Electrolux Icon E36GC70FSS Designer 36" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop (View all from Electrolux Icon)

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Appliances Electrolux Icon Electrolux-Icon-E36GC70FSS Cooktops

Appliances Electrolux Icon Electrolux-Icon-E36GC70FSS CooktopsAppliances Electrolux Icon Electrolux-Icon-E36GC70FSS CooktopsAppliances Electrolux Icon Electrolux-Icon-E36GC70FSS CooktopsAppliances Electrolux Icon Electrolux-Icon-E36GC70FSS Cooktops
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  • Appliances Electrolux Icon Electrolux-Icon-E36GC70FSS Cooktops
  • Appliances Electrolux Icon Electrolux-Icon-E36GC70FSS Cooktops
  • Appliances Electrolux Icon Electrolux-Icon-E36GC70FSS Cooktops
  • Appliances Electrolux Icon Electrolux-Icon-E36GC70FSS Cooktops

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Customer reviews for Goedeker's excellent service

"I really liked my experience with your company. 1. Your price was very competitive with other companies locally and on line. 2. Free shipping to my front door. 3. Ability to track my order from the time I placed the order to delivery. 4. Excellent customer service even during the New Year holiday. Called back with updated delivery. 5. Excellent buying experience."


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  • 5 Sealed Burner Configuration
  • Five burners, one 17,000 BTU, one 16,000 BTU, two 9,500 BTU and one 5,000 BTU provide the capacity to cook nearly any meal entirely on the cooktop.
  • The burners are sealed for easy cleanup.
  • Interlocking Grates
  • Designed for cooking multiple dishes at varying temperatures on a single cooktop.
  • Interlocking grates spread weight over a broad area providing a stable cooking surface.
  • Deep Sump Cooktop
  • The deep sump design of this cooktop contains spills for easy cleanup and creates a countertop-level cooking surface that simplifies maneuvering of oversized pots and pans.
  • Optional Accessories
  • Griddle
  • Heavy-duty, cast iron for durability and easy cleaning, it is ideal for cooking numerous foods simultaneously.
  • Simmer Plate
  • Coated with a porcelain matte finish, it is used with the simmer setting to help distribute heat evenly to the bottom of your cookware.
  • Wok Ring
  • Round black matte porcelain wok ring is strong and rigid to help stabilize a cooking wok on the grate.


Dimensions & Weight
Height: 2 1/8"
Width: 36"
Depth: 22"
Cutout Height: 8" min.
Cutout Width: 33 7/8" min. ~ 34 1/4" max.
Cutout Depth: 19 1/8" min. ~ 19 3/4" max.
Product Weight: 53 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 58 lbs.
Configuration: 5 Sealed Burners
Deep Sump Formed Stainless Steel Platform: Yes
Stainless Steel Finish Knobs: 5
Sealed Power Burner: 1 - 17,000 BTU
Sealed Power Burner: 1 - 16,000 BTU
Sealed Burner: 2 - 9,500 BTU
Sealed Precision Burner: 1 - 5,000 ~ 750 BTU
Linear Flow Burner Valves: 5
Interlocking Grates: 3
Gas Inlet Location: Right Rear
LP Conversion Kit: Included
Voltage Rating: 120V/15 Amp
Electrical Cable: Included
Griddle: Optional (318251603)
Wok Ring: Optional (318254301)
Simmer Plate: Optional (318254200)
Black Textured Knob Kit: Optional (318242223)

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