Bertazzoni MAS304GASXE Master 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Range - Convection (View all from Bertazzoni)

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  • Model: MAS304GASXE
  • Height: 35.5"
  • Width: 30"
  • Depth: 25.13"
  • 4 Sealed Aluminum Burners
  • 18000 BTU Burner
  • Convection Oven
  • Manual Clean
  • Full-Width Infrared Broiler
  • Bertazzoni Bertazzoni-MAS304GASXE Ranges

    Bertazzoni Bertazzoni-MAS304GASXE Ranges
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    • Bertazzoni Bertazzoni-MAS304GASXE Ranges

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    • High-Efficency Worktop Design
    • Bertazzoni range worktops are precision engineered to deliver best-in-class heat-up times.
    • This performance is the result of the perfect calibration of burner power and shape and distance of flame from the pots.
    • Worktops are molded off of one sheet of stainless steel without joints, gaps, or screws for easier cleaning.
    • Move pans across the entire top with continuous pan supports.
    • Aluminum Burners
    • Bertazzoni's burners are designed and manufactured in Italy with optimum engineering qualities.
    • Each burner has an aluminum body designed for reliability, performance, and durability.
    • The burners have different sizes and shapes to maximize flexibility of cooking on the worktop.
    • Dual-Ring Power Burner 18,000 BTUs
    • Bertazzoni's one of a kind power burner has 2 separate rings of flame individually controlled for maximum versatility.
    • Use the same burner for powerful searing or low delicate simmer, from 18,000 to 700 BTUs.
    • Gas Shutoff Safety System
    • Special thermo-couple safety system stops the gas flow when the flame goes out.
    • This system is the only fail-safe system in any condition, including during loss of power to the appliance.
    • The system also prevents flow of gas if knobs are turned without proper ignition.
    • All gas and oven burners can be easily and safely operated in case of power loss to the appliance.
    • Gas Convection Oven
    • Bertazzoni gas ranges are equipped with extra-wide European convection ovens with fan.
    • Avoid flavor crossovers with even heat distribution when cooking multiple dishes!
    • Traditional baking without convection fan is also possible.
    • Extra-Wide Infrared Broiler
    • Bertazzoni infrared broiler extends across the width of the oven cavity and reflects heat with infrared mesh across a wide area.
    • Grill whatever you want with the confidence that comes with a 13,000 BTU broiler.
    • Soft-Motion Hinges
    • Bertazzoni exclusive soft-motion hinges are perfectly calibrated to ensure smooth one-handed opening and closing of the oven door.
    • The door is carefully balanced and can be opened at any angle without inadvertent dropping or closing.
    • Telescopic Glide Shelf (Optional)
    • The sturdy telescopic glide shelf fully extracts for easy handling of heavy pots and dishes.
    • Additional telescopic shelves can be added at any time by purchasing the telescopic glide shelf kit available as accessory.
    • 4" Backguard
    • Each Bertazzoni range is equipped with a 4" high backguard ensuring the best ventilation of the appliance.
    • Low profile trim is also available as accessory.
    • Gas Conversion Kit Included
    • Each Bertazzoni range is shipped with a gas conversion kit for field conversion of the appliance to a different type of gas (LPG to NP or vice versa).


    Gas Zones: 4
    Burners Type: Aluminum
    Griddle: No
    Design Worktop: Stainless Steel Squared
    Worktop Control: Knobs
    Knobs: Soft Touch
    Pan Support: Cast Iron
    Backguard: Yes
    Thermocouple Safety Device: Yes
    One Hand Ignition: Yes
    Work Adapter: Yes
    Simmer Ring: Yes
    Cooking Zones
    Dual Wok: 750 - 18,000 BTU/h
    Rapid: 11,000 BTU/h
    Semi-Rapid: 6,500 BTU/h
    Auxiliary: 3,400 BTU/h
    Simmer Rate: 750 BTU/h
    Griddle: No
    Oven Cavity
    Main Oven: Gas Convection with Gas Infrared Broiler
    Main Oven Volume: 3.6 Cu. Ft.
    Auxiliary Oven: No
    Temperature Gauge: No
    Inner Oven Door: Full-Width Triple Glass
    Cooling Fan: Yes
    Baking Tray: 1
    Standard Wire Shelves: 2
    Grill Trivet For Tray: 1
    Stainless Steel Legs: Yes
    Height-Adjustable Legs: Yes
    Main Oven Functions
    Oven Light: Yes
    Upper Bake: No
    Bottom Bake / Gas Bake: Yes
    Bake: No
    Large Broiler: No
    Broiler: Yes
    Turbo / Gas Convection: Yes
    Convection Bake: No
    Convection Broiler: No
    Convection: No
    Defrost / Dehydrate: Yes
    Warming / Sabbath Mode: No
    Proofing: No
    Self-Clean: No
    Microwave: No
    Convection / Microwave: No
    Broiler / Microwave: No
    Electrical Requirements
    Voltage: 120 V
    Frequency: 60 Hz
    Max Amp Usage: 1.5 Amps - 150 Watts
    Certifications and Warranty
    Certification: CSA
    Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labor
    Overall Width: 30"
    Overall Depth: 25 1/8"
    Overall Depth Of Side Panel: 24"
    Overall Height: 35 1/2" - 37 1/4"

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