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Electrolux Icon E36EC75HSS Designer 36" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop (View all from Electrolux Icon)

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Appliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS Cooking

Appliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS CookingAppliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS CookingAppliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS CookingAppliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS CookingAppliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS Cooking
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  • Appliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS Cooking
  • Appliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS Cooking
  • Appliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS Cooking
  • Appliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS Cooking
  • Appliances Electrolux-Icon-E36EC75HSS Cooking

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  • Ceramic Smoothtop Glass
  • Glass cooktop is flat, smooth and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Expandable, Flexible Six Element Configuration
  • Concentric rings and bridge elements are clearly marked on the surface.
  • Combinations allow the user to cook with a variety of pan shapes and sizes at up to 4400 watts.
  • Precision Set Electronic Controls
  • Ergonomically designed for visibility and comfort.
  • Large, professional-style knobs and precise digital display eliminate guess work while cooking.
  • Optional Black Knobs Kit available.
  • Versatile Griddle Plate
  • No cooktop is complete without this specially designed griddle.
  • Coated with a nonstick surface, it is quick to clean and extremely durable.
  • Ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Power Plug Not Included


Configuration: 6 Electric Elements
Black Ceramic Smoothtop Glass Surface: Yes
Precision Set Electronic Controls: 6
6" Element: 2 (1,200W)
6" to 9" Expandable Element: 1 (1,600W/3,000W)
5" to 7" to 9" Expandable Element: 1 (1,000W/1,800W/2,700W)
7"/Bridge/7" Elements: 1 (1,800W/800W/1,800W)
Hot Surface Indicator Lights (H. S. In Displays): 6 Positions
Spill Control Cooktop: Yes
Griddle: Included
9" Stainless Steel Backsplash: Optional (903048-9010)
Depth Adjustment Filler Kit: Optional (903051-9010)
Black Knobs Kit: Optional (903127-9010)
Power Plug: Not Included
Power Supply Location: Right Rear
Amps @ 240/208 Volts: 49.2/42.6
Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 240/208 Volts: 11.8/8.8
Electrical - Single phase 3- or 4-wire cable, 120/240V or 120/208V, 60 Hz, Fused On Both Sides Of Line With Ground: Required
Armored Electrical Cable: Included
Approved for Single Oven Combination Installation: No
Approved for Downdraft Vent Combination Installation: Yes
Product Weight: 68 Lbs.
Shipping Weight (Approx.): 72 Lbs.
Overall Width: 35 7/8"
Overall Depth: 25 3/4"
Overall Height: 7 3/4"
Cutout Width: 35 15/16"
Cutout Depth: 25 13/16"
Cutout Height: 7 1/2"

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