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Dacor AG30 Griddle - Er30D and Er30Dsr (View all from Dacor)

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Appliances Dacor-AG30 Cooking

Appliances Dacor-AG30 Cooking
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  • Appliances Dacor-AG30 Cooking

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From a hearty Sunday Brunch featuring fluffy hotcakes, sizzling bacon and golden eggs over-easy to late night cheese quesadillas and even pizzas, Dacor's non-stick griddles guarantee perfect results with your favorite comfort foods. Also excellent for searing chicken, fish and steaks. All griddles are made of scratch resistant cast aluminum and easy to clean finish. For use with all Epicure Gas Cooktops and Ranges.


  • Cooking Temperature: Fixed at -30 °F / -34.44 °C
  • Electrical Power: 120 V 60Hz 6.5 amps / 240 V 50Hz 3.5 amps

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Griddle: (L x W): 14.5 in x 9.38 in
  • Overall: (L x W x H): 15.88 x 18.38 x 10.5 in

Approximate Weight:

  • Shipping: 30 lbs


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