased the machine. I love this machine! Some of the reviews talked about the water level being too low to get the clothes clean. I think the water level adjusts itself for the capacity that I put in. Seems perfect. Machine does a great job of wringing out the clothes too. I love my new machine.

Review Title: Clinks and Clanks | Review by

Although this machine is extremely quiet when it agitates, it does nothing but clink and clank when changing modes, gears or I'm not sure what. The sad thing is, the instruction booklet says to expect these noises, that nothing is wrong.

Review Title: Cleans well | Review by

Does make strange noises for a washer but not overly loud. Really like the autofill feature.

Review Title: Great engineering! | Review by

Wonderfully quiet cleaning machine - and save water!

Review Title: GE Washer | Review by

I love the optimum water level feature because I no longer have to guess whether or not the wash load is small, medium, or large. Plus the washer is very quiet

Review Title: Pleased with my washer! | Review by

Excellent washer! Larger than my previous one. It's very quiet! I use the automatic load sensing feature, especially for smaller loads. The pause feature is also something that I find helpful. Glad I purchased a top loader with a stainless steel basket.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

I bought this as a replacement for my mother. After spending an extended visit with her, I feel it was money well spent. The automatic load water sizing feature is very beneficial and it spins the load so dry it hardly takes any time at all in the dryer. This is great for people on limited income.

Review Title: The washer is a great value IMHO | Review by

I have trusted GE for a long time. Before buying, I spent many hours researching washers; top loaders and front loaders alike. Our needs are pretty simple, wash the clothes clean, last a long time without a lot of repairs, easy to use. and not make a lot of noise. So far this machine is handling all of my requirements without a problem. Our last washer lasted a very long time, it was a GE. I expect this one to do the same.

Review Title: pikespeak1 | Review by

very large wash tub�i like the feature that senses how large the load is and fills to that level�.it is a bit noisy, though.

Review Title: EXcellent washer | Review by

Bought this washer after mine broke. It was a great price for the extra large size. Had a GE before this and totally recommend this washer.

Review Title: Nice washer | Review by

I am happy with this GE washer. I have had it for about two months and like that I can control the setting myself. When I saw it I knew right away that this was the model I wanted. You do need to get use to a couple of the different sounds it makes. The only thing that I miss from my old washer is the timer that let me know exactly how many minutes were left until the load was finished.

Review Title: Nice Washer! | Review by

This washer has been a pleasure to use. The larger capacity means not having to do laundry everyday. The hand wash feature did a wonderful job on my clothes.

Review Title: unbelievable washing water saving | Review by

I am very happy with this GE Washer as it has many features for your type of laundry. Has a very roomy tub and if you use the energy saving laundry detergent you will really appreciate what GE has put into this washer and what it can do for your clothes

Review Title: My Cleanest Clothes Ever! | Review by

I love that this machine can wash my biggest load and the clothes come out totally clean! I use the recommended detergent and small, medium or larger, the clothes are washed and rinsed perfectly!

Review Title: Solid Washer | Review by

Had it for 1 year and is working fine. Replaced a fancy front loader with this one. Glad I did.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Very good washer and seems to very dependable. I recommend this product.

Review Title: GREAT! | Review by

We got this washer a couple months ago, and It works great! This thing is very quiet too. LOVE the alarm on the lid...No more forgetting to close the lid and coming back to a load that hasn't started! My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner!

Review Title: Easy to Use. | Review by

This washing machine is easy to use, cleans the clothes exceptionally well. I have 2 grandsons that play baseball, and other things that get red mud all over the clothes. With the use of a stain remover, the clothes come out like new. Love it.

Review Title: Fast and Quiet | Review by

I've enjoyed using all the settings and am thrilled that this high efficient model didn't sacrifice speed to get the job done. It is a speedy fill and drain, so getting loads done goes quick. Wow, it sure is quiet. No comparison to the older, belt driven model it replaces. Sometimes, I wonder if the energy savings from new models are measurable. But there is no doubt in my mind that this model is saving both time and money compared to our previous machine. Great appliance!

Review Title: Love the auto detect on wash level | Review by

Wanted my old set to last and last but ... this new washer is great! All the different settings are fabulous. I didn't really realize that my clothes were not getting very clean untill I got my new washer!

Review Title: Not so great | Review by

Am unhappy with this washer - noisy during spin cycle, clothes come out tangled/twisted.

Review Title: Impressed with options | Review by

Just ran my 1st 4 loads and lower water usage and cleaner clothes

Review Title: JUST OKAY | Review by


Review Title: GE washing machine | Review by

Water level too low. Can't wash clothes with 11 gals of Water. Why put a level water gauge on the machine - ll gals is all you get. Why have a big tub - can't get clothes clean when full with only 11 gals of water.

Review Title: water efficiency | Review by

We bought this washer almost a year ago, and we have had a lot of problems with handling average loads. It makes a knocking noise when washing and spinning. The spring rods have been replaced and it still has the same effect.

Review Title: new | Review by

quiet runns like a charm easy to set up for washing light or heavy loads

Review Title: Love the new washer...would recommend to a friend | Review by

Very happy with new washer..would recommend t a friend.

Review Title: Good size tub | Review by

Very adequate size in tub. The only drawback is the long time it takes for each cycle to complete. Is there any way to reset time? Thanks

Review Title: ge washing machine | Review by

I bought this in November 2013. The price was reasonable compared to other washing machines. NOISE LEVEL - washing agitating is quiet but when it spins it sounds like a freight train. CONTROLS - Easy to understand easy to use PRICE - the purchase price was just under 400.00 so was the least expensive in it's category I did NOT want a machine that sensed the water level and you had no control over what the water level was, I also did not want a machine with an all electric control panel. Although you can pick your water level the machine still has a sensor that only allows the water to fill barely enough to cover your clothes. On the lower settings you can bump it up one and get a little more water but on the Max Water level the tank never fills more then halfway so I was very disappointed in that feature. The clothes DO come out very clean, I have never had any issues with wrinkling or torn clothes. I have used every setting from hand wash to Heavy Duty and clothes always come out clean and in good shape.

Review Title: best ever washing machine!! | Review by

Recently purchased this and am so very pleased. It is extra,extra quiet.The first few times I used it I checked several times to make sure it was actually working, I love the feature of it adjusting and selecting the water level needed.Takes the guess work out ! Would purchse it all over again.

Review Title: great price for a good machine | Review by

Just bought it and had delivered from Home Depot at a steal price $399. Huge drum, ton of cycle features, no hassle machine. As long as it holds up over time, it will get that 5th star.

Review Title: BIG Tub! | Review by

So far so Good! It a nice machine works well. I like the color too!

Review Title: Simple to use and does a great job | Review by

Before buying a machine I read numerous reviews on this model and others . Take out the best and the worst reviews and you come up with what this machine is- good value for the money spent.

Review Title: Changing load size can cause water to drain | Review by

Changing load size can cause water to drain requiring a complete restart

Review Title: My washer | Review by

I bought this a year ago April and Its a wonderful product

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Easy hook up and easy to use. My wife has dementia and can easily push the start button if everything else is preset. The only model I could find that wasn't all electronic controls.

Review Title: Does the job | Review by

This is a basic washer that does an adequate job of cleaning. I bought the machine to fit in a tight corner. This machine is a few inches shorter than most and is perfect for the space. The tub is large and the controls are not an electronic board. This is fine, however, there isn't a way to control "rinse" temperature, there aren't enough choices for water temperature and there isn't a "complete" signal when the wash is done. As I said the machine does the job. If I had the space I would not have chosen this washer.

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

So much better than the front loaders. It is more efficient and doesn't take long to finish a load.

Review Title: the best one yet! | Review by

does much better than any previous washer we have owned. it is much more quieter too while operating. uses a lot less water also. and best of all, the laundy is a lot cleaner when the machine is done. for us it was money well spent.

Review Title: It's OK - really just anther washer & dryer. | Review by

I had the set for about 2-3 months - still trying to get used to it. The water level always seems questionable to me (looks low)

Review Title: Flexible Use with optional settings | Review by

I have only used it a couple of times now and I have been very pleased with the results. I love the option of filling the water level manually as well as letting it do it automatically. The optional settings are nice because for myself I like to do a second rinse on towels and whites. The only thing I need to watch is not to overload it because like any washer the clothes don't come out clean enough. There is a nice illustration magnet on the machine that shows how high you can place the clothes. I just put the clothes in the way I would have with my previous washer then realized I overloaded it. It's a bit different from the old top loaders but so far I have no complants.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I'm very happy with the numerous cycle selections, especially the extended spin and the hand wash cycles. I did find the spin cycle somewhat noisy but after leveling the washer, the noise factor is better. May I suggest that before use that new users check the leveling.

Review Title: The many settings for any size loads | Review by

When I went to the store to purchase my new washer I had a $ amount in mind to spend. With the help of the salesperson pointing out the options I realized this washer suited my needs. A quality product for the price. The best decision I ever made.

Review Title: miss the knobs | Review by

This machine is a piece of garbage!!! The water saver doesn't work! Each time I want to change the level of water, it drains and restarts!!! DON'T buy it!!!

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

Bought this washer a few days ago. I am very pleased so far. It has all the features needed, including delicate cycle. It washes my clothes gently and thoroughly. It is quiet and just right! You get alot of washer performance for the money spent.

Review Title: No More Laundromat! | Review by

I purchased this particular machine because of the hand wash and delicate cycles. I am pleased with the machine, but I prefer the simplicity of my old machine.

Review Title: Nice Machine! | Review by

Great! Works amazingly. Was concerned there would be issues based on other reviews. Mine was installed and working with no problems at all. I do wish there was an indicator on how much time was roughly left during each cycle. The finish buzzer would be a nice feature and as others have stated the auto fill feature is not always reliable. Also you cannot restart the wash cycle without it draining the tub and refilling but over all it doesn't seem necessary since this machine washes the clothing as it should, but it is nice to be able to do that if you forgot something in the middle of the cycle and want to restart the cycle.

Review Title: love how quiet it is | Review by

We replaced out older washing machine with this new model and can't believe how much more effeciant it is.

Review Title: Love all the choices that I can select. | Review by

I have used my washer for a month. The choices are great, and I use the many different features every day. My washing comes out easily out of the tub without being tangled together.

Review Title: Perfect Features | Review by

Exactly what we needed for a good price. I would recommend this washer to anyone.

Review Title: non-locking lid makes adding fabric softener easy | Review by

Great quality washer. Washes clothes clean with a quiet motor.

Review Title: Does a really good job of cleaning. | Review by

Very pleased with how clean the laundry is and the separate settings for different fabrics.

Review Title: Water level adjusts itself. | Review by

Bought it a couple months ago and so far I am PLEASED with it!!

Review Title: so far-great washer! | Review by

this replaced a front load washer which sounded like a train going through the house. once i got used to the different sounds from the new washer, i don't even notice it running.It does an excellet job of cleaning & clothes don't come out as wet as they did w/the front load.Overall, i'm very satisfied with it.

Review Title: AWESOME Machine!!! | Review by

I love this machine in cleans great and is so much better that they fully computerized one I had before. It just goes to show that sometimes all the bells and whistles aren't worth it. This machine cleans great and is well worth the money.

Review Title: Extreme Quiet | Review by

This was a "direct replacement". Substantially quieter, much more water and electrical efficient!

Review Title: Almost don't need a dryer! | Review by

In the course of a month, I've used this washer at least ten times. The 700 rpm spin cycle nearly makes a dryer obsolete. There are those who have complained about the sensing and balancing noises, but they're easy enough to ignore and get accustomed to. Very content with this washer.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I like this washer. It does make some weird noises but the owners manual states that the noises are normal.

Review Title: Very good Washer | Review by

* Many Features * Works Well � All modes quiet and Spin is Pretty quiet * One of the last models with an agitator

Review Title: Very efficient | Review by

Purchased 2 months ago, very efficient. Likeable features.

Review Title: HAS SO MANY CYCLE OPTIONS | Review by


Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

Bought this 2 weeks back and never had a washing machine that worked this well and easy before...Great

Review Title: GE is the best!!! | Review by

My last GE washer lasted 26 years! I'm happy with this product so far but we're a retired couple and don't wash much. My only complaint is that there is no mechanical dial (like a 1/4 century ago) that shows even roughly how much time is left till the load is done. How about an IP connection for the next model? :-)

Review Title: Do not like that I cannot get a full tub of water. | Review by

Do not like that I cannot get a full tub of water. Do not like the water saver aspect at all.

Review Title: Thankfully it has an Agitator !!! | Review by

Purchased an expensive washer/dryer set. Washer stunk! Returned for this one with an agitator. So glad, it out-cleans the high dollar one!!

Review Title: wonderful | Review by

New look for me and the large tub that holds a lot.

Review Title: Best investment ever in major appliance | Review by

My wife and I are extremely happy and satisfied with our purchase. We have a family of six and there isn't hardly a day passes that one or two loads of laundry has to be done. We have found that this washer has the power, finesse, and temperate to handle whatever loads we throw its way. The autofill option has given\ \us an unexpected boon to our water bill each month by lowering our gallon usage.

Review Title: Alot of great features to choose for each load! | Review by

We bought this washer about a month ago and just love it! There are several options for washing any load of clothes. The cycles are so quiet and accurate! Also the drum is large enough for a comforter/quilt.

Review Title: Solid Machine | Review by

I love the auto fill feature along with the extra spin option.

Review Title: Dependable Washer | Review by

I purchased this washer 10 months ago and have been quite pleased with it. I like the water-saving Precise Fill feature and how clean it gets my clothes. This is my first washer that requires Hi-e detergent, so that was a bit of an adjustment, as were the sounds the washer makes. After a few weeks, I became quite comfortable using it.

Review Title: better than pass washer | Review by

I received this washer a few month ago and so far no problem, the washer is very quid and get your cloths very clean and spin very dry.

Review Title: Super washer | Review by

Have only owned for a few weeks, but this washer is wonderful! Extremely quiet, except for a "jet sound" while spinning dry--but nothing irritable. Washes clothes very well, and dry time is much less due to the spin cycle.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Best washer I have owned. So many options to choose from.

Review Title: Does The Job!!! | Review by

Works Good, there a difference using a digital control system than a motor control machine.

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

It's certainly different than my old style top loader. I like being able to choose the cycle and rinse options. Very efficient with water usage and clothing spins out drier than my last washer. I learned a lot about how it works and what to expect by reading about it at the GE laundry products site. I am happy with my purchase.

Review Title: unsatisfied | Review by

had the washer for 3 months. last Saturday flooded my basement when it wouldn't stop filling.

Review Title: great features and capacity | Review by

am very happy we purchased this unit. best unit we have ever owned.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

I bought this a month ago and absolutely love it. Large tub, plenty of options.

Review Title: great washer | Review by

I had a relatively new HE washer, top loader, with no agitator. I hated it. Clothes did not seem to ever get clean, and it took over an hour for one load. I got rid of it and bought this new washer with an agitator. I love it!

Review Title: Overall pleased | Review by

This was purchased for me as a gift. I am happy with the options it offers, different cycles, temps....It it mostly quiet but when it does make strange noises when it does make noise. For a large family, this is a great choice, I am pleased.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Very quiet and auto load censor is a great plus! Clothes are done quickly too

Review Title: Has a lot of good features | Review by

Replaced an older GE washer. Has a large tub and fits our space well.

Review Title: LOVE this washer. | Review by

I bought this washer in the spring because my old one had died. It was inexpensive and just what we were looking for. I LOVE the eco-friendly water levels... I use it for literally every load. (Less work for me eye balling the approximate water level.) It had a TON of different wash cycles and heat settings, which is perfect. No problems whatsoever.


I love my new GE Washer. It is bringing good things to my life!!

Review Title: Works very well | Review by

This washer is one of the quietest I have seen with very little vibrations even in high speed spin

Review Title: Caution loading this washer!! | Review by

The drum is large and appears to hold a large load. However, the water level never gets higher than half. Consequently, it is easy to overload. I put a new mattress pad in, using the highest water level available, and it got caught up under the agitator. The agitator came loose, the mattress pad had to be extricated by a service man. It had become entangled in the base, and was completely ruined. GE Insurance did reimburse me for the loss.

Review Title: Sets water level, many washing options | Review by

Instructions for use clear, easy to follow.Like large tub capacity.

Review Title: We have bought GE for most of our married life | Review by

We buy top loads because they get the dirt out far better then front load wahers,,and our favorate brand is GE because of their features and agitator system.

Review Title: Excellent Washer | Review by

I bought this washer because I wanted a traditional top loading machine without all the electronic buttons. The first thing I washed was a king size down alternative blanket and was amazed at how quiet the machine was and how easy it was to use. I washed the blanket using the hot water selection and because the machine detects the water temperature and automatically heats it if necessary, the water was much hotter than my previous machine. When the spin cycle was done, the blanket was just lightly damp and dried very quickly in the matching dryer.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

Very versatile great cleaning washer! An old school washer with modern options!

Review Title: VERY QUIET | Review by

I bought this washer a few weeks ago. I like the way it cleans the clothing and how very quiet it is.

Review Title: Hold Your Ears | Review by

This is the nosiest washer we have ever owned. The only quiet cycle is "OFF", sounds like a jet landing in our house.

Review Title: Good machine | Review by

Bought this machine to replace a 30 year old one. Works good and has all the features we need. Takes a long time to do a complete wash.

Review Title: Great buy | Review by

I really like the large capacity and the washer really cleans very well. I also like that it is extremely quiet - you really don't know it is on.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Very pleased with the washer, does everything you could possible think of in a washer. Top load washer that works like a front load washer. Has a deep drum well, able to wash large items.

Review Title: Quiet Washer | Review by

Very pleased with how quiet this washer is. Only complaint, the panel where the dials are seems kind of flimsy.

Review Title: AWESOME!! | Review by

I have had this washer for quite a while now and I love it. It is quiet and very efficient. My clothes have never been so clean or smelled so good. I do leave the lid up when not in use. The spin works better than any washer I've ever had. I must admit I have forgotten to get clothes out a couple of times and it doesn't take long (about a day) for them to get that old musty smell. So I rewashed my clothes and it took the smell right out. I definitely recommend this washer. I also bought a GE he sensor dry dryer. Dries clothes in half the time as my other dryer; and coupled with the washer my electric bill dropped from 250/mth to 160/mth. BE SURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH IT!! Answers any and all questions, especially about choosing the correct settings for what you are washing. If you have soap on your clothes or your clothes are soaked, it is because you didn't read the instructions. Extremely happy customer!!!

Review Title: simple | Review by

After initial litches washer runs jut fine.Love the size of the tub

Review Title: GE-GTWN4250DWS WASHER | Review by

It works well and very quietly. It does not make as much noise as the previous GE washer. It has plenty of options to select and is easy to operate.

Review Title: Basic-Just Like I Wanted | Review by

I have owned many washers and we can all agree they aren't made as well anymore. I have found the new upgraded washers with computer boards end up being a nightmare. That is why I chose going back to basics on this purchase. The unit does exactly what I need. Do I miss not seeing how much actual time remains to finish a load-yes-but not enough to pay the additional cost. The only part I am not liking on this unit is the adding of detergent to the tub. It doesn't always get used and I have found detergent on towels, etc. after the load is completed. Other than that, I am satisfied.

Review Title: Easy to operate and my clothes are so much cleaner | Review by

I was really surprised at how clean my clothes are. I did not realize that my old washer was not doing its job! The are brighter and smell so much better.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

This product is superior to the one it replaced. We just love it

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

We have owned this product since we moved into our house years ago and only had one issue that we were able to fix ourselves. And the problem was caused by using too much laundry detergent something that was our fault. Will only use GE Appliances in the future.

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

I bought this a year ago and it works great and it works for my needs!

Review Title: Fairly quiet washer...Does a nice job. | Review by

We are pretty happy with this after 4 months. Quiet operation. Seems to get clothes clean. Cycles don't take too long. Only issue is I wish we had gotten a slightly larger washer. This washer holds a maximum of 6 beach towels at a time from the pool area.

Review Title: Love the features of this washer | Review by

Love the fact that I can open the lid while this washer is filling to add my detergent or other clothes as needed. It is one of only a couple you can do this with. Thank You GE! Also, the drum is very spacious allowing plenty of room for cleaning properly. This washer provides enough selection to meet all washing need. Simple and very efficient. Great Washer GE!!!

Review Title: Very Good Basic Machine | Review by

We purchased this machine in early Oct to replace our 23 year old top loading basic machine. I could not be happier with it. I can use the HE water setting or manual water settings, which are much like our old machine. By design,it does not use as much water even on the super size manual load setting the water level is about 2/3 the tub depth. I also wanted a model without the lid lock feature. which was hard to find, this model does not have the lid lock feature. It does a great job getting the clothes clean! even though it seemed at first use that the water level was not enough compared to our old machine. If you are looking for a basic machine at an affordable price this is a great machine. I would highly recommend it. The reviews I read before purchasing this machine were very helpful and accurate.

Review Title: washer doesn't run with lid thank you | Review by

I finally got a washer that doesn't run with lid open. I had 2 before this both ran thru whole cycle with lid open. it's quiet and looks great

Review Title: Poor Performance | Review by

I bought this a month ago and not happy. If you make a change the water run out. You have to start over again. My towels look gray looking. I don't like this small load.

Review Title: Great Washer--Quiet | Review by

Bought this a few days ago to replace an old GE washer. This is great...washes well, is quite. Could not be happier.

Review Title: Good valve | Review by

Have owned the high dollar machines that had all the features. Only to have to spend money on high dollar repairs. Purchased this washer to replace a machine that had two major repairs in the past year and it was only six years old. Just wanted a conventional washer

Review Title: GREAT | Review by


Review Title: very quiet | Review by

works very well . when the need comes would buy a GE.

Review Title: Features | Review by

Washer needs some type of visible timer. When going through spin cycle the cabinet is not very stable and tends to vibrate like a tin can. The Auto Fill Adjust is a smart feature.

Review Title: Great performance | Review by

Our washer of 21 years broke. While it probably could have been fixed, we decided to buy new. So glad we did. Bought both the washer and dryer and are very pleased so far!

Review Title: great Machine! | Review by

Great washer, easy t use makes life a lot easier Great price,good performance.

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

We've had our washer about 2 weeks and love it. It does a great job of getting the clothes clean and uses much less water than our other washer.

Review Title: Super-sized washing drum handles BIG loads! | Review by

We were definitely in the market for a top-loading washer, and this washer fit the bill perfectly! I love the automatic water saving function, as well as the various washing load types. Easy to use, and lettering is large enough to see from a distance for choosing options.

Review Title: wash machine GTWN4250DWS | Review by

I am very sorry that I bought this machine. The only way I get clean clothes is if I wet the clothes first. Then set the machine to wash the clothes. Not happy with the machine at all. And, there is a wire that is located under the agitator that keeps on showing itself after a light load. The water never fills enough to clean the clothes unless I wet them first. I truely wish I could return it.

Review Title: great feature | Review by

Easy to us. Tub is soo deep. I like that it is quite.

Review Title: Lot's of water selections for your preference | Review by

I love this washer , it's quiet , I get to choose how I prefer to wash my clothes . A lot of water or a little . Lot's of settings for different types of fabric . The drum is smooth stainless steel and large for a lot of movement of the clothes , which makes a better wash and gets the stains out .

Review Title: RUSTING? | Review by

Bought this washer (GTWN4250D0WS) 2 years ago and loved it from the start, despite all the strange sounds it makes. Always left the top open after doing a wash to let it dry out. However, today (11/26/2014), I noticed rusting around the entire rim of the stainless steel wash tub, Is this a common problem or did I just get a bad one??

Review Title: Very quiet wash cycle | Review by

I had not tried a new washer in over 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised by the available features on my new GE washer. There have been a lot of new bells and whistles added. My favorioe new featue is the load sensor . Put the clothes in and the washer selects the water level.

Review Title: Warranty | Review by

I bought this 3 months ago and it stopped working completely. It would not engage the wash cycle. Very disappointed. My mistake for buying a sale item.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Needed a new one and this one is great better than the old one when it comes to washing

Review Title: Nice features | Review by

Bought this GE washer and have been pretty much impressed with its performance. Not use to the high efficiency performance factors (i.e. Using less water feature). Also, the washer is a bit noisy! When agitating it sounds like someone is sawing wood. The loud noise - gears clicking when cycle changes. But all in all for the value the washer performs well and clothes are clean.

Review Title: Love my Washer | Review by

I have only used my washer for 2 days, with excellent results, but it is such an improvement over my old washer, with so many more features, that I am thrilled! Great product and excellent price!

Review Title: Low Tech - High Performance | Review by

I was looking for a low tech, no digital, top loading washer with an agitator to replace my 15 yr old Maytag. There are not many low tech options available these days. I have been very pleased with this washer. The drum size is very large and deep. My only difficulty has been that the drum is so deep that I need to stand on a small step to reach the clothes on the bottom - I am 62 inches tall. I was concerned that a high efficiency machine would not get my clothes as fresh and clean but I was wrong. Some reviews complain about the noise. My washer is down the basement so I have no idea how noisy it may or may not be but I haven't noticed any loud distracting noise.

Review Title: Great Machine with more than enough features! | Review by

Much Better than our last GE machine - very pleased.

Review Title: Very Noisy | Review by

We purchased this washer along with the matching dryer at Lowe's and I'd have to say for this to be listed as quiet, someone has a different opinion of quiet than I do. When it shifts between agitate cycles and to spin it sounds like a hammer is striking something inside the washer. If I had it to do over, I would not purchase this item.

Review Title: Got a good price | Review by

I purchase the washer and dryer in December. About a week apart.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Great washer love the features on it. Love the smart drive system for sensing the load.Also love the fast wash on it to and very quiet. Very happy I bought this washer.

Review Title: Noisy machine | Review by

This machine was fairly priced and cleans the clothes OK, but it is very noisy and the automatic water level detecter does not provide enough water into the drum. I always set the level myself now. I have to use the largest size load setting mostly for the clothes to come out clean. I had a repairman check the noises coming from the machine and he said he never heard one that noisy, but that it was "normal". It makes a clanging sound with every other swish of the drum. It's working, but it is annoying and I wonder how long before the "normal" noise turns into a problem.

Review Title: Good washer overall | Review by

Actually I'm very happy with my new washer. I can wash larger loads and the clothes get very clean. Still learning to use some of the features so I pretty much use the super setting most of the time. Some things I don't like is the low water levels. Some clothes come out with dry spots in the larger loads. Also, I can't change the setting without the washer draining and starting over. The wash cycle does take longer than my old washer, but since I can wash larger loads, this washer saves me more time.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

All the new washer have that energy saver, one can't find any without it. So get use to it. It takes several washes to adjust but I love it now. Have patience. It spin dries my clothes so much better it takes less time to dry. I even washed my king bedspread in it easily.

Review Title: No | Review by

Had to have repair man before using. This show the product is no good.

Review Title: Very good at cleaning but very noisy when spinning | Review by

Disappointed in how loud it is, how it vibrates and thumps, sounds like a helicopter hovering above the house when it spins. The cleaning results are excellent, but the noise is almost laughable. Even put rubber blocks under the legs but that didn't help.

Review Title: Disappointing | Review by

This machine has great capacity and spins clothes very dry. That's about the only positive thing. We are returning ours because the spin cycle has gotten louder and louder--like a helicopter taking off. We did not like the fact that you cannot change options once the wash cycle starts. Now we are in the market for a "low-tech" model!

Review Title: Really satisfied. | Review by

It's so much bigger than my old washer and you can hardly hear it run.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

After our 12 year old top load w/ agitator GE washer finally died, my wife and I went looking for another washer. We read countless reviews on top and front loading, HE, and with or without agitator washers. We decided on this one and couldn't be happier. Hopefully this will last as long as our old GE washer. Made in America.

Review Title: Washer is dependable no matter what I do! | Review by

Regardless of size, materials, or age of garment, I have no fear of finding unwashed loads.

Review Title: Huge capacity! | Review by

Bought it 3 months ago and love it so far. Great features. Holds huge loads. Plus we get a rebate from our electric company because it is an energy star. Gets cloths clean.

Review Title: I wouldn't recommend this model to anyone. | Review by

I bought this appliance a year ago and am not pleased with the performance, It doesn't give you the time it takes to complete the wash cycle. Too long of a time.

Review Title: Outstanding! | Review by

So happy I chose this model. Great value and runs quietly. Lots of extra features.

Review Title: Simple and efficient | Review by

I just gave away my 4 year old Bosch front load washer to make room for my new GE washer/dryer and I am so happy with what I call "a regular washer and dryer" complete with an agitator and simple dials.

Review Title: Poor water level | Review by

The water level is not high enough to effectively clean the close.

Review Title: Great Features,energy smart | Review by

I have used this a few months and its a great washer. It can automatically sense the right water level but this can also be selected. It also seems to be very well built.

Review Title: Great idea on saving water, but.......... | Review by

The liquid softner spins out on the clothes, doesnt get rinsed off and leaves a mark on the clean clothes. I am always needing to rewash clean clothes to remove the softner spot that didn't get rinsed out. What a waste of electricy, detergent, softner, water, time, needless to say the money we paid for the washing machine. I would have returned it if I could. I had a older GE for 17yrs and it was wonderful.

Review Title: Easy to use, runs great | Review by

I bought this one year ago, love it. I think we made a really good purchase!!

Review Title: washer | Review by

washer so so, but noisy when it spins, sounds like a turbo jet

Review Title: GE Washer GHWN4250D1WW | Review by

I got this just before Thanksgiving because my old one finally died, at an awesome sale price from the Big Box Store, and I am glad that I did.

Review Title: Economical | Review by

I wish I would have bought this washer 5 years ago!

Review Title: Not satisfied | Review by

This is without a doubt the worst washer I have ever owned. Approximately one third of the loads I wash are still dripping wet and sometimes sudsy when the washer is done - even when using the extended spin.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

I spent a lot of time reading reviews for washers. I wanted a washer that washed my clothes and didn't need all the bells and whistles that the newer machines promise. This washer does exactly what it's supposed to do...Wash clothes. The price was good as I wasn't interested in spending a fortune on a washer unless it also folds and puts my clothes away. Nice machine for a good price.

Review Title: Love the stainless steel tub. | Review by

The unit has been in service for a month & all systems are performing as expected. Love the variable speed functions on the drive motor.

Review Title: Good Value | Review by

The High Efficency (HE) had us disturbed for a while because it did not use nearly as much water as our old one (15 years old), but it has turned out really clean clothes. As some others have commented, it is noisy, when it spins at the high speed, but that does not last very long. We are really liking the way it cleans the clothes without so much water.

Review Title: Love It! | Review by

I was so afraid to get a new washer since I had my old one for 10 years, but this has been a great washer.

Review Title: Quiet and has features I want. | Review by

Just delivered today, and have washed a couple of will repost after I've used at awhile. Like the features of auto sensor water fill, stainless steel tub and the quiet features of the washer.

Review Title: Great washer! | Review by

Washer is easy to use, with a very large inside area. Cleans very well.

Review Title: Great | Review by

I am surprise at the amout of water it uses that was shocking and the cloths come out clean.

Review Title: Top load with agitator easy to load clothing, soap | Review by

We had a front load for six years. Constant trouble with the soap, softner, and bleach dispenser. The cleaners for the machine did not help. Top load is old style but works great

Review Title: Love this washer! | Review by

It is quiet and really cleans well . GE products are usually quite reliable!

Review Title: washer | Review by

Works fine zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Review Title: Loud and not user friendly | Review by

The washer does not fill with enough water to cover the clothes. The detergent is still on the clothes once cycle is finished.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

It offers sensor or manual water levels which I really like. My clothes come out clean but not overly wrinkled.

Review Title: Love this washer | Review by

Bought this top loader as a replacement for the second front loader I had in five years. I am so happy I got a top loader instead, it washes my clothes better and is easier to unload to the dryer. No more dropping clean clothes on the floor. This is a great washer with all the basic features I need, would recommend this model to anyone.

Review Title: Excellent so far | Review by

Much better product than the one it replaced - a 2 year old piece of junk from GE without an agitator that fell apart.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

I bought this washer to replace another brand that was only 4 years old. I was well satisfied, but the plastic tub surround cracked. I had had a GE washer in the past and had excellent service for 16+ years from it. I also have other GE appliances that I am well pleased with. This washer seems to be excellent. I am still getting used to the changes that HE makes, and it seems a little slow, but then again I am still getting use to the different cycles and choices.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

Great product---operates so quitely to----love all the features as well..

Review Title: WORKS GREAT | Review by

looked at reviews on internet. this one had the most room for the price. Washes good, tested on some soiled clothes, leaves clothes very dry. seems to use very little water. Tried various settings but settled on automatic water level and it works well. Good delivery, setup and taking away old washer through sears.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

overall great washer but wish the water level was more I have had to rewash a few items since the purchase

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Very happy with performance andfeatures. Price was excellent.

Review Title: Have almost a year love te hand wash | Review by

Love this washer it is the best. Hand Wash is great.

Review Title: Washes very clean! | Review by

Excellent capacity and washes clothes very well, even gritty work clothes.

Review Title: Absolutely the Best | Review by

I Bought this washer it had all the features that I wanted and desired. I am so happy to have great features with a basic feel to it. Well worth the money! Please research and you will understand why!

Review Title: Quiet, does the job ,better & faster | Review by

I am amazed at how quiet this washer is and how well it washes clothing.

Review Title: LOVE IT! | Review by

I've had this washer for a few months now and it is AWESOME! Plenty of wash cycle combinations to choose from. The spin cycle practically dries the clothes. My clothes are cleaner than they've been in a long time. Prior machine was a front loading Maytag. Awful appliance. I love my GE!

Review Title: Quiet! | Review by

Pros: A nice solid quiet easy to operate washer. Set it and forget it. Does the job nicely. And costs less than the suggested retail price listed here. Look for it - it may be on sale.

Review Title: Poor wash quality | Review by

I am dissatisfied with the quality of the cleaning of the clothing. I would prefer longer wash cycles to accomplish better cleaning.

Review Title: washing cycles extremely quiet | Review by

would have preferred a solid agitator design and a less noisy final spin

Review Title: Best washer we have had | Review by

A load of wash takes a little longer, but, WOW, this washer does the job! It is gentle yet gets the wash super clean.

Review Title: Has Agitator | Review by

I bought this washer a few weeks ago. This washer has a agitator and you can wash as many clothes as will fit. I love it so far. This washer replaced one similar to this one that DID NOT have a agitator. I hated the washer there was lint on cloths and due to low water capacity felt I was constantly doing laundry.

Review Title: great features | Review by

Still getting used to all the different the auto load setting

Review Title: Great product but need more water control | Review by

Great except have trouble setting water level and if I change my mind as to wash cycle after tub has started to fill, it drains then starts again and my soap goes too! Need more control. No difference in cold, cool and tap cool settings. Also, I'm short so it's hard to reach bottom of tub.

Review Title: upgrade from a older GE model | Review by

I purchased this machine as an upgrade to a older GE washer, this new one is energy efficient, has a stainless steel tub with a agitator. load sensing water adjustment with the safety feature of not filling if the lid is open. It is quiet while running even in the spin cycle. So far I am quite pleased with this purchase. the only drawback would be the control panel appearance that pretty much looks like the older machines.

Review Title: Excellent Old fashioned Washer | Review by

Top Load and I can still control the water level... I wish it could fill just a little bit fuller... I like my water level to totally cover the cloths... Does very good job

Review Title: Nice product | Review by

For the money it is a good washer...Gets clothes clean. Like the auto fill feature

Review Title: A GREAT BUY | Review by


Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I bought this washer in April and am happy with it except for the slowness of the machine.

Review Title: A husband's dream machine! | Review by

Due to my wife's health issues, I have to do all the laundry. This machine makes it easy by providing easy to understand and select controls. The results are great and I am very happy we chose this washer.

Review Title: Exactly What I Was Looking For | Review by

The night before I went to purchase another model I caught this one on sale and reluctantly changed my mind. I was scared of all the negative reviews but, I couldn't be happier with this washer. I love the size of the tub it has no problem handling king size bed clothes. The legs of my pants get caked with mud from work and I have never once had to rewash a load everything always comes out clean. When you purchase this washer you have to understand it uses less water to save energy the tub will not fill to the top. It showers the clothes with water while spinning the tub to make sure everything is saturated when filling to federal guidelines. If you loseley pack a load in there and you really can get a lot in the tub set it on precise fill you have plenty of water. What ever I put on top always ends up on the bottom by the end I've used a fridge magnate over the sensor on the lid and watched how it washes those clothes move through the water. When I do sheets and towels I sometimes set the fill to super just for the extra water. I always use softener so having the dispenser and power rinse is great. When using the softener it does not hurl the softener at the clothes, like another review said. When the spin stops it runs out of the agitator to the bottom of the tub never touches the cloths. I've used the rain shower rinse and can say it works well. You need to use HE detergent for the machine to work right. HE detergent is designed to be rinsed away in less water like this machine does. When you set the temperature it will cycle through hot and cold water it does this because of seasonal variation in the temperature coming out of the tap so the HE detergent will work best and save energy. Hot is hot enough that steam comes off the water and tap cold will be a cold as your tap is. Yes the cycles are long compared to an older washer it comes with the energy saving territory. If your clothes are mud caked and have oily stains you need to use a longer cycle for it to work. Lightly soiled clothes wash fine on speed wash. Its very quiet compared to an older washer mine is in a small kitchen and it is very easy to cook listen to the radio and carry on a normal conversation while its running.For a week or two you will stop and question every noise it makes and think its going to break its normal you will get used to it new technology means new sounds. For features, price, and cleaning ability it works great for me. The last and most important thing I could suggest read the instruction manual before you buy a new washer most of the complaints in these reviews are covered in the instructions.

Review Title: Great washer! | Review by

I have had this washer for 2 months and I love it. The agitation cycle is so quiet compared to my old washer that I have double-checked several times to make sure the washer is running. The spin cycle really gets the water out of the clothes and my drying time is reduced. Love having so many washing options to choose from.

Review Title: Happy overall....but | Review by

I feel our clothes are getting clean, but the water levels are so low. Even on the highest level water setting it only fills half way. It is quiet, so I like that.

Review Title: Great Washer - Huge and Deep | Review by

I love my GE Washer. It is very huge and deep washer. I washed a very heavy king sized comforter and it came out great! I would recommend this washer to anyone who still wants and likes an upload with a spindle in the middle. No complaints!

Review Title: worth the money | Review by

well worth the money, works great, does a good job

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I have had this washer going on 3 months. I do at least 1 load a day some times 2. I am very pleased how clean my clothes and all the other laundry are. My prior washer only lasted about 4-5 yrs. different brand, was very disappointed. I did not and do not like the newer fancy machines with the lid lock and all the bells and whistles. this was the closest I found to the older fashion dial knob setting and agitator. So far VERY satisfied

Review Title: First Impressions - Great Value | Review by

We just purchased this to replace a broken washer. We needed something in a hurry and found this at a great price. We feel the quality and features are excellent for the price. Easy to use and works really well. Time will tell, but so far a great machine.

Review Title: very quite machine | Review by

In general I like my new washer, the only thing I dislike but I am getting used to it: pour the detergent BEFORE adding the clothes. I end up with a soapy cup

Review Title: not all that I expected | Review by

I guess the machine is ok, but after the third load of clothes, the the entire washing basket came lose and it sounded horrific. A repairman came out to fix it, but I am still a bit anxious about it happening again. Since it was not a month old, I was expecting them to bring in a new washer.?

Review Title: Lovin Laundry | Review by

I purchased this washer in August and chose GE because my previous washer was also GE and had lasted me 18 years. I love auto fill level button which I feel is a money saver and the larger drum when I want to do an extra large load.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

I love my new GE washer. The convenience of having it automatically set the water level is a great feature which saves a lot of money for heating water and wear or my well. The second spin feature is also very helpful and saves money on the energy to run the dryer. Overall great features and again great washer.

Review Title: I love this washer! | Review by

This is a great washer. Lots of good features. Love it.

Review Title: Exceptional | Review by

I researched quite a while before purchasing this washer. I haven't heard much good about the HE or front load washers. I wished it came in a chrome color like some of the new HE washers, as you see this unit when you walk in my house from our garage, but couldn't justify color for price and quality. It does have lots of washing features and have used most. I am very pleased over all. I like that it doesn't spin the clothes tight to the sides, like some have complained about with the HE, but still gets the clothes really dry at the end!

Review Title: ok | Review by

Not especially happy with the GE washer. Have had it for about a month. Very noisy. Seems to wash ok. Like it better than my old front load washer.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I bought this washer several months ago and I am very happy with it. I especially like the automatic wash load feature. It is quiet and has extra wash load features that give a lot of options.

Review Title: Almost Perfect | Review by

I wanted a washer with an agitator, so I picked this one. There are three things I don't like about it.. 1. There is no buzzer or sound when the washer has completed its cycle. 2. There is no way to reset it once it has started. 3. No instruction book. It does an awesome job spinning the water out. Less drying time.

Review Title: Like the Size. | Review by

Easy to switch features for load size, water temperature, etc.

Review Title: Okay. | Review by

This washing machine is loud and not what I really expected. It has pretty good features on it, but that's about it.

Review Title: Great Washer ! | Review by

I purchased this washer to replace a Whirlpool high efficiency washer , that lasted only one year before it had to be replaced. The GE washer is by far a superior machine. From the design of the control panel to the wide and practical array of settings, this washer exceeded my expectations. Really like the traditional agitator system . It does a great job and I am very satisfied with this unit.

Review Title: washer review | Review by

BouGht product on September 21 already needed a repair within 5 weeks of purchase. Rather disappointed so far.

Review Title: finally an agitator | Review by

So far so good. I had a washer with a plate base. Only lasted less then two years big mistake.I wanted old fashion agitator washer. I just saw my new washer $100 less on sale bummer. Oh well still happy so far with my new washer.

Review Title: Excellent Value & Features | Review by

The best washer for the best price with the best features. Simplicity in ease and use of operation yet sophisticated enough to handle my "special washing needs". Well made. Am very happy with this purchase.

Review Title: Clean smelling clothes! | Review by

We bought this washer to replace HE front-load machine which did not get our clothes really clean and left a sour odor no matter what. This GE washer cleans better and clothes smell clean. We are happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Great sensors | Review by

Features that allow sensor to determine water level ratheer than deciding small, medium, etc. Mnay other options like whites/colors, soak, extra rinse.

Review Title: wonderful washer | Review by

I bought this washer about a month ago. I have used it for sheets, curtains and regular laundry. I really like it a lot. It is so quiet.

Review Title: Best gestures on this washer | Review by

Love all the options it has. It has many options especially load size which saves do much water.

Review Title: Efficient, quiet, pleased so far | Review by

Was initially skeptical of HE-type washers based on friends comments. Did lots of research and read lots of reviews and bought the GE 3.9 cu top loading model, and am very pleased. I like the option of manually selecting the load size/water level, but have found that the auto select feature cleans just as well. I've had the washer for a month so cannot report on reliability or durability, but am very pleased so far.

Review Title: Excellent features | Review by

I bought this washer because it was a very good price. The price made it cheaper to purchase than repair a 12 year old washer. I am glad we decided to purchase the it.

Review Title: Great washing machine | Review by

Very Nice machine, runs very quiet, very impressed. Nice to be able to add clothes without waiting for a locked lid to release.

Review Title: washing machine | Review by

Looked for new machine after mine wasn't working well due to age of it.Checked into a new one & was happy with it.

Review Title: GE Washer | Review by

For a family with active kids, this washing machine has been great. Compared this to other brands with similar specs, but did not find any that beat the price or the total package. Love the stainless steel tub especially.

Review Title: GE Washer | Review by


Review Title: Quiet! | Review by

No longer hear the old one "clunking" from the basement.

Review Title: NOT shakin' down the house! | Review by

I live in an 87-year-old farm house with no slab under the wood floors. This house does not have a sub-floor, just a single layer of planks butted together and whatever covering is on top of the planks.

Review Title: a great washer | Review by

Very easy to use and understand functions and very quiet

Review Title: WASH AWAY YOUR PROBLEMS | Review by

Bought his wonderful washer July '14 from Lowes that had a huge promotion giving me a great deal! The extra spinning feature really gets the water out, which saves on electricity and drying time. Very happy with this washer.

Review Title: Efficient, quiet & quick | Review by

Amazed at the water saving feature and quietness of unit. Can't even tell it's running.

Review Title: Super washer! | Review by

I spent a great deal of time comparing washers before buying this one! I am so glad this was my final choice. The features give you as many options as you could want. My favorite thing is how clean it gets the clothes. Gets out heavy stains perfectly!

Review Title: GE washing machine | Review by

Great machine knows how much water to use during washing clothes.

Review Title: Awesome washer | Review by

I am washing clothes as we speak!! love everything about it. I will have to get used to the water levels and a little noisy... For the price not a bad deal.....

Review Title: Good buy | Review by

I bought this washer in June '14 and so far it's been great. My only con is that it doesn't have a quick cycle for washing just a few things.

Review Title: Life Saver | Review by

Upon research and a final recommendation of the Salesperson, this replacement has been a God sent. A little massive in size initially but a wonderful addition to my domestic necessities. Quiet as a church mouse the cycles are, yet a little on the long side. But overall a decent reliable piece of equipment at a fair pricing bought on sale.

Review Title: Quiet, Quiet, Quiet | Review by

Very quiet. Since unit is just off of the kitchen, we appreciate the low sound level. The stainless tub is excellent. My wife likes more water than the auto settings use but that setting would save water and it seems to clean fine with what seems like less water. The only downside is that the tub is so deep, my short wife has trouble reaching the bottom.

Review Title: Haven't had it long enough to know | Review by

Don't like the fact you change the water level after you start it, if you try it pumps all the water down the drain. I haven't had it long enough to know it will last a long time without problems.

Review Title: Nice big drum. | Review by

I was a little bit disappointed that I needed to have a service man after only having my appliance for about 3 months.

Review Title: this is a great washer | Review by

I had bought a different brand washer ,when installed it was very noisey and extremely loud when it started the spin cycle..i took it back and purchased the GE model ,,what a difference. so much quitter

Review Title: Love the large tub which help to wash less! | Review by

I purchased this washing machine a year ago. I am still happy with the machine. I especially love the large tub. I wash larger load less frequent saving me money.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

Best Washer does a great job. Plenty of room for super large loads. Great purchase!

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

Good product for the price paid - using it several times a week without any problems for the last few months.

Review Title: Easy to use! | Review by

The features on this washer are powerful but easy enough to use that my 9 year old can wash her own clothes. It is wonderful and I can't wait to get the matching dryer!

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

The only thing I wish that the water would be pouring in at the same time I am loading so I could spot clean the laundry.

Review Title: Washer Joy | Review by

I wasn't ready to go with a front loading washer and the reviews for the HE washers without agitatos sounded terrible. I was very excited to find that GE makes the top load with an agitator. So far, I am very happy with my new washer. It is replacing a relic that was detroying my dress clothes so I have really high hopes for my new machine. We've had it for less than a week. So far everything seems to work great. Choosing the correct cycle seems a little confusing but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. The manual could be more descriptive of the differences between the cycles. It does make many different noises that I'm not used to. It's quiet but I will never know if it's making a noise because something is wrong.

Review Title: GE Washer Review | Review by

I bought this washer because my Maytag went out on me. There is no comparison between the two machines. The agitator on the GE barely moves and I don't feel the clothes are getting cleaned well. The water level, no matter what setting I put it on hardly covers the clothes. Not happy and would not recommend.

Review Title: great features | Review by

very happy with my purchase of this washing machine

Review Title: Poor performance | Review by

I have had GE washers before, this one is far below my expectations. For a small load there is not nearly enough water to saturate the clothes, they are barley damp. Even if I put the load sensor on medium there is not enough water. To get the clothes clean I have to use the highest setting for the laundry to wash enough to get clean. After spinning the clothes are so wrinkled they need ironing before they go into the dryer. Also the machine shuts off if I open the lid before the cycle is finished. I am truly disappointed in the machine and equally disappointed in the GE refrigerator I purchased a few years ago. I will not buy another GE product.

Review Title: Excelent Washer Machine! | Review by

Great features. Very quiet. Excelent perfomance. Wash very good!

Review Title: Not happy at all | Review by

I have had this machine just under a year. The machine is so light in weight I easily moved it in the house without a hand truck or assistance. I am in my 60's.

Review Title: Simple to use | Review by

It was delivered this AM I have only used once , but found it easy to use and very quiet when moving through the cycles.

Review Title: Saving water, wearing out the motor. | Review by

I hate the water-saving feature. So do all of my friends. If half the load is dry, it's not getting washed. It takes MUCH LONGER to wash. I want the old model back, simple and efficient!

Review Title: Easy to use! | Review by

I bought this machine about two months ago and I have been pleased!

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

This unit has new electronic motor drive technology which is very quiet. I also like the automatic water level setting and ease of doing multiple loads - no need to pull out and turn the dial each time as in the past; just keep it on the same setting (if that's what you want) and hit the start button.

Review Title: many choices but none have fast agitate... | Review by

we bought thi aug 4th 2014... and unfortunately i am very disappointed in it.. it is not quiet while running. , it makes strange noises.. no matter what level water I choose, I get the same amount filled!.... there is no fast agitate feature that i used all the time i on my old GE

Review Title: 3 repairs in 8 months and it still doesn't work! | Review by

After having a front loading washer for several years I was not impressed. When it died I decided to go back to the traiditonal top loader. I have been very disappointed in this washer. It goes off balance no matter what is in the tub. I was told by one repairman that the laundry has to be laid in the tub in an exact way. I purchased a larger capacity so that I would be able to wash several pairs of jeans or towels, but was also told I should only do a few at a time. It has been completely rebuilt under warranty and it still doesn't work! GE is replacing the washer but after reading the reviews I would rather just have my money back! So disappointed! I will say that customer service has been fantastic.

Review Title: Quiet machine and it CLEANS clothes | Review by

We bought this machine to replace our 16 yr old other GE washer. WOW what a difference this machine is so quiet we wondered if it would actually clean our clothes. Living on a working ranch we get dirty and this machine CLEANS our clothes wonderfully. I would buy this product again if I need to. Energy efficient and a water miser that actually cleans clothes. Matter of fact our old stained white socks are actually coming back to white. !!!!

Review Title: Cleans Clothes! | Review by

Bought this 10 months ago and it works great. It actually CLEANS the clothes. I much prefer an old fashion washer that fills up with water to the level I set/choose. I believe that water and agitation is required to actually clean the clothes. This works great, cleans great. Although I do have to mention that it is a bit loud but I just close the laundry room door. I've owned multiple EXPENSIVE "energy efficient" models and they dribble water on your clothes and gently flop them around and they don't come out very clean.

Review Title: Quiet and efficient | Review by

I love the auto-sensor water fill! And my machine is very quiet.

Review Title: A fairly good clothes washer | Review by

This clothes washer does an adequate job of wahsing clothes. It is quiet and produces little vibration.

Review Title: Excellent job it does | Review by

Replaced a fine working older GE washer. Really like the new one.

Review Title: What a relief! | Review by

I was so nervous about getting a new washer, we'd had our old GE washer & dryer since 1988 and they took a lot of abuse. This washer is wonderful and so quiet!

Review Title: great features | Review by

works very well,easy to operate and very stylish.will buy matching dryer soon.

Review Title: Best Washer | Review by


Review Title: Great features | Review by

We are very happy with the washer All the features work well

Review Title: Very quiet!! | Review by

I have had my washer for a couple of months and I love it!!!

Review Title: Gets clothes clean | Review by

I wanted a top loader washer, and have learned that the high efficiency models are tough on clothes and don't clean as well, along with taking a long time. The price point was great.

Review Title: It works! | Review by

Had to replace the old washer. This is one with a traditional agitator as the High Efficiency models warn against washing sneakers or laminated waterproof clothing. Both boys work outdoors and need to wash just such apparel and footwear. It seems to take an extra long time to run an average load of wash (1&1/2 to 2 hours). We do like the multiple categories of types of wash and volumes. Overall it is a good washer.

Review Title: I love the features | Review by

I'm almost too short to get the clothes out. Seriously. It has an enormous tub that allows us to wash roughly twice as many clothes at a time as our old washer. I like the quiet sounds it makes. Clothes come out clean and undamaged. Very happy.

Review Title: Great Enegry Saver | Review by

I brough this about 3 months ago, I have always used GE washers and I love the washing machine, but it will no clean dirty work shirts, I have tried every cycle and cleanser and it will not clean as good as my old one did. It just does not turn fast enough when washing. Please I'm open for help here.

Review Title: Only one with a decently tall agitator. | Review by

I despise the low water level, and the way it locks in the choice. If you decide to switch to another program, it dumps out all of your water, detergent, etc..

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

I bought this a few months ago and am okay that I did. I am curious though why my permanent press clothes are always wrinkled.

Review Title: Wonderful Product | Review by

I bought another washer one year ago and it was terrible... My daughter just bought this GE washer and loved it so I replaced my new one with this one and it is the best thing I ever did.... VERY pleased. This washer has a huge capacity and gets all my clothes clean. I was having to throw my clothes away with the other washer and they never got clean. Love this product.

Review Title: Has everything that was looking for. | Review by

I purchased this washer because of the size to fit in the closet. But after using it for about 6 months it has great features. I can select the water level and it has so many options to wash and cleans my clothes better than my other washer. Very happy that I purchase this washer.

Review Title: Extremely quiet | Review by

We bought this because it was affordable and met our family's needs. We love the fact that it is extremely quiet. However, sometimes the "sensor" feature (that senses the load size) doesn't seem very accurate. For example, if the load is full but not that heavy (i.e. baby clothes) it thinks it's a smaller load and doesn't fill with enough water.

Review Title: clicking sound during wash | Review by

I bought this on sale at Home Depot. Loved how big the tub was but on the super setting the tubs only fills about halfway with water. Most of the times the clothes are not submerged in water and there is a constant clicking sound when it is washing (like every other second) for the entire wash cycle. I have been using it for 1 WEEK. COULD SOME FROM GE TELL me if this constant clicking sound is normal?

Review Title: great features | Review by

I am happy I selected this GE brand and model type

Review Title: This product cleans my clothes-and doesn't talk back! | Review by

Love it! It never disappoints me-always rebalances the load if I put a blanket or big single object in to wash. After 4 years of a much more expensive, and extremely sensitive washing machine, I decided to go back to a simpler time with the GE washer. It's such a relief to have a reliable washer that does what I want-cleans my clothes without any issues!!

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Performs as expected. Needed to get used to new features.

Review Title: The Best Washer | Review by

I cannot believe all the wonderful features this washer has.

Review Title: great | Review by

settings are great. auot fill works well. cleans great.

Review Title: Just what I was looking for | Review by

We just purchased this washing machine yesterday, so it is a little too soon to tell how it will perform in the long run. We got a really great deal on this machine. I made the mistake of letting my husband choose the last washing machine we purchased 14 years ago. I was actually glad when it finally stopped working and would have been more expensive to fix than it was worth. It was an HE, front loader. Sorry, but, I don't recommend that type of washer. I like this washer because it has a very large, stainless steel tub. It has a variety of settings to fit the types of clothing, towels or bedding that you are washing. It, also, has a bleach and fabric softener dispenser. The spin cycle is amazing, you really save a ton of drying time which can save a lot of money on your gas or electric bill. It has a no lock lid. When you open the lid it automatically stops or you can press the "pause/stop" button. I love this feature. With my old front loader, if you forgot to add something you could not open the door unless you stopped the machine for at least 3 minutes or more. You had to open the door, throw in whatever you needed to add and clothes the door quickly because water would spill out all over the floor. I hope that I feel the same in a year or two and that it will last as long as my last washer.

Review Title: Works perfect | Review by

Couldn't be happier with my washer! It cleans clothes to my liking..and save energy!;)

Review Title: Love it. | Review by

I am still very happy with this washer. Not sure what future has in store but so far so good.

Review Title: Love my washer | Review by

Love my washer n dryer and when I did review for dryer I asked where my rebate is after I sent message I got a notice rebate on its way love you guys thanks so much

Review Title: noisyproblem | Review by

I think it is too noisy and it vibrates... even tho it is level

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

I have only used this washer a few times but I am impressed with how quiet it is.

Review Title: Easy to use and does an excellent job! | Review by

Most quite washer I have ever owned---price was GREAT!

Review Title: Gets the job done | Review by

Mostly works fine. Good capacity, but long cycles. Had a problem after month - no agitation or spin out. Help line had me power it off and slam the lid a dozen times. Supposedly to realign he magnetic switch. Sounds like mumbo-jumbo, but it worked!

Review Title: WASHER | Review by

Only had this washer for about 1 or 2 months. Not sure if I like it or not. A cycle runs twice as long as my old washer. I bought this one because I don't care for the HE washers. Althought this washer has a full size agittator it runs very slow. Not sure if this is good or bad. Doesn't seem that running this slow would clean the clothes. I guess time will tell.

Review Title: Good washer | Review by

It is a good washer only you have to pay attention in sorting the clothes. I had some problems with pile from towels stuck on other clothes. There is no filter for gathering pile, animal hair etc.

Review Title: This washer is wonderful ! | Review by

I couldn't have asked for a better washer. I bought this washer back in June, and I simply love it !

Review Title: Usually very quiet | Review by

As the washer is filling and agitating, it makes some interesting LOUD clanging, banging noises. Other than that it is extremely quiet. I keep meaning to call GE and ask if this is normal.

Review Title: Washing Machine | Review by

New washer is nice and quiet and cleans clothes well. I like the automatic water selector.

Review Title: WOW! | Review by

Bought this month rather quickly and made a good choice. Machine is so QUIET that I would find myself checking to see if it is really working. The tub is extra large and clothes, sheet and even large blanket are clean. Great product with only one complaint. There is no end of cycle signal. Otherwise, perfect.

Review Title: Ok-Would not recommend | Review by

The washer is quiet but doesn't clean laundry very well.

Review Title: easy-to-use | Review by

I bought my washer about three months ago and really like it.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We are very pleased with this washer, it's easy to use, and we like the automatic load sensing option that our teenage kids can use.

Review Title: A good buy | Review by

We sold our house with a washer and dryer that we had for almost 40 years. We had to buy a new washer and dryer and this washer was the right price with the right options. It has a few strange noises but nothing that you can't get use to. We have no kids so the clothes don't get that dirty and this machines does a good job on them.

Review Title: Best value for price | Review by

Overall size and options are good, though would like a see-thru window. I do not always trust automatic settings.

Review Title: Quietness while running. Load levels, washes grea | Review by

The washer lives up to its claim on performance and looks great.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

When my Maytag washing machine stopped working I was faced with the big decision whether to have it repaired or replaced. As with any major appliance repair it can be costly only to have some thing else break. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a new machine. After comparing all the different brands I ran across this GE machine. Upon comparison, this model offered a larger stainless steel drum, and it was the only one that I had found where it had the water fill sensor but also had the option of choosing your own water level. After using this machine for a few months I could not be happier with my purchase. It is a great machine, easy to use with lots of options. I find that I mainly use the automatic water sensor on light wash. The cycle is sufficient and my clothes come out beautiful! It has lots of room and I just set the controls, give the button a push and off it goes. After using this machine, I have no regrets and couldn't be happier. If you want a great washing machine that is easy to use, with a great drum size and plenty of options, this is the machine to purchase.

Review Title: simple to use. quiet | Review by

I got this months ago. It is good. It is quiet- that is it's best feature.

Review Title: Large capacity | Review by

I love the automatic water level feature. It's much quieter than my old machine.

Review Title: Great machine | Review by

I bought this the Saturday after Thanksgiving and have never been so happy with a washer.. It's simple yet does everything I need it to do.

Review Title: Quiet Washer! | Review by

Just bought this washer 4 days ago after the inside of my old washer shattered (had a good 15 year run). I had success with GE products in the past, so this is my go-to brand. This washer is Amazing! It is so quiet... I've had to keep checking to see if it was running; love the stainless steel inside and so roomy!!!

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Excellent washer with no comparison to 20 yr old washer for replacement. Modern technology at its best.

Review Title: Practical Consumer | Review by

The quality and ease of use has has made a mundane household chore a welcome addition to make life easier. The spin cycle is awesome and I still can't get over how quite the machine is. The stainless steel drum and all the setting options to optimize efficiency are great. I had a neighbor over while the dryer and washer were running. She needs to replace hers and was impressed with mine and would be heading up to the store within a week.

Review Title: Great Machine | Review by

I bought this washer a couple of months ago and I Love it.

Review Title: excellent washer and good price | Review by

I purchashed washer approx.six months ago and I have been very happy with it. Does and excellent job and uses less water than my old one.

Review Title: GOOD BUY | Review by

We've had this machine for a few months now. It does the job efficiently and quietly.

Review Title: top loading washing machine | Review by

It is easy to operate, it has a large capacity and does a great job while conseving water.

Review Title: LOVE IT!!! | Review by

Best choice, love my new washer..cuts down on drying time because it spins so well!

Review Title: G E Washer | Review by

I bought a g e washer Five years ago and it Breaks down once a year last year it was motor this year transmission my husband will not work on it any more so we bought a new off brand today .I have parts already but throwing all away. Thanks G E.

Review Title: Whisper quiet | Review by

I can't believe how quiet this washing machine is! It is a workhorse of a machine. I am very happy with it.

Review Title: good washer | Review by

Works good. Washes efficiently. Pretty quiet when in use

Review Title: Very Functional | Review by

Energy efficient, very functional, and good value.

Review Title: Efficient washer | Review by

Efficient matter what size or type of load you are doing. Only thing missing is a bell or chime to let you know when the machine is done with a load of clothes. Other than that, no issues at all with the machine.

Review Title: Great Washer! | Review by

I'm glad I didn't base my purchase on the negative reviews of this product. Having had GE appliances for a number of years, I chose to got with my gut feeling and have not regretted it.

Review Title: Good choice | Review by

Our new washer does an excellent job in getting clothes clean without making a tangled mess. It appears to use a lot less water that our old washer also. The only reason that we did not rate it with a full five stars is because the wash cycle takes forever to complete.

Review Title: Halane's washer | Review by

We've had for several months and it has to proved trouble free and extremely reliable

Review Title: Love the water saver feature! | Review by

I have always purchase GE washers and dryers and this is the best one so far.

Review Title: unhappy with amount of water | Review by

When I set it for the two largest settings I don't feel it fills up with very much water. Comparing it to a small or medium load, the water level isn't much different. Only about half of the tub is filled with water. I also have trouble if I put clothes in and then decide I need to change to a bigger load - - it doesn't seem to reset the fill level. I very much like that it runs very quietly.


I love this washer. Have had about 5 years. It's quiet, has large capacity, washes clothes quickly and thoroughly, and is simple to use. Will def buy this one again. Also love the self help videos! I was cleaning my fabric dispenser which fell in. Watched the video and fixed it in a matter of seconds!!!!!

Review Title: GE Washing machine GTWN4250DWS | Review by

I bought this washing machine in 7/2013. It is now 2/2015 a little over 1.5 years and the thing is garbage. This is the biggest waste of money!!!! I had a repair teck come out and tell me that he bearings are going bad and it would cost $250.00 to fix. That is half of the price I paid for this thing. Whatever you do DON'T BUY THIS WASHER!!!

Review Title: Washer | Review by

Had since May not to happy with auto water level never seems to be enough water. Even if you select your own

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this washer 2 months ago when I moved into my new home. I love the large capacity of the washer. It works great getting all the laundry done for my large family.

Review Title: Noisey | Review by

I would not buy this washer again. Directions say to put soap in first. How do I know how much to use if I don't have my clothes in yet. Also I want my washer lid so I can have it open to see what is going on. It also makes so much noise when washing it can't be turned on before I go to bed. Also on slow spin the clothes still come out so wrinkled they have to be ironed. I have had GE's in the ;past for years with no complaints but I will be looking around next time. (married 60 years)

Review Title: Washer Works Good | Review by

We have been using this machine for several months. Features and options are well thought out. Not too much, not too little. No unnecessary complications. We switched to Arm & Hammer with Oxi-Clean granules when we bought the machine and between the two have had excellent results. Much better than our twenty year old machine. The old machine was pretty hard on cloths (fraying etc). The GE design whereby the agitator take slower but longer strokes is evidently the reason why it appears to be easier on the cloths. I have only one suggestion i.e. The 'Auto Soak Option'. I would prefer to use the auto soak option always due to the nature of 'Oxi-Clean'. However with this 'Options Switch' arrangement, selecting Auto Soak precludes me from using other options that I may want from time to time like 2nd rinse for example. Though one should keep in mind that some programs selected on the right hand dial selector already have soak periods as a part of their program. Overall I think that this machine is elegantly designed and well engineered. I would recommend it to anyone. It doesn't have any of the shortcoming found in front loaders. The price is right.

Review Title: Lots of options | Review by

We bought this one year ago this weekend! Have had no problems. Except on the inside of the lid, it has a rough edge in a 2" section, after snagging 2 shirts, I put a piece of tape over it:). It is very quiet, and doesn't take forever to wash, like the front loaders, but clothes still come out fairly dry to reduce drying time.

Review Title: Nothing I don't like about this machine! | Review by

After returning another washer that we hated, we bought this GE washer. There is nothing I don't like about it. Thank you GE for still making a washer that has an agitator, gets the clothes sparkling clean, uses eough water to cover the clothes, is easy to use, and extremely quiet. I also love the matching dryer and wrinkle setting.

Review Title: don't buy!!! | Review by

I have had this washer for one year now and it has been a joke. The transmission , bearing, and seal has gone out of it twice. Either I have a "lemon" model or they all are cheaply made. The appliance shop I deal with told me this model has a lot of problems. I wish I had known this before I bought it!! BEWARE!!

Review Title: Very satisfied | Review by

We've had this washer for about 3 months and are very happy with it. Clothes are clean and we typically use the water saving setting. I also wash cloth diapers in it - preset the amount of water for that so to have more in it - the soak setting is helpful. Diapers are well washed. Great upgrade from the laundromat.

Review Title: Great machine, great price! | Review by

After purchasing 2 "HE" washers and not being happy, I refused to purchase a third.Have had this machine for a couple months and love it. No odor or mildewed gaskets!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this items today and installation was simple. The unit is very quiet and did an outstanding job on the first 2 loads

Review Title: Excellent basic model | Review by

Cleanes the clothes very well. I am pleased with my decision to choose this model once I figured the water level that worked best for a particular load. The cycles take a bit longer than my old machine, but the results are far better

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

I've had it for a couple of months. It's very quiet, I can hardly hear it! It also wrings the clothes out so well, my dryer doesn't have to work so hard.

Review Title: Smooth and Quiet! | Review by

Just did the family laundry and was very impressed with the smooth, quiet operation of the washer. The washer tub is huge and able to accomodate large loads with ease.

Review Title: Easy Operation | Review by

Bought over two months ago, worked great, easy operation, quiet & smooth

Review Title: Exactly what she wanted!! | Review by

It was time to put our 20+year old GE washer and dryer to rest. My wife wanted a larger capacity washer and dryer that had dials, not buttons. Although I tried to push her into the space age, she insisted on easy to set knobs, not buttons with dozens of confusing choices and hard to see little lights. She found this and the matching dryer. We both enjoy using these machines. They are simple to operate, she has even come to like using the auto fill water level selector. The cycles are easy to understand and it does a great job washing everything she can throw in it. The washer is quiet and does not dance around the floor even when unbalanced. I did make certain it was level when I installed it. Hats off to GE. If you need to upgrade and "keep it simple stupid" this washer should serve you well.

Review Title: Work Horse Washer | Review by

This washer is a real work horse with a large capacity stainless steel tub and a variety of wash cycles. It gets the job done with consistently clean clothes and energy efficiency. You don't need all the bells and whistles that some manufacturers want to sell you on washers. This big boy does it all.

Review Title: simplicity works | Review by

all you need in a washer - and the tub is deep enough for quality washing, but not so deep that a short person tips over trying to get the clothes out.

Review Title: Very happy with the ease. operation, great product | Review by

Very satisfied with my new washer. It is quite and easy way operate. The quality can't be beat.

Review Title: Top Loading Washer | Review by

This is a good top loading washer that fitted under our kitchen cabinets and has been performing well/

Review Title: Great working machine | Review by

Its so quite I love it loads easy uses less water also

Review Title: Disappointing! | Review by

If you are short, you practically have to fall in the machine to reach the bottom to get loose items. Although you can adjust the water level, you still can't fill in more than half way. Shirts and long sleeve tees get twisted and tied up during the final phase. It takes more time to pull the clothes apart to place in the dryer.

Review Title: Balancing Act?? | Review by

This machine refuses to stay balanced, I finally had to put some folded up paper under one corner.

Review Title: Quiet machine | Review by

Lots of features. My wife has only good things to say about it.

Review Title: Clothes don't seem to come clean | Review by

I've had this about 6 months and have tried a variety of settings and load sizes and detergent amounts to see if I can get consistently clean clothes but stains on my clothes -- particularly cottons -- do not come out. White jeans that were never a problem cleaning before do not come clean as well as t-shirts and many other types of clothes. I had a GE before and was quite pleased, which is why I bought this one. Disappointed.

Review Title: Too rough on clothes | Review by

I've had this machine for almost a year. It is noisy and rough on the clothes. My clothes, sheets, and towels are fraying extreme fast because the machine is so rough.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I bought this same model 10 years ago and it has never needed service or repair. I am replacing it because the hard water has corroded the tub seal and it would cost me as much to repair as a new washer.

Review Title: Rating for old washer | Review by

This is a replacement for our GE washer Model Number WWA8648M Which gave us approximately 25 years of excellent service. I hope this one does as well. This rating is for the old one. The new one has to earn it's rating.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

I've had this washer for about two months. It replaced a washer that was just over 4 years old and just went over the warranty. I love that I can select the water capacity and that I can hear the clothes swishing around in the water. My previous washer was an autofill and it just didn't get the clothes clean. I can definitely notice a difference in the with this washer, especially with the white clothes. I am very, very happy with this purchase.

Review Title: great features bad machine | Review by

Had two in two weeks bolts broke off tub during spin cycle.

Review Title: A fine buy | Review by

The cycle options allow precise use for each load.

Review Title: Gets my clothes clean | Review by

This washer gets my clothes very clean and does NOT get unbalanced. The wash cycle is very quiet--the spin cycle is very loud(but my clothes are practically dry after spinning). I love that I can put in as much water as I want. Overall does a great job of washing my clothes. The 4 stars is for the VERY loud spin cycle.

Review Title: Bad, Bad, Bad Water Level | Review by

I hate this washing machine . The auto fill never puts in enough water. Setting it to "super" only fills about half-way. I have skin allergies and I need the rinse cycle to fill completely. The sprinkle rinse is also rather silly. I will never be able to wash a comforter. I understand that saving water is the goal, however, the consumer should have the option of how much water to use or save.

Review Title: Great Washer! | Review by

After looking at several washers we decided on the GE. This washer is excellent in every area. We were surprised at how quiet it is. GREAT!!

Review Title: Nice wash | Review by

Noisier than I thought it would be & it's a long wash, but a good one!

Review Title: Cleans very well, quiet, easy to use | Review by

This washer replaced a GE washer that was 30 years old and had just had a major failure.

Review Title: Excellent value. | Review by

Bought this machine in 11/13 and it has performed flawlessly.

Review Title: Large capacity | Review by

I have been pleased with my new washer. I can fit a huge load in and the clothes come out very clean. My only complaint is that I have occasionally had clothes wrap tightly around the agitator. Nothing has been ruined yet by this, but I have to be careful unwinding it. My old washer didn't do that.

Review Title: Very nice machine | Review by

I really like the extra large holding capacity, and the automatic fill setting.

Review Title: Very pleased | Review by

I bought my washer two and a half months ago and have yet to find anything that I do not like about it.

Review Title: very quiet | Review by

This washer is super quiet, gets laundry really clean and has larger tub than our 20 year old model. It takes more time to run a cycle which the salesman Saud it would. My only complaints are that interrupting the cycle to add something often stalls the cycle which takes a while to correct, and the delicate cycle spins clothes drier than I would like. Otherwise I am very pleased with with washer.

Review Title: I love the featires | Review by

I replaced my washer after 20 years with a GE washer I am so pleased with its performance.

Review Title: Quiet and cleans good! | Review by

This machine does a very good job at washing clothes. Runs quietly and spins the clothes dry.

Review Title: Long term relationship | Review by

Owned a GE washer that lasted 12 years. Bought another well known brand that died after only 8 years. Went back and bought another GE washer. Easy to install, quiet running, instructions are clear and this one is a winner.

Review Title: Super product! | Review by

I have never for a minute regretted choosing this washer! Excellent product for the money! I love it!

Review Title: not enough water to wash cloths | Review by

never buy again not enough water to wash your cloths

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I do not like the amount of water that comes into the machine. I would prefer that the clothes are covered with water and even on super size the machine is about half full of water. Other than this, I am very satisfied with the washer.

Review Title: Great size! | Review by

I bought this in October and have been very happy with it's performance. I like being able to adjust and control the amount of water for each load and also the abundance of settings.

Review Title: Awesome Washer! | Review by

Purchased this washer at recommendation of repair man. Uses less water, but my clothes still come out clean. Instruction manual is very clear on how to use. I would recommend this washer to anyone

Review Title: Quiet and Easy to Use | Review by

We just replaced our 15 year old washer with this model, and I'm so pleased with how much more efficient, quiet and easy it is comparatively! What a great deal!

Review Title: new washer | Review by

great machine but only thing missing is end of cycle alarm

Review Title: excellent machine for the price. | Review by

I bought this machine as a replacement for a machine that did not do so well. So far the washer has done very well. My water bill has actually gone down a bit since the washer was installed.

Review Title: Great Washer! | Review by

Just had the washer delivered two days ago. The first few washes have been great! The washer is on the second floor of our residence. The concern was possible noise and vibration from the unit resonating throughout the whole house. Did not happen! Very quiet and minimal vibration. I am very pleased! Drying time of our clothes following wash has been reduced by 30 - 50%. Amazing to me! Nothing but good things so far. If it changes, I will let you know.

Review Title: Loud banging noises on wash and rinse cycles | Review by

I really like my washing machine that I purchased just before Christmas 2013 and was excited about the auto-fill water setting. However, shortly after purchase, I noticed the washer will make a loud banging noise during the wash and rinse cycles while spinning at high speed. It sounds as if there are shoes or bricks tumbling around in the drum. This does not happen with each load either. Has this happened to anyone or can anyone at GE please tell me why this is happening? I have had my repairman look at the washer and found nothing wrong. I do not think this is right.

Review Title: Easy to operate | Review by

I appreciate the quiet operation, and it seems to do a good job, my only complaint is that I like to soak clothes that have a lot of organic matter and staining, but even when I use the highest water setting, the clothes aren't completely submerged unless I only fil the washer to half or two thirds capacity. Then the washer automatically completes the wash cycle 24 hours later.

Review Title: Couldn't be happier! | Review by

I've had my washer 2 months and couldn't be happier. I drug my feet purchasing a new one as I didn't think I would find one to get our farm clothes as clean as my last. I am glad I skimmed the manual and saw that for heavy dirt you should use the white clothes setting. I love that I am still able to select water level and water temp. The only thing I would change is if you could know how far through the cycle it was, so I knew how much longer till it was done.

Review Title: Fast, efficient washer. | Review by

Does a very good job on all settings in a very timely manner.

Review Title: Great Washer - Best of Both Worlds | Review by

I have had this 4250 washer for about a week and could not be more pleased. When my 11 year old top loader (non-GE) decided its life was over (transmission leak under the washer and in the wash basket) I did my research (online) as to what type of washer to buy. If you�ve read online reviews, you�ve probably noticed the same as I in that no one seems to like anything! Front Loaders are �stinky� and HE Top Loaders �don�t get the clothes wet�. Maybe only unhappy campers take the time to write reviews. The only common theme I found was a desire for the time tested center-post agitator machines. With the information I found online (at, the 4250 seemed to offer the best of both worlds � energy efficiency and cleaning ability. In the �Precise Fill� mode, you have the energy efficiency benefits of a Top Loader HE machine. (The machine determines how much water is needed for the most efficient use water.) But the 4250 also allows the user to manually set the water level (Small to Super) to accommodate special needs (bulky items, wet towels, etc.) AND has a real agitator to move the clothes through the water. So with this information, I went to the store to check it out. (I went to a local independent appliance store where the salespeople actually know what they are talking about. Have you ever gone to one of those big box or department stores where you doubt if the salesperson has ever done a load of wash or used a dishwasher at all? But I digress.) After the salesperson explained the features of this (and other machines), I selected the 4250. (I also bought the matching dryer.) Both machines were installed a few days later and to be honest, I�ve done more loads then necessary just so I could try out all the settings and options. This is simply the quietest washing machine I�ve ever had or heard. All you hear is the sloshing of the water as the agitator agitates. Almost sounds like a day at the seashore. In fact the washer is so quiet that I wish it had an end-of-cycle chime to tell me when it was done. Per some of the other reviews, I have not had any concerns with the �Precise Fill� not providing enough water to do a thorough job of cleaning. I�ve tried the manual water level settings too and have decided that �manual� works best for towels, but �Precise Fill� is fine for everything else. I also use liquid fabric softener so I�ve been using the �fabric softener� final rinse as required. Therefore, I have no feedback on the rain-shower rinse. The final spin cycle is much faster than my old machine and as such, dryer time seems to be cut in half. I guess this saves energy (gas and electricity) too. So overall, I am very pleased with this washer and would highly recommend it if you are looking for a best-of-both-world�s approach to laundry. And if it matters to you, and it did to me, the washer is made in the USA (Louisville KY).

Review Title: Big loads of wash! | Review by

The inside of the washer is so much bigger than my last washer, even though it is the same size on the outside of my last washer. How did they do that? I can wash more clothes. There are many more settings to choose.

Review Title: Energy efficient | Review by

I like that is senses the load & only uses the appropriate amount of water

Review Title: Great performance | Review by

Bought it two months ago or so and would highly recommend it

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

Love that it does not have a locking lid, I always forget something

Review Title: Reliable machine, great value. | Review by

This has been a great washing machine. Runs so quiet, we often have to check that it is actually running. Uses very little water and spins clothes very dry.

Review Title: Great Cleaning Machine | Review by

Does a great job cleaning clothes. Has automatic water level to save water.

Review Title: perfectly easy to use | Review by

This washer is great! It is very simple to understand the features and to learn what settings to use and when. It saves on water and does a wonderful job cleaning items. It is gentle and quiet. So glad we decided to get this one.

Review Title: Have been using GE for over 10 years | Review by

I have been using GE washers for 10 years, great product, love the deep tub, my wife really like the quietness and how it can handle large loads.

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

Purchased last December no problems, runs quiet, Great value

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Bought this two months ago for the wife she loves it.

Review Title: very quiet, cleans wash | Review by

very satisfied with purchase of this product. counting on its longevity, particularly its match of our prior GE washer.

Review Title: Poor Operations | Review by

I have had my GE Washer less than 10 months and have had numerous service calls. The washing machine does not have good operations and functions as far as the selections on using the machine for everyday wash loads. Service calls have not been as numerous with my GE Washer as with my GE Dryer but still feel like I am using a poor quality washing machine for both performance and operations.

Review Title: A Great Choice | Review by

After searching to find a high capacity, non high effiency washer, I finally decided on this one. I wasn't sure if I would like it, but it turned out to be a great choice. The capacity is larger than my old traditional washer and it is much quieter. I have been using this washer for about 2 months and so far am satisfied with purchase.

Review Title: Liked my old washer more | Review by

I did research to find a top loader that would be most flexible for my needs. I wanted to be able to manually select the water level or let the HE decide. When selecting "SUPER" water level, the basket still only fills half full, so in effect, I wash twice as many loads, using more detergent, softener, etc. If you fill the basket with clothes, no matter what program you choose, your clothes get all tangled up and come out very wrinkled. In my opinion, my old 20 year old washer with simple manual controls was far better. Also, you cannot change your mind about your selections once you have started the cycle...if you do, it drains the water and re-starts, a real waste of laundry products; this happens if you've selected "small" load and decide to add a few more items and change it to "super" load, so in effect, though you can open the lid (some washers lock) it is not useful. With my old washer, you could add items, change the water level, length of cycle, etc. This washer does clean my clothes (don't forget I'm doing twice the number of loads) and spin them quite dry, enabling quick drying. If I could return it just because I don't like it, I would.

Review Title: GE GTWN4250DWS REVIEW | Review by

This is the best washer ever--it washes delicates as well as extra dirty garments. Thanks for a quality product at an exceptional price.

Review Title: MY NEW WASHER | Review by


Review Title: Strong Washer | Review by

I had another GE washer for 25 years and it was about time to buy a new and larger one

Review Title: washer | Review by

So glad I bought this. It does an awesome job ans has a deep stainless steel drum

Review Title: Gets Clothes Very Clean | Review by

I have had this machine for one month and feel it gets clothes cleaner than my previous washer which did not have an agitator. However, it mkes a lot more noise when it is washing the clothes.

Review Title: Good "old fashion" washer LOVE IT!!! | Review by

I bought this a couple months ago, after reading reviews. My old washer was a high end front loader and I HATED it. Went back to this "classic" model and could not be more happy!!! its quieter, does not use as much water, I can add things after it starts, and it drains all the way. The only thing missing is a signal when the load is done, but i knew that when I bought it. Great value, durable...and I do at least 2-3 loads of laundry a day! Seriously LOVE this machine!!!

Review Title: GE Washer | Review by

I love love love this washer. I hated my previous one. It was the digital style. It took me almost an hour and a half at times to get through a load of laundry provided it decided to spin the water out of the clothes. I almost bought this GE but because I was swayed by the TV commercial for this brand I bought it. This GE washer however is what I am use to. The machine fills immediately and it does NOT LOCK the lid. DON'T BUY ANYTHING except this washer if you want to get a great value and a great machine. This machine offers many settings (towels, jean, delicates, etc.). I never had that with any machine.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I was very impressed with all the cycles for washing, rinsing and extra spin cycle

Review Title: goos features | Review by

Have had for 3 months and when spinning it has a squeak.

Review Title: Has all I need! | Review by

I love using this washer. It has all the bells and whistles I need. It was a great buy.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Awesome. Clothes are nearly dry after washing which requires less dry time.

Review Title: Replacemet product | Review by

American Home Shield recommended this product to replace my old one which wore out and was under insurance.

Review Title: great washer | Review by

We had to replace our old washer last June - this one was on sale. So glad we got it! It is 10 times better than our old one. It has a lot of features, but doesn't have a manual soak. We've been able to live without that, though.

Review Title: NOT IMPRESSED | Review by

washed on the permanant press cycle and the clothes came out so tangled, I actually cried. Way too rough on the spin cycle, never saw anything like this on any machine I have used. What were you thinking GE??

Review Title: Love the large tub. | Review by

I am very pleased with this washer and the settings.

Review Title: Great appliance | Review by

I bought washer a month ago and am pleased with the construction and performance.

Review Title: not really | Review by

I would not ever buy this wash machine again or one similar.

Review Title: Great Washer! | Review by

I bought this on 7/14 & it was installed on 8/2/14. My old washed (GE) would not go to spin. This one does a beautiful job spinning/pre-drying the clothes. Just sorry I had to wait so long for delivery.

Review Title: GE Washer | Review by

I bought this when my 14 month old Maytag refused to work one Saturday morning. My new GE washer works like a washer should. You can open the lid when you need to and it does not take an hour to run a cycle. It spins fast but doesn't sound like a jet taking off. I love the deep tub and it's many choices for washing loads. I can use regular laundry detergent and not the HE brands that leave clothes and machine with a sour odor.

Review Title: a bit noisy! | Review by

it works okay..just a bit noisy and the cycle is longer than my old washer

Review Title: Great washer for the price! | Review by

I love this washer. It has all the features that I need and does a nice job of getting my clothes clean.

Review Title: I love it! | Review by

I bought this a month ago and love it. My old washer was 30 years old and I had a hard time finding something comparable. This fits the bill! Simple, fully fills with water, lid opens when filling, and nothing digital. Basic and does a great job.

Review Title: Great size for lg family. | Review by

Best washer we could have ever got . Easy for kids to use.

Review Title: Auto load sensing | Review by

The auto controls are very easy to use and all actions work perfectly. The best part is the clothes are washed the way we wanted!

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

Very satisfied. Also purchased the matching dryer, which is also very satisfactory.

Review Title: Clothes are cleaned - I think. | Review by

At first I thought the unit was broken. I saw the agitator movements to be questionable. I saw no soap suds.

Review Title: Washer | Review by

You get the best of both with setting it yourself and automatic. It wrings out my clothes good and washes great. Love it

Review Title: Older model features are my preference. | Review by

I wish I could tell exactly where within the entire cycle it is processing at any particular time. Also I find changing sets (level, temps, etc.) not as user friendly as my older model was.

Review Title: Great machine | Review by

I bought this appliance 3 to 5 months ago and its doing great

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

I wanted a washer that would get my clothes clean, and this washer does that well, you can even soak the really dirty clothes as long as you want

Review Title: Good practical machine. | Review by

I wanted a "no-frills" washing machine that wouldn't require special detergents or present some of the problems reported by buyers of fancier washers. This machine seemed to fit the bill, and so far, after 2+ months, I've had no problems. I'm not a heavy user, but still I appreciate the larger capacity, so I don't need to do more than 2 loads. Overall, I'm pleased with this machine and only hope that it continues to perform as well as it does now for some years to come.

Review Title: excellent machine gets our clothes clean | Review by

We are very happy with new washer, it is lots better than are old GE washter.

Review Title: Good value washer | Review by

This is a high capacity machine, simple to use and good quality for the price

Review Title: Sub Par | Review by

Purchased in October 2013, Motor burned up in December 2013. Retailer replaced with a new machine. Now 7 months later, this machine has a problem with a loose inner drum. Waiting two weeks for service and parts. Experience is making harder decisions to buy American made products.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I have used GE Washers for the last 43 yrs. This is the best washer I have owned. I think the Precise Fill is the best feature you have ever had on washer. It is so quiet and it really spin dries the clothes the better than previous washer.

Review Title: Noisy motor | Review by

I bought it in January this year. less than 2 months it started to make this high pitched nagging sound during the spin cycle. A&E factory they diagnosed the problem was the Motor. they ordered the part and returned to install it but had so much difficulty putting the belt on that he had to have another guy do it. It took warming the belt to get it on so don't take off the belt yourself or you may not be able to get it back on. Poor design on the washer.

Review Title: Great features and very quiet | Review by

We bought our machine a few months ago,and I think it is one of the best washers we have ever owned.

Review Title: Good, not great. | Review by

Got this washer as part of an upgraded appliance package from a builder, so its not like we had the opportunity to thoroughly shop the product before buying. The water smart technology seems to work well for most loads, but still leaves some clothes with dry spots after some washes (mostly the permanent press) cycle. One issue I have is that the machine ate one of my shirts.

Review Title: Great value for the money | Review by

I bought this to replace a very old GE washer. My other washer was over 10 years old and needed replace. I was impressed with the size since it almost doubled what I could wash. Really like the energy and water saving features.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Really different washing experience. Need to understand the controls and features to get the best results

Review Title: GE stands behind there products | Review by

i have bought GE in the past and they have never let me down. as years go by most companies seen to loss there quality but not GE they continue to stand behind there products. my clothes seem to have less water left in them when spine cycle is over. that takes less drying time. less wear and tear on my garments is also a good factor. i would recommend this washer to ones that need a washer. great for baby clothes to. you know when cycle is over they are ready and don't have to rewash them

Review Title: Could use more space inside | Review by

I bought this washer to replace the same one I previously bought about 5 years ago. Being the same model I assumed it was the same size all around. The big difference is that the original one didn't have a big agitator in the middle. So fitting large items was much easier than trying to wrap them around the agitator. Other than that, the washer works well and I haven't had any issues with it.

Review Title: Unfortunate Purchase | Review by

My new machine arrived today and I have wasted my whole day with this unfortunate purchase. Tub only 1/2 fills with water no matter what level is chosen. Slow, very slow agitation, I watched the same shirt through the whole wash cycle never move from it's original position or go under the water ever. It doesn't seem to matter what cycle, colors, whites, PP, they are all the same. The rinse/spin is so loud with a grinding noise one has to shout to be heard. Soooo disappointed. hhgregg will stop by in two days to assess the situation. Disappointed in them too.

Review Title: I love my GE washing machine1 | Review by

My clothes are clean now! Easy to use and does the job. I love this machine!

Review Title: Love my new washer! | Review by

Doing Laundry is easy. Love the ease of the dials and start button. The machine is quiet, has an agitator, large capacity, and the price was right!!!

Review Title: No problems with this machine | Review by

I have had this washer for about 3 months. No problems. The clothes come out clean (my husband is an airplane mechanic). My only issue is that it is a loud washing machine.

Review Title: Great features & its load sizes | Review by

I bought my new Washer when old one died & have been happy ever since.

Review Title: GE top load washer. Model # GTWN4250D1WS | Review by

Works as advertised. Very simple to operate and does a good job.

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

I love this washing machine since I can do hand wash or speed wash. I like knowing which cycle to use or what I am washing.

Review Title: My machine | Review by

Bought it 3 months ago and very very happy with the washer and dryer

Review Title: many useful features | Review by

Does what needs to be done efficiently, silently and very well.

Review Title: Lots of water levels | Review by

I think it does make a lot of different noises. Thank goodness you sent a cheat sheet with all the explanations for the extra sounds. Cleans well. wished it used more water on some of the levels.

Review Title: Good Value! | Review by

I bought this washer six weeks ago and it works just fine. It is a little loud but not extremely so. It uses a much smaller amount of water than my previous washers and still gets the clothes clean. I also thought the price was great.

Review Title: washing machine | Review by

i brought this machine a year ago last month and i was washing and it just cut off i read the packet that was for trouble shooting but did not help my problem i unplug the machine and it came back on the next morning

Review Title: Many options for wash! | Review by

We bought this a year ago to replace an older model and have been very happy with the wash options and the quietness of the washer

Review Title: good product with issues | Review by

this product holds nice large loads and cleans very well, but does not drain water well, often needs an extra spin cycle to drain the water out or the close will never get dry.

Review Title: Loads of good features. | Review by

I bought this washer to replace my old washer, and was very pleased with the overall performance of the washer.

Review Title: Great machine for the money! | Review by

We had go get used to the quite cycles verses our old machine and the reduced drying time since the clothes came out nearly dry already. Love this machine so far.

Review Title: NOT WORTH A DAM | Review by


Review Title: ge-gtwn4250dws | Review by

out of all the other brands I liked this one better seams to work very well and price was fair

Review Title: Great bu | Review by

I am very happy with this machine, have not encounter any difficulties. Love the Very large agitator and furthermore it is very quiet. I only wish it had an end of cycle alarm.

Review Title: big deal purchase | Review by

I purchased this machine with my wife. Our other machine died, so we bought this one on sale. Runs great and does heavy loads with no problem. The spin cycle is a little bit noisy but no enough to keep you awake. The wash drum is wearing away its finish im guessing from the presoaker we use on clothes. But all in all great machine.

Review Title: Super not so super. | Review by

This washer touts itself as an abnormally large capacity washer. While it is true that the basket size is huge, the "fill" is not. Even if the washer is set to "super" for load size, it only fills enough water for what would be considered a large load on any other non-HE washer. Other than it not really being a super-sized washer, it works great and is quiet.

Review Title: Large Capacity; Needs Cycle End Buzzer | Review by

While I am very pleased with this washer, especially the large capacity, and multiple cycles and 2nd rinse option, I would very much like to have a cycle-end buzzer so my clothes don't sit there in a pile waiting for me to check on them. Also, there is nothing in the manual that tells me the average amount of time each cycle will run. Without an end of cycle buzzer, and without any idea of approximately how long it takes to run though a Delicate or Towels or whatever cycle, I'm left guessing and end up running to the garage multiple times to check on the status of my wash. Inconvenient.

Review Title: GE HYBRID | Review by

I overall like the washing machine however I do not like the amount of time it takes to complete a load of clothing even when using the quick wash feature. Takes much longer than any of my prior washers.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

The automatic wash size is a water saving plus, the large load capacity keeps the number of loads down and the varying size and types of cycles makes it perfect for all laundry needs

Review Title: Water efficent | Review by

Works well, energy efficient and saves water. is very quiet when running

Review Title: Many good features | Review by

We've had our machine several weeks and have enjoyed using it. All our washed goods have come out very clean.

Review Title: LOW water level | Review by

The drum size is misleading. It's 50% larger than old washer but only cleans same amt. Why are there fins at the top of the agitator when the clothes can never be loaded to that height.Water level too low to clean a "super"load as in the example on the magnet strip that came with my machine. Maybe a chart listed in the owner's manual. All my other machines had one, example: sm load = 1 slacks, 2 blouse, ex lg load = 6 pr jeans , 2 sweatshirts. this would help all those using the machine, including the younger ones who may not have much experience doing laundry. I am very interested in what a rep from G.E. might have to say. BTW I have been doing laundry since I was 10, I am now 57.

Review Title: Quiet and water efficient | Review by

I bought my washer a while ago and still love it! I thought for the price that it wouldn't be anything special but it exceeded my expectations.

Review Title: Clothes come out really clean! BUT! | Review by

'Precise Load' feature is much too low for a proper wash. Machine is very noisy when changing gears.

Review Title: Very user friendly | Review by

My ONLY fault is that it is EXTREMLY noisy!!!!!! Much more than the Magtag I had--needs to be made more quiet---the salesman even told me this before I bought it and he wasNOT exagerating!!!!

Review Title: Happy with purchase | Review by

I bought this washer 2 months ago and so far, I am pleased. I did not want a front loader nor one without an agitator so this fit my specs. I like the larger easily holds 2 sets of sheets or a queen size quilt. Like other reviewers, I use the cotton setting most often in order to get the longest agitation. It does make a popping noise which is concerning but so far hasn't impacted performance.

Review Title: FANTASTIC PAIR | Review by


Review Title: Love having choice water level or sensor | Review by

I switched from a high efficiency frontloader to this one. I love having option of choosing a load size or letting sensors decide water level. My clothes seem much cleaner than with front load washer, and the stainless steel drum looks great and holds our comforter! Really like this washer!

Review Title: loads of options | Review by

The washer works fine except it is not as quiet as I expected.

Review Title: Great choices in features for washing | Review by

Bought it a few months ago and it has saved me time, worry, water, and does a tremendous amount of laundry, wringing out water terrifically, thus saving drying time.

Review Title: great features | Review by

Wife loves all the extra settings and the quiet operation makes it nice

Review Title: HORRIBLE | Review by

This is the very worst washer I have ever owned. It doesn't get anything clean. It is the equal to rinsing out your clothes in the sink. The rinse is a joke. Leaves soap & fabric softener in the clothes. I hooked up my old washer put my towels in & the soap & fabric softener in the water was amazing. Having used the washer you could not PAY me to bring this junk home!

Review Title: A dependable washer | Review by

I like the washer but it is noisey. That is not a real issue though. Love the soak feature

Review Title: Extremely Quite! | Review by

It is a pretty good washer for the price. Yes, I could have paid more for a better washer, but being that price was an issue for me, it was a good deal. It is extremely quite! Seems to get all things clean and has many washing options. The only thing I do not like is that I can not control what it does in the option that I pick. (example -towel and sheet option automatically soaks - I would like to have the option of not soaking.)

Review Title: durable, quiet agitation, cleaning ability | Review by

Worth the cost, quality cleaning, clean lines of deep stainless steel agitator

Review Title: Broken after 3 months | Review by

Three short months the washer failed to activate the hot water. I couldn't understand why the temperature was always cold. Very disappointing.

Review Title: we love this washer | Review by

Having a one year old baby in the house means lots of washing. This washer lives up to the task. From the regular clothing loads to that day we had to wash ALL the towels in the house This washer handled the work well. It is also quiet, so quiet We can do loads while JR is taking a nap

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I bought this washer about six weeks ago. I really love all the features and settings it offers. It is the perfect machine. You can set your own water level or have machine set it for you. It also still has the agitator, but it doesn't tear up the clothes. The washer rocks with the water, clothes, and soap in it so as to equally distribute everything. It may well be the best washer I have ever owned.

Review Title: I love the many different features | Review by

I love my GE top loading washer. I bought it in August and I do not want anything other than a GE/

Review Title: Good Job! | Review by

Very pleased with all aspects, performance, appearance.

Review Title: Quiet and Efficient | Review by

Very satisfied with the efficiency of washer.Large capacity with many options and very quiet compared to my previous washer. Spin cycles work great. In fact machine is an excellent all around value for someone looking for a top load washer with an agitator.

Review Title: Love my new washing machine | Review by

It is big enough for all the laundry for my family of four. Love the auto load sensing

Review Title: Not enough water | Review by

washer was advertised as a super load washer, but the tank only fills up with water alf way! Does not cover all the clothes.

Review Title: Continually in need of repairs | Review by

We have owned this washer for 4 months and needed to call for repairs twice already. When it works, it's great.

Review Title: Awful washer! | Review by

If I had known this washer puts so little water in on super water level, I would not have bought it. I don't care about government regulations or energy savings. When I spend 500 dollars on a washer I want to be in charge. Not the machine doing what it "senses".

Review Title: Awful | Review by

I literally despise this washer! I told the salesman I did "not" want a HE machine that doesn't completely fill with water. Well, that is exactly what I got! This machine does NOT clean, it beats the heck out of my clothes during the spin & it is loud. It spins longer than it washes. My dark clothes look like heck. Anything with a string on it gets so knotted up around the agitator it's ridiculous (it already ruined a jacket). The clothes are so wrinkled (I air dry my shirts) and twisted coming out of the machine it's awful. Machine is very loud and I live upstairs don't dare do laundry early a.m. or late at night. Service man has been out says that's the way the new machines are. I can't even express just how much I dislike this machine. So much so that I am ready to sell it and go buy a different machine! I can't think of 1 thing, not 1 that I like about this machine!

Review Title: nice features | Review by

bought on 9/11/14 and already broken. major break down. waiting on repairman as of 10/21/14.

Review Title: Best Washer/Good Price | Review by

I have owned this washer for about three months. It always get anything I wash spotless. I love the automatic water fill feature, so I don't have to guess the load size. The second spin feature really cuts drying time. I find the towels/sheets, jeans and other specific load types extremely helpful. The only regret I have is that I did not get the matching dryer because mine was still working OK. As soon as my old one dies, I will be getting the matching GE dryer. I have never owned a GE appliance before, but if this is any indication of the quality and technology I will be replacing all of my appliances with GE as needed. I also like the fact that it is made in America.

Review Title: Hydrowave is Awesome!! | Review by

I just purchased (9/19/13) this washer for my wife as an early birthday gift that she asked for and she hasn't stopped talking about it yet. She loves all the features especially because she can add her fabric softener in at the beginning of her wash cycle instead of going back into the laundry room to do it later. This is a great product!!

Review Title: Excellent job | Review by

Bought this when moving to my new home a couple of months ago. Works great and I am enjoying all the special features

Review Title: The quietness of this washer impresses me! | Review by

I am very happy with my new washing machine. It does an excellent job in cleaning the clothes, is easy to operate. Probably the feature I am enjoying the most is how quiet it is when running.

Review Title: Big Tub, Doesnt fill up with water though | Review by

Saves you water doesn't wash your clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review Title: Works Great!! | Review by

I got this about 3 months ago. It has worked perfectly. I am pleased with it.

Review Title: Good washer | Review by

I do like this washer very much. I wish it has a cycle end signal.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

I bought this product when my front load quit working ! It gets your clothes clean better than the front load !

Review Title: Very quiet model! | Review by

I am pleased with the features this washer offers.

Review Title: Gets the Clothes Clean | Review by

Faster than my old washer. I only wish it showed the time remaining for each cycle. Really like the extended spin--cuts dryer time way down. Great for people who prefer a top loader with an agitator, as I do. The top loading HE washers I tried never got my clothes clean. This washer gives you more control over process.

Review Title: Great item - terrific bargain | Review by

We bought this washer to replace the one in our rent house. We're very happy with the performance and the value for the money. GE appliances are the best!

Review Title: Great features and energy efficient | Review by

I would recommend this washer to family, friends and everyone

Review Title: better than old broken washer | Review by

Does a good job of cleaning but takes a long time. I don't like the limits imposed by the washer's computer on water levels, changing type of wash, etc.

Review Title: Love my new washer | Review by

Like the automatic water fill feature. It also is a quite washer with a great spin cycle.

Review Title: Does a great job | Review by

We have owned this GE clothes washer for about three months and in that time it has operated admirably. The washer effectively and efficiently washes, rinses, and spin-dries all of our clothes from delicates to sheets and bedspreads. The washer while operating quietly, easily handles bulky sheets, jeans, and bedspreads - preventing the wash loads from going "off-balanced" during the spin-dry cycle. My wife likes these features: 1.) the washer lid can be opened and clothes added after washing cycle begins. 2.) water levels can be adjusted to accommodate the size of the wash load.

Review Title: Love the older style, Cleans Great | Review by

I bought this washer in June of this year and have very few complaints other than it is putting holes in my clothing. Not sure why, but have checked for debris under the agitator and there is nothing there. Happens on any soft material such as shirts and towels. Cleans my husbands oilfield work clothes great!

Review Title: it is easy to progam and use | Review by

it runs smoothly and quietly. it is easy to set up for whatever load i am washing.

Review Title: washer | Review by

good goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Review Title: poor | Review by

I bought this washer like a month go an I just don't like it, the water level isn't high enough and makes a lot of noise. If someone asked me about buying one I would tell them not to. My mom bought a GE washer an she hate it, she wants to get rid of it

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

Washer used low water but often does not even cover the clothing in water so you have to hold the water knob to get water to cover clothes otherwise they don't get wet or clean. Good for small loads but anything else gets the short end. Sensor does not seem to recognize larger loads. Dryer that matched is GREAT!

Review Title: Great washer. Big tub | Review by

Spins clothes to almost dry. Love all the extras!,,

Review Title: I love it! | Review by

I got this GE washer last June and I'm really enjying it!!! I had a whirlpool HE and it was a lemon, never worked right in the beginning!

Review Title: Nice features | Review by

I bought this a couple of months ago and I am not to pleased with it. The new features does not allow a full water volume. Does not clean clothes like it should.

Review Title: Works so much better than my front loader. | Review by

Was so tired of new clothes looking like they were dirty. After the first load clothes looked so much better.

Review Title: DON'T BUY | Review by


Review Title: reasonable priced | Review by

I bough a few months ago and still satisfied. Much better than front loader I had and less than half the cost.

Review Title: Nice interior. | Review by


Review Title: LOVE IT!!!!! | Review by


Review Title: Great washer! | Review by

I am happy with this washer. It's energy efficient.

Review Title: Great washer! | Review by

Very happy with this new washer. It uses less detergent and gets the laundry clean. Spin cycle at the end really gets the water out and makes the drying time shorter.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

The product quality is excellent and this was no trouble

Review Title: GOOD AGITATOR WASHER | Review by


Review Title: Love the features it offers | Review by

I like that it has the ability to save me water by knowing when it has enough to do the load I put in. The clothes at the end of a cycle are left damp and no additional water.

Review Title: Example: Great features! | Review by

I purchased washer approx. 2 months ago & stil don't understand how to operate it- not happy with cannot lift lid - must pause first.

Review Title: Super machine !! | Review by

Great working appliance. Very quiet, cleans excellent !!

Review Title: Not happy with features | Review by

I bought this washer almost a year ago for the name and price but unhappy with its performance.

Review Title: Auto Load Sensing | Review by

This washer is large and In Charge. I really like the auto load sensing. Very easy to operate and understand, I did not want one of those big fancy machines with all those gadgets I didn't use or don't work when there is an ERR?

Review Title: It does everything I want it to do | Review by

At first I was thrown by the small amount of water the washer uses, but it gets the clothes clean and gets the job done.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Love everything about this washer especially the auto fill feature

Review Title: Noisy Washer ! | Review by

This washer rock's a lot when in rinse mode. It has no way to add water if you want to after you start a cycle, it will drain the whole water and re-fill it again .

Review Title: Great washer for a great price. | Review by

We bought this to replace an 8 year old "high efficiency" front loading washer. We couldn't be more pleased. This HE washer (top loading) gets the clothes really clean and has all the features that you need for an affordable price.

Review Title: Its a MACHINE! (Really, it is) | Review by

First time I've bought a brand new washer/dryer in years. It does its job very well, it's very quiet, and seems to be mechanically sound. Holds large loads too.

Review Title: Functional for most with many features available. | Review by

We bought this washer about a year ago and are well pleased with its' preformance and durability. One draw back we have experienced is that the tub is quite deep and my wife is short and has a hard time reaching to the bottom to unload the washer. A stool is necessary in most cases.

Review Title: The washer is so quiet we hardly know it's running | Review by

We bought the washer 3/9/14 and it was delivered 3/19/14. It took a few loads to get the knack of running it, but is a great machine, and the spin cycle sounds like your jet engines when it slows down.

Review Title: Quiet and Easy to Operate | Review by

Traditional Style Top Load Washer at a Great Value!

Review Title: Simple and works great | Review by

Had a front loader. Big mistake. Top loader has extra finches cycles and large tub

Review Title: Great washer! | Review by

I bought this washer in August. I have been very satisfied with the performance including a variety of settings for fabrics and water levels. It's exactly what I was looking for!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I have had my washer for a few months now. It has taken some getting used to it. It could be somewhat more flexible....if I change to a different setting it drains and starts over...losing the detergent. Also, the agitation does not seem to be quite enough. I do appreciate the option of energy saving and regular wash cycles. And many options.

Review Title: great features, easy to use. | Review by

I bought the washer rather than fixing an older one, and my wife loves it!

Review Title: washer | Review by

Overall I like this washer - sometimes I think it is a little loud.

Review Title: every feature is great!!! | Review by

I had to purchase a new washer in September , I love GE products ,I love everything about this washer I am so glad I chose GE..

Review Title: this works | Review by

this machine does exactly what i want in a clothes washer. i can put a little or a lot in it and the job is done well. very easy machine to opperate. minimal noise from it. spins a bit too long but the clothes that come out of it when the cycle is done are dry enough to help the dryer out a lot. if i knew that they were going to discontunue it i would buy another and put it in storage as a replacement. uses he soap as well as regular. i didnt have any problems installing it. everythhing was pretty straight forward on how to get it running up to speed without any adjustments or alterations.

Review Title: great product!! | Review by

i bought the matching drier first and the washer a few weeks later and i'm extremely happy!! quite operations on both machines with no complaints

Review Title: Money $aving! | Review by

Love, love, love, this washer!! I have noticed a savings in my water usage with this washer. It is quiet and quick! I love the Precise fill automaic water level, it only useses the necessary amount of water.

Review Title: GE HydroWave | Review by

Replacing Whirlpool HE washer. The amount of H2O savings was good, but like others we wanted water to actually wash the clothes! AND the CFO of the house did not like it as we did not get the see thru' lid and she could not open to 'see what that machine was doing'. This GE is a great blend of the older machines and the new highly digital machines. Pros: QUIET in the wash cycle. I think I saw on review saw that it sounds like an arm in the bathtub swishing the water around. Knobs vs touch panel, AGITATOR, and most the OPTION to over-ride and allow the user to select load size(amount of H2O) is great. The stainless tub also a plus! Cons: A bit noisy anytime a high-speed spin is used (wash, rinse, final spin).

Review Title: GREAT value | Review by

I found this at a discounted price at Lowes and am SO glad I did so - it would normally be a bit out of my price range. Amazing product, easy to use with intuitive settings for every situation, and energy efficient!

Review Title: Lov it! Does a great job. | Review by

I love this washer. It does a great job and is not complicated to operate. I like that it has a automatic fill for the water level.

Review Title: Love the features! | Review by

I am well pleased with my washer. It out performs my previous washer which was only a few years old. Now I feel I have clean clothes, which was one of the reasons I changed washers. Easy to use and quiet too. I am certain to have many years of use from this product .

Review Title: Large tub! | Review by

This washer replaced a 35-year old that I thought would never die! At first, the multiple setting choices plus the system "noises" seemed alien, but after using it for a month the ease and efficiency have justified its purchase.

Review Title: Clean clothes again while saving water! | Review by

I bought my new washer two months ago. My automatic water level didn't work on my old one (4 Years). My clothes were being washed with little or no water! My new GE does the trick, getting the clothes very clean and I'm able to choose my water level! I had to get used to the noise it made when it was washing. It sounded like my dog barking! A great purchase for my family!

Review Title: Great Features!! | Review by

Great product. Works great. Does everything I want it to do.

Review Title: happy with the quiet and cleaning | Review by

Love how quiet this washer is. It is easy to use and cleans well.

Review Title: It is a lemon, don't buy it!!!! | Review by

I bought my washer the end of January. So far, I have had to place not 1 but 2 calls into warranty within the first 3 months of owning this washer. It leaks and the on/off button goes inside the control panel. It has finally been fixed for the 2nd time, but in the meantime, I've had to spend 2 weeks lugging my laundry to a laundry mat. When it works, its fine, but this is the first appliance that I've EVER had that has required me to call for warranty repairs.

Review Title: Works well enough but... | Review by

I don't like how low the water levels are with the water-saving feature. When it's 'washing' what you see is wet clothes being swashed around in the drum and not much washing. Without enough water for the clothes to move around in, my clothing gets very, very twisted up. By the end of the wash, I am struggling to under tangle them from each other and from underneath the paddles in the wash tub. I have already damaged some items doing so as they were so tied up, it was nearly impossible to get them out. I wish I had ask more questions about this feature as I would not have chosen this model had I known how little water is really used in a wash.

Review Title: Best compromise | Review by

I like this washer because I have some control over the water level and it does not have a lid that locks while the machine is in use. All the new washers use less water and have long cycle times. This washer sounds different than old top loaders and the agitator seems to go a little slower but makes longer rotations. There is still plenty of water movement. I did a lot of looking around before I chose this model and am happy with it so far.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

After purchasing a front loader and a top loader high efficency washer, I am so happy to be back with the "old style" washing machine. I love that I can control the water level and I have a "soak" feature. I love my washing machine!

Review Title: Excellent washer! | Review by

The first thing I did after installation was open the lid to check the capacity. It was so big it frightened me! I grabbed my husband and said "Look at the capacity!" This washer has a lot of options and cleans beautifully. Made an old lady very happy...

Review Title: Horrible Machine! Do NOT buy! | Review by

After my old machine died after over 10 years of faithful service, we decided on this washer. Unfortunately, this machine has broken down 11 times since we bought it. It coincidentally happened immediately after the warrantee expired. We bought the extended warrantee on this thing and they have not been able to properly fix it. GE will not replace instead, offering a discount on another machine. We saved months to buy this thing and cannot afford a "discounted" machine. Problems include replacing the harness washer, wiring, shaft and tube ASM, motor and inverter ASM, tightening pulley and replacing the brick that cracked and destroyed the motor. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE!!!

Review Title: Great Washing Machine | Review by

We are very happy with our new Wash Machine and it new Futures and Quality.

Review Title: Cleans well | Review by

I bought two weeks ago. It is easy to use. It is quiet. The controls are located well. The interior fills quickly

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

This is the second washer and so far so good. The first one's self adjusting legs didn't work. So far this one is doing great. A little noisy on the high speed spin cycle, but otherwise seems great.

Review Title: Great washer! Works very well | Review by

Great washer! Works very well. Saves on water and energy. Clothes come out very clean.

Review Title: Odd noises | Review by

Just installed. Seems to wash at least as well as my failed six year old GE Model WWSE5240GOWW. Thought the earlier model was sort of noisy, but this one �moans� and makes �rubbing� noises like a failing tub bearing. Hope it improves

Review Title: Large stainless steel tub | Review by

Love the washer. The tub is larger than most. It is quiet.

Review Title: Works beautifully | Review by

This was purchased to replace a moldy front loader that would never stay clean. This washer is a dream - the auto fill works perfectly - the clothes are always clean and very dry from the spin cycle. Wish all my appliances worked this well.

Review Title: not water efficient | Review by

Purchased this a few months ago on "advice" of what I thought was a local, reputable, and family-owned appliance store. While it may be energy efficient, it is certainly not water efficient and really not user friendly in my opinion. Although it has an "automatic load sensing" feature, it actually uses more water than one might expect. The manual water-selection levels are a little more reliable, but not always -- for example, when I've selected the "small" load, the amount of water that results varies depending on which wash cycle is selected. In addition, you cannot change your mind (or make a mistake) in your wash-cycle selection after you've selected it. If you do, the machine stops, empties all the water, and starts over. I would not recommend this model unless you're able to try it first.

Review Title: STILL EVALUATING | Review by

Washer seems to "scrape" sometimes, why??? It sure doesn't fill to my liking. I would like more water to let clothes have enough room to wash, rinse.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I purchased this product because I needed a washer and this is a brand that was always used in our household as a small child so I know I have a great item.

Review Title: LOVE IT | Review by

I previously had a Maytag and had problems within a month of having it. Today is the 1 month anniversary of purchase of this washer and I love it. The washer cleans very well, and spins most of the water out of clothes which has cut down on my drying time significantly. It has enough, but not too many water and temperature cycles and with the old type of agitator. I have been able to wash everything I have needed to wash in the deep drum! LOVE IT. The only con - which not bad because it is in a closed off room - if you are in the room with it, it sounds like a plan landing when it is spinning.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Bought this washer to replace a 14 year old one. This machine has some great features that the old one did not. So far, am very pleased with it's performance.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

We bought this product about 3 mos ago. We have been very happy with its quality and performance...

Review Title: Nice and great, but doesnt last..... | Review by

We bought this machine almost a year ago now. It has worked great since then, but broken 1 week before the warranty was out and now spins like it is unbalanced. Hopefully the warranty covers what broke, never had a new washer last less than a year, usually they last 10 before replacement is needed.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Love the stainless steel drum and ease of use, controls easy to read

Review Title: SIZE, PRICE, QUIET, | Review by

We haver had our washer for four years and are very satisfied with irt.

Review Title: issue after 10-12 loads | Review by

Surprised that I need service after the two weeks of usage. Have had lots of success with GE washers in the past. Hopefully it will be quick fix, service call will be placed tomorrow.

Review Title: Easy to use. quiet. | Review by

We bought this several months ago and are impressed.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I've had this for a couple of months. This is my 2nd set of GE appliances. Couldn't be happier!

Review Title: Very Quiet! | Review by

With such a large tub, washing is faster and really a pleasure!!

Review Title: Easy to operate | Review by

The machine does a good of washing the clothes and I love the stainless steel tub

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

This washer does not always spin out and the clothes are soaking wet at the end of the wash. It does not appear to full the water level to the indication on the dial. In other words a super large load seems to have only the amount of water to do a medium load. The automatic water level setting is worthless it will only fill with enough water to do a small load when a super load is loaded into washer. I am very disappointed with this washer.

Review Title: Disappointed in a trusted brand | Review by

1st one didn't work. Been repaired twice in 8 mos.

Review Title: Washer | Review by

This washer was given to me by my son for an early Christmas present, I just love it and of course him.

Review Title: Great value, nice features. | Review by

Nice value and easy to use even for kids so they can help their mom.

Review Title: Quality product and fair price. | Review by

We've had this over a year and it has large capacity and does a wonderful job.

Review Title: Great Features! Easy to use. | Review by

I bought this about 4 months ago and have been very pleased withe it's performance.

Review Title: Great Saving Features | Review by

Love the top loader, money saving features and quality product

Review Title: Nice GE Top Loading Washer | Review by

We have had the HE front loading washers and did not like them due to many electronic parts that failed and they would spin so fast that it ripped some mesh type clothing. This washer has classic style buttons and knobs and so far has not ripped any clothing. We also like the option of leaving the lid open and allowing the clothes to 'soak' prior to washing. Front loading washers do not have that option.

Review Title: Great choice! | Review by

This product is fully meeting our needs and expectations. The basket is large enough that my 17 year old son can wash his large loads in one! The machine is quiet and has a variety of settings to choose from. The laundry comes out clean even on the quick wash cycle. We are very happy with the purchase.

Review Title: Great features but not like my old washer | Review by

The water conservation part is what I don't like about this washer. It hardly fills to enough water to wash the clothes when you have large loads. I have a hose and I add more water. I don't understand how the clothes can be rinsed well with such little water. Beside the above, it is a quiet washer and has a large tub that I like

Review Title: Don't like this washer | Review by

This machine does not fill up the tub and the select a size option is a joke. I am having to put water in the washer. It has filled up a couple times all the way - don't know why - but can't get it to repeat which leads me to believe it is a problem with the washer. Not impressed with agitator either as it just doesn't bring the clothes to the bottom; and the cycles are too long on delicate and hand wash; I am having to shut off the machine to get it cycle otherwise it goes on forever. ,Additionally, if change between sizes of wash or between type of wash, ie color or whites, it will empty and start the whole process over. It is like they never asked the end used what they wanted in a washing machine nor did they actually test it . I do not recommend and wish I had returned it.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Based on the previous we owned this has been a good product.

Review Title: Too Little Water. | Review by

I have the same complaint that a number of earlier reviewers have had - the water level is too low to effectively wash or rinse the clothes. I understand that this is necessary for the energy star rating, but I doubt that I save any energy when I use extra wash and rinse cycles. If I had known this before buying this washer, I would have repaired my old washer instead.

Review Title: Nice machine! | Review by

The machine does a nice job with the clothes. It is quiet. the clothes come out clean.

Review Title: good for family | Review by

this washer is good for family, big load capacity,

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

Automatic water level is a good feature. It is quite while operating.

Review Title: Ok but overpriced for how it washes | Review by

Cannot change settings once this washer is started, it drains and starts over. Water saver does not fill to the right levels, and it has a large tub, but will not fill enough to wash a comforter. Lots of settings, which may be useful to the novice.

Review Title: Love the quietness! | Review by

I brought this washing machine to replace the GE washer I lost to Hurricane Sandy. I love that the washing cycle is very quiet. The clothes come out cleaner than with my old machine. The only feature I wish it would have is a signal to let you know that the wash is done.

Review Title: Vibrates | Review by

Vibrates and moves around...very annoying and also very noisy

Review Title: economical | Review by

The fact is that it uses very little water to wash a load of clothes.

Review Title: Nice features | Review by

Bought this GE washer and have been pretty much impressed with its performance. Not use to the high efficiency performance factors (i.e. Using less water feature). Also, the washer is a bit noisy! When agitating it sounds like someone is sawing wood. The loud noise - gears clicking when cycle changes. But all in all for the value the washer performs well and clothes are clean.

Review Title: Get Washed Up | Review by

Like this washer very much. Very quiet, great wash cycles. Like size indicator for loads. Also like choices on type of wash. I am short, 5' 3", so I do have to get on my tippy toes to reach bottom of tub when emptying.

Review Title: Works great | Review by

We wanted the best top-loading washer we could afford, and this fits the bill. It's Energy Star rated, large-capacity, and works very well. The number of cycles and the range of water temperatures assures a setting for anything you need to wash. I particularly like the feature that automatically sets the water level, limiting wasted water.

Review Title: Great! | Review by

We bought this washer because it has a nice look and is energy efficient. Great product at a great cost!

Review Title: washer | Review by

This washer works great! Husband gets really dirty at work and the clothes come clean!

Review Title: I love all the great features | Review by

I bought this washer about 2 months ago and thus far I am very happy with it.

Review Title: Water level problems | Review by

Great that GE has a stainless steel tub, and controls that are easy to use.

Review Title: Good Washer For the Price | Review by

I purchased this to replace the GE washer that was the previous home owners. It has a good capacity, runs fairly quiet and cleans well. For the price I am happy.

Review Title: deep tub | Review by

Being 5 foot I have trouble getting the clothes from the bottom of the washer. I also feel my clothes aren't soft enough even though I put the required amount of softener. Can't stop the machine to change cycles when I do the water drains.

Review Title: Awesome washer! | Review by

Washer is super quiet and has all the features that you would want! Either energy saver functions or select your water height yourself....agitator actually gets clothes clean and yet the machine is really nice and quiet. Great GE quality!

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

My clothes have never been cleaner with this washer

Review Title: Great features | Review by

This gives me more capacity than my old Kenmore Washer. It's a bit getting used to without the aggitation but it cleans the clothes really well. The spin cycle is extremely noisy, like an airplane taking off and the vibration is high. But if you can get past this, it does a greata job.

Review Title: Nice features | Review by

I bought this a couple of months ago and I am not to pleased with it. The new features does not allow a full water volume. Does not clean clothes like it should.

Review Title: Gets things clean | Review by

This machine takes a little getting used to but does an overall good job. It has the new washing system that does not tumble the clothes, nor does the tub fill with a quantity of water that seems enough to wash the clothes. It offers many cycles to match anything you wish to wash. The wash cycle noises are very different from the old machine it replaced and that took some getting used to. The bottom line is the clothes come out clean and the differences stated above are beginning to become normal.

Review Title: HATE THE MACHINE | Review by

Do not feel like it gets my clothes clean! Would never recommend

Review Title: Best washer I ever owned! | Review by

Love the water saver feature. Will do very large loads without a problem. Best ever!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I purchase this washer 2 months ago and I'm glad I did. I glad that it has multiple wash cycles.

Review Title: Does the job | Review by

Takes some getting used to but it does the job quite well. Instructions included a sheet that explained noises...we posted it over the washer and referred to it many times in the first week or two until we got used to them. We haven't used the auto feature...just stick to setting water level ourselves and have been quite happy

Review Title: Classic Washer | Review by

Old washer went south after many good years. Was in the market for a replacement with an agitator. This model fit the bill. Works very well, many settings to handle all fabric needs.

Review Title: so far so good | Review by

Installed one week ago. So far I am please with the performance.

Review Title: love how quiet it is! | Review by

Great product! Very large capacity!! Very quiet super

Review Title: So quiet! | Review by

I bought this GE washing machine about 5 months ago. It took me little while to get used to the quietness and the Auto Load Sensing, but I love it now.

Review Title: Simple to use! | Review by

I've only had my washer for a few days and done a few loads of clothes but so far I'm pleased with it. It isn't as noisy as my old GE but it was 32 years old! It finally quit and after researching several washers this one operates close to my old one with a few more options that I like. I like that it has a delicate and permanent press cycle as well as auto soak. I also like that I can use the auto fill or set it myself and it spins out so much more water so my dryer time is less! This washer had more positive reviews than the others I looked at. Also looks great in my laundry room!

Review Title: Washer | Review by

Bought it two months ago and am very happy. Only downside is I am short and it is deep have to stand on my toes to get the last sock out

Review Title: GRRREAT Washing machine!! | Review by

We researched the "new" washing machines and were not impressed with all the idea of having to buy additional cleaning agents to "clean" the machine after using it. This model does not require any of that "stuff" and it is quiet and cleans the clothes and spin drys them very, very well. We are delighted we found and bought it.

Review Title: lots of water | Review by

We got this because it is the largest one with a real agitator and adjustable water levels. Had it a few months now and we really like it. We had a front loader for 3 years and hated it. I gave away the front loader to a young couple.

Review Title: washer is clean supreme | Review by

Easy to operate and cleans very well Low noise level. Simple controls

Review Title: Washer | Review by

Great washer!!! I'm very pleased with it. I've only had it a week but I already knew I liked G. E. products.

Review Title: No good feathers period. | Review by

Not happy with the washer my Husband bought me. Very cheaply made. I hate the water level. Does not get the clothes clean. When it spins it is so loud I have nothing good to say about it period. Wish I could trade it in on a decent made machine that has a better water level. I hate this washing machine.

Review Title: good size for large items | Review by

this machine is more than I expected. put in soap, clothes, set dials, close cover and it is done well quickly very good

Review Title: poor washer | Review by

does not get the closes clean,had to reset the computer already,its a poor washer.

Review Title: I Like It. | Review by

Have only had it for a couple of weeks but I've put it through a lot of washes. The salesman seemed to talk it down by saying it wouldn't get the clothes clean enough and would be noisy. He was wrong on both items. It cleans everything good and the noises are different from what I'm used to but they're not loud or disturbing. I think the guy just wanted to sell a more expensive model. I'm very satisfied with the performance so far.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

We purchased this washer a month and half ago. Excellent washer. Much quieter than previous washer and cleans clothes much better.

Review Title: Great GE Washing Machine!!! | Review by

I am able to wash the most delicate or handwash only items in my GE washing machine.This machine is also able to handle my daughters nurse uniforms. The uniforms are soiled from a 12 hour workshift. They come out of the machine looking fresh and brand new. Keep up the great job GE!!!

Review Title: good, simple washer | Review by

I have had this washer for 2 months now, and so far I'm pretty happy with it. It's not overly complicated, and you can still open the lid while it's filling which is nice. Most of the new "fancy" washers will lock the lid and you can't add the shirt you forgot about, or whatever else. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is the last 2 loads I have done, it seems like the spin cycle is getting loud. I'm not discounting the possibility of user error yet, so I'm not going to give a bad review yet. We may be over-loading it, or have it on a wrong setting for how many clothes we are putting in there. I'm going to give it a few more tries before I make a phone call. Until I figure this issue out, I can't say I would recommend it just yet...

Review Title: Solid machine | Review by

I wanted a simple , solid working machine and this delivers. The spin cycle is noisy, but you can't have everything.

Review Title: Love my new Washer | Review by

Have only had this washer for 2 weeks but have twin grandchildren so plenty of wash. Love its agitator which you can't seem to find anymore, stainless steel drum, all the choices of load sizes & water levels including an automated one I have used, so quiet I thought it turned off, the spin cycles are so incredible it takes just 10 to 15 mins to dry a full load without wrinkles! Can't say enough good things about it...this from a professed washaholic :)

Review Title: Nice for the money on sale! | Review by

We purchased this unit at Lowe's and saved since it was on sale. My wife still wanted an agitator, so some of the newer models don't have them any longer. This model seemed to have pretty good ratings and most of the features our older, non-GE, unit had. We've only had it a few days, but it seems to working well.

Review Title: Enjoy all the fancy features | Review by

Took a few washes to get used to the modern settings

Review Title: GTWN4250DWS GE 3.9DOE cu. ft. | Review by

This model GE Washer ID# GTWN4250DWS since I change all my appliance just over three years ago to GE Brands. I have had 4 deficiency breakdown within the 3 years with this washer in my home. Major fault or flaws problems are: the washer motor, timing belt break at ever shutdown and rotation cycle... What happens is with the wash tub fills with water and will not continue with normal wash cycle. After completing or the water inside due to timing the water drains and spine cycle does not kick into play. All the clothing and soap and fabric softer wasted. This problem had been fix three times and GE has not done a recall on this washer.

Review Title: not too pleased | Review by

I bought this washer in June of 2014. I am not very please with it. When I do washes in hot water, the water doesnt come any higher then 6 inches in wash tub. I called GE they said this is normal to save water. Well, When I wash my sheets and blankets they dont come clean. Forget washing a comforter the water didnt cover half. And as for saving water, Our water bill went up $60 since I have had it. Because now I have to do more small loads to get the whites clean. Im very disapointed. As far as the colors I use cold water. The tub fills up only half ways.

Review Title: Sooo Happy with New Washer! | Review by

My 28 year old washer was dying and I just hated the thought of buying a new machine. I listened to my BFF's complaints about her brand new washer and began to look into other manufacturers. I studied the machines on line and went twice to see this machine before purchasing it. I am delighted with my GE! There is nothing I dislike! I looked for these features: a top that DOES NOT lock, the ability to SOAK, a very gentle cycle, a water level I can adjust, a fast/short cycle, and a powerful spin cycle (leaves the clothes almost dry!). Added plus: American made! Thank you GE...

Review Title: Good value for the price | Review by

I do not like the fact the tub doesn't fill up to accommodate clothing - huge tub, but the water only fills 1/4 of the way up

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We've had this washer for about a month - I've loaded every type of laundry and am delighted with this machine. It's sort of a hybrid as it has the high efficiency benefits but I can also choose the water level and can open the lid during the cycle to throw something extra in the wash. I was so upset when our old top loader gave up, but am surprisingly happy with this machine.

Review Title: Ease of use - nice setting features! | Review by

So far we are pleased with this washer. Occasionally it does not spin properly? We have not figured out why yet. Overall I would buy this washer again.

Review Title: LOVE THE HUGE TUB | Review by

I have had GE for over 5 years good product, mine is a washer nice large tub

Review Title: Many settings | Review by

The precise water fill setting saves water and works well

Review Title: GTWN4250D1WS Washer | Review by

Excellent machine, nice features. Would recommend.

Review Title: Great Washer at a Good Price | Review by

So far so good! I'm very happy with the's quiet and efficient.

Review Title: My clothes not only are clean they smell clean! | Review by

I gave away my front loader and went back to the basics. I love this machine. I have the control not some computer that can not see the results!

Review Title: Good machine for the money | Review by

The machine performs very well for the $$. There are two issues I have with it, though. It only seems to have one spin speed spin - super fast. While it does remove more water, I don't like using that speed for permanent press clothes. Also, the right side of the control panel could be fastened more securely to the base. It flexes quite a lot when the Start button is pushed. On the plus side, my water bill is lower now.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I like the fact that I can choose the water level or use precise fill. The spin cycle is great; clothes come out a lot drier. However, I wish it had more agitator action instead of wimpy swishing. White socks do not come out white even though proper detergent and bleach were used. Pillow cases show shadows of sweat stains.

Review Title: Almost Perfect | Review by

Only complaint we have about this machine is with the auto load sensing setting. A great idea for saving water - but it doesn't always work. On more than one occasion we had a tiny load and a super size of water.

Review Title: Had Problems | Review by

Bought the washer new and it had a problem with the shaft right off the bat. So, it had to be repaired. Then right after the middle white plastic part that twists and turns came off during the spin cycle. Luckily I was home and was able to stop it before any serious damage happened. I popped it back in and it has worked fine since (keeping my fingers crossed).

Review Title: interior large capacity - exterior no larger | Review by

so glad purchased new washer - old one still working but not energy efficient

Review Title: GE Washer | Review by

we got this washer about 4 months ago and it has be GREAT

Review Title: Good Size | Review by

I like the larger size of this washer. It reduces the loads that need to be washed. I also like the stainless steel tub.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

Bought this a month ago and am very pleased with it. It has a quiet operation and huge capacity, and is simple to use. Looking forward to the energy savings that the manual indicates I will see.

Review Title: Rating of our new GE washer and Drier,,,,,, | Review by

We just love our New Washer and Drier!!! They are quite, do a great job too.

Review Title: Pleased! | Review by

Have only had washer a couple of weeks but extremely satisfied with purchase. Stainless steel tub, top loader, not totally computerized - just what I was searching for in a washer. It isn't promoted as "HE," but has every feature that I needed for this washer to not use too much water (have septic) and does not require expensive "HE" detergent. Hoping to see reduction in water bill. Cycle "noises" take some getting use to as they are very different from my older washer. This is my first GE washer - time will tell if GE has quality manufacturing practices.

Review Title: The best one I've ever owned! | Review by

With the variety of settings on this machine, I'm able to get ALL of my loads clean and bright!

Review Title: Good Machine but Noisy | Review by

I have always owned GE appliances and this washing machine has great features. Unfortunately, it is extremely loud during all cycles which is uncommon for GE.

Review Title: Easy to use! | Review by

I bought this a month ago and at first I had to get used to it. After a couple of washing I finally use the Automatic Load Sensing and I just loved it. I just loved all the features compared to my old one.

Review Title: The Bee's Knees! | Review by

This washer (and matching dryer) is the best money I've ever spent on appliances. The washer does an amazing job cleaning all types of clothes, from delicates to jackets to quilts. Everything comes out clean and smelling great, even my nasty uniforms that are washed daily. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

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