Fisher Paykel WL42T26CW1 AquaSmart 3.1 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer - Energy Star (View all from Fisher Paykel)

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  • Height: 40.13"
  • Width: 25.5"
  • Depth: 25.5"

Fisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 Washers

Fisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 WashersFisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 WashersFisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 WashersFisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 WashersFisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 WashersFisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 Washers
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  • Fisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 Washers
  • Fisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 Washers
  • Fisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 Washers
  • Fisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 Washers
  • Fisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 Washers
  • Fisher Paykel Fisher-Paykel-WL42T26CW1 Washers

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If only you didn't have to work so hard to get your laundry clean. With the Fisher and Paykel WL42T26CW1 Top-Load Washer you don't have to. Wash your worries away with this beauty that efficiently combines the best characteristics of top and front loader washing machines using revolutionary AquaSmart technology.

Featuring a 3.1 cu. ft. stainless steel bowl covered in a fresh, white finish, the Fisher and Paykel WL42T26CW1 top load washing machine has three spin speeds and multiple wash options that guarantee super clean and super rinsed loads every time. Simply choose one of the 19 cycles on the touch control panel: Whites, Colors, Heavy Duty, Sheets, Delicates - the list goes on and on. There are three dispensers for detergent, bleach or fabric softener and clean up is a breeze thanks to the Auto-Lint Disposal system.

Automatic sensors determine the size of the load and adjust the water level and washing performance as necessary, which saves on water usage and energy consumption. The easy-to-read LCD display also shows how much time is left before your laundry is done, which helps you manage your time better. This top loader washer offers innovative choices for all your laundry needs. Get yours today at Goedeker's.

Goedeker's is one of the largest independent retailers of home appliances in the nation and we strive to offer the best quality, price and service to our customers. See what we have in store for you at Goedeker's.

  • 3 Spin Speeds
  • The direct drive motor allows a range of spin speeds for different fabric types. A high spin speed removes water efficiently, reducing drying time.
  • Auto-Lint Disposal
  • There is no need to clean a lint filter after every wash. Lint is automatically disposed of by the washing machine, making the running of your machine even easier.
  • Eco Active Wash System
  • Boosts soil removal and hygiene while conserving energy. Recirculation of water and concentrated detergent during pre-wash improves wash performance creating an action similar to a frontloader without the time constraint of heating water.
  • Auto Water Level
  • The size of the load is sensed and the optimum water level is automatically selected, eliminating water wastage and fabric damage caused by too little water.
  • Dual Washing Modes
  • AquaSmart combines all the best features of a Top Loader with the good features of a Front Loader at the touch of a button. AquaSmart is able to wash in both High Efficiency/Traditional wash modes - no other machine in the North American market can do thi
  • Capacitive Touch Control Panel
  • With it's new capacitive touch control panel, AquaSmart offers a new level of interaction.
  • Low Profile Agitator
  • AquaSmart has a revolutionary new Low Profile Agitator enabling this washer to be achieve a 4.29 Water Factor.
  • Smart Drive System
  • Performance you can count on. Unlike conventional machines, our autowashers use intelligence to continually adapt the wash action and water level to suit the load. How? Sensors in the electronics monitor clothes movement and adjust the agitator for either
  • Three Dispensing Options
  • This machine provides three dispensing options of detergent, fabric softener and bleach. These clearly marked dispensers take the guesswork out of washing making this machine safe and easy to use.
  • 19 Specialty Lifecycles


Main Features

Capacity: 3.1 cu. ft.
Finish: White
Direct Drive Motor: Yes
Washing Modes: 2
Control Panel: Capacitive Touch
Cycles: 19
Dispensing Options: 3
Spin Speeds: 3 (330, 670, 1000rpm)
Auto-lint Disposal: Yes
Auto Out of Balance Correction: Yes
Bleach Option: Yes
Soak Option: Yes
Water Saver Option: Yes
Controlled Cold Function: Yes
Controlled Temperature Mixing Chamber: Yes
Display: LCD/Time Remaining
Bowl Material: Stainless Steel
Adjustable Alert Beeps: Yes

19 Specialty Lifecycles

Allergy: Yes
Bulky: Yes
Clean Me: Yes
Colors: Yes
Comforter: Yes
Delicate: Yes
Diaper Rinse: Yes
Easy iron: Yes
Handwash: Yes
Heavy Duty: Yes
Hygiene: Yes
Jeans: Yes
Regular: Yes
Sheets: Yes
Soft Toys: Yes
Beach Gear Stains: Yes
Muddy Stains: Yes
Shoes Stains: Yes
Sweaty Stains: Yes
Blood Stains: Yes
Chocolate Stains: Yes
Fruit Stains: Yes
Grass Stains: Yes
Tomato Stains: Yes
Wine Stains: Yes
Whites: Yes
Wool: Yes


Width: 25 1/2"
Depth: 25 1/2"
Height: 40 1/8"
Height (Lid Open): 55 1/2" - 56 3/4"
Weight: 133

Energy Information

Energy Usage: 175 kwh/yr
MEF (Modifed Energy Factor): 2.25
Water Factor: 4.29


Manufacturers Warranty: 1 year

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