DCS CPU364GDL Professional 36" Stainless Steel Liquid Propane Sealed Burner Cooktop (View all from DCS)

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  • Height: 8.31"
  • Width: 35.88"
  • Depth: 28"

DCS DCS-CPU364GDL Cooktops

DCS DCS-CPU364GDL CooktopsDCS DCS-CPU364GDL CooktopsDCS DCS-CPU364GDL CooktopsDCS DCS-CPU364GDL CooktopsDCS DCS-CPU364GDL Cooktops
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  • DCS DCS-CPU364GDL Cooktops
  • DCS DCS-CPU364GDL Cooktops
  • DCS DCS-CPU364GDL Cooktops
  • DCS DCS-CPU364GDL Cooktops
  • DCS DCS-CPU364GDL Cooktops

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Are you ready for the DCS CPU364GDL 36" Pro-Style LP rangetop? It's a beautiful stainless steel with a bead blasted finish making it easy to care for and clean. Burners are sealed to prevent boil-overs from seeping underneath and damaging internal components. Features 4 Dual Flow burners with 3,000-17,500 BTU and a professional quality griddle at 18,000 BTU.

Griddle is built with heavyweight 1/4" stainless steel and an electro-mechanical thermostat maintains an even temperature across the width of griddle. Continuous cast iron grates allow cooks to pull, not lift, heavy cookware across hot burner grates. No pilot light or matches needed with electronic ignition to spark a flame when you turn on the controls. Ergonomic metal knobs light in 3 different colors for safety. Illuminates orange-red when burners are lit, orange during pre-heating and red when it reaches desired temperature.

Designed with simple function in mind, you'll not only be ready for the DCS CPU364GDL but excited about cooking on it. Have confidence buying with Goedeker's unique customer service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Sealed Dual Flow Burners
  • The powerful 17,500 BTU burner boils faster, yet you can also gently simmer chocolate on any burner at 140-degrees.
  • Sealed Top (easy to clean)
  • Sealed burners, an encapsulated cooking surface, the seamless design of the cook top, and a bead-blasted finish make this cooking surface easy to clean.
  • Professional Quality Griddle
  • Heavyweight 1/4" stainless steel griddle and electro-mechanical thermostat maintain an even temperature across the width of the griddle.
  • Illuminated Knobs
  • Control knobs illuminate orange-red when burners are lit.
  • Griddle knobs illuminate orange during the preheat function and red when desired temperature has been achieved.
  • More Feature Highlights
  • Natural and LP Gas Models Available
  • 4 Sealed, Dual Flow Gas Burners
  • Continuous Grates
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Recommended Ventilation (Minimum 600 - 1200 CFM)
  • VS36 - 36" Pro Wall Mount Vent Hood (sold separately)
  • IVS40 - 40" Pro Island Vent Hood (sold separately)
  • ES36 - 36" E-Pro Vent Hood
  • Recommended Accessories (sold separately)
  • BGCU-1236 - Wall Mount Low Backguard
  • BGCU-3036 - Wall Mount Full Backguard
  • RGP - Griddle Plate


Product Height: 8 5/16"
Product Width: 35 7/8"
Product Depth: 28"
Design and Features
Cooktop Type: Pro-Style Rangetop
Material: Stainless Steel
Fuel Type: LP Gas
Burner Type: Sealed, Dual Flow
Number of Burners: 4
Continuous Grates: Yes
Grill: No
Griddle: Yes
Illuminated Control Knobs: Yes
Burner Performance (LP gas models may vary)
Griddle: 18,000 BTU
Front-Left Burner: 17,500 Max. BTU / 3,000 Low. BTU
Front-Right Burner: 12,500 Max. BTU / 3,000 Low. BTU
Rear-Left Burner: 12,500 Max. BTU / 3,000 Low. BTU
Rear-Right Burner: 17,500 Max. BTU / 3,000 Low. BTU
140-Degree Simmer: On all 4 burners
Gas and Power Requirements
Power Requirements: 120 V 60 Hz, 3 wire, 15 amp circuit
Gas Requirements: 1/2 NPT, minimum 5/8" diameter flex line
LP Gas Pressure: 11" to 14" W.C.
Recommended Ventilation (sold separately)
Minimum CFM: 600 - 1,200 CFM
36" Pro Wall Mount Vent Hood: VS36
40" Pro Island Vent Hood: IVS40
36" E-Pro Vent Hood: ES36
Recommended Accessories (sold separately)
Wall Mount Low Backguard: BGCU-1236
Wall Mount Full Backguard: BGCU-3036
Griddle Plate: RGP

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