GE CFE28TSHSS Cafe 28.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star (View all from GE)

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Appliances GE GE-CFE28TSHSS Refrigerators

Appliances GE GE-CFE28TSHSS RefrigeratorsAppliances GE GE-CFE28TSHSS RefrigeratorsAppliances GE GE-CFE28TSHSS RefrigeratorsAppliances GE GE-CFE28TSHSS Refrigerators
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  • Appliances GE GE-CFE28TSHSS Refrigerators
  • Appliances GE GE-CFE28TSHSS Refrigerators
  • Appliances GE GE-CFE28TSHSS Refrigerators
  • Appliances GE GE-CFE28TSHSS Refrigerators

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GE Cafe CFE28TSHSS french door refrigerator

is the updated model of GE's original refrigerator with a hot water dispenser, and it's a change for the better. is in love with this fridge, calling it the Best French Door Refrigerator and Best Refrigerator overall of 2014. But what has them so smitten? Find out here!

Refrigerator Features

  • At
    28.6 cu. ft. total capacity
    , this fridge is spacious enough to fulfill your family's needs.
  • The
    TwinChill evaporators
    create separate climates in the refrigerator and freezer compartments.
  • There are five shelves in the fridge, four of which are adjustable. Keep your food organized just the way you like it!
  • Two crisper drawers
    do an excellent job at maintaining the right level of moisture, so your fruits and vegetables aren't at risk of molding or drying out.
  • Beneath the crispers is a
    full-width temperature-controlled drawer
    . You can choose to use it as just another drawer, or pick from 3 settings: Meat at 32 degrees, Beverage at 34 degrees, or Deli at 36 degrees. Colored LED lighting within the drawer indicates what setting it's currently on.
  • The two gallon buckets inside the right door have removable rubber mats that keep items from sliding around, and they are dishwasher safe so cleaning them is super simple!
  • There is a
    Drop Down Tray
    built into the dairy bin that's good for storing shorter items, like butter or other spreads.
  • Showcase LED lighting
    is positioned throughout the interior, brightening up all the goodies in your fridge.
  • This
    ENERGY STAR Qualified
    fridge is remarkably energy efficient, even with an active ice maker. And if you don't need fresh ice all that often, the energy usage is even lower!

Dispenser and Fridge Controls

  • The control panel blends well with the stainless steel finish of the refrigerator, and the intuitive settings are presented on an animated touchscreen.
  • Hit
    Turbo Cool
    Turbo Freeze
    to send a fresh blast of cold air into the fridge or freezer and cool off newly placed items.
  • There is also an
    odor remover, a control lock, and a dispenser light
  • Even though magnets won't stick to stainless steel, you can still add a personal touch to your fridge by uploading photos from a flash drive using the USB port on the underside of the controls.
  • The dispenser is set at a convenient height, has an extra-tall opening, and includes a pullout tray. It will accommodate odd-sized containers and has professional flair!
  • The
    hot water dispenser
    lets you choose from 4 different options: Soup at 185 degrees, Tea at 170 degrees, Hot cocoa at 150 degrees, and Warm at 90 degrees. You are also able to pick a custom temperature anywhere between 90 and 185 degrees.
  • As with most standard dispensers, this one offers cold water, cubed ice, and crushed ice as well.
  • Selecting
    Precise Fill
    lets you input the measurement you want and that amount of filtered water will be dispensed, leaving you free to tackle other kitchen tasks.

The GE CFE28TSHSS refrigerator from Goedeker's not only has an attractive design, but it's also a sturdy fridge with practical features that delivers consistent performance - and that's what really counts.


Door Stops: Yes
Textured Steel Case: Case Only-Dark Gray
Hidden Door Hinges: Yes
Door Swing: French Door
Handle Design: GE Cafe
Refrigerator Capacity: 19.6 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Capacity: 9 Cu. Ft.
Total Capacity: 28.6 Cu. Ft.
Leveling System: 2 Front Leveling Legs
Adjustable Humidity Drawers: 2
Full Width-Drawers: 1 Adjustable Temperature with LED Light
Temperature Management Systems: Turbo Cool
Defrost Type: Frost Guard
Control Type: External Touch Color LCD
Shelf Type: Glass with Aluminum Trim
Spill Proof Shelves: Yes
Split Adjustable Shelves: Yes
Total Shelves: 5
TwinChill Evaporators: Yes
Freezer Storage Baskets: 3
Water Filtration: Advanced Filtration System (RPWFE) Removes Pharmaceuticals
Odor Filtration: Yes
Easily Removable Door Gaskets: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Lighting: Showcase LED
Dairy Compartment: Yes
Fresh Food Door Bins: 6
Gallon Door Storage: Yes
Turbo Freeze: Yes
Dispenser Features
Hot Water: Yes
Precise Fill: Yes
LED Screen Controls: Yes
Door Alarm: Yes
LED Dispenser Light: Yes
Water Filter Indicator Light: Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Width: 35 3/4"
Overall Depth: 36 1/4"
Overall Height: 69 7/8"
Depth with Door Open 90°: 48 3/8"
Shipping Weight: 423 Lbs.
Net Weight: 388 Lbs.

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Review Title: Very Good Features | Review by

Overall Rating
We bought this given a sale & discount to replace our 6 year old GE Profile Side by Side rather than repair. We found the French door configuration and larger size much nicer. Lighting is great and ice cream is firm at 0 degrees. The door bins have metal trim that keeps from breaking the bins if pulled on to close the door as some did on our old side by side cracking one. Our biggest disappointment is the change from Hands Free Precise Fill to having to stand there and hold a container pushing hard on the paddle Precise Fill. This defeats most of the purpose for us. Apparently you have to buy a Profile for Hands Free along with Auto Fill. That was not the case before. The deeper area to put containers under the dispenser is nice. The hot water option has unexpectedly proven handy. Regarding workmanship, the doors are slightly out of line. The installers returned, but couldn't quite get it to align. Also, the full width refrigerator bin drawer glides so easily it won't stay closed. I raised the refrigerator front higher and that helped, but it is now above level and still have to very carefully close it to not "bounce back". There should be an indent or a little resistance on the slides. Cheap slides. Also, regular dozen egg carton will not fit in the door dairy bin, so we had to use the "drop down" tray for them which we did not want to do, loosing height space for the other door bins. We used to keep trays on top of our refrigerator, but the plastic hinge covers have room for harnesses and the surface is now too uneven for the trays. We have read online complaints about the noise, but we do not find it bad. Overall, we like it.

Review Title: GE Cafe CFE28TSHSS--Makes a good first impression | Review by

Overall Rating
I guess we've had this refrigerator for about six weeks now; so far so good.

The pros: This refrigerator is huge. The drawers are useful, and logically placed. The food I put in them doesn't freeze or rot (as it did in my last fridge.) I love the multicolored lights on the large drawer. The door shelves are fantastically deep--finally, I have a shelf that can actually hold all of the salad dressing bottles my family has opened. I also like the narrow shelves on the ice maker side--great place to store small items that tend to get lost. The freezer is fine, so far. Truthfully, it only holds some ice-cream, a few frozen dinners for emergencies, and a few packages of frozen chicken. As noted, they're all frozen, so that's the good.

Cons: I wish there was a way to set the amount of water I need and walk away, but unless the container is perfectly shaped I have to push the dispenser paddle. The ice maker capacity is small, but I knew that when I bought it. We don't use that much ice, and I prefer that it make fresh ice regularly. My thinking is that If we are having an event I can buy ice, I always have.

This is a lovely refrigerator. It's huge and well arranged. the exterior is attractive and the interior is practical. It satisfies my original requirements--the freezer freezes and the refrigerator doesn't (freeze). So far, I'm very pleased.

Review Title: Huge Disappointment | Review by

Overall Rating
I bought this model based on reviews and other Internet recommendations. The fridge I received won't cool the refrigerator section colder than 40F.The vendor is replacing it free but in this day and time this should have not happened

Review Title: Lots of room. Great look. | Review by

Overall Rating
The French doors make locating items easy. Bright interior. Ice maker is quick. The hot water dispenser is cool

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Overall Rating
I purchased it in September 2013. I am still in love... ;0) Have no issues or complaints about it.

Review Title: Best So Far! | Review by

Overall Rating
This is the nicest, most convenient refrigerator I have owned to date. It works well, is easy to use, cleans up easily and looks great. The adjustable temperature zone in the center is lovely, I use it all the time, and the crisper drawers are nice and deep and slide easily. The metered water in the door is very handy for more things than I ever imagined, and the hot water on demand is a pleasant upgrade.

Review Title: Beautiful Beast | Review by

Overall Rating
This is one beautiful fridge. Quality and construction are evident when you look at her. You wouldn't even know it plugged in if there weren't light for you to see the display. The hot water dispenser is nice for a instant cup of soup or a quick cup of jo. The lower try with 5 different temp settings is just a plus. Cubed, crushed and water in the door keep my kids happy and this fridge hold what we used to need 2 for. Great addition to our kitchen and First Class.

Review Title: Well thought out & great design. | Review by

Overall Rating
I did all the research before making a purchase decision. Many years ago I was a chef and always wanted commercial quality appliances in my kitchen. This is what I received when I purchased this fridge!

Everything was well thought out and a great design.

Review Title: Great features! Well design! Great Look! | Review by

Overall Rating
I replaced my 19 year old GE Refrigerator with the GE Café Refrigerator and It is wonderful! Lots of food space and good temperature control. I love it!

Review Title: Spacious | Review by

Overall Rating
Totally remodeled our kitchen two months ago. We love our large fridge with all the compartments to organize all of our food. One issue is the bottom meat drawer, would like to have had two separate drawers instead of one big. We have open both doors to get deli meat or cheese out of the drawer, otherwise it would receive five stars but I still love it!

Review Title: GE & Me | Review by

Overall Rating
GE Cafe Series Frig is HUGE! Love it, Adjustable shelves holds everything I want to stuff inside Clean neat design fits nicely in my newly remodeled kitchen. Ice maker doesn't hold much ): Happy, Happy, Happy

Review Title: Spacious | Review by

Overall Rating
really enjoying the openness and the excellent lighting! not as much ice capacity as our old unit. overall well satisfied.

Review Title: Love the Features! | Review by

Overall Rating
Bought a new house and had to replace the existing. So far I love it. Lots of space.

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